Can Anyone Effectively Question Epstein’s Death Without First Questioning Their Own?

MK10ART's Jeffrey Epstein.

By Dick LaFontaine

It probably is not a secret – for at least it won’t be a secret for long that a Los Angeles producer asked Frank Parlato to investigate, arrange access, and interview on the subject of Jeffrey Epstien. I, along with others, will assist in this investigation.

So consider this scenario: You are being paid to produce a ground-breaking documentary on the August 2019 death of Jeffrey Epstein while in custody at a U.S. Government lock-up in Lower Manhattan. You have a producer and a wealthy patron who is not only willing, but is terribly interested in funding the entire project. You have access to an array of witnesses, evidence and some “deep throats” who have contacted Frank, with some, shall we say, disturbing or at least heretofore unknown information.

And you can chase down every lead and shake every tree in pursuit of the truth.

What is the first question you must ask yourself in such a scenario? For many, it will be: How long until I end up dead?

Who killed Jeffrey Epstein?
Who killed Jeffrey Epstein?

“Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?” has been done before.

But a deep dive into the facts and evidence may well be one of the most compelling stories of our time – if not one of the deadliest.

What do we need to know if we were to produce the definitive investigative documentary on Epstein’s death?

Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

Epstein is often referred to as a “billionaire financier” with a client list and social circle that was a who’s who of high society, politics, and science.

Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton share a laugh.

Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton were known to spend time together.

Famous friends included Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and Bill Gates.

In July 2019, the FBI and the NYPD Crimes Against Children unit arrested Epstein for sex trafficking shortly after the SDNY’s Public Corruption Unit unsealed an indictment.

His charges came with a presumption of detention, and despite his wealth, he could not get bail.

One month later, on August 10, 2019, Epstein was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correction Center in Manhattan.

The medical examiner’s office ruled his death suicide by hanging. He was 66 years old.

Epstein had a mysterious rise to success

His first position was in 1974, when former U.S. Attorney William Barr’s father, Donald Barr, hired him as a math and physics teacher at Dalton, an exclusive prep school in Manhattan.

Donald Barr Sr., who died in 2004, was then headmaster of the school. Epstein was 21 and had no college degree. After teaching at Dalton for two years, he was noticed by a parent of one of the students, Alan Greenberg, then head of Bear Stearns.

Greenberg gave Epstein an entry-level position at Bear Stearns, and in four years, Epstein was a limited partner.

A younger Epstein made partner at Bear Stearns after four years.

A young Epstein made a limited partner at Bear Stearns after four years.

A year later, he left to start his own company. From then (1981) until the present, the source of Epstein’s wealth is not definitively known. What is known is that within ten years, he visited and advised Bill Clinton and his administration at the White House. while socializing in Manhattan with Donald Trump.

Less publicized is the “little black book” recovered by the Feds, supplied by a former butler of Epstein’s in 2015. Juxtaposed with the passenger list of Epstein’s private jet logs, the breadth of his social circle and influence is impressive.

Epstein’s High Society Contacts

The only known client of Epstein is Lex Wexner, founder of L Brands in Ohio, which owned Bath and Body Works, The Limited and Express, and Victoria’s Secret. Wexner became his client in the 1980s and was with Epstein until 2007 (at least that’s what he said). Wexner transferred a property he owned valued at $77 million in Manhattan, where Epstein lived for over a decade, to Epstein in 2011 for $0.

The home was the largest private residence in Manhattan, and was the location where alleged sex trafficking took place that Epstein was indicted for.

Wexner bought the property for $13.2 million in the ’90s.

Epstein's known client, American Billionaire Lex Wexner.

Epstein’s known client, American billionaire Lex Wexner.

After Epstein’s death, the government of the U.S. Virgin Islands – where Epstein owned a private island and his corporations were founded – pegged Epstein’s (known) estate as worth $640 million.

Wexner’s net worth was around $6.6 billion at the time. Epstein’s was 10% of Wexner’s. It is unknown how much Wexner paid, but it seems unlikely it all came from Wexner.

Where did the entirety of Epstein’s wealth come from?

In the 1980s, Epstein had a close relationship with a British arms dealer and possessed a fake Austrian passport, listing a residence in Saudi Arabia, later retrieved by the government. He operated a “currency trading hedge fund” and “managed the finances of individuals worth a minimum of $1 billion”.

Yet many industry professionals publicly said they never encountered anyone who was his client or any of his trades within markets. If his operation were that large, there would have been a footprint.

Furthermore, he was in prison (albeit with work release) for a year during the most volatile period in financial markets in 80 years, and it appeared to have no effect on his business.

For decades, he had seemingly endless time for leisure activities, which seems somewhat different from the efforts required of a high-end financial consultant or currency trader.

They work a lot.

Epstein got a sweetheart deal earlier


In 2008, Epstein pled guilty to “Procuring a girl under the age of 18 for prostitution” in Palm Beach County. He was sentenced to 13 months, but was allowed to leave the lockup for 12 hours a day for work.

In 2018, the Miami Herald broke the story that Epstein faced a 53-count federal indictment in 2008 and had more than 50 alleged underage victims of similar offenses.

Former Trump Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, who gave Epstein a sweetheart deal when he was U.S. Attorney.

Former Trump Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, gave Epstein a sweetheart deal when he was U.S. Attorney.

Then U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta agreed to enter into a non-prosecution agreement with Epstein dropping the federal charges against Epstein and any unknown “potential co-conspirators” in exchange for Epstein’s plea to the state charge.

Acosta became Trump’s Labor Secretary, and it is alleged that when asked about this in his vetting by the Trump transition team, Acosta said he was told “Epstein was part of intelligence” and to back off.

Why do many people believe Epstein was murdered?

After Epstein was found dead in his cell, although ruled a suicide, some curious irregularities emerged.

Epstein was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan, New York.

Epstein was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan, New York.

He had been taken off suicide watch only that day, after nine days, before being found with neck injuries purportedly evidencing a suicide attempt.

Although his attorneys stated he did not attempt suicide. He claimed Epstien’s cellmate, a convicted murderer, attacked him.

So on the day Epstien died:

  • His cellmate was suddenly transferred out of Epstien’s cell and without replacement. Epstein was alone.
  • The cameras outside his cell suddenly malfunctioned.
  • The two guards tasked with checking on Epstein every 30 minutes did not check on him for 8 hours. They allegedly “fell asleep” or were “surfing the internet” in the common area.
  • Epstein was found with three fractures to his hyoid bone, which medical experts claim is more typical of homicide by strangulation than death by hanging.

In court documents filed by SDNY prosecutors in connection with Epstein’s pending bail hearing and other matters, it was revealed that among things recovered at Epstein’s Manhattan residence – held within a safe – were numerous labeled CDs and pictures of young women together with men. Two pinhole cameras for making secret recordings were found in the residence.

Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims, said publicly that based on her interviews with the FBI, she is certain the government had videotapes of her having sex with Epstein’s powerful friends within their possession.

Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre claims the FBI has tapes of Epstein's high-profile clients having sex with her.

Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre claims the FBI has tapes of Epstein’s high-profile friends having sex with her.

Was the source of Epstein’s wealth a blackmail scheme? For personal profit or an intelligence service, or both?

Did the Government cover up Epstein’s suicide?

The circumstances surrounding Epstein’s “suicide” are unusual. In 40 years, there had only been one suicide and three attempted suicides in the Metropolitan Correction Center. The one suicide was a mobster, so perhaps it wasn’t a suicide either.

But there was a serious attempt to make those responsible pay in the Epstien matter.

The two guards responsible for overseeing Epstein’s well-being in his cell were indicted for falsifying their accounts of that night. However, the charges were dropped in a deferred prosecution agreement, and they only got sentences of 100 hours of community service.

The confluence of events resulting in Epstein’s death.

Checks and balances need to ensure inmates safety (self-inflicted or otherwise)

If Epstein was murdered, it seems there was some coordination and highly unlikely that one person did it.

He is taken off suicide watch, his cellmate is moved, the cameras go out, the guards fall asleep. He hangs himself.

A man with a high net worth, with no visible source, who had relationships with powerful men and underage girls, and devices for spying, could have been on a path to expose someone with enormous influence and power, and winds up dead in a prison not known for suicides.

If someone murdered him, who paid for it? Who had a motive? How much would it cost to get to him? This would require access at the highest level of intelligence or government.

If someone killed Epstein, this was a person with authority, money

Who killed Jeffrey Epstein?

If Epstein was murdered, who would be interested in doing so? And who would be interested in “permanently silencing” our reporting?

The answer to these questions requires an investigation of related questions:

Was it one of the people in his little black book, other than associates of Adnan Khashoggi?

Epstein associate Adnan Khashoggi was a Saudi businessman and arms dealer known for his lavish business deals and lifestyle.

Epstein associate Adnan Khashoggi was a Saudi businessman and arms dealer known for his lavish business deals and lifestyle.

Is the murderer disconnected from the Intelligence Community? The claim is that Epstein was a CIA Operative. That might explain how he supported a staggering and steady access to some of the most influential people on the planet.

Eric Weinstein, Ph.D. mathematician and Managing Director of Thiel Capital, met Epstein and said he thought Epstein was part of an intelligence operation for 20 years. Former business associates, confidantes, and financiers have made similar claims of CIA involvement.

Joe Rogan weighed in.

Why was Ghislaine Maxwell charged?

Ghislaine Maxwell was not indicted and arrested until a year after Epstein’s arrest, 11 months after his death. It appears the government had no interest in charging her at the time of Epstein’s indictment.

What changed?

Consider other cases where a single (deranged) person seems to take the fall for murder or assassination: Whitey Bulger, MLK, JFK, RFK, and others where the government fumbles a prosecution and goes after low-hanging fruit as a face-saving distraction.

Who is at risk?

If a key witness is murdered because the government fails to protect them, then a lower-level criminal gets prosecuted down the road if the killer is discovered.

Who would FR need access to for proof of involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein murder? Who could become “permanently unavailable” if journalists and investigators commenced  targeted newsgathering activities?

Epstien’s brother, Mark Epstein, claims Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.

Jeffrey Epstein's brother Mark Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark Epstein.

Mark Epstein hired former New York City Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Baden to do an independent autopsy. Based on the evidence available shortly after Epstein’s death, Dr. Baden has been firm in his medical conclusion: “I think that the evidence points toward homicide rather than suicide,” noting that Epstein’s wounds were “more consistent with ligature homicidal strangulation” rather than a suicidal hanging.

Other medical experts agree with Dr. Baden.

Fox News Medical consultant Dr. Marc Spiegel who stated the death was “unusual” in the days following, upon examining the evidence, concluded that it was a homicide and likely murder. The neck injuries indicated a high likelihood of “homicidal strangulation.”

What about Lex Wexner? Wexner is in his late eighties. Who is younger and was within Wexner’s inner circle pre-2007?

Someone who may know something is former Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz. Is there any way around this lawyer’s privilege?

What was the Clintons’ involvement?

See: Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein were “Thick as Thieves.

The main point of contact with Clinton and Epstein was Clinton aid and Clinton Global Initiative co-founder Greg Band.

What was Donald Trump’s involvement with Epstein? Which former Mar-a-Lago employees or guests witnessed Trump with Epstein? One Epstein victim sued Trump in 2015, alleging Epstein forced her to have sex with Trump. Her lawyers withdrew the suit shortly after it was filed. Trump Attorney General Bill Barr’s father, the late Donald Barr, had a close relationship with Epstein.

What was Donald Trump's involvement with Jeffrey Epstein?
What was Donald Trump’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein?

What about the the two guards assigned to watch over Epstein that night? Or other Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center employees who worked at the prison on the night of Epstein’s death?

Plenty of members of the fourth estate have unearthed eye-opening facts about Epstein, his life and times, and demise. These include Julie K. Brown, the reporter who broke the Epstein story in 2018, and Amy Rorbach, the ABC correspondent, caught on a hot mike telling a producer how she had the Epstein story in 2016 and ABC killed it.

She said she was convinced Epstein was murdered, as “he made his money through blackmail,” according to a video released by Project Veritas.

Julie K. Brown broke the Epstein story in 2018.
Julie K. Brown broke the Epstein story in 2018.

What about Epstein’s earlier Florida prosecution and conviction? Former Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter told Dateline that the department’s investigation of Epstein from 2005-2008 was “the worst failure of the criminal justice system in modern times.”

Do law enforcement personnel who worked at the Palm Beach County jail while Epstein was incarcerated have anything to say?

Brilliant people dealt with Jeffrey Epstein. Scientists from Harvard, MIT, and elsewhere both worked with Epstein and took his money, some after his 2008 conviction.

What does FR need to know?

Often, some of the best ideas come from the unlikeliest of sources. Fortunately for the Frank Report, our readership regularly provides insight, judgment, counsel, and commentary.

Readers are participants in our quest for truth. To that end, we ask you to weigh in.

Would you take on this project? Is the documentary form appropriate for investigation, reporting, and storytelling for the Epstein story? What angles related to Jeffrey Epstein’s death have other outlets neglected to cover?

Should Frank get someone to start his car for him in the morning?

We want your thoughts, comments, opinions, concerns, or anything else you want to say on this topic. If anything is off-limits, no one will know until it comes out on the obituary page.


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Dick LaFontaine chases gripping, thorny, and precarious stories around the world as a correspondent for the Frank Report.


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  • Careful Frank maximum due dilligence is needed here – Are you sure that the ‘wealthy patron’ has no link whatsoever with the Bronfmans? Many dodgy people would like you off their case, I suspect. And this Epstein thing involves a lot of Titans who may fear your very effective involvement in any of their discreet shenanigans.

  • LaFontaine sounds like a smug guy who stands in front of a full length mirror and masturbates…..

    Sadly the dude is so ugly—he can’t get it up for “himself”.

    I bid you good night. 😉

    • Dear Anonymous,

      Imagining one of the reporters from the Frank Report masterbating is disturbing.

      Calling him ugly, when he looks perfectly normal is a sign that you are probably a scorned person and or are extremely insecure. All due respect, first thing I wondered was if you were a dejected NXVIUM-er. (Not being snotty, just real.)

      Anyone who tries to put down someone who is contemplating bringing down real monsters has got to have some bizarre hang ups.

      Hopefully you are ok and have a better tomorrow.

      Bid you a good night fellow reader.

      • Dear Anonymous 12:13-

        “Anyone who tries to put down someone who is contemplating bringing down real monsters has got to have some bizarre hang ups.”

        Real monsters?

        Take your medication you twat.

        Fountaigne looks like the typical freak from a Hulu show.

  • Just think about the Clinton’s involvement in Haiti. Epstein knew the Elite, their secrets, he was known to blackmail people to get his way. Maxwell was not known for this as Epstein was. People say that she would have been suicided by now as well, but she didn’t own an island that hosted demagogues and tyrants. Epstein did. She was the luxury help, not the man in charge. She does not know what Epstein knew. Not all of it. If Epstein ever told what he knew, stocks would drop, CEO s would fled the country, princes wouldn’t get their allotted allowance, massive violence would occur by bratty politicians ( not like it hasn’t already) Jeff had to be silenced. My guess is that the military complex was behind it, and killing him was a way to protect «  National security « .

  • Experimentation? How does 2 MILLION REFUGEES sound? Who would notice? Where would experiments take place? A VERY PRIVATE LAB.

  • Dick- no doubt Epstein was running a sex ring:

    Bill Gates son and ex-wife alluded to that; Bill Clinton always left his secret service agents behind when he went to Epstein’s island, the Prince was a sex client; Woody Allen pedo friend; and then there’s Dershowitz ….

    As for the rest of your hypothetical/theory it’s all fiction and until you get solid proof.

    You don’t even have any “hearsay” testimony from anyone connected…

    • Biden’s kid is a total fuckup.

      So what!

      His laptop is probably filled with porn.

      End of Story.

      Dipshits move on!


    Yes, yes bocanegra elite sex club owner, live human experiment on living brains while they’re just popped out and then in year 2045 just mantle it into the skull of a robot. Then we can live forever.
    How many people died to make this project come to life? Clearly you ve got to get bodies for these science experiments. Where’d they come from?

    Seriously does anyone else find this cringe worthy ? Frankly, it’s so underwhelming, cheesy and screams extortion it is kinda interesting . Must be some very sticky individuals ..what lays beneath the surface


    Josh Bocanegra. Democratic candidate for California senate.
    Josh has a lot of imagination. He engineered a robot so he could talk to a loved one who passed on. Now he is promoting the arrival of live brain transplant into a robot. He had so much creativity he has opened elite orgy houses up to 80 horny couples all ready for new fresh meat. But everyone says the conversation is why they go. They take care of business inbetween thé jizz and satin Teddy. Then they talk about Ho, money , business..and it goes on until
    The day it stops


    Does it bother anyone else that this elite sex club owner is running for senate?

    He is not only claiming that he is going to take out human brains before people die and then put their brains in robots, he also publicly brags about his elite sex club that allows members to dress up in eyes wide shut masquerade attire, engage in elite orgies and bondage, all while having great conversation.

    Conversation and deals. Secret conversations at private elite sex clubs owned by a man who wants to make money by transferring live human brains into bots?

    Other than s and m safety words what else could the elite be talking about at these elite sex clubs? Money, science, about money, political agendas, money, deals in Hollywood, deals in Washington DC, travel plans : travel abroad to foreign countries where politicians turn a blind eye on many things like, well, ah, use the imagination.

    Maybe he really is just an entrepreneur who wants to take out human brains and pop them in robots and maybe he just happens to own elite sex clubs. Maybe it’s as simple as that. But is this the caliber of candidates that Americans have to choose from for senate?

    What is really going on with these fetishes for secret elite clubs and human experiments?

  • I can understand why Epstein would want to Jill himself in there. Imagine coming from all that wealth and privilege and suddenly reduced to a state body locked up in hell. No doubt he was mocked, threatened and harassed non stop. People don’t know what it is like unless they have been locked up. There are informants everywhere. People have hits on them all the time. It’s constant. Inmates are murdered by other inmates who are intentionally incarcerated ( paid for kill) to murder them. Inmates with life sentences will do it for $ for their families or to pay a debt. The police know all about this. They also know that people want to end the misery by suicide. I’m not even talking about a high risk high profile LIABILITY to many other powerful people and institutions. They were given orders to watch him. And if for some freakish reason they weren’t, that screams corruption. By law, they have to strip normal average joes butt naked and throw a bullet proof vest on them if they are suicidal. Everyone knows this. Whatever way you look at this, it shows massive problems in oversight and in our legal system.
    The forensics show that he didn’t kill himself. The gaurds left for THREE hours? Are you kidding me ?
    I say the investigation of this case is essential. It holds all these lunatics accountable.

  • An excellent interview about the NXIVM and DOS indoctrination and recruiting process. Sarah Edmondson is interviewed by bestselling author Glennon Doyle (2 million Instagram followers) and goes into depth about many things that probably are unknown to new readers here coming from HBO, such as the gaslighting, sashes, day to day DOS, the branding, and much more.

    “How NXIVM Controlled Women & How Sarah Edmondson Helped Take It Down”

  • So Kirstie Alley has died. Kirstie joined Scientology in 1979 and I would assume her billion year contract started sometime shortly thereafter. I suppose now she’s working on the next 999,999,957 years or so she’s committed to. Not a bad deal for free room, board, and $50 bucks per month.

  • “ Fortunately for the Frank Report, our readership regularly provides insight, judgment, counsel, and commentary.

    Readers are participants in our quest for truth. To that end, we ask you to weigh in.”

    I suggest you begin by using some of ShadowState’s valuable insight and judgement on the matter. His well reasoned, authoritative comments regarding the Clintons and the Democratic Party should lend your inquiry the appropriate note of gravitas.

  • A couple points regarding the MCC New York procedures …

    On SHU (Special Housing Unit, i.e., the “jail within the jail” or “the hole”) it would take two staff/officers to get to Epstein’s cell. Each SHU officer has a different key; one with a key to the locked range (or pod) that contains several locked cells. The range key officer needs to unlock the range door to allow the other cell officer (with a separate and different cell door key) into the range.

    The range door is locked behind after the cell door officer enters the range, with the range officer waiting by the locked range door. Now, the cell door officer has access to the cell doors which he can unlock.

    But, standard SHU procedure requires that each inmate within a cell first be handcuffed from the behind before the cell door is opened. The cell door officer will open the cell door’s food tray slot and instruct the inmate to put both hands, behind the inmate’s back, through the open slot then the cell door officer handcuffs the inmate. Now, the cell door can be opened with the inmate safely restrained. The inmate can be removed from the cell and the officer can enter the cell.

    These long, drawn out and very controlled procedures are done for officer safety, and to prevent the SHU inmates from overpowering an officer and potentially creating a hostage situation or another inmate disturbance within the range.

    Keep in mind though … standard federal prison procedures require two officers to get to Epstein’s locked cell door, also behind a locked range (pod) door. Obviously, it sounds like lots of procedures were violated the night/early morning of Epstein’s death … sleeping on watch, goofing off on the Internet, failure to make watch rounds, falsifying official logs and documents, etc. But the sequencing of the two locked doors with two separate keys has never been delved into before (as much as I can tell.)

    To get to a SHU inmate is a bit like “missile command” in some of those doomsday movies where it requires two missile officers with two separate keys to launch a missile. In the case of SHU in federal prison, it also requires two different keys to get to a SHU inmate to open his cell door. The range officer with the range door key, followed by the cell door officer with the cell door key. The two different keys are not interchangeable.

    In theory, one of the officers could give his key to the other officer and then one person could have direct access to a SHU by holding and using both keys. But this would be a big breach of federal prison protocols leading to disciplinary action and/or firing of the staff/officer.

    Also … having video cameras down in SHU is highly questionable. I worked a 25+ year career at a sister MCC federal prison on the west coast. SHU is always a very high profile and sensitive area within a prison facility. If we had such cameras down then the facilities staff would fix them ASAP and/or work overtime until they were repaired. The warden would always readily approve the overtime pay to get these sort of things done.

    I retired a number of years ago … when the federal prison system had a much better reputation and things always tended to hum along quietly and under control.

    At some point after I retired, the wheels on the bus completely fell off … it seems like our institutions are failing at too many levels.

  • Are any of us truly living if we don’t seek the truth?
    Important to protect the vulnerable. That said, we also have to protect our whistle blowers.
    Epstein case is one in so many.
    Why don’t we launch a campaign to shine light on all of these maniacal operations?
    Incredibly disturbing what is happening over in California. One of the candidates for senate is claiming he is going to take out brains while they are still alive and then replace it into another body, the freezer or a robot. You can’t make this stuff up. And he is completely open about his elite sex club.
    A lot more than sex happens at those clubs, private deals happen.
    He calls himself a «  nerd » to soften the reality that he has some very strange movements going.
    Who did his company experiment on , what brains, what bodies to get to the point he is confident that by 2045 this will be in effect?
    What happened in the Bahamas? Not just sex trafficking – human trafficking also – deals deals deals hush hush money people have absolutely no idea how bad it is. There are literally gangs in the police in USA . What do you think the government is? It’s a legal gang. Debts to be paid, sacrificing to climb up the ladder. Gang members must kill people to prove their alliance to their authority. They do this so they can have protection. Do people actually believe that just because people might have the title of a judge, a senator, a doctor, a sheriff that they are immune to the dangers of corruption ? They are legal gangs.
    One person goes down, everyone is effected by investigations. That is a head ache and can compromise their own paychecks.
    It’s real.
    One marine acts out, everyone has to do push-ups .

    Why is it that all judges have legal immunity? They have immunity so they are not ever held accountable to the same standards that we are.
    Doesn’t that alone bother people ?

    Most people don’t even truly care. They walk over homeless families while tweeting on their phones about whatever conspiracy theory that’s trending for that day.
    We must get out of this global straight jacket.

  • From Rudy Giuliani

    Latest Hunter Biden Federal Felony Revealed in LAPTOP FROM HELL | Guest: Miranda Devine | Ep 295

  • Don’t do it. Don’t do some decade long research and expose piece. Fuck those people. Leave them to deal with their own cancers.

    Rich men are above justice. Accept that. We never need to consider them as part of our daily to and fro. Except for when they drive up to our window at the burger joint and have their driver order their food.

    To those who plotted Epstein’s demise, I thank you. We definitely didn’t lose a cure for cancer there, and our kids are one predator less to worry about.

  • Rumor has it Caroline Eliason of FTX and Alameda Research is in New York with a deal to throw her boyfriend Sam Bankman Fried under the bus for a 60 billion dollar Ponzi scam.

  • According to Elon Musk FTX and Sam Bankman, the Ponzi Operator donated over a billion dollars to Democrats
    The truth about Sam Bankman-Fried’s $1B splurge on Democrats

  • Where did the entirety of Epstein’s wealth come from?

    Epstein was also rumored tobe involved in a Massive Ponzi scheme.

    For a more complete account of Epstein’s activities read the recently published book “One Nation Under Blackmail” by Whitney Webb.
    It is supposed too be published in two volumes.
    One Nation Under Blackmail – Vol. 1: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein, VOL.1

  • Of course all signs point to Epstein being murdered for running a honey pot operation for political officials and others. The guy was a non-religious “Jew” and likely had financial connections and links to the Mossad and was strongly affiliated with the billionaire Les Wexner who is also of the same non-religious “Jewish” tribal affiliation. The recent BAALenciaga scandal shows how disgusting and disturbing people of this ilk are. A woman named Rachel Chandler who is a modeling scout for the apparently demonic fashion company has been linked to Epstein (in 2013 she posted a photo of CCTV footage from Epstein island to her Instagram) and she was also allegedly photographed with Bill Clinton as a 14 year old.

  • First, it would be a pretty boring documentary if it concludes that Epstein killed himself, as broken men facing long prison terms are wont to do. Conspiracy theories, no matter how ridiculous, are far more interesting.

    Second, the Frank Report has never covered a suicide that it DIDN’T insist was an elaborate murder / coverup scheme. It’s three for three on this, two related to Nxivm, one to Swami Chet. So I’m betting this will be number four.

    I’m also betting that Frank will not be murdered spectacularly in a fiery car bombing, or otherwise.

  • Fill your boots Frank. Based on the psychology of Epstein, killing himself is a very predictable outcome.

    The previous attempt bolsters that assessment. There is a slight chance that it was not in complete earnest both times. Especially not the 1st try at self-immolation.

    In which case, maybe Epstein was gearing up for some kind of psychological defense and or preferred placement in a psychiatric hospital rather than standard prison.

    But Epstein knew it was only a matter of time before he was probably killed in prison (as a world famous pedophile). The moment any relaxing of protection on Epstein occurred he was a dead man. Look at Jeffrey Dahmer. It took a long time but then it happened very quickly. Prison inmates are nothing if not patient in terms of waiting for the right opportunity and have a lot of time and very little to lose

    Given how important control was to this prolific predator and the intense scrutiny and criticism that would have come out in a trial which would have been unbearable to a person with Epstein’s kind of ego – suicide was really the inevitable conclusion.

    Just look at how Epstein has conducted himself in past depositions. And his extreme reactions to questions about for example the unusual shape of his penis. Jeffrey Epstein probably found the idea of being front and center in an international disgrace of such reprehensible crimes unbearable. And it’s really not hard for most people to imagine that death would be preferable over that kind of public shaming and absolute decimation of character. But when you think about all of the things Epstein did both the widely known and very unknown. Is it any shock that Epstein wanted to take secrets with him?

    It appears a lot of Epstein’s finances and other dangling threads of his past life were put in order prior to taking his life.

    It would be extremely exciting if there was a big clandestine operation to end Epstein’s life if there was a massive conspiracy and all of the rest that people have speculated. Most likely it just boils down to callous and incompetent people working in a prison who maybe even a little bit wanted Jeffrey Epstein dead and at his own hand was just fine with them. And a man who knew his last Act of complete control would be taking his own life and depriving the world of a much desired raking over the coals. And all of his very worst secrets being minutely examined repeated and Amplified for the rest of History. He’s a coward. Jeffrey Epstein knew he was guilty and he took a coward’s way out.

  • Here’s an old saying that’s been around a while.

    “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

    ― Edmund Burke, Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents

  • There’s quite a bit of superfluous hot air here. Epstein was denied bail in 2008, not despite his wealth, but more likely because of it, and that was no doubt the reason he got the ‘sweetheart (plea) deal’.

    This nonsense that Epstein was a CIA Operative and this facilitated access to some of the most influential people on the planet is a little odd: not sure the CIA’s role is to hobnob it with high society, and I would take anything Joe Rogan says with a very large sack of salt – wasn’t he one of the hypocritical anti-vaxxer brigade?

    The delay in Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest more likely resulted from the authorities being unsure about her whereabouts as she was flittering about, and of course they also had to compile a case against her.

    “Consider other cases where a single (deranged) person seems to take the fall for murder or assassination – JFK” In fact it was later proven beyond all possible doubt via computer simulation that forensically analyzed the ballistics that Lee Harvey Oswald must have fired the shots at the motorcade that killed JFK.

    Authoritative sources like “Fox News Medical consultant Dr Marc Spiegel…” would have sounded more authoritative without the ‘Fox News’ bit.

    There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors speculation here bordering on conspiracy myth. I’m sure Netflix might be more interested than the authorities in following this up.

    I do agree that on the whole the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death are suspicious, though it’s probably unlikely at this stage that resources will be spared for any follow-up investigation, and the most likely culprit is hopefully going to end up behind bars at some point in the not too distant future in any case. If there’s any justice that is.

    • When Ghislaine Maxwell went missing, the conspiracy theory crowd heralded it about that she had been “disappeared”, murdered just like Epstein to ensure her silence. It “proved” Epstein hadn’t committed suicide.

      Then Maxwell turned up and was put on public trial and convicted and is still very much alive. Which explodes the idea that Epstein was murdered to silence him.

      But of course conspiracy theories never die, they just get more Byzantine.

  • Killing Frank would be pretty pointless, as the insurance on his life would be that multi people would have the uncovered dirt ready to expose and be willing to pick up the investigative baton and on it would continue

  • Nobody murdered Epstein. He tried to kill himself the first time but failed. He succeeded in his second attempt. But maybe they let him kill himself, that’s another option that should be considered.

    • steven, with all due respect, you seem extremely sheltered. It doesn’t seem like you have that much life experience.

      Unfortunately we can’t undo what we know.

      The gaurds only malfunction like that if they are told to. It just doesn’t happen.

      Steven, no offense, not trying to grind an axe, really, your naïveté is actually just that, naïve.

      Until the next one is murdered. Then it’s not so sweet, it’s just lame.

      That’s real talk.

    • Last night you were flying, but today you’re so low
      Ain’t it times like these makes you wonder if you’ll ever know
      The meaning of things as they appear to the others
      Wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers

  • So, it’s not only just the obvious prince and the list of the lolita freak express plane that you are going to find… It’s a very very long list that far exceeds your imagination. Anyone who has lived in that world knows exactly what I mean. Just get out of your sheltered brains. If you have to question if epstein was killed, I don’t think you are going to go all that far. This is not a joke. If you really want to understand, go get arrested for a week. See, breath, taste what really goes on. Then when you get out, fly to ibiza or St maarten. Throw away the wonder bread. Go deep and find the sharks. They are there. Some of them might just talk to you if you know how to listen.

  • The people who find the truth, the real truth, are the ones who fall through the cracks and just blend. If you guys really want to go after the truth, you just need to get a little group of real bad ass parents who don’t want their children brought up in this catch and kill news system. Ask for help, you’d be amazed how many people have been wronged and we’re never given a chance to voice the truth. It’s those people who will help, tirelessly without need for credit, only need for change. Yes. Of course we want you to bring down the bad guys. Yes. 1,000 times yes.

  • Epstein clearly was a child trafficker to the rich and famous and likely the accumulated wealth of those that had to fear him naming names is greater then the GDP of most countries. This affords the ability to execute a plan and it doesn’t require nearly as much complexity as conspiracy nuts like to add. Few threats, some money to 2 or 3 people and its a done deal. Doesn’t require dozens of people, multiple levels of government or anything else. Just requires guards to turn a blind eye, one person to do the deed correctly and that is it. No evidence, no eyewitnesses, even a suspicious death can’t lead to much if no leads to pursue. Silence is easy to buy and if any of those have family, even easier to guarantee. So investigate away, but who killed Epstein isn’t nearly as important as what names were hidden as a result of his death and there is no investigation that will uncover those secrets. Per usual, the money wins.

    • I agree, it’s a distraction from the list, which is the reason he was killed. The list of nobodies from nowhere that Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of trafficking to….trafficking to nobody I guess. We’re all just supposed to look away.

      I often wonder how many other girls and women are out there. Silenced. Afraid. Or who have spoken out but no one will listen. They’re out there. I often wonder how many of them speak different languages other than English, so their cries aren’t heard as well. I think what type of other black sites there are worldwide besides the island and that weird ass temple on it.

      This topic interests me because the way Ghislaine operated as a facilitator and groomer (a tenderizer) is similar to what I now know was happening in my own cult. How many other Ghislaine’s are there out there and can we turn them to our side? How many other mothers are out there offering their daughters to predators on the altar of greed?

      Who is Ghislaine now flipping for? How is her safety?

      • I agree. Just go to Brazil. It is an absolute nightmare. Pimps on corners negotiating sex deals with fat cats and their FIVE YEAR OLD SEX SLAVES!!!!
        I saw the most precious girl being handled, offered over to this beast.
        I ran away from my group, my chaperone whisked to my side. I told him I was going to out bid that fing pedo monster and he grabbed me , he was Brazilan..he was left on a European s family door step when he was a baby ..he told me he was one of the lucky ones..children, little babies were often prostituted by their own mothers..I literally cried ..he yelled I’d literally get my throat slit and they’d just put her in the system where she’d end up sold for body parts.
        Where is that little girl now?
        I wept for a week after I saw that ..
        I then volunteered to help local sex trafficking victims…
        The stories are absolutely stunning.

        Darn, I got tears in my eyes.

  • Amy lame who did a little stint behind bars knows it is impossible for a high profile inmate to Kill themselves. The po po is on your ass making it impossible to even take a leak, while you’re in there. No fing way they let a famous fiend kill himself. Anyone who thinks that the most high profile prisoner of the decade wasnt being watched like a hawk is just a naive powder puff.

    Of course he was murdered.

    • The medical evidence alone is pretty compelling that this was a homicide. Unless Epstein had acrobatic skills or powers of levitation, a suicide appears to violate the laws of physics.

  • Frank if you depart on this quest you better have a firm vision of your gain. The truth is expensive and hard to get with intelligent liars. Spook’s, Billionaires, and accomplished scientists. All are hard to catch.

    Make sure its worth while.

  • Frank is Batman. He has exposed countless other predators and is one of the most amazing whistle blowers out there. He is an American hero. Truly one of a kind.

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