There will be a lot to post today – but first – Sultan has left Frank Report

In the wake of the Superseding Indictment, and Nancy Salzman pleading guilty in court yesterday, Frank Report will have a lot of analysis, and some new discoveries today.

We will look at documents filed and present facts that have been unknown until the prosecution revealed them recently.

We will also look at at the defense’s apparent strategy and whether the trial will likely go forward as scheduled.

But first, something truly momentous has happened.

The man we all depend on at Frank Report to defend Kristin Kreuk – known to readers as the Sultan of Six – has left Frank Report and begun his own blog and Twitter account – dedicated to defending Kreuk, the taxpayer-funded Canadian actress who was a Nxivm coach, recruiter and poster girl for Nxivm normalcy.

Sultan seems to have been offended by a mathematician, using the moniker “Behold”, began to put in actual, quantifiable numbers the extent of Sultan’s devotion to Kreuk and how it likely manifested itself.

The two stories of “Behold’s” that seemed to have offended Sultan were:

Mathematician computes devotion Sultan has for Kristin Kreuk

Mathematician makes further, enlarged computations on Sultan’s devotion to Kristin Kreuk

Happily, you can visit Sultan and read his latest defenses of his fair lady, Kreuk.

Lastly, I want to try to clear the air on a matter: There are some who say Sultan has never even met, let alone kissed Kristin Kreuk.

I find it hard to believe that a grown man would spend so much of his life ardently defending a woman he never met – who might possibly not even know of his existence.

Yet some people assure me that Sultan has never spent one minute in the actual company of Kristin Kreuk.

But, who but a close friend of Kreuk, perhaps possibly one of her lovers, would care enough to write such heartfelt and lengthy defenses of her and rise to anger over the slightest criticism of the actress?

Sultan has been doing this for over a decade.

No, he must know Kristin Kreuk and know her well and she must know him. Otherwise Sultan’s actions would seem to be the product of some kind of delusional disorder.

At the moment, Sultan’s Twitter account is in its infancy. He has zero followers. But I think if we all give him some support, there will be others who will want to read what Sultan has to say in defense of his much maligned lady.

And please remember, Sultan, you are welcome back here anytime to defend your good friend or lover.

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A message to Sultan from Kristin Kreuk?  Now onward to business – reporting on Nxivm.



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  • In reply to the terrorist comments – the mosque shooter mentioned that he was a Trump supporter. He’s not left-wing , he’s an alt-right white supremacist, as are the people who defend his actions.

    Why are you so terrified that the white population is shrinking? I find it incredibly hilarious that all these hypocritical alt-rights will claim to be Christians, and at the same claim that God loves white people more than non-white people.
    Too funny.

  • went to SOS (Spank on Spank) twitter account. I’m with Frank. Mr Spankmaster definitely has at minimium met Kristen Kook. Likely at a paid for meet and greet. Hysterical that he’s responding on Twitter to comments posted on Frank Report. Literally posting screen shots of the FR comment and then tweeting his response to the FR comments @frank_peralto.

    Sadly, I visited Spunk’s ‘blog’ too and it leaves a LOT to be desired. For starters, it should have a title other than ‘Title’. Just my humble opinion, Mr Spanky. I doubt Spanky On Spunk will be able to stay away from FR

  • Me thinks thou dost protest too much, Sultan.
    Her PR team can’t be happy about someone continuously bringing up her affiliation with Raniere and creating Girls By Design for a NXIVM feeder. Just his energy in how he is going about it is going to make people scrutinize Kreuk even more.

  • I doubt that Sultan knows Kristin Kreuk but he seems to believe that he knows her. He has put her on a pedestal that has dry rot underneath. Behold’s articles reminded me of a comedian that I knew. He would pull a handkerchief from his pocket, telling the audience that he’d jerked off into it for years. Then he would drop it and it bounced because of the small rubber power ball concealed inside it. It still makes me smile.

  • I guess I didn’t realize that Sultan would get so upset about the posts about about Kristin Kreuk that he would decide to start his own twitter and blog to defend her because honestly, with the exception of the Frank Report, no one else seems to be talking about her or her ties to NXIVM.

    So when he goes off on his rants about Kreuk and the cult, no one will realize that he isn’t trying to stir up trouble but actually trying to defend her because I doubt Kreuk or her followers would want her name linked to anything NXIVM related. Well done, Sultan.

    • Kristin Kook was happy to use her name to legitimize the cult, even after the scumbag Raniere was exposed as a pedophile. Why should she be offended at her name being associated with NXIVM now? These crimes regarding NXIVM were known about years ago. The same crimes Joseph O’Hara spoke of in his lawsuit are being investigated now. Fans of Kreuk posted pictures of her on Necker Island years ago. They even mentioned Necker Island, but nothing about the articles they came from. Nothing about the crimes and other shit John Tigue published. They cherry pick. It don’t work like that.

      • I am surprised no one has picked up on the facts:

        KK dob is 30th Dec 1982 and in her official tweet about NXIUM states she joined “AROUND 23” so that would be 30th Dec 2005 onward. That is AROUND the same time KAR was allegedly making child porno videos with an underage girl and for the next 8 years nothing else untoward happened that she didnt witness or think was strange?

        I think the “around 23” needs further investigation.

  • There’s obviously something really wrong with this website and the man who runs it when 1/3 of the articles on the front page are about someone who left over 6 years ago despite all of the other cult-related things he could be writing about?

    I have no idea if Sultan has ever met the object of his obsession, but given how sickly obsessed you are over this same person, perhaps you can share with us the personal interactions you had with this woman. You and your good friend Sultan appear equally obsessed, but if you were never a good friend or former or rejected lover, is it not possible for Sultan to be have never been one as well? Just look at this other obsessed loon whose article you felt the need to publish.

    Seriously doubt he’s ever met Kruek. How about Jeremy Casper (aka Bizarro Sultan)? Do you think he has ever met with the object of his multi-year obsession? Sadly, this actress just appears to be one of those people who just attracts a certain type of unstable obsession. Who wants to make a bet that unless Frank get himself thrown in prison, over the next 6 months, he will post more hit pieces about her than articles about Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne and India Oxenberg combined?

    • Frank,

      Joseph Immanuel P. Suazo is “Wandering Ka-lel”, a few weeks ago I went on a rant about how “dangerous he is”.

      Ka-Leo is the individual that for the last 4+ years posts about 3 things:

      1. Kristin Kreuk
      2. Killing people and murder. “Run he has a gun”.
      3. Getting a Visa to come to the United States.

      Frank you should let your sources know about Mr. Joseph Immanuel P. Suazo. It is my opinion that he is an actual threat to Kristin Kreuk.

      I did not have his actual name before.

      Thanks anonymous for posting this information ( links).

  • I disagree with Parlato. Sultan Spank is delusional. He has never met kreuk. Far too many people are like him out there. He isn’t the only one on here. Look at the people here obsessed with Mack that have never met her.

  • The stalkin’ spanker definitely has a whole series of mental disorders to behave the way he does.

    He is most likely an incel and like all incels, he probably has depression and anxiety. He definitely has low self esteem. Possibly mommy/daddy issues. And very possibly, legitimately, somewhere on the autism spectrum.

    It’s impossible for him to be having sex, even with an ugly chick. To fill the void in his sexless, frustrated life, he is emotionally obsessed and infatuated with Kristin Kreuk.

    His twitter account genuinely reads like that of a broken psychopath. That’s not an insult, that is a genuine observation.

    He should seek professional psychological help from a qualified therapist to deal with his numerous toxic issues.

    3.70 pounds of jizz though….

  • Sultan is really going to be mad when Ms. Kreuk cancels her Megacon Orlando appearance. No way she makes a public appearance with the kiddy porn linked to Raniere now

    • She obviously cares far more about $ than any shred of decency or dignity. She will be there signing for dollars with bells on, whoring herself the way she has her entire career.

  • Frank,
    This is a sad day for the Frankreport and its loyal fans. I will miss the brave and valiant Sultan of Six. He was inspiring.

    I would like to congratulate (sarcasm),
    Scott the “Mathematician” Johnson for writing his Devotion article. Scott you managed to even drive away Kristin Kreuk’s greatest fan.

    Sultan of Six at least cares about someone no matter how delusional it is.

    Scott you do not care about anyone because you are a Sociopath.

    • I’m confident Scott post as Scott. He’s accused of being every asshole that post an asshole comment on here.

  • He’s making an even bigger fool of himself over on twitter and his blog clearly is proof of his delusions. Anyone coming across his twitter account will start laughing at all of our comments he is posting over there, instead of siding with him like he’s hoping. He’s taken the best, most hilarious posts on FR that are making fun of him and posting them on his twitter account for the rest of the world to join in laughing at him. It’s really sad. And funny. But mostly sad.

    • I have to say that I find all these posts about Sultan extremely bizarre. It’s strange that Sultan is so troubled by rude comments about him that he would go to the trouble to start his own blog, and just as strange that Frank posts such rude and childish articles and comments about Sultan.


      Lots of fakery and weird shit on this site.

        • The type of people who find it entertaining to hurt and ridicule people are the kind of people responsible for yesterday’s terrorist act in New Zealand.

          • No, the man expressed in his manifesto why he did what he did. He wanted to start civil war in the US by setting right and left against each other. He, like many others are concerned by uncontrolled mass immigration that is being used to replace the number of white people at home. It’s how the establishment secures it’s voter bloc. If “straight white male” conservatives from Canada were crossing the US border illegally and securing votes for Republicans, the left would be begging for a border wall. But when Mexicans do it…

            Remember, Muslims have killed far more people in white lands. This Australian mans acts are not common. It’s a reaction to something the left don’t want to talk about, replacement migration, trying to shut you down with allegations and slander about being a “nazi” “bigot” “racist” and all these other insults. You do know right, you can be against mass uncontrolled immigration without being a member of the National Socialist Party? Or a “bigot”. Do you want to see a white man president of India, or are you a racist bigot? Don’t you want to see China become ethnically diverse with blacks and whites changing the face and identity of China, or are you a racist bigot? Don’t you think Bollywood is “so brown”?

          • Sultan is hardly a victim. Another one that ridicules people as good as he gets.

            And yes it is a form of entertainment. There was a comedian named Don Rickles that was hilarious insulting people. Late night host and SNL are solely ridiculing the president and not his policies but personal attacks.

            I’m still reminded of the old saying ; “Sticks and stones break my bones but names can never hurt me”.

            Or a popular tenet among self help and inspirational speakers and philosophers that one should not let others define oneself and one determines their own happiness. That is true empowerment.

            It’s the people searching for someone else or searching for “tools” to bring them joy that join cults like NXIVM. Looking for an outside source to validate them and “make” them happy. All Keith,cults religions etc teach are what most people figure out themselves, on their own or with the help of their parents early in kindergarten when they tell them Sticks and stones break your bones but names will never hurt you.

          • It’s actually the weak and offended that shoot up churches and blame their problems on people of a certain race, religion or culture. A call for violence against the greedy Jews or the Muslim invaders, the Mexicans stealing jobs or Christian intolerance is all the same.

            It’s weakness that births hate.

            Be strong and confident and comfortable in your own skin and what others say can’t hurt you.

            The people at those mosques and their families are victims not people that are perpetually offended because not everyone thinks like them or because they’re different.

          • If your reaction to something you’re against is to shoot up 2 mosques and kill dozens of people, then we have a HUGE problem in society.

            When ‘people’ like you (usually straight white males) have such a strong sense of narcissistic entitlement that it allows them to dehumanize people and behave like tantruming oversized toddlers, you cause many more problems than mass immigration. You’re just too ignorant to understand that.

          • And leftists like flowers love Islamists who hate homosexuals, transsexuals, women, and leftists. Were you expecting leftists to be sane?

          • And your bullshit response is why people hate liberals. You just completely ignored everything said.

            Do you like mass uncontrolled immigration?

            Do you actually acknowledge that at this rate, white people are becoming fewer in number throughout Europe, US, Canada, while the immigrants are increasing in number?

            Do you actually want white people to become minorities in their own countries, especially in Europe? Do you care?

            Do you think white people are “entitled” for not wanting to be replaced, or for being portrayed as oppressors in exchange of votes?

            Do you think other races are “entitled” for wanting to be in charge of their own countries?

            Did anyone say the answer is to shoot up mosques? Or are you putting words in people’s mouths?

            Your complete dismissal of people’s concerns are why people don’t like you, why Trump, Brexit, right wing wave in Europe etc is happening. It’s you.

            Do you acknowledge that Muslims, including those privileged to live in the west are everything you claim to hate, regarding treatment of women, homosexuals, trannies, immigration, etc? Will you call them “bigots” “nazis” “misogynists” “entitled” “toxically masculine” “patriarchal straight brown males” etc?

            Do you acknowledge and/or care about the huge rise in rapes and other crimes statistics in Europe committed by those of North African and Middle Eastern decent?

            Which race is the most tolerant on Earth, to the point of self destruction?

            Which race of people fund all these socialist programmes in white countries?

            Get over yourself. You are not nice, moral, ethical or better than anybody else. You don’t levitate above us. Your just another self loathing liberal who likes to feel righteous. The people you pander to have zero respect for you.

            The worst thing is, nothing anyone tells you will change your mind. You are hellbent on being a lunatic.

            And no, I am not a “nazi” or member of the KKK.

          • If your reaction to something you’re against is to shoot up 2 mosques and kill dozens of people, then we have a HUGE problem in society.

            When ‘people’ like you (usually straight white males) have such a strong sense of narcissistic entitlement that it allows them to dehumanize people and behave like tantruming oversized toddlers, you cause many more problems than mass immigration. You’re just too ignorant to understand that.

            Hey dingbat dennis have you noticed how many Christian your moozie friends in Nigeria killed the last couple of weeks?

            Of course not, because your left wing news liars won’t tell the truth. Suck an egg Denny, nothing on this earth rivals you democraps for pure evil.

          • Why should I have a blog? Lol
            Anonymous, I’ll let you choose the name I should use for this blog and the topics I should write about…

          • Yea, she could name the left wing bullshit blog. She is one of the clowns trying to pin the New Zealand shooting on Trump supporters, when clearly it was a false flag perpatrated by the deep state globalist. Funny how Hillary butt boy and creeper John boy Podesta just happened to be in New Zealand.

          • I’d lay down good money Flowers already has a blog or a place where she rants and raves about all the wrongs done to her. Why can’t she stay focused on the subject of this blog? She always has to bring the headlines here and then throw stones at the others who comment here calling THEM narcissists. She wraps herself tight in the liberal blanket but it just covers all her hate. Her comments on this blog have been some of the most disrespectful and vile.

          • Please be specific, Garden guy. Which of my comments did you did find disrespectful and vile?

            How about this racist comment by
            “Do you acknowledge and/or care about the huge rise in rapes and other crimes statistics in Europe committed by those of North African and Middle Eastern decent?”

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