Jeffrey Epstein Contributed to Leslie Wexner’s Private Happiness, Tremendously

Les Wexner & Jeffrey Epstein

By Shivani

What I have read about the ties between Jeffrey Epstein and Leslie Wexner also tells a personal tale. One could call it not only personal but also tender and hot.

And this is how Epstein operated. He was good at getting under the skin, and he could earmark what otherwise successful men REALLY wanted but didn’t know how to get. You might consider calling what Epstein recognized as a hunger for non-intimate intimacy.

Epstein, the industrialized gigolo. Epstein the nonpartisan blackmailer. Maybe even Epstein, the patsy for Maxwell and others, more conscientiously mercenary than he could ever dream to be. Ask yourself, who owned Jeffrey Epstein….?

Epstein contributed to Wexner’s private happiness, tremendously. As time went by, Wexner became increasingly uncomfortable with Epstein, as being too risky, too mercenary, too “out there.” It seems that Wexner began working on damage control regarding Epstein long before Epstein really began to get public notice as a sex-trafficker. Things were increasingly awkward, probably for a longer duration than things felt “kosher” to Wexner. Yet conflictingly, Wexner appreciated Epstein very much, especially nonprofessionally, as a kind of contagious bon vivant.

What I have read is that Wexner had hit a wall, personally as a man. He was middle-aged and had no private life, so to speak. Everything had gone into a lifetime of sustained effort and work, work, work. Epstein was lively, animated, enthusiastic, experimental. Epstein projected that enthusiasm and “intelligence”; he seduced people with those qualities of his, and he brought Wexner back to life, wherein Wexner gave himself permission to be more than a constant workhorse. Epstein saw a need and filled it. He guided Wexner in pleasure while Wexner expanded Epstein’s business profits immensely. In fact, both Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell became adept at filling those needs for many men and women. (Jean-Luc Brunel had his own similar business, before ever intermixing with Epstein or Maxwell.)

So for Wexner, while his life had become very good materially, he seemed to have felt regrets about loneliness, call it lovelessness, a personal emptiness. Epstein found him a young lady who changed all of that for his pal and mentor, and Wexner, although he even married someone else, reportedly never did leave off with his mistress, the young lady brought to him by Jeffrey Epstein. Wexner married Abigail S. Koppel in 1993, when he was 55, and it has been his only marriage. The couple have had four children. Since Koppel was already a “thirtyish” attorney when she married Wexner, very possibly it is likely that she knew their marriage as an “arrangement.”

When mixing business, pleasure, love, hate, criminality and multifarious sexual indulgences including perversion, nothing is ever going to be as cut and dried as what Anonymaker seems to attempt to depersonalize and to describe, minus much emotionality. Analytics which disclude emotion, passion, religious, philosophical and psychological impacts deny much too much of the potency of our inherently human preoccupations.

In my opinion, it is not only necessary, but crucial to examine the whole ball of wax. Our views, our concepts, our uncomfortableness, our excuses, our denial, our private feelings of guiltiness, our senses about isolation vs. promiscuity vs. our ever-shifting views about what is “balanced” or “healthy” sexuality, our hopes and shames – all is present. All is present within every story, as an essential part of being alive.

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[…] Shivani wrote, “Epstein must have brought more than a young lady to Wexner. That would be easy to pay off or hide. Epstein’s entire life was having these girls around… It was probably a mix of boys, girls, men, women and anonymity to hide anything Wexner thinks of as perversions.” […]

4 years ago

This is the the only article that in my opinion that expresses the closest to the truth about the Epstein/ Wexner relationship.
Epstein must have brought more than a young lady to Wexner. That would be easy to pay off or hide. Epstein’s entire life was having these girls around. How can his bbf’s say they had no idea. I read about the “underwear massage” Dershowitz claims to have had. More will come out about that.

It was probably a mix of boys, girls, men, women and anonymity to hide anything Wexner thinks of as perversions.
This include Epstein/Wexner financial schemes with charitable donations, properties and offshore accounts.
Wexner had his pick of women he was 55 and immensely wealthy. He had models begging to work. It was definitely more than 1 young lady he is hiding. I believe
It lead to all kinds of financial and sex
secrets all these powerful men and some women need to hide.
I believe the victims are telling the truth.
We will never hear from most of them.

4 years ago

I haven’t seen any more news updates about the Wexner angle in weeks.

This bit of recent news might or might not be related:

Anonymous figure still fighting to keep name out of Jeffrey Epstein court documents

4 years ago


4 years ago

This all seems somewhat speculative – though the problem is that we have yet to see much revealed about what was certainly a key relationship in Epstein’s financial career, if not something deeper and perhaps more sinister. One possible explanation for Epstein’s original sweetheart deal on pedophilia charges, for instance, is that Wexner’s political connections and influence in Washington may have bought him out of trouble.

I do think this piece gets at the sort of things that were most likely at work at the heart of it. Thanks as always for your thoughts, Shivani.

And I don’t deny the emotional aspect of things, even if I do tend to look at things through an analytical lens perhaps a bit myopically – though in doing that I’m also pushing back against at the tendency of conspiracy theories to completely dehumanize groups of people imagined as plotters. But to me that just adds to the case for banality rather than conspiracy at the heart of most things, people driven by human misjudgments and weaknesses, plus swayed and pulled as well by things like mid-life crises and loneliness, more than coldhearted sinister calculations. It’s times of vulnerability and crises when people tend to get into high control groups or cults, and also to fall prey to other scams and predators.

Also, it occurred to me recently that Epstein must have been a sex addict, given his constant need for “massages,” and Raniere probably was as well, perhaps in both cases due to deep-seated psychological and emotional issues that drove them, and they too often ended up, as the saying goes, thinking with the little head rather than the big one, doing stupid things rather than carefully calculated ones, getting into trouble and dodging bullets before their luck finally ran out. Plus Raniere’s example illustrates a motive for Epstein to kill himself: we all got to the the awkwardness of the cornered predator trying to defend themselves against the indefensible in court, with even the court laughing at them.

your source for this news?
your source for this news?
4 years ago

“Epstein found him a young lady who changed all of that for his pal and mentor, and Wexner, although he even married someone else, reportedly never did leave off with his mistress, the young lady brought to him by Jeffrey Epstein.”

Wexler has been accused of having had sex with an Ep-girl, but having and not leaving a mistress is news to me.

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