Fraud committed by Raniere and Clare Bronfman

  • Sex-slavery in the NXIVM cult’s subgroup, DOS, is just the tip of  iceberg of crimes committed by NXIVM, Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman and the cult’s minions.
  • Wire fraud, tax crimes, and multi-object schemes to defraud violations committed, according to sources.

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn allege that Allison Mack was paid money and “other benefits” to recruit attractive women for NXIVM leader, Keith Raniere. The question now is, where did Raniere find funds to pay Mack?

The answer is Seagram’s heiress, Clare Bronfman.

Federal authorities allege that Bronfman is Raniere’s chief financial backer, spending millions on Raniere.

After publication of the New York Times October 17, 2017 story that brought widespread attention to the sex-cult, Raniere and Bronfman fled to Mexico, where Raniere was arrested last month.

Following Mack’s arrest last Friday, sources report Bronfman is now acting slave-master.

Bronfman and Raniere committed tax and scheme-to-defraud crimes

Sex-slaver, Keith Raniere

Authorities allege that despite Bronfman lavishing millions on him, Raniere claims to be a “renunciate.” According to ex-girlfriend, Barbara Bouchey, Raniere advised followers not to pay taxes.

Various members took that advice to heart as evidenced by their tax liens.

Raniere and Bronfman brought lawsuits and filed criminal complaints against Bouchey. They did not succeed against her but were able to cause her financial damages and personal stress.

Bouchey could provide leads for prosecutors interested in tax conspiracy crimes.

Bronfman’s funding may have been done with intent to help Raniere evade income taxes, and assist in widespread tax conspiracy.

Clare Bronfman, acting leader of the sex-cult.

Aside from potential tax violations, if Bronfman gave Raniere funds to pay Mack and others to recruit sex slaves, after obtaining coercive collateral, Bronfman should be added to the conspiracy to commit sex trafficking in the Raniere-Mack indictment.

It would stretch credulity to argue Bronfman was in the dark about DOS. Bronfman is a hands-on operator, and board member of Nxivm. She has known Raniere since 2002 and “invested” millions into him and the cult.

She flew away to Mexico with him shortly after mainstream media broke the news of the cult’s branding and other practices. The investigation will probably show prosecutors that Bronfman financed the sex-slavery in DOS.

Raniere (l) with Green Acres’ Eddie Albert, in a commercial for Raniere’s  pyramid scheme, Consumer’s Buyline. Raniere’s penchant for using actors to legitimize schemes dates back to the 1990s.

Additionally, prosecutors are likely examining the NXIVM pyramid scheme for wire fraud and conspiracy violations, unrelated to DOS branding and slavery.

Raniere’s history of pyramid schemes dates back to the 1990s with Consumers’ Buyline -shut down by NY Attorney General – with Raniere paying a fine].

A consumer complaint with the NY State Department of Consumer Protection was filed last year, alleging NXIVM is a “cult preying on vulnerable women and men who are looking for a credible self help program.”

Complaints against NXIVM in recent years have been somewhat rare. Given that Bronfman uses her trust fund money to crush ex-slaves, cult defectors, Raniere’s ex girlfriends, and especially any critics, it is not surprising that few dare to openly complain.

To the extent the sales pitch of the cult promised value predicated on Raniere being the world’s smartest man, where prosecutors have discovered he graduated from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a 2.26 GPA (failing or barely passing his upper level math and science courses), the federal prosecutors have already established the first element of deceit.

The steep costs of tuition for NXIVM classes and other benefits were one object of the Raniere/Bronfman scheme (aside from satisfying Raniere’s sexual proclivities and sadistic desires, such as directing a slave to run headfirst into a tree and another to drink from a puddle).

In making out the scheme to defraud, as to the necessary ‘intent to harm,’ it was part of the objective to obtain forced labor and sex from many women. Raniere and Bronfman accomplished this through steep fees that bankrupted members. Those members had to “work off” the debt, and stay within the cult’s good graces under two different and sometimes overlapping scenarios:

(1) they were brainwashed and addicted to their programmed cult lifestyle.

(2) they knew too much and feared leaving due to Bronfman’s willingness to bankroll attorneys and using the court system to sue ex-members into bankruptcy or prison.

The intent to harm was manifested by the desire of Raniere and Bronfman to obtain forced labor, sex, and reduce members to that state of dependence that made them susceptible to forced labor.

After having softened their brains through years of brainwashing, Raniere’s advice to members to ‘blow off taxes,’ and other ill-advised, illegal lifestyle choices, suggests a pattern of intending to harm those under his tutelage and command, as he knew that advice and mentorship was harmful when he gave it.

‘He who has the most joy wins’; a long pattern of scheming to defraud

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s father, Doug Rutnik, who was defrauded and accused of sexual harassment by the sex-slave cult.

One final aspect of Bronfman/Raniere fraudulent scheming, somewhat less talked about, is their pattern of engaging independent contractors and consultants then terminating under pretext, and demanding return of any money paid out, refusing to pay them what they owe, or suing them via a complex and expensive-to-defend lawsuits.

A case in point is that of U.S. Senator Kristin Gilllibrand’s father, Doug Rutnik. He was retained as a consultant and legal adviser by NXIVM in 2004, at the rate of $25,000 per month. He was hired to help them resolve an array of legal and political problems hampering NXIVM’s operations – or so he thought. One of those problems concerned a long-overdue payment Raniere owed to the New York State Attorney General arising from his closed-down Consumers’ Buyline operation.

Rutnik’s main contact person was Nancy Salzman (Salzman is the putative president of Executive Success Programs. Her house was raided by the FBI last month. While Raniere is known as “Vanguard,” she is known as “Prefect.”)

After four months, Rutnik quit, having been informed of possible illegal activities NXIVM and Raniere were involved in.  But Raniere decreed that Rutnik could not quit. So, he directed the company to sue Rutnik and, as an additional threatening gesture, NXIVM reared false allegations of ‘sexual harassment’ against Rutnik claiming he had inappropriate behavior toward, of all people, Nancy Salzman.

The lie was despicable, but Rutnik had enough. He settled by returning every dollar paid to him – $100,000.

In short, Rutnik ended up receiving no payment for services he provided NXIVM. He was defrauded, and, in an irony of ironies, was accused of sexual harassment by a sex-slave cult.

Frank Parlato, Buffalo publisher and businessman was defrauded by Clare and Sara Bronfman and Raniere.

Then there is the case of Frank Parlato, who first broke the story of Raniere’s human branding practices. Parlato met the Bronfmans in 2007, and was initially engaged to do public relations work for NXIVM, to help rehabilitate their public image which became tainted after Forbes published an article in 2003 where the group was dubbed a “cult.”

Parlato states that, from what he saw on the surface, between Raniere, Bronfman, Salzman and others with whom he had contact, everything seemed legal.

“There was no inkling to me that it was a sinister cult that abused women and critics. They seemed a bit quirky, that’s all,” Parlato said.

After a few months in Albany working for Bronfmans, Parlato discovered that a Bronfman real estate venture had lost over $26 million in Los Angeles and the properties were not even in their names. Parlato advised the Bronfmans he could secure title to their properties. Parlato and his attorney proposed an advance of $1 million, and 1/3 of profits of the venture. Bronfman and Raniere agreed, the deal was struck, and Parlato recovered title to the properties for the Bronfmans.

Then, almost immediately after, in characteristic Bronfman/Raniere-fashion, with no apparently legitimate reason, they terminated Parlato, and demanded the $1 million advance be returned. Parlato refused and held the money in escrow pending resolution of the dispute.

The Bronfmans did not immediately sue Parlato, but decided to use him in the civil suit regarding the Los Angeles properties, with Bronfman testifying in open court that Parlato did them a lot of good, and that his $1 million advance, “compared to 26.43 [million Parlato recovered for Bronfmans] it was worth it to us.” 

As soon as Bronfmans won the civil case against the Russian contractor, they pursued a civil and criminal complaint against Parlato, in 2011, securing an indictment against him in 2015, where the Western District of New York federal authorities alleged that, among other things, Parlato  defrauded the Bronfmans.

While that case is ongoing and has not yet been dismissed – which is what happens with most Bronfman-caused criminal cases – court records suggest Clare Bronfman perjured herself to assist in the indictment, and that her attorney, William Savino, and infamous retired Assistant United States Attorney, Anthony M. Bruce, suborned perjury. Prosecutors in the Western District of New York are still pursuing the Bronfman-led criminal case against Parlato.

Bronfman/Raniere/NXIVM’s long history is replete with examples of defrauded victims, such as Bouchey who lost her life-savings on a loan to Raniere, who, rather than return the money, initiated years of lawsuits against her.

Allison Mack is a victim of the cult’s nefarious schemes – with Mack, once a wealthy and successful actress who become impoverished through debt to the cult, and reduced to working it off through pimping women, among other things.

Some have questioned why Bronfman, who has hundreds of millions at her disposal, would engage in lawsuits, spending millions in attorneys’ fees over the years over comparatively trifling sums. The answer may lie in the meaning of Raniere’s devious philosophy, that “he who has the most joy wins.”

Inside, ex-members report that suing and putting people in jail gives Raniere and Bronfman “ethical joy.”

Bronfman, as the beneficiary of a multi-million dollar trust, did not need the money that she has spent destroying Raniere’s enemies. Then again, her “investments” in Raniere and the cult over the years have not yielded any increase in income, but reportedly resulted in large losses (One former consultant and long-time critic has estimated that Clare and her sister, Sara Bronfman Igtet, have jointly spent more than $200-million in support of Raniere and his various schemes and lawsuits).

Sources say tax evasion is not her goal: it’s the thrill of scheming (what she and Raniere call “ethics“) and punishing people that bring her and Raniere “joy.”

Clare Bronfman (r) with one of her attorneys, William F. Savino, a frequent collaborator with Bronfman on the abuse of the legal system to intimidate and silence critics of NXIVM and Raniere. 


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  • Regarding Scientology and Reniere. I was a well versed high level Scientologist in the 70s. I defected in 80 when Ron Hubbard was no longer running the organization.

    In the early 2000s I took two courses In Albany. First a five day and then a 16 day. I then went to V week. I was amazed at the level of joy and well being and superior ability that I witnessed and was fascinated by the group.

    I was amazed that the Nxivm program directly and overtly made great use of terminology from Scientology. There were at least 10 direct words and major concepts directly taken without even an attempt to disguise them or where they came from.
    I will list only a few of them here.
    Supressive. Pro-survival. Source. Gradient.

    When I saw these things I was very amazed because the explanations were very good and the same as Ron Hubbard.
    I was fascinated seeing these terms used. As I was fully separated from Scientology, It didn’t bother me that these terms and concepts were taken from it and I felt that they were made good use of, at least at first I did.

    So, I mentioned to Prefect that these were Scientology terms. She immediately told me that no, they were only from Keith and any resemblance to Scientology was purely coincidental. I assured her that this could not be possible, as the terms were defined with the exact words and concepts written be Hubbard. She was not interested in my statements. Therefore I knew that fraud was involved and that Keith was lying to say that he developed Nxivm as the only “source”.
    I saw no reason not to say where he got these terms and concepts.

    Here is a very interesting thing. The term “suppressive” in Scientology is exactly as Prefect defined it in her original video, as seen in the first five day course. In fact, the detailed description of how one “becomes” a “suppressive” was the best I have ever heard done.

    However, the terrible thing is that in both cults, that term is misused and misunderstood and misutilized on people as punishment and has been a word used to do great harm.

    I tried again to explain as I heard more and more terms that were lifted from Scientology. I never went back to the group after the delightful V week experience, as I knew that Keith and his organization, whatever and however it started out. was a fraud. Just one other clue was the an opera was performed At Week and it was touted as Vanguards’ “favorite” opera.

    It was an opera about a man who grinder up people’s bodies and sold them to the unwitting public as meat pies!

    A former member of both cults!
    Both cults greathess in them. Both cults went down in horror stories.

    A former member of both cults. JWW

    • Wow! Good info. Thanks for sharing.

      You mean Sweeney Todd was VanGrifter’s favorite opera? But, I thought he was a Classical Pianist? More lies from VanGrifter!

      • He played the role of Pirelli the fake barber in the RPI Players production of Sweeney Todd in 1985.

    • yeah Scientology and nxivm are cults.

      Anyone who tries to leave is hounded.

      Anyone who tries to speak out is squashed

    • Fascinating and illuminating, thank you! So glad you got some value from both cults, and especially that you got out.

      There is another occasional commenter that you may have interest in, John P. Capitalist. He writes deeply informed posts examining Scientology, including a couple comparing NXIVM and Scientology also published here on FrankReport. One of his posts (includes link to his own blog):

  • I realise I probably won’t get an answer to this question, yet I wonder…

    Is the USA @ Buffalo just not dropping the case against Frank Parlato because they have serious issues with the liability they created with malicious and fraudulent prosecution? Are they just waiting from the speedy trial clock to run out?

    I wonder if Frank’s lawyer offered to settle with them for no liability beyond his attorneys’ fees, if they would finally drop the case.
    The docket doesn’t show any activity on the case since January (when the sealed indictments took place).

    • The witnesses against Mr. Parlato have no credibility. When/if Clare Bronfman is arrested, the case against Frank will completely crumble.

      Let’s hope the US Attorney’s Office drops the indictment. We can also write letters to the US Attorney NDNY, Grant C. Jaquith, and ask that due to Raniere’s arrest, and exposure of NXIVM as a sex cult, that Frank’s case be dropped.

    • lol im guessing this shadowstate. He runs this show once a week where he and others jerk off over smallville memorbilia and talk about ways to get back at Allison for dismissing their tweets of adoration. Sad how people jump on the bandwagon and speculate to fill the void in their boring lives

    • Anything from shadowstate (aka american gadfly) should be taken with a huge grain of salt. Go check out what types of stories he covers and guests he has on the show. Not a single mentally stable person. Shadowstate is bonkers over Allison and mentally unstable himself.

    • I didn’t listen to the whole thing but I listened to only what I heard of the Nicki Clyne (who he talked about the most and said he knew the best), Allison Mack, and Kristin Kreuk parts.

      He said he saw Nicki the most and really only interacted with her and Keith, but when when he saw Allison and Kristin, all three of them were “always” together. But he only saw them two or three times at most I think.

      The interviewee claims that Nicki was branded in 2011. Is it possible? I guess so, but before he answered the interviewers question about that, he kind of hesitated and cleared his throat. Throat clearing is the number give away (indicator) of a lie. Coincidence? That’s for the listener to judge.

      Did any of these women wear bikinis? If they did, because of position of the brands, bikinis wouldn’t hide the brands. Wouldn’t there be other witnesses to them?

      I know Kristin has been photographed in one from a Hawaii trip in 2013. It was posted on the internet before. And she was in Hawaii with two of her very close friends, so they would certainly know.

      The interviewer gets the timeline wrong about Acapella Innovations where all three attended which was in 2007 and tries to tie it to 2011 for some reason. Kristin did not attend the one in 2008 because she was filming Street Fighter.

  • Happy Birthday Frank 🙌🎂🍾🍷🎈

    Thank you for all you do, and continue to do to stop this evil cult. We would not be here if were not for you, and all of your hard work.

    • ….To Frank
      Thanks for helping to expose Keith & Clare.

      I think we all need to stand up to evil people, even when it’s difficult to do so (and sociopaths will definitely make it difficult) But if we don’t take a stand, then we let evil take over….

  • The best part is that Allison is now out for a while so she can gather information on the abuse

    She will come out on top and the true villains like keith and bronfmans will go down

  • While I’m happy and ecstatic that the cult has finally been exposed, everyone should know that Mr. Parlato is no Saint. You sir, did their bidding and got paid for it. You are no hero. This is just your way of getting even and trying to save your own hide.

      • Yeah, thanks to Frank we have learned that Allison was just a victim in Keith’s games

        Now that is out, the true villains will go down

          • First, you are regurgitating information you have read online. Words on a web page are the least convincing way of determining truth.

            Regardless of what she was called, that doesn’t take away that she is still a victim. Had she been the one who had started NXIVM and recruited Keith, I can see her being assaulted.

            The fact is she shows sign of Stockholm Syndrome. Like Elizabeth Smart who had hundreds of chances to escape but she didn’t. And even when she was in a police car, she asked how her captors were doing and what would happen to them.

            Elizabeth was still a victim of being forced into a situation.

            Now you might say Mack wasn’t forced but we know from family (not just tabloids) that she handed over some collateral and over a period of time was brainwashed.

            I know you want to villanize her as it gives you a sense that you are better than her but look deep within and you will find the same faults are in you. When you realize this you won’t be so quick to judge.

          • Allison Mack’s friend and co-worker, Kristin Kreuk, was also a member of NXIVM.
            When Ms. Kreuk discovered improprieties with Raniere’s lifestyle, around 2012, she chose to leave the group.

            NXIVM and Raniere needed celebrities like Kreuk and Mack far more than the women needed that middle aged pervert

            Ms. Mack chose to be a slave and later chose to be a slave master.

            As Abraham Lincoln said, “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.”

            Allison Mack chose to be both slave and slave master.

            At some point, Mack owns legal and moral responsibility for her misdeeds.

          • Again Shadow you continue to speculate based on limited information found on websites.

            “When Ms. Kreuk discovered improprieties with Raniere’s lifestyle, around 2012, she chose to leave the group.”

            Kreuk said directly that she left when there was nothing going on. She did not leave when she saw stuff or heard stuff. She had her own reasons.

            So, once again, you have created your own narrative to fit in with your need to squash allison mack and convict her BEFORE she has had a trial. TUT TUT!

            Time to go back to your smallville memorabilia and fapping. I think I can hear your mom calling you.

          • Kristen Kreuk is backing away from involvement with NXIVM to save her own career.

            She’s back pedaling as fast as she can.

            NXIVM, Keith Raniere and Allison Mack are as toxic as cyanide to Kristen Kreuk’s career.

    • He was hired in 2007 to be a publicist. It was a job, just like it was for every plumber, landscaper, electrician, etc, that they hired. Though in the most literal sense of the words, you could say all those people “did their bidding.” Because they were hired. To do a job.

      Frank called BS where he saw it, which is why he was fired in Feb 2008 and why he’s been in battle with them since. It took the U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of New York to finally starting bringing justice to this cult, after years of other offices not doing their jobs. Because they were in all senses of the words doing the bidding of the cult.

      • But he was fired, he didn’t leave of his own accord.

        Everyone is flaming mack but the fact is Frank is no different.

        Both were victims. If Frank gets a free pass, so does Mack.

        If Mack comes out and tells everything that has gone on.. She is just like frank (as thats what he is doing now )

        Oh, and lets not forget Frank was indicted by a federal jury just like Mack is.

        They are two peas in a pod.

        If we are to praise up Frank, then lets wait and see what Mack does as they are the same just they served different functions with NXIVM. They were both slaves of Keith

        • Only your “truth.” Fired because he wouldn’t do the bidding of Keith Raniere and you think that’s a bad thing? Yeah, alrighty. I know a cult that’s looking for members, having lost quite a few recently. They love people like you! So suggestible and uneducated.

          And find out more about the cults’ lawsuits against Frank before you spew garbage.

    • Frank Parlato was hired as a media consultant, long before NXIVM mutated into slavery and branding. There was bad press about cultiness (which was why he was hired) but not yet accusations of statutory rape etc by Raniere.

      Parlato became aware of the harem, but judged it to be consensual.

      Parlato became aware of the Raniere-directed Investment by the Bronfmans in Los Angeles real estate, and that it looked like the Bronfmans were being swindled by the developer (picked by Raniere). He agreed to try to bail it out for a fraction of the possible profits and an advance of $1 million to settle some business in Niagara Falls that the job would distract him from. He succeeded in undoing the swindle, but was fired before he could complete the project.

      All evidence is that the reason he was fired was that he had expressed doubts about Raniere’s infallibility to the Bronfmans. Raniere couldn’t risk losing access to his mother lode, so Parlato had to go.

      The subsequent civil and criminal accusations were just standard Bronfman-funded Raniere-directed harassment by litigation.

    • Gee whiz, Anonymous, I guess that that makes Paul/Saul of Tarsus a bad person too, as a result of all those unfortunate early followers of Jesus (who was the brother of James) that Paul/Saul persecuted and/or had executed before his conversion on the road to Damascus. I also guess that you may not realize that there are such things in this world as remorse, regret, and penitence. I seriously doubt that only sweet revenge could have carried Mr. Parlato this far in his crusade against NXIVM and Raniere. I think that Frank Parlato also has a muscular conscience. How about you, Anonymous? I sincerely hope that you are not just another obnoxious pissant releasing their urine-like odor in public. For a doozy of a definition of the word pissant, please refer to the Wikipedia article, Pissant, especially to the sub-section, Culture, wherein the meaning of a pissant is defined by a character in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, “Cat’s Cradle.” If I were you, Anonymous, I would celebrate Frank Parlato’s tenacity and the good that has come about as a result of it. Only really bad actors are upset by Frank’s courageous actions.

  • These fraudulent schemes are the meat of what the DOJ is hunting in the Raniere case, not the sex trafficking.

    You must understand the mindset of even the most rich people.


    If Ms. Mack knows enough about these fraud schemes, her very freedom, purchased with a high bail, could endanger her life.

    As for the crazy lawsuits, like Raniere suing Microsoft and AT&T, these are nuisance lawsuits and Raniere and Bronfman were trying to profit from these companies expecting them to settle just to get rid of the nuisance.

  • Right On! The Bronfman money buys a lot of influence. It is unfortunate that Federal and State officials in Albany County have refused to act for years.

    Fortunately, the EDNY and Richard Donoghue really stepped up.

  • Not relevant to this article, but posting here:

    8 hours ago India ‘liked’ a Kelly Clarkson photo on Instagram. Rather amusing in light of Allison’s 2013 tweet to Kelly that’s been doing the rounds this week.

    “@kelly_clarkson I heard through the grapevine that you’re a fan of Smallville. I’m a fan of yours as well! I’d love to chat sometime.”

    These girls don’t give up haha

    • My take on her liking Kelly Clarkson’s post is opposite yours. The news about Emma Watson and Clarkson was so broadly covered yesterday that liking Clarkson’s post strikes me as sign that India has woken up too.

  • 😑 she’s so creepy like that other heir, that went crazy and killed that wrestler 🤼‍♀️ ! He had a wrestling team and was even trying to wrestle Olympic athletes. Steve Carrell played him and it was painful lol

  • One final aspect of Bronfman/Raniere fraudulent scheming, somewhat less talked about, is their pattern of engaging independent contractors and consultants, then terminating under pretext, and demanding return of any money paid out, or refusing to pay them what they owe.

    Donald J Trump is the MASTER of this.

  • What a great post. The heart of the matter. The heart of the cult. Keith Raniere provided the pyramid scheme and Clare Bronfman bankrolled it. And its heart was so ugly it mutated into a sex slave pyramid scheme. Keith is a monster. And Clare is bankrolling accessory.

    U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue has been amazing. I look forward to seeing what else he and his team accomplish.

      • You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

        U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue – and the highly competent attorneys in his office’s Organized Crimes and Gangs Section – have taken on a well-financed and politically powerful cult that has bought off or scared off law enforcement officials in Albany County, Saratoga County, Erie County, and elsewhere. Hopefully, his team will also investigate all those federal, state and local officials who refused to investigate anything to of with NXIVM – especially the ones who then turned their attention to prosecuting the whistleblowers.

        • Thanks.You point out the reason, why so many people where fearful to move forward with their knowledge of the cult’s crimes!!!

      • Albany County Defense Attorney said it far better than I could have, but I can add:

        Go back to fondling your sheep, caressing your guns, and selling Amway. Make Erik Prince and Betsy Devos proud! And know that the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District in New York are the heroes doing something about the cult. From Times Union, 12/21/17:

        “Although NXIVM is headquartered in the Capital Region, the probe is being conducted by the U.S. Attorney’s Eastern District Office in Brooklyn. John Marzulli, a spokesman for the acting U.S. Attorney for the eastern district, Bridget M. Rohde, said Thursday that he could not confirm an investigation into NXIVM.

        Over several years, people with connections to NXIVM filed complaints with various law-enforcement agencies, including the New York state Attorney General, the U.S. attorney’s office in Albany, the New York State Police, the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency, the Internal Revenue Service and the FBI. Yet until now, no significant investigation resulted involving either the organization or its leader, Raniere, who is known to his followers as “Vanguard.” Rather, in some cases, complainants themselves came under official scrutiny, and NXIVM relentlessly pursued critics with litigation.

        But the reports of human branding and other recent scrutiny by national media seemingly have changed the equation.”

          • Calling people names is such a sign of high intelligence.

            You guys are running the comment section into the ground with moronic squabbling, name calling and political garbage.

            Everybody grow up.

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