Heidi: Nancy Salzman Masterminded Plenty of Evil in Nxivm and Should Not Be Excused!

Nancy Salzman
Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

This is in response to Nutjob’s article Why Did Nancy Salzman Flip Flop From Hating to Loving Raniere After They First Met?

Nutjob, where have you been with all this golden info? Speak up, man. (Sorry, btw, once mistook you for a woman we both know.)

…You do know Toni Natalie has always been and always will be irreversibly infertile and both Keith and Nancy knew that. Directly from Toni’s infertility doctors. She had to adopt her son.

Toni Natalie and Nancy Salzman in harem costumes. Nancy was quick to try to persuade Toni that, despite her doctors telling her she could not bear a child, Keith’s sperm was different, more magical, and that she would indeed have the miraculously conceived avatar child.

I mean, how much more insane does it get that Keith and Nancy should both insist that Toni bear the blasted Avatar baby?

I recall vividly my sister, Gina, exclaiming how insane Keith was over Toni, after he was supposedly a renunciate all those years, but didn’t know Nancy was having sex with Keith, while helping with the effort to get her back.

And I’m talking kidnap schemes, spy missions. Barb Jeske caught red-handed stealing her mail… Nancy knew of and must have directed all of that.

Nancy is no simpering flower, the way you’re describing her. When Nancy sets out to manipulate — and when isn’t she NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] voodoo level manipulating everyone? –  she gets her way, she humiliates, she taunts, she screeches, she demands, she has no shame. She sent girls to fuck — not massage — political allies. She pulls out all the stops.

Nancy Salzman appears with Mark Elliot and an unidentified subject in the film “My Tourettes” wherein, she claims that the Nxivm tech that Keith and her developed will cure Tourette’s Syndrome

You seem to have some special fondness for her, Nutjob, but I’m sorry to say I believe, and Frank knows, what she did to Kristin Snyder’s family, to my sister, and my family, and what she and Lauren both did to the entire Fernandez family, whether they’re still in denial over it or not.

And the same goes, frankly, for the Bronfmans, and many, many others she entrapped and sucked the life from. The woman is a succubus who sucked and sued, blackmailed Doug Rutnik (former presidential candidate Kirstin Gillibrand’s dad) for starters.

Look at what she did to Joe O’Hara!

She treated Kathy Russell like dirt, groomed that poor lady into a granny ballerina sex doll after luring her from her family; commandeered the Bronfman jet and bank accounts, had Mark Vicente altering evidence for her.

Can we only know about that because Rick Ross and Peter Skolnik spent decades and millions to expose that little criminal act…

Nancy is connected to most of the political corruption that went on, the subtle bribery, campaign donation bundling all the way up to the DNC. And she ratcheted a lot of those connections out of Joe O’Hara, using the Bronfman bucks to leverage Joe’s own clout against him to get him thrown in jail. And don’t think for a second she’s not still at it.

I don’t know how I ever mistook you for a woman, Nutjob. This is not meant as an insult. However, you seem to have that male mentality that holds a woman harmless for any activity that involves having a brain. Keith Raniere may have masterminded most things, but Nancy is no blushing flower when it comes to doing some masterminding of her own.

They found plenty of cash stashed in Nancy Salzman’s house – about $520,000 worth.
The cash was hideen all over the place, including the insulated attic.

Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and Prefect [Nancy Salzman],
She “had a bad partner” — bahaha. Well, yeah, when you partner with Lucifer and sacrifice your daughters to him — figuratively speaking.

What could go wrong?

Pam Cafritz, Nancy Salzman and Keith Alan Raniere at Raniere’s birthday tribute in 2016.
Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman at the Bronfman-funded Dalai Lama speech in Albany 2009.
The slide shown at Vanguard Week in tribute of Nancy Salzman

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  • Thanks Heidi for posting this.. Nancy Salzman was in effect another Lucifer, who LOVED and craved that attention recognition. She wasn’t a victim of Keith., she was a victim of her own ego and desires. . Susan Dones did a podcast with a crime watcher show and EXPOSED Nancy as the female clone on Keith ( and even worse.. since she was a woman and mother who was supposed to protect other woman.

    The HBO was far too easy on her, and failed to show her ” evilness. There were many things she said in her interview to the camera., that were showed a bit of this. One thing that was concerning. was that her ” main concern with Keith meeting Lauren was that he stole her childbearing year”. ( WTF that her selfish concern.. and her reaction to the BDSM pictures of items” ” saying wow I don’t know what this stuff is, but I am interested!”

    Also she was the supposed counselor to Lauren for the years in NXVIM and did EM’s yet she didnt know of Lauren and Keith relationship? or of Danille being locked in room.. ( which I heard was not first person there) or that Camille wasn’t sexually assaulted. These girls were trafficked.to them from their Mexican counterparts, for various duties.. housekeeping in the Salzman homes and other duties as needed. . . so this was BS

    Nancy Salzman is really being protected, cause her punishment does not fit her crime at all..

  • As K.R. Claviger says” The first one on the plea[bargain] bus gets the sweetest deal.”

    Nancy is going to receive the lightest sentence, lighter than her own daughter or Mack. I believe Mack is the least culpable of the 4 female defendants.

  • I have no doubt that she’s going to get off very lightly.

    It may be that her role and activities in NXIVM were not very deeply investigated.

    Or maybe they were, and nothing else actionable was found.

    I don’t see any prospect of any further investigation of her.

    She won’t get a severe sentence.

    • How can you be so sure, Paul? A lot of us thought Ghislaine Maxwell would never be heard from again. …What if Raniere decides to ‘suicide’ himself and someone has to reach back into the chum bucket?

      • I’m not sure, Heidi, that she was placed under sufficient scrutiny to reveal her role as an equal co-conspirator/business partner to Raniere. I think the investigation was not thorough to turn up the full extent of her crimes. That’s why I think she’ll get off very lightly.

  • not mentioned was Nancy using embarrassing EM recordings and sex pics of Kristin Krook to force her to keep quiet when she left.

    • Please feel free to elaborate on that, Anon. I don’t doubt it for a second. Kreuk may not even have had to pose for them to get blackmail material on her. For awhile, Mark Hildreth — Kruek’s beau — was the ‘official’ NX videographer and privy to her privates.

      • “privy to her privates” LOL

        I also don’t doubt it for a second…makes Kreuk’s silence more logical.

        • I read here a year ago about a lawyer being an intermediary between KK and Nx, and some kinda NDA was signed saying that KK would not expose Nx and Nx would not reveal stuff about KK. The stuff included sex photos or video of KK–maybe taken without her knowing–maybe with her BF or with Keith or Nancy—maybe drugged or NLPed or blackmailed. But the lawyer said KK was freaked and signed so she was allowed to leave quietly. It fits the facts, and is something Nx would do. fuckers

          • Hmmm. I’ve heard some other Chula Cheesmo about a swarm of Nx sharks armed with NDA’s (not to mention #thetruthabout…” offshore web domains and 42 library floors of highly embarrassing gigabytes) cutting such deals. I believe it’s called blackmail in some circles.

      • I think you are confusing Mark Hildreth with Mark Vicente. Vicente was NXIVM’s videographer.

        From Rolling Stone – “Mark Vicente, a member of the NXIVM inner circle and the de facto videographer of the group for more than a decade”

        From Courthousenews – “Mark Vicente, a 53-year-old filmmaker, said he was a member of the Albany-based organization for 12 years and once served as its chief videographer”

  • Pretty sure the only new info I’ve posted this week were the details and hypothesizing about Mark. The rest has been shared (often multiple times) under the nutjob moniker or as a pre-nutjob anonymous.

    I do cut the females more breaks than others do. I saw how he could catch them in his net and they gave up their lives for him. I didn’t have to deal with his advanced methods of advances. In fact, I luckily dealt with the opposite – him wanting me out of his way.

    • Must have missed it but now that Frank is cleaning up the troll clutter comments hope to hear more from you, Nutjob, loud and clear.

      Just remember: There’s a strong woman behind every ‘successful’ man…and that goes for pedophiles, too.

    • I feel the same way. Some of the male players were of a more ‘criminal mentality,’ but they don’t have anything to worry about. They will face no consequences. Being a terrible person isn’t illegal. At least Raniere was brought to book.

  • To the caption:

    “Toni Natalie and Nancy Salzman in harem costumes.”

    The clothes worn by Toni Natalie and Nancy Salzman are pieces of clothing from ancient Greece called the Tunic or Chiton.

    • I wouldn’t have captioned it that way bc I don’t think either of the two women pictured ever thought of themselves as “harem” members nor ever subjugated themselves to Keith. IMO both are shrewd, completely self-possessed women who sought to use and manipulate, subjugate, others in Keith’s name or behind his “brand.” (Not that it didn’t go both ways with them and Keith.). “Harem” suggests something else and may apply to many of the other girls but not either of these two. And I could name a couple of others whom I believe played along but never really succumbed, but those names would likely be redacted.

      Speaking of names, I’m switching back from HH to Heidi Hutchinson. Was trying to blend in more but HH has too many connotations on here.

  • Kim Snyder
    Nancy should be put away for life- she has done enough evil to last a life time.
    In the mix of having a hand in my ONLY sister’s death- she needs to be put under the jail. She has NO right to see the light of day again- she needs to be put in solitary confinement- where she can’t hurt anyone else again.
    I know she sent me a “friend” request to my Facebook page- and as we know- she is NOT suppose to have internet service, per the courts. I have had requests from Allison, Lauren and Nancy- that I have blocked several times. I can’t reach the prosecutor or the FBI to tell them.
    Nancy has been caught- why is she still on house arrest?

    • The fake friend request scam on FB was prevalent a few years ago, Kim. I freaked out myself when I got a message that “Keith Raniere” accepted my friend request that I, of course, never sent.

      • Someone is making fake accounts of Nxivm major players and sending friend requests on Facebook to anyone deemed an enemy? I wonder who came up and is in charge of that minor intimidation tactic?

        • It happened to me starting back in the spring of 2017 shortly after Frank and Toni NataLIE contacted me about the branding [I politely declined to go on record or host Frank in our former Malibu, CA home…at first, but helped as much as possible ‘behind the scenes,’ I’d hoped] on top of a few other bizarre, suspicious incidents that put me in fear of my life to this day.

          But at the same time, many of my FB friends reported that they were victims of a general scam on FB whereby even total strangers were getting multiple, annoying friend requests from their profiles that they did not make.

          I may have over reacted or taken the FB notice that Keith & Co. now had my permission to continue harassing me online and else wise a bit personally but, again, it was in the context of other bizarre happenings that had Raniere/Salzman/Bronfman & Salinas retaliation and warnings branded all over them. No matter how much I tried to ignore them, stay out of it to protect my son and carry-on.

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