Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested but What About Her Many Ties to Questionable Characters? [We Name Names!]

By Ken Gibson

Early this morning, the FBI arrested one of the most elusive and wanted people on the planet. For over a year, this person was sought, prompting some to quote a line from the Scarlet Pimpernel:

“Those Frenchies seek him everywhere
Is he in heaven or is he in hell?
That damned elusive Pimpernel”

Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, she was a hard act to follow; unlike him, she is no protagonist. In fact, she is considered the villain, under federal indictment for enticing minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in sexual activity, and perjury.

Her accusers have made a sordid list of accusations, some likening her to a Nazi guard.

Suspicions that she made snuff films may or may not be true, but her association to Jeffrey Epstein certainly points to guilt to some degree. The courts will be busy determining the degree in the months, if not years, to come.

The arrest was made in the tiny town of Bradford, New Hampshire. That state is liberal; it is where Bernie Sanders won the presidential primary on the Democratic ticket, and also the state with a high percentage of companies that are offshore tax havens.

The town is likewise liberal, and mostly white. So far, there is no mention in the press as to where, or with whom, she was staying in that town, assuming she was not just passing by.

Many press releases in the past about her whereabouts have been red herrings disseminated by co-conspirators trying to mislead investigators as to her true location placing here in SoHo, LA, Paris, and London.

One account of her whereabouts made her out to be at the residence of former US Coast Guard officer Scott Borgersen in Massachusetts, and that one seems to have been true. She did have strong ties to him and is, or was, his girlfriend. Some say he left his wife for her.

If the reader has not guessed by now, her name is Ghislaine Maxwell, of the famous Maxwell family in the UK. Her father passed away under mysterious circumstances, leaving this world as the Crown Prosecution services were looking into his activities with the Daily Mirror pension funds. Two of her sisters live here in the US, both of whom have ties to internet companies and information gathering services.

Her nephew is Alexander Maxwell Djerassi, who has ties to the Clinton and the US State Department.

She too had ties to the Clintons. In fact, shortly after Epstein’s arrest, she was seen with Bill at a Madison Avenue eatery. Images of her at Chelsea’s wedding still circulate on the net.

Chelsea Clinton Distances Herself From Jeffrey Epstein Associate ...
Bill Clinton with [biological?] daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Ghislaine Maxwell [first women from right] looks on.
To whom else does she have ties? And did these contacts help hide a fugitive?

Let’s take a look at these confidantes of hers:

Borgersen runs a company called CargoMetrics that he boasted would be the ‘NSA of the sea’. She allegedly invested in it.  His divorce papers note some rather nasty aspects, such as threats on his wife and watching porn in front of his children.  She met him at the Council on Foreign Relations where he was a junior fellow. It is not uncommon for spies to tag along there and ingratiate themselves to servicemen and politicians.

Mark Epstein is next on the list – though he tries to deny any strong relationship with her or even his own brother – Jeffrey – there are few degrees of separation. Mark owns a large building on East 66th Street where Jeffrey and his associates resided. Further, Mark is a director of the Humpty Dumpty Institute where Maxwell’s associates are active, along with about 30 Democrat congressmen. The building title deed states that Mark paid $0.00.

Maxwell also owned a building, but one for which she paid millions. Her townhouse was located not far from Mark’s, and not far from Jeffrey’s famous East 71st Street townhouse. At her residence, she hosted a number of parties, including one in 2013 which was a launch party for Ideapod. This internet company was founded by Justin Brown, and attended by Katherine Keating. The latter is the daughter of a former Australian Prime Minister, whose other daughter, Alexandra Keating, is the CEO and co-founder of DWNLD, an app company in New York City.

Mark Epstein, brother of Jeffrey.

Not only can you find one of these women at Maxwell’s residence, there is a record of one of them at the Jeffrey Epstein townhouse. Again, Maxwell is in close association to people who gather information with high-tech equipment.

Which is not surprising, giving her level of education – she is an Oxford alumnus, along with her close friend Ariadne (Grace Beaumont) Calvo-Platero, who lives in Long Island and works in NYC.

Ariadne’s husband is Mario Calvo Platero, a journalist with ties to the UN.

Another friend of Maxwell is Leah Saffian, an American born lawyer who plies her trade in England, Wales, and California. Saffian was responsible for the photo, which was exposed as a fake by Frank Report, of Maxwell in LA. Saffian was also involved in defending the Maxwell brothers against charges of fraud in the UK.

Leah Saffian, friend of Ghislaine.


Frank Report was the first to disclose how this photo of Ghislaine purportedly dining in Los Angeles burger joint was photoshopped to make it look she had been there recently when, in reality, she had not been there in months.

I might place on this list Jennifer Gaffney, who resigned her post from the sexual crimes division, taking a job in the private sector, as the Weinstein case made its way to her office. Gaffney also asked for unusual leniency in the treatment of Jeffrey Epstein in regards to his sexual offender status. But there is no known friendship here, Gaffney and Maxwell may , in fact, have never met – but the suspicious way in which Gaffney wields her power as an DA in Manhattan to go light on sex offenders who have ties to Maxwell are a red flag.

Tania Rotherwick, founder of the Wilderness Festival and also an Oxford alumnus, is, in fact, known to be a friend of Maxwell. Like Maxwell, she runs some kind outfit claiming to help the environment. Maxwells’ foundation, TerraMar, closed last year after scrutiny in the wake of the Epstein arrest.

And tied to TerraMar, and friends of the Calvo-Plateros, is  Amir Dossal – who handles $1 billion in the form of a grant from Ted Turner for charities.

Dossal and Mark Epstein et al. are linked by their association to the Humpty Dumpty Institute, which has 30 Democrat congressmen on its board, along with two GOP congressmen – all of whom refuse to answer questions about their ties to the Epsteins.

As the arrest took place in Bradford, NH, I might place last on this list the names of the town administrator and selectmen: Karen Hambleton, Michael James, John Pfeifle,  and Jason Allen.

These last twelve months have been a year of unanswered questions from the fugitive and her associates. Now it is time to come after each and every one of them and ask them what they know about her sex crimes, who was hiding her, and what damage she may be doing to national security.

And when we shine that light, I do expect that we will see the hand of China behind her and her partners.

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  • Ken,

    I enjoyed your article. I just wanted to point out that when Trump ran against Clinton it was nearly a 50-50 split.

    My friends that live in New Hampshire are republican and owned guns.

    Look on the the maps of New Hampshire counties in the link below. It’s Blue in the middle and Red all around.

    New Hampshire is weird place because everybody seems either hard right wing or or hard left wing.

    I sincerely did enjoy the article thank you.

  • There are reports that Ms. Maxwell anonymously bought the New Hampshire house for 1 million dollars last year.

      • Wherever Dianne heard it, she is correct. Just do a search – or any other search engine Bradford Maxwell property. It is ironically, called “Hideaway” or Tuckedaway”, or some such name, engraved in stone at the entrance to the estate. Maybe that’s what gave it away…

  • The Feds will also look at some of Epstein’s old friends.
    Men like Democratic former Senator George Mitchell of Maine.
    And men like Democratic former Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico who was also Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Energy.
    Will the DOJ also manage to investigate BJ Bill himself?
    One can only hope.

  • When I wrote this, I did not know if she lived in Bradford or was just passing through.
    The Guardian has just made clear that she lived there on a luxury estate.
    I cut/pasted their research below:

    The British socialite, arrested Thursday for her alleged role in disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring, has been “hiding out in locations in New England” since the now deceased financier’s arrest last July – most recently on an 156-acre property in Bradford, New Hampshire.

    “This stunning custom-designed Timber Frame home is an amazing retreat for the nature lover who also wants total privacy,” one website said, describing it as a four-bedroom, four-bath home totaling 4,365 sq ft. Two real estate websites claim this estate sold for $1,070,750.

    Maxwell bought the Bradford property last December in an all-cash purchase.

    At a press conference, William Sweeney, assistant director-in-charge of the New York FBI office, described the real estate as “a gorgeous property” where she continued to live a “life of privilege” until her arrest at 8.30am this morning.

      • Scott,

        —Not just privilege, WHITE privilege. LOL

        White privilege doesn’t exist. You more than prove, by your lifestyle, white privilege does not exist.

        People shouldn’t stereotype and categorize all white people as being rich, successful, and enjoying the good life. Frank and I are the exceptions, not the rule.

        Scott, one day your dedication and hard work will pay off. One day you will have a Cadillac with 85,000 mi; an above-ground [heated] pool with a slide; and a real credit card not just a crappy debit card.

  • Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

    ~ Donald J. Trump speaking highly of his pedophile pal, Jeffrey Epstein, in a New York Magazine interview in 2002.

    Good luck with hanging the Democrats on this, Gibson. Unless Trump was still a Dem in ‘02 before he swung over to the other side?

  • So weird that you conveniently left out Trump and his ties to Ghislaine and Epstein.

    “Donald Trump has called Epstein a “terrific guy” and “a lot of fun to be with”. Epstein paid two visits to the president’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, in 1997 and 2000, posing for photos with Trump on both occasions. Epstein’s personal address book, leaked in 2009, contained 14 phone numbers for Trump and members of his staff, according to reports.”

    • It takes more than phone numbers of a fellow billionaire to convict somebody of sexual abuse of underage girls. LOL

    • In answer to both HH and Ice-nine – Trump was once a Democrat. His statement about Epstein in 2002 hardly indicts Trump for anything. We meet people all the time who are smart and charming – Epstein was both – and could well like them. We don’t know everybody’s secrets.

      Trump is in lots of photos. 1997 and 2000 he was with people who hung out at posh spots in Florida. Is he supposed to look into a crystal ball every time someone mugs for the camera, or ask people to fill out a lengthy questionnaire about past and present crimes? Photos take a second.

      Maxwell and Epstein tried to get close to as many prominent people as they could, both possibly as Chinese spies.
      Why Chinese and not Israeli? Listen to my radio interview with the very anti-Israel Tony Gosling made last year and learn why.

      BTW, lots of people were certain that Maxwell was Mossad and as such was in Israel. Wrong. Some of the people they may have spied on are JEWS. Hardly worth the time of a Mossad agent.

      But China would want prominent people, including Jews, and they would be glad to use Jeffrey, and possibly his bro Mark to get to Jews. I hardly think, having met the latter, that they cared much for their own kind. Judas sold his fellow Hebrew to the rich Romans, and today we see much the same, I think the Epsteins are capable of selling their fellow Hebrews to the highest bidder.

      And China bids high. China has its people at the Humpty Dumpty Institute – Ruby Wong for instance – that Mark Epstein is a director of. The Humpty has 30 Dem congressmen on it who refuse to answer questions.

      But getting back to Trump. He just does not come up on the radar of people known to commit or believed to commit drug dealing, blackmail, murder, extortion, child abuse.
      He is not perfect; none of us are. But please don’t use out-of-date photos and a one-off quote to tie him to these sickos.
      Instead, ask for an investigation into Ed Buck – I think I mentioned him last year on this site and that since that mention, Buck was arrested. And later, another Adam Schiff (who is a Humpty Dumpty congressman refusing to answer questions) associate, Dr. Bruce.

      If you have solid info against Trump, I am not preventing anyone from using it. I do not know or work for him.
      But it is a waste of time to bang TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! and liken him to Hitler, as the NY Daily News did.

      BTW, today the NY Post has the Maxwell story on the cover. The NYDN only mentions it, with a silly story about a man who was almost hurt at a gym.
      But why am I not surprised? Who once owned the NYDN – which goes after Trump but REFUSED once to print a story that was negative about Epstein?

      One hint. That person is now under indictment in the Southern District of New York for sexual crimes against minors and perjury. And has lots of Democrat friends; Trump is not, and has never been, her friend.

      • What part of any of this suggest to you that it is just democrats, because that is patently absurd. It’s just rich people behaving badly. You continue to list just democrats [redacted]

        And curiously, the absolute easiest target by association is Leslie Wexner, CEO of L Brands, whom you also conveniently forgot to mention. Why didn’t you mention Wexner, any credible article about Epstein’s clients and associations would add him in.

        Perhaps it’s because he was a lifelong republican, a major donor to the Republican party, Epsteins #1 client, but he said this about Trump:

        “I have to do something because the leader of our country is behaving poorly.”

        After Trump said there were “very fine people” on both sides of a confrontation between white supremacists and protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, Wexner said he felt “dirty” and “ashamed.”

        “I won’t support this nonsense in the Republican Party,”
        – Leslie Wexner

        • If you looked at my history, you would see that my first writings were anti-Bush, anti-Cheney, just about every GOP biggie in the 9/11 era and some before. In the ’70s I told people Nixon was a crook and was a bit of a pariah at my church. Nixon was indicted in felony fraud charges in NY. And he lied in office, etc.
          So if I didn’t mention Wexner, it is because if I mentioned everybody the article would be a book, the comment would run for pages.
          By association, I did though, as I mentioned the property that Mark Epstein acquired on E66th St – for those who are versed with this, or who might have read my previous posts on FR – I did mention Wexner and this sale.
          By all means, investigate Wexner, and the 2-3 GOP Humpty Dumpty congressmen, along with the 30 Dem congressmen.
          Simple math tells me there are more Dem traitors than GOP – but I am not a GOP member or aided by them so by all means let’s go after both parties.

      • Trump has changed his political affiliation several times, most likely because he’s a puppet who does what his handlers tell him to do. Donald J. Trump is a whore, Ken.

        “Trump registered as a Republican in Manhattan in 1987 and since that time has changed his party affiliation five times. In 1999, Trump changed his party affiliation to the Independence Party of New York. In August 2001, Trump changed his party affiliation to Democratic. In September 2009, Trump changed his party affiliation back to the Republican Party. In December 2011, Trump changed to “no party affiliation” (independent). In April 2012, Trump again returned to the Republican Party.[3]

        “In a 2004 interview, Trump told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat,” explaining: “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans. Now, it shouldn’t be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats…But certainly we had some very good economies under Democrats, as well as Republicans. But we’ve had some pretty bad disaster under the Republicans.”[4] In a July 2015 interview, Trump said that he has a broad range of political positions and that “I identify with some things as a Democrat.”[3]

        • Since on party is perfect, it is not a bad thing to change the way one votes. Some Dems never do this and vote Dem no matter what so we get a welfare state with lots of stupid criminals and stupid teachers (like the one I had in the 2nd grade in NYC, whose spelling I had to correct).
          Prove to me that he has ‘handlers’ and I will write about it. It is an interesting theory, a conspiracy theory, but you do not elaborate one word so it really does not stand up court. You do not induce me to write about Trump and his alleged ‘handlers’, rather you seem insecure and ready to accuse with no facts.

          • I have no reason to be “insecure ” Ken. I’m aware that you wouldn’t believe me no matter what evidence is presented to you. I’m not trying to convince you of anything.

            One of Trump’s handlers is Roger Stone himself, and it’s no secret that Stone admits to convincing Trump to run for President. There’s a lot of information on the history between Stone and Trump, and I follow certain researchers who know all about it. I won’t post their names (though Frank is well-aware of their identities.)

        • So which is it? Either Trump is 1) a world class buffoon, an incredibly incompetent man who accomplished nothing in his life, who was wined, dined and aligned with democrats and republicans, media and hollywood, who rap stars wrote “songs” about emulating and yet in spite of his complete buffoonery, got elected, via his ‘puppet masters’ and has literally taken the whole world hostage somehow in spite of his bungling incompetence, stupidity and greed, or;

          2) he is a businessman so cunning, diabolical and brilliant that he switched parties regularly for 30 years to throw people off because he is a just a ‘puppet’ of his overlords (whoever they are). His puppet masters who must currently be in a panic because he has put the spotlight on and is confiscating billions of their dollars in white collar crime, money laundering, bank fraud, human trafficking, wars for profit, and has singlehandedly exposed the corruption and hypocrisy of both dems and republicans, not to mention the illusion of a free and fair press. Since he is, we are told, universally loathed by democrats, marxists (but I repeat myself) and faux republicans, not to mention enemies foreign and domestic, who exactly is pulling these strings you speak of?

      • I am quite fascinated by your suggestion that Epstein and Maxwell were working for China to entrap the elite. I have never heard that suggestion before but it makes sense. Once a person realizes the fact that amoral degenerates would betray their own supposed friends, it stands to reason they have no loyalty to literally anyone but themselves and the power they acquire.

    • All the billionaires knew everyone in the 80s and 90s, went to each other’s parties, got photos taken. So what? When the original investigation into Epstein occurred, all the above references friends of Epstein left town, the country even, after one of the victim’s lawyers started calling and threatening to subpoena them regarding Epstein. The only one who stayed in town? Trump. The only one to voluntarily come to attorney’s office and answer questions? Trump. Afterwards the attorney said Trump was very helpful, and clearly not involved. The only person to cancel his membership and throw Epstein out of his facility? Trump. The only billionaire to publicly mention Epstein’s proclivity for young girls and suggest there was more to the story? Trump. No evidence Trump every went to the island. Trump never flew on the Lolita Express. He did hitch a ride from Florida to New York ONE time on another smaller plane. Stop making this about Trump.

      • Very good, honest and accurate response.
        But that won’t change anything.
        Facts matter little to those with an agenda of hate and destruction.

        • That’s rather hypocritical of you Ken, considering all the facts that point towards Trump is a rapist and an abuser of women.

          Ask Robert Morrow, Roger Stone’s co-author and (former??) friend, who has a habit of showing up at Trump rallies with signs that accuse Trump of being a child rapist. Lol.

          It seems that Morrow might know more about Trump than you do, since he was so close to Stone…

          • Lots of people lie. Bring on some proof if there is any.
            Why did you not mention the allegations that Trump raped a woman at Bergdorf Goodman?
            Because that allegation was ridiculous, as if BG had no security. If rape could go on there, imagine the shoplifting…
            All what facts? I am not a hypocrite. I do follow the guidelines in the US Constitution – & the Bible – which demand real proof not hearsay.

          • The bible…lol.🙄 The bible isn’t proof of anything, Ken. Logical thinking should tell you that much.
            The accusation that Trump raped a woman in a changing room isn’t ridiculous at all – I believe she is being totally honest.
            In my own experience, I’ve been assaulted in a public place before. I’m not sure why you think her story is impossible Ken. I know, as fact, that it’s 100% possible.

            The hypocrisy I refer to is the way you only believe the facts that you WANT to believe, and totally disregard anything that doesn’t fit your narrative.

          • The Bible is so accurate that when NASA computers found a gap in space time, they were told to read the accounts in the Bible in which the Lord held back the sun for the Israelites to continue to battle.
            It added up.
            The Bible is 100% accurate, but hated by people who don’t like 10 commandments or can’t love their fellow man as they love themselves.
            Again, a changing room in an upscale dept store is the #1 place for people to shoplift, so there are guards and a matron who makes sure you come out with what you went in with. And also that rape, crack sales, etc don’t happen.
            The story does not convince me of anything. It helped to sell a book and make this woman popular with Trump haters. Cui bono?
            I neither WANT to believe it nor do I wish to NOT believe it
            It lacks plausibility, and the woman has no record of this allegation.
            Unsusbtantiated allegations are discarded EVERY DAY by courts in EVERY COUNTRY.
            Or is this some global conspiracy?
            The Bible says let every word be established by 2 or 3 witnesses.
            That makes sense.

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