Raniere is gone – and his houses, offices are being neglected

3 Flintlock Lane, the one and only asset owned by Keith Raniere – well, at least the only one that he actually had in his name – seems to be empty.

He and Karen Unterreiner own it together – and, typical of Raniere, he and Karen allowed the mortgage to go into default at one point – during the same period he was spending millions of Bronfman money on lawsuits against enemies and having Nancy Salzman buy him a $90,000 grand piano for his sex lair at 8 Hale Court.

But it always had been occupied – until now.


Meantime, Raniere is in lockup in federal prison – and his long-time pimp woman, Karen, no longer seems to be living at their long-time joint residence.

Raniere’s new home.

Karen may have moved over to 2 Flintlock Lane [above garage on left] – but 3 Flintlock Lane  [right] has the curtains open – uncharacteristically – and now seems uninhabited. A U-Haul box appears plainly in the opened-curtained window.


A few years ago, Raniere left 3 Flintlock Lane – leaving Karen there – and went with Mariana Fernandez and Pam Cafritz to 21 Oregon Trial, a home owned by Rosa Laura Junco.

That home too is empty. Pam is dead and Mariana went with baby Kemar [Keith and her child] to Monterrey.

At the front door of 21 Oregon Trial is a sign with a phone number for people to call who might want to access the property – people such as the FBI.


I called the number, however, and it was disconnected.

Even the backyard pool – appears not have been used lately and things are not quite the same –  without Vanguard.

It was the same at NXIVM Headquarters at 455 New Karner  – empty.

Sadly – if you look closely – at the screw hole at the bottom of the reserved parking sign for Nancy – the screw has come out and her sign is crooked. Won’t somebody from NXIVM come fix that? If Nancy shows up – prior to her impending arrest – imagine how lacking in proper tribute a crooked sign will appear to her.


This earlier photo shows the priceless [patented] sashes hanging lonesome on the walls of the New Karner  headquarters – with not a soul to wear them proudly. Now, it turns out that even these have been removed – symbolic perhaps of the grim fact that no one will ever wear them again – although many who once wore orange sashes will be soon wearing orange jump suits.

When Frank Report went to Apropos it was empty – not a creature was stirring, not even a Prefect. 

The lovely portrait of Sir Keith Raniere – sketched by Michelle Sazlman – is gone. Hopefully, no one stole the priceless work of art.


Raniere inside the police vehicle which took him from Mexico to Texas where he was arraigned.


Indeed, Vanguard is gone and forgot to say goodbye to his creditors.

Keith Raniere is the founder of the NXIVM sex-slaver cult – and all its criminal offshoots.

Keith Raniere Household Bank Judgment

Keith Raniere NYS State Tax Lien

Keith Raniere Unpaid Student Loan

Keith Raniere Judgement 

Keith Raniere Judgment Notice First Select

Keith Raniere Home Owners Association Judgement

Keith Raniere Notice First Select Credit Card Judgment

Keith Raniere House Foreclosure Docs

Keith Raniere Mortgage Foreclosure Document

He who leaves the most unpaid bills wins! Viva Executive Success!

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  • Look into the Ramtha connection…early on NXVIM and Ramtha went in tendem. It soured early on because of the bad press and all the lawsuits Rainere was getting from those earlier women out to frame him the rest of the way.
    Allie Mack only wanted to rake in money for the NxIm orgsnazation and she and others came up with the sorriety sign to ad exclusiveness to the NXMIVM organization just like my old Alma Mater Ramthas School of Enlightment had, different tiers of higher levels of consciousness and insight.
    Of course I shouldn’t even be talking about this org Ramtha runs cause we too have confidentiality disclosures and other secret stuff.
    JZ and Linda run a very tight ship. That’s Linda isn’t talking about who she recruited into Raineres world at the advice to Ramtha.
    Ramtha was to Rainere what Father Divine was to Jim Jones.
    A lot of this is Nancy Salzmans and Claire Bronfmans making and they are going scot free.
    It’s said that Claire will live out of the country closer to her sister and Nancy Salzman is on the eve of a book deal and publicity tour once the trial ends. Lauren will also accompany her mother on the talk show tour to promote her book.
    They are fishing for more nxim stories or cult stories in general right now for cable. Now is the time to sell your story if you have belonged to a cult. Any other channelers out there? It’s one thing NXIMVM didn’t put into there cirriculum.

    • If “people” knew that 30 years ago, then why is Amway still around? Most people in Amway have been involved for only a year or two. It would have cratered 29 years ago if what you’re saying was true. Whatever the buddhists are doing is a drop in the bucket compared to Amway, not to mention all of the other MLM scams.

  • Flowers please read Frank’s post. Scott is not the only one he was talking about. Please stop being a gaslighter and always trying to jam in the last word. We normies are every bit as sick of you as we are of Scottie.

    • And this “normie ” is sick of your lies . Constantly accusing me of being a NXIVM member is ridiculous, especially when I’ve never made any comments to support Keith or NXIVM in any way. Can’t you see that you’re the gaslighter?

      • No they are not the gaslighter. You are. Please take your crap elsewhere. Many here are sick of you and your endless, mindless, Bullshit

        • How am I the gaslighter? It really would be NICE to hear your opinion on who you think I’m gaslighting, because I honestly have no idea.
          I call gaslighting on whoever continuously insists I’m a NXIVM member. However, they aren’t really gaslighting me, they are just attempting to confuse other people by misleading them.
          I’m genuinely curious about why this person keeps lying about me and continues to insist I’m a NXIVM member when they are aware that I’m not. What’s the point?

          • Flowers, they don’t have opinions or insight they are here to discredit The Frank Report. Don’t engage, its probably an intentional protocol.

  • IDIOTS RULE Please carry on and fight amongst yourselves. Everything related to NXIVM is Poison. This blog included. No good info here. Just blather. Gross really. People get a life. Those that were involved, carry on and heal. The rest of you losers trolls, carry on.

    • It’s only poison to IDIOTS like yourself. Don’t let the door hit you on the backside on your way out, Anon. By the way, there are so many Anons making comments that it feels like we’re in a Muslim country and every other person is named Mohammed. What a bunch of losers, either use your real name or pick a fake name and stick to it. LOL

      • – there are so many Anons making comments that it feels like we’re in a Muslim country and every other person is named Mohammed.

        This comment doesn’t even make any sense.

          • Like all bigoted Trump supporters, you’ve probably formed your opinion of people based on information that is equivalent to the surface foam of an ocean wave. You’ve most likely never even been to a Muslim country let alone interacted personally in an in depth manner with a person from the religion, nor any intellectual content associated with the religion itself. Have you heard of Muslim philosophers like Ibn Rushd, Ghazalli, Ibn Sina? Of course not. They are men who preserved the intellectual content of the genius among the Greeks by studying, reflecting, and expanding upon the philosophical writings of men such as Aristotle, and who Christian philosophers of the Scholastic tradition like St. Thomas Aquinas were partially indebted to.

            Here is a video of a Jew shared on Facebook who has traveled extensively throughout the Muslim world and his experience with the countries and the people has been nothing but positive: https://www.facebook.com/drewbinsky/videos/1814234718613449/?hc_ref=ARS9rKGpfouAI4vgqi1duKWIY4dbT6TLe2c5cjIeiy0j9viqsGpx_3LKPNsDQZf85ys

          • Anon, good, you probably wouldn’t understand even after I explained it to you, so you saved me a lot of time and effort. And Sultan, my comment had NOTHING to do with racism, so thanks for filling your role as a stupid Libtard snowflake. LOL

  • A person like Raniere would also video tape having sex with all these women. I sure hope the police search the houses were he lived bedrooms and other places were he might have sex for hidden video cameras. Perverts like this like watching over and over again how they dominate and control these women.

  • Whats happened here Frank?

    Have you been offered more than you have in your escrows to discredit your own work? Does Scott Johnson have a mandate to carry on in this destructive way that tramples on everyones contribution? The only reason you can do as you have done with this site and we can all join you is because you live in a largely liberal country, so even the likes of Scott Johnson have to be tolerated, but no-one has to sit still to be insulted by him or constantly nagged to speak to him on the phone, what for? Or perhaps your just bored with this now. Or maybe you feel Scotts defence of your president trumps everything..

    • Hey hypocrite, Scottie has a lot help from some NXIVM scum here posting their meaningless drivel. They feel their right to attack a sitting American president trumps everything.

  • …a bit of searching after wondering about the tendrils of the Dalai Lama and big money families. I found that Linda Pritzker is a Tibetan Buddhist (and also ordained a lama as of 05 & the author of The Princess Who Wept Pearls: The Feminine Journey in Fairy Tales and Why is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling? A Westerner’s Introduction and Guide to Tibetan Buddhist Practice with a foreword written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I have since condidered varietal degrees of separation between the characters we read about here. This topic requires more research, obviously, but i though I’d share.

  • What about Michelle Hatchett? Is she still slaving herself for Claire and starving herself for Nancy? Please do an article on what she is up to holding the reins and ranks. From what I’ve heard she is still deeply involved

  • Hey Libtard snowflakes, there’s a message in here: https://youtu.be/ifcK518lMnI Especially at the 2:10, 2:30, and 3:00 minute marks. In other words, speak up and work together if you want change! Or just stay the way you are, passive spectators up in the stands, watching the players on the field of life, thinking that there are conspiracies causing you to lose, getting upset when somebody labels you with a name you deserve, etc.

    • Do you eat with a knife and fork? or do you fling yourself around the table grabbing everyones food and spitting it out in everyones face?

      As you do here.

    • Most people come here to work for change. We have been speaking up for a long time. We have been researching, carrying out reconnaissance, involving ourselves in aiding Frank to bring down Nxivm. Ive been reading mostly, contributing occasionally, since mid- 2015. There are posters on this site whose contributions have been very helpful, insightful and definitely educational. Almost all very respectful of Frank and those badly affected by this cult. What, apart from an overweening interest in abused women and paedophilia, do you bring to the table?

      You are a devastating bore, Scott. Are you being paid by nxivm to trash all this hard work?

      • No they don’t, most come here to feed their insatiable egos. I bring the knowledge that Raniere learned all of his NXIVM MLM scam basics when he was in Amway, and Amway has spawned many MLM scammers, Raniere just took it to a “higher” level. NXIVM scammed dozens to hundreds, Amway and other MLM scams have scammed 10s to 100s of millions. You are a devastating IDIOT, Anon. Trash all this “hard work?” Posting a comment here and there is hard work? You’re a joke, just not the funny kind. LOL

  • Yes it is. Until the Bronfman indictment comes down, the articles are pretty dull. Like watching goofballs try to one up each other in the mean time.

  • Frank, thanks for the entertainment. Reading posts from flowers and some of the other crackpots is entertaining as hell. Well worth the wait between court hearings. Some of the lemmings that followed Raniere have nothing on flowers and her ilk. Funny as hell.

  • My two cents: The infighting and animosity here makes people hesitant to post. We could be missing a lot of valuable information than if the atmosphere were more benign. But I understand that people also want to defend themselves in the face of attack.

  • Van Douche didn’t instigate the posts by Shadow State or Scott or by that John Jingle guy, who is also connected to them .
    I had initially thought the posts by Shadow state and Van Douche had some good information, but when the Szemkus craziness started, I could ser that these people probably have an underlying agenda to promote this conspiracy story.

    I wouldn’t have thought Van Douche was connected to that, but I started to wonderabout him after he responded very abusively to my critism of his post, and then tried to claim he didn’t. Lol.

    Basically, I sense an undercurrent of racism and misogyny with a number of people who post here. They will , of course, totally deny these claims about them, but I think their abusive language demonstrates their real character.

    Actually,.I don’t really care if they post here or not, I’m only curious about them for my own personal reasons.

    I originally commented here because I was told by someone that this blog might be linked to the people who have harassed me. From what I’ve seen, I do think that is probably true, as the comments are similar to the comments of the people who bullied on another site.

    It’s especially interesting and strange when these anon posters pop up and start making comments about my personal information, which I haven’t been discussing here.

    So, I’m not sure what the agenda is here, but I suspect it’s not to just to discuss Keith and NXIVM.

    • You are just as bad as anyone else here. Many of your posts prove that. If you are paranoid like the typical NXIVM member maybe you should get the hell out. Once Bronfman and Salzman face justice NXIVM will be gone for good and hopefully you can get your own fragile psyche back.

      • And you are proving that you nothing but a gaslighter. Why are you interested in what I think, anon? 😂
        Obviously it’s a provable FACT that I’m not involved in NXIVM, so spew all the BS you want. You only sound ignorant.

        • I don’t care what you think. It is obvious that you don’t think. Your sense of self importance misleads you.

          • Again, you sound ignorant, and you also sound strangely concerned with my business. Who says I have a sense of self-importance? Just you….and you shouldn’t know anything about my life, correct?
            On what do you base your self-importance statement? Go ahead and share your reasons for thinking that. I can’t wait to hear why you believe that. 😂

      • Flowers is just like Scott Johnson.
        Both of them can shut the f’ up.
        Nobody cares to read their stupidity.

    • The writings of Ben Szemkus could be best categorized as “Fan Fiction.”

      Fan fiction or fanfiction (also abbreviated to fan fic, fanfic, fic or ff) is fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction, created by fans of that work rather than by its creator. It is a popular form of fan labor, particularly since the advent of the Internet.

      Fan fiction is rarely commissioned or authorized by the original work’s creator or publisher and is rarely professionally published. It may or may not infringe on the original author’s copyright, depending on the jurisdiction and on such questions as for whether or not it qualifies as “fair use” (see Legal issues with fan fiction). Attitudes of authors and copyright owners of original works to fan fiction have ranged from indifference to encouragement to rejection. Copyright owners have occasionally responded with legal action.

      Only the characters are real and the writer sees how far he can go in creating a story out of known characters.

      Take it with a grain of salt.
      As for misogyny NXIVM is built on misogyny and female self-hatred.
      It is bizarre for women to complain about their oppression by the patriarchy when they are the ones who engage in the classic female behaviors of gossip, back biting, enabling abusers.
      If you want to experience true misogyny visit Saudi Arabia and learn about:
      honor killing
      incestuous marriages
      child brides,
      and a host of other insane practices.
      “So, I’m not sure what the agenda is here, but I suspect it’s not to just to discuss Keith and NXIVM.”

      Go through my old comments and the vast majority deal with NXIVM and the members of this cult.

      Just because you don’t like people’s political views does not mean they are harassing you when they are expressing their views.

      I won’t apologize for making fun of someone who thinks it is proper to brand women and turn them into sex slaves.

      • Shadow state
        You didn’t understand what I said in that earlier post. I don’t think that disagreement is harassment. I have never thought that (but funny you should word your comment that way)…I say funny because the people who harassed me are very fond of saying that exact thing. Lol.

        The things that were done to me could be called criminal harassment, and have nothing to do with any disagreement. The online bullying is just one of the games these mentally ill people play.

        I was told by another person that these bullies belonged to some type of cult, and I believe that person was correct. I don’t think these bullies were ever NXIVM members, but they certainly behave with a cult-like mentality, and they use harassment techniques similar to those used by Scientology.

        Shadow state, you just demonstrated your misogyny again in your last comment! You said it’s bizarre for women to complain about their oppression by the patriarchy when women themselves engage in gossip and enabling abuse. I have to say thats a very illogical comment. Basically , what actually saying is because women (some women, not all) engage in these behaviours, it’s justified when men abuse them.
        Think about it…..

      • Because the victim is white. Redneck does that to a brown kid with an Obama hat or a lesbo with a Hillary hat and the Left would going batshit crazy, call it a hate crime, blah blah blah

      • You only sound like an idiot when you accuse me of condoning violence. I’ve never said anyone should use violence against people who have differing points of view than they have. Ironically, the people who have harassed me have stolen a lot more than a hat from me, and they have never been charged (so far). I hope and pray that that will change soon.
        I don’t condone violence but I definitely condone people being held accountable for criminal activities.

        I actually see a lot of fake news lately by right-wing extremists such as Alex Jones, and the BS that this moron spreads (for example his prediction of liberal starting a civil war on July 4th) only goes towards instigating hatred.
        Does anyone else think it’s strange that Roger Stone is so close with both Jones and Trump? … all things considered.

        • Your flaming hypocrisy is exposed again. Ever watch MSNBC or even your own CBC skipper? Have you paid attention to the corruption of the left wing run FBI under Comey and McCabe? Have you paid attention to what Hillary Clinton and her foundation are accused of? I could go on and on with the left wing extremist criminality both in the US and Canada, but wasting time on you is not worth it.

          • I’m sorry, ANONYMOUS , but your logic is hard to follow once again. 😂😁
            Your allegations of a “left-wing extremist criminality” , whether such a group exists or not, have NOTHING to do with my own thoughts and opinions. Too fucking funny!!
            You need to carefully consider the logic of your comments before posting them. I’m still confused about what this so-called leftist extremist group actually is involved in. Where are you getting your info from….isolated cases such as one man harassing a group of teenagers?! OMG- the liberals are going CRAZY!!LOL.

        • I’m sorry, Flowers , but your logic is hard to follow once again.
          Your allegations of a “right-win extremists conspiracy” , . Too fucking funny!!

          You need to carefully consider the logic of your comments before posting them. I’m still confused about what this so-called right wing extremist group actually is involved in. Where are you getting your info from….Rachel Madcow?

          • Allegations? I guess you missed Alex Jones prediction….it was a popular news story a few days ago.
            Talk about right-wing extremists….Jones is the most extreme . And I just pointed out that he’s a good friend of Roger Stone…who is an advisor biy Donnie boy .
            No comment on that though.

          • I never listen to Jones, but it was impossible to not hear about his ridiculous prediction. But please tell us more about your QANON theories. I find them ever so fascinating. 😁

          • Flower girl is an avid Alex Jones listener, evidently. Maybe if she would pay better attention she might find out who Barry o-hole and Hitlery Cluntions buddies are. Hint…they are leftist extremists who almost destroyed America from within.

          • Yea flower goof never listens to jones but yet she is an expert in knowing what he has said. Get real you left wing hypocrite.

    • You have a bad memory considering that was not even weeks ago.

      I posted a few quotes from a well-know feminist and the implied conclusions from her work on how sexual liberation has *harmed* women more than men and you somehow translated that into being anti-feminist and misogynistic because you can’t read.

    • Flowery, your conspiracy theory thinking is making you go crazy. Are you “brave” enough to discuss on the phone? I use Skype and have a freeconferencecall.com number, so you don’t have to give up your phone number in either case. Unless you’re not really curious about me and just want to feed your conspiracy theory head-game.

  • Didn’t Keith claim he only owned half interest in a home worth 60,000. What idiot thinks a home is worth 60,000 in today’s market especially the smartest man in the world has a piano worth more than his home. The man lies any time it’s convenient for him

  • Responses by Amway obsessed Scott Johnson and Allison Mack obsessed shadowstate1958 now take up probably eighty percent of the comments on this site.

    • Is Allison Mack one of the NXIVM elite? Yes.

      Was Allison Mack recruited to be the public face ( the Tom Cruise) of NXIVM? Yes.

      Did Allison Mack’s behavior in branding and torturing “slaves” break open the NXIVM scandal? Yes.

      Is Allison Mack now under Federal indictment? Yes.

      Is there now the allegation that Allison Mack was grooming an 8 year old girl to service Raniere? Yes.

    • Look you can be a bit of a doooosh yourself. However you are correct about Shadow perv. The creepy 60 year old is obsessed with a 35 yr old B lister. He probably jacks off nightly to Smallville reruns. If he would only realize that Mack used to rim Raniere’s hairy rectum, he might save his callused hand.

      • Your words, not mine
        “Mack used to rim Raniere’s hairy rectum”

        With that one crude and vulgar comment, far cruder and more vulgar than anything I wrote about Allison Mack, you have made the case to the US Justice Department that they will never reach a plea deal with Allison Mack.
        As I have said for some time the US DOJ should focus on cutting plea deals with other NXIVM members like Nancy Salzman.

        The main reason you object to my comments is that they go against your #MeToo narrative where only men are guilty of perverted activities.
        Without the enabling acts of the perverted NXIVM women Raniere’s reign of madness would have ended long ago.
        You would prefer to believe that only fat old white men like Harvey Weinstein are perverts.

        Cultural Marxists like you have failed to recognize that no group has a monopoly on vice and virtue.

        (FYI #1 After seeing the videos of Allison Mack’s interactions with Raniere it would come as no surprise that she has serviced his rectum.)

        (FYI #2 If I have a callused hand it is from all of the comments I have posted over the years on Breitbart.)

        • (FYI #1 After seeing the videos of Allison Mack’s interactions with Raniere it would come as no surprise that she has serviced his rectum.)

          You are a disgusting creature. Your sexual perversions rival those of some of your leftist cuckolds that post here.

          • Flower Power talked about Mack “servicing Raniere’s rectum.”
            Those were her original words, not mine.

            Back in high school we called it “brown nosing” or “ass kissing.”

            I’m not sorry that your genteel feelings have been offended by common slang.
            You’re one of these people who demand free speech for yourself but deny it to others.

        • Cute, Shadow state.
          You imply that I’m the same person as “Flower power” ….which I am not.
          I can see what you’re doing, but keep it up. You’re only digging a bigger hole for yourself.
          Doesn’t bother me at all. There is no chance of any criminal charges being brought against me, however I can’t say the same for the people who harassed me. So if you want to play this game,.go ahead.
          I have no worries.

    • You instigated most of it, much like the Mooshmooshmoosh or whatever annoying account.

      Frank should disable comments, and encourage people with useful info to contact him via email, text or call. IMO.

      • WTF are you talking about? I didn’t instigate Scott and shadowstate54. I don’t think I’ve ever responded to either of them. I only made mention of the notion that it seems it is mostly they who are commenting on this site now and mainly about two subjects with respect to NXIVM. I’ve been posting since 2015 before they even existed here under a different alias and took upon this mantle when the worst of VanDouche’s behavior began to be revealed.

      • with that one phrase – ‘Darth Van Douche’, coined a long time before you appeared, yer man has done more to bring Raniere down to size than you will ever manage with your endless half-wit moribund prolixity.

      • Why do you want comments disabled?

        Do you hate free speech?
        Are you offended by some of the things I write?
        Are you the Gatekeeper of what is proper and improper speech?

        Do my comments on the NXIVM women who enabled Raniere, particularly Allison Mack, offend you?
        FYI some of those women like Pam Caffritz are now dead and beyond human justice.
        Other NXIVM women have yet to be indicted.
        So far Allison Mack is the only indicted NXIVM woman.

        Most of of the comments I post deal in some way with NXIVM and its adherents.
        Are my comments too critical for your tastes?
        Are you upset that I single out Allison Mack for her alleged perverted behavior with an 8 year old girl?

    • Darth, I long ago stopped reading the comments from Scott Tex and Shadowstate.

      I do not read the comments of the rhyming Nexians (?), Pea Onyu and Monte Blu.

      There is still plenty of pertinent and fascinating data on this blog, one just has to work harder to find it.

      The one thought I have been having lately, and I am certain not to have been the first to have said thought, is let’s say for arguments sake that the Bronfman girls “invested” in excess of $100 million with the cross eyed dwarf. Imagine how much good that money could have done if donated to legitimate scientists or charities.

      It is something Clare (and possibly Sara) might have plenty of time to ponder during their incarceration. The good news is that one or both will probably be given the opportunity to earn a GED while imprisoned.

      Hundreds of millions of dollars equal the world’s two most expensive scarves, a night with the Dalai Lama, and a likely worthless documentary about Tourette’s Syndrome.

      Maybe law enforcement in Albany, having allowed a nefarious criminal enterprise to flourish for decades, can crack the case of who is trying to steal Nancy Salzman’s parking sign.

      • I find your posts humorous and worth the read.

        NXIVM purports to make people better critical thinkers, but what I’ve witnessed is that it makes them dumber and more irrational as witnessed in the recently story linked her about the sibling who expressed their frustration with her brother’s involvement in the cult.

        A sociopath’s charm is just superficial. They are habitual line steppers and eventually succumb to their own moral imbecility and reveal themselves even if it takes a long time. It’s these rich flying monkeys who’ve allowed him to persist for as long as he has. Otherwise, NXIVM would’ve gone extinct like VanDouche’s past business ventures CB and his vitamin shop or whatever it was long back.

  • For example on what all leaderless DOS slaves doing now or how the NXIters doing.

  • Okay. I finally admit that the entire Ben Szemkus and Stormy Daniels story was pure fiction. I just wanted to drive more traffic and followers to my website.

    My like really sucks ever since I was sued by Amway and lost. I had to settle because I was guilty.

    Now I just go on rants about random things, because I don’t have a life. I also probably need to visit a doctor to get some meds like lithium, abilify, and latuda.

    I am also accepting donations. Please contact me via Twitter, so I can collect some of your money.

    Your bestie
    Scott ‘Tex’ Johnson

    • Better, but where is the Texas flag? LOL

      I’ve never claimed Ben’s story is true. In fact, when I first spoke with Frank about Ben’s story, I said Ben’s story should be aired to see it could be confirmed or shown to be false, and Frank obviously agreed. LOL

      My life is great, I get to expose complete idiots like YOU. LOL

      Read the settlement on my website, I kicked Amway’s tail: https://stoptheamwaytoolscam.wordpress.com/about/

      My posts only appear to be random rants to idiots. That would be YOU. LOL

      The only “drug” I need is laughter, and I’m getting plenty of it from you. LOL

      Why would I need money, I’m getting all of that unemployment money, remember? LOL

      However, if you want to send me money, Twitter doesn’t work. Instead, go to PayPal and send it to my email address: StopTheAmwayToolScam@yahoo.com LOL

  • I understand they can’t find anybody who is willing to fuminate the properties, all of the locals know the risks of doing that. Perhaps they can hire the nearby Navy nuclear guys who know how to work safely in highly contaminated environments.

  • This is the real Scott Johnson.

    I’m finally ready to admit it. The entire Stormy Daniels Ben Szemkus story was a scam to bring followers and traffic to my website. I knew it was fake, I just wanted more attention and to feel like I matter.

    That is the truth. Just like the Amway case I lost and had to settle.


    • Thanks, forgot about that one – A great book! just started J.Dos Pasos – USA, read it as a girl, made a huge impression.

  • Nothing’s sadder than a ghost town.

    Without the Vanguard who will enlighten the Slave Women of DOS?
    Who will lecture the women of JNESS about ethics and “authenticity”?
    Who will explain to the ladies of NXIVM that they are reincarnated Nazis?
    Who will entertain the women of DOS by tickling the ivories of the 90,000 dollar Steinway?
    Who will impart Vanguard’s infinite wisdom to the women of NXIVM while playing all night volleyball games?
    Who will crack the whip on the NXIVM women to insure they adhere to their 500 calorie per day diet?
    Who will mentor to the 8 year old girls of the neighborhood in their Olympian quests?
    Who will spend Clare Bronfman’s money?
    Who will watch all of the salacious videos so industriously collected by Slave Allison?

    As for the FBI they have probably vacuumed the properties of all relevant computers and documents.

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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