Sir Richard Branson endorsed Raniere; now denies knowing him

The terrifying sex-slaver NXIVM cult held seminars on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island in hope of ‘recruiting him into the organisation.

Sir Richard says he does not remember them.

Part of the reason they staged NXIVM seminars on Necker was NXIVM  hoped to recruit Branson into the organisation.  Branson would have been the biggest score they ever had – a billionaire businessman.

Several group members, including co-founder Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Emiliano Salinas and others went to Necker for two seminars in 2007 and 2010.  They partied hard with Branson too.

NXIVM leader Keith Raniere, now being held without bail in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor, did not attend either Necker Island trip.

Sara and her sister Clare are rabidly devoted followers of NXIVM.

One of Raniere’s co-conspirator’s, “Smallville” actress Allison Mack was indicted along with Raniere on Friday. Both face a minimum 15 years in federal prison if convicted.

Sources say that Clare Bronfman – who may also be indicted soon – is now head of the sex slaver cult with Raniere and Mack in jail.

Branson was never a member of the cult but he did endorse one of Raniere’s events in 2009 permitting his name and a quotation attributed to him to be used in connection with Raniere and his foundation, the World Ethical Foundations Consortium.

The Branson endorsement said this about Raniere’s teachings:

“The tools you have for compassionately dealing with complex ethical and global issues are not only unique, but also extremely valuable. This, along with a program of coordinated, organized resources, makes for an innovative approach to transforming our society. I think your founding event will be extraordinary and potentially world changing!  —Sir Richard Branson Founder, Virgin Group

Federal authorities allege Clare Bronfman orchestrated sending threatening letters to defecting slaves who tried to escape the cult. In doing so, Bronfman posed as a Mexican attorney, issuing “cease and desist” letters.

Branson’s friendship apparently was closer to sex-slave financier, Sara Bronfman, Clare’s sister.

Branson with sex slaver Keith Raniere’s major financiers, Sara Bronfman. The two cuddle on Necker Island during a gathering of sex slave members.


Although Branson may have been unaware of the abuses Raniere’s cult followers suffered, or the sinister inner-cult practices, the “ethical tools” Branson lauded Raniere for employing were in reality fleecing members’ funds by holding himself out to be the world’s smartest man; charging high costs for “intensives,” multi-day courses where members were sleep deprived, placed on semi-starvation diets and hypnotized; and forcing members into unpaid labor and tawdry sex episodes to satisfy debts owed to the cult, and Raniere’s sexual perversions.

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  • The online version of the New York Post reprints an article from The Sun concerning the Branson/NXIVM connection. It contains the following unfortunate misstatement

    Sara and her sister Clare are committed followers of NXIVM, but there is no suggestion that any of the Bronfman family are involved in or aware of criminal activities of Raniere or his followers.

  • I hope Clare was the last one for the pole dance, because that pole went limp as soon as she hopped on it. I would hate if she ruined the fun for everyone else.

  • There were two Necker Island events, each lasting many days, with nightly parties….why have so few photos surfaced?
    Were cell phones confiscated?
    I’m tired of seeing the same pix.
    I want to see more pix, especially the pole dancing.

    • Where is Trojan Horse Trump pix? Cant believe he wasnt a regular on this or Epstein Island. Very possible Branson didnt know what this cult was really about. As a promoter/showman? He’d ‘endorse’ and ‘support’ in PR brochures any tenant who leased space to sustain rentals. Doesnt mean he is literally involved. Branson is too smart to get caught knowingly advocating the branding of women like cattle.

    • John Tigue claimed in the comments section of his blog that he had 300 photographs of the spring 2010 NXIVM cult summit on Necker Island. His computers were seized by the authorities where they found child pornography that some have suggested was planted there by NXIVM to silence him.

  • Pretty sure Branson maybe partied with the other Billionaire cause she was spending money on his Island. I mean if NXIVM and Raniere are what I think they are, they could write what ever testimonial they wanted. Raniere made claims about the Guinness Book of World Records for years. No one came after him for it, why assume Branson would care about a testimonial on a website almost no one ever visited? 16,000 over it’s history supposedly have taken courses with ESP & NXIVM. That’s half a farm town nowadays.

    Branson’s spokesperson may be telling the truth.

    • Raniere’s IQ claims are so easily looked up and his name is nowhere near the list of highest IQs, and never has been. In 1989, Marylin Savant was in Guinness. He barely got through college, with a 2.5 or less GPA. Such absurd lies. Which anyone could have debunked with a simple online search.

    • From what I know of Necker Island from other people, Branson parties like that with everybody who rents the place.
      Curious what he would say about the quote attributed to him on World Ethical Foundations site, but definitely agree that it is not beyond these people to randomly make something up or severely twist an actual quote he may have given them endorsing the Dala Lamai visit.

  • Also the Dalai Lama. Yesterday she both retweeted the Dalai Lama and tweeted a Virgin Airlines story about Branson, also tagged him, in which he asks, “Feel a bit stuck?” Why yes, yes I do, thinks Keith and Allison, and many others soon.

    Neither Branson nor the Dalai Lama ever respond. Her Branson tweet:

  • Nobody loves you when you’re down and out.

    The Queen knights lots of people who turn out to be scoundrels, reprobates and mountebanks.
    She knighted the art expert Anthony Blunt and he turned out to be a Soviet spy.
    She knighted BBC TV host Jimmy Savile and after he died in 2011 it was reveled that Sir Jimmy Savile was a long time child molester and everyone at the BBC knew it.



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