What does “DOS” actually mean?

“Society of Protectors” is the official Raniere-world name for the men’s equivalent of the Jness women’s society that metastasized into DOS.

Some Frank Report commenters have suggested that the SOP name is a cruel joke by Mr. Raniere on his followers –  and that it really means “Soci-O-Path.”  Another commenter noted that SOP means “Swinger-Open(marriage)-Polyamorous” in the “lifestyle community.”

Could there be a double meaning in DOS?

Some sources report it as simply “DS”, from the Latin “Dominus-Servus” or “Master-Slave.”  This seems consistent with the described practices of female slaves and female masters.

Other sources report that DOS stands for “Dominant Over Submissive.”  This has such an overtly sexual connotation that it might make recruiting a challenge!

Perhaps the organization is described as “Dominus-Servus” to new prospects – and only after they are committed by giving “collateral” do they learn that it is “Dominant Over Submissive.”

Mr. Raniere reportedly has a fascination with the character Lucifer (Satan) in Milton’s Paradise Lost. Lucifer is charismatic and persuasive and, of course, without conscience in how he treats all around him. Many would argue this is exactly what Mr. Raniere himself aspires to – or has already become.

In Book 2 of Paradise Lost, we learn that while Lucifer was still in Heaven, when he first envisioned overthrowing God, a beautiful daughter was born, fully formed, directly from his head.  Her beauty drew many of the other angels into Lucifer’s plot to overthrow God.

Could it be that DOS means “Daughters of Satan” ?

Four naked women hold the woman to be branded down.

The Witch or Devil’s mark was believed to be the permanent marking of the Devil on his initiates to seal their obedience and service to him. He created the mark by raking his claw across their flesh, or by making a blue or red brand using a hot iron.


Keith Raniere is fond of quoting from Paradise Lost.

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  • I think it’s true. DOS really is Keith playing Lucifer. The whole 666 recruitment numbers, the “mark of the devil”, having women call him or other women “Master”. Anyone who knows Keith well, knows he is thoroughly obsessed with Lucifer in Paradise Lost and during intermittent periods of time, talks about Lucifer and his pet nickname :”Luciferians” constantly.


    When I first read about the 666 recruitment numbers I immediately thought Whaaaa? 666 like the devil? Thank you Frank Report, this post is awesome! So accurate!

    Psychopaths like Keith always out themselves as psychopaths eventually. (Everyone Google: “How to identify a psychopath”.) Yet I never expected Keith to out himself so spectacularly. Happy Fourth of July! The fireworks display of Keith Raniere so totally blowing up his carefully cultivated persona in such a glorious “Yes I am a psychopath” fashion, it takes my breath away. I can’t wait to read more on this blog. Fascinating thread too.

  • From an article in Metroland Magazine in 2009, about Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne trying to start a NXIVM-related business in Troy NY.


    “My experience with Hollywood people and cults, they are really easy to grab,” said [cult educator Rick] Ross. “A lot easier than you would imagine. They are so vulnerable and emotionally needy. What kind of person wants to be an actor in the first place? They need to be loved, adored, and the center of attention. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.”

    Clyne and Mack declined to comment for this article.

  • Comment from a reader ;;The Branding is voluntary. I can’t see what the fuss is. Nobody forces these women into Branding. If smart attractive successful women like Kristin Kruek Allison Mack Nicki Clyne Grace Park are out there endorsing Keith Raniere it can’t be as bad as you say. Sororities and other societies that demand some sincerity require pledges of various kinds. Mature women ought to be able to make up their own minds. What is wrong with women volunteering to create a super effective and ultra female organization meant to improve society and change the way people think. And they found a way to keep this secret and private and no one is coerced. Do you really think Kristin Kruek or Allison Mack would be part of this is if was so sinister. Grace Park is a hero to women. She endorses Keith. I don’t know is the reason she left Hawaii Five O is Keith but she would know. We aren’t talking about fools here. I think this whole web site is an affront to women as if they are such gullible little dollies. Comment from J. j. Williams

      • You seem to be forgetting that Kristin Kruek Allison Mack Grace Park who are stars and business women are smart enough to be super successful but not smart enough to not be brain washed. Have you considered that you may be brainwashed by the propaganda written about Keith to make him sound evil ?

        • Nobody is making Keith “sound” evil. Keith is evil. A decade of first hand witness accounts of women coming forward describing the abuses they suffered, the fraud, the misogyny, and the disgusting sexual addiction of Keith Raniere is not “propaganda”. It’s called eyewitness accounts. There is no fanciful grande conspiracy against Keith Raniere. His conduct has been reported and the consequences of his conduct effect everyone in the NXIVM community. Plain and simple. I feel sorry for you Monte Blu. Like many of us were, you are deluded into denying what is staring you in the face. It’s sad, many of us have been where you are. Denying the obvious, making outlandish excuses for Keith, Nancy, Clare, Lauren, Karen. Denying your gut feelings. Desperately trying to make it all work in your head, even though it never does. Compartmentalizing. Believing in ridiculous conspiracy theories rather than connect the most obvious dots. It’s hard to be where you are. Especially if you have been in the NXIVM community for many years. Realizing, oh my god, what if this is all true? Your world would be turned upside down. The path of least resistance is not to question. Not to evaluate. To deny. To rationalize in the most irrational ways. Something to consider, if it is all true – every day you go along in denial you are complicit. Every day you intertwine your life more with Keith Raniere’s, moves you to a place of less and less options. One day you may wake up and realize – “Yes it was/is all true and I denied it”. When that day comes who knows what options you’ll have left? It’s important to consider the long term effects of your actions in the present. Where is this company going? Obviously DOS was going to come out because of the recruitment requirements. How are all these stories of women reporting there experience going to effect you? The NXIVM community? None of Keith Raniere’s businesses since starting Executive Success Programs have been profitable – other than to him? If Keith Raniere hasn’t created a single sustainable business before in his life, why do you think he’ll do so now? Or in the future? He is moving backwards not forwards and in so doing he moves the whole NXIVM community backwards with him. There is no future for you or anyone still stuck with these people unless you have unlimited inherited wealth.

        • There is no correlation between intelligence and susceptibility to psychological and emotional manipulation and thought reform practices. In other words, being smart in an IQ sense doesn’t preclude one from being predisposed to the machinations of thought reform practices. Nice try though.

    • Allison, Nicki, Grace, and Kristen are celebrities, but not for being intelligent or even having common sense. They have sufficient acting talent for lead roles in TV series, but otherwise they were just lucky in the sense of being born physically attractive, and being in the right place at the right time to get picked for a TV series that was lucky enough to be popular. None of that makes them resistent to being deluded.

      Actually, cult educator Rick Ross has noted that actors are particularly easy to delude. From an article in Metroland Magazine, http://www.culthelp.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5620&Itemid=99999999&limit=1&limitstart=1 :

      “My experience with Hollywood people and cults, they are really easy to grab,” said Ross. “A lot easier than you would imagine. They are so vulnerable and emotionally needy. What kind of person wants to be an actor in the first place? They need to be loved, adored, and the center of attention. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.”

      Clyne and Mack declined to comment for this article.

    • Kristen K no longer supports KR. She hasn’t in a long time. Neither doe Grace Park. FYI.
      May people who found out what was going on took a stand and stopped supporting. But they are afraid to go public because KR and Claire Beonfman like to sue people for anything they think they can.

      Also there IS coersion- includingto get the bands. I dunno if you are currently an ESP member but I have first hand knowledge. In order to even be TOLD about what he group is some woman you trust (Alison, Nicky, etc) will ask you for secrecy and to “ensure it” you gov them a naked photo of yourself and an incriminating video admitting something that if released could hurt your career or family. But what if you love a very honest lie and have nothing incriminating? They tell you to “make it up”. Many of my friends were coerced into doing this and they did things like say incriminating (false) things about their husbands or partners. If those things get released those poor men who didn’t even do the thing their ladies said in the video would have their lives RUINED. Because of course you would believe a gf or a wife of it was THEM saying it. Usually semthing sexual or perverted because THAT ruins men’s reputations the fastest. And that was just to HEAR ABOUT WHAT THE GROUP WAS! Then they were given the pitch “learn discipline! Learn to keep your word!” (Cuz KR does not believe women can do these things without his help).
      Then if you joined you had to give more of this perverted “collateral”.
      That’s called BLACKMAIL. It’s coersion. It’s morally wrong and it’s ILLEGAL.

      And the brand? You didn’t know you were getting it. You were just told to show up. Then you couldn’t leave or guess what? All your “collateral” would be released. You couldn’t get out. Until enough women said “this is wrong, I’m out” and now that people know what’s up they of course are not releasing the collateral because they know they would go to jail.

      So stop protecting them. And as you’re obviously an ESPian… as a former one… I’m telling you… RUN.

    • https://www.culteducation.com/group/907-nxivm/6076-the-stars-come-out-in-troy.html

      The Stars Come Out in Troy
      Metroland, New York/March 13, 2008
      By Chet Hardin

      Allison Mack of TV’s Smallville and Nicki Clyne of Battlestar Galactica were in Troy, scoping out the quaint downtown scene, visiting the shops and going out for dinner, and they popped in for a quick visit with the befuddled mayor…..

      Clyne and Mack’s apparent goal is to start a business….

      “What Raniere is obviously doing is gearing up for the college crowd,” said Rick Ross, a leading cult deprogrammer and controversial critic of NXIVM. “The demographic that has been the most lucrative, the most fruitful for cults is 18 to 26.”

      “My experience with Hollywood people and cults, they are really easy to grab,” said Ross. “A lot easier than you would imagine. They are so vulnerable and emotionally needy. What kind of person wants to be an actor in the first place? They need to be loved, adored, and the center of attention. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.”

      Clyne and Mack declined to comment for this article.

  • The “devil” – the sneaking whisperer – comes at you subtly and in the guise of good.

    These LGAT cults with their layers like an onion, “love-bombing”, mask of ethics, “boiling of the frog”, use of hypnosis and NLP to manipulate via thought reform, their psychological breaking down of a person to build them into their mold, etc., are manifestations of it.

    • Precisely. There is a lovely whisperer, an “angel.” Rosy cheeks, blonde hair. Under the guise of good and “enlightenment.” Couldn’t bear seeing someone else have what she wanted for herself, now could she? Well, if she can’t have it, then no one will!

      Where is the goddess now? In Lala Land, laughing from afar. Having created this farce, seeing this destruction, she is having a good day. Feigning ignorance is her specialty.

      Let Parlato handle your dirty work. But this destruction is on you, oh “enlightened” one.

        • Keith Raniere thinks he knows who the DOS leak is, and wants her to know it.

          Rosy cheeks and blonde hair are a physical description. “Angel” and “Lala land” are additional clues.

          “If she can’t have it, no one else will” means she is accused of wanting to destroy Raniere-world because she objected to Raniere having sex with anyone but her.

          “Speak of the devil” means the target is accused of being a Luciferian, the ultimate epithet in Raniere-world, a person with inverted values who wishes to destroy all positive things.

          It’s either Raniere himself, or someone in the inner circle mimicking the style of Raniere’s letters to Toni Natalie.

          Please refrain from giving Raniere-world any help confirming or denying possible identities.

          And anyone in a position to help any fleeing from Raniere-world, please do so, but quietly.

          • That’s a pretty darn good translation.

            For someone who claims to have one of the highest IQs in the world, he sure is stupid when it comes to the jealousy and ire of scorned women. One day he just might meet his very own Lorena Bobbitt.

      • Hi Keith,

        You must think people are REALLY stupid not to know this is you speaking here. Unless you are a freak picking up on the way Keith speaks and writes. Well anyway, I just wanted to say hi. Glad you’re reading about yourself and all your doings on Frank Report. Are you proud of your masterpiece? Of the lives you’ve ruined? I bet you are. YOU are causing the destruction. Not this “Rosy cheek, blonde haired” “angel” you speak to here. There is no-one to blame except for you and your minions that you’ve brainwashed so brilliantly. What? Did you have a 2 minute break from f*cking every woman on the block that you decided to come up for air and spew your BS lies? Good for you. I hope you had time to take a shower. Learn from your own teachings, take responsibility and stop this nonsense…thought I know you never will, because you are a coward.

        • “Are you proud of your masterpiece? Of the lives you’ve ruined? I bet you are.”

          That’s most likely why he does it:

          “This leads us to an important quesion: what does the psychopath REALLY get from their victims? It’s easy to see what they are after when they lie and manipulate for money or material goods or power. But in many instances, such as love relationships or faked friendships, it is not so easy to see what the psychopath is after. Without wandering too far afield into spiritual speculations – a problem Cleckley also faced – we can only say that it seems to be that the psychopath ENJOYS making others suffer. Just as normal humans enjoy seeing other people happy, or doing things that make other people smile, the psychopath enjoys the exact opposite. [Naked human branding requires painful suffering. Sleep deprivation, low-cal diets, spanking, etc., Keith’s pain module, all entail suffering]

          Anyone who has ever observed a cat playing with a mouse before killing and eating it has probably explained to themselves that the cat is just “entertained” by the antics of the mouse and is unable to conceive of the terror and pain being experienced by the mouse, and the cat, therefore, is innocent of any evil intent. The mouse dies, the cat is fed, and that is nature. Psychopaths don’t generally eat their victims.

          Yes, in extreme cases the entire cat and mouse dynamic is carried out and cannibalism has a long history wherein it was assumed that certain powers of the victim could be assimilated by eating some particular part of them. But in ordinary life, psychopaths and narcissists don’t go all the way, so to say. This causes us to look at the cat and mouse scenarios again with different eyes. Now we ask: is it too simplistic to think that the innocent cat is merely entertained by the mouse running about and frantically trying to escape? Is there something more to this dynamic than meets the eye? Is there something more than being “entertained” by the antics of the mouse trying to flee? After all, in terms of evolution, why would such behavior be hard-wired into the cat? Is the mouse tastier because of the chemicals of fear that flood his little body? Is a mouse frozen with terror more of a “gourmet” meal?

          This suggests that we ought to revisit our ideas about psychopaths with a slightly different perspective. One thing we do know is this: many people who experience interactions with psychopaths and narcissists report feeling “drained” and confused and often subsequently experience deteriorating health. [Two of Keith’s closest female companions died from cancer, and more of them have had cancer] Does this mean that part of the dynamic, part of the explanation for why psychopaths will pursue “love relationships” and “friendships” that ostensibly can result in no observable material gain, is because there is an actual energy consumption?

          We do not know the answer to this question. We observe, we theorize, we speculate and hypothesize. But in the end, only the individual victim can determine what they have lost in the dynamic – and it is often far more than material goods. In a certain sense, it seems that psychopaths are soul eaters or “Psychophagic.”

          Conscience seems to depend on the ability to imagine consequences. But most “consequences” relate to pain in some way, and psychopaths really don’t understand pain in the emotional sense. They understand frustration of not getting what they want, and to them, that is pain. But the fact seems to be that they act based solely on a sort of Game Theory evaluation of a situation: what will they get out of it, and what will it cost? And these “costs” have nothing to do with being humiliated, causing pain, sabotaging the future, or any of the other possibilities that normal people consider when making a choice. In short, it is almost impossible for normal people to even imagine the inner life of the psychopath.”

          Keith seems to be infatuated with pain and joy, seemingly invoking the latter on others, so he can obtain the latter for himself.

          • Well said, Aha. I didn’t know what “autophagic” meant so I googled it. Some lady a few entries down is copying you, said almost exactly what you said, did you know? I think she’s feeding off your “energy”, be careful out there. Kinda looks like she wrote a whole book off your idea, I would report her if I were you

          • Keithy boy sure is a smart one. I guess he doesn’t understand that it was copied from that same lady. Doesn’t it fit you to a tee? The wolf in a sheep’s clothing; the arrogant devil pretending to be the humble guy; the soul vampire who sucks souls. The guy who doesn’t drive because his “spiritual energy” would set of radar detectors, and whines when one of his women leaves him through the others because it could dissipate his “energy” and “kill him”. He’s more of a pussy than the pussy he fucks.

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Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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