On Photoshopping Ghislaine Maxwell and Other Epstein Mysteries Like His Tunnels

MK10ART's Jeffrey Epstein.

AnonyMaker spends a good deal of time investigating new info on the Jeffrey Epstein matter and other strange matters of interest to our readers. His analysis of Ghislaine Maxwell’s photos and other items raisea lot of interesting points.

By AnonyMaker

On Photoshopping Ghislaine Maxwell

There are actually several significant things that have been photoshopped out of the third picture, that have been missed so far.

But on close examination, they’re obvious to an eye experienced in forensic photo analysis – and if we had a higher-resolution image to work with, error level analysis software would have flagged them as a glaring anomalies, though there is at least a 1298×1012 jpeg floating around to work off of for the purpose of visual examination.

But don’t go getting all excited, kids. Rather than pointing to the grandest conspiracy theory yet uncovered, one that’s going to bring down the British royal family and the top leadership of either or both the Republican and Democratic parties, it’s probably just part of the mounting evidence that these are amateur photos – with some clumsy cleanup done afterward, most likely to try to improve their saleability to the tabloids – and some of the typical odd coincidences found in real life.

So, if you look between the two people to the far left with pixellated faces, and up a bit, there’s a brick red colored sign on a building across the street that’s been crudely hit with an erase tool to obscure the large white lettering in the middle of it, made obvious by the fact that there’s a vestigial red smudge on the right side towards the bottom. And what does Google Street View reveal that the sign actually says? “Miceli’s” And what is that – a pizza parlor!

Then, to the right of the guy in the blue shirt on the right, over the white van and across the street, there’s a blank white store sign that’s actually been erased. And what does it say? “CLEANERS”. As in CIA “cleaners”?!

So have we found Ghislaine Maxwell across from Pizzagate West and a CIA covert operations office, both of which some devious party has attempted – albeit clumsily – to hide from us? Well, besides the implausibility of all that, it also looks like there are probably a couple of other things including street signs that have been similarly erased.

So it appears to me that a somewhat compulsive amateur thought that the pictures needed some cleaning up – kind of like the lady in Spain who infamously couldn’t resist trying her hand at retouching a fresco of Jesus, and leaving him looking like a monkey. And we have the sort of oddities that almost predictably turn up, when anything is subject to too much scrutiny, particularly when our minds are looking for seeming connections.

And finally, the lady in the black dress on the left has a mouth on her exposed chest. Alien shape shifter? (my favorite). No, the faces on the people in the background were hit with some kind of blur tool (similar to the retouch tool in old Picasa, which can create such displacement effects) that resulted in the elongation of faces that someone commented on earlier, and then probably the pros at the paper pixellated the faces on top of that for a cleaner and more standard anonymization.

Jean-Luc Brunel Is Seemingly Missing

Checking the news, it turns out who’s really missing is Jean-Luc Brunel, who I suspect could have been about as much of a procurer for Epstein as Maxwell, providing the supply of young women to his overseas locations (including the Caribbean island) that has yet to really be accounted for. If he was sex trafficking young women from Eastern Europe and Russia, there could be even more awful cases of victimization that we have heard about so far.

I think it’s most likely that he’s just made himself scarce, but it’s certainly a mystery. And the report that “a legal source in Paris” says he’s not to be found contrasts with the fact that while Maxwell hasn’t been seen publicly other than in the strange and hard to date photoshoot, no one is saying that she can’t be found by those who really need to be in contact with her, either.

Jeffrey Epstein’s model-scouting pal has ‘disappeared without a trace’

Les Wexner & Jeffrey Epstein

Wexner and Epstein

In response to Jeffrey Epstein Contributed to Leslie Wexner’s Private Happiness, Tremendously, this all seems somewhat speculative.

The problem is that we have yet to see much revealed about what was certainly a key relationship in Epstein’s financial career, if not something deeper and perhaps more sinister.

One possible explanation for Epstein’s original sweetheart deal on pedophilia charges, for instance, is that Wexner’s political connections and influence in Washington may have bought him out of trouble.

I do think this piece gets at the sort of things that were most likely at work at the heart of it. Thanks as always for your thoughts, Shivani.

And I don’t deny the emotional aspect of things, even if I do tend to look at things through an analytical lens perhaps a bit myopically – though in doing that I’m also pushing back against at the tendency of conspiracy theories to completely dehumanize groups of people imagined as plotters.

But to me, that just adds to the case for banality rather than conspiracy at the heart of most things, people driven by human misjudgments and weaknesses, plus swayed and pulled as well by things like mid-life crises and loneliness, more than coldhearted sinister calculations.

It’s times of vulnerability and crises when people tend to get into high control groups or cults, and also to fall prey to other scams and predators.

Also, it occurred to me recently that Epstein must have been a sex addict, given his constant need for “massages,” and Keith Raniere probably was as well, perhaps in both cases due to deep-seated psychological and emotional issues that drove them, and they too often ended up, as the saying goes, thinking with the little head rather than the big one, doing stupid things rather than carefully calculated ones, getting into trouble and dodging bullets before their luck finally ran out.

Plus Raniere’s example illustrates a motive for Epstein to kill himself: we all got to the awkwardness of the cornered predator trying to defend themselves against the indefensible in court, with even the court laughing at them.

On the Tunnels on Epstein’s Island Temple

Paul Serran’s conspiracy theory piece  More Than Just Pedophilia? Insights Into Epstein’s Island Temple and Its Purported Use for Satanic Worship included a graphic of the temple-like structure on Epstein’s island showing an elevator below it, run by equipment under the dome – which someone must have gone to a fair bit of work to gin up.

Except the dome was removed at some point a while back, and more current photos including the dome footage reveal that there was nothing significant under the dome. Now, of course, a faithful conspiracy theorist can imagine that the elevator and its mechanism were removed, as further evidence of just how devious and resourceful the plotters are.

Older photos of the Epstein’s island indicate that point long had something there, and a road to it; it may have been old navigation beacons or parts of the freshwater system since it’s the high point. If it wasn’t still used for the water system, it may be nothing more than an architectural “folly” like the rich have long built on their estates, taking advantage of the high spot to which there was already a road.

I don’t believe in anything that there’s not good evidence for. People can come up with theories until the cows come home; I’ve watched it all my life, and never or almost never seen anything come of such speculation.

Epstein had some curious interests of his own, bordering on beliefs, like trans-humanism. He could also have been something of a survivalist or prepper, too, just with an eye to self-preservation. If there are tunnels that aren’t just for utilitarian purposes including storm shelters, they could still be something mundane like bomb shelters – plenty of people in the 50s and 60s built their own at home – or part of a half-baked cryogenics facility.

On the subject of the properties of the eccentric rich, have you ever done any of the tours at Hearst Castle in San Simeon? I think there are now something like 3 of them at 2 hours each to see different parts of the place, it’s so vast. That had its own airstrip and dental office – for the convenience of guests. And he had something like 6 other faux castle properties scattered around the world, plus not one but two disassembled medieval Spanish monasteries stored elsewhere in crates that he never got around to reassembling. Megalomania knows no bounds.

Maxwell’s Whereabouts

A number of recent news pieces I’ve seen refer to Maxwell as a subject of ongoing investigations into Epstein’s enablers and co-perpetrators, and none hint at authorities having any concerns regarding her whereabouts.

There is an actual new mystery in the case:

John Doe begs judge not to name names in Epstein gal pal case

The attorney involved has ties to prominent Republicans, though most of the speculation is that he may be representing Prince Andrew, who continues to suffer PR problems at home.

And yet another pipeline of young women has been found. I’ve noticed some object to my posting links to New York Times reporting, but Fox News likes to recap their investigative scoops, so here’s a Fox Business regurgitation of a recent Times piece:

Epstein’s recruiters used NYC dance studios as ‘hunting ground’: report

I haven’t seen any more news updates about the Wexner angle in weeks.  This bit of recent news might or might not be related:

Anonymous figure still fighting to keep name out of Jeffrey Epstein court documents

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  • Epstein Did Not Die in His Prison Cell: FEDS

    Jeffrey Epstein was removed from his prison cell to another part of the Metropolitan Correctional Center hours before his death, casting serious doubt about the narrative surrounding the pedophile’s reported suicide, federal law enforcement sources said.

    The shocking revelations, if true, shatter the Justice Department’s narrative that Epstein hung himself in his cell with a prison bed sheet.

    The FBI is investigating Epstein’s death which now includes reports that Epstein was taken to a different part of the prison before MCC officials made a 911 call to the New York Fire Department.

    Epstein may have been returned to his cell in a wheelchair shortly before that 911 call was made.

    “There are reports he was in a wheelchair and slumped over coming back to his cell after approximately 5 am,” a federal law enforcement source said.

    MCC officials called 911 at approximately 6:40 am.

    Was Epstein unconscious at the time? Or even alive?

    And where was he in the MCC?

    Where is the surveillance camera footage from other parts of the MCC?

    And if he wasn’t in his cell to hang himself, how did he die?

    Dozens of disturbing questions await answers and these new wrinkles turn the Justice Department’s official suicide narrative on its ear.

    But Justice Department and federal Bureau of Prison officials are not commenting.

    But some federal agents believe the truth about what happened to Epstein just moments before his death is too explosive to see the light of day.

    “The feeling is (US Attorney General William) Barr won’t be able to cut this loose in any official capacity and there is push back to pursue the information about Epstein being taken from his cell before the 911 call,” an FBI insider said.

    Federal sources said the media, including the New York Times, have worked to craft a narrative that Epstein was ignored by prison guards who failed to inspect his cell prior to his death. Prison guards even fell asleep, according to the Times’ reporting. That information went viral with hundreds of media outlets reprinting that story, based on the New York Times’ reporting.

    However, that now appears to be questionable information at best. But dubious or not it has served to create the suicide narrative.

    “If he wasn’t in his cell, why would they need to check?,” a federal law enforcement source said. “That makes no sense.”

    There are so many lies at play here making it quite difficult to find the truth.

    Perhaps that is the point.

    This story is developing. — Thomas Paine

    • Interesting point. I agree that the possibility that disinformation actors are at work, is not given due consideration.

      For instance, we see theories promoting that Epstein was murdered, or that he was spirited away to Israel. One of those has to be dead wrong, as the saying goes, so which? And is the false one being planted as deliberate disinformation? Or are both theories – which stand in contrast to the third possibility, that he just committed suicide – the work of a multi-faceted disinformation operation that seeks to erode trust in free societies, and get people to yearn for guru-like Big Brother strongmen who pose as offering simple answers, combined with an Orwellian state propaganda media that eliminates uncertainty and provides easy enemies to hate?

      And, indeed, if people from NXIVM or their hired operatives were coming here to distract and discredit the blog, and try to discourage people including former and current insiders from contributing further information about the group, what sort of things would they post?

      • One of those has to be dead wrong, This one….which stand in contrast to the third possibility, that he just committed suicide

        Please, can your bullshit Skippy. Not everyone here is a stupid as Scott Johnson or Flowers and are a bit more sophisticated than your Brooklyn Elementary students

  • Paul Serran here. My article never said anything about elevator in Epstein temple, this is a ridiculous misreading of my piece, even because we have a photo – posted by Ray Chandler on her now-deactivated Instagram account – of the CCTV of the Tunnels that show STAIRS. It is true some people have floated this elevator thing – BUT NOT ME. I understand the author thinks my piece is not to be taken seriously. BUT TO INVENT THINGS I DID NOT SAY IS JUST PLAIN WRONG.

    • Paul, my apologies, I went back and checked, and your are correct, that was not in your article – it was included as a graphic, unsourced as far as I can tell, in one of the follow-up stories:


      Even Frank himself got confused, above, between the graphic with the speculative arrow under the temple-like structure that was included in your story, and the one purporting to show an elevator..

      I think it still does say something about your fellow travelers in conspiracy theory trafficking, however.

      And, as far as I can tell, it’s equally speculative on your part to jump to the assumption that the smartphone shot of a CCTV monitor, which obviously shows several cameras pointed at rooms, hallways and stairs in a much larger structure such as a house, somehow proves that there are stairs (much less tunnels) in that small remote structure.

      People can often read what they want to into images and photographs. Is it an old woman or a young woman?

      • Paul Serran, again, here. You almost attained a real apollogy. Almost. To say I deal in “trafficking” conspiracies is offensive to the maximum level. SO, gloves off. There is an intel source called Q, whether or not you believe it. This same source told us 18 months ago about EVERYTHING you know, now. You are just another blind denier. I don’t give two fucks about your opinion, never did. But know one thing: you are not accomplishing anything by offending me. For all I know, you are probably another slave to some cult around. GET A LIFE.

    • Thanks for the links.

      The Dubins are yet another curious relationship that needs explaining. It does show that Epstein maintained a fairly impressive social circle. And it suggests that he may have tried to do things like provide friends with sexually compliant nannies – though apparently unsuccessfully in this case, suggesting his attempts may ultimately have been rather hapless.

      Financially, the main thing I noted financially was a reference to a sort of finders fee of $15 million that Epstein got for introducing some people who did a big deal. To me that suggests that much of what he did was to ingrate himself among the ultra-wealthy for whom sums like that are just change lost in the seat cushions. Pull off a couple of killings like that a year, perhaps also for arranging tax shelters in the Virgin Islands or even sometimes something shady like pocketing money illicitly skimmed off investment deals (think Wexner), and indeed that’s a formula for making it at least halfway towards being a billionaire.

    • I don’t read any government role in that, other than the judge apparently trying to find a way to sort things out – just the various private attorneys trying to protect their clients, except that interestingly Dershowitz’ is asking for transparency.

      ‘The case files are known to contain claims by Giuffre that she was sexually abused by “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known Prime Minister and other world leaders.”’

  • The last story starts, “The mystery litigant’s attorney Nicholas Lewin argued that papers filed in a defamation suit brought by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre against the perv’s alleged madame, Ghislaine Maxwell, should remain under seal.” Read it carefully, Maxwell called Giuffre a liar, she sued Maxwell, and they settled out of court (money to Giuffre). Go ahead and sue Giuffre for defamation of character (lying), and then you can settle out of court by paying her money as well.

    • Scott,


      Let me actually help you. Use multiple web browsers and you can get back onto the New York Times site for free. You get 5 or 10 free articles. Just switch web browsers and you can read for free again.
      Or reinstall browser as a last ditch effort.

      • stupidguy, I’m not interested in acting like a trained monkey. Besides, I can find virtually anything the New York Slime reports with a simple google search, and often do this to get different perspectives.

  • Frank, I appreciate the roundup here, of various comments I made and had put some work into researching.

    I find it interesting that no one else picked up on the fact that the Maxwell photos were shot across the street from a pizza restaurant – not here, or on Reddit or anyplace else (I see that somewhere the photoshopping of the sign was picked up, but the nature of the establishment was missed). So much for “research” by the conspiracy theorists. I just hope that the business doesn’t suffer any of the same undeserved culty madness as the pizza joint in D.C., which among other things was attacked by a qAnon self-annointed “investigator” with an assault rifle.

    With the photoshopping shoe on the other foot, it’s indeed amusing that someone went to the effort to take an old photograph of the curious building on Epstein’s island and put together an imaginative rendering envisioning it as sitting on top of an elevator shaft and having the mechanism hidden under the dome, when recent photographs actually show that the dome has been removed and there is not elevator equipment on top of the roof.

    I do want to be clear that I don’t in any way discount the pedophilia and human trafficking that did go on, and I think attention should stay focused on holding to account the actual enablers and perpetrators, like Maxwell and others who worked for Epstein, as well as thoroughly investigating the roles of others known to be connected to the case such as Brunel and Wexner. And of course the investigation into Epstein’s original corrupt plea deal needs to be followed wherever it leads.

    p.s. to anyone who found the piece TL;DR, the recent news of note is in the final section.

    • AnnoyMaker,

      Excellent researching and reporting!!!!!!

      Thank you for taking the time and great effort to get the facts right.

      It must have been laborious at times.


    • Speaking of things no one else has seemed to notice; The mother of Nadia Bjorlin has stated in the past that her daughter was targeted by Epstein but she had a bad feeling about the guy. The attempted recruitment when Nadia was 13 and attending Interlochen Academy (a school that I believe Epstein attended, and has given money to and had a villa built in close proximity to the girls dormitory). Nadia Bjorlin’s name appears on the Epstein flight records several years later along with her brother. I don’t know, just seems really odd to me.

      • Interesting.

        A quick check shows Epstein attending summer music camp at Interlochen – which indicates there is truth to reports he was musically talented and learned to pay the piano at a young age, unlike Raniere who was apparently a mediocre player and, I’d guess, just a typical kid whose parents made him take music lessons. His later affiliation with Interlochen appears to have been limited to about a decade starting in the early 1990s:

        Epstein Had His Own Lodge at Interlochen’s Prestigious Arts Camp for Kids

        Epstein seems to have sought both to position himself as a philanthropist, and to put himself in proximity to young women. It occurs to me that he might be seen as both an attention and sex addict, who constantly cast about for ways to try to meet his insatiable needs – and creeped out people with a good sense for reading personality, while apparently, like typical psychopath, effectively ingratiating himself with and manipulating others.

        I think that Epstein was more sort of a one man wannabe conspiracy, constantly scheming to gain influence and try to draw people into his orbit, often to replace relationships that had gone bust – he had no real equal partners, just people he manipulated to meet his needs and further his schemes. He wasn’t even as relatively successful as Raniere at establishing a stable of enablers and co-perpetrators, as he and Wexner split around the time of his conviction, and Maxwell eventually drifted away.

      • Scott & AnoyMaker,

        Not cause problems but………..

        ……Do you both notice how Mr. Paul Serran does not attempt to counter debunk AnnoyMaker?

        If you read the above comment I want you to know that the first 2 articles you wrote for the Frankreport are excellent pieces of writing and journalism. I just wish you did more fact checking.

        Paul I would have no problem with your Epstein’s island article if you had labeled it as a theory or a hunch or “your opinion” or a guess..

        Disseminating theory as fact is below a man of your intelligence Paul. I don’t doubt your intelligence. I think your passion for the truth blinds you.

        • Paul won’t debunk the sultan /anonym aker because Paul, (not unlike yourself) does not want to end up a lampshade. But sos has really lightened up in his latest alias, and has turned the babble and obsession way down. Nice Going !

        • Paul Serran, here. YOU REALLY THINK I care about debunking an anonymous poster here in the Frank Report? If you think I don´t fact check, you are welcome not to read me. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DO. You think QAnon is bullshit – ok by me – it’s your loss. I am not blind, I actually adapted to see in such bright lights – and you have not. Having said that, although you are condescending to me, you also betray a gentle character. So thanks – for nothing.

  • Yeah! It’s about time AnonyMaker got some love. First feature culled from comments by my count but I mighta missed an episode or two on FR. Congrats, Anony! Btw, why is Frank calling you “he” now? Why aren’t you “my type In a sense,” as you said! You’re still a little flat in tone but your sharpness kind of balances it out, mostly. You still owe me a nice dinner and Frank an adult beverage and, btw, pray tell please what is your moniker, “AnonyMaker,” about?

    Nice compilation. And I do despise Gin. 😉

    • Heidi, Frank has featured a couple of my comments, and compendiums like this, so I feel that I’m getting my due.

      And if he has pegged me as “he” it’s not based on anything specific, though it’s typically of online interactions that I get taken as such. Philosophically, I prefer not to play gender games if I can avoid it.

      Did you see the reference I posted to Hearst Castle in San Simeon, in the context of megalomaniacs and their strange properties? That’s usually about as far South as I make it in Cali and I take it you’re much further South than that, but I haven’t forgotten my promises and will certainly make good on them if you ever have a chance to come East.

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