Role-Playing Pervy Papa Threatens Frank Report for Exposing CT Family Court Corruption

Geoff Herzog

On January 30, 2022, I wrote a story about Geoff Herzog, of Stamford CT, who got custody of his children despite the fact that they wanted to live with their mother.

There were odd things in the record that suggest he should not have custody but only supervised visitation.

Among the most concerning is that Herzog likes to role play on his computer pretending he is Linda24, a girl of 16, who likes to have sex with her father. Herzog is a father of two girls and a boy. There have been allegations that he takes fantasy into reality.

Geoff Herzog got the children.

The mother, Robin Gills, has never had any allegations of abuse, or incompetence leveled against her. She has less money than Herzog though. The children, much to their dismay, now barely get to see her.

Robin and the children during a happy time when they could be with each other.

Yes, that’s right. You guessed it. This is a case in Connecticut Family Court.

To get primary custody of his children, Geoff had to pay a fortune to lawyers and a guardian ad litem, but in CT Family Court, that’s how it’s done.

He also had to meander in the forum shopping judicial haven, Connecticut Family Court, where they change judges like some men change from boxers to girls’ panties.


Judge Donna Nelson Heller CT Court


Judge Erika M. Tindall CT Court


Judge Margarita Hartley Moore CT Court

Here are the judges who have been assigned to oversee this case:

  1. Erika M. Tindill
  2. Donna Nelson Heller
  3. Anthony D. Truglia
  4. Margarita Hartley-Moore
  5. William E. Strada
  6. Anthony P. Fusco
  7. Stephanie A. McLaughlin
  8. Thomas D. Colin
  9. Mark C. Gould
Judge Thomas D. Colin gave Herzog a hard time. But he was replaced.

He had a problem with judge #8, Judge Colin, who handed primary custody to the mother.

In the end, it worked out happily for Herzog, though not happily for the children, after he switched to judge #9, Judge Mark Gould, who reversed the decision of Judge Colin and gave primary custody to Herzog.

Judge Mark T. Gould 


As Linda24

Below is what Geoff Herzog looks like.

On online chat forums, he appears as Linda24. Geoff describes Linda as 5’5″, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, with a great body, a 34-inch chest, with small, round, firm breasts, and “a pussy with a thin mound of blonde fur.”

His predilections seem to run in incestuous directions. Some of the sites he visited, or photos or videos he downloaded, were identified/described in a forensic report:

  1. xspanked-masterspetx_pet_ “Love visiting Daddy at work & the conference room has plenty of space and those glass windows make sure everyone enjoys a show at lunch.”
  2. “my-sister- didnt-care-that-i-was-watching.”
  3. “my-dad-like-fuck-me-and creampie-me-deep
  4. jiggly-cherry1-
  5. Lesbian Legal 7
  6. My.Dads.Hot.Girlfriend.
  7. jiggly-babysisters2-cd1.avi
  8. AMotherDaughterThingVol.2.mp4
  9. MySisterMyLoverDigitalSinNEW2014WEBDLSplitScenes
  10. LesbianFamilyAffair
  13. #summer_intern.log
  14. /Nero/Baby.Sitters.2
  15. Nero/Lets.Play.Doctor
  16. My%20Sister%20My%20Lover%

OK, no big deal.  The guy fantasizes about being a 16-year-old girl who has sex with her father and sister. That this dude got custody of three children, two of them girls, one of them a teen, age 15, might shock people in other places and climes. But this is Connecticut.

Herzog Explains Linda24

Geoff explained his online chats when questioned by Robin’s attorney, Nickola Cunha.

Q. Why do you role-play as Linda24?

A. It’s a creative outlet.

Q. What are the screen names have you used in chat rooms?

A. Sara P. That was the only other.


Q. Have you ever met any of the people you role-played with in a chat room?

A. No.

Q. Have you ever provided any personal information to anyone you’ve met in a chat room?

A. No.

Q. Have you ever provided an e-mail to anyone you’ve met in a chat room?

A. No….


Q. And do you agree that Linda24 sometimes plays the role of a teenaged girl?

A. I’m not sure that I can remember exactly. But sometimes she might have been involved in being a 19-year-old or younger, yes. But none of this involves children. It is all adults.

Q. Well, a teenager is not an adult, sir, is it?

A. I am an adult. The person I am chatting with is an adult.

Q. Linda24 is role-playing as a child.

A. No, Linda24 is an adult.

Q. Linda24 in the chat rooms is pretending she is a teenaged girl, yes or no, sir?

A. Not all the time.

[Love that last answer.]

Doesn’t Know Who He Chats With

It is important to remember that the people behind the keyboards are role playing and usually do not know each otherGeoff as Linda24 does not know who he’s chatting with.

Geoff might have imagined LoriLovesPlay2 looks like this:

But LoriLovesPlay2 is much more likely to look like this:

This is what LoriLovesPlay2 might think Linda24 looks like:

Let’s examine their dialogue since this is the man to whom CT Family Court gave custody, and he refuses to let his children be with their mother except every other weekend and a few hours, one night per week, a cruelty to them.

A Chat

Below is not a real picture of Geoff Herzog but an interpretive photo to show that people chatting are not necessarily like the people they pretend to be.

Linda24: Eyes wide

LoriLovesPlay2: mmmmmmmm they feel awesome…. If you were older, like my other students, I’d have you train and stretch in the nude so I can see your muscle development.

Linda24 If I was older?

Linda24 looks confused

Linda24 but… but I am 16 coach!

Linda24 I’m not a baby!

LoriLovesPlay2 Yes I would never ask you at 16 to strip naked for me.  Just my older girls who are over 19.

Linda24 I won’t say anything miss.. if.. if you think it will help me improve faster.

Linda24: please?

LoriLovesPlay2 I know you’re not a baby dear…. But I’d hate to make you feel uncomfortable.

Linda24 No.. no.. I.. mean.. you know how committed I am to the program!

Linda24 In fact… I.. I am kinda hot in this anyways

LoriLovesPlay2 yes… but you need to be committed to me as well. Not just the program.

Linda24 Of course. I am Miss.

Linda24 Absolutely committed to you!

LoriLovesPlay2 hmmmmmm and I can trust you 100% and you will be honest and obedient for me?

Linda24 nods.. smiling widely

LoriLovesPlay2 very well….. but please don’t make me regret trusting you like this before you’re old enough.

Linda24 nods and quickly strips naked.. my young toned body on complete display… small round firm breasts bobbing and a pussy with a thin mound of blonde fur.

LoriLovesPlay2 its ok sweety….. you need to be comfortable with your naked body… or do you not trust me enough to be naked in front of me?

Linda24 no.. no..

Linda24 smiles

Linda24 I’m comfortable.. really

LoriLovesPlay2 Ok back to all fours then sweety….. lets work your bum again.

Linda24 Drops again to go on all 4’s… arching her tight smooth ass in the air.

Linda24 Seeing her naked body reflected in the mirrors

LoriLovesPlay2 mmmmmmmm very nice sweety….. looking in the mirror as well to see your pert little breasts hand under you….. you have a very sexy bottom sweety.


In another chat, Linda24 wants Nexus One to “corrupt a girl from sweetie to slut.”

Nexis One: Perfect. What age?

Linda24: 16-19

As he testified, Herzog later changed his name from Linda24 to Sara P and, I am told, the “P” stands for Palin.

Geoff Herzog testified it is a “creative outlet” for him to assume the identities of females, above and below the age of consent, on online chats.

Judge Colin was concerned about a father who posed as a teen girl looking for sex with a father-like figure.

Judge Colin Had a Different View of Herzog Than Judge Gould

After certain disclosures were made at a hearing, Judge Thomas Colin awarded temporary custody to Robin and gave visitation rights to Herzog, provided all electronic devices in his house were password protected, a supervising third party was present, and he “shall not partake in any chat room or internet discussions during parenting time.”

At that hearing, Judge Colin said, “I am concerned about the nature of Mr. Herzog’s chatroom discussions…. And particularly the evidence I heard about the discussion related to sexual conduct between a father and a child, I found that extremely concerning….  a reasonably prudent mother, similarly situated would have to be concerned by reading those chatroom discussions. I don’t think any objective observer could think otherwise.”

There were allegations that Geoff did more than troll online for masturbatory fantasies.  Two of his children said Herzog touched the private parts of one of the children.  One reportedly said Geoff waved his penis in front of her in the bathroom. Another reportedly said he would hop into bed with her naked.

Judge Colin had concerns. But Herzog had money. He was able to get a new judge.

Judge Mark Gould

Connecticut Family Court Judge Mark T. Gould took over the case and awarded sole legal custody of the three children to Geoff.

Herzog Gets Mad and Threatens to Sue

In any event, I wrote CT Family Court: Rich Daddy Role Plays as Teen Girl Having Sex With Father, Gets Custody of Teen Daughter  on January 30, 2022, where I mentioned some of the above facts and my opinion, which is that Herzog should let his children see their mother when they want.

The day after I published my article, Herzog wrote:

January 31

I just saw your article about me. I will file a lawsuit of defamation if it is not removed….

I would be happy to discuss the story.

Absolutely!  I want to send you some documents.  What is a good address for you to receive them?

This email address is good.

Just to confirm you are agreeing to receive service of a subpoena by email.  Thank You

Just confirming you do not wish to tell me on the record what you claim is untrue about the article?

I absolutely do want to tell you that.  In court….  But if your confident that your right about the total crap you wrote then send me an address and stop being such a wimp about being served.  I have three kids I’m trying to raise on my own in this community and your being played – nothing you wrote is true. I want to show it to a judge who can then decide how much it’s going to cost you, or you can take it down. Either way, since I’m not a public figure you are you going to fund my kids college educations because your lies are going to cost them friends and me work.

So, where will you accept service?

Are you denying you are/were Linda24 and Sara P?  Did your children ever accuse you of indecent or improper behavior?

It’s all lies.  Please send me an address so we can settle this properly.  Either you have some integrity and you can defend this attempt to destroy me and my kids ability to be a part of this community or you can’t….  Did you ever think that maybe your being jerked around?  No, that’s why you printed this article.

I’m going to bed.  Tomorrow I will expect the article down or an address so we can resolve this in court. I have three children to protect from your desire to be internet famous.

February 7

This email is meant to memorialize the following:

  1. I have asked you to take down an article I have told you is false
  2. You have admitted via email you had not even sought feedback if it were true prior to publishing
  3. You have selected a picture linked to my business as a way to maximize the harm the article does to me and my family
  4.  You have refused to remove the article
  5. You have refused to provide an address to allow me to serve you legally.

It is clear you desire to destroy me and my children is absolute and vengeful so you can get some extra views on your website.   I would share with you the difficulties this article will cause in supporting my children or allowing them to have normal lives, but it’s clear you don’t care.

Thank You

February 28

Hello Geoff

I am planning a follow up story. If you wish to be interviewed please let me know.
I am sure you are…  I think the fact that your too scared to tell me where to serve you speaks volumes about your credibility.  If you were a real journalist you would defend your actions in court.  Go play with your friends and help them ruin our kids lives.  Every article you write at this point is more evidence for me to show the court just what kind of person Robin and Ken [Robin’s husband] are.  
I get that I’m an easy target for you since I’m Jewish, but at some point I just have to agree with Taylor Swift and know that haters are going to hate.  Our kids are starting ballet and baseball in the spring to try and meet new friends but I can imagine for someone like you that just makes you more eager to hurt them.
March 1 

Thank you for your comment. I will use it.  As for playing into CT court – that’s your arena and you have largely stolen the children’s mother from your children – using its corruption as your tool. No thanks I prefer my arena – journalism – to your arena – corrupt CT court.
As for your being Jewish – I did not even know until just now. Does being Jewish have anything to do with your role playing as a horny teen girl, stripping eight year old girls, hopping into bed naked with a 4 year old, masturbating in front of a child, all things alleged of you (care to comment? ) or hurting your children by keeping them from their mother?
Awaiting your reply
Alleged by who?

Let’s start with Ellen Jones 
Geoff fired off an email to Ellen Jones, his former landlord/roommate and copied me.
I’m so sorry to bother you after all this time but I am being constantly harassed by a guy who is saying and writing horrible things about me on the internet.  When I asked him who this was all coming from he said it was you!   I can’t believe that you would be saying these horrible things about me but I wanted you to know that’s what he said he was going to publish. You can see below he said you were his source.  This guy was in a sex cult or something so he is probably totally fucked up and I don’t think he knows what he is saying, but you should be aware of what he is writing.
Hope all is well.

How many porn images were found on your computer?…

Dude – you just told me you got everything from a real estate agent.  At this point I think we can both agree your just making this shit up.  Print whatever you want, but don’t pretend your a journalist….  

I told Herzog that we would start with Ellen Jones. I did not say she was the only source. But let’s start with the testimony of Ellen Jones on January 24, 2017 in the Superior Court, in Stamford CT  in the divorce and custody matter of Robin Herzog v Geoff Herzog, before Judge Thomas Colin.


Nickola Cunha represented Robin.

Nickola Cunha

In the hearing, we learn that Herzog resided with Ellen Jones as a tenant for a few months in the summer of 2016, as a roommate/tenant paying $1500 per month for two rooms in her six-bedroom home.

Strange Behavior?

Q: And during the period of time that Mr. Herzog resided in the same home with you, did you ever observe him
interacting with any children?

A Yes.

Q: And what children did you observe him interacting with

A … I had a swimming pool at the house… and he had a friend [Andrew] who would come over and his daughter would swim. And then on one occasion she brought a friend with her.


Q. And do you know what activities that Mr. Herzog and Andrew engaged in on that date?

A. They had a picnic by the pool. And then they came up and they were in the hot tub and playing in the pool. The kids going down the slide. And then they came up to change out of wet clothes.


Q  Was Mr. Herzog in the hot tub with children other than his own?

A. Yes.


THE COURT: So what’s the relevance if he’s in a hot tub with the father of the two children?

ATTY. CUNHA: So this already came out in examination of the guardian ad litem and this directly relates to the testimony concerning Mr. Herzog’s request for the children to be taking their clothes off and this witness intervening because the children were uncomfortable and refusing to do so.


Q. And what did you observe with regard to Mr. Herzog’ s interaction and the two young girls?

A. …. I observed when the girls came back up to the house, they were in the laundry room being asked to take off their wet clothes. Geoff brought in two t-shirts too big, you know, adult size t shirts for the girls to change into.

Andrew’s daughter had no problem doing that. But the other little girl absolutely did not want to take any of her clothes off. She was super uncomfortable.  I excused the men from the room and said let me handle this…. Andrew’s daughter indeed did get changed. The other little girl absolutely did not want to take her pants off so I said you don’t have to take your pants off but let’s at least put this dry t-shirt on which she agreed to do.


Q. And, ma’am, during the period of time that Mr. Herzog resided in your home, did you observe him on the computer?

A Yes.

Q. How often?

A. Constantly.

Q. And…  during the period of time that Mr. Herzog resided in your home, were there any issues that occurred that caused you concern with Mr. Herzog’s conduct?

A. One morning I came down to go to work and there was a pile of — all of his clothing laying on the kitchen floor which I thought was really strange, although he did use the bathroom that was off the kitchen. I thought that was odd behavior for an adult man to leave all of his clothing on the kitchen floor.


Q. Why were you in fear when he moved out?

A Because he was in my face and was yelling and screaming at me.


Q. During the period of time that Mr. Herzog resided in your home, were there any interactions between Mr. Herzog and his parents that caused you concern?

A. At one point Mr. Herzog told me that he wanted the family cats and his dad yelled at him that he couldn’t take care of his own three children much less two cats.


Masturbatory Delight

Q. … during the period of time that Mr. Herzog resided in the home with you, were there any activities that he engaged in that you are personally aware of that interrupted your peaceful enjoyment of the property?

A. On an almost nightly basis I was woken up by the headboard in the adjacent room knocking against the wall.


Q. And when you say that you were woken up on a nightly basis from the headboard banging against the wall, what exactly do you mean by that?  From whose room was that noise coming from?

A. His room was directly adjacent to mine. The headboard in that room was direct — was on the wall that shared a wall with my room.  So the noise was coming from his room and on a nightly basis I would wake up because the headboard was banging against the wall.

Q. And for what duration or period of time — how long would those episodes last for?

A A couple of minutes.


Q. Did you ever discuss the headboard noise coming from the room that was waking you up with Mr. Herzog directly?

A No.

Q. And why did you not discuss it with him?

A. Because it made me really uncomfortable.

Q. And why did it make you uncomfortable?

A. Because I believed it was sexual in nature.

Q. And what made you believe it was from sexual in nature?

A. Because those are the sounds that are made when people are pleasuring themselves.

Q. It was your belief that the noise that you were hearing was Mr. Herzog pleasuring himself?

A. This is my belief.

Q. And it is your testimony that that occurred on a nightly basis?

A Yes.

Threw a Cinder Block at Wife

Q. … Did Mr. Herzog disclose to you any information concerning incidents that between himself and Ms. Herzog?

A Yes.

Q. And what did he disclose to you?

A He disclosed to me specifically on a day that they were building a playset outside that he had taken — that she — that his wife had made a big deal out of the fact that he had thrown a rock at her and he indeed had told me that he picked a — I believe it was a cinder block and sort of heaved it over to her.


A. So he acknowledged to you that he did in fact throw a cinder block at his wife?

Q. Yes.


In explaining why she called Ellen Jones as a witness, Cunha told the judge, “There was testimony that supports the ongoing concerns of Mr. Herzog’ s constant use of the computers, of Mr. Herzog’s sexual activities and that’s been a significant ongoing concern specifically with the chat line communications that he engages in, and that he’s acknowledged that he engages in, that are graphic in sexual nature. There is also testimony with respect to Mr. Herzog’s ability to manage his temper.”

Judge Colin concluded:  “I’ve heard a number of various allegations over the course of this case, including during this hearing that seem to be the basis for Ms. Herzog’s justification for continued supervision and the list is getting longer.

“At this point it sounds like among the reasons why Mr. Herzog should be supervised according to Ms. Herzog’s allegations include that he has a bad temper, sexual assault claim, improper computer behavior, bad diet and dairy restrictions with the children, or failure to give a proper diet, body order, bad television shows, possession of child
pornography, inappropriate or not enough diaper changing and today we’ve added to the list that he’s a bad tenant and he pleasures himself on a nightly basis.”

How Did Pervy Papa Get Kids?

That’s the million-dollar question. Reportedly, Herzog [and his parents] paid more than a million to buy custody.

After Judge Colin had given the mother primary custody and Geoff supervised visitation, and not to be online as either the underage Linda24 or even the adult Sara Palin, what happened next?

Easy, Geoff had money. He lives in Connecticut. He arranged to switch judges.

Judge Gould handed custody to Geoff and threw Robin out of the children’s lives, much to their horror and dismay. Their primary attachment figure was snatched from their lives.

It is up to Herzog to right this wrong, and let the children have their wishes. Somehow, I doubt he will. He would rather sue and bring this case attention than make his children happy.

I know it might seem mean to air this guy’s dirty panties out in public, but it is not half as mean as this callous rascal denying his children free and easy access to their warm, loving mother, their primary attachment figure, and the one whom all three have repeatedly said they want to live with most of the time.

This deviant brought it on himself. He could start today to bind the wounds of his children and restore peace, and work things out civilly with the mother of his children, and do so beyond the corrupt CT Family Court system.

It is my hope that he will.

He talks about losing income and respect because of my stories. He should expect that to happen. Will a mother ever rest, will the children ever be happy, without their true needs fulfilled?

As it says in Proverbs, “He who troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind, and the fool shall be servant of the wise.”  This fool has much more to inherit, and none of it good.

In our next story on the Herzog case, we will look at how custody changed with a change of judges.

CT Family Court Delenda Est.

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1 year ago

My question is for Bangkok. Is this an innocent dad too? Another victim, poor guy like Ambrose?

Should the voices and wishes of these kids be ignored too?

Because one daughter, after years of being silenced attempted to overdose.

Like the Ambrose kids who’ve taken to self harm, so have these children.

How does the mighty callous hearted Bangkok justify these outcomes? The kids were Isolde from their mother for same bs claim of parental alienation despite similar reports as on the Ambrose case.

None of these children in either family engaged in self harm prior to the draconian, contrived orders of disturbed fathers with big bucks to pay the gal.

Bangkok knows all. Please explain. Still waiting for your credentials.

1 year ago

Hey Frank. Excellent article. Very sad. I know this all too well. If you have a high conflict case in Connecticut family court, it is generally due to someone with a very severe personality disorder who puts his own needs in front of his children.

My issue is that a very small percentage of cases are deemed high conflict. These cases are very easy to pick out from the rest of the bunch. It is an absolute necessity that these cases are dealt with differently than the rest. Lawyers, GALs and most judges do not have the time or knowledge to deal with this sort of anomaly.

This is an entirely different animal and must be dealt with as such. Once a case is tagged as high conflict, there needs to be a separate set of rules. And perhaps a separate set of attorneys and judges. Ones who specialize in this area.

There also needs to be some sort of state funding to avoid what normally happens in these situations, which is that the one with the money wins. And normally the one with the money is the one with the personality disorder. It’s like taking a local referee for Little League and placing him in the majors. There’s a different set of rules.

It’s completely different and those lines should never be crossed. And until the state in the court system recognizes this, these issues will never stop. You cannot expect The same parties who deal with the normal family litigation, to suddenly cross the line and deal with something like this. It is at a completely different level.


[…] Jill Plancher recommended that a sex-addicted, abusive father, who has credible allegations of sexual abuse of his children, get primary custody since he has money, depriving the children of their […]

Clifton Parker
Clifton Parker
1 year ago

Are there any local Connecticut papers/media outlets reporting on the family court corruption? Surely, you must have a colleague in Connecticut that will pick up this story and run with it….. Not just about the dirtbag Geoff Herzog, but about the corruption of the family court system as well.

Karen Floren
Karen Floren
1 year ago
Reply to  Clifton Parker

The media outlets of Corrupticut will not cover family court, it is a taboo that has been in place for decades, there is a connection between the owners of media and the evils of family court.

Go Go Girl
Go Go Girl
1 year ago

I think Geoff is hot. I picture him with her pert breasts and blonde pussy fur.

Nice Guy
Nice Guy
1 year ago

Frank has Herzog dead-to-rights.

Herzog, you can’t sue someone for telling the truth….

That’s not how it works with private vs public people. Ask your attorney, dummy!

1 year ago

What a sick MF this guy Geoff Herzog is in so many ways. He is almost up there with Keith Raniere. He just doesn’t have a big following. Maybe on-line he/she is really hot.

First Stupid Move
If he decides to sue you for loss of income, he will have to open his entire income to you to prove what he lost.
This will expose how much he is spending to belong to these online sex chart rooms.
Oh goodie, which becomes public information when motions get filed in court.

Second Stupid Move
Geoff Herzog has now made himself a bigger target by trying to fight back when we all know he’s a panty wade.

Really a teenage girl who likes to have sex with her dad.

What kind of sick MF is this guy?

This is what Keith Raniere did when he started suing people.

It started with Rick Ross. Had he left Ross alone when Ross called Raniere’s training program a Cult, things wouldn’t have gotten so blown up in the press.

Now Geoff Herzog has made himself a bigger target by his threats towards you — which has drawn a bigger target on his back.

Frank wasn’t in a Sex Cult, buddy. He helped take down one of the largest international sex cult using the Frank Report, you moronic idiot.

Third Stupid Move

You might hold the children hostage now, but they will hate you the rest of their lives for what you are doing to them, Geoff Herzog

So, whatever kind of game you think you’re winning now, you are going to lose in the long run with your kids.

If their mother is fit (via the court not your opinion) to be a parent and the kids want to be with her, you’d be ahead of the “father” game in life to let them live with her.

But no, you had to go through eight Judges to find one to give your sorry ass custody.

Holding them hostage as a chip against their mom to get back at her for whatever reasons you have in your sick pea brain does no one any good but your narcissist self-interest good.

If you thought of what is best for your children, you’d let them live where they wanted instead of forcing them to live with you to assuage your selfish needs.

Children should never be used as pawns in a divorce. That puts you right up there with Keith Raniere.

He disowned his first born until he was taken out of the village. He didn’t want him back, but he wanted the mother back and spent millions looking for her but said he was looking for his son.

You see, Geoff Herzog, you’re really not that different that the Cult leader now doing 120 years behind bars

You seem to have a sex addiction.
You treat women as objects.
You treat children as objects.
You threatened to sue people when they tell the truth about your nasty behavior.
You cry like a baby when the effects of your behavior catch up with you.
When you don’t like what is happening in court, you get another Judge.
You seem like a total narcissistic personality.
You get violent and throw things when you’re angry.

I haven’t read much about this case. Now, I’m going to go back and catch up on all the articles.
I don’t think your children are safe with you.
I don’t know anything about their mom. Maybe she’s not fit either.
There has to be someone in the family that is a better fit than an angry, sex addict, mean spirited guy who can look after their well-being.

All in my opinion Geoff Herzog

1 year ago
Reply to  BillyRay

And what POS parents help him after admitting he can’t look after his kids? Are they that vengeful against a daughter-in-law to help put the children in this sick fuck’s hands? He made one hell of a mistake in taking on Frank.

1 year ago
Reply to  Natashka

Great point about his parents

1 year ago
Reply to  BillyRay

BillyRay – I am married to the children’s mother and she is not only an incredible mother but willing to sacrifice everything to keep her children safe. They love her dearly and she is the sweetest, most caring and unselfish mother and an incredible wife. We have been fighting this injustice for over four years and the Frank Report is exposing Geoff Herzog’s abusive ass with his (Geoff Herzog’s) own words. There are details I cannot get into because this is an ongoing legal battle, but I can say this, I disagree with nothing you have said about Geoff Herzog. The truth always comes out and this will be no different. I spent 20 years as a US Marine all over the world and saw corruption I could not imagine, but here I am witnessing such evilness that it makes me sick to see this is being allowed in the United States. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Frank Parlato is an incredible investigative reporter and we all can’t thank him enough for shedding light on this corruption. Ken

1 year ago

I don’t really understand why drug or alcohol addicted parents often have their children removed but sex addicted parents don’t.

I used to babysit for a couple with 2 kids. Parents weren’t rich or anything but seemed like nice if not sort of lower-class people. The mom would have been a single mom if not for the boyfriend but she had a nice personality. Seemed like a good mom. Kids were well cared for.

One night when I was babysitting, the girl who was probably about 7 or 8 years old at the time confessed to me that she and her little brother had put a tape in the VHS and saw people “doing bad stuff to each other”. I can’t remember the other words she used to describe it (even though I’m sure I asked her to tell me more) but whatever it was that she said? It didn’t seem good.

So? Once they were in bed, I decided to go find this tape for myself. To be honest, my memory is a bit fuzzy because what I found was so bizarre. At the top of the closet in their bedroom, pretty much in plain view (at my eyeline) was a board. Looked like a hairbrush made of nails but 20 times the size. I think I also might have seen something that I now know could have been other bdsm gear or something but since I was only 13 at the time, I don’t think I really knew what I was looking at. Whatever it all was? It didn’t look good.

I’m pretty sure I found the tape of people having normal sex sitting right beside the TV where the girl had pointed it out. I recall rewinding the scene back to where I first started watching it and then putting the tape away back where I found it.

And then, I went upstairs to the bedroom and saw the board with nails. I’m pretty sure I got the next tape from somewhere in there but I can’t recall if it was from the top of the closet or a drawer on the bedside table. I seem to remember seeing a lot of VHS tapes in the drawer.

The part I remember with absolute certainty are the scenes of sexual electrocution and torture. A lot of zapping noises and cries of pain.

I never told anyone about what I saw. In retrospect, it’s weird I didn’t feel more scared. I just felt more guilty for snooping around and seeing something I wasn’t supposed to see.

I heard the boyfriend didn’t last and the girl is doing fine. Haven’t ever found out if the mom is okay. I’m okay.

But? The moral of the story is that if somebody believes their sex addiction only affects themselves and nobody else?

Please think again.

This is a true story.

1 year ago

Not picking a side here – it does seem like there are money driven motivations in CT family court that need to examined and exposed. That said, some of this seems pretty sketchy as condemnation of Herzog.

He masturbates daily… so what. Not sure how that makes him a danger to his children. If he was involving them, that would be a different story.

He role plays online for his sexual fantasies. Not my idea of fun, but again, as long as he’s not actually doing anything with or to any actual children, he’s not doing anything illegal. Sounds like maybe he spends a lot of time with online sexy times – as long as he’s not sharing that hobby with his kids, his business. And maybe his ex-wife and boss’s business if his hobby approaches addiction levels and interferes with his parenting or work abilities.

Clothes on the floor… slob, lousy housemate.

Throwing a rock… been there. So you’re working together on building something and somebody needs a tool or a cinder block and the other someone is too damn tired and lazy to walk it over. So they make a bonehead decision to just lob it closer and the someone at the tail end of that lob is freaking annoyed at the stupid carelessness of action. And when the two someones go into divorce court, stupid thoughtlessness can get blown up into menacing motivations. This one seems like someone is a dumbass unless there are other violent episodes to bolster the motivation argument.

Kid didn’t want to get changed in front of anyone… maybe a red flag? Was this examined by anyone? Were there any findings of abuse? Or is the kid just shy/body conscious?

The children’s reports of touching and inappropriate behavior – now that’s where red flags are really flying. I hope that is being pursued by Child Protective Services.

Non-custodial parent getting 1 night a week and every other weekend seems pretty sadly typical. Crappy for the kids and the non-custodial parent if they actually want more time with their children. My hope for Robin Gills is a 50/50 split of parenting time and legal custody. Unless, of course, dad Herzog is abusing his children – then I don’t care what the hell happens to him as long as he can no longer hurt his kids.

1 year ago
Reply to  L

Well, sure the guy can role play and masturbate as much as he wants but I mentioned my story about the kids, my 13-year-old self and those super freaky tapes because it’s been my lived experience that adults indulging themselves in these type of very adult activities may have unexpected consequences for the kids.

If the roommate could hear him doing his thing, I’d bet the kids have heard or might hear something, too.

I guess I could have elaborated on the fear I felt seeing a board full of nails and those brutal scenes. I had never even seen an R-rated movie let alone something as real and extreme as all that at age 13. I never did babysit for that family again although I don’t really know the reason why. It’s possible my mother noticed that I came home completely disturbed and might have asked me about it (actually, I think she did). I mean, after seeing all this horrible stuff, I still had to get in the car with that guy (it was customary to both pick up and drive the babysitter home). It’s funny I can’t really say I was terrified because the better description would be absolutely sick with dread. That super short drive felt like forever and words can’t express how relieved I felt to have been safely returned home.

I decided to share all this because even though I saw all this shocking stuff, the kids never seemed to indicate that anything was being done to them. I hope I’m right about that. And the video stuff was very adult, no kids involved (and no murder either although I was ready for that!) By far more crazy than people just having sex, but still all adult.

I also make the comparison between this compulsion and others like drinking alcohol or taking drugs because all of these 3 things aren’t really acceptable for minors.

In my case? I think I had a one-time traumatic experience and just fully recovered from it. But what if that guy was my dad and this was how I was learning about sex and adult relationships since i was 7 or 8 years old? I don’t think that would be a one-time thing a person could get over so easily. Let’s be honest. At minimum, nobody ever wants to hear their parents having sex let alone masturbating on the phone and pretending to be an underaged girl. Right?

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Nothing in the testimony demonstrates him on the phone masturbating and pretending to be an underaged girl. Text chats on the computer. Nothing that says the children were exposed to any of it.

It’s a shame you had such a disturbing experience when you were younger, and it was irresponsible of the parents to not keep their adult matters secured from you and their children. But unless you were babysitting for Mr. Herzog, your experience does not apply to him.

Think I was pretty clear that if he is addicted and his children are being harmed, then something should be done. If it’s an adult in the next room disturbed by a nightly banging headboard, the answer is simple. “Yo, dude, if ya gotta do that every night, move your bed further away from the wall. I don’t wanna have to hear it.”

1 year ago
Reply to  L

Thanks L, for your compassion towards my experience. I’m just writing to warn others about the possible unintended consequences of adult indulgences.

I went back, read again and realized that the judge used the term chat room several times and also used it in conjuction with the term internet discussions. Maybe it shows my age that I took the word chat to mean he’d been doing some of this over the phone. I mean, when I was growing up, if you stayed up past 3 am and watched certain channels on TV, there used to be commercials saying “you can have your fantasy and talk to sexy women” by calling a 1-800 number, lol!

I apologize to anyone who feels it’s important if I got that wrong. But I still sure hope he’s very careful around the kids.

L, your comment about the roommate who should have said “yo dude”, rings with truth and humor. Made me smile! I really agree with you on that!

But? I’ll be honest. I’m very suspect of a guy who probably has something he could be addicted to and is also making violent gestures, like, cutting the children from their mother!

Where I’m from? It’s all about what’s best for the kids and this almost always involves a lot of contact with both parents and also? The kids having a say.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Yes – it’s a shame that what’s best for the kids, an amiable split in which each parent can help parent the children equitably, is so difficult to obtain sometimes. Divorce already sucks for kids; parents who can’t handle it like compassionate adults – and courts that systematically use that as a revenue windfall – just makes it even worse.

1 year ago

Judge shopping to flip custody from mother. At first Robin had no contact with her children. It’s taken her years to gain non-supervised access to her kids and the time is still minimal.

Needless supervisors required by the court, chosen by the court, to extend litigation and collect money.

Judges give no contact with mothers so children have no one to tell- they’re silenced by the court.

Herzog uses the kids as a cover- it’s his persona- all about image. Single father doing his best to raise three kids- as he actively works to deny access to loving mother and blames reporters who close him.

Custody paid for per CT courts.

1 year ago

“I know it might seem mean to air this guy’s dirty panties out in public, but it is not half as mean as this callous rascal denying his children free and easy access to their warm, loving mother, their primary attachment figure,..”

“He could start today to bind the wounds of his children and restore peace, and work things out civilly with the mother of his children, and do so beyond the corrupt CT Family Court system.”

This sounds like you, Frank, have decided you are the judge in this case and you are going to try to ruin this man’s life (and the children’s) unless he obeys your edict. And you’d never even heard his side of the story before?

Frank, as someone who likes you, I have to say this seems like a gross misstep to me. One day one of these parents might do more than just send documents to your residence. It’s an extremely dangerous game you are playing. It also seems very one-sided and unfair from where I sit. And it won’t get the mother legal visitation. It’ll only work if the dads succumb to what essentially seems to be a type of blackmail/coercion ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Could you post the reasons that the judge gave when he awarded custody to the dad in this case? I’m willing to guess parental alienation by mom was a big one (among other things) because that’s what seems to be still going on here. These moms need to start acting their age and treat the children as children, not as their little cronies to manipulate as pawns against their own fathers. it’s a terrible thing to do to kids. In fact, we saw how much this type of mother screwed up Keith Raniere.

I know better
I know better
1 year ago
Reply to  ThisIsHorrible

You are part of the problem if you believe the bullshit of “Parental Alienation”. Abusive fathers use this garbage defense because it makes them the “victim” when in all actuality in those case, the father is not only the abuser but a pathological liar even to his own children. And guess what? Yep, they see through his bullshit. So no one here is buying your defense of this mentality deranged person.

1 year ago
Reply to  I know better

I know better – while it is true that Parental Alienation syndrome is BS, parents can and do try to alienate children from the other parent through insults, etc. it happens and it is awful for the children to be caught in the middle of two battling parents.

I went through a custody case years ago and I was warned by my lawyer about the danger of PAS claims. Put simply, I was told if I wanted to lose custody of my child, all I had to do was try to prevent a relationship with my child and her father.

I listened. I told the court of my concerns but also expressed my wish for my daughter to have a healthy relationship with her father. I got his unsupervised visits to be supervised and eventually won full legal and physical custody. I never spoke badly about him to my child.

I do not know the situation here, but if this mother had badmouthed the father to the children, her visits should be supervised until she learns to control herself. There are better more productive ways to alert the court to suspected abuse.

While I am not doubting that corruption exists, most often I believe there is a rational explanation why a judge awarded custody to one parent over another or restricted access to a child. It is a best interests of the child standard, not the best interest of either parent.

I may be wrong, but I just find it hard to believe that this mother did not do something to try to prevent the father from a relationship with his kids or did not speak badly of him in front of them.

1 year ago

You dumb-ass, Herzog. Let me help you out. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

How about you do your research, cut your losses, negotiate a different custody arrangement directly with the Mom, change your name, and live happily ever after.

I won’t charge you for the advice – but it will be the most valuable thing anyone has told you.

1 year ago

My hope is that Herzog will reconsider his nasty position and let his children have a say in their lives. Not hide behind the ruthless decision he purchased in CT Family Court.

Then the kids will be happy. Imagine if they were free to see either mom or dad – with some reasonable schedule tailored for their happiness and well being. How much better for the kids. Better for Herzog too.

Judge #10
Judge #10
1 year ago

Herzog, why don’t you wise up and let the kids have a say in their own lives? It’s mean and atrocious that you use the corrupt Connecticut family court system to keep your kids unhappy.

Give the kids a choice in their own lives. This looks really bad for you. Suing will be even worse for that will draw attention to the court stuff.

You gotta figure your wife is hurt. Your children are hurt. This kind of exposure will hurt you.

Why not try kindness? you have control of the kids today. But you don’t control what people will think about you. This makes you look really ridiculous.

But this stuff all came out in court. It does not have to keep coming out again and again.

You can solve this and make everyone happy. You’ll be happier too.

You’re not a victim, you brought this on yourself. Now solve it yourself.

1 year ago

Let him sue you in your home state, Frank, if your state court (or federal court since it crosses state lines) can claim jurisdiction based on your residence as the defendant. You’ll have your day in court and won’t need to fear the integrity of the CT courts.
Secondly, were you a member/victim of a sex cult? What’s that all about? Seems like the type of disclosure you should make in your “reporting” so the reader can judge for him/herself whether there is a bias. (It might also explain why it seems every case you feature in your blog contains an accusation/insinuation of pedophilia against the evil/wealthy custodial parent.)

1 year ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Thank you for the clarification, Frank.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

If you look at the Liszt Harding case, his investigation leads to the defense of the father — where the children have made no claims against him, and there is no evidence of any peculiar conduct by the father.

Someone needs to speak for the children that are being sold by CT family court. The judges are known.

Sean Sprague
Sean Sprague
1 year ago

Great job shining light on darkness Frank. Thank you! Praying your work on this leads to justice & safety for the kids & their Mom. MATT 18:6, MARK 9:42, LUKE 17:2

1 year ago
Reply to  Sean Sprague

It is truly darkness. Pure evil. Attorneys and therapists reinforce a false narrative and literally abuse the children by isolation from the healthy mother. Sometimes a bs custody evaluation is used and suddenly mothers who have raised the children and who children love, are without warning- torn from their lives- a no contact order in place.

The flags are “temporary orders”, ex-parte hearings or status conferences and a GAL who says whatever is needed to silence children, denigrate the mother, and isolate the children with the father.

Healthy mother’s are suddenly mentally ill, dangerous, threatening – and they are cut off from children and money. But the GAL reports payment from “marital funds” that are in sole possession of father.

And the mothers extended family is also eliminated from their lives. I know. I’ve been cut off from my niece and nephews and so have my children. The courts embolden a parent to abuse and control his children and spouse of nearly 20 years.

Please keep up the pressure to hold chilled abusers accountable. CT is Corrupticut!

1 year ago

Can I role play with Linda24? I’m a democrat and so I can’t masturbate to Sara P.

T Rumpus
T Rumpus
1 year ago
Reply to  Democrat

I’m a Republican. Do you have Geoff’s email I want to do him as Sara P.

My handles is Donald T.

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