Emailer claims plan to hack Raniere computers, release Allison Mack’s collateral

While publishing what I uncover about Keith Raniere, I get a fair amount of correspondence and phone calls. I have to protect my sources and all of them have been kept confidential.

Sometimes, I get calls and emails from people who claim to be victims, but seem a little too eager to talk to my sources.

I cannot share info on my sources with anybody.

In the last week, I got emails from someone whose correspondence was unusual.

I want to share it in its entirety with readers.

I am not going to publish the email address for I do not want to expose this individual to any possible jeopardy in the event that he or she is truly concerned about the welfare of the women of DOS and is sincere in wanting to protect them.

On the other hand, the emailer more than hints at putting himself or herself at serious risk and breaking the law as well.

I want readers to see this correspondence.


Email # 1  

On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 10:12 AM, [name and email address redacted] wrote:

Heading: Is this for real?

Hi.  I’m someone who has been following the NXIVM/Jness stuff (and making meager attempts to do something about it) for many years, and I have one simple question.  This DOS organization:  Is it for real?  You have to admit, even for Keith Raniere and his ilk, it sounds pretty far-fetched.  I understand all this is a sensitive subject, and you can’t in good conscience reveal your sources, but the lack of hard evidence in your stories calls the whole thing into question.
The reason I ask is because, if DOS is real, then I feel compelled to take action against it. Action that will likely put me and mine in real danger of litigation or worse.  So if DOS isn’t real, or if you don’t have concrete proof of it’s existence, I need to know.
I’ve been reading stories about this evil man, Keith Raniere, continuing to prosper off the backs of his victims for more than a decade.  If DOS is real, then for me, it’s the final straw.  I mean, just the thought of a woman, a supposedly feminist woman, Allison Mack, branding other women as sex slaves to a sixty-year old pedophile?  It makes me feel like Charlton Heston at the end of Soylent Green.  “We have to stop them!  Somehow!”  And as God is my witness, I will.  If it’s real.  And if it’s not…well, I won’t hold it against you. Considering the things that Keith Raniere has been proven of doing, I certainly won’t begrudge you some embellishment, especially if it damages his reputation.  But if it’s real, well…I need to know.  So please write back.


My response [From me:]

June 19:

of course it is real.


Email #2 [from name redacted]

June 19:

I’ll take your word for it.  Once more into the breach…


I did not respond.

Today, June 26, after one week, the person who sent the above emails, wrote [presumably in response to my email, ‘of course it is real’.]

I’m going to have to ask for more assurance than that.  Because, as you know, going up against Keith Raniere could easily blow up my life, as it has for so many others, with him continuing to prosper at the end of it all.  And let’s be honest, your articles, as entertaining as they are, are thoroughly lacking in anything resembling hard proof of your claims. It’s all your unsubstantiated words (which happen to include no shortage of spelling and grammatical errors) accompanied by stock photos from porn and Allison Mack’s Instagram. Hopefully you can understand why I would look at that with a healthy amount of skepticism.  In a world where somebody shot up a pizza parlor due to a fake news story about sex slavery ring ran by Hilary Clinton, can you blame me?

As for me, I’ve managed to get my hands on several e-mails connected to prominant [sic] individuals and accounts associated with Raniere (Mark Vicente, Mark Hildreth, and the e-mail the Jness website is registered under, attributed to Pamela Cafritz).  My plan is to get into these accounts as a stepping stone to get into Allison Mack’s e-mail, and then eventually into this mythical Dropbox that supposedly holds everyone’s “collateral” including, hopefully, Allison Mack’s.  Then I leak that shit.  Possibly to her own social media accounts, so all her many “followers” can see the person she really is.  And hopefully making her and Raniere’s crimes impossible for local authorities to ignore.

At least, That’s the plan.  As of now, all I’ve done is look up a few website domains on and write down the registrar contact e-mails.  Nothing even remotely illegal.  And I’m not going to until I’m sure there’s a point.  Because if this is real, if a self-proclaimed feminist is branding other women as slaves to a pedophile, rapist, cult-leader, then there’s nothing I’m not willing to lose to take them down.  But if it’s all sensationalism and self-promotion on your part?  Then for the sake of my reputation, my life, and the lives of my family, all of which I know are going to go straight to hell if I take on Keith FUCKING Raniere with any degree of success, you’d damn well better let me know.  

And if it is real, then well, I’d appreciate a little hard proof.  As it is, you’re probably going to get offended by all this and tell me to go to hell, and I’ll soldier on with nothing but your word alone.  But it is what it is.


I have not responded to this email, In my next post, I will respond publicly.

Readers’ comments are welcome.

mack and clyne
A correspondent emailed to suggest hacking into DOS-related online accounts and  Dropbox and releasing “collateral” on Allison Mack and possibly others. Pictured here are Allison Mack [l] and one of her reputed DOS slaves, Nicki Clyne [r].  Both are  believed tohave given substantial collateral to Mr. Raniere or his operatives.
Keith Raniere makes a formidable foe. Emailer suggests that he or she will hack into the Dropbox account where the collateral was reportedly uploaded and release collateral to the world. Presently, only Mr. Raniere and his DOS slave masters have access to the collateral.

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    • The more they sound like Raniere would write as a pretense to hunt for leakers.

      It criticises Frank Report for grammar and choice of illustrations (apparently unable to question the central thesis of blackmail, branding, and slavery).

      It emphasizes the power Raniere has to destroy his opponents. And that he prospers afterwards.

      And it drools at the thought of a young feminist being manipulated into recruiting sex-slaves for an old man.

      Tanquam ex ungue leonem

      Latin for “we know the lion by his claw”

  • Also, I doubt Raniere wouldn’t have collateral if it exists on the cloud. He would have it on an encrypted hard disk, removable USB, or the like and in a safe somewhere. Maybe in the basement of his house or elsewhere, where he reportedly stashes millions of dollars of laundered and untaxed cash he’s obtained from all of his shell corporations.

  • I would ignore this person.

    If you have legitimate sources, then it would be best to talk to a lawyer on how to establish a case that could initiate a search warrant to execute a legal seizure using the appropriate authorities.

  • The “hacker” says he has email addresses for Vicente, Hildreth, and the whois registrant email address for one of the JNESS domains. Not passwords, just emails. Many of your readers could get that much in 10 minutes, and it means nothing.

    There surely are some skillfull hackers that could break into those accounts. But they would also be skillfull enough to not worry about Raniere tracing them back. So they wouldn’t ask for you to reveal sources and methods before doing it. They would just do it.

    And if such a hacker wanted to get into Allison Mack’s accounts, they would just do it. They wouldn’t need the other accounts first.

    And I would be surprised if Raniere allowed “collateral” to live on Dropbox, outside of his control, where it might get subpoened before he could bleach it, and I would be surprised if a serious hacker would expect that. A serious hacker would expect to have to get into rhe NXIVM server, and bother with neither Allison Mack or the others’ emails.

    I really doubt that someone who believes the DOS allegations may be true would care about your proofreading skills, or sometimes over-the-top choice of illustrations. That sounds more like a “tell” that the correspondent is a false-flag and not a sincere and competent hacker.

    Nevertheless, this exchange does suggest a strategy.

    The “Anonymous” hacker collective prides itself on its talents, and has a history of taking on Scientology. The DOS revelations should be sufficient to motivate them, if brought to their attention.

    Does anyone know how to contact “Anonymous” ?

  • In light of Raniere and his minions almost certainly wish to plug the leak(S), this seems so obviously a ploy by them to identify the source(S) of the info which you have obtained. Rather pathetic since there are other highly reliable means to pin down the source of the information leaks if they had any brains at all. I won’t elaborate on any of these proven techniques in case they really are that ignorant of digital security. They must still be relying on that Ose idiot to provide computer support.

    Keep up the effort Mr. Parlay before they get some basic knowledge of computer security.

  • An interesting exchange to be sure – and we can always use another soldier in the battle to take Raniere down. I’d be careful of getting involved with the writer’s plan to hack into the email accounts of Raniere, Mack et al since that could, at a minimum, expose you to a conspiracy charge. But if there’s any “proof” you feel comfortable sharing with the writer, I’d suggest you do so. I would point out to the writer that [unless you have not informed your readers ] despite everything you’ve already published, you have not been sued. Nor have you received a “cease and desist” letter from any of NXIVM/ESP’s many attorneys.

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