Dames Without Dimes: Among Keith’s Female Followers Poverty and Waste of Talent

My search began when I watched a video of SOP High Councilor Damon Brink saying: “For those of you that don’t know, our founder, Keith Raniere, has built more than 1,000 millionaires in his life.”
Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard.

In my last post, I named 23 Executive Success Program (ESP) men who have studied for years under Vanguard.  Only one seems to have had financial success thanks to Keith. Anyone who knows the other 22 men, knows they are struggling financially – despite spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on ESP courses and years of their lives studying executive success, as well as trying to recruit others, telling others how powerful the tools and the tech is.

Keith gives some women a different kind of teaching. If they are slender, young and attractive: he has sex with them which he describes as a trans-formative experience.

The financial stories of the women are similar to the men, perhaps worse, since many women eschewed husbands and family to wait for Keith’s promise of love and babies and being part of a world saving mission to become fulfilled.

This really may not be the best place to go to if one is looking for executive success.

Some well known female followers of Keith Raniere:

Crystal Rose Brooks: Not making much money. DOS slave. Works for ESP. Got promoted when many followers left Keith following revelations of branding.  Takes lots of classes. Has to work hard to pay off the classes. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

The students of ESP may grow older but one thing does not change: Most students are women, and few get ‘executive success’ as the rest of the world defines it.

Siobahn J Hotaling: Top level ESP. She does EMs. Has computer skills. Doesn’t own her own home. She is constantly scrambling to pay her bills. She sings and plays guitar at coffee shops for tip money. NOT A MILLIONAIRE  

Sahajo Haertel does a belly dance at V-Week. She works for Rainbow Cultural Garden as a German language nanny/teacher for $10 per hour.

Sahajo Haertel: Got married to ESPian Ken Kozak. Left her husband. Got branded. Has sex with Keith. Works for $10 per hour as a Rainbow nanny. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Ana Risoul: A proctor in Monterrey. She closed her successful business because ESP High Rank told her it was not ethical. Now she works for ESP making far less money. She lives off her father’s money and his business which her husband operates. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Kathy Russell: Has worked as a mid-level bookkeeper for ESP for about 16 years. About 60 years old. Keith told her she will become a great ballerina. No savings. Too old to be a ballerina. Broke. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Karen Abney: Working as a mid-level clerical at ESP offices. Been around for years. Can’t get a good job on the outside so she came back to work for low wages at ESP after leaving for awhile. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Daniela Padilla Bergeron: Another woman who gave up the best years of her life to learn from Keith – and wound up in Keith’s bedroom. Maybe her branding will get her to millionaire status. Too old to be invited to Keith’s bedroom any more. For now, she hustles doing EMs for troubled ESPians. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Esther L Chiappone: 16 years of ESP. A High Rank, a Green, she has given her life to ESP. She is one of the top trainers. Keith persuaded her to move from Alaska to Clifton Park. Keith told her they were going to be in a monogamous relationship. She got to Clifton Park and found he had a harem and wasn’t going to give that up. Nancy Salzman EM’d her to go along with his polygamy. Keith stopped having sex with her when she got too old [40 is old in Raniereland]. She wound up with another non-millionaire, Jim Del Negro.  She has no wealth. Makes about as much as a high school teacher [under $100,000] Two of her children left ESP severely disillusioned with Keith. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Nicki Clyne with Allison Mack. Both were successful TV actresses when they met Keith Raniere. Both women’s careers as TV actresses are seemingly finished.

Nicki Clyne: After a decade with Keith, she’s making $15 per hour at Knife Media. Said to have recently married Allison Mack to stay in the US [She is Canadian]. She was on her way to becoming a millionaire, and a big TV star, before she met Keith. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Monica Duran Fernandez. Full time ESPian hanging around Clifton Park working for the company store. Remember the old song ’16 Tons?’:

Here’s my modified lyrics:

You take an intensive, what do you get;
16 days older and deeper in debt;
Vanguard don’t you brand  me ’cause I can’t go;
I owe my soul to the company store

Monica used to have sex with Keith, but is now likely too old. She is past 40. A DOS branded slave. Broke like almost everyone else in Clifton Park who did not inherit money. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Mariana Fernandez had a baby boy this summer. The child is said to be Keith’s son.

Marianna Fernandez Aguilar: If a baby is priceless, she’s worth millions. Other than having what appears to be Keith’s child, she has no skills and no money – except what Keith might launder in her name. Keith stays off the grid, so government cannot charge him with financial crimes. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Dawn Morrison: She’s been around Keith since she was in her 20s. She was a radio advertising representative. Keith saw her potential; told her to quit her job, leave her boyfriend and he would mentor her in a new kind of super sales technique he invented. She joined his harem and started a personalized car cleaning business with Keith’s initials – KAR-ma [Keith Allan Raniere]. Business never took off. She is alone, no money, no love life, no children. Too old for Keith. She is a spinster and 20 years later, she cleans cars. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Ivy Nevares performed at V-Week in 2016. She chose not to attend V-Week 2017. Sources say she was shocked to learn after 15 years of being promised to have Keith’s firstborn child that Mariana Fernandez had his child – and it was not his firstborn either.

Ivy Nevares: She was not invited to join DOS. Keith’s slave for 15 years. A good writer, an intellectual, an expert in dance. He lied to her about marrying her and having a baby. She is 40 and works for Knife Media for $15 per hour. Lives in a small townhouse in Clifton Park, alone, no children, no boyfriend. Spends her time with other aging harem women who hated her when they were all young and in competition for Keith. Now they are too old for Keith who pursues 20 something year old women. Ivy was having a great deal of difficulty adapting to the idea that Keith was never going to marry her. It was said she was on suicide watch recently. Ivy has no pension, no savings, nothing to fall back on. Likely to end her days in penury as some little old lady, scraping nickels together, maybe in Clifton Park or back in Mexico where she long ago abandoned her friends and family. NOT A MILLIONAIRE


When they appear in public, which is not often, Nancy sits besides Keith since she is the Prefect to his Vanguard.

Nancy Salzman: She is also known as Prefect. The head teacher for people who want executive successes. She owns Executive Success Programs Inc. on paper. But Keith owns the teachings and is the real owner of ESP. Nancy might someday have to accept legal responsibility for financial crimes if law enforcement finally decides to prosecute the many illegal activities connected to ESP and the myriad of other Raniere-controlled companies in various student’s names. Nancy cannot sell ESP, however, since Keith owns the entire course material.

As proof that Nancy really is not in control: As those on the inside know, Keith allowed Nancy to live well for the first decade of ESP as it was being built up. In 2009, Keith demoted her and took away her control of any ESP revenue. She does not own her house. She has no savings. [although some say she hid $2  million in laundered cash in her basement.] She does not get a salary. [She used to get $80,000, plus $40,000 for clothing allowance annually]. Keith told her “money is her issue”.  Now Nancy is dependent on Clare Bronfman for monthly expenses, as per Keith’s orders.

If, after 20 years in Executive Success, Nancy Salzman still has an ‘issue’ with money, what chance does a student have to make it financially? Their top teacher does not have executive success and has issues with money at age 63. NOT A MILLIONAIRE


Karen Unterreiner [l] knows which companies are in Jim Del Negro’s [r] name even if Jim doesn’t know.
Karen A. Unterreiner has been with Keith the longest of any woman. She is an expert with numbers, an actuarial, and is the de facto CFO of Keith’s secretive money enterprises. While some have a tough time keeping two sets of books, Karen is said to be able to keep up to eight sets of books and remember in her head the differences on each one. Other ESPians see her as a sweet and innocent, almost childlike person. She was good at acting childlike in order to normalize Keith having sex with teenage girls to those girls when she was living with Keith when they were in their late 20s.  She is brilliant as a problem solver. According to eye witnesses, she organized the team of women and teens who helped Keith cheat on his take home IQ test. The IQ test he used to prove he is the smartest man in the world was a take-home test which he had kept at home for a month and had plenty of help on. He has used that IQ test as proof of his credentials as a teacher for ESP.  Karen gets a paycheck, but has no accumulated wealth. She probably knows where Keith has most of his money hidden. The money is under Keith’s control, although she may have some of his money in offshore accounts in her name. NOT A MILLIONAIRE


Lauren drives an expensive car and lives in a condo by herself, but she has not achieved millionaire status, despite being the top trainer of executive success in ESP.

Lauren R. Salzman is the top ESP head trainer and an EM Practitioner. She is in charge of the stripe path. She is one the few who makes more than $100,000 per year in ESP. The leader of the trainers of ESP, she is NOT a millionaire. However, with the mass exodus of ESPians and with the branding and blackmail of women in DOS becoming widely known, new recruits are likely to be hard to get and recurring trainings will have less of the old standby, ‘endless students’ available. After 20 years in ESP, the top trainer in executive success is likely to take a drop in income. To add insult to injury, Keith promised her she would have his firstborn child. Now it seems she won’t have a child from Keith at all. Lives alone with her pets. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Loreta ‘Lola’ Garza Davila: On paper, this DOS slave is the owner of an early childhood experimental linguistics program called Rainbow Cultural Garden. Lola may be a millionaire on paper because Keith can’t have anything in his name to avoid being charged with financial crimes.  But Keith owns Rainbow – and its programs are based in his teachings. She recently bought a $600,000 house in Clifton Park. She was part of Keith’s harem and was poor before. She has aged out but became prosperous – on paper at least. She lives alone, no boyfriend, husband, children, etc. in a pretty nice home. Much nicer than most of the other DOS slaves.

She may however be the second Keith-built millionaire. [Edgar Boone is the other].

Now we have 998 millionaires to go.

Michelle D Salzman: The youngest daughter of Prefect and sister to High Rank Lauren. Twenty years of taking executive success courses and she makes about $50,000 per year working for the company. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

[Name redacted]. Years in executive success has left [Name redacted]without a good income. savings, or assets. She works for about $20 per hour. Her life consists of taking intensives then working the costs off. Always broke, never ahead. In Raniere’s world, she is ancient [over 60] In the real world, if her mind were deprogrammed, she could be considered attractive with energy and talent to offer. She now has nothing to do but take classes and work on her issues, while making low wages for ESP. Her lack of confidence, she told others, forbids her serious consideration of leaving ESP and getting a job outside of ESP. This shows how ineffective the courses can be. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Wendy Rosen-Brooks. Same as the one above. Just getting older and scrambling for money. The shadows are deepening for executive success for this otherwise nice woman and neither her, nor her daughter [Crystal] are millionaires, nor likely to ever become one, absent leaving ESP. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Vera Autrey Da Costa. Her family was once fabulously wealthy. They lost most of their wealth and have grown poorer and poorer. All they have left is the remnants of what was once one of the great private art collections in Mexico. Each year, they sell off about $2 million in art treasures so they can support their lifestyle, including Vera’s living allowance. Consider, if Vera had any executive success talent, she would not have to live off the sale of her elderly parents’ dwindling artwork. She should be able to make millions herself, keep the priceless art and restore the family fortune. She bought a modest home in Clifton Park, and, as the years go by, she does little with her life other than take more trainings and work on volunteer committees for Keith. She placed at least one of her children in Rainbow Cultural Garden and the results were said to be horrifying. Someone should call child protective services on her to check on the child and other children to see if they can speak properly at all in any language. Vera may be a millionaire from her parents dwindling wealth, but she is NOT A KEITH BUILT MILLIONAIRE.

Jimena Garza Davila: She made Green Sash this year for recruiting six Mexican women to brand their pubic areas with Keith Raniere’s initials in June. She is branded herself. She and husband Omar Boone own the Monterrey ESP Center.  One could argue the center is worth millions and that makes her a millionaire. But Keith owns the teachings. She and Omar could not sell anything without his approval. No one yet who ever owned a center sold it. Seattle, Los Angeles and Vancouver closed when the owners discovered troubling things about Keith Raniere. Every center owner who closed a center was broke when they left. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Melissa Rodriguez [second from left] is a branded DOS slave. It is not clear how she or the other women of DOS think they have a pathway to financial success through the teachings of Keith Raniere.
Melissa Rodriguez Mendoza: Works at a servant level. A DOS slave. Despite years of study in ESP and having sex with Keith, she runs errands for Clare, helps at Knife and spends hours in volunteer committees. She is alone. No children, no husband, No money. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Rosa Laura Junco stands to inherit millions, but it may wind up in the hands of Keith Raniere as per an agreement Rosa Laura is said to have signed in return for secret teachings from Mr Raniere on executive success.

Rosa Laura Junco de la Vega: Her father, Alejandro Junco, made hundreds of millions [billion?] in the internet and print media business in Mexico. She lives in a 10,000 square foot mansion in Clifton Park on her father’s allowance. Rosa Laura left the meaningful world of her father – where, with his media empire, she might have been able to do a great amount of good in Mexico. Instead she chose to follow a man she believes is a savior, Keith Raniere.  Keith persuaded her to donate/invest her money in the Knife Media – which she owns on paper.

Like the language teachers of Rainbow, most of the news analysts at the Knife are not qualified for their position. Most earn near minimum wage. The Knife has been used as a recruitment tool for ESP, according to numerous people who attended Knife classes and contacted me.

Rosa Laura got branded on her pubic region with Keith Raniere’s initials and has brought other women into the DOS group of slaves who were branded. Rosa Laura is said by ESP sources to have given graphic nude pictures of herself, confessed to crimes she did not commit, and signed a notarized agreement to forfeit her inheritance to Keith Raniere or his designee if she breaks certain conditions. This was all done as part of a “Vow” in exchange for her receiving certain secret teachings from Keith Raniere, Rosa Laura vowed to obey him for her life above all others.

Keith did not build Rosa Laura into a millionaire. Her father had millions before she met Keith. But Keith might have built himself into vast wealth [much more than the Bronfman wealth he now controls]. Keith may wind up with much of Rosa Laura’s father’s money someday. With Rosa Laura’s alleged false confessions, some of which would almost certainly include false confessions of crimes her father committed, Keith may find a way to get the entire Junco fortune under his control. He may need that money to fend off extradition in Fiji. If all this sounds fantastic, consider, Keith got his hands on $200 million of the Bronfman fortune and it disappeared and the Bronfman’s are still with him as ardent devotees of his teachings. A MILLIONAIRE BUT NOT KEITH BUILT

Diane L Goodman: Wife of Sean Craney. Works for the company. Despite spending full time learning, paying for and working to pay off the teachings of executive success, she and her husband struggle to get by on low wage ESP related jobs. But there is always the promise that when a student cures their inner deficiencies, they will catapult to success. For now Diane is…NOT A MILLIONAIRE

Diana H. Lim: She is said to have done a million dollar acting job persuading her ex-boyfriend, Lucas Robert,s that she really wanted to get back with him after ducking him for two years.  She is a DOS slave and sources in ESP said she was likely ordered to take Lucas back when all of the Vancouver ESP men were leaving Keith over DOS. She has no money. Struggling. Her family is involved in executive success also but none have become Keith built millionaires. NOT A MILLIONAIRE

  Diana Lim is a DOS slave. Did she lure her old boyfriend back to ESP on Keith’s command? If she did, will that help her become more successful in an executive sense?

Allison Mack: She started off a millionaire. After 11 years with Keith, she is broke. Her story has been told on other posts.  Since Keith built her into a pauper, she is a REVERSE BUILT KEITH MILLIONAIRE

  Allison is now a singer for Keith. Her acting career may be at an end.

India Oxenberg: This 27-year-old beauty spent more than $100,000 on trainings and expenses to live in Clifton Park. Started having sex with Keith. Got branded. Now she is in substantial debt to ESP for trainings. Much like Dawn Morrison did 20 years earlier, India started a business based on one of Keith’s ideas. Her business, Delegates, is a personal errand service for ESP students coming to Clifton Park to take ESP courses. She is making almost no money and ruined her credit. She cannot pay her bills. Chances are in 20 years she will be running errands and broke, too old to pursue the acting and modeling career that seemed to be within her power to obtain just a few years ago when she lived in Los Angeles. NOT A MILLIONAIRE.


Vany Huber with her dog.

Vany Huber: She may have gotten a million or more from her wealthy ex-husband Mauricio Nasta, but she did not earn it from Keith-building, unless of course one gives Keith credit for breaking up her marriage. She lives in Clifton Park in an expensive home – alone. MAY BE A MILLIONAIRE, BUT NOT KEITH-BUILT.


Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O earns money as a physician but spends most of her time taking ESP classes and volunteering to coach and then working off her course payments. She is in jeopardy of losing her license. Dr. Roberts branded DOS slaves on their pubic area. She may also wind up in criminal jeopardy since reportedly some women were forcibly held against their will when Dr. Roberts branded them. Dr. Roberts refused to stop the painful procedure. If criminal complaints are lodged against her, Dr. Roberts’ arrest might come sooner than anyone else. NOT A MILLIONAIRE.

There are other women in the Raniere-circle, quite a few of them young DOS slaves, but I think readers get the picture:

Keith did NOT build 1,000 millionaires. He has a few millionaires: Clare Bronfman, Sara Bronfman, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt, Rosa Laura Junco and others. These were not Keith built. They inherited their money from their fathers.

At best, it seems Keith built two or three millionaires out of all those who are closest to him in his executive success programs over 20 years. There is also a list of people he took more than a million from or presided over their losing it.

People such as Michael Sutton, Barbara Bouchey and Allison Mack.

There seems to be a much larger list of people whose lives he basically hijacked. A sort of Rip Van Winkle effect occurs in Clifton Park, where people come in bright-eyed and eager and get caught up in the life and the teachings of ESP and never leave, never get what they originally came for. Then, 20 years later, they are still following the same man, having worked for free for him and paid him much of their earnings, still working on their issues, trying to heal their ethical breaches, and just as poor as ever.

Maybe that’s the plan.

The 1,000 millionaires story is fraud.

But Keith is a creative liar. Maybe he has a fictional way of parsing the words “Keith built millionaires”.

There is a story told – probably apocryphal – that Keith Raniere desired a penniless female he was mentoring to borrow money and to tell the lender she was a millionaire.

When the woman asked Keith how she could ethically say she was a millionaire when she had zero net worth, Keith asked her: Would you sell me your nose for two million dollars?


Keith said, Could I pay you two million and remove your nose?

No, of course not, the woman said.

Then you can put on the application that you have assets worth more than 2 million dollars.

And, the story goes, a Keith-built millionaire was born.

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