Epstein’s Lawyers Propose $77 Million Package to Spring Alleged Child Sex Trafficker

Jeffrey Epstein In Court (July 8, 2019)

In what will likely leave many Frank Report readers with a sense of déjà vu all over again, Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers have proposed a multi-faceted bail proposal that would allow the alleged child sex trafficker to get out of the Manhattan Correctional Center (MCC) while he awaits trial.

Seriously, stop me if you heard all this before…

Per the proposal, Epstein would be allowed to live in his mansion on 51st Street in Manhattan – and would only be allowed to leave there for medical appointments as approved by Pretrial Services.

New surveillance cameras would be installed at the front and rear entrances of the building to ensure that he doesn’t sneak out.

He would be required to wear a GPS ankle monitoring device – which is the latest version of these devices and tracks the wearer’s whereabouts in real-time.

He would not seek to obtain any new passports (He has already surrendered the only passport that he claims to have).

He would agree to be extradited from any country and would waive all of his rights to contest any such extradition.

He would put up a “substantial personal recognizance bond” in an amount to be set by the court after it reviews his “Personal Financial Statement” (His attorneys have asked that the “Personal Financial Statement” be filed under seal).

The bond would be secured by a mortgage on his Manhattan mansion – which, according to his attorneys, is worth approximately $77 million (It is not known if that figure takes into account the fact that the mansion does need a new front door because the FBI agents who raided the place last Saturday battered the old one down).

He would pledge his private jet as further collateral – and would de-register it or otherwise ground it.

His brother, Mark, would serve as co-surety on the bond – and would further secure it via a mortgage on his house in West Palm Beach, FL.

One of his friends, David Mitchell, would also serve as co-surety on the bond – and would further secure it via mortgages on two investment properties.

He would demobilize, ground and/or deregister all his other vehicles in the New York City area.

He would allow Pretrial Services or other government personnel to randomly access his residence.

Except for his attorneys, no one else will be allowed to enter his residence without the approval of Pretrial Services or the court.

He would report daily by telephone to Pretrial Services in accordance with whatever schedule the court deems to be appropriate.

A Trustee or Trustees would be appointed to live in his residence – and would be required to report any violation of his release conditions to Pretrial Services and/or the court.


Clare Bronfman – who may or may not have a higher “net worth” than Epstein – was required to post a $100 million surety bond in order to keep her skinny ass out of federal prison after she was indicted.

MK10ART’s wonderful painting of Clare Bronfman.

And she was facing a maximum of 20 years in federal prison as opposed to the 45 years that Epstein is facing.

Keith Raniere – who claimed he had no assets – offered to have similar restrictions placed on him.

MK10ART’s beautiful painting of Keith Alan Raniere. How long will the world’s smartest man reside behind bars?

Raniere’s request to be freed on bail while he awaited trial was denied on three separate occasions.


Epstein’s attorneys also argued that the pending charges against him are bogus because they are nothing more than a regurgitation of charges that he previously faced in Florida and that were dismissed when he agreed to plead guilty to state-level charges there.

Jeffrey Epstein

As a result of that guilty plea, Epstein served 13 months in a local day camp in Florida – and 12 months of post-release probation.

He also had to register as a sex offender in all three jurisdictions where he maintains residences: i.e., the Virgin Islands, New York State, and Florida.

His attorneys argue that he has been a model citizen for the past 14 years and poses no threat to flee – and no danger to society.


We’ve all heard all this bullshit before when the Vanguard was trying to get his sorry ass out of the Metropolitan Detention Center – and on a private jet to Fiji as quickly as possible.

The presiding judge in Raniere’s case, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, didn’t buy into any of the bullshit arguments that were being bandied about by Raniere’s attorneys.

Let’s hope that Richard M. Berman, the judge who is currently assigned to Epstein’s case, has the same testicular fortitude as Judge Garaufis.

Fuck Jeffrey Epstein and all of the other pervs like him who think that because they’re rich, they’re entitled to a different justice system than the rest of us…

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  • You think about how very spoiled Epstein lets himself be and how he’s accustomed to having his least desire satisfied quickly. Of course his nouveau riche highASS finds jail to be disgusting and terribly inconvenient. It must be especially frustrating to his huge entitled dickhead ego. In jail, nothing ever gets done fast, right or efficiently. The only way to get any instantaneous gratification would be to stab somebody, but poor Jeffrey isn’t athletic enough for that.

    His entire energy has to instead be aimed at beating the system. It must nearly drive him crazy to be in an environment of such powerlessness and starkness. The smell in there alone is just not for him. You understand this, right? You have to get up early and there’s nobody serving good coffee. How the hell are you supposed to be able to get a fresh fruit smoothie in this dump? The whole place is of dirty, violent assholes. Have I mentioned IT STINKS?! Even the walls ooze ugly smells of sweat, cum, excrement and vomit. And you smell rage and misery like the cherry atop the shit sundae. Why would you put a civilized guy like Epstein into a place like this?

    Jeffrey isn’t a criminal, in Jeffrey’s estimation, he’s living his best life. He is popular! He is rich. He serves girls to the captains of government and industry. All of the “right people” appreciate Epstein. He is a helluva guy! Girls are just one of his hobbies, that’s all.

    Law enforcement must be a necessary inconvenience for Epstein, mainly designed to handle the poor, the uneducated, the violent and the sloppy, to keep them in line. But law enforcement should never bother Jeffrey Epstein because he’s too cool for school. Why oh why isn’t this understood? Step back and let an important man do his thing. Law enforcement should be thanking Epstein, you see, not harassing him. These LE people should only bother him when they want some underage girls for a retirement party. Epstein is a big donation Santa Claus. Let them eat cake.

    Epstein has had high friends in high places. They rode his jets, drank his cocktails, snorted his coke, and ejaculated semi-anonymously and without consequence, upon whomever happened to be provided. Enter the chorus of excuses. Nobody knew that Jeffrey’s stable of fillies needed to have their IDs checked. And we are taught never to be impolite, never to question the sources of our host’s bounty. That is rude. It just is not done.

    Too bad that Epstein turns out to be gauche, criminal and stupid. He can’t be a thing anymore. The man is a loser. And he hung around bad ex-presidents. But we never really knew him well at all anyway. Oh dear.

    If he gets it back together, great. If not, adios cowplop. Who was this Robert Einstein guy – the billionaire who just got arrested for sex stuff? Do we know him? We don’t? I thought not. Of course we didn’t.

    And what about all of the not yet dead presidents and princes who rode around in Epstein’s party caravans? None of THEM are complaining. Their latest problem is where to find new, uncomplicated fun now that Epstein has hit the rails again. It’s true though, that Jeffrey has become somewhat inconvenient, too. Since he needs to be kept quiet, why not just send him on some kind of permanent vacation? Like Whitey from Boston stayed free but restricted for years in his Santa Monica condo, the same arrangement can be made for whatshisname. Epstein. Bruce Epstein.

    None of this had to happen. This is why the rich and powerful expect you disapprovers to turn a blind eye and to hold out your palms for some grease if need be. Leave Jeffrey and his candy jars alone. He has been such a handy, easy-going pimp. He really had no idea that this was what he was doing. He always tried his damnedest to be entertaining. He was just a necessary evil but not a bad guy. This is getting too serious for the poor schmuck. You do know it stinks in jail. His expensive lawyers keep saying it isn’t good for Jerry Epstein’s health.

    It is simply not acceptable for him to be shut in a filthy joint full of poor guys. He can’t have a cellphone plugged into his stylishly pea-sized brain. Rotten food, never a moment alone, hostile, bare-bones atmosphere, not a good cup of coffee to be found. No servants and, worst of all, no exit. Poor little Jeffrey Epstein! Somebody is (reluctantly) trying to shut down his sex-traffic hobby. And this is not the first time that people have bothered poor Jeffrey. He had to buy his way out of trouble just awhile ago. No wonder he’s willing to cough up a hundred million or so. The price of privacy these days, Harvey Weincup.

  • For those following this case, here’s a ton of reading on Epstein. Each story seems to have at least one ‘nugget’ in it, that help paint a bigger picture into this creep.



















  • There is a presumption of innocence in the United States, and it is a fundamental human right. Currently 400,000 people — a quarter of the prison population — is locked up awaiting trial. That is to say 1 in 4 prison inmates have not been convicted of a crime. Mostly, this affects people who cannot afford cash bail (and there is a strong racial element in evidence too) and this is a grave injustice. But the principle remains even if the accused is rich: a suspect is assumed to be not guilty until the trial is concluded.

    I see a lot of calls for “justice” that seem more like cries for vengeance. That’s no way to run a democracy.

    Do I think Jeffrey Epstein is guilty of having sex with underage girls? Hell, yes. I fully expect him to be found guilty and incarcerated. But that has to wait until the facts come out in a court of law. He sure looks guilty by media reports… but that ain’t a trial.

    Rainiere was denied bail because he fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution. He proved himself a flight risk. People shouldn’t be denied bail simply because the crimes they are accused of committing are revolting.

    Punishment begins AFTER a guilty verdict.

  • Let’s not kid ourselves here. I’ve seen several prominent DC politicians and commentators say something along the lines of just let things unfold and we’ll see what happens. Generally, people like that who say “let the chips fall where they may” are pretty fucking sure about which chips are going to fall. IMO we will never ever know the true extent of this, we will just see the sacrificial goats.

    • “IMO we will never ever know the true extent of this, we will just see the sacrificial goats.”

      Sunlight is always the best disinfectant for corruption.
      I believe if the Epstein scandal is ever truly exposed you will find both Democrats and Republicans neck deep in corruption along with the British Royal Family and Israeli Intelligence.
      And I don’t care if they all go to hell over their decade long cover up of Epstein’s crimes.

  • John Whitehead Exposes America’s Heart Of Darkness: Sexual Predators Within The Power-Elite

    “As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends, compensating, to increase. And the dictator (unless he needs cannon fodder and families with which to colonize empty or conquered territories) will do well to encourage that freedom.”

    – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

    In this age of partisan politics and a deeply polarized populace, corruption – especially when it involves sexual debauchery, depravity and predatory behavior – has become the great equalizer.

    It is believed that Epstein operated his own personal sex trafficking ring not only for his personal pleasure but also for the pleasure of his friends and business associates. According to The Washington Post, “several of the young women…say they were offered to the rich and famous as sex partners at Epstein’s parties.” At various times, Epstein ferried his friends about on his private plane, nicknamed the “Lolita Express.”

    This is part of America’s seedy underbelly.

    As I documented in the in-depth piece I wrote earlier this year, child sex trafficking—the buying and selling of women, young girls and boys for sex, some as young as 9 years old—has become big business in America. It is the fastest growing business in organized crime and the second most-lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns.

    Adults purchase children for sex at least 2.5 million times a year in the United States.

    It’s not just young girls who are vulnerable to these predators, either.

    According to a 2016 investigative report, “boys make up about 36% of children caught up in the U.S. sex industry (about 60% are female and less than 5% are transgender males and females).”

    there are the extra-ordinary men, such as Jeffrey Epstein, who belong to a powerful, wealthy, elite segment of society that operates according to their own rules or, rather, who are allowed to sidestep the rules that are used like a bludgeon on the rest of us.

    These men skate free of accountability by taking advantage of a criminal justice system that panders to the powerful, the wealthy and the elite.

    I refer not only to Epstein’s accomplices, who recruited and groomed the young girls he is accused of raping and molesting, many of them homeless or vulnerable, but his circle of influential friends and colleagues that at one time included Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Both Clinton and Trump, renowned womanizers who have also been accused of sexual impropriety by a significant number of women, were at one time passengers on the Lolita Express.

    This is the heart of darkness.

    Sex slaves. Sex trafficking. Secret societies. Powerful elites. Government corruption. Judicial cover-ups.

    Once again, fact and fiction mirror each other.

    Twenty years ago, Stanley Kubrick’s final film Eyes Wide Shut provided viewing audiences with a sordid glimpse into a secret sex society that indulged the basest urges of its affluent members while preying on vulnerable young women. It is not so different from the real world, where powerful men, insulated from accountability, indulge their base urges.

    Full Article

    • I think Huxley is full of sh!t. The rich and powerful have always gotten away with things, the difference now is the internets is able to expose them, if we only use it for that purpose and stop having a fatalistic mindset.

  • Even more interesting, is that Epstein SOLD “The Lolita Express” shortly before his new arrest…I wonder who tipped him off?!?

    • Since November 2018 the Miami Herald’s reporter Julie Brown has been hammering away at Epstein in a series of articles and their efforts finally bore fruit.
      The victims themselves started a law suit against the Federal government in 2011 for violating their rights as crime victims by cutting a secret plea deal.
      The Judge has only ruled recently that the victims are right.

      I want to see Epstein come clean and say who the customers of his sex trafficking business were.
      I don’t care if they’re Republican or Democrat.
      I don’t care if the perpetrators were America’s so called allies in Britain or Israel.
      Let them all be exposed.

  • Since one of Epstein’s “customers” was supposedly Prince Andrew of Britain I want to see the son of Queen Elizabeth and brother of the future King Charles indicted for his alleged sex crimes.
    If the two Queens of Mexico Emiliano and Alex are to be indicted, then it is only fair that Prince Andrew is indicted if he committed sex crimes.

  • Is Clare Bronfman’s lawyer Dennis Burke going to arrange for the former head of the Secret Service, Mark Sullivan, to “guard” Epstein as was offered to Keith Raniere in NXIVM?

    Burke seems to have no qualms about selling his services to the biggest scum on earth.

  • Krclaviger,

    I could not possibly agree more!!!!

    Jeffrey Epstein home confinement in the largest residence in all of Manhattan.

    Sounds like punishment to me(sarcasm).

    Ironically enough Jeffrey Epstein’s brownstone in Mahattan was an all girls private school.

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