Allison Mack to confess: “I take full blame for DOS. Keith knew nothing about it!”

Sources have told Frank Report that Allison Mack is expected to make an announcement “confessing” she is solely responsible for the creation of DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] and its practices.

Her confession is expected to claim that her “mentor”, Keith Raniere, knew nothing about the secretive women’s group.

Miss Mack is supposedly going to make her announcement at Apropos, a private clubhouse in Clifton Park that is used exclusively by Mr. Raniere and his followers, in the next few days.

Many of Mr. Raniere’s followers left his organization after DOS practices became public on Frank Report on June 4th.

Many who left said they were particularly disturbed about two of DOS’ practices:

  1. The requirement that members provide potential, future blackmail material against themselves to insure their silence about DOS. The material, termed “collateral”, consists of graphic nude pictures and videos, taped confessions of embarrassing or illegal deeds, and the assignment of assets by the women to the DOS leadership.
  2. The use of a hot iron cauterizing pen to brand women with Mr. Raniere’s initials “K-R”, scarred onto their pubic region, one inch from their vaginas. Some women have both  Mack and Raniere’s initials, making the pubic scarring read “K-R-A-M.”

The Vancouver, Los Angeles and San Francisco centers of Mr. Raniere’s Executive Success Programs [ESP] have closed as a result of the fallout from DOS.  Mexican centers have also been rocked by DOS disclosures – and many students throughout Mexico are distancing themselves from Mr. Raniere’s organizations.  And a scheduled intensive class in Australia was canceled when more than 50 people dropped out.

In Clifton Park, where Mr. Raniere lives and has his headquarters, many students have expressed concern about DOS’ practices. Senior coaches reportedly told students that DOS is a fabrication of Frank Report.

A number of high-ranking coaches are expected to be present at Apropos when Miss Mack takes the stage. Her confession will be videotaped and distributed to ESP centers in Mexico and elsewhere.

She is expected to confess that:

  1. She is solely responsible for DOS and its practices.
  2. Mr. Raniere was unaware of DOS until it became public.
  3. Miss Mack and some women of DOS kept the practices secret from Mr. Raniere.
  4. Miss Mack and other members devised and created the group without consulting with Mr. Raniere.
  5. Mr. Raniere does not approve of DOS’ practices — and DOS has nothing to do with his teaching organizations, ESP, J’ness, or the Society of Protectors.
  6. Students can rest assured that Mr. Raniere would never expect them or their wives to be branded or provide material that could be used to blackmail them.
  7.  Mr. Raniere does not condone branding or collecting material to coerce students’ silence.

Miss Mack  is expected to announce her mistake caused Mr. Raniere and the organization grave harm and that people who left because of her are the real victims since they will lose the opportunity to learn from Mr. Raniere. Her mistake has caused her great emotional torment and she will begin a significant “penance”.

Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Karen Unterreiner, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt and other top coaches in ESP are expected to be present at Miss Mack’s confession. They will make a personal appeal to students to accept Miss Mack’s confession as truthful, to forgive her transgression, and to understand Mr. Raniere knew nothing about DOS.

Miss Mack will give up all rights to the video of her confession. It will become the exclusive property of Executive Success Programs Inc., to use as the Executive Board deems proper.

Initially, Miss Mack was expected to make her confession at Vanguard Week at Silver Bay in Lake George, NY, during the 10-day birthday celebration held for Mr. Raniere at the end of August. It was later decided her confession should be made sooner, since many who planned to attend Vanguard Week canceled plans to attend following news of DOS. More than 450 students were originally expected at this year’s celebration but sources now say attendance could be under 100.

Miss Mack, who gave up a starring role on the hit TV show Smallville to follow Mr. Raniere, is expected to be joined on stage during her confession by other members of DOS who are also expected to confess. All of the more than 50 known DOS women are students of Mr. Raniere.

It remains unclear when or if the collateral will be returned to the DOS women and who now has possession of it.

maxresdefault (1)
Allison Mack is expected to confess that she alone is responsible for DOS.
kr hands
Allison Mack is expected to state that Keith Raniere knew nothing about DOS.
Sources say Allison Mack will say that Nancy Salzman [r] as well as Keith Raniere [l] knew nothing about DOS.



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[…] Mack during a performance with Simply Human at V Week. On August 4, Frank Report wrote, “Allison Mack is expected to confess to followers of Keith Raniere that she was responsible for […]


[…] Mack during a performance with Simply Human at V Week. On August 4, Frank Report wrote, “Allison Mack is expected to confess to followers of Keith Raniere that she was responsible […]

Milton Hill
Milton Hill
5 years ago

Personally I believe that the admission may be a fabrication in exchange for personal information not bring disclosed about Miss. Mack. If any woman was subjected to branding as well as sexual encounters WITH Mr. Ranieri, it would nullify her taking “full responsibility” regarding cult practices as for Mr. Ranieri was a full participant.


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Joshua Belyeu
5 years ago

I noticed one error in this article – the claim that Allison walked away from “Smallville” to follow Keith Raniere. In reality, she remained on the show until its end in the spring of 2011, though she only appeared in about half the final season’s episodes.

Jaimes Palacio
6 years ago

Frank, Frank, Frank….Frankly, I see right through you. So easy to frame someone. So easy to throw out accusations and paper this “facts” that on closer examination make absolutely no sense. Let’s go through this Hercule Poirot style. 1.) You say you witnessed this because you were part of the organization. Yet, instead of gathering any photographic or other proof you …started a blog. A blog. 2.) You seem to have information that no one has, and yet you are not part of the organization anymore. WHY, for example, would Allison Mack tell you she is going to confess. That’s absurd. There would be no reason for her to share with her something she plans to do when YOU are the one accusing her. 3.) The main stories have broken out in the NY Post. Hmmm…NY Post owned by Rupert Murdoch. A Trumper. Trumpers lie. Are you a Trumper Frank? Perhaps the lady who has come out to show her “brand” is a Trumper. Allison Mack was a strong supporter of women and a feminist. In fact, not only did I meet her briefly once at a nearby Cafe but she asked a friend of mine to join. That friend was also a feminist fighting for women’s rights. Mack knew this and inviting such a strong person into the group would have been suicide IF everything you say was happening was happening. You know what I think. My “little grey cells” may not be as sharp as “that curious little Belgian” but I think that the one responsible for everything IS the leader of the organization. I think you are still working for him and you are trying to scapegoat Mack as the ringleader. (and now, apparently that Kristen Kruek is also a part of it) I hate people like you. Insects of the lowest kind. You have nothing. You have no proof so you invent lies and hope that no one notices nothing adds up. That it simply is not logical for Mack to make such a violent and schizophrenic character shift. What’s sad is there are a lot of Trumpers that will believe this garbage. When the authorities find out the truth, I hope they throw the book at you and your pal, Mr. Raniere. Now sod off and die scum queen.

6 years ago

why is there a crime, she ask women to be slave they said yes, she ask them to be branded again they said yes. there is no crime, it choice and they have that choice.

look there are million that play BDSM,

ps I get to sleep with mach, it might be worth being her slave, add in lana, and you can sign me up. even the banded is not much different then people that get names tattoo on them.


[…] trouble, Allison Mack was intended to take the blame for DOS, at least inside the Raniere-verse.…“[Allison Mack] is expected to confess [at V-Week] that She is solely responsible for DOS and its […]

6 years ago

This is kind of like that time when Allison played a role in the cult drama “The Following”. Apparantly the Vanguard himself wanted to keep it under the radar that Allison had been studying him in order to play this role, or that she mysteriously found herself drawn to a cult drama. This was the first time she was forced to make a public confession at, oh the irony, Apropos in Clifton Park. She publicly apologized for being involved in a show that portrayed a cult leader. Sounded like he wanted to keep her involvement buried, and even tried to figure out how to have the epsodes that she starred in or at least her role pulled. It was too late of course as she had already signed the contract and played the role. With the Big V’s psychopathy he likes to see how close he can be to getting caught to flirt with danger and then get away scott free. Maybe he’s taking a lesson out of “The Following’s” playbook??? Check out Season 3, episode 6.

“The FBI calls on Ryan Hardy, a former agent with physical and emotional scars, when Joe Carroll, a notorious serial killer he apprehended years earlier, escapes from death row. Carroll, an English professor and novelist fixated on Edgar Allan Poe, mutilated and killed 14 women before he was imprisoned. Hardy and the FBI learn that while be was incarcerated, Carroll spent his time gathering a collection of cultlike followers. The recruits prove themselves willing to commit murder, facilitate abductions, and even sacrifice themselves in order to help Carroll with his deadly objectives and achieve his ultimate goal”

6 years ago

Imagine this is true (that Raniere doesn’t know anything about it) and we all know it’s not, Mr. Raniere should have a BS session and answer how he authored this to happen.

6 years ago
Reply to  Hmm

V: “…so…that’s how I authored all this.”
Coach: “And do you feel the pain of your actions?”
V: silence
Coach: “No, really get in there and feel that. Really sit with it. I try it on and I feel like a total prick.”
V: silence
Coach: “And do you see how no amount of brainwashed women, with your initials hot ironed onto their privates, confessing to your dirty, seedy deeds can fill the massive void you clearly have inside you?”

Egg On My Face
Egg On My Face
6 years ago

Well don’t we all have egg on our faces now from this. Knowing that Keith had nothing to do with anything and it was all Allison Mack. I feel like a fool. Poor Keith. He’s been vilified for nothing.

But wait – the women that left have something to say about that and disagree quite substantially. And a few even have taped conversations with the V-man about DOS. Gotta be more careful Keith. Your sociopathic musings always crack me up. It’s like listening to a 5 year old talk about science and philosophy. Dare I say 5 year olds sound smarter.

You went full retard on this Allison Takes the Blame Idea Keith. Never go full retard.

6 years ago

Once again, Keith doing nothing in the leadership area he claims to rule. He’s an absolute parasite.

The "Blame Allison" defense
The "Blame Allison" defense
6 years ago

A past post, , noted that when Lauren Salzman tried to salvage the San Francisco ESP community from DOS-damage, she did NOT blame DOS leadership (Allison Mack) for taking the otherwise-OK organization DOS in a bad direction, or denounce DOS as a rogue element in the otherwise-OK organization JNESS, or distance JNESS from ESP.

It was speculated that these arguments were not made because they would have zero credibility with the audience. Raniere claims “conceptual founder” status for everything, and also sufficient super-intelligence that he would necessarily have been aware of everything going on in ESP, JNESS, and DOS. So reportedly no attempt was made at the time to distance Raniere and ESP from the reports of blackmail, slavery, and genital branding of DOS. Instead, the defense was to claim that JNESS and DOS were just giggly girly sororities and all sorority girls get branded on their genitals (hint: nope!)

Regardless of claimed super-intelligence, it is not remotely credible that Raniere would not have known about reported DOS blackmail, slavery, and genital branding long before it was published on Frank Report.

1. Allison Mack does not do anything, even take an acting job, without consulting her great mentor Keith Raniere and asking permission. She would have consulted with him before creating DOS, which reportedly requires women to have his initials branded on their genitals, and take “the Vow” of lifetime slavery to him.

2. Dr. Danielle Roberts, who reportedly administered the brandings, and is reportedly an intimate of Raniere, would have checked with Raniere that he knew and approved of the reported DOS brandings.

3. It is reported that Raniere attended some of the Vow and branding ceremonies.

4. The initial “hook” for DOS is reportedly to learn special higher teachings of Raniere. Unless these teachings were fabrications of DOS, Raniere would become aware of DOS through creating the teachings. (It’s easier to believe that creating DOS to receive the special teachings was his idea).

5. Raniere would have noticed that dozens of his favorite sex partners had his initials branded on their genitals. They also would have gladly told him of their vow of lifetime slavery to him.

Despite the impossibility of believing that Raniere did not know of DOS blackmail, slavery, and genital branding until it was reported on Frank Report (which he does not read, and neither should you, because it’s all lies!), and Lauren Salzman’s claims that there is nothing wrong with DOS, it is now expected that Allison Mack will take the blame, and profess Raniere’s innocence and disapproval of DOS.

If the defense strategy changes that much, the circumstances must have changed. One possibility is that the Raniere-verse membership has collapsed so badly under the “there’s nothing wrong with DOS” defense (because there’s obviously much wrong with DOS!) that the “blame Allison, Raniere had nothing to do with it” defense should be tried despite its lack of credibility.

The other possibility is that people like Dr. Roberts and Nancy Salzman have been flipped to testify against Raniere, so getting Allison to take the blame and proclaim Raniere’s ignorance is counter-testimony.

The prosecutors will likely tell Allison that they have evidence and testimony from others that Raniere knew what was going on, and things will go less badly for her if she doesn’t lie about Raniere’s knowledge. That will be her choice to make.

6 years ago

I have no doubt that Ms. Mack will get up on stage and lie to save Vanguard’s ass. She is, after all, an actress and this will be just another role for her to play. The real questions are (1) will she lie to the FBI, which is a crime all by itself?; and (2) will she lie, under oath, to a federal grand jury, which is also a crime? Lots of promises get broken when people are thrust into situations where lying will lead to jail time. Better put your big-girl pants on, Allsion, because you’re about to find out that all the world is not a stage.

6 years ago

He’s a fucking parasite, sucking off, and shielding himself by way, of the credibility of others. He’s a abuser and manipulator, and everything he insincerely preaches against with his pilfered teachings from already existing material, he is himself. He’s a hypocrite of epic proportions.

Dath Proctor
6 years ago

Credibility is one of the things that Vanguard harvests from everyone around him. He leverages the credibility of everyone around him to continue his very necessary lifestyle.

He will keep this going as long as he can. why not? Fiji is only a phone call to the jet service away.

Allison, Don’t do it. It’s extremely unlikely that you letting Keith wipe his ass with your credibility will bring the planet any closer to a star-trekkian future.

6 years ago

More cult of confession.

VanDouche is such a fucking liar. His slimy sex and ego club based on his fake personality and fake ethics has taken a massive hit due to his own fakeness, so of course, he’ll disclaim responsibility for any ramifications. This is par for his fake course. He’s a big headed ego charlatan chicken shit wrapped in a facade of fake humility who has people cover for him for his own failures.

But, of course, it’s “ethical” to lie to save the fake mission of nobility in ESP’s fake world.

All is well.

False Confesdion Stew
False Confesdion Stew
6 years ago


False Confession Stew
False Confession Stew
6 years ago


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