Is Nicki Clyne the Secret Identity of the Mysterious Monte Blue?

By Shadow State
It is incredible how many people doubt the simple truth that Monte Blu is Nick Clyne and Nicki Clyne is Monte Blu.  In fact, I just confirmed that the two people (Monte Bu and Nicki Clyne) are identical in less than 30 seconds.
In the past, I have used a service called reverse phone number lookup. It’s on the internet and can be used for free.  Monte Blu gave Nicki Clyne’s phone number and email address.
(Please respect Ms. Clyne’s privacy and don’t spam or harass her. Even if you don’t like what she says, she has the right to say it.)
I fed that phone number Blu gave for contact into the reverse phone number lookup and came up with:


Type: Mobile

Original carrier: Level 3 Telecom Of California, Lp – Ca


N–––––– C––––––

View owner’s name

Spam/Fraud Potential: Low Risk

You can call with confidence.

Got a spam call from this number? Report it

Details on owner of [REDACTED]


Clifton Park, NY

The owner of that number is N_______ C________

And that owner lives in Clifton Park, New York.
Now, who do you suppose N. C. in Clifton Park, New York is?  It is a mobile phone and it was originally activated in Southern California.
Nicki Clyne is married to Allison Mack who grew up in Southern California and lives just outside the 310 area code.
On top of that, in 2017, newlyweds Allison and Nicki visited Southern California and while there Nicki, who starred in a science fiction TV show, visited the Space X rocket factory in Hawthorne California.  Hawthorne California is in the 310 area code.
Inline image
Space X’s rocket factory is in Hawthorne California in the 310 area code where Nicki Clyne seems to have activated her cell phone.
On top of that, Monte Blu (aka Nicki Clyne gave an email address. This email address was listed on Using a free internet service called “whois domain tools” one can look up the host server for
Here is the result:
Registrant Carl Hendricks
Registrant Org E-Mallard Web Corporation
Registrant Country us
Tech Contact Carl Hendricks
E-Mallard Web Corporation
3431 State St. #201,
Schenectady, New York, 12304, us

IP Address – 1 other site is hosted on this server
IP Location United States – New York – Schenectady – Emallardweb Corporation
ASN United States AS22302 INOC – INOC, LLC, US (registered Sep 04, 2001)
Domain Status Registered And Active Website
IP History 11 changes on 11 unique IP addresses over 13 years
Registrar History 2 registrars with 3 drops
Hosting History 8 changes on 6 unique name servers over 16 years
Now, who owns E-Mallard?
A source writes:  “If my sleuthing is correct then the server is located in Schenectady for E-Mallard and NXIVM lied and said it was in Albany County.”
E-Mallard is a front company owned by NXIVM and Clare Bronfman.

Government unveils list of 90 NXIVM-affiliated companies; Bronfman companies included!

Nicki Clyne works for NXIVM and Clare Bronfman.
Now, do you see why Frank Parlato published this photo of a smiling Nicki Clyne with her smiling boss Clare Bronfman at the end of Monte Blu’s article?

Inline image

So let’s set the record straight once and for all:
Nicki Clyne is Monte Blu.
Nicki Clyne is Pea Onyu
Nicki Clyne is Legatus Pro Tempore
Nicki Clyne is Yolanda Cortez.
Nicki Clyne is Gabrielle Cortez and
Nicki Clyne is blk master kusa.
Nicki Clyne is the official face of NXIVM.
It must get very crowded in  Nicki Clyne’s apartment.

I also have some thoughts on how Monte Blu got her name.  The original Monte Blue was an early motion picture star who specialized in Westerns.  He died of a heart attack in 1963 at the age of 76.

Monte Blue was an actor who died in 1963.

The Frank Report’s Monte Blu spells his/her name a little differently than the old-time movie star. Monte Blu has no “e” at the end of his/her name.

I believe that Frank Parlato once suggested that Monte Blu might refer to a mountain in South Africa. But there is another possible source for the name Monte Blu.  In the resort area of Lake Tahoe, near Reno Nevada, there happens to be a casino resort named “Mont Bleu.”


Montbleu Casino.JPG
Photo by Constantine Kulikovsky

MontBleu is a 400 room casino resort in Stateline Nevada, right on Lake Tahoe.

MontBleu has had that name sine 2006.

Take the “e” out of Bleu and put it at the end of Mont.  Now you have “Monte Blu”, the name of our friend.

Now for a question:  Has either Pea Onyu or Yolanda Cortez or Nicki Clyne ever been to Lake Tahoe?


In 2017, Nicki Clyne attended a Comic-Con type event at Lake Tahoe.

I believe Monte Blu is just another pen name for Nicki Clyne.

I must also give credit to Pyriel for suggesting that Monte Blu’s writing sounded a lot like Pea Onyu’s writing.

And I must give credit to my brother who attends business meetings in Reno from time to time and likes to mix pleasure with business by visiting Lake Tahoe and other nearby resorts.

Lake Tahoe just happens to have a resort named Mont Bleu from which Nicki seems to have borrowed the name Monte Blu – after visiting the area for a 2017 Sci-Fi Convention.

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  • The “D” that was sending alarming messages to Frank a while back was from Nevada……

    I am sure Parlato is cognitive of that fact.

    Personally, I just think Bleu is a wack-doodle troll. He is someone that’s mentally ill and finds it funny to troll and occasionally scare people.

    My personal belief is that Bangkok resides in California and sometimes travels to Las Vegas with his parents and posts crazy shit from an isp account in a hotel in Las Vegas.

    • Posts crazy shit from hotel in Vegas?

      Traveling with mommy and daddy?

      From Cali?

      Welp, you’re 1 for 3 and batting .333 at the moment.

      Look dipshit, if a pussy like you spent a single night in Bangkok you’d likely be somebody’s bitch by morning.

      One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble.

      Pussies and losers (i.e., husbands who let their wives be the main breadwinner) just don’t fare too well in Bangkok. It’s a man’s town.

      Now go back to tending to the little ones and wiping their snotty noses, while wifey pays the bills.

      I bid you a nice day. 🙂

  • Yolanda, no need to be secret. No one is committing a crime. If nxivm reinvented itself into a legit organization, then fine, do share.

  • Monte/Pea/Yolanda/Legatus Pro Tempores are the same person. I don’t doubt that. But that person is a troll and not Nicki Clyne. As others have commented, there is nothing in the troll’s comments that couldn’t have been picked up on FR. A loyal DOS slave would not have put her Vanturd’s defence at risk by repeatedly defending and confirming Raniere’s paedophilia before and during his trial. She wouldn’t have been allowed to. I wonder if anyone has heard the title Legatus Pro Tempores other than this troll referring to it.

  • The other day, Shadow asked: “What is Lauren Salzman’s favorite kind of bread?” The punch line: “…Pimpernickel.”

    This from a man(?) who was very critical of Nicki Clyne’s stand up routines? Really?

    Just to confirm that bad jokes just lead to more bad jokes, I offer the following:

    What is Shadowstate’s favorite comfort food? … Mack and cheese.

    What is Shadowstate’s favorite fast food restaurant?… MackDonald’s.

    Shadowstate’s favorite sexual activity?….Macksturbation.

    So while Shadow fancies himself as a regular Inspector Clouseau/Elliot Ness for (possibly) uncovering the identity of “Monte Blue”, the truth is that it is the same old wine in a different bottle: the man(?) is hung up on two actresses half his age, neither of whom is particularly talented or attractive.

  • There is just so much wrong with this theory it’s sad. Sometimes people want something to be true they will create stories backing up their preconceived notions. These people will not be swayed with the truth. No, the truth gets in the way of their conclusion. This is not the way real investigations are conducted. That’s the good news.

    Just because you want something to be true doesn’t make it so. Sometimes you can pound a puzzle piece where it doesn’t belong but the rest of the puzzle will never come together properly.

    • Yep. It’s a case of Shadowstate wanting it to be true so he can convince himself that he’s an important part of this story. Pretty sad, really.

      There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that Yolanda Cortez, Pea Onyu, Legatus etc are trolls. One thing I’ve noticed is that certain people over a certain age are more prone to taking things they read online at face value. They’ve never really hung out in “younger” places where trolling culture is rampant and people learn very quickly to recognise the signs of trolling. They’re too trusting and don’t believe anyone would actually lie online.

  • The Yolanda Cortez who made the other comment is a phony. I am the real Yolanda Cortez and I can assure you Monte Blu is no troll but our Legatus Pro Tempore.

  • “It is incredible how many people doubt the simple truth that Monte Blu is Nick Clyne and Nicki Clyne is Monte Blu. In fact I just confirmed that the two people (Monte Bu and Nicki Clyne) are identical in less than 30 seconds.”

    You are definitely an idiot…

    BTW If you, an idiot, can find that it’s Nicky’s phone number…Any troll could too.
    Also, the listing published by Frank about the list of the members of Nxivm was giving the number and mails of MANY OF THE MEMBERS.

    This isn’t proof of anything but that you are extremely gullible.

    Your analysis becomes stupider every time…
    Soon you’ll be saying ‘Monte Blu is drinking water and who is drinking water? NICKY CLINE!!!!’ dum dum dum!

    I maintain you are a gullible idiot and if all you pointed (the mail address and phone) can be found by you, imagine was a person with average intelligence can do with it?
    Well, Don’t imagine, look at the trolls you named!

    But to be honest, what was I expecting from you…

    • “BTW If you, an idiot, can find that it’s Nicky’s phone number…Any troll could too.”

      That’s right.
      Anyone can take a raw phone number and using the “reverse phone number look up” trace the number back to.
      the phone number’s owner.
      And the service is free and it’s legal.

      But no one took the initiative to actually follow the clue that Nicki Clyne (Monte Blue) gave out.
      Nicki Clyne (Monte Blue) gave out the phone number and it traces back to her.

      Instead people would simply prefer to argue that “Monte Blu is a dude” or some other non-sense.

      • “But no one took the initiative to actually follow the clue that Nicki Clyne (Monte Blue) gave out.
        Nicki Clyne (Monte Blue) gave out the phone number and it traces back to her.

        Instead people would simply prefer to argue that “Monte Blu is a dude” or some other non-sense.”

        Who told you that “no one took the initiative”? we are just not as stupid as to continue to Believe a troll once he/she is debunked…

        And you miss the point…which show how intelligent you are!
        YOU FOUND (and after quite the time) the info online and you can’t understand that i you found it, ANYONE CAN!

        Where is the undisputable proof of your point? nowhere!
        If you weren’t so much into believing lies ,conspiracy and your own fantasy, we wouldn’t even talk about it!

        You are naive to the max (Added to your other flaw, it would almost make me feel bad for you…but no, i can’t)

    • Anonymous – I wouldn’t call Shadow an idiot. He seems pretty intelligent to me, although he doesn’t seem to see what we see on this topic. Perhaps he’s a little like Dr Sheldon Cooper.

      • “Perhaps he’s a little like Dr Sheldon Cooper.”

        Perhaps I am a bit like Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

        My family is filled with PhDs and my childhood was like growing up in the “Big Bang Theory.

        But the writings of Pea Onyu, Monte Blu, Legatus Pro Tempore and Yolanda Cortez read alike.
        It takes a very skilled writer to change writing styles to fit different personalities.

        • “But the writings of Pea Onyu, Monte Blu, Legatus Pro Tempore and Yolanda Cortez read alike.”
          Off course they do, you clown! It’s a TROLL!

          “It takes a very skilled writer to change writing styles to fit different personalities”
          Who said the trolls weren’t talented at it? most of the ellaborate trolls aren’t low lifer when not trolls…
          They often are quite educated.

          It’s a way to past their time (when bored) and all this while unpunished (as it’s Anonymous).

          But most sane people can detect a Troll, you just can’t…

      • “Anonymous – I wouldn’t call Shadow an idiot. He seems pretty intelligent to me, although he doesn’t seem to see what we see on this topic. Perhaps he’s a little like Dr Sheldon Cooper.”

        I would call it mentally deranged but it seems like my comments aren’t posted when I do…

        Excuse me but anyone with BASIC INTELLIGENCE understood that Yolanda, Pea onyu and monte blu are (or is) troll(s).

        If you want to convince me that Shadow, THE shadow, is not an idiot…you’re gonna have a hard time because 99.9% time he posts ridiculous analyze, makes connection that never existed (excuse me but “Nicki …visited the Space X rocket factory in Hawthorne California. Hawthorne California is in the 310 area code.” is an absurd connection…like I said, Monte blu is drinking water and so is Nicki… I wouldn’t call that a proof).

        Allow me to put doubt about your mental capacities too if you genuinely believe that Shadow isn’t an idiot.
        It isn’t a question anymore!

  • Sorry Shadow, but your detective skills are a little rusty. The truth is there are a number of people who would have known the address and number had belonged to Nicki, and those people lie about everything. If you’re not actually part of the group helping them, them you are very niave.
    I especially have my doubts about you as I see you repeatedly post podcasts by Stefan Molyneux (who happens to another accomplice of criminal Stone)

    In good news, Stone’s youngest accomplice, little Jacob Wohl has finally been charged with a felony. All I can say is 👏👏👏👏👏

      • Really, Scott? What do you think Obama is going to be charged with?

        We are still waiting for all those many thousands of sealed indictments to be unsealed, as Q (AKA Roger Stone, Alex Bones-head, Baby & Daddy Wohl, etc) promised his gullible followers.

        Way. Too. Funny.

    • “I especially have my doubts about you as I see you repeatedly post podcasts by Stefan Molyneux ”

      Since you object to Stephen Molyneux, who is a graduate of the University of Toronto and McGill University, in the future I will post videos of Ezra Levant, Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson to show you how open minded I am.

      • They are offensive, Shadow. However, Molyneux has managed to scam at least $8M from people by misreprenting himself. Apparently you are unaware that good old Steffie is actually known as a cult leader, and he is a highly narcissistic person who refers to himself as “the greatest philosopher in the world”. Where have we heard similar claims before?

        • What a fruitcake you are. Hypocrite is your name. Lil Justy is as corrupt as they come yet you love your fellow Satanist.

        • Flowers:
          You can access Molyneux’s videos on Youtube for FREE.
          You don’t need to spend a single dime to hear his words of wisdom.
          And you can believe what he says or you can take his statements with a grain of salt.
          As far as I know, Molyneux has no harem of sex slaves.
          Nor does he call himself the world’s third smartest man.

          Of course, Molyneux claims that what he says is true.
          Everyone claims that even Nicki Clyne, aka Monte Blu, aka Pea Onyu, aka Yolanda Cortez.

          The people who do not like Stefan Molyneux are the left-wing nuts who hate white people and men.
          Anti-Christian Muslims particularly hate Molyneux.

          Since you do not like Stefan Molyneux, I will link you to Paul Joseph Watson who likes to expose Leftists and Marxists who hate Europeans and white Americans.

          • Molyneux has managed to swindle approximately 8 million USD in bitcoin donations from his fans. But yes, I do know his videos are free.
            Steffie has made narcissistic claims about being the greatest philosopher in the world. I know this because I saw his claims on his old website Freedomain Radio. I’ve done some research on him, which is how I know that he’s a liar, misogynistic, a hypocrite, extremely narcissistic, and is known as a cult leader in Canada. Just check with Vice Canada.
            NeonaziBitcoinTracker has him in number one spot for donations collected. So Steffie is finally the best at something in his life! Way to go, Steff!
            😉 You’re numerous uno! The very best Neonazi we’ve found thus far.

            Hope you’re proud, dude!🤣

  • is dead – try pinging it. The info here was already public. You aren’t making any actual connections yet. Did you try calling the number? Bet it’s disconnected.

  • Way to go, Captain Obvious. The story also states (and I still haven’t read the whole story), “For those inspired to learn more contact Legatus Pro Tempore at or call 310-500-6347.” It’s not a stretch that the “nicki” nxian email is Clyne, and why would a different person be given for the phone number versus the email? We still don’t know whether the author was providing their own phone number/email or someone else’s, do we? What’s next, Mr. Shadow? Can you provide the mathematical proof that 1+1=2? LOL

      • g: Look who is talking?
        Mr I was in a cult (but Don’t remember which one or just refuse to say it because my lie would be found)
        You are the biggest jackass around here.

        And at least Scot asks good questions and is making (sort of) sense most of the time…unlike you!

        He is right, Captain Obvious, try to connect dots that don’t really exist and forget that if an idiot like him can do it, anyone can do the same things (including a troll)

        • “Captain Obvious, try to connect dots that don’t really exist ”

          NXIVM members lie as a matter of course.
          If they told you it is sunny outside, you would look out the window to make sure it wasn’t pouring rain.

          NXIVM members and their fellow travelers are the biggest gaslighters in North America.
          “Pea Onyu caught in lies”

          Keith did invent the web browser. It was stolen from him.”

          (Web Browsers were invented at the University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois.
          The Minnesota web browser was called “Gopher” and the Illinois web browser was named “Mosaic.”)
          Mosaic was developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)[5] at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign beginning in late 1992.

          Nicki Clyne is still one hot sexy woman. Your comments, Van Douche, are unwarranted and unwelcome; please apologize.”


          I know you are all going to attack me for doing the right thing but Barbara Bouchey demanded $2 million and now Toni Zarattini demands $2 million. How could that be a coincidence? Then Joseph O’Hara and Toni Natalie always wanted to destroy Vanguard. And Kristin Keeffe stole Vanguard’s baby who he loved so much. And Susan Dones destroyed the Seattle Center. Now you add all that up and it becomes clear that there is a monstrous conspiracy to destroy someone so good. Was not Christ crucified by such as these?”

          [Keith] did not lose the money. Edgar Bronfman stole the money from Keith. It is not fair that [Barbara Bouchey] extort Keith to pay it back. She should have gone after Edgar B.”

          “In June, Pea emerged again – to defend Monte Blue who was accused of writing something plagiarizing another writer:”

          “To all those who think they see a slight similarity between what Monte Blu wrote and what some person named Lewis or Susan may or many not have written I think it’s a red herring. The point is it is true! What Monte wrote is the Real truth. If two people happen to think the same thought and perhaps express it similarly it does not mean one was aware of the other. Truth expresses itself in certain ways. It’s still truth. In any language. I resent the suggestion that Monte plagiarized this obscure Christian Lewis and I prefer to trust in the message not the style of language. Shame on you people.”
          “It is pretty clear that Pea Onyu is not being completely truthful. Perhaps she is a comedienne. Can we conclude she is a troll? Let’s keep our minds open as we see what Pea does as Clare is indicted and how she admits that Pea is not her real name at all – which of course is a surprise to no one.”

    • Robbie (Chiappone) was the alleged owner of the computer company, E-Mallard Web Corp., where the server for the NXIVM website was hosted. Robbie had registered hundreds of domain names for Mr. Raniere and Clare Bronfman including, the website Mr. O’Hara and others allegedly accessed without permission.

      Robbie was the 20-something year old son of Esther Carlson Chiappone, a member of the High Rank of NXIVM [Esther holds the rank of Green Sash, Edge, one stripe].

      Robbie’s real job was to drive children to Rainbow Cultural Garden. At some point, Robbie was accused of sexually molesting a girl – and the New York State Police began an investigation. Mr. Raniere and Nancy Salzman worked to persuade parents not to cooperate with the State Police investigation, witnesses said.

      • Great job, you pivoted from Captain Obvious to Admiral Minutiae on a dime! Your next assignment is Secretary Oblivious, and you are well on your way to earning that title as well. Can you explain what your comment has to do with my comment? Or am I just supposed to be impressed with your ability to dig up meaningless NXIVM details without mentioning Mack?

      • There was a boy as well. Robbie’s family and NXIVM made a deal with the boy’s ESP parents’ and the local police to keep Robbie from going to jail, if they paid them and Robbie went into the military instead of going to prison.

      • Shadowstate,

        Hold your breath for 3 seconds and click your heels 3 times and Scott Johnson will take us to Amway Land………

        Anyway Land is a magical place where somehow someway every topic relates back to Amway………

        Unfortunately for Scott, Amway was not started by Jews for Obama…

        ….. But greedy evangelical far-right Christians who support Donald Trump’s candidacy and presidency…..

        ….Thus Scott’s usual narrative of Jews controlling the world falls flat on its face…

        Undaunted, Scott mentions that Emily is an exception to his narrative…..

  • All you basically did was prove that Nicki’s phone and email are out there on the world wide web. You didn’t prove she wrote it.

    I do agree Blu, Onyou and Cortez are the same person.

    Are there still followers of nxivm? No doubt.

    • “Are there still followers of nxivm? No doubt.”
      Were they ever is a better question…

      Believe me, if you followed the story since the beginning (and were not Shadow), you would have seen that they (he/she) are(is) a troll…Nothing else.

      Nothing they posted was exclusive, everything could be found online with a tiny bit of search (look at what the Genius here manage to do with his limited capacity)…
      I would have been convinced if they had the proper behavior but they never did…When we were all in the vague about who would do a plea deal and cooperate or not, they were just as much in the fog.

      One day it was “she is a monster, a traitor”, the next day (when it was debunked, they would say “she is our goddess” (i Don’t name because they did it with each of the défendants concerned).

      They (or he/she) know Nothing more than any people who just read this blog.

  • Uh oh Nicki, the jig is up! Detective shadow is on to us!

    We might need help from HRC to get outta this one!

    • Yolanda, Yolanda, Yolanda– what are we going to do with you? If we both sign mutual nondisclosures and swear to secrecy, would you sit down for an interview?
      The world does want to know your side of the story. You are certainly not committing a crime having an opinion.

    • Yolanda, the jig was up when you were in Puerto Vallarta filming the arrest of your Vanguard while Allison was standing around in a daze and Lauren was trying to get a car to chase the Mexican Federales.
      And HRC will have to sober up before she can give you any help.

      By The Way Yolanda the email address that you gave as Monte Blu appears not to be operative, not that anyone wants to email you or Nicki or Gabrielle or Legatus Pro Tempore.

      • My grandparents live in Clifton Park, NY and I was recently on vacation visiting them about two weeks ago and went to several locations I had seen on the site to see if there was any of this cult activity still going on and sure enough I saw NICKI CLYNE and six female friends piling into a white BMW. Nicki (who I was a fan of on Battlestar Galactica; as I was of Allison on Smallville, which is why this case originally interested me) and the other women with her looked very thin and blank-eyed which made me think the cult was still going on. So I decided to catch up on Frank Report and I see Nicki is now leading DOS!? And Dr. Human Mutilation (Danielle Roberts) and others are still involved and it blows my mind. Even with their “Vanguard” in prison, likely for life, they still live on worshipping this man as some sort of God. It’s time for these women to see a psychiatrist because only a woman with deep-seated mental health problems would continue with this shit. My advice to anyone in DOS (as a past victim of domestic violence and an abusive relationship) is GET OUT. With Raniere in prison, it’s never been easier to leave and move on with your life. You haven’t been prosecuted (yet). There is still time to get out and live your life. Or you could continue to blindly follow an incarcerated, convinced sex trafficker who preyed on underage girls and risk possible prosecution. The choice is yours DOS women (slaves). Take charge of your life

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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