Doe: Raniere may focus on women with no close male relations

JOHN DOE comments on Ivy Nevares:

Wow. This guy’s a massive charlatan loser. My educated guess is he to men in their families, e.g. brothers, fathers, uncles, cousins, old caring boyfriends, etc. because it’s hard to imagine not one of them – after hearing about the things he’s doing to the women they are close to – wouldn’t go to kick the living crap out of this puny, pathetic, pretend of a man.

JOHN DOE comments on Raniere’s decision not to be interviewed:

This is unsurprising. All of the requests for comment to him from various news outlets that published articles about NXIVM over the years never received any response either. The organization isn’t intended to be transparent because it hides a cult and is just an MLM scam.


1024x1024 (13)

According to people who know him, Keith Raniere has a penchant for vulnerable women.


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