Monte Blu: I Will Train You so You Will See the Good in DOS

The actor Monte Blue died long ago.

By Monte Blu

Frank Report tried to ruin DOS because Frank Parlato did not understand it.

It is an irony that the least capable man had the fortune of being the one to report it publicly. Such an ignoramus is he.

But now that DOS is secure, under the leadership of our Vanguard, our new Prefect and our Legatus Pro-Tempore and shall live on forever despite the malicious nature of the tyrannical US Government, I am now prepared to teach those who have the intelligence to understand what DOS truly is.

We seek new recruits and are welcoming you. You must be female and must exercise intelligence and restraint to join us.

Our lineage – all of which is under our golden Master – the Great and Glorious Vanguard – is now under the immediate care of Legatus Pro-Tempore, Mistress Clyne.  Also Mistresses Garza, Padilla, Duran, Carlson, and Fernandez. are available.

Our highest desire is to further our Master from whom all good things come and are related.

I shall now instruct the wise, using the same platform that sought to destroy us to recruit new members to our golden sisterhood.

We honor our Master and our lineage above all others in every way.

We Do Not Seek Comfort

Some might say, “Oh, my highest value is civilization,” but they sit on the couch all day long, so really comfort is their highest value.  And they say, “Well, I can’t do anything about civilization,” but how much have they thought about it?

“Well, a little bit, and I just came to the conclusion I couldn’t do anything.”

That’s not making civilization your highest value. That’s making comfort your highest value, excuses your second highest value and civilization, at best, your third.

So much was written negatively about our Master and his noblest creation the DOS relationship of Master and Slave and yet DOS lives on and is growing stronger daily.

But what you did not understand is that our Master is actually a very complex being.  Our Master starts out as, like in yoga, a guru, your god, your whatever it is, as a person. The person through which you took the vow. But it becomes something much deeper. When you internalize that person, it is that person with you, as you, and you as that person.

Vanguard is within.  So the internalization of our Master is literally the internalization of those great values.

Your values

At first, your values are not in line. Your values are in disarray. You come to your Master, and people come to you as a Master because their values are scrambled, in disarray.  They recognize this and they want unification. They want an annealing, an organization to their values.

That organization is the Master himself because most of the time your Master, or you as Master, will not be around physically to say, “Do this, do that.”

So how would a slave know what to do? They wouldn’t unless there’s an internalization of the Master.

Internalize the Master and He Shall Save You?

That internalization is the process of training, where the slave internalizes the Master, the organization of their unique life, their unique life experiences, their unique abilities, their unique foibles, all of those things, into this organizing principle, which allows you to make decisions, allows you to act, allows you to do any of these things. It is the container for the enjoyment of existence itself. That is the highest abstraction of the Master. And that’s how you can be both a slave and a Master.

Good is morality

Understanding morality is knowing what is good and what is bad and understanding why.  Not just because when you were a little girl, and people told you, “This is good.” Ultimately, there’s no such thing as good or bad, except we make it so.

In Hamlet, Shakespeare says, “Why, then, ’tis none to you, for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. To me, it is a prison.”

This speaks to humans having a mind because if they were just a body, good and bad would just be what feels good or doesn’t feel good.

The reason you would take on a slave, and the reason a slave comes to you, is because they want to be more than just a body. They want to be more than just a passer-through, a lump, or an animal – they want to evolve. It’s an actual spiritual type of commitment, but without the religious type of context.

In the movie Bridge of Spies, the captured Russian spy character keeps getting asked why he’s not upset and he replies, “Would it help?”

As opposed to being in the “what is,” the act of generating upsetness occurs because we think something is bad. We don’t get upset when we think something is good. It’s also a statement of being at cause. If you’re upset, you’re suffering. You are thinking it into existence.

The daily practice of thinking good into existence, so to speak, thinking your morality into existence, takes away all suffering.

This our beloved Vanguard has achieved in perfection. Some fools here say he is suffering in prison but he is unified and experiencing the highest joy at all times.

The statement, “all good things come” has the presupposition of goodness, which necessitates an understanding of goodness; and also one’s own goodness, which can be a difficult thing to accept.

Do you want to think yourself good? Or do you want to think yourself bad? It’s your choice. Some people think, “Well, I’m bad,” or “Well, my life is shit.” Why would you think that? You think it to be true. The movie Life is Beautiful, where the father and the son are in a concentration camp, demonstrates this. You can see the cup as half empty or half full.

Vanguard is enjoying the greatest bliss – his cup is full and not empty. Do not be deceived. He is undergoing this experience to teach his slaves that all is a product of the mind. He will emerge and walk again among us when the time is ripe and the sifting of the wheat from the chaff has occurred.

But we cannot control everything? But Vanguard Can

For example, the Holocaust came before I was born, left before I was born, but my mentioning it affects it because all things in existence exist only in the moment.

Vanguard has taught us that we don’t even know if an object existed a second ago. We believe it did, and we have reason to believe. We have cause and effect, and we didn’t see it go anywhere or come from anywhere.

Image result for holocaust

But we don’t know for sure if a second ago actually we were all here. We only actually know now, and we have memories. We have notions, which are actually projections of constructions of what was past, as Vanguard teaches.

And those constructions form our vision of our own life, and we control those constructions. We distort them. If we have needs, like if I need to believe something, I distort my construction of reality. For example, if I need to believe my guru, the immortal Keith Alan Raniere [may his memory be ever enshrined in our hearts], was a super athlete, which I believe he was, but if I need to believe it, I start to distort my memories.

I start to actually change what was and what is to me.

Animals don’t do this. A cat doesn’t sit around looking at its past, changing things around, saying, “Gee, I think my mother should have been a loving cat. I believe my mom was a loving cat,” and then creating a deeper memory of being licked. Cats don’t have that type of self-awareness. All things being related speaks to self-awareness.

We also have, in principle, conceptually how they’re related. Vanguard explained to us, “If you take a Rubik’s cube and a computer, what is the Rubik’s cube? The Rubik’s cube is actually a problem that is a solution to a problem. All things created by humans are solutions to problems. The computer was created as a solution to a problem and the Rubik’s cube was created as a solution to a problem.

Image result for rubiks cube

“They are the same that way. And they both hark back to a very fundamental aspect of the human mind. So that aspect – how we create by solving problems – relates both of these things in a very deep way, in all of our psyches.

“Seeing how all things are related also brings you to how you are responsible for all things – at cause and responsible. Why is it important that you be responsible for everything? It maximizes your potency, which is your ability to act on that responsibility.”

Vanguard gave us this example: Let’s suppose I want to move an object and I try all different ways of moving it. I try blowing on it, I try thinking it, I try moving the table it’s on, I try hitting it with my hand. All of the different ways I can move the object, and I will never probably be able to figure out all them, are my responsibilities toward that object and for my being to move that object. If something comes to crush that object and I don’t move it – I chose not to move it or I hadn’t worked enough of my actual responsibility to know I could have kicked the table and moved it out of the way – I won’t know I could have kicked the table if I am trying to see how I can’t move the object.

Seeing how I can’t move the object is blame. It’s what we do internally with excuses.

Women, in particular, are miraculous excuse finders. Why? Because it works! If a woman goes out in public and there’s some sort of problem – she needs a bag carried or something terrible is happening – she has more options in our western culture to find excuses than men do.

So you can look to find your potency as a woman or you can look to find an excuse like women do in our society. This is one of the lessons that Vanguard teaches you as a woman to not be weak any more but to be badass.

If you find you can’t do something, that’s not an excuse not to do it. Saying you can’t do something is an immediate denial of potency. That is a practice you want to NOT do.

You want to practice the opposite. You want to ask, “How can I do things in a way that I didn’t think I could do? How can I move the object in a way I didn’t think I could?”

The way women contemplate all day long how they can’t do things and are not responsible is a bad practice. Good practice is figuring out ways you can do things you never thought you could.

When you blame, you’re saying you can’t, you’re saying things are not related, and you know that’s not true.


As women, we must realize that we can be empowered and our greatest empowerment is to realize that one man holds the key to our enlightenment.

To “honor” him is “to know the nature of” all things and to factor that nature of the thing in your existence as you’re walking around is the highest virtue.

Above all, worship and become enlightened through grace and love.

But honoring other things also is efficacious until we learn to honor the master our Vanguard above all.

For example, if I’m honoring the dead, I’m thinking about them. I am thinking about their nature and what they were like. In everything that I’m doing, it’s there and it’s factored into my decisions. If I dishonor it, I push it away. To honor something is to have it in your mind at all times.

You must know its nature, its potency and its motivations, and you hold it in your mind at all points.

Hold to the thought of the highest ideal ever – Vanguard and you will reign in the mind and control it.

To “hold” is to firmly put it into your decisions. I can be honoring something without actually factoring it into my decisions. For example, I may have a day where I am honoring the death of a loved one and I am laying around in bed. I’m laying in bed thinking about this loved one, but is that what they would have wanted? Is that action really honoring them? I’m honoring the idea of them, but to “hold” it is also to make it into something that you’re incorporating.

The word “hold” symbolizes to take It as you or yours. To “hold” is not just “honor” from afar, but to take personally and with the deepest love.

To “honor” is to understand and to note and to have there in your decisions. To “hold” is to make sure, it’s a matter or focus, of putting it into all your decisions. If you truly learn to honor something, you do hold it. It is important that you understand the deeper thing you are honoring.

Honor the Master. He Will Never Fail You


Lineage includes the people under you in your organization and people over you, the whole line and the whole organization.

Lineage is normally that which is in a line but the way the whole thing is. It’s a series of lines all interconnected. The most important lineage is your slaves, your slaves’ slaves, etc. and your Master, your Master’s Master, your Master’s Master’s Master, all the way up like that to the illustrious and immortal Vanguard – who is Grand Master of all beings [whether they know it or not].

And from that lineage, from holding that lineage and honoring that lineage above all other things, it also holds the lineage that descends from those things. It holds the entire DOS organization.

So the lineage is a much more narrow thing, but in the broadest sense, because if you’re holding and honoring that lineage, your Master’s Master’s Master, who has other slaves, and they have other slaves, you’re holding the same thing and you’re holding that as your highest value.

This is why our sorority shall prevail above all others since it is led by the greatest of all masculine beings.

You should always say, “What would my Master’s Master’s Master say?”

So it is actually importing what your Master and the lineage would say into all of your decisions. It’s holding them above.


Above is not equal. Above is not mostly above, not partially overlapping. Above is completely above, no question. Again, it is the highest.

And above all is our Vanguard.


You could use these concepts like “related” and “lineage” and say, “Well actually, everyone is related. Everyone is in my lineage. I could extend my lineage to every single person, so I don’t have to hold anyone above anyone else. Everyone’s equal, everyone’s perfect, everyone’s the same, we’re all new age. Let’s eat some crystals and be all happy.”

But that’s not what our Vanguard teaches. There are people who are in your lineage and directly of your concern, and people that are not. People of the lineage, and that lineage just like the Master becomes internalized, you hold that above others. This is a statement of what most people would think is the opposite of altruism, but it is actually the deepest type of altruism.

Altruism has no value if you don’t value yourself enough to understand what it is to be human. And if you don’t understand what it is to be human and you don’t value yourself, you have no compassion. That is the altruism of a doormat, which is what a lot of people want people to be, just sacrifice everything and be a doormat.

But that is not what the ultimate altruism is, the ultimate altruism is finding all the most noblest values embodied through your Vanguard and yourself and recognizing that for you to recognize an ultimate value is for you to have that within you.

And then to look at your materialistic attachment-ridden desires and have those subjugated to compassion and humanity, that’s the ultimate altruism.

When we talk about holding Vanguard above all others. Most of the people who are slaves are not enlightened, they have attachments. Altruism abuses attachment. If you don’t recognize you have an attachment, you make the murderer and the saint the same; you make the producer and the parasite the same, as a matter of fact you put the parasite above the producer and the murderer above the saint.

But when you recognize your attachments, then there is “other.” If there are no attachments, “other” takes on a completely different experience. So when you say Vanguard is above all others, literally Vanguard commands you to look at how you view other people.

Sometimes you’re scared of them, sometimes you see them as competitors, sometimes you see someone is going to take something from you. These are all childish notions that the Vanguard eschews for us.

We are here on this planet altogether, we are a type of team. The worst enemy in your life is someone that brings things to your life, but most people don’t have that recognition, so when you don’t have that recognition, you must make decisions.

Decisions become very simple when you use this principle. So Vanguard teaches that it is important for you to expand yourself and to expand your understanding of others. Similar to how some prayers or some religions say, “I’m a poor sinner” and all of this sort of a thing, this is the recognition that I have attachments, I have fears, they play into my life. I’m not going to obey them. I am going to go and hold this thing above others.

So “others” actually becomes your fears. The reason why I see you as “other,” in the very normal sense, is I fear you.

Otherwise, I see you as me – I see you as my partner, my teammate, an extension of myself; even more than my body is, I see you as an extension of myself. This the Vanguard has realized and shared with us all.

Most people don’t even come close to that perception. If I see you and I think you’re some sort of a competitor or you’re going to take something from me or you hurt me or something like that, I’m not seeing you. I am seeing my fear. So, you, as in other, become my fear, I’m looking my fear in the face. When we see people as other, we see in part, in the most shackled form, them as a representation of our fear.

The other way we see “other” is in the non-fear based way of seeing someone as different and feeling expanded through awe. Awe is seeing something you didn’t think was possible manifest as possible. So, when I see the difference of someone, I don’t see that as competitive in any way, I see that as adding to me. When I look at someone, I go, “Wow, that’s different than me. I would not, could not, do that.”

That is an experience of awe. {We often feel this with our Vanguard for none seem to be like him.]

You can see others as your sense of awe, which extends yourself, or you can see others as your fears. Both of those things are important, eventually migrating to where you see others as an extension of the human condition that you find yourself in, and yourself. When you hold your own Master and your lineage above all others, you hold it above your fears, and you see the sense of awe as an extension of that lineage.

Every way

In “every way” cuts outs the excuses. Not every way but this. No “ifs,” “ands” or “buts.” If there is a “but,” if it not in every way, you must address the way it not in every way and make it so, through your thoughts, through yourself crafting those thoughts.

Here are some practices that Our Vanguard has approved:

Now experience choosing the vow over all of them.

Experience the vulnerability of upholding the vow over your attachments.

Examine the fear underneath. Explore the indoctrination.

Commit to one thing every day, with no excuse, no way out. Define your commitment clearly. You can define it the night before or do the same thing daily. Measurement is key. Have your activity very well-defined so you have no wiggle room and enjoy the intensity of fulfilling your commitment with urgency and aliveness.

Example: I must exercise every day for 40 minutes. I must take a shower in under 5 minutes. I must get to “x” meeting on time, not a second over.

Example: Commit to changing your experience of a person by thinking positive thoughts about them, focusing on their good qualities, doing caring things for them, etc. Don’t let yourself off the hook. You have the power to change your experience.


Meditate on your Master’s essence and connect with the Master inside of you. Expand that feeling and Journal on your Master and who they are, what’s important to them, what they struggle with, etc. Think of one thing you can do to further them in life in a way that’s important to them.

Examine something you believe to be good, and see how it is bad. Examine something you believe to be bad and see how it is good. See how it is you who makes anything good or bad.

Take one thing you believe to be good and figure out how it relates to your Master.

Contemplate your Master in your decisions through the day. What would my Master do?

Lineage, Above all Contemplate things you would or could do for your lineage, and for no one else.

Choose something you do for your lineage and no one else, not even your family.

What fears do others represent? Journal on your fears of others so you can best root out the petty concerns that keep you from other people, and yourself.

Pick a task or habit you do daily, that you feel you need to do. Change it or don’t do it, joyfully, in honor of your Master.

Above all meditate on our Vanguard for he will bring you enlightenment.

May the Vow infuse you with strength and courage.

For those inspired to learn more contact Legatus Pro Tempore at or call 310-500-6347.

No deceivers, please. Only serious women who wish to serve Vanguard and his illustrious and eternal lineage need apply.

Thank you.

Legatus Pro Tempore

Stay tuned for part 2 – The Secret Teachings of DOS


Nicki Clyne and Clare Bronfman. 


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[…] Monte Blu: I Will Train You so You Will See the Good in DOS […]

Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
4 years ago

Spot on Anony. The problem with cults is the ” truth” spewed by the self-proclaimed master. It is a self serving, twisted, mind numbing and disturbed version of a truth from a sociopath couched in terms to F people in the head.

The Man
The Man
4 years ago

DAYUUUM, thats some boring ass shit!!!

4 years ago

If I replace the picture of keith with a picture of my spiritual guru and the word vanguard with his name I comprehend some of what Mr Blu is trying to teach. Honor, lineage and to Meditate on your Master’s essence and connect with the Master inside of you. Expand that feeling and Journal on your Master and who they are, what’s important to them, what they struggle with, etc. Think of one thing you can do to further them in life in a way that’s important to them.

Just sayin'
Just sayin'
4 years ago
Reply to  Lyza

Lyza, what qualifies one as a Master? If you ask most people, they would say God.

In my humble opinion, ” Master – Servant” denotes a negative connotation. No one is capable of being a master, like master over a dog. No one.

I don’t know of a single person on earth that qualifies as a “master”. And in my opinion, anyone that proclaims himself to be a master, based on a twisted, sociopathic mindset, is certainly not qualified. And I do mean anyone in the past, present or future.

I personally don’t think it exists outside of some form of dominant/submissive relationship.

4 years ago
Reply to  Lyza

The problem is, how do you know such things about a supposed master to emulate them – and that they are in fact attainable, and not illusions if even delusions?

Many gurus, like Raniere, are hypocrites who tell their followers one thing – and often present a face consistent with that – and yet in reality do another. If they can’t live it themselves, then even if their ideals are theoretically appealing, perhaps they’re entirely false teachings.

4 years ago

“Luckily, he got a public around here…”

How prophetic of me…Well, I was wrong on 1 point thou…
I really thought that only a handful of people would be gullible enough to believe this troll but WOW…a majority of the replies are believing in this!

FR, you have a bright future! A big part of your readership is not able to see the difference between Truth and Fiction…

Sad sad world we are living in…

4 years ago

This is what happens when you are sleep deprived, food deprived, and smoke meth……kookoo kooochooo..lay off the meth pipe and get some sleep and some food, you will do better in life than wasting it for an idiot that will die in prison…

4 years ago

Not gonna happen freak

4 years ago

Remember that photo of Keith as a woman? I think someone else has achieved that look…

4 years ago
Reply to  Pyriel

That photo reminds me of Divine, a transvestite actor who appeared in John Waters movies back in the eighties before dying of a heart attack.
comment image?w=970&h=546&fit=crop&crop=faces&auto=format&q=70

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Pyriel
Yolanda Cortez
Yolanda Cortez
4 years ago

Beyond the heart, soul, and the mind. Deeply moving. Please publish more.

4 years ago
Reply to  Yolanda Cortez

Yes\ Yolanda, Nicki Clyne is a very moving writer.
And very talented, too.

Gabriella Cortez
Gabriella Cortez
4 years ago

This is profoundly beautiful. Gorgeous writing and deep wisdom. Thank you Legatus Pro Tempore and thank you Glorious Vanguard.

4 years ago

Nicki Clyne is a humorist.
Nicki is NXIVM’s version of Mark Twain or Will Rogers.
Or since Nicki is a Canadian she is the equal to Canada’s great humorist Stephen Leacock.

Stephen Leacock

Stephen P. H. Butler Leacock, FRSC (30 December 1869 – 28 March 1944) was a Canadian teacher, political scientist, writer, and humourist. Between the years 1915 and 1925, he was the best-known English-speaking humourist in the world.[1] He is known for his light humour along with criticisms of people’s follies.

Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
4 years ago

This was written by a dude. You can tell.

4 years ago

It’s always interesting to see examples that are a reminder, that the delusional culty mindset is so inherently farcical that it’s almost indistinguishable from parody of it.

It looks to me like this was written by someone who frequented Raniere’s word salad bar. Whether they are a true believer, or someone trolling those who still are, is hard to say.

One thing at the end strikes me, the question “What would my Master do?” What it really is, particularly in the case of cults and gurus, is “What do idealize that the master would do?” The leaders and gurus of such groups are typically hypocrites whose own inner guiding principle is “do as I say, not as I do,” and so Raniere for instance would actually be the couch potato critiqued at the beginning – he’d lay back, order a pizza, and have his nearest “fuck toy” give him a blow job.

Also, it occurred to me, there are some good reasons that society has norms about about erring towards helping women out – but almost all of Raniere’s female devotees were women who had never had the normal experience of being pregnant, and having to carry an infant around (and having a child, was probably one of the main factors that made Kristin Keeffe realize that she needed to her family out of that abnormal environment). Raniere has a point that women may exploit that tendency, but as in most such high control groups or cults valid ideas are overblown and mis-represented; men have their own corresponding, just different, ways of being manipulative and even playing the covert victim, and Raniere of course played those in spades himself, particularly with all his claims that he was somehow so spiritually and psychically sensitive that everyone around him had to cater to him – really just a very thinly veiled version of the female role he liked to critique.

4 years ago

—Some fools here say he is suffering in prison but he is unified and experiencing the highest joy at all times.

Good. Then he can stay the fuck in prison where he belongs.

The Retard
The Retard
4 years ago

TLDR the whole thing.

I did quickly skim a few paragraphs, though.

Interesting babble.

I can tell that Monte is a true believer and not just a troll.

I can also tell that Monte is likely a female since no male would write about another guy like that, even if they were a devoted follower.

A few observations:

1) If anger, stress and negative feelings (towards objects, people or events) are only ‘manifested’ by people who aren’t fully integrated into Vanguards perfect philosophy —– then WHY THE FUCK can’t Vanguard kick his own negative habits of stressing over garlic-laced pussy and disliking women who aren’t skinny sticks?

Why can’t he embrace women’s authenticity (LOL) and accept them for how they look naturally?

Why did Keith’s emails (shown in court) show that he was stressing out over one of his women fucking another guy while asking her about the guy’s penis size?


2) If habits like exercising for 40 minutes per day or taking a shower in under 5 minutes can be manifested by Vanguard’s perfect philosophy of mind over matter —- then WHY THE FUCK is Vanguard a chubby & pudgy piglet who reportedly always smells like he hasn’t bathed recently?

Sounds like he needs more serious exercise than just walking around the block each night at a snail’s pace.

Or maybe he needs to cut his calories like he asks his women to do?

Sounds like his own philosophy isn’t working for him. LOL.


3) If Vanguard is truly “100% joyous” at all times (even in prison, as Monte claims) then WHY THE FUCK did Claviger report that Keith has been seen crying in the fetal position, after getting his ASS KICKED in several prison fights?


4) If Vanguard has no ‘negative feelings’ then WHY THE FUCK did he talk about the pleasure he got from seeing lovely Lauren Salzman torn apart on the witness stand by his attorney?

Wouldn’t that be ‘ego’ driving such a vengeful emotion?

Wouldn’t that be against his own philosophy of remaining joyous at all times?


In summary…

If Vanguard’s philosophy can help people to manifest anything into a ‘positive thought’ and allow them to always be 100% joyous —- then WHY THE FUCK does Keith fear, hate and respond negatively to so many things in life?


What a Weirdo
What a Weirdo
4 years ago

He/she has posted at least once before. As Anne Frank.
I would assume the phone number and email are a diversion and should not have been published. Read:

Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
4 years ago

Ok–was this parody or legit?

4 years ago
Reply to  Fool Me Not

Good question, Fool Me Not!

4 years ago

This reads like a D philosophy student also read Roberts Rules of Order. This is nothing but word salad with freshman philosophy babble.
But we do learn who is still active. Nice to see Nicki’s moving up in the world from D list actor to pro tem.

4 years ago
Reply to  NCGIRL

” Nice to see Nicki’s moving up in the world from D list actor to pro tem.”

Nicki’s moving up but the real power brokers are the people who finance the organization.
And they are all South of the Border waiting for the storm to blow over.
(If the Democrats win the White House in 2020, watch the NXIVM investigation to quietly die.)

Nicki is like Allison with some executive responsibility because Nicki has some more brains than Allison.
In their relationship, one can see that Nicki was the top and Allison was the bottom.

Bobbi Joe
Bobbi Joe
4 years ago

Another piece of ridiculousness by a first class regurgitator! There’s obviously zero understanding to their own verbiage. Trying to sell being empowered by being enslaved only works on those who cannot think for themselves and need someone to tell them how. It’s a complete oxymoron! I’m going to make you rich by taking your money!

Monte Blu has shown all the readers what it takes to be a mindless drone. I wonder how many times he had to go back to his notes for reference? Let me guess, your Vanguard hasn’t a clue how to be concise? You sure took the scenic route explaining, whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right! Reads like a middle school essay trying to get to word # up!

4 years ago
Reply to  Bobbi Joe

Bobbi Joe,

Sad but true!

4 years ago

So this is Nicki herself writing! Hmm. I must say it is quite brave of her to leave not just her email address but even her phone number, of all the places, exactly on this forum. Some may say brave is far from the right term to describe her. As I started reading I have to confess that the following reaction went through my mind, repeatedly: get fucked! I then started skipping large sections of the article until I reached the end and, to my shock read the author introducing herself… Strangely I don’t feel offended by her anymore, in fact I don’t feel my first reaction is at all appropriate any longer. I feel sad for Nicki and who knows how many others in that situation. Maybe frustration that their lives have been tampered with so much, without them deserving any of it. Such a sad situation. Who knows how many of them, innately are wonderful human beings, taken prey by…


4 years ago
Reply to  Alex

“I must say it is quite brave of her”

I studied Nicki through her social media and she is a lot more brave than anyone would think.
When she was about 19 years old, around 2003, she traveled through Central America by herself.
That is a brave thing for a young woman to do.
While Nicki acts goofy she is far more courageous than one would think.
Nicki has more guts than her pathetic Vanguard.
Don’t underestimate Nicki Clyne.

4 years ago

“For those inspired to learn more contact Legatus Pro Tempore at or call 310-[REDACTED].”

So Monte Blu has finally come out of the closet.
A few days ago I finally identified Monte Blu.

August 29, 2019 at 12:13 pm
“This is just a troll having fun. ”
This is Nicki Clyne writing under her pseudonym of Monte Blu.
August 28, 2019 at 9:28 pm
I wonder how Monte Blu got his/her name.

The original Monte Blue was an early motion picture star who specialized in Westerns.
He died of a heart attack in 1963 at the age of 76.

The Frank Report’s Monte Blu spells his/her name a little differently than the old time movie star.
Monte Blu has no “e” at the end of his/her name.
I believe that Frank Parlato suggested that Monte Blu might refer to a mountain in South Africa.

But there is another possible source for the name Monte Blu.
In the resort area of Lake Tahoe, near Reno Nevada, there happens to be a casino resort named “Mont Bleu.”


Mont Bleu is a 400 room casino resort in Stateline Nevada, right on Lake Tahoe.
MontBleu has had that name sine 2006.

Take the e out of Bleu and put it at the end of Mont.
Now you have “Monte Blu” the name of our friend.

Now for the crucial question:

Has either Pea Onyu or Yolanda Cortez or Nicki Clyne ever been to Lake Tahoe?

In 2017 Nicki Clyne attended a Comic Con type event at Lake Tahoe.

I believe Monte Blu is another pen name for Nicki Clyne.

I must also give credit to Pyriel for suggesting that Monte Blu’s writing sounded a lot like Pea Onyu’s writing.

And I must give credit to my brother who attends business meetings in Reno from time to time and likes to mix pleasure with business by visiting Lake Tahoe and other near by resorts.
And Lake Tahoe just happens to have a resort named Mont Bleu from which Nicki borrowed the name Monte Blu after visiting the area for a 2017 Sci Fi Convention.

Now some people might object to hearing the ideas of NXIVM expressed.
NXIVM’s ideas are very controversial and somewhat distasteful.
But I believe in Freedom of Speech for everyone including people with unpopular views.
People like Communists and Nazis should have Free Speech.
America should be a Marketplace of Ideas where competing ideas vie for acceptance.
To me nothing is more abhorrent than Political Correctness.
Political Correctness is the enemy of Freedom.
Political Correctness is anti-American.

In the end truth will prevail.

And I urge people not to harass Monte Blu or any of her personas.
Don’t spam her or harass her in any way.
It takes a great deal of courage to express unpopular views.
That’s why I admire Professor Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto.

4 years ago

Drink some more kool-aid, Pops!

4 years ago

I agree with Scott Johnson, TLDR… i read longer article sometimes but only coming from an interesting source.

But i’ll admit i’m impressed about the dedication of this troll…A little too obvious but still a dedicated troll.

Luckily , he got a public around here, let’s look at Shadow gullibly responding to it.

(I admit it, by posting a comment, i’m (kinda) bitting the bait…the goal is just to obtain a reaction (any reaction) so i gave him too much attention)

I fed the troll but last time i do, promised!

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

I usually read the entire article, but in this case i made an exception. It is much too long for me to waste that much time. Besides, I’m a dude and not eligible. And no, I’m not interested in identifying as a woman.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

“Besides, I’m a dude and not eligible. And no, I’m not interested in identifying as a woman.”

Lots of men watch videos filled with only women if you catch my drift.
That’s why the internet was invented.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  shadowstate195

I didn’t bring up porno on the internet, you did. The internet was invented for the military to have reliable communications.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

” The internet was invented for the military to have reliable communications.”

And if you were stuck in Afghanistan or Iraq or some other hell hole you would watch porn on the internet too just like the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  shadowstate195

What it is used for now versus what it was invented for are two very different questions. I wouldn’t doubt the military has clamped down on access to porn.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

You are funny, Scott!

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