Aging harem: Kathy Russell, neglected now, but once kept Raniere flame burning for young DOS women

A pretty ballerina. That’s what Mr. Raniere told Kathy L. Russell she could be when she becomes 60.

A “pretty ballerina.” That’s what Keith Raniere told Kathy Russell she could be when she becomes 60. She is 59.

Kathy Russell was once active in the harem.

In the days before the actresses and other glamorous and educated women arrived, she was “prime grade” among a host of choice, select and standard grade women.

Petit, with luxuriant, long blonde hair, extremely nimble and flexible, and only 5 feet tall, she was sure to please the young Mr. Raniere, especially when she agreed to lose weight enough to meet his standards for slenderness.

Unfortunately, Miss Russell is now 59.

She may have asked to be branded. But without Mr. Raniere’s consent, it is not likely that her request would have been approved.

She has been re-categorized over the years from “my little pretty” to the wonderful character of “the fool.”

Mr. Raniere designated Miss Russell for that role in his organization several years ago.

She is a kindly soul who often gathers some of the other outcaste women to watch movies or play chess with her. She is responsible for doing the bookkeeping for all of Mr. Raniere’s hundreds of enterprises.

As one of the harem said, “Kathy L. Russell – head NXIVM bookkeeper handler of all KR’s nefarious bank transactions. Alone on post for Keith, loveless, boyfriendless since 2003.”

She is constantly being fired, then rehired and demoted to some lower title while doing essentially the same job she had before. She is now working as a “subcontractor” for Mr. Raniere’s enterprises.

It is rumored she is designated to take “the fall” for criminal charges related to tax evasion and other fraudulent improprieties of the Raniere-Bronfman businesses. So far, this is nothing but rumor.

Mr. Raniere persuaded Miss Russell that, despite her age, she can still become a professional ballerina. Miss Russell joined the Saratoga Ballet School and studies with teens and preteens. She has even performed in recitals being the only adult women in a recital with the children.

Mr. Raniere enjoys laughing about Ms. Russell’s ballerina ambitions with other women who are quick to please him by showing their mirth at the foolishness of this.

Her son works for the Raniere organizations and has witnessed his mother’s degradation but has been described as “not manly enough” to do anything about it.

It would be hard for Miss Russell to leave since she has no money and no health insurance and is totally dependent on Raniere/Bronfman money for her livelihood.

In one respect, she is one of the sad stories of a woman who gave her prime years to Mr. Raniere, waiting for the promised return of joy. But on the other hand, this year she turns 60 – and, with Mr. Raniere’s permission, can now pursue a second career as Prima Donna Ballerina.

This may be the year for Kathy Russell.

Some of the “shell companies” Miss Russell has helped to move money around for Mr. Raniere are:

  • 26 Realty Property Management, LLC
  • A Cappella Innovations, Inc.
  • Aletheia LLC
  • Alpha Development Group
  • Axiology, Inc. (Nevada: March 18, 2008)
  • Buyers Advocate, Inc. (Delaware: June 28, 1999)
  • Center for Ethical Justice LLC (Delaware: October 7, 2007)
  • Consumers Advocate, Inc.
  • Crosspoint Communication, Inc.
  • Ethilogia
  • Elite Housing Corporation
  • Elite Marketing Professionals, Inc. (Delaware; August 26, 1999)
  • Essence Interactive
  • Ethletics LLC
  • Ethical Principles Inc.,
  • Ethical Publishing LLC (Delaware: August 26, 1999)
  • Ethical Value Exchange, Inc.
  • Events for Humanity, Inc. (Delaware: November 2, 2007)
  • Executive Housing & Properties, Inc. (Delaware: January 28, 2004)
  • Executive Housing & Properties, Inc. (New York State: January 9, 2004)
  • Executive Success Programs, Inc. (Delaware: July 20, 1998)
  • Executive Success Programs, Inc. (New York State: May 6, 2002)
  • First Principles Inc. (Delaware)
  • Grow Sport, Ltd. (Great Britain)
  • House of Equus LLC
  • In Lak Ech
  • International Center for Change, Inc. (New York State: October 14, 1992)
  • J. Cricket LLC
  • JM Tax Consulting
  • Jness
  • Karmar
  • Krunch Corporation
  • Las Casitas Rental
  • Moving Pix LLC
  • My Home, Inc.
  • Nataraja Center for Movement Arts
  • NXIVM Corporation (Puerto Rico: October 25, 2005)
  • NXIVM Properties LLC, (NYS),
  • NX Trust
  • Occam’s Razor LLC
  • Our Evolution LLC
  • Peak Physique, Inc.
  • PERSENSEO, Inc. (Delaware)
  • POIESIS, Inc.
  • Precision Development, LLC (Nevada)
  • Rainbow Cultural Garden, Inc. (Delaware: September 7, 2007)
  • Rainbow Cultural Garden LLC
  • Remick Consulting (Delaware)
  • Rochester Media Management LLC
  • Signature Event Marketing Group
  • Slate River Farm, Inc.
  • Slate River Mobile LLC (Delaware)
  • Slate Sista Farm LLC
  • Spirit@19, Inc. (Delaware)
  • Sunshine Properties LLC
  • The Art of Movement, Inc. (Delaware: April 12, 2004)
  • The Athletics Foundation
  • The Dalai Lama Trust
  • The Ethical Foundation, Inc. (Fictitious)
  • The Ethical Foundation, Inc. (Massachusetts: January 22, 1979)
  • The Ethical Humanitarian Foundation
  • The Ethical Science Foundation (Delaware)
  • The First Foundation, Inc.
  • The Raniere Group, Inc. (Delaware: April 12, 1994)
  • The Think Fund, Inc. (Nevada: October 10, 2001)
  • The World Ethical Foundations Consortium
  • Truth LLC (Delaware: August 23, 2007)
  • Ultima ® (New York State: May 6, 2008)
  • Veinte Seiz LLC f7k/a Blue Skies LLC
  • Veinte Siete LLC f/k/a Charly’s Wings LLC
  • Village Hall LLC
  • Whare LLC
  • World Audience Productions LLC


[Editor’s note: As long as the women stay faithful to Mr. Raniere – and help keep his various illegal enterprises alive, they deserve public recognition. For without them, Mr. Raniere’s ability to recruit new women would disappear. One of the arguments that persuade new women to join is the fact that there are other older women in his service who have dedicated their lives to him. It is a unique characteristic of the women that while they see so many women who have been basically ignored and sidelined, the new women always think that they will be the one that Mr. Raniere finally settles down with.  Whether the old harem women do a service or disservice to humanity, they should be publicly recognized. For the truth will undoubtedly become apparent through transparency.]

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[…] tax haven of the Seychelles. and Events For Humanity Inc., a Delaware Corp. (Raniere-linked 2017/06/24/aging-harem-kathy-russell ) It is known that Sara Bronfman is the owner and perhaps thanks to the guidance of Keith Raniere […]

6 years ago

Wow! If you are trying to get these women to leave, you need to offer them safety and compassion… I feel like most of these women probably have extremely low self esteem and self worth and belittling them is not the way to say come from the darkness into the light…

Go for it Kathy
Go for it Kathy
6 years ago

Nobody is to say it can’t happen. The point is, the person getting her to believe it, doesn’t believe it himself, and he is cackling behind her back at the fact that she is acting on his instructions / lie. Anyone can do anything – just like Pam winning a long distance medal in the Olympics (while in her 40s). And of course, just like Keith being the pre-teen Judo champion of the East Coast, and Keith beating Carl Lewis in all their 100 meter showdowns.

Jack Ketch
Jack Ketch
6 years ago

Who’s to say Kathy could not wind up being a professional ballerina ? Many people who follow Kieth Raniere have done things that other people thought they could never do

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