Leslie Wexner Tries Too Hard to Keep to the Line That He Was Terribly Deceived by Jeffrey Epstein

Les Wexner & Jeffrey Epstein

By Shivani

This is in response to Woody Allen and Jeffrey Epstein Photos Not a Hoax  – Ghislaine Maxwell LA Photos Amateurishly Photoshopped

AnonyMaker-  I love this article and thank you. I admire what you put together very much!

In the same way that I’d be unhesitant to recommend Frank Parlato or Tony Ortega as sources, one fellow whom I listen to in London, Shaun Attwood, is doing very, very good work.

He has a sound body of experience behind him and is dedicated, persistent and quite intelligent. Attwood is on YouTube, in case you haven’t heard him and are interested. The other day he left his “desk” and went to Ghislaine Maxwell’s London flat, where at one point, a cleaner opened the door and spoke to him briefly.

Shaun got the chance to film a bit of the interior of Maxwell’s now rather infamous place.


Image result for prince andrew and virginia roberts
Prince Andrew – Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell.

The white banister on the stairs where Prince Andrew had his arm around Virginia Giuffre’s waist was filmed by Shaun’s cameraman.

I hope that you don’t mind this humble recommendation, offered in case you’re interested and might find Attwood as worthwhile as I find him to be. He is determined, he is calm, he is analytical and again, most of all, he has experience behind him, and compassion is part of his passion. He doesn’t say this, but one can see it. He has something money cannot buy. I love to hear someone who really concentrates.

Finance and business haven’t been a big part of my interests or experience, so when I find someone who explains these subjects with reference to any case, it is much appreciated. By chance I ran across a lady, Amazing Polly, who is very coherent, organized, uses visual aids and has really been working Epstein and Maxwell, etc., etc. and their history of business activities.

Polly manages to go way back, plus she has copies, documents to show what she explains. I have no idea what other subjects she covers on YouTube, however, she is very bright and a fine explainer of what she wants people to understand, about the background of where and how money is and has been being directed by some of the players in this long and involved saga.

You might not need Polly’s kind of analytical work about finances, etc. at all, but I’ve always been an artistic sort, with little comprehension or fascination regarding money and its enterprises, so Polly has been a big help to me already, with just one of her well-woven talks.

My early efforts to find out about Epstein’s relationship to Leslie Wexner have been pretty fruitful, more so than looking into Stephen Hoffenberg’s involvement with Epstein.

Still working on it but have the feeling to stay on the quiet side just now. It feels to be a highly personal story here about Wexner.

The emphasis is on just how very personal it seems to have been.

Wexner even plans his disenchanted remarks about Epstein with extreme caution. Perhaps the man is dealing with too many feelings of guilt from his own conditioning. Some of the biggest mouths of denial have the most to hide.

Wexner tries so hard to keep to the line that he was terribly deceived by Epstein. From what I see so far, that is a half-truth and one that would have been best left unmentioned.

Anyhow, thank you, Anony, for making this think-tank even better.

Facts About Wexner and Epstein:

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency: The relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and Jewish philanthropist Leslie Wexner, explained

Leslie Wexner, 81, a billionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist and champion of Jewish learning, entrusted all his money to Jeffrey Epstein, a secretive financier with no college degree. Wexner is Epstein’s only known financial client.

Wexner made his fortune by founding The Limited, a women’s clothing brand, in 1963. He also has Bath & Body Works, Pink and, Victoria’s Secret under L Brands. According to Forbes, he’s worth $4.6 billion.

Wexner trusted Epstein as a money manager and legal representative.  When Wexner spent money, Epstein was connected to it somehow. Epstein even received power of attorney over Wexner’s finances.

Wexner has recently put out a series of statements on Epstein.

In one statement, Wexner wrote that Epstein stole from him. [He] “had wide latitude to act on my behalf with respect to my personal finances while I focused on building my company and undertaking philanthropic efforts.”

Epstein lived in Wexner’s New York City townhouse for years, eventually acquiring it, along with acquiring a private plane from Wexner.

Epstein supervised the construction of Wexner’s yacht, Limitless, and was a frequent guest at Wexner’s Ohio parties, according to The New York Times. The Times reported that Epstein froze out some of Wexner’s friends and acquaintances from his life.

Wexner wrote, “I am embarrassed that, like so many others, I was deceived by Mr. Epstein. I know now that my trust in him was grossly misplaced and I deeply regret having ever crossed his path.”

In 2008, Epstein made a $46 million donation to one of Wexner’s charities. Wexner wrote in his letter that “payments Mr. Epstein made to the charitable fund represented a portion of the returned monies” Epstein misappropriated.


What I have read about the ties between Jeffrey Epstein and Leslie Wexner also tells a personal tale….Epstein, the industrialized gigolo. Epstein the nonpartisan blackmailer.…. Epstein contributed to Wexner’s private happiness, tremendously.

Epstein … brought Wexner back to life, wherein Wexner gave himself permission to be more than a constant workhorse. Epstein saw a need and filled it. He guided Wexner in pleasure while Wexner expanded Epstein’s business profits immensely…

So for Wexner, while his life had become very good materially, he seemed to have felt regrets about loneliness, call it lovelessness, a personal emptiness. Epstein found him a young lady who changed all of that for his pal and mentor, and Wexner, although he even married someone else, reportedly never did leave off with his mistress, the young lady brought to him by Jeffrey Epstein.

Wexner married Abigail S. Koppel in 1993, when he was 55, and it has been his only marriage. The couple has had four children.

[Editor’s Note – a commenter said this – and it expresses what many are likely suspecting about Wexner]

Epstein must have brought more than a young lady to Wexner. That would be easy to pay off or hide. Epstein’s entire life was having these girls around. How can his bbf’s say they had no idea…

It was probably a mix of boys, girls, men, women and anonymity to hide anything Wexner thinks of as perversions.

This includes Epstein/Wexner financial schemes with charitable donations, properties, and offshore accounts.

Wexner had his pick of women; he was 55 and immensely wealthy. He had models begging to work. It was definitely more than one young lady he is hiding. I believe.

Image result for victoria secret
Leslie Wexner was the boss of Victoria’s Secret – so why did he need Jeffrey Epstein to find him a woman? Was there more to it?

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  • This topic doesn’t seem to be getting much attention, so let’s spice it up for anyone who’s not just paying attention to pieces about their favorite and/or reviled NXIVM cutie. There was quite the sensational Epstein-related piece yesterday that we apparently all missed – not many of us must be paying attention to actual news – with interesting implications for the international aspects of the case:

    Epstein sex slave tried to swim shark-infested waters to escape
    ‘She now wants to see others prosecuted, too.

    “Jeffrey is one person in a whole spiderweb,” she told the paper. “I met lots of Russians, Eastern Europeans. What about his life in Paris?

    “You think there aren’t any 15-year-olds in Paris who have been abused? Paris was a candy shop for him. I believe they will follow through. And bring others to justice.”’

    Also, the Epstein apologist who I posted a link to an article about the other day, has had to fall on his sword:

    Famed MIT Computer Scientist Who Defended Epstein Resigns

  • Shivani, thanks for your thoughts – and the appreciation.

    If you recommended those sources I will check them out, though it will have to wait at least until later today.

    Wexner is indeed a fascinating, and perplexing, case that leaves us wanting to know more. Sort of like Mack, it’s hard – even harder – to know where to put him on the spectrum from victim to perpetrator. People have reported that it was impossible not to notice all the underaged girls around Epstein – but we also have reports that he could be very effective at compartmentalizing and shielding things.

    Maybe Epstein just fixed Wexner up with somewhat younger girlfriends, but not the sort of jailbait and courtesan assignations as he seems to have provided for others. I’ve personally long objected to Victoria’s Secret’s objectification of women, and especially their suggestive selling of “Pink” (who remembers when that was a smut codeword?) to young girls, so it would hardly surprise me if the man at the top was a closet pedophile.

    Epstein also seems to have had a cult guru-like hold over Wexner, as you allude to, and that is yet another aspect that remains completely unexplained and unexposed. We have yet to see, for instance, an even off-the-record interview with someone close to Wexner at the time who could provide some real insight into what was going on.

    I suspect that Epstein also positioned himself as saving Wexner large amounts through tax avoidance schemes, and likely also as making him big money on investments – while cutting himself generous slices, perhaps often surreptitiously. There’s an old saying that it’s easy to appear like a genius in a bear (booming) market, and it may be no accident that the two parted ways around the same time as the investment bubble burst disastrously and when, as Warren Buffet says, “the tide goes out [and] you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

    • I really don’t know anything about Wexner or his relationship with Epstein, and after reading Shivani’s piece I still don’t. In the popular mind anyone associated with Epstein is tainted; it’s simple guilt by association, which can be profoundly unjust. But that’s mob justice for you.

      But back to Shivani’s piece: “Epstein must have brought more than a young lady to Wexner. That would be easy to pay off or hide. Epstein’s entire life was having these girls around… It was probably a mix of boys, girls, men, women and anonymity to hide anything Wexner thinks of as perversions.” Is there any basis for this at all, other than speculation? Any sources at all? Because none are given. So Shivani speculates that Wexner was having sex with children, and that he’s bisexual, and we are supposed to accept it as fact. On his say-so. No evidence at all.


      “Wexner had his pick of women; he was 55 and immensely wealthy. He had models begging to work.” Shivani is saying that Wexner could have made models screw him in exchange for modeling jobs. Pull a Harvey Weinstein. Perhaps the reason Wexner didn’t do this is because it’s illegal, unethical, and gross? Perhaps Wexner isn’t the creep that Shivani assumes? Because as far as I can see, the only evidence that Wexner is tainted is his association with Epstein.

      As far as I can see, having read Shivani’s piece, Wexner is guilty of nothing. Again, I know nothing about Wexner, I don’t particularly care one way or the other. It just surprises me that people buy this guilt by association crap. That people are okay with speculating about all sorts of nasty crimes and misdeeds with not the slightest proof. Speculation is not evidence; do people really not know this?

      “People have reported that it was impossible not to notice all the underaged girls around Epstein…” This deserves close examination. “People have reported…” well, that’s gossip. It is essentially meaningless. I mean, Shivani says a bunch of stuff that’s pure speculation. People can report their speculation. What they imagine to be the case. What they think happened. None of this is factual. There is a reason hearsay is not admissible in court. It’s not evidence. It is, in point of fact, worthless in getting at the truth.

      As for it being impossible not to notice all the underage girls around Epstein, I think it would be very possible. I know virtually nothing about my friends and relatives sex lives. Do you? Probably not. Your pal Bill– how often does he masturbate? What kind of porn has your sister watched? Don’t know? Well, maybe some of Epstein’s friends are like us.

      I have read several articles about Epstein. There is a good deal of information about his many girlfriends. He had a voracious appetite for young women, models specifically. Most of them seem to have been in their early 20s. I don’t disbelieve that he had sex with some underage Lolitas, and that makes him a creep and a criminal. But mostly he seems to have been a rich older guy who liked to screw young hotties. A playboy. This seems to piss off the pearl-clutching public in an ecstasy of outraged moral superiority. (Or perhaps jealousy.) In my opinion Epstein was an asshole, but I can’t abide the guilt by association condemnation of anyone and everyone who knew the creep. That’s going too far.

      Moral panics are ugly, nasty business. And we’re smack in the middle of one now.

      Oh, and as for Victoria’s Secret objectifying women, their target customer is female, customers don’t seem to object, and if women want to buy lacy black thongs I have no objections.

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