Experts: CT Court Guardians ad Litem; Serving the Children’s or Their Own ‘Best Interest’?

A Guardian ad Litem [GAL] is an attorney appointed by the court to investigate a divorce and custody case, report their findings, and make recommendations supposedly based on the child’s “best interests.”

It doesn’t always work that way.

Family Court Reform Advocate Peter Szymonik

Excerpts from a CT Law Tribune article by a long-time advocate for CT Family Court reform.

By Peter Szymonik

Parents lose their homes and jobs and are ordered to liquidate their retirement accounts and children’s college funds.


We have allowed a tiny group of family law attorneys and GALs to directly and adversely impact family court operations in a manner designed to personally enrich themselves at the expense of parents and families.


Our state’s GALs are almost exclusively family law attorneys who enjoy complete immunity and have been granted quasi-judicial authority – this is not common elsewhere in the country.

Our GALs are not held to any standard of performance or excellence, and they are not licensed or monitored. They are allowed to bill with impunity with the expected results.

GALs in this state legally trump a parent’s right to be a parent as soon as they are assigned to the case. These individuals are allowed to make life-altering decisions directly impacting children and families, as judges routinely outsource their judicial authority to them – for the entire life of a case.

Catharine Sloper, Author, Blogger, Victim of Family Court

wrote the Very Best of Divorce in Connecticut, based on her blog, Divorce in Connecticut.

When there is high conflict, GALs get involved in a family they previously knew nothing about and pass judgment. Often, GALs will pursue policies or make statements and judgments about the families they are working for, which are profoundly hurtful and false, and then use them to deny one or the other parent access to their children.

If you review their reports, they are based extensively on hearsay and malicious gossip rather than facts and data, and few witnesses are asked to verify their statements with documentary evidence.
GALs are paid $200 to $800 per hour…  In a single year, the GAL, in my case, earned $35,000. This means that a GAL would need three child clients to make more than one hundred thousand dollars a year. Most active GALs have well over three child clients.
Once a GAL report is out, both parties are under extremely high pressure to accept the GAL report and recommendation. In my case, the judge ruled that I could not see the GAL report even though I had to pay for it.  This happens in many cases.

A CT Judge: There’s a Problem

Judge Thomas G. Moukawsher
Judge Thomas Moukawsher wrote in a decision that CT Family Court “isn’t serving the public interest very well….  In some cases, over-analysis by costly experts and guardians-ad-litem has unfairly delayed cases from getting decided or has even financially broken the parties with enormous expenses. Judges traditionally don’t police this aspect of a case, so it has too often gotten out of hand.”

CT Mothers’ Hero, Keith Harmon Snow

Keith Harmon Snow
Keith Harmon Snow wrote one of the most widely quoted books on the Family Court that wrest children from their mothers: The Worst Interest of the Child.
The guardian ad litem serves a gatekeeper function placing lawyers in positions of power, manipulation, and coercive control.


Corruption and judicial abuse is being perpetrated through GAL systems.


Connecticut courts conspire to assist GALs…. in abusing and denying the constitutional and human rights of protective mothers…  GALs have quasi-judicial powers allowing them to commit procedural crimes and threaten protective parents — it’s not just moms — with sanctions that include reductions in visitation rights with their children.  The decisions by these GALS have been rubber-stamped by the CT courts.

State Rep. Gonzalez: Eliminate GALs

State Rep Minnie Gonzalez

The CT Latino News reported: State Rep. Minni Gonzalez said that parents tap into retirement funds or children’s college savings to pay GAL fees, which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars or more.

The way guardians ad litem are paid — billing by the hour, with no cap — gives them an incentive to prolong conflicts while leaving parents with little choice but to pay.

“We don’t need guardians ad litem, period,” Gonzalez said.

Problematic Role of GALs

Professor Joan Meir, Director of DVLEAP, is one of the leading voices in debunking Parental Alienation Syndrome, [PAS] a tactic used by one parent to undermine or destroy the child’s love, attachment, and relationship with the other parent, in custody dispute cases.  Meier argues that PAS is being misused when it is invoked to deny valid abuse claims by the other parent or child.

Judges who often face conflicting stories from the parties about abuse and the children’s relationship with their parents may be tempted to rely on the recommendations of “neutral” third parties such as the GALs…  Indeed, the recommendations of a GAL are often given great weight by judges, often even constituting the most important factor a judge considers.

This deference to GALs’ opinions can be problematic because GALs may not be particularly qualified to determine children’s best interests. In custody cases, courts often ask those performing the role of guardian ad litem to render expert opinions even though they do not have the requisite training to do so… In effect, they are imbued with expertise merely by virtue of having been placed in that role, irrespective of their actual background.

Many parents complain about GALs who are notorious in their jurisdictions for disbelieving mothers’ allegations of abuse or favoring fathers.

GALs are given broad authority akin to that of a judge…: A guardian is not barred by rules of discovery or privilege from investigating every nook and cranny of a child’s life.

Guardians also have a right to determine what relevant facts should be entered into the record, or at the least to provide more credibility to one side’s presentation of the facts. GAL’s wide de facto power allows them broad discretion akin to a judge’s exercise of judicial power.

In fact, GALs “can easily have more power than any other person in a custody proceeding, including the judge.”

Because GALs are not subject to any rules of evidence in making their reports and recommendations, the information conveyed to the court and placed in the court record would often be inadmissible if it was not offered by the GAL.

Enablers Ad Litem: Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Cases

Richard Ducote, an attorney, is one of the nation’s leading child abuse/domestic violence litigators and law reformers. He writes:

One of the great paradoxes in the nation’s family courts is the role of the guardian ad litem in custody cases involving domestic violence and child abuse… The appointment of a GAL in an ordinary situation … can simply raise the expenses of the parents, increase the arbitrariness already inherent in deciding the amorphous best interest issues, and compromise due process.

However, in domestic violence and abuse cases, where courts are even more eager to appoint GALs, children are frequently ending up in the custody of the abusers and separated from their protecting parents.

This tragedy does not happen in spite of the GALs, but rather because of the GALs… GALs actively and forcefully advocate for the children to be placed with violent child abusers and sexual molesters.

[T]he non-violent parent may be at a disadvantage, and behavior that would seem reasonable as a protection from abuse may be misinterpreted as a sign of instability.

The custodial preference for the parent who encourages the child’s relationships with the other parent often referred to as the ‘friendly parent,’ typically trumps the mother and child’s protection despite the fact that such ‘friendliness’ is contraindicated.

Since GALs are usually plucked from the family court bar, they bring these same misguided principles to bear on the cases. Any attempt to claim, despite the abundant proof of the reality of the situation, that a father is dangerous is simply dumped into the category of ‘conflict’ – the ultimate anathema in the eyes of the family court judge.


Family courts throughout the United States, with the help of guardians ad litem, are likewise placing sexually abused children with parents who molested them. This outrageous trend is primarily the product of two developments.

First, there is widespread – but absolutely false – assumption that a sexual abuse allegation made in the context of a divorce or custody case is likely to be false…

Second, family court judges and guardians ad litem often succumb to the… discredited and essentially pro- pedophilia theory concocted by Richard Gardner called ‘Parental Alienation Syndrome’ or ‘PAS.’ This non-existent ‘syndrome’ posits that when children display fear of one parent, typically the father, report abuse by that parent, and exhibit symptoms of trauma such as sexual abuse, the real culprit is the child’s mother who ‘programmed’ the child into this damaged relationship. The ‘treatment of choice’ is to give the ‘alienated parent’ – or the true abuser – custody and severely limit the other parent’s contact with the child.

One irony of this so-called ‘PAS’ is that the increased existence of valid evidence of true sexual abuse leads Gardner and his devotees to more fervently diagnose ‘PAS.’ Thus, ‘PAS’ is the criminal defense attorney’s dream, since the greater the proof of the crime, the greater the proof of the defense…

Thus, when a GAL is poised to represent the ‘interests’ of a child who is exhibiting extreme fear of a parent, it is frequently the GAL’s argument… that the child should be in the custody of that same parent, despite substantial evidence of abuse warranting the fear, in order to ‘treat’ PAS…


Fees for guardians ad litem in contested custody cases can amount to many thousands of dollars. The court then forces the parents to pay through its contempt of court power…

Furthermore, parents incur additional fees for their own attorneys whose work is increased by having to communicate with the GAL or take countermeasures to undue the GAL’s damage…

Beyond the available contempt power to assist in fee collection, GALs are also cloaked with a priceless safeguard. Divorcing parents commonly land in bankruptcy court, but the GAL’s fees are not dischargeable… The federal courts have equated GAL fees with child support without realizing that these non-discharged fees are indeed taking food from children’s mouths and clothing from their backs.

Ducote compares the Family Court judge and the GAL to the rhino and the tick bird.

The rhino roams about with an ever-present tick bird perched on him, feasting upon the living smorgasbord found there. The rhino (family court judge) is relieved of the annoying task of disposing of the irritating insects (child custody cases) by delegating it to an eager member of another species (the GAL). In return, the bird is well fed (fees, collected with the help of the court’s contempt power) and enjoys a free ride (immunity from screw-ups).

GALS to Avoid If You’re Getting Divorced From an Abusive Husband

In CT, it doesn’t matter if the children are attached to their mother. It doesn’t matter what the children want. It doesn’t matter if there are credible allegations of sexual abuse against the father. If the father has money and the mother doesn’t, rest assured these GALs will wrest the children from their mother, make her penniless, get the judge to order no contact between mother and children, and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars from the grateful father.

Their weapon of choice is the Parental Alienation Syndrome. The GALs’ remedy is removing the children from the stay-at-home mother’s home and giving sole custody to the affluent father. If the mother, or children, try to bring credible allegations of sexual abuse by the father to the GAL, this is further evidence of parental alienation. If the mother presses too hard to protect her children, the GAL will inform the court that she has a mental disorder. Without a psychiatric diagnosis, the judge will accept the GAL’s opinion and declare from the bench that the mother is unstable and deny the mother contact with the children.

GAL Jill Plancher recommended that a sex-addicted, abusive father, who has credible allegations of sexual abuse of his children, get primary custody since he has money, depriving the children of their mother.

In another case, a physically abusive but wealthy father got custody, while the stay-at-home mother was denied contact and made homeless.

The mother has not seen her child for years.

Candace V. Fay, GAL, is not above acts of fraud and barely escaped prison for stealing money from one of her wards. A second fraud case is pending. In another case, where the mother had a significant financial advantage over the father, she gave custody to the mother, despite her drug addiction, her admission to selling drugs, a suicide attempt, psychiatric diagnosis of bipolar disorder indicating she is suicidal [Faye hid that from the record], and her cruel act of killing her cat. The father had no credible allegations against him.

GAL Mary Piscitelli Brigham. In one case, she defied natural law and took children from their mother when the wealthy father was alive. After he died, she recommended custody not to the mother but to the newly wealthy widow who married the father on his deathbed.

Brigham terminated the mother’s parental rights and gave the merry widow the children and their trust funds.

Jocelyn Hurwitz recommended that the abusive father have sole custody after stealing the marital assets after agreeing to expand her work scope. She recommended denying the children contact with their primary attachment figure, their mother, who raised them for 13 years as a stay-at-home mother, while the father lived 2500 miles away. Imagine the shock of the children when they were ordered out of their protective and happy home and into the custody of a man they said abused them.  Hurwitz used Parental Alienation as a tool without any evidence to support her statement.

Almost two years have gone by, and the children still cry out to strangers to be heard – their goal = to get back home to their mother. Meantime she has become homeless.  Hurwitz, however, has billed almost enough to buy a new home. She has billed $200,000 on the case, and it is not over yet.

To enhance her billings, Hurwitz requires her clients to waive the state statute governing GALs.

GAL, Janis Laliberte

GAL Janis Laliberte worked to give sole custody to a wealthy father with an established history of hebephilia, limiting the stay at home mother’s parenting with her child and requiring that the mother who raised the child all his life- while the father was busy with his career and allegedly raping teenagers children- could not see her child without a paid supervisor to witness. This ensured that the child was not questioned about his father’s sexual abuse.

When this protective mother tried to present information of sexual abuse by the father, GAL Laliberte rushed to the court to prevent the disclosure, recommending that the court make its own psychiatric diagnosis. Judge Jane Grossman declared the mother had a mental illness without a competent medical diagnosis and then banned the mother from coming within 100 yards of her child while permitting the affluent father to get as close as he wanted.

Don’t Do It

Divorcing parents may not realize that, though they pay the GAL, they have handed legal control of their children to a stranger once they agree to appoint her.

The dirty little secret – which many experts fail to realize or don’t wish to mention – is that this annoying deprivation of children of their mothers in favor of abusive fathers is not done simply by some misguided but sincere adherence to Parental Alienation.

Just the opposite. Parental alienation is used as an excuse to tap the affluent father to pay through the nose. This is business, and like so many other professions, GALs are too often the opposite of what they profess. They are heartless.

If one parent has more money, he has a significant advantage since he will pay most or all of the GAL’s fees. This creates an opportunity for the rapacious GAL [an attorney, after all] to bill more hours. The more affluent parent, in turn, influences her custody decisions.

Since he is paying the bill, he can agree, over the objection of his spouse, to expand the GAL’s investigation, usually into the alleged misdeeds of the poorer spouse.

An eagle sold a few of her feathers then was shot by an arrow made with the feathers.

A GAL can declare one parent has mental issues without a medical diagnosis. She can ignore credible accounts of abuse. The judge will believe the GAL, not the parent or expert witnesses called by the parent.

A GAL has power because “the children’s best interests” trumps every other consideration in divorce and custody cases. Judges believe the GAL knows best or pretend to believe it.

It’s a money game.

Two Connecticut Judges Who Use the Parental Alienation Fraud to Help Gal Pals

Judge Jane Grossman will fight for a GAL’s right to control billings. In one case, Grossman issued orders halting DCF and police investigations into sexual abuse of the children to help the wealthy father keep custody.  She diagnosed mental illness from the bench, helping the GAL keep custody with rich fathers who pay her fees.

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  • Thank you, Frank, for highlighting this absolute travesty that should not happen in this modern day. I personally know one of the women you have discussed here and know her to not only be perfectly competent but a wonderful woman, parent and friend!

    As a Psychotherapist, I know how to recognize people who suffer with mental illness of all kinds, and she is not one of them.

    To think that anyone would make such a false claim about their ex-spouse is unforgivable, but to think that the court system would use this false claim as fact is utterly disgraceful and should not be allowed to continue! What can we all do to put a stop to this? Please let me know.

  • The Judges willfully violate Title 18, U.S.C. Section 242 Deprivation of Rights Under the Color of Law; U.S.C. Code 4 Misprision of Felony; and are complicit participants of Connecticut Corrupt Organization & Racketeering (CORA) Act GGS 53-393 et. seq.. I believe there are approx. 240 judges and judge referees in the State of Connecticut. They all must know what is going on. For example: The Judicial Review Committee has known of Judge Alice Bruno who has not shown up for work for two years and has been paid over $350,000+. Seriously, the judges have sold are judicial.

    Judges have judicial immunity, not absolute immunity. They are liable if they do not perform their administrative duty. Currently, I am arresting 15 Judges, Attorney General Tong, and other complicit participants of the CORA Act. My case is FST-CV15-6026844-S. It is a Foreclosure Case on a $3.5mm home of 26+ years with a fraudulent claim for $200,000 approx.. They have stolen my home for $1,255,000 without claim.

    Look up the Book “Rogue Town” on Amazon and read the description. Reporter Anthony Dolan won a Pulitzer Prize for his work in 1985.

    Corrupticut is NOT “the Constitution State”.

    Footnote: The State of CT eliminated Sheriffs from the Connecticut Constitution in the year 2000. Hey, that is the same time we had a Corrupt Gov. Roland who went to jail twice.

  • Juliana Dotsenko in Kanawha County WV is useless. She has wrecked the life of several children and forced them to live in abusive situations.

  • Please add GAL Victoria Lanier, Lanier Legal Group –
    Please add Family Court Chief Administrative Judge Michael Albis

    [Frank: 872 days: My daughter is 15 today. There is not a single report of abuse in my case. Not even a mention of my kids needing a bandaid. The judge did not manage my case. I wasn’t even investigated. No one came to my home. The judge gave all visitation power to my ex. Including in the final judgment. I will send it to you. I think my case will perfectly illustrate the flaws in the system – please let me share with you. Also, please feel free to delete this bracketed portion of my reply. You have my email.]

  • This is happening to my friend. It is absolutely devastating to watch her go through this horrific situation. She continues to fight for her son, as he is in the custody of an abuser. The GAL is a glorified babysitter who is unjustly given undeserved power to mane decisions that impact a child’s life.

    A CHILD’S life. Why hasn’t anyone truly thought of the child’s best interest? Ohhhhh, the best interest of the child has been outweighed by the heavier wallets and pockets. Take the money and ruin the lives of a deserving parent and a suffering child. It is disgusting. I applaud the advocates who work tirelessly to rid the court systems of this inhuman behavior.

    The corrupt behavior needs to STOP! People… yes, humans, are being forced to live without their children and forced sit back and continue to live with the fact that they’d children are being abused. Well sitting back is no longer an option! Fighting for their children will become the day to day task. I pray for my friend, and for all the families who undergo such suffering. I also pray that any corrupt involvement be punished. An “eye for an eye” style!!!!

  • Wow, this entire article is true, and I saw it happen to my dear friend, who was a SAHM of 4, including her oldest daughter, who has T1 diabetes/ special needs. She reported her husband’s abuse of drugs around the children, his spending of their 6-month health insurance check leaving them without insurance, and his reckless storage of weapons and guns.

    After a drawn-out two years of court, he ended up with everything, including the four children who were always cared for by mom. He is backed by his wealthy parents, whom he works for as well. In court, my friend was denied witnesses to take the stand and give a statement (including myself, a public educator of 12+ years). The GLA used the father’s parents as his only witnesses and dismissed allegations against the father from the mother’s witnesses.

    Also, DV from 17 and 15 years ago involving police was dismissed because “it was so long ago.” She was forced to sell her home and business. I didn’t know this was happening until I witnessed it.

    It is a total injustice, and GAL’s and the court’s greed need to be exposed for the con that they are. Please keep telling people what they might one day face in court because our children and our mothers are hurting!

  • Frank, you continue to do such important work in broadcasting the crimes against innocent people and their children. Thank you. What can be done to raise the profile of these travesties to a national level? Have you seen any movement by state governments to do anything to investigate what’s happening in their own court systems?

    • There is some movement Ed, but it takes time. meanwhile many children are suffering. I get calls constantly about people from Hawaii to Maine with horror stories. So many stay-at-home mothers who lose their children because the father had money.

    • The underlying problem is the flows of money. Federal SSA Title IV-D provides financial incentive for states to separate children from their parents and families to force the payment of “child support’. “Child support” is nothing more than a welfare recovery program that has been turned into a massive cash cow for the states.

  • The Ct family court system seems to be unfair to parents that do not have the financial means to pay for high price lawyers & GALs etc. It is a financially draining system that destroys parents lives based on the opinion of guardians that know nothing of what truly is going on other than who is paying them. It is hard to believe that in this day and age there seams to be corruption in the Family Court system.

  • When children were separated from their parents at the border, it was heartbreaking and met with outrage and disbelief.

    Our family courts — based on corrupt attorneys, incompetent custody evaluators, and therapists-for-hire — are ordering the same criminal outcomes.

    These are not “messy or ugly” divorces. This is blatant, brazen abuse of children and parents.

    It’s going on throughout the US! It is known.

    • Children are separated at the border for the same purpose as Connecticut family courts destroy parent-child bonds: to destroy the fabric of society based on family. Same ideology, same people. Stop pretending otherwise. Children belong to a communist, atheist state.

  • Frank, your article should bring many to tears about the travesty of justice that exists for children and affected parents going through this process!!! It brings such a light to the magnitude of the injustice power GALs have in the innocent lives of the children they’re supposed to protect. Especially corrupted GALs like Janis L. who clearly has a mere and sole interests in making money off of the children she’s supposed to protect!!!

    I have a close friend who has dealt with the many characters mentioned in Family Court in Bridgeport. I completely agree with many who’ve commented that Jane Grossman should be disbarred, taken off the bench and in jail. We need to bring full awareness to this epidemic and during a pandemic makes matters all the more complicated to promote the parental alienation all the more relevant.

    This needs to stop!!! Mothers need to have the same bond and love for their children. What these monsters are doing should be criminal for sure!!!

    • I am also one of those mothers without her children. I’ve had the complete list associated with my case that Frank has highlighted here or on his other articles.
      It’s been 4 years since I’ve seen, hugged or been able to have any in person contact with my daughter all because I believe her, supported her and was left without money during the divorce.

      We are not sore losers… we are victims of corruption and greed while our children are permanently traumatized by being forced to live with their abusers.
      Once Trauma bonding sets in, it’s so much more difficult for their young brains to readjust.

      My heart breaks for all of us parents and all of our babies.

  • Thank you, Frank, for this disheartening, frightening insight. It is absolutely horrific and disgusting the power GALs have. These people are purely evil, corrupt and all about making money off of our children.

    I have a friend of mine who continues to go through this maddening, soul crushing experience. GALs have zero child psychological experience. And the judges, especially Jane Grossman, who take their word at face value, all to keep this profitable, exploitative system in place, should be yanked off the bench and in jail. All for filling their pockets. Our society is so much better than this!!!


  • My dear friend has suffered the unjust corruption of the family court in Bridgeport. Attorney Janis Laliberte has drained all of the family resources and turned a blind to sexual abuse.

    • Roxanne, Please see my reply to Kate. I would love for us all to give our information to Frank so that he maybe is able to connect us all in a private group.

  • Janis Laliberte is GAL in my case She is a fat bully and a big liar. On several occasions, I’ve had to tell her to stop disrespecting me while she was helping my husband’s attorney negotiate a settlement. She has coerced me into signing a court ordered agreement by threatening she would take the little bit of rights I had to my child away if I didn’t sign. Thank you for bringing this devil to light! She deserves to be disbarred for life and serve time in prison for ruining the lives of many innocent children!

    • Frank…. is there some way to put all of us (that wish to be) in a chat group that’s not public??
      I feel that there’s strength in numbers. Maybe if more of us were able to share our stories privately first, we could do a huge group interview and potential law case.
      As I’ve said before. We are not sore losers, cry babies or being whiney. We are true victims of corrupt bullies because we are not financially capable of fighting on the same level.
      I would love to talk to anyone who’s had similar experiences with certain court people. Frank, please help Unite us.

  • 5 disabled kids taken by cps not one visitation allowed for 3 yrs now . Not one report from GAL charged her with 5 felonies DAGave her 3 misdemeanor not causing harm . Judge recused attorney yelled at judge lots of exparte without a hearing ever took kids under eminent danger while in school no police needed caseworker fired 2 weeks or quit . Manitowoc Wis all corrupt judges attorney caseworker to keep title 4 e funding 1 billion 2 hundred million in 2020-2921 in Wis ( I believe) 7,000 kids taken 142 trial home reunification in Wis lots to tell I trued 2 times to take guardianship they said no and no visitation ever allowed by fatheres side of family

  • I have a case that is still going — you should look at it. Judge has been dragging the case out for 3 years — and I haven’t had the chance to tell my side of the story in 2 years. 100k in legal fee and alienating me from my child. Wife wants me out of my daughter’s life so bad, she makes a monthly police report try to have me arrested. I’ve been telling the judge I have proof she’s lying and making up things. Judge doesn’t care. Transcripts show the judge doesn’t even ask my wife if it’s ok to see my daughter for a few extra hours, he just responds for her. Please help me, my wife attempted 2 kidnapping overseas; I stopped both, but she went on and got for a passport illegally for a 2-year-old baby.

  • God help our children. Thank you, Frank – as well as the others you’ve highlighted who are trying to wake up our country to this silent epidemic. Please keep investigating!

  • This case sounds just like my sister who currently reside in Bridgeport, CT. Thank you, “Frank”, for bringing this to light. I often wonder what the end game really is. I never understood why my nephew had to be separated from his own biological mother who is more than capable and willing to care for her son. I am looking forward to your next posting and thank you for sharing.

  • My GAL took my children away but they don’t need their mother. They cried a lot but she knew that it was in their best interest. GAL are attorneys so they know better than parents.

  • Smollett Gets 150 Days in Jail for Hate Crime Hoax

    Judge Rips: ‘You’re Just a Charlatan,’ ‘Haven’t Stopped Lying’

    Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Disgraced Actor Screams ‘I am innocent’ While Taken Away

    “You’re just a charlatan, pretending to be a victim of a hate crime,” Judge James Linn said to Smollett. “Your very name has become an adverb for ‘lying.’”

    “Your performance on the witness stand can only be described as pure perjury,” the judge added. “You are now a permanently convicted felon.”

    “There is nothing that I can do here today that will come close to the damage you’ve already done to your own life,” Judge Linn said before delivering the sentencing. “You turned your life upside down by your misconduct and shenanigans.”

    Judge Linn added that Smollett’s “hypocrisy is astounding,” given that the actor has taken a keen interest in social justice issues for many years, yet staged a hate crime against himself, because he “really craved attention.”

    “I believe that you did damage to real hate crime victims,” the judge said to Smollett.

    “The officer asked you a simple question. And then you start to lie and haven’t stopped lying since,” the judge said. “You’ve been lying and lying and lying about this case, and that’s why you’re here today.”

    Judge added that “This can only be described as pure perjury,” when Smollett got on the witness stand and “committed hour upon hour upon hour of pure perjury.”

      • How abou a reporting with original sources or more of what Karen has told you? So much hearsay so far, so it will be refreshing to read first-hand accounts. I would like to hear from the wife’s immediate family- parent, siblings etc.

        • I will be happy to provide transcripts of my case – in fact the whole docket. I also have emails from my GAL Victoria Lanier. I wasn’t able to admit them into evidence because they were “settlement discussions.” But wait – the GAL is offering suggestions – isn’t that what she was appointed to do. Shouldn’t the public – and my JUDGE – see how she did her job – which portions of which were conducted criminally – It is all on the docket!!

      • 5 disabled kids taken by cps not one visitation allowed for 3 yrs now . Not one report from GAL charged her with 5 felonies DAGave her 3 misdemeanor not causing harm . Judge recused attorney yelled at judge lots of exparte without a hearing ever took kids under eminent danger while in school no police needed caseworker fired 2 weeks or quit . Manitowoc Wis all corrupt judges attorney caseworker to keep title 4 e funding 1 billion 2 hundred million in 2020-2921 in Wis ( I believe) 7,000 kids taken 142 trial home reunification in Wis lots to tell 7739088065 renee. Zapart I tryed 2 times to take guardianship they said no and no visitation but gave one of the kids to moms side . Is ok as long as cps doesn’t have them . No one visit ever allowed by father side of family . Two kids molested month one that was 12-20-2019 taken from a drunk one call

      • Me again. Frank, please ask Karen what her ADA recognized disability is? She has claimed in several filings that the Court has violated the American with Disabilities Act when they ruled against her.

        • There is no ‘recognized disability’. There is only Dr. Caverly’s claim that Karen is ‘regarded’ as having a mental defect which is the legal basis of the court to take the kids away, that is discrimination under the ADA. The ADA prevents the government from calling mom crazy in order to take the kids away, this is the civil rights deprivation being committed by Grossman and Adelman. The liability of the violation goes to the State of Connecticut as there is no immunity, ADA is federal law.

          • Karen is the one claiming a disability under the ADA. You can read it yourself in the motions she’s filed in her malpractice action against Caverly.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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