Reader: Is Ludwika Paleta Branded? Is hubby, Emiliano Salinas, still with gay lover Alex Betancourt?

A reader asks: Does anyone know what Ludwika Paleta and her husband Emiliano Salinas are doing about the DOS slavery? She is pretty famous in Mexico and deeply accepted the Society of Protectors’ (SOP) hazing and demoralizing of women. Any woman that endured the hazing and degradation of SOP is a prime candidate for DOS.
In the world of Raniere, it is a natural progression after taking the SOP Complete courses, to become a slave in DOS. Is she branded? I think it’s likely. What about Alex Betancourt? No mention of him on this blog, yet he is the biggest male leader in Executive Success Programs / NXIVM / Society of Protectors. Also Emiliano Salinas’ business partner and rumored former “partner” in other ways. What’s happening with Alex & Emi?
Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt

Answer: Mr. Raniere’s followers were surprised when Emiliano Salinas and Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt broke up their longtime “gay marriage.”

But they understood that for Mr. Salinas to be outed as gay would be bad for Mr. Raniere’s work in Mexico where attitudes remain less friendly to gay lifestyles than America.
This may be one of the reasons why Mr. Salinas and Mr. Betancourt kept their gay relationship secret. And one of the reasons why Mr. Raniere approved the breakup.
The marriage of Mr. Salinas to sex symbol actress Ludweka Paleta may have been in large part Mr. Raniere’s genius: How better to advance the ideal of his virile, man’s man Mexican leader Mr. Salinas in the eyes of Mexican men and women than having him marry a famous, beautiful sex-symbol movie star.
The problem with this, according to sources, is that it devastated Mr. Betancourt, [Mr. Salinas’s longtime gay partner.]
happy couple alex and smil
Longtime partners Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas
Sources say Mr. Betancourt has not gotten over the breakup with longtime lover Mr. Salinas with whom he expected to live with the rest of his life.
Mr. Betancourt discovered Mr. Raniere in 2002. He opened a center in Mexico City in 2006 – and today, it is one of ESP’s most successful centers worldwide.


Mr. Betancourt, much like Mr. Salinas, has been largely a closeted gay. Mr. Betancourt is one of the highest-ranking executives and trainers in Mr. Raniere’s organization.

He is also President and CEO of Prorsus Capital, whose mission is finding investment opportunities in Latin America. Mr. Salinas is vice president. The business is based on Mr. Raniere’s technology for “serving humanity and moving us all forward.”


DId Ludwika get branded? DOS slaves aren’t saying.


Whether Ms. Paleta is branded on her pubic region as a DOS slave is a difficult question to answer.

Some say she was encouraged to do so by Mr. Salinas, but since she has preformed with little to no clothing in the past, the branding of Mr. Raniere’s initials on her pubic region might preclude her option of doing that in the future. On the other hand, at 38, with three children she may be doing little to no nude displays going forward.

Ms. Paleta recently gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.

She married the wealthy Mr. Salinas in 2013. Mr. Salinas’ father, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, was president of Mexico from 1988 to 1994.
Mr. Salinas co-owns ESP centers in Mexico City, and Guadalajara.
He is a founding member and general coordinator of the INLAK’ECH Peace Movement, based on the teachings of Mr. Raniere, which was created in 2008 to bring about a violence-free Mexico.
According to high ranking Raniere-disciples, Mr. Salinas, next to Clare Bronfman, is one of the largest financial supporters of Mr. Raniere,
Perhaps some intrepid reporter in Mexico, maybe even Alejandro Junco, father of DOS slave Rosa Laura Junco, could be the one to shed some much-needed Mexican light on the wayward ways of Raniere and his followers.

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Alex Betancourt & Emiliano Salinas
Alex Betancourt & Emiliano Salinas
6 years ago

Alex Betancourt also has twins, birthed by a surrogate. Anyone that was in NXIVM when Ludwika showed up would know for sure about the extreme disharmony between Alex and Emiliano. It was all everyone talked about. Everyone felt so sorry for Alex, Emiliano’s “wife” for several years, who he unceremoniously dumped for Ludwika, suddenly going straight.

It does not mean Emiliano was ever gay or bisexual. Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman are notorious for psychologically programming people – to the point of real mental torture – to convince them to have gay sex. We have to assume that was a possibility with Emiliano and Alex. As a means of mentally breaking Emiliano so they would have “collateral” on him. There is no question Emiliano Salinas’ gay relationship with Alex Betancourt could have been coerced. No one can underestimate the power of Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere and their ability to get people to demean and destroy their values.

Look at Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne. Nicki Clyne was with Keith Raniere first. Years ahead of Allison Mack in the harem. After 5 years in Clifton Park working her ass off to become a good “enlightened” NXIVM person after Battlestar Gallictica Nicki Clyne was bankrupt, working for Malignant Narcissist Clare Bronfman, making peanuts. Spending her days waiting for Keith Raniere to throw her a 5 minute crumb of attention while she maxed out all her credit cards trying to stay afloat in Knox Woods. Trashing her acting career in the process. DId anyone in NXIVM care? No. Her only friends were fake friends, also in Keith’s harem, who wanted her bankrupted and out. ESPECIALLY INSANELY JEALOUS OF HER CLARE BRONFMAN HER BOSS.

Flash forward to now. Allison Mack is posting on her Instagram that she and Nicki are “soul sisters” “friends forever”. Translation: Nicki Clyne: Bankrupt, financial slave of insanely jealous, homely, Clare Bronfman; low level failed harem member of Keith Raniere (after pregnant Marianna Fernandez and so many others) now get’s to be Allison Mack’s physical slave? Calling her Master? And have Allison’s initials branded next to her vagina? On top of all the other degradations? Can you imagine? And Allison Mack says “best friends forever” on instagram? How about “best con job forever and meet my slave who has my initials on her crotch? And whose dreams I crushed by fucking her boyfriend” That is the truth. I hope all who read this check out Allison’s Instagram and appreciate the horror of it. Poor Nicki.

Nicki is one example to explain the Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas affair. Emiliano may have never been gay, but he was coached personally by Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere. Once you are in their clutches, mentally who knows what you will do? How low you will go? They have real power and their sole goal is to get each person they work with to destroy and degrade themselves beyond all recognition. DOS is just ONE example .of how they do everything.

Do you want to stay safe? Get away – fast.

What is worse about all this is Nicki Clyne’s decent is witnessed, FACILITATED, by a large community of people in NXIVM. Everyone knows this is happening and nobody says a word. Nothing. It is so disgusting. Are you one of those NXIAN people “thinking of leaving”. Look in the mirror and ask yourself. What have I let slide that I thought was wrong? What kind of person am I that I go along with this shit and have for so long?

Look HARD IN THE MIRROR. This is your reality. Yuck!

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