Leaked video: Seven minutes of word salad ala Salzman in Monterrey

Seven minutes of the teachings of Vanguard [Keith Raniere] via the Prefect [Nancy Salzman].

In this clip from this never before broadcast Intensive, you will learn such terms as:

internal reaction

correspondence control

reverse causality

vested interest emotion

and other delicious word salad terms….


Simple common sense is given complicated and confusing terminology.

Here’s one: ‘I want the universe to be one way but I realize it is different. …. [called reverse causality].

The extent of the difference between what I want and what the world  is is ‘correspondence control.’

‘I can’t be happy if the world is different than the way i want it.’

My term for that is ‘immaturity.”

Nancy says to her class: ‘Each one of you has a story about your anger, your fear, your sadness.’

She speaks to the students as if they are children in need of her wisdom [which makes sense since they are confused enough to pay big dollars to take courses from this hypocrite.]

She assumes everyone is self deceptive and she has the answers. The reality is ESP is deceptive.

[And she is confused; Raniere told her that money is her ‘issue’ and took her paycheck away. She lives off the generosity, or lack thereof, of Clare Bronfman.

‘Every emotion has a structure’, Nancy says, then announces that  ‘coaches [i.e. free labor wearing yellow scarfs] just got ’10 new emotion modules.’

Nancy just wrote them.

Ten new emotion modules?

It is not clear if she invented 10 new emotions or 10 new names for old emotions or just a boatload of rehashed teachings to keep charging money for the same teachings in the endless curriculum known as ESP.

Nancy announces her 10 new modules as if she were Isaac Newton discovering the law of gravity.

The clip ends with Nancy sending the children to groups to discuss the teachings.

The tone of the teachings assumes the students are infantile. Her hasty assumption that everyone has a ‘story’ [as in self deceptive] may be Nancy’s ‘correspondence control’.

I disagree with those who say there is a lot of good in ESP teachings and only the deep layers of the onion are bad. This is rotten at every level. The idea that all knowledge must be sold for top dollar and kept secret with penalties for sharing wisdom is wrong.

Nothing is more needed for human happiness than knowledge. It should be shared freely.

Would you deprive your family of knowledge if they need it and sell it to them and punish them if they share it?  The whole world is either your family or it isn’t.

If you spent a lot of time and money in/on these classes you may want to face save and say there is a lot of good in it – only the deep layers are bad. But from what I see, ESP is mind control, it is bullying, it is distortion and is based on making students feel dis-empowered.

I hear talk from ex students who think they might revive ESP when and if Raniere goes to jail.

It shouldn’t be done. You don’t need Raniere. You don’t need a vanguard or a prefect. You are your own best teachers. When you learn that you graduated. The moment you reject all help you have graduated.

Note: Keith Raniere quote written in crayon on the wall.


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  • Milton Erickson, pioneer in covert hypnosis for legitimate psychotherapy with informed consent (which was appropriated by NLP) discovered that making confusing, self-contradictory, or even nonsensical statements could distract the critical thinking facilities.

    Used with informed consent, this distraction allowed him to make positive theraputic suggestions to the “subconscious.”

    Used unethically by a cult, this distraction allows nearly anything to be covertly implanted into the victim.

  • My hero in all of this is the fellow sitting near the wall on the right, next to a woman with long red hair. A few seconds into the clip it looks like he turns to the red haired woman and says “What a crock of shit. Lets get out of here…”

  • ROFL
    I listened to the first few minutes of this before I read Franks comments on it. I’m laughing because I was thinking exactly the same things as Frank had written…that Nancy sounds like she’s explaining how life is to a bunch of toddlers. If I had paid money to listen to her explain to adults that other people don’t change in relation to our emotions, I would be pretty pissed off.

    All those terms used are invented terms that they probably think makes their teachings sound intelligent and authentic.
    But they just make her sound dumb.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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