Raniere photographed in Monterrey – with Mariana and baby

Mariana and Keith Alan Raniere in Mexico in late 2017.

As of Sunday, December 17, 2017, Keith Raniere is alive and well and living with one of his longtime girlfriends, Mariana Fernandez, and their infant son, in San Pedro Garza Garcia, an affluent suburb of Monterrey.

Mr. Raniere was photographed walking with Ms. Fernandez and is pushing a stroller with a baby inside.

Mr. Raniere is believed to have left his home in suburban Albany, New York, out of concern for a law enforcement investigation into his activities. Numerous sources with direct knowledge say the investigation is ‘active’ and asked that the agency/agencies investigating Mr. Raniere remain confidential for now.

An indictment is possible within the next 90 days, says one source familiar with the investigation.

Mr. Raniere, with Mariana and child, is walking in the subdivision of Lo Jolla in San Pedro Garza Garcia, where he currently resides.

Mr. Raniere and his NXIVM organization have come under unprecedented media scrutiny since an October 17th story in the New York Times revealed what Frank Report readers have known since June 4, 2017: that women in Raniere’s cult are branded with his initials and required to give nude photographs and other damaging material as ‘collateral’ to ensure their obedience and their silence about the secretive practices of Mr. Raniere’s master-slave group called DOS.

The brand burnt on the pubic area of female slaves of Mr. Raniere. It was originally said to be a Latin symbol.
Turned sideways, however, the brand forms the letters ‘K-R,’ which is said to stand for the initials of Keith Raniere.


One of his DOS branded slaves, Carola Garza, lives in this gated community, and reportedly arranged for him to reside here.

Also in Monterrey is his chief financial supporter, Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, who, reportedly, may also be under criminal investigation. Like Mr. Raniere, she also left her home in suburban Albany.

From the picture, it appears that Mr. Raniere hair is frizzy and appears not to have been cut in weeks. He appears to be somewhat pudgy and evidently not on the restricted 500-per-day calorie diet he requires of his DOS slaves.

The name of the baby has been kept secret from outsiders, but one source claims the baby was given a name that combines Keith Raniere and Mariana’s names and said it is Kemaraniere or Kemar for short.

Mr. Raniere ran afoul of the homeowner’s group in Lo Jolla when he first arrived about a month ago because of his habit of taking late night walks with various married and single women. It evidently was disconcerting to the residents of this quiet and secure neighborhood to see the alleged leader of a dangerous sex cult walking at all hours of the night with different women.

It is also known that Mr. Raniere numbers among his followers, Emiliano Salinas, whose father is former Mexican President Carlos Salinas, who is deeply feared and widely hated in Mexico.

From Monterrey, Mr. Raniere has issued a statement that he has nothing to do with the DOS slave group that brands women with his initials. He claims the women – who he says formed their own “sorority” – are ‘thriving, healthy, happy, and better off,” and that they are ‘proud’ of what they have accomplished.

In the picture, Mr. Raniere does not look like he is thriving, healthy, happy, or better off. Some who have seen the photo commented that he looks like a defeated man.

It is uncertain why he is pushing the baby stroller. Whether it is out of paternal love, or merely to make a show in this circumspect community that he is a fond father and not a sinister cult figure is unclear.

He showed no similar solicitude for his first known child – born to Kristin Keeffe ca. 2007.

At that time, Mr. Raniere told followers that the child was a foundling whose father was unknown and whose mother died at childbirth. Later, he admitted the child was his son. The mother fled the cult with her son in early 2014 and is still in hiding. Raniere has reportedly initiated a lawsuit against Kristin but has not yet been able to find her to serve the papers.

Mr. Raniere announced the birth of his recently born son to followers at Vanguard Week 2017 in late August. The child was likely conceived on or around the day his longtime live-in girlfriend Pamela Cafritz died.  Reportedly, the NXIVM community was told Ms. Cafritz gave her dying blessings that Mr. Raniere and Ms. Fernandez should conceive a child together. This was used as an explanation of why Mr. Raniere was evidently copulating in the same house with Ms. Fernandez while Ms. Cafritz lay dying, a source told Frank Report.

For years, the NXIVM community was told that Ms. Cafritz and Ms. Fernandez were lesbian lovers and that Mr. Raniere lived with them like a brother and as their teacher.

Sources familiar with the present situation do not believe Mr. Raniere will return to Albany, unless he is  required to do so because of criminal charges. Some believe he may fight extradition or flee to an offshore haven.

His sudden departure from the USA came as a surprise to some. Mr. Raniere told the NXIVM community repeatedly that he would never leave Albany because many of his followers relocated to be near him.

As new media stories about the dark practices of the cult he founded appear almost daily, NXIVM members are hastily leaving the cult and moving on with their lives. He may have less than 100 followers worldwide.

His last stronghold is Mexico, where he has a number of branded slaves who are loyal to him, serving him above their own husbands and children.

Mr. Raniere has also been spotted dining at Taller Veganico in San Pedro Garza García. Frank Report hopes to publish a photo of him here shortly.

Vegan fare is served at Taller Veganico, Mr. Raniere’s favored restaurant.

This restaurant advertises: “Creemos que una alimentación basada en plantas es una de las principales herramientas para generar un bienestar global.”

[“We believe that a plant-based diet is one of the main tools to generate global well-being.”]


For those seeking to meet, interview, photograph or ask him about branding, look for Keith Raniere at:

In order to get into the community he lives in, one has to pass through a security gate. Strangers are not permitted to visit without permission of one of the residents.
Keith Raniere presently lives at San Clemente 612, La Jolla, San Pedro Garza Garcia, according to sources in Monterrey.



Pam Cafritz at V-Week 2016, a few months before she died of cancer.
An earlier photo of Keith Raniere walking with DOS branded slave Jimena Garza, the wife of Omar Boone.
The rented residence of Keith Raniere.  How long he will stay in Monterrey is not known.

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[…] was there the Frank Report found them a short time later, pushing around a baby carriage in the streets of San Pedro Garza Garcia, an affluent suburb of […]


[…] I published this photograph of Keith Raniere, his baby mamma, Mariana Fernandez and baby Kemar. I also identified his location – on Dec. 18, 2017. This was after I [and the NY Times] identified he was under investigation in the Eastern District of NY.On multiple occasions, Parlato published the exact location of Mr. Raniere’s whereabouts in Monterrey, Mexico, and even published multiple photos of him walking his child in the daytime.   […]


[…] was also the first to report that Raniere was in Monterrey – on Dec. 18, […]

Juan Alejandro Coronado Salas
Juan Alejandro Coronado Salas
5 years ago

Este tipo de lidercillos, seduce y manipula a gente de poder econòmico y polìtico ¿porquè?,porque se reconoce que sus malos hàbitos y fraudes algùn dìa tendran una reacciòn y repercutiràn toda su falsedad mostrada en la publicidad, difusiòn y reputaciòn que personajes de la high society le brindan, ellos siempre necesitan de estìmulos, de lo sensacional, de las modas de lo vegano, aquello que alimente su autoestima y los haga sentir superiores con rangos de elevaciòn, por eso eligen las montañas para vivir y la comida vegana como alimentaciòn y el yoga como espiritualidad, aunque no tengan idea de la filosofìa que despierta el vivir en las montañas, el veganismo o el yoga, la gente nice es presa facìl para cualquier materia que se denomina moda, porque sin ningùn contragolpe, encontraràs entre ellos gente boba, vacia y sin cultura, pero con amistades en los circulos de poder polìtico econòmico que maneja todo por consecuencia las persecuciones judiciales, por eso estos lidercillos se inclinan por èste tipo de gente sofisticada y sin cerebro para actuar.

5 years ago

I wonder where Alison Mack is right now and what must she be thinking about the current turns of events, especially after the 20/20 expose of her man and his cult. Even herself.

A picture Says 1000 Words
A picture Says 1000 Words
5 years ago
Reply to  ionwhitepoetry

This photo of Keith must be very hard for Allison to see. The other remaining harem too. Keith nesting with Marianna and their baby, living in luxury pushing a baby carriage in sunny Mexico. That’s everyone’s reality.

What is Marian Saying to Vanguard
What is Marian Saying to Vanguard
5 years ago

It looks like Mariana is saying “Keithy, it’s your turn to change those pampers”.

Keithy is looking at Marian thinking, WHAT…. I’m the Vanguard.

Marian say, “I know what your thinking Keithy, your the f***ing Vanguard and it’s below you to change a pamper’. “Well you F*** up the V thing with the DOS thing and now were in Mexico. “I’m getting shit from my parents because you kept my sister and mom locked up for 18 months, you made my brother film you having sex with me and my other sister and you had sex with my youngest sister before she was of age and they never stop with the lectures”. I hope baby V has a big pile for you”

“Why didn’t we go to Fiji”?

A delusioned expian
A delusioned expian
5 years ago

During the intensive “the ethicist”, we were shown the movie The Mission in which Jeremy Iron playing the priest walks courageously towards the spaniards who are shooting at him with riffles as an act of character and determination. This scene was emphasized as important because of the importance of the idea of dying for a principle. And here is Vanguard hidding in Mexico….! What a joke! Where is your will of steal Vanguard?“No one as a word stronger than mine” I heard you say many times! Where did that all go? For those who are still in the organization PLEASE for the love of God do NOT die for ANY principle! As this might be another of Vanguard’s trick to ask you to do something that can harm yourself or others! I know that you must not take this warning seriously, but when you get out of ESP everything comes together and you then suddenly realize the extend of the manipulation and dangerosity of Vanguard and his associate N. Salzman. So please step back a little and ask yourselves “what if the media are correct? What if I am wrong? What if harm and manipulation is being done? Remember that trying others’ perspective is THE way of becoming truly ethical!

5 years ago

He really either needs to shave or at least neaten up that beard.

5 years ago

Incompetance of Americain laws or arrangement with them.

Darth VanDouche - Chickenshit
Darth VanDouche - Chickenshit
5 years ago

Is this walk with the baby purposely set up to give this man a nice, fatherly vibe to his personality? Maybe Kristin Keeffe can inundate us how many times he showed care for, played with, and took her son that he fathered on stroller walks, instead of using him as a pawn in his Rainbow Cultural Gardens idiocy.

That's just cruel
That's just cruel
5 years ago

Kema-raniere Raniere ? He’s gonna get the crap beat out of him by the other kids in school.

But that’s probably what made Vanguard the “man” he is today. So it may have been purposeful….

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