Why Does Dr. Danielle Roberts Still Have a Medical License?


Readers of Frank Report often enjoy the splendid artwork of MK10ART – but the following is a post written by her and accompanied by some of her splendid artwork.


Dr. Danielle Roberts is/was a member of the Nxivm cult, serving under leader Keith Raniere.  Raniere has been found guilty of multiple felonies and is awaiting sentencing in January.  While a few of the top members of NXIVM have faced legal consequences for their actions, many have escaped justice. One of these escapees is Dr. Danielle Roberts.

Allison Mack will perhaps be better remembered for her work with Dr. Danielle Roberts than for her acting talents.

Roberts permanently scarred up to 150 women in their pubic regions with a hot cauterizing pen. She branded these women, without anesthesia, in a private residence in Clifton Park, N.Y.

An example of Dr. Roberts’ branding technique.

In addition to this, Dr. Roberts deceived her ‘patients’ by intentionally misleading them concerning what she was carving into their flesh.  Roberts did not tell them that it was Keith Raniere and possibly Allison Mack’s initials.

Instead, a story (lie) was concocted about the brand being symbolic of the elements.

Some may argue that because the brainwashed NXIVM-DOS members, who were blackmailed by collateral, asked Dr. Danielle to scorch their flesh – nothing illegal happened.  They asked and the bad doctor provided.  However, a doctor is not only required to follow the law but also the ethics of their profession.

Dr. Cauterizing Pen broke several.

While Dr. Danielle Roberts may not have technically broken the law, she should still face some consequences for the pain and suffering she inflicted along with the ethical breaches she made.

Below are the American Medical Association’s principles of medical ethics.  In bold are the strikes again the doctor who branded young women like cattle.  My comments are in parentheses.

“Appendix C American Medical Association Principles of Medical Ethics (2001)


The medical profession has long subscribed to a body of ethical statements developed primarily for the benefit of the patient. As a member of this profession, a physician must recognize responsibility to patients first and foremost, as well as to society, to other health professionals, and to self. The following Principles adopted by the American Medical Association are not laws, but standards of conduct which define the essentials of honorable behavior for the physician.

  • I. A physician shall be dedicated to providing competent medical care, with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights. (Dr. Roberts acted against human dignity by engaging in harming others under false pretenses.)
  • II. A physician shall uphold standards of professionalism, be honest in all professional interactions, and strive to report physicians deficient in character or competence, or engaging in fraud or deception, to appropriate entities. (Dr. Roberts deceived the people she branded as well as others in regards to ESP activities – endorsing a criminal organization.)
  • III. A physician shall respect the law and also recognize a responsibility to seek changes in those requirements which are contrary to the best interests of the patient.  (Dr. Roberts should have declined the act of branding but did not.  Instead she willfully hurt others.  Her blind obedience to NXIVM cult throws her own judgement into question.)
  • IV. A physician shall respect the rights of patients, colleagues, and other health professionals, and shall safeguard patient confidences and privacy within the constraints of the law.
  • V. A physician shall continue to study, apply, and advance scientific knowledge, maintain a commitment to medical education, make relevant information available to patients, colleagues, and the public, obtain consultation, and use the talents of other health professionals when indicated.
  • VI. A physician shall, in the provision of appropriate patient care, except in emergencies, be free to choose whom to serve, with whom to associate, and the environment in which to provide medical care.
  • VII. A physician shall, recognize a responsibility to participate in activities contributing to the improvement of the community and the betterment of public health. (Again Dr. Roberts participated in activities which brought down the community and adversely affected public health.)
  • VIII. A physician shall, while caring for a patient, regard responsibility to the patient as paramount.
  • IX. A physician shall support access to medical care for all people.

Dr. Danielle Roberts was a cult follower.

She was ostensibly under the influence of the neurolinguistic programming used by NXIVM leaders.  Under this influence, Dr. Roberts caused harm to others.  At the very least, Roberts should be required to address the programming she was under while a member of NXIVM.

If she is still a NXIVM member, her license should be taken away.

NXIVM is a criminal organization as determined by a jury in a court of law.  If Dr. Roberts is still promoting ESP and other NXIVM related programs, she should no longer be allowed to practice medicine.

MK10ART – a painting of Danielle Roberts burning the Hippocratic Oath.

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  • Legal or not, brainwashed or not, this is tantamount to torture and I’m stunned that Roberts is allowed to continue practicing medicine and no charges have been brought against her.

  • Legal or not, brainwashed or not, this is tantamount to torture and I’m stunned that Roberts is allowed to continue practicing medicine and that no charges were brought against her.

  • It’s clear the rule of law does not exist. Clearly. Further, the misandry of the bigoted prosecutors is evident. It’s a joke to blame KR for everything. Brainwashed lol, who isn’t. So many evil and illegal acts perpetuated by women were ignored by female prosecutors. It’s all laughable.
    Whatever you can get away with and these women got away with plenty.

    • Sounds to me like an apologist, perhaps a former NXian who has soured on the leadership but still wants to uncritically excuse what members did – including those in DOS.

        • Good point, I forget they weren’t necessarily all NXians as well – though I presume the intent was to eventually recruit them, including into DOS.

          “Capt.Crunch” does seem to know something about NXIVM’s inner workings, at least from following the trial, though.

          Possibly also Porters’ wife.

  • So many lies Here.
    150?? Really?
    Also debunked at trail.
    You people make up this crap as you go along!!!
    You are as sinister as The Vanguard and Prefect.

    • If it wasn’t 150, it was still somewhere between dozens and around hundred, which is hardly exculpatory. Do you actually have a better number you would like to provide, or are you just going to paint Roberts as some sort of victim, even though she did what she did to people under the NXIVM belief that there are no ultimate victims?

      Such petty complaining about inaccuracies that are inconsequential to the broader picture, particularly in the absence of providing any better information to the contrary, is known as “sharpshooting,” and is one of the techniques commonly used by cult apologists and propagandists. It’s arguably a variation of the logical and evidentiary fallacy of anecdotalism (and related to whataboutism, which I cited in an earlier comment), virtually the stock in trade of culty thinking, and high control groups or cults themselves:

      Your Fallacy is: anecdotal

      “You used a personal experience or an isolated example instead of a sound argument or compelling evidence.
      It’s often much easier for people to believe someone’s testimony as opposed to understanding complex data and variation across a continuum. Quantitative scientific measures are almost always more accurate than personal perceptions and experiences, but our inclination is to believe that which is tangible to us, and/or the word of someone we trust over a more ‘abstract’ statistical reality.

      Example: Jason said that that was all cool and everything, but his grandfather smoked, like, 30 cigarettes a day and lived until 97 – so don’t believe everything you read about meta analyses of methodologically sound studies showing proven causal relationships.”


    • When I get a bakers dozen at my local bakery, the Box Never has 150 doughnuts it!

      That would be a 90% INACCURACY, which doesn’t APPEAR inconsequential, but does make for a great headline.

      As Scott pointed out, Salem is alive and well in 2019!

      Stick to the facts
      One day they may come for you
      and I’m fairly certain you would want the facts, not the 90% inaccuracies of every person’s version.

      • To begin with, you completely failed to answer the fundamental question:

        “Do you actually have a better number you would like to provide”

        And I wrote “dozens,” plural, since it’s clear she branded a significant number of women in Albany and Brooklyn, even if we don’t have an exact count.*

        If you bought a big box of donuts, and found several dozen of them to be bad, wouldn’t that be a real problem, even if it was half or less?

        Your evasion and illogical are typical of what is seen from followers and apologists of cults and other such groups.

        The lack of ability to properly deal with facts and evidence, and to reason and evaluate, is all too common among diehard cultists – though it’s not always quite the reason people get into such groups initially. If Dr. Roberts suffers from such deficits, then she should indeed not be practicing medicine – she can do her great non-medical physical therapy type stuff or whatever she’s actually qualified for.

        * Someone could try to put together a better count of Brandin’ Dani’s victims, if you’d like – and maybe even feature it as a new article, since you seem to think getting the count closer to right is an important issue.

    • The number, even if inflated, is irrelevant. Your defense of her is absurd. She belongs in jail. Even if she was brainwashed, the physical torture she willingly perpetrated on these women should haunt her for the rest of her life but she’s doing yoga now and healing herself so it’s all good. The women she scarred are scarred for life. Removing the scar requires several surgical procedures. She violated her Hippocratic Oath to first do no harm. At the very least, she deserves to have her medical license revoked though IMO she belongs in prison.

  • “Roberts did not tell them that it was Keith Raniere and possibly Allison Mack’s initials.”
    Excuse me but do you understand anything about this case or are you as childish as your “art”?
    It was debunked fully! IT IS NOT HER INITIAL!

    “Some may argue that because the brainwashed NXIVM-DOS members, who were blackmailed by collateral, asked Dr. Danielle to scorch their flesh – nothing illegal happened. ”

    It’s funny you say that because you apply this for the other DOS member but ignore that for Allison it was a fact proved!

    And sorry to say but there is nothing illegal (that why it’s not mentionned that much in the trial).
    Sadly , it’s considered as tattoos and other body modifications…you can easily find a tattoo parlor who would be ok to legally mark you.

    But you need a licence (as far as i heard) and Roberts didn’t had one so she could be punished for this.

    “She was ostensibly under the influence of the neurolinguistic programming used by NXIVM leaders. Under this influence, Dr. Roberts caused harm to others. At the very least, Roberts should be required to address the programming she was under while a member of NXIVM.”
    So she is a victim, by your own word…just like Allison.
    Then one question: Why the raging against the victims? AIM AT THE REAL TARGET ! Lauren was doing the NLP with her mother , Not Allison, Not Roberts…

    “If she is still a NXIVM member, her license should be taken away.”
    Even if she isn’t…The oath as been broken and her licence is technically revoked in the eyes of medecine.

    “NXIVM is a criminal organization as determined by a jury in a court of law.”
    Wronfully i would add…While the real leader, the one that willingly did the crime like Raniere, Salzmans , potentially bronfman (but seeing how she act, i’d say she was under influence), are indeed in a crime enterprise, Others like Allison, Russell and some of the under influence (NLP, Starvation and sleep deprivation (and potentially drug as nobody talk about the powder that the starved member had to consume) should be treaten as victims.

  • I personally would like to know if she knew what Dr Porter was doing, and failed to report that unethical behavior.

    • Roberts was probably not aware of what Porter was doing, or vice versa. There was a LOT of compartmentalization of information in NXIVM, as there is in any MLM scam.

  • It should be pointed out that Danielle Roberts is not an MD, she’s a DO. An osteopath. A little research reveals that the field of osteopathy is “controversial”. Here’s this gem from the New York University Medical center:

    “What Is the Scientific Evidence for Osteopathic Manipulation?  

    There is little evidence as yet that osteopathic manipulation is helpful for the treatment of any medical condition.” https://web.archive.org/web/20071102155501/http://www.med.nyu.edu/patientcare/library/article.html?ChunkIID=37409#evidence

    Osteopathy, evidently, was conceived in the 19th century as an “alternative” to conventional (i.e., real, science-based medicine). It involved manually manipulating joints, pretty much just an offshoot of chiropractic. It’s a relic of an earlier age when the family doctor couldn’t really do much for his patients other than lend a sympathetic ear and make them feel better, and its modern cousins are those “alternative medicines’ that rely on folk medicine and feel-good vibes. I can see how osteopathy appealed to Raniere and his ship of fools, it was right up their wacky alley.

      • It’s not quite as significant as you are implying: https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ACYBGNTakehtZnuyZZeq6fkTGn5yj0Rr0A%3A1570561929676&ei=id-cXajnKI_IsQWwu4_4Bg&q=md+versus+do&oq=md+ve&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0l10.113288011.113295951..113298481…1.7..0.489.1734.0j2j2j0j2……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71j0i273j0i131j0i67j0i10.Bmo95UH2R40

        Having said that, there are quacks who are MDs and quacks who are DOs. In fact, my Amway Platinum upline joined the now defunct CieAura MLM holographic chip scam, after our common upline was kicked out of Amway.

        Dr. James LaRose, a DO: https://web.archive.org/web/20120525061757/http://www.cieaura.com/medical-board.html Lucky for him, he never approached me about the new scam he joined.

        • An Extra 300 to 500 hours in muscular-skeletal training who tried to practice what she preaches, who put MORE countless hours into developing an exercise program all while paying for advanced education, with zero knowledge of what transpired between Jaye and India because she was busy working.

          So. because she believed in meditation and yoga as a peaceful platform for healing and in exercise, she must be a BEAT DOWN, no matter what.

          The fact that this brave lady still tries, should speak volumes to all of you. This COULD have happened to you or your family. Keep shutting your eyes and opening your judgemental mouths.

          • That sounds like the sort of rationalization that Roberts would be making.

            What’s at issue here is her branding of in the ballpark of 100 people, under conditions that wouldn’t have been allowed in a tattoo parlor, and that were in violation of her Osteopathic Oath and standards of medical ethics and practice. She caused permanent harm to the bodies of people who in many cases were not fully informed about, and had not properly consented to, the procedure that they were to be subject to. That it was done outside her formal scope of practice is the only thing that prevented her medical license from being taken away immediately, but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t still misuse her position and responsibilities as a physician and does not deserve to at least be censured and disciplined.

            That is a line of fallacious, culty justification along the lines of the infamous “Mussolini made the trains run on time” (which also turns out to be false), as if good things someone may have done somehow justify the bad – essentially a reversal of the guilt by association fallacy, though I can’t find a formal name for it. It’s similar to “whataboutism,” another one also typically employed by cult apologists:

            “Whataboutism, also known as whataboutery, is a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent’s position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument,[1][2][3] which in the United States is particularly associated with Soviet and Russian propaganda.[4][5][6] When criticisms were leveled at the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the Soviet response would often be “What about…” followed by an event in the Western world.[7][8][9] As Garry Kasparov noted, it is a word that was coined to describe the frequent use of a rhetorical diversion by Soviet apologists and dictators, who would counter changes of their oppression, “massacres, gulags, and forced deportations” by invoking American slavery, racism, lynchings, etc.[10]”


          • Just because I said being a DO vs. an MD isn’t as bad as some make it sound doesn’t mean I’m a Roberts fanboy. I’m not. However, if she didn’t know about the collateral that caused the others to “volunteer” to have themselves cauterized for a half hour or so, I don’t see it being illegal or unethical. Here’s some people who do similar things to “fit in” with their social circles, and is something I would never do: https://www.google.com/search?q=black+men+branding+omega&sxsrf=ACYBGNR5x-pdFeJO1gklPdRj9ToEZOyLBg:1570740378005&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiKp4_yx5LlAhVJ_J4KHWpUBGEQ_AUIEigB&biw=1278&bih=729 If your beef is ONLY with the cauterizing, then get outraged about this as well.

      • That might have been true long ago, but no longer is – or else you’re confusing them chiropractors, homeopaths (believe it or not, there were also once homeopathic hospitals) or one of the other more obscure old pseudomedical professions.

        From the Mayo Clinic:

        “What kind of doctor is a D.O.? Does a D.O. have the same training as an M.D.?

        A doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.) is a fully trained and licensed doctor who has attended and graduated from a U.S. osteopathic medical school. A doctor of medicine (M.D.) has attended and graduated from a conventional medical school.

        The major difference between osteopathic and allopathic doctors is that some osteopathic doctors provide manual medicine therapies, such as spinal manipulation or massage therapy, as part of their treatment.

        After medical school, both M.D.s and D.O.s must complete residency training in their chosen specialties. They must also pass the same licensing examination before they can treat people and prescribe medications.”


    • These days osteopaths are being trained in the standard essentials of primary care, including obstetrics and even general (minor) surgery, so they are considered physicians and granted licenses to practice medicine, and are more like general practitioners or internists – for what that’s worth, it’s what Porter was. Osteopathy has essentially become a sideline to their conventional medical training, though it still puts them in a category a notch lower and thus attracts people who couldn’t quite make the grade for regular medical school, and who are probably a bit more prone to try to including pseudo-science in their practices. Osteopaths can get staff privileges at hospitals, and there are even a few osteopathic hospitals left out of what were once quite a number.

      Chiropractors are still largely focused on the old and discredited pseudo-science, though they are trying to get on the primary care bandwagon so that they can bill insurance for basic office visits – plus even pushing to get unproven chiropractic treatments covered. They almost never get staff privileges at hospitals, and there once was such a thing as chiropractic hospitals but they were little more than nursing care facilities.

      There’s nothing necessarily wrong with with psycho-social, complementary or holistic medical approaches when they’re evidence-based, or backed up by research. I assume we’d all agree, for instance, that doctors ought to consider and talk to patients about lifestyle when they’re suffering from conditions like obesity and heart disease, rather than just prescribing medicines for symptoms.

      • Anonymaker,

        Don’t forget the Chiropractic pseudo “science” was started by a man who recieved his chiropractic knowledge from a supernatural spirit ghost.

        • Niceguy, thanks for the reminder.

          He also avoided getting it completely shut down at one point, by setting it up as a religion!

          It’s bizarre that things like that, and homeopathy, even still exist.

  • Danielle Roberts was a known DOS member who had to have given collateral to have her brand. How could she not know?
    She has a 2.25 rating out of 5 and several people have left comments that she was a member of a sex slave cult and branded women.

    How she stays in practice is beyond me with or without a Medical License

    here is the link

  • I love how she captures each characters different emotional branding experience while master Raniere hangs on a frame above all the others. From Allison’s gums and her holding down the naked breasted slave, who is clearly in anguish, to the insane look of the branding Doctors eyes is a joy to look at.

  • 150? REALLY?
    You really make up whatever suits you, don’t you?
    Lauren’s testimony proves that.
    I have read a lot of untruths HERE.
    AND you bet your ass there were mega compartmentalizations. You can only know what you know at the time.
    There are times medicine calls for more exercise, less drugs. And rehab is often painful and hard work. There are times it calls for painkillers and it’s a balance humans struggle with daily.

    Dr. patient/ relationships matter and the belief that this wasn’t of that scope but instead was a voluntary commitment of like-minded people.
    Taking her license just reinforces another Raniere win against women!
    You demand her compassion, Where’s YOURS?
    Oh wait, probably all used up
    On Sarah, who never went through what this lady did and India who was fortunate enough to have wealth and power to rescue her with no repercussions.
    I really wonder if you people have any idea how hard this woman worked? Why you want to facilitate him ruining more lives is beyond understanding. You can bet your bottom $, sleep deprivation played a huge role.

    Sanction, maybe, but sounds like the 3 years of hell already endured sounds much more reasonable. , time served!!

  • MK10ART, you are a genius. Please keep the artwork coming. You really capture the depraved essence of these wack jobs.

  • Thanks for citing the Principles of Medical Ethics, which are really interesting to see juxtaposed with notes about what Roberts did.

    Medical boards are rightfully hesitant to take away doctors’ licenses, given the enormous investment of resources involved in obtaining them, and the valuable services that a doctor can provide to the community – there are already too few of them. Plus of course any human group tends to have some bias towards protecting its own members.

    Boards often set up remedial programs for physicians whose fitness to practice has been called into question, and that can indeed be a suitable solution for a doctor who needs some sort of additional training, or reinforcement about professional practices – and it also comes into play, for instance, in cases of substance abuse, in which they may be directed to undergo rehabilitation and demonstrate that they have resolved the problem. I’ve been peripherally involved in informally consulting on one case that involved someone who could, come to think of it, have been a NXIVM member sort of like Roberts, a hardcore competitive athlete who essentially lacked compassion in treating patients who didn’t share their own sort of suck it up and tough it out attitude, to the point of under-treating them and putting them in danger.

    As much as I find Roberts’ conduct reprehensible, I can also sympathize with the board’s difficulty in judging something that appears outside her scope of professional practice. Thinking it through, I suspect that in Porter’s case, the fact that the was conducting experiments, and doing so in a setting that had more of the appearance of a professional environment, weighed against him as more clearly constituting a sort of malpractice.

    What to me counts most against Roberts, is that she at least informally traded on her reputation as “doctor” to reassure people or even help lure them into the branding – there have been reports about how people felt that meant she could be trusted. Plus, the brandings were done without proper informed consent it’s hard to imagine a physician doing something like that, even outside of their practice, with fewer formalities than even a tattoo parlor would observe.

    I think a case could be made that Roberts should just be subject to ethics and judgment training, and a period of oversight, so long as she demonstrates that she has come to appreciate that what she did was wrong, and has cut ties with a group that had undue influence over her.

    • What counts to me most about Roberts is that she informally traded on her reputation, “Have You Ever Heard of Sports Medicine ” in your lifetime? Athletes are known for sticking thier Joints, etc. , in buckets of ice! If an osteopath manipulation saves them from a life of ICE, why wouldn’t they be inclined to try it ?
      Not to mention our veterans who are subjected to extreme physical rehabilitation, These doctors HELP..

  • Mk10Art,

    Great article! I hope you write more of them. It is appalling that Roberts still has a medical license to practice medicine.

  • Welcome to the Salem witch hunt. I’m no fan of Roberts, but unless it can be shown she was aware of the collateral, which she very well may have been since she presumably has her own private parts cauterized with Raniere’s initials. However, her collateral may have been that she was doing the cauterizing and wasn’t aware of the others being blackmailed. Remember that NXIVM was full of compartmentalized information and the assumption that everyone knew everything from day one is not a competent assumption. Cauterizing/scarification isn’t illegal or unethical: https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20130517/new-york-city/scarification-emerges-as-cutting-edge-body-art-brooklyn#slide-6 and who better than a doctor to monitor the healing and potential infections?

    • Scott,
      This is no Salem Witch Hunt.
      This was a sex slave cult run by criminals, perverts and reprobates.

      Notice how all of the NXIVM members are denying knowledge of what was happening in NXIVM.

      A recent article in the Frank Report recounts how Allison Mack was interested in Cami’s 10-year long relationship with Raniere.

      But now Allison Mack acts like she had no idea that Raniere was a pedophile.

      Enough of the lies and excuses by NXIVM’s elite to cover up their criminal behavior!

      • This article was a Salem Witch Hunt. Even a sex slave cult run by criminals, perverts and reprobates has the right to defend themselves to each individual charge in a court of law and be proven to have broken a written law, including every single element, beyond a reasonable doubt by an unanamous jury of their peers. Try reading the Constitution before you get on your high horse.

        Of course they will deny it, and it’s the DOJ’s job to prove them to be liars. We do know there was a lot of compartmentalization going on in NXIVM. Cami’s 10-year long relationship with Raniere is immaterial when it comes to Roberts cauterizing.

        Would YOU like to be convicted of a felony or lose a license based on what someone else thought you knew? I am no less personally disgusted than you are regarding what NXIVM did (except for Mack, we all know you’re over the top with her), but when the law and medical licenses are at stake, evidence must prevail, or it WOULD be a Salem Witch Hunt.

        • “Even a sex slave cult run by criminals, perverts and reprobates has the right to defend themselves to each individual charge in a court of law ”

          The gangster leaders of NXIVM were provided with a written indictment citing specific laws which were broken.
          And all five of Raniere’s co-defendants made a plea deal.
          Even Raniere tried to make a plea deal.
          They all had the opportunity to defend themselves.
          And as far as I am concerned they are all as GUILTY AS SIN.

          They were not accused of witchcraft.
          They were accused of real crimes.
          Identity Theft
          Computer Hacking
          Sex Trafficking.

          As far as I am concerned, the US DOJ was far too lenient with these gangsters.

          • We don’t know whether Raniere tried to make a plea deal, that was rumor. It may or may not be true. Of course they are guilty, five plead guilty and the other was found guilty as the result of a trial, so what you think is irrelevant. We are talking about Roberts, not the NXIVM 6. The term “Salem Witch Hunt” is slang that means to declare someone guilty with little to no evidence. Sometimes you are so literal it’s hilarious. I wish the DOJ had obtained more guilty pleas as well, but they are the professional prosecutors and they wanted the guaranteed bird in the hand and not the two in the bush. That’s another figure of speech, it does not involve the literal holding of a bird in your hand or any birds in a shrub. LOL

  • MK10Art has produced great drawings that fully illustrate the Madness and Criminality of the whole NXIVM Gang.
    I highly recommend MK10Art’s work.
    I also thank MK10Art for her latest drawing of Allison Mack in prison playing with her pet rat.
    I am proud that my comment last August inspired MK10Art to produce this truthful work of art.

    And I would like to thank the 53 people who voted positively for this great drawing by MK10Art.
    It is one of MK10Art’s most popular drawings.

    And to Marcos Brabilla who panned this work of art I respond:
    Allison Mack gave no respect to women when she ordered that they be branded like cattle.
    Allison Mack is receiving the precise amount of respect which she deserves.
    Perhaps Marcos when Allison Mack gets out of prison she should brand you and you, Marcos, would then understand the pain and suffering Allison Mack inflicted on these young women.

    Now to the sadistic Dr. Danielle Roberts.
    Several years ago I underwent a painful medical procedure.
    At every step of the way my doctors provided me with information about the procedure and answered my questions.
    They received my informed consent and took appropriate steps to alleviate any pain.
    They also gave me anti-biotics to reduce the risk of infection.

    These doctors were professional in every respect.
    One of them is a doctor at the University of Chicago Medical School.

    To me the idea of Dr. Danielle Roberts taking orders from Allison Mack, an actress with no medical training, is incomprehensible.
    My procedure was medically necessary.
    Dr. Roberts procedures, inflicted on unknowing patients at the directive of Allison Mack, were totally unnecessary and no efforts were made to reduce pain or the risk of infection.

    Dr. Danielle Roberts engaged in unethical conduct that robbed these young women of their human dignity.
    Indeed the entire process was designed to initiate these young women into a sex slave cult.

    As for Dr,. Danielle Roberts my understanding is that she now practices in Long Island and occasionally visits Allison Mack’s wife Nicki Clyne in Clyne’s Brooklyn apartment.
    Sounds to me like Dr. Danielle Roberts is still a part of the NXIVM cult.

    • How do you know you inspired the artwork? The “rat” is known to be an unknown person who made a comment on Tighe’s website.

      The pain was intended to be part of the process, and I’m sure you know what Mack’s comment was regarding the cauterizing vs. a tattoo. LOL

      How do you know what efforts were made to prevent/monitor infections? Have you heard a single story of any of the women getting an infection?

      People have things done to their bodies all of the time that are not medically necessary.

      My understanding is you also visit Clyne’s apartment hoping that Mack will be there and she keeps slamming the door in your face. See, I have just as many facts as you do, ZERO. LOL

      • “How do you know you inspired the artwork? ”

        In the comment quoted on the side of the drawing MK10Art quotes from an article I wrote last August.

        A writer on Frankreport.com asks “At what point do we begin to regard #AllisonMack as a grown woman who made her own choices and not like a frail helpless little girl?
        Keep in mind that Allison Mack had the financial resources to leave NXIVM at any time.

        Allison Mack traveled all over the world.

        Allison Mack always had communications access, via phone and internet, to the whole world.” https://frankreport.com/2019/08/02/allison-mack-enjoyed-torturing-women/

        Allison Mack Enjoyed Torturing Women
        August 2, 2019
        By Shadow State

        “Keep in mind that Allison Mack had the financial resources to leave NXIVM at any time.
        Allison Mack traveled all over the world.
        Allison Mack always had communications access, via phone and internet, to the whole world.”

        But I must admit Scott Johnson that you inspire me to laugh whenever I think about how dedicated you still are to Amway.
        Telling me that all one needs to be successful in Amway is “self-confidence.”

        Amway is a scam.
        Amway is a pyramid scheme that will always be doomed to failure.
        All of the confidence in the world will avail one against the simple mathematical fact that pyramid schemes, like their Ponzi scheme cousins, will eventually run out of new investors (suckers) to swindle.

        • How do you know she didn’t do the artwork first and then found the quote applicable? Why would that quote cause her to draw a rat, rather than the Tighe website where someone named “The Rat” made at least one comment? I know the answer, it’s your huge, out of control, ego. But it’s okay, we see right through your humble-brag. LOL

          I’m dedicated to educating others that Amway and most MLMs are scams, how is that being “dedicated” to Amway?

          Thanks for your usual logical fallacy. I never said all one needs to be successful in Amway is self-confidence. I said the reason most people don’t join is a lack of self-confidence. In this instance, they are the lucky ones who don’t lose time and money. It is quite rare to make money from doing Amway or most other MLMs.

          I know Amway is a scam, that’s why I have two websites and have dedicated myself to educating others about Amway and other MLM scams since 2005 and have done a radio show/podcast every week for over four years. Just because you know Amway is a scam doesn’t mean enough other people know, or it would collapse. Duh. But you just illustrated AGAIN that everything is about you. LOL

          Amway dooms most people who join to failure, but the owners/employees and top level distributors are doing just fine.

          Your “simple mathematical fact” is also WRONG, as there are 4-5 million people turning 18 years old in the U.S. alone. Multiply that number for the worldwide figure, then estimate the first 10 years after turn 18 are the prime years to be scammed by an MLM, for a variety of reasons. The judge in the Ger-Ro-Mar case slammed the FTC prosecutors for suggesting that saturation is real, and the judge in the 1979 Amway case rejected that invalid theory again. To my knowledge, the FTC hasn’t tried that failed theory again, but I’m sure you will, because you are incapable of learning.

    • Your “understanding ” is as flawed as your ego. Medical necessity constituted the Dr./Patient Relationship.
      From what I read, infection control WAS provided.

    • I’m sure your “AWARE” of the repeated yeast infections that antibiotics can cause, ESPECIALLY in women and how the Pain meds constipate everyone just like your aware a glass of wine kills brain cells, while I don’t advocate over drinking the largest difference is in our youth and the passing through the brain blood barrier if your under 21 yrs. of age.
      Listen, to everything there is a Season.
      What you experienced was right for you at that particular junction!

      • Local or topical anesthetics are typically used in cautery – and don’t have the downsides you mention.

        The failure to use, offer, or even properly document the informed refusal of, anesthesia, is one of the most troubling aspects of Roberts’ brandings.

  • There’s one well-concealed kind of pervasive reasoning amongst people who hide their ill will behind the image of the “devil” as they try to ingest and to reingest foulness. And Danielle Roberts is a member of the party. How come she gets to practice medicine now? There’s a dark web of protection, combined of deliberateness and indifference, even contempt.

    Maybe we aren’t yelling loudly about this outrage. Danielle Robert’s seems to have chosen her path of toxicity. This is bound to fall. So. Why wait? Let’s get on with it. She is the opposite of a healer. Who amongst you would participate in the enforced branding of flesh ?

    But Frank Parlato is here and keeps on reminding us. Call the f*cking hospital where she is employed. Write to those who choose to ignore her employment, ring them up, speak! Sitting around carping about Roberts is too permissive of an approach. It is always time to do more, to apply the strength of “free will.” Shout! Be loud. If you are so inclined. Give this Mengele gal no bushel to hide beneath. Hit the high beams. We can. Yes, by God, we can. For our children, our grandchildren and for ourselves.

    • Shivani:
      Dr. Danielle Roberts is listed on the internet and overall has a poor reputation.
      She is affiliated with the Plainview Hospital on Long Island.


      “About Dr. Danielle D Roberts DO
      Dr. Danielle D Roberts, DO is a doctor primarily located in Plainview, NY, with another office in Plainview, NY. She has 11 years of experience. Dr. Roberts is affiliated with Plainview Hospital. She speaks English.”

      (I would think that German might be more appropriate for Fräulein Doktor Roberts.)

      “The overall average patient rating of Danielle D Roberts is Poor. Danielle D Roberts has been rated by 24 patients.From those 24 patients 13 of those left a comment along with their rating.The overall rating for Danielle D Roberts is 2.25 of 5.0 stars.”

      Plainview Hospital
      888 Old Country Rd
      Plainview , NY 11803
      (516) 719-2546

      “Concerned Dr. Roberts not in prison.
      Self-verified patient of Dr. Danielle D Roberts – Posted on May 8th, 2019
      She is the proud sex cult doctor who use a cauterizing pen to brand over 150 women as part of an initiation ceremony for Nxivm.”

      “She branded women!!”

      “sex branding doctor…branded women’s pelvic area without anesthesia.”

      • Danielle D Roberts DO

        Ah, so she’s not an MD. She’s an osteopath. “Alternative medicine”, also known as a witch doctor.

        • ““Alternative medicine”, also known as a witch doctor.”

          I grew up in a family with PhDs, Anesthesiologists, Nurses and Pharmacists and in the medical hierarchy Osteopaths are even lower than RNs, LPNs and ward clerks.

          Some people rate Osteopaths lower than candy stripers.

          • Your ignorance is only preceded by your arrogance!
            May you experience two frozen shoulders, a severe sinus infection and perhaps a connective tissue disorder in your old age. No worries, your family can medicate you heavily!

          • “I grew up in a family with PhDs, Anesthesiologists, Nurses and Pharmacists and in the medical hierarchy Osteopaths are even lower than RNs, LPNs and ward clerks.

            Some people rate Osteopaths lower than candy stripers.”
            Arrogant idiot!
            Oh and i’m sure your fantastic family must be proud of the beautiful person you are!

            Village idiot is quite a nice up position ! Congratz!

      • Yes, I have the number of the hospital and called it today (not the first time) asked for her and was told “hold on” as the operator tried to connect. So it looks like Roberts is still there.

        However, my own household has been unusually and nearly urgently busy today. I have nada to say to Roberts anyway, but did get confirmation that she was there.

        Also, I’ve found that letters are more effective than phone calls and leave more of a record for officialdom, and I keep my own copies of any letters involving a protest like this.

        • Like she is the only doctor with that name?
          So you interrupted a busy doctor so you could hang up before they answered. Bravo, with that mentality, the patients , are sure to come first.

      • Did you use your real name when you pretended to be a self verified patient 13 times? Oh, they dont even ask for your name, how convenient for you.
        I bet that’s illegal, maybe you should ask one of those PHD’s in your family just in case.

        • “I bet that’s illegal, maybe you should ask one of those Ph.D.’s in your family just in case.”
          It is but Shadow Don’t care… he can do anything on the web…because he is hiding in a public Library!!!
          Too bad for him that eventually, all his actions will come to bite his ass.

          I’m sure his vision of justice will change once it will be served to him!

        • In 1938, Frank MacCracken “invented” the Osteopathic Oath for the Associated College of Osteopathy, and doctors of osteopathic medicine swear to that 1938 Oath rather than to the Hippocratic Oath.

          This would be a long story to go into in any detail, to offer the background motives, to elucidate the linguistic distinctions in the Osteopathic Oath, etc.

          I do like the way that CRACK was the major syllabic content of Frank McCracken’s surname.

          • And as a NON athlete that’s your choice! However gymnasts, pole vaulters, football, basket ball ,etc. are happy to work with physical therapist, D.O.’s and chiropractors and that is thier choice.

      • When you read the ingredients listed on your cereal-aisle fatass Captain Crunch box, right away you’ll see how futile it is for the Cap’t. to be able to mutter any kinetic curses whatsoever. Such cursings as were regurgitated here have all of the impact of fake intellectualism. You can see it as shrouded in a kind of mental “erectile dysfunctionality,” as yet unnoticed by the one spitting out the brief orchestral “curse” insertions. A sort of counterpoint, delivered via arrhthmia, cacaphony. The sounds are heard, even appreciated, but those sounds are made in passing; nobody stays stuck paying much attention to these additions or you will miss most of the action.

        Even cacaphony has its uses and offers value as a measure of any entirety, wherein no sound is ever really lost.

        Oddly enough however, people who study for hours or months or lifetime(s) find ways to restore themselves quite naturally with walks, teatime breaks at 4 in the morning or whenever it’s needed, hanging with loved ones and pets, music. It is just like keeping a fire going in the fireplace. You become your own hearth cleaner and chimney sweeper, too. It is pointless to curse work that you yourself haven’t bothered to do. And the lack of investigative fire always and inherently, invalidates itself. Swiftly and beyond any need for words. Devotees of truthfulness don’t need to argue amongst themselves. Disagreements instead are used to be supportive of mutually-held pursuits and are exploratory but rarely include the application of any brakes or stoppage.

        Besides, there’s always Tiger Balm.

        The more people toss curses, the more immunity to those stingy noises will arise in the “cursee.” The crabbiness, after awhile, resembles little squads of tapdancers doing their huzzah routines off somewhere in the background. Even that becomes an entertainingly brief diversion rather than a pain in the ass. There is a distinction between detachment and indifference. No one has to be indifferent, or benumbed, to be able to experience inner detachment, so far as attempted criticisms go.

        The longer you study, the more amusing the accompaniment of the tapdancers becomes. Into view and out of view, as soloists or as troupes, it is soft shoe. Not as unpleasant as stomping boots, not as destructive as 21st century weapons of mass destruction, critiques are only effective if they contain some kind of attractive, genuinely responsive intelligence. Elevator muzak is an impotent, minorly interruptive and hamfisted method to deploy. It cannot derail the spontaneity, the concentration or the stubbornness of anyone’s volition.

        • Oh, did I say may, must have slipped, I meant IF
          Must be all the good vibes flowing here. Have a melodious day!

    • Bullied more people lately? calm down!

      While I agree that she shouldn’t get away keeping her license after what she accepted to do, you are going too far with the “Mengele” allégations…It’s Porter who did the experiments, she just accepted to brand the girls (while she was probably coerced).
      Like someone pointed in a comment, she easily could brush the argument by pointing that it was done outside of her work…

      Still, she has a responsibility as she is supposed to do her best to make people feel better, not to hurt them.

  • I agree that she’s a quack, but those medical ‘ethics’ you’ve cited only apply to doctors PRACTICING MEDICINE in their capacity as doctors —- not as gals doing weird shit in their free time.

    Many doctors are members of so-called cults in their free time, which many people could argue applies to every religion like Christianity, Mormonism, Islam, Wicca, etc.

    All these religions have stories which defy scientific evidence, but which are believed by worshipers. Some even have practices which might defy medical ethics.

    Many doctors also belong to local gangbang and sex groups.

    Dr. Roberts would argue that she was asked to brand these ladies in her capacity as “Danielle” and not as “Dr. Roberts”.

    *Unless those branding videos show that she was saying things which made women believe that they were under the care of a licensed doctor, then I don’t think those medical ethics will apply.

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