Jeffrey Epstein In Court (July 8, 2019)

Epstein’s Lawyers Propose $77 Million Package to Spring Alleged Child Sex Trafficker

In what will likely leave many Frank Report readers with a sense of déjà vu all over again, Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers have proposed a multi-faceted bail proposal that would allow the alleged child sex trafficker to get out of the Manhattan Correctional Center (MCC) while he awaits trial.

Seriously, stop me if you heard all this before…

Per the proposal, Epstein would be allowed to live in his mansion on 51st Street in Manhattan – and would only be allowed to leave there for medical appointments as approved by Pretrial Services.

New surveillance cameras would be installed at the front and rear entrances of the building to ensure that he doesn’t sneak out.

He would be required to wear a GPS ankle monitoring device – which is the latest version of these devices and tracks the wearer’s whereabouts in real-time.

He would not seek to obtain any new passports (He has already surrendered the only passport that he claims to have).

He would agree to be extradited from any country and would waive all of his rights to contest any such extradition.

He would put up a “substantial personal recognizance bond” in an amount to be set by the court after it reviews his “Personal Financial Statement” (His attorneys have asked that the “Personal Financial Statement” be filed under seal).

The bond would be secured by a mortgage on his Manhattan mansion – which, according to his attorneys, is worth approximately $77 million (It is not known if that figure takes into account the fact that the mansion does need a new front door because the FBI agents who raided the place last Saturday battered the old one down).

He would pledge his private jet as further collateral – and would de-register it or otherwise ground it.

His brother, Mark, would serve as co-surety on the bond – and would further secure it via a mortgage on his house in West Palm Beach, FL.

One of his friends, David Mitchell, would also serve as co-surety on the bond – and would further secure it via mortgages on two investment properties.

He would demobilize, ground and/or deregister all his other vehicles in the New York City area.

He would allow Pretrial Services or other government personnel to randomly access his residence.

Except for his attorneys, no one else will be allowed to enter his residence without the approval of Pretrial Services or the court.

He would report daily by telephone to Pretrial Services in accordance with whatever schedule the court deems to be appropriate.

A Trustee or Trustees would be appointed to live in his residence – and would be required to report any violation of his release conditions to Pretrial Services and/or the court.


Clare Bronfman – who may or may not have a higher “net worth” than Epstein – was required to post a $100 million surety bond in order to keep her skinny ass out of federal prison after she was indicted.

MK10ART’s wonderful painting of Clare Bronfman.

And she was facing a maximum of 20 years in federal prison as opposed to the 45 years that Epstein is facing.

Keith Raniere – who claimed he had no assets – offered to have similar restrictions placed on him.

MK10ART’s beautiful painting of Keith Alan Raniere. How long will the world’s smartest man reside behind bars?

Raniere’s request to be freed on bail while he awaited trial was denied on three separate occasions.


Epstein’s attorneys also argued that the pending charges against him are bogus because they are nothing more than a regurgitation of charges that he previously faced in Florida and that were dismissed when he agreed to plead guilty to state-level charges there.

Jeffrey Epstein

As a result of that guilty plea, Epstein served 13 months in a local day camp in Florida – and 12 months of post-release probation.

He also had to register as a sex offender in all three jurisdictions where he maintains residences: i.e., the Virgin Islands, New York State, and Florida.

His attorneys argue that he has been a model citizen for the past 14 years and poses no threat to flee – and no danger to society.


We’ve all heard all this bullshit before when the Vanguard was trying to get his sorry ass out of the Metropolitan Detention Center – and on a private jet to Fiji as quickly as possible.

The presiding judge in Raniere’s case, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, didn’t buy into any of the bullshit arguments that were being bandied about by Raniere’s attorneys.

Let’s hope that Richard M. Berman, the judge who is currently assigned to Epstein’s case, has the same testicular fortitude as Judge Garaufis.

Fuck Jeffrey Epstein and all of the other pervs like him who think that because they’re rich, they’re entitled to a different justice system than the rest of us…

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