The aging harem: Prefect stays to weather all storms

salzman 2

Only the Prefect has rightly understood the mysteries of the Vanguard.

old nancy

Nancy Salzman is the figurehead of the Raniere teachings.


Nancy Salzman at Silver Bay where V-Week will be held this year if it is not canceled.


Nancy Salzman still gives Explorations of Meaning (EMs) for troubled students of Mr. Raniere.


Mr. Raniere teaches “He who has the most joy wins.”


Michelle, Nancy and Lauren Salzman all live to please Keith Raniere.


When the Dalai Lama came to town, Mr. Raniere and Ms Salzman attended together.


The Dalai Lama asked the media to investigate Mr. Raniere and report truthfully what they discover.

slazman teaching

The early days when Nancy Salzman taught the philosophies of Keith Raniere.

slazman teaching 3

The Prefect uses charts to teach students.


The sisters Bronfman brought great wealth to the Raniere teaching organization.

1997 salzman

Wise Nancy Salzman. She wanted to date Mark D., but Mr. Raniere said no. When she grew too old to be with Mr. Raniere, she wisely started cooking for him and offered her daughters for his amorous pleasures.


Nancy Salzman:   [60 plus]. She is not known to be branded but is definitely aware of the existence of DOS.  She is not officially in the harem any more either. She was for a time a regular harem member. After divorcing her first husband, Michael Salzman, a doctor, and the father of her children, she met and married Jim, who supposedly turned out to be gay, and left her for a man (There are some insiders who claim that Keith forced Nancy to abandon Jim).

She then met and became a follower of Mr. Raniere who formed Executive Success Programs with her as his front woman.  After the passionate ardor of Mr. Raniere cooled, he began to stop accosting Ms. Salzman with his amorous propensities.

When ESP was still a young organization, Ms. Salzman fell in love with one Mark D., a student of ESP, and she asked Mr. Raniere if she could date him. Mr. Raniere forbid it for he had made her the “Prefect”, a high administrative official or chief officer of his new organization.

Mark D. said he was in love with Ms. Salzman, [and vice versa] but she could not defy the Vanguard [Mr. Raniere]. They were told they could not be together. He hung around for awhile taking courses but he finally left, and Ms. Salzman never married or was allowed to have a boyfriend [at least none that anyone was aware of.]

While she may no longer generate any amorous approaches from Mr. Raniere, Ms. Salzman has substituted servicing Mr. Raniere’s sexual appetites with his gastronomical appetites which are said to be substantial.

She cooks for Mr. Raniere: Risotto with rich sauces and cheeses, omelettes with cheeses and vegetables, vegetarian lasagna, macaroni and cheese [one of his favorites], fresh garden salads, bean and cheese burritos, and for desert, cookies, scones, cakes, and pies, all of which she lovingly cooks or bakes.

While she grew old waiting for more sexual encounters with Mr. Raniere, she lovingly works for him and is president of the ESP, NXIVM, First Principles and a host of other shell companies.

She and Clare Bronfman are the owners of everything. Mr. Raniere’s name never appears as owner on any business he operates since the attorney general of New York State shut down his Consumer Buy Line company.

But now, Nancy Salzman has devolved into a mere figurehead for Executive Success Programs.

She offered her two daughters, Michelle and Lauren, when they were in their teens, to Mr. Raniere’s care and sexual teachings when she was a little too old to be fully desirable. She stated he is a special spiritual being and her daughters would be blessed to be with him on a sexual and spiritual basis.

When friends advised her that Mr. Raniere was fondling the teenage girls, Ms. Salzman said. “You don’t know who he is.”

The girls would be lucky to be with him.

Love and devotion, NXIVM-style!

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  1. Jim is not and never was gay. Mark was the bomb and Nancy knew it. When Keith tricked her into leaving that relationship, it was all over for her and poor Lauren.

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