Clare Bronfman’s Instagram showed constant travel and training … until the NY Times story appeared

She's been skiing high wide and handsome for many a year. But the worm has turned.

Based on photos available on her Instagram account, we know that up until recently, Clare Bronfman, vice president in charge of operations for NXIVM, lived a life of constant traveling.

Things changed for her recently when the New York Times revealed the horrifying secrets of NXIVM.

As the media and law enforcement look into allegations of her using her inherited wealth to fund brutality against women and retaliate against those who speak against Keith Raniere, Clare’s life is at a crossroads.

Her Instagram account gives a clue to the change.

, Wakaya Island, Fiji

, Havana, Cuba

, Mexico City, Mexico

, Laguna De Santa María Del Oro

, Santa Maria del Oro, Nay.

, HOME Clifton Park/Waterford, New York

, Cycle House, Los Angeles

, Wakaya Island

, Sydney, Australia

[She writes: 4.3 mile run around Sydney Opera house and the Harbor!]

, Blue Mountains, Katoomba, Australia


, Paseo Reforma, Ciudad De México


, London, United Kingdom


, Sun Valley Resort

, Adams Gulch, Blaine, Idaho



, Manhattan

, The National Mall, Washington DC

[My run this morning… 7 miles]

, The Mall (Washington DC)


, Will Rogers State Historic Park, Los Angeles

[Morning run in the mountains]

, New York, New York

, Mexico

, Mexico City, Mexico

, Paseo Reforma, Ciudad De México {Festival of Flowers]

, Bosque De Chapultepec, Mexico.

[My first 8 miler! Thank you ESP goals and values lab for inspiration and encouragement.]

, London, United Kingdom

[From one beautiful city to another.]

, Western Wall, Jerusalem.

[It was incredible to be somewhere where so many people come to express their pains, their secrets and their hope.  #westernwall  #jerusalem  #oldcity  #hope  #humanity  #secrets  #pain #prayer].

(It is worth noting that she uses the hashtag ‘pain’ for she has used her wealth to cause a lot of people pain.)


[My first 9 miler, to end my first 30 mile week!… A special thank you to my ESP goals and values lab!  #running  #9miler  #longrun #sundayrun  #esp  #espgvl]


26 weeks ago, Big Lake Half marathon, Alton New Hampshire.

[My first half! Thank you to my goals and values lab #espgvl, my support team #bestteam and thank you Keith Raniere for coaching me and helping me push beyond what I thought possible. On to the next…  #firsthalf  #achievinggoals  #nxivmgoals #friendssupportingfriends]

, Wakaya Island

[One of my favourite places​ in the world!] ed. note: Clare owns 80 percent of Wakaya Island.

, Ok Slip Falls, Adirondacks


, Adams Gulch, Blaine County, Idaho

, Sun Valley, Idaho [A rewarding 4 mile trail run with an elevation climb of over 1200 feet]

[Honoring our country’s beauty and the ideals upon which we created our American culture. #happy4th]

18 weeks ago, Vancouver, BC:

Ed. note: Clare Bronfman appeared in Vancouver to lodge criminal charges against her friend, Sarah Edmondson. Ms. Edmondson is a whistle blower who outed Keith Raniere.

, Adirondacks, New York

[Another mountain run! 11.2 miles, 2034 elevation gain, that’s 244 flights of stairs.]

16 weeks ago: Moreau, New York

[Up to the top, over the other side, down around, back up and down again! Trail run this morning 7 miles 190 flights of stairs and a pair of tired legs!]

Clare writes: Another mountain run! 11.2 miles, 2034 elevation gain, that’s 244 flights of stairs.


, Moreau Lake State Park, Adirondacks

[Morning training! 10.8 miles, 278 flights of stairs, over 2200 feet! A most magnificent setting.]

, Silver Bay YMCA V-Week

[Morning run up to inspiration point.]


Since V-Week 2017, Clare has not given any clue as to where she is on Instagram.

Attendance was poor at V-Week 2017, partly because of revelations of blackmail and branding in DOS [the subgroup of NXIVM] as reported in the Frank Report and by word of mouth among ESP members.

Following the Times story and the worldwide awareness of the horrid practices of the cult, she has posted only three photos — all three of photos of above the clouds.

 4 weeks ago [location unknown]

The beauty and tranquility of the world above the clouds! #beauty #awe #sunset#abovetheclouds

2 Weeks Ago [location unknown]

 The moon rising over the clouds! A rare treat. #beautyinthesky #moonrise #moon #sky#day2night #beauty #awe #magnificence #nature #wonder

Three days ago:

With every sunset, A new hope is born, An old expectation dies; Noor Unnahar #sunset #flying #abovetheclouds #tranquility #awe #magnificence

Since the day when the New York Times [followed by hundreds of other media] revealed NXIVM to the world, she has only posted three photos. These photos are from an airplane taken above the clouds – with no hint of her destination or whether she is going away from, or towards her leader, Keith Raniere.




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6 years ago

Interesting. Good research.

6 years ago

I can’t imagine having this kind of dough and power and having your world spin around this asshole.

Clare Bear the Fallen One
Clare Bear the Fallen One
6 years ago

When one,knows there going to prison, one must. take a world tour first.

All of Them Witches
All of Them Witches
6 years ago

The Bronfman girls… The proud owners of the world’s two most expensive scarves

Porter, the
Porter, the
6 years ago


6 years ago

Makes one wonder who’s running the store front at home while Clare is galloping around the world. There is a pattern if one looks closely isn’t there Clare.

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