My response to emailer: “Do not hack into Raniere’s account or release anyone’s collateral!”

In an earlier post, I published emails some think Keith Raniere wrote using a fake name.

Others think it’s a letter written by an opponent of Mr. Raniere.

However, since recommendations were made in it to commit a crime, I chose to publish the emails in their entirety, so there can be no doubt where I stand.


2daf443cf3638e408ab2f8529a9fca0fSince the emailer refers to the movie, Soylent Green, I will refer to the author by that name, and respond line by line:

Soylent Green writes: I’m going to have to ask for more assurance {that DOS is true]. 

My response: FrankReport has published enough information for anyone to investigate and ascertain whether DOS is true or false.  


2daf443cf3638e408ab2f8529a9fca0fSG: Because, as you know, going up against Keith Raniere could easily blow up my life, as it has for so many others, with him continuing to prosper at the end of it all.  

FR: Do not risk going up against him. He is dangerous.


smiley keith
If you see evil in this man, do not attempt to take him on. He is dangerous and armed with plenty of money, courtesy of Clare Bronfman, to destroy lives.



SG: And let’s be honest, your articles, as entertaining as they are, are thoroughly lacking in anything resembling hard proof of your claims.

FR: It is not my goal to publish proof. However I published the names of nearly 50 DOS ‘slave’ women. These women are on Facebook. They know whether DOS is fiction or not.  


2daf443cf3638e408ab2f8529a9fca0fSG: It’s all your unsubstantiated words (which happen to include no shortage of spelling and grammatical errors) accompanied by stock photos from porn and Allison Mack’s Instagram. Hopefully you can understand why I would look at that with a healthy amount of skepticism.  In a world where somebody shot up a pizza parlor due to a fake news story about sex slavery ring ran by Hilary Clinton, can you blame me?

FR: I don’t blame you for being skeptical.  Don’t do anything violent.


2daf443cf3638e408ab2f8529a9fca0fSG: As for me, I’ve managed to get my hands on several e-mails connected to prominant [sic] individuals and accounts associated with Raniere (Mark Vicente, Mark Hildreth, and the e-mail the Jness website is registered under, attributed to Pamela Cafritz).  

FR: If the emails were legally obtained, I would be glad to see them. 


2daf443cf3638e408ab2f8529a9fca0fSG: My plan is to get into these accounts as a stepping stone to get into Allison Mack’s e-mail, and then eventually into this mythical Dropbox that supposedly holds everyone’s “collateral” including, hopefully, Allison Mack’s.

FR: This sounds like hacking. Do not do that. There are legal ways to bring DOS to light. 


2daf443cf3638e408ab2f8529a9fca0fSG:  Then I leak that shit.  Possibly to her [Allison Mack] own social media accounts, so all her many “followers” can see the person she really is.  And hopefully making her and Raniere’s crimes impossible for local authorities to ignore, At least, That’s the plan.   


The proper collection of collateral, according to sources who have given it, is that it must be sufficient for all areas of a woman’s life to be destroyed so that there is no safety net for her.


FR: Do not leak ‘collateral’ of anyone, including Miss Mack. She may be the leader of DOS women, but she may have been coerced or misled. Miss Mack may be a victim too. Mr. Raniere has collected collateral on scores of women. It would be descending to his level, or lower, if you were to release collateral  – just as he threatens to do.  


2daf443cf3638e408ab2f8529a9fca0fSG:  As of now, all I’ve done is look up a few website domains on and write down the registrar contact e-mails.  Nothing even remotely illegal.  And I’m not going to until I’m sure there’s a point.  Because if this is real, if a self-proclaimed feminist is branding other women as slaves to a pedophile, rapist, cult-leader, then there’s nothing I’m not willing to lose to take them down.  

FR: It is good that you feel strongly about injustice. I urge you to find legal methods and not do anything that will hurt the women since they may have been coerced, hypnotized or deceived into joining DOS. 


2daf443cf3638e408ab2f8529a9fca0fSG: But if it’s all sensationalism and self-promotion on your part?  Then for the sake of my reputation, my life, and the lives of my family, all of which I know are going to go straight to hell if I take on Keith FUCKING Raniere with any degree of success, you’d damn well better let me know.  

FR: There is no reason to risk your reputation, your life, and the lives of your family.  This is not a task for an amateur, or for one who plans on committing illegal acts. I have everything well in hand. Mr. Raniere’s exposure is ongoing and thorough. The purpose of this website is not to persuade you or others to take action; it is to document the deeds of Mr. Raniere so his followers can understand who he is. This way, they can make their own informed judgment. My motto is ‘slow by slow.’


2daf443cf3638e408ab2f8529a9fca0fAnd if it is real, then well, I’d appreciate a little hard proof.  As it is, you’re probably going to get offended by all this and tell me to go to hell, and I’ll soldier on with nothing but your word alone.  But it is what it is.  

FR: I’m not offended at all. If you read the website carefully, you can ascertain the truth or falsity of everything published. ‘Soldier on,” if you must, but you will not have my support if you embarrass women or do illegal acts to win. Besides, my dear friend, the battle is already won or lost. For, if it is true that Mr. Raniere participated in blackmailing and branding women, his goose is cooked. The evidence cannot disappear. And if it is not true, that too will be evident.

Right now, I believe, the goose is on the spit; it only needs a little more slow roasting.  




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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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