More Than Just Pedophilia? Insights Into Epstein’s Island Temple and Its Purported Use for Satanic Worship

Editor’s Note: Jeffrey Epstein has a temple-like structure on his 72 acre private island — “Little St. Jeff’s” – in the US Virgin Islands.

Our correspondent, Paul Seran, offers an insight on the island temple, in light of the QAnon theory. 

QAnon is the theory that there is a plot by the “deep state” against U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters. Trump is a threat to a secretive, worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who control politicians, the media, and Hollywood.  Trump is their enemy.

Rather than merely dismiss this as unhinged right wing conspiracy nut job theory, why not take a moment to at least hear what someone who has researched this from the QAnon perspective has to say? Even if you don’t believe a word of it, in light of the mysteries surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s purported death, it might be worth your time to examine since there are many who do believe these things are possible.

There are certainly things which are not what they appear to be surrounding the Epstein case. Could he have been part of a secretive group of powerful people who believe in Satan, pedophilia and child sacrifice? Do they employ blackmail? Or was Epstein just a lone pervert with a bunch of pervy friends? Was he into blackmail? Was this organized or was Epstein just an aberration, a rogue monster?

Here we are getting a unique insight from the world of QAnon that suggests that Epstein was part of something larger than a wealthy man with his own island and a penchant for underage girls.

Frank Report takes no position on this other than to request that readers who are interested take a moment and listen to an alternate view. 

Paul Serran is a journalist, writer, and musician. He lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

By Paul Serran 

OK. Grab your tinfoil hats! I’m about to take you into a deep rabbit hole, where perhaps some of your illusions about the world around you may be shattered.

Look, QAnon is the real deal.

Q is an intelligence source linked to the Trump administration, that has been weaponizing patriots for almost two years with disturbing intel that Main Stream Media and the world elites do not want you to have.

When it comes to the Jeffrey Epstein case, everything we found out in the last few weeks was known to Anons for about a year and a half. Every single thing. Every single bad player. All the main victims.

Doing what is arguably the best coverage of the Epstein case, the British paper Daily Mail no longer refers to QAnon followers derisively. Not that they are well informed about us – they still are not. But evidence has arisen that is so compelling that they can’t overlook it anymore.

The QAnon community also knows that there is ANOTHER side to this story that has not hit the headlines, yet. A darker, much more terrible side. This is what I came to tell you.

In the Island. In the Temple. In the Tunnels. Yes, we will stick our hands into this beehive. Without further ado, Q drop 3:

Yes. I know it’s unsettling, so you’ll want to dismiss it right away. As Q has stated, “the choice to know will be yours.”

Q drop 133:

Whatever your thoughts on Satan’s existence, it is a well documented that Satanism and Satanists do exist. A cult is a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. A temple (from the Latin word templum) is a building reserved for religious or spiritual rituals and activities such as prayer and sacrifice.

The Epstein Island temple is on top of a mountain because there are tunnels and underground levels below. The puppet masters have traveled to this Island many times, on special satanic celebrations.


When we started this fight, some two years ago, we didn’t have Rusty Shakelford’s HD Drone images scanning every inch of the Island, so we could not fact check the misinformed people who tried to shame and ridicule us. But now, we do.

Don’t forget: just a few short months ago, to suggest that there was a big international web of child trafficking for the elites revolving around Epstein would be the proverbial “Conspiracy Theory”. And now we know this to be a fact.

So, just take a look at these images, (I edited a sample of 2 and a half minutes of footage) and tell me if there is any reasonable, normal explanation for that.

The season is open to the “WTF is wrong with this temple?” crowd.


The prevailing theory among well-informed Anons is that we are – unfortunately – looking at a resurgence of the Canaanite cult of child-sacrificing Moloch. BAD.

I understand that it feels absurd to state that a satanic worship is shaping so much of the life of the world’s super elites – who in turn are shaping our own lives. Well, all I can say is the world is turning out to be a pretty absurd place.

Child sacrifice is the most profound taboo in the great monotheistic religions of planet Earth. In a sense, our civilization is born when Abraham does not kill Isaac, using the sacrificial lamb, and instituting a symbolic alliance via the circumcision.

You probably still do not want to believe the satanic angle. I understand. I took a lot of screenshots from Rusty’s videos. He has filmed everything. Let’s take a look at this island. Maybe you will change my mind.

In the center of the island there’s a symbolic Sundial. Look at the imagery. Look at the sacrificial stones at the “open”, “magic” hours.

By all means, do come up with a reasonable, secular explanation for all that.

The hunting grounds. Yes. What else do you figure that seemingly “pre-historic plaza de toros” is meant for?

The island is all rigged for video, not only the pedophile compounds, but also the temple.

Look how massive the temple is. And how strange, with its gilded dome and the bird statues on top.

What in the world can the purpose of this be?

It is believed that the temple has an entrance to the underground tunnels, but at least two other such entrances are plainly visible from the air.

On the lower parts of the island there is this building that appears to be some air exhausting/filtration for the tunnels.

Rusty filmed the FBI raid on the Island, after Epstein was “suicided”, and found that they left an open door on the temple for us to look inside. There does seem to be a trapdoor on the floor, and also a Salomonic column – need a even clearer sign of the symbolic usage of this building?


Q Drop 1 made us a promise, yet to be completely, publicly fulfilled. Drop 1000 showed the “smoking gun” that’ll bring her down. The underground tunnels were filled in, at great cost, but material evidence and witnesses do exist.

Drop 1001: all roads lead to Rome. Human sacrifice and blood collection.

“Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction: north, south, east and west.”

I had the sad task of researching, and found that the four princes of hell are: Satan rules the North, Belial rules the South, Leviathan rules the East and Lucifer rules the west.

There correspond four major building centers on the Island.


It’s not completely aligned in terms of Cardinal points, but it would look a bit like that.

April 6th, 2018: drop 1055 begins the takedown of former president Clinton. He is depicted with a then-unknown underage girl, Rachel Chandler, on the Lolita Express, Epstein’s plane.

Chandler became the object of many Q posts. Immediately, it became extremely likely that her social media was used to advertise sexually-trafficked kids. Q tells us to report this to the authorities.

And report we did, at the same time where we found more and more disturbing content of trafficked kids openly flaunted in social media. She was the C(hild)HANDLER.

Her social contacts, and her persona, were slowly being uncovered.

Anons reporting the disturbing content “en masse”.

April 7th, 2018: Q gave us a horrible glimpse on the satanic underground under the temple, by simply linking a picture that Chandler openly flaunted in her Instagram account.

This is the CCTV monitor with feeds from all rooms and hallways of the underground “facilities”. Think about that: she was openly posting this on social media.

Apart from putting Anons on the trail of the Epstein flight Logs, Q gave this detailed explanations of the 2 sides to this horrifying story:

So far, only [1] has entered the arena of public knowledge.

[1] – Sex Resort >>> trafficked & drugged underage girls
[2] – Occult / Worship of Evil (temple)

This is stated clearly, with no ambiguity. That is what we will be faced with. I’m sorry to inform.

Chandler is said in the drops to have disguised her work posing as a “talent scout”. Where are these kids now?

After we went through the NXIVM trial, and understood the disturbing role of actress Allison Mack procuring branded sex-slaves for her master Keith Raniere, JUST IMAGINE:


More disturbing content by RC keeps being unveiled. Things we so wish we did not see. So Q keeps pushing for Anons to notify the authorities. You can be sure this has had an impact on the resurgence of the charges against Epstein.

It has to do with this.

HRC video ***and a child***

[Impossible to defend].

It has to do – I’m sorry to add – with this.

The fact that Q dropped this post does not necessarily mean that this is entirely accurate, but it does mean the Q team wants us to be aware of that.

Q drop 3396 is another long post. Here we go: we are ready to take them down.

Is that normal? A temple symbolizes sacrifice. An owl means Moloch. 16 channels of CCTV were photographed by RC and posted on her Instagram. There are hallways, and stairs, too. It indicates 4 floors, and a lot of depth.

Rachel Chandler has been “interviewed” by FBI/DOJ. Public awareness of her role started in April 2018 when Q posted her pics, Anons started sleuthing like they do, and afterwards started notifying the authorities “en masse”.

Ray was 15 in the photo with Bill Clinton on the Lolita Express. Chandler herself posted the picture. She also posted the internal security cams of the temple. People involved in this trafficking ring had an “untouchable” mindset, because they felt they had blackmail power, and top-down protection.

Q tells us that Ray Chandler, Epstein and the Moloch temple have been highlighted in the past so the Patriots and Anons could arrive at this point in time ready to take them down.

Our mission is way more profound than just cleaning corrupt players in Washington. It’s a planetary fight against the Elite Satanists.

The fight is just beginning. However long and difficult the struggle ahead, let me give you a nice spoiler: GOD WINS.


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    • This statement and the page referenced are so off base and distorted I don’t know where to begin. First, the link above does not land on the page referenced by the link text; it goes to the wrong page. Once the link is copied and pasted instead of clicking on it, it lands on the page with the indicated title. The first thing I see there below the picture of Bill and Trump is an image from the Sefer Yetzirah, which is not at all a diabolical tome. Rather, it is an ancient text describing in Hebrew the process of DNA editing. It literally is an instruction manual for the process of Divine Creation. The claim that the diagram shown is linked to occult evil is a blatant attempt at disinformation.

      As far as Trump, I do not believe he raped anyone. He may well have had marital infidelity. We all are sinners. God forgives if asked and the intent is pure. Even if it were true, God is the judge here, not you or I. He will be the ultimate judge when Trump’s testament is due,

      However, the rape, torture, mutilation, gluttonous cannibalization and murder of children by the Dark State elite and Democrat forked-tongued charlatains is a heinous abomination and desecration of the most innocent of God’s creations. It is such a blasphemous, repulsive, and evil act that God himself is unable to grant redemption for the offenders. According to some Bible verses, that is the only sin that is unforgivable.

      Regardless, Trump is working to dismantle the ugly and hidden truth of Satanic Pedophilia and to dissolve the remaining intelligent entities that have continued this cycle for far too long. Your attempt to mislead and divide is plain for all to see. The Great Awakening is a Pandora’s Box, and it is quite open.

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  • Doesn’t this explain the Coronavirus? Who is it that is blaming the rise of the virus is due to too much testing? Opening schools now though children don’t usually get sick by it but they are carriers, Soo how many children will become orphans so the government takes control of our children? When My Space was popular, a group of us started a group exposing the Illuminate, Bohemian Grove, Boys Town. Needless to say, the group was deleted. There is another question about parents that recover from the virus: are they getting a chip implanted in them to control them?

  • If all of this true, then might HRC = Mystery Babylon? Trafficking in the souls of men = corrupting fellow politicians with this Luciferian filth? I used to think that the Babylonian influence on Christian practice, spoken of in Revelation, referred to Christmas trees and Easter bunnies. It did not make sense to me that God would take issue with these things when we are celebrating the birth and resurrection of Jesus. The trees and eggs are just part of the fun rather thank performed to honor devils. I thought who worships idols in this day and age? I had no idea the practice was still ongoing and at the highest levels of government. If all of this is true, then these strange parts in the book of Revelation potentially fall into place. (The rest of Revelation is not strange once you know the Torah). If Biden wins, I suppose I will look up; for my redemption will be drawing nigh.

  • Don’t worry about the haters, most people are too weak minded to realize the truth… this world has good and evil in it. And the evil is far more sinister than most can admit too. Fact is, it all of this makes sense. Why Hollywood-ites hate Trump so much, without a legit reason? They are evil, child pedo’s/ Adrenochrome using satan lovers. Yup, when you add that piece to the puzzle, it all makes sense. Everything makes sense. Why no one went after Epstein before, they were in on it and part of it, Keep it up! Ignore the trolls.

    • You are over the target. Correct. They never thought she [HRC] would lose. They never thought they would lose control of the fake narrative due to technology being available to all. They can longer hide/control DARK TO LIGHT

  • To prove this is real more effectively for the people still brainwashed by fake news I wish they would’ve shown more pics of that sun on epstien Island. If so you would see that it has benches all around it for the evil people to sit and watch the sacrifices and there is also a rape rock. And they also should have shown all the doors to nowhere on the side middle of the mountain below the temple which proves the tunnels are there even more. And to prove the elites worship Satan just look up the dozens of pictures of Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea wearing upside down crosses and Obama wearing a ring that means there is no God only Alah and he was caught in a picture wearing the the weird satanic robe costume with Giant Devil horns standing next to a guy that is known as his friend which is wearing a Chicago jersey jacket which is where Obama was a senator. Like Q said •Their Symbols will be their downfall• Hillary has publiclly said her favorite book is rules for radicals which the author dedicated it to Satan and they puh for oen borders now that we have a President that wants to secure our border for real this time and build a wall. Trump isn’t building it because he is racist, he is building it to stop the criminals trafficking drugs and children for the ritual sacrifices and sex abuse. This is a battle between good and evil. What do you choose?! I chose Good long ago so I choose to fight and expose the Satanic Elite until they are all taken down and every single child is saved. Even if I have to die trying or die of old age later in life. I will never stop. I thank God everyday for using tools to wake people up to the truth. I truly believe Qanon is doing what the churches failed to do. Since most churches have a elite Satanist that has gotten control at the top. Churchs should be preaching the truth about this fight between good and evil and join together no matter your race or sex etc. Against are common enemy the devil. Not judge others etc. And preach that the devil isreal and that evil spirits and evil people are also real and working to bring us down or bring us to satan. Sorry this was so long. Godbless everyone. #Trump2020 #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #GoodVsEvil #DarkToLight #TrustThePlan #GodWins #JesusSaves

  • It turns out that an investigative journalist did enough dogged legwork to track down a piano tuner who could confirm reports that the structure was a sort of music room, with a piano in it.

    It’s at the very end of a long sort of recounting of all the various speculative theories that have been floated:

    Jeffrey Epstein’s island temple had a piano and a picture of the Pope
    “Jeffrey Epstein’s island temple inspired dozens of conspiracy theories. We spoke to someone who went inside.”

    • here here!!! drivel… AC’s disciples… nothing new under the sun folks! and Q and Anon or both for that matter, make me feel as comforted as a mouse in a snakes’ glass tank. is this supposed to be coherent or based in God’s word? wtf? yeah, he wins alright, but he’s not riding with the three stooges at his side. Revelation 3:9

    • Yes, I think so too. The one thing that proves how far this goes. Look at G oo gl e. Bi ll G at es is said to own an island. When you look for it on GE it is not there. GE also changed the area on E’s island where they have been parking trucks into a tennis court. There are photos of what it looked like before, looks like some kind of playing field. If you are correct there would be 6 important ceremonies yearly, look at the flight logs for those dates and who flew there then. That would be key. Since G is deleting a ton of information, someone is involved. An employee is not going to tamper with the data unless they are very very high up. This also explain why platforms are removing anything to do with child tr. They are involved somewhere very very high up. Wonder if this world wide vaccination has anything to do with this, maybe there is something they will take from us or give to us to make this all powerful.

  • Every person commenting negatively to this article has one thing in common: they are stating categorically that Q is “bullshit,” without having spent even a single second researching.

    For the rest of us who have researched Q extensively against real-world events, and Trump himself, we know, categorically, that Q is completely legit. I challenge anyone reading to do the same: go to, go through the drops, then look at proofs, and your world will be changed.

    Questions that need to be answered by those asleep:

    1) Why is Q attacked so viciously by the media? If Q is CLEARLY bullshit, why pay any attention to it?

    2) Why are there dozens, maybe hundreds, of direct acknowledgments by President Trump?

    3) For those that claim “psyop,” what psyop would wake millions of people to difficult truths, like ritual abuse, false flags, extreme government corruption, child trafficking, and blackmail networks; many of which the truth community has been talking about for decades?

    4) The media NEVER misses an opportunity to try to make President Trump look stupid, evil, racist ETC in press conferences. They also never miss an opportunity to try to alienate him from his base. If a large chunk of his base follows the Q movement, WHY WON’T THE MEDIA ASK TRUMP IF HE IS CONNECTED TO Q IN ANY WAY? Why wouldn’t they ask Trump to immediately disavow his “deranged Q cult” followers?” Wouldn’t that end all of this?

    The truth isn’t what we’re told by the media. FOX is absolutely included in that. Turn the TV off and do your own research and think for yourself!

    Thank you for posting this fantastic, well-researched article.

    • How many know Maria Abramovic has a home in Chatham, NY less than an hour from Halfmoon? Or that Kristen Gilibrands father once worked for NXIVM? Or Donald Ewen Cameron of MKULTRA infamy once lived in Albany commuting to Montreal from 1957-1964 once a week to implement his ‘psychic driving effect’? Or how about Dr.Brandon Porter losing his license after carrying out human fright experiments and failure to report a mysterious illness during Vanguard Week 2016? Most of you didn’t and neither did I.

      As a lifelong Capital District resident I’m always amazed by my inability to know “what’s goin on”. With ‘Vanguard’s’ arrest in March 2018 and reading about his harem driving fast and furious after him I was surprised to learn of NXIVM’S local origins. I decided to pay closer attention this time because of Q. I had first learn of Q the previous month and was in the process of trying to determine if what was being said had any validity when NXIVM was mentioned in one of the posts I knew the Salzman’s, the Mack’s, the Gillenbrands, the Bronfman’s all had a much deeper role and discovering the FrankReport I started to learn about this group.

      This was more than a MLM organization or some self help coterie but an organized cult with deep(state) ties into a myriad of people, places and things. I even attended an event at the Times Useless I mean Union in March of this year 2019. Barb Bouchey, Catherine Oxenberg and Mike Grygiel added to the drama that was NXIVM. How far did this run and how many people are effected across the world?

      So an article about Q causes so much consternation. Where were you when these women were getting branded? Where are you when pedophilia is at the core of Q drops? Do you know what’s goin on?

      Thank you FrankReport

  • This one starts out with such promise:

    “evidence has arisen that is so compelling that they can’t overlook it anymore.”

    Sure does fizzle fast, however:

    “The prevailing theory among well-informed Anons is….
    “It is believed that the temple…..
    “There does seem to be…..
    “Immediately, it became extremely likely that….
    “Chandler is said to have…..

  • Oh, and why has no one yet mentioned the Bermuda Triangle?

    Epstein’s island is right at the Southeast corner of the Triangle (at least on the first map I looked at).


  • Between Roger Stone and now Q-fucking-Anon, you’re showing your true (insane) political colors. Shame, as the work you’ve done to bring down Raniere has been exemplary. I guess it’s true that everyone has one good deed in them.

    • Rich
      I noticed that the opinions on this blog were strongly alt-right back around March 2018. Shortly after I mentioned this, Scott showed up with his Ben Szemkus story. Hmmmm….coincidence?

      Of course, when I mention any of this I am quickly attacked…but since you’re a man, I guess you will be allowed to have an opinion.

      • Yes, embarrassing for Frank, I imagine. He promoted a bizarre story about a NXIVM party where even Stormy Daniels made an appearance….lol.

  • Some questions for Paul,

    I know nothing of the magic hours on the sundial, but I notice that from, I’m assuming six in the evening till six in the morning, time on this sundial is marked out numerically. If you have a clue why, could you please explain?

    I read in an article that Ghislaine was a helicopter pilot, that she gained that skill so as not to rely on commercial pilots, why? So she could ferry children to this island without raising suspicion?

    ON Rusty/MacAffee’s drone footage of the temple, to the left (on my monitor) it looks like there might be some kind of retractable platform, perhaps it sinks down, it looks like it’s supposed to be disguised with earth to look like the rest of the ground but the rectangular ridging is clear.

    Similarly, on the seaboard side of the temple, there is one of those ubiquitous benches positioned precariously close to the edge of danger. Makes me wonder how many souls were just nudged off – to certain death.

    In which culture is Moloch represented by an owl? I thought it was symbolized as a bull?

    Thank you for an interesting article. God bless, even if I’m not entirely convinced that Qanon isn’t just another govt. scheme to defuse the curiosity and competence of ‘Dangerous Minds’, I’m heartened that we, the people, appear to have had enough of the innocence devouring decadence of the ruling classes.

    Looking at the pitiful architecture of all the buildings including the temple, and the landscaping (not a single flower? no bougainvillea? nuttin) it’s easy to understand that evil is, so often, but ruthlessly banal.

  • ‘And when foreign nations prove obstinate in selling land that America needs, America has seized that land under the theory of Manifest Destiny.’

    Just out of interest, how many on this board share Shadowstate’s somewhat chilling view of global politics?

    Is this really the way Americans think of the rest of the world?

  • God wins…….Even if you do not believe in Satan, many people do. Many powerful people. This is deep ancient magic. Look into it, be prepared to think you are crazy, but you are not. Pray to God on High that these devils stop murdering children because that is what they are doing. Go back and take a closer look at the murder of 6-year-old Adam Walsh. If we do not know what is happening, we cannot stop it. There are over 100,000 missing children in this country every year. Why do we not hear this reality number?
    Keep your children near and let’s fight the fight.
    Oh, and if you want to find out about their god Baal, just read the Old Testament accounts of this child-murdering monster.

    • I’m not aware of any powerful people who believe in Satan – except for quite a few Christians who see him as the bogeyman.

      I’ve long followed the occult, and the work of Aleister Crowley including its offshoots The Church of Satan (Anton LaVey) and The Church of Scientology (L. Ron Hubbard) – both have been pegged as sort of siblings by some new religious movement (NRM) scholars in academia; the occultism and proto-Satanism in Scientology is hidden under a “space opera” veneer, but was more obvious in its infamous offshoot The Process. It’s all fringe beliefs that attract people on the margins of society, not the truly powerful and influential.

      The supposed satanic ritual abuse cases of a couple of decades ago were all eventually disproven, shown to the be the result of things like subtly directive questioning of easily influenced young children – techniques of suggestion similar to the NLP used in NXIVM, by the way, or the “auditing” of Scientology that results in false memory syndrome (such as supposed past life recollections). Almost all of thee actual religiously-related abuse of children is by people who claim to be followers of god.

      • Anony maker

        The QAnon/Trump crowd are very strong believers in Satan and God, and are using this belief to promote the idea that there will be an upcoming war between the forces of good and evil.

        Rick Joyner began writing about this war back in the mid 80’s, when he claimed to have had a personal conversation with God, who told Rick all about it (Rick being another “chosen” one….)

        As soon as convicted fraudster Jim Bakker was released from prison, Joyner recruited him to help spread the good word.

        Even former atheists such as Stefan (the whore) Molyneux are trying to cash in on this Satanic QAnon BS, as it ties in with Stefan’s political views.

        Watch The Family on Netflix to learn more about how these religious beliefs are connected to politics.

  • It seems a lot of Trump supporters believe in the conspiracy theory that Epstein is not really dead, thinking the death certificate is fake.
    Trump, himself, demands to see the long-form death certificate.

  • Omg how do you really know what’s going on here? Maybe it’s not all true, but usually if there is smoke, there’s fire. It’s all so spooky and scary. Qanon is also scary.

      • Qanon is the biggest example of mass delusion I have ever seen in my lifetime. Masochists who wait for empty promises, then when punched in the face by another false alert, sit and wait for the next scheduled empty promise.

  • Well, Q never claimed that photo was taken on Epstein’s island nor on the Lolita Express. In the Q postings, that photo ran in the context of a lot of possible predators. There was also a photo Eminem with (C)handler. You can go research it yourself at … which collected posts from the original 8chan source but of course, you — being the astute researcher that you are — must know that 8chan has been temporarily put out of commission.

    And no, I never laugh when there is disinformation possibly dropped on purpose… except for Snopes, which has been a laughable “resource” for many years. Check out the history of Snopes and maybe you will giggle with the rest of us.

    • —–Well, Q never claimed that photo was taken on Epstein’s island nor on the Lolita Express.

      I don’t know what Q said, but the writer of the article claims “Ray was 15 in the photo with Bill Clinton on the Lolita Express’ But in fact she was 19, not 15 and on another plane, not Epstein’s. If the writer, an avid follower of Q misrepresents what Q says, then that says a lot about the critical thinking of Q fans.

      BTW with all the comments generated on this article, the Frank Report has become the new home for 8chan.

    • Snopes has been shown to have some ideological bias in the way they present things – but not to be factually incorrect.

      Can you show a single case in which Snopes was actually wrong, and debunked something that proved to be true?

      • I posed the same question to a qtard earlier today elsewhere, and was responded with nothing but crickets.

  • Frank

    As a life long Capital District resident I’m amazed by my inability to know what ‘what’s goin’ on’. Prior to March, 2018 NIXVM wasn’t on my radar and if I-had heard of it I had filed it away as one more thing. One more head shaking moment of stupid people doing stupid stuff. I’ve followed FrankReport since ‘Vanguard’s’ arrest and am delighted to find this article about Qanon. It had been my month long involvement with Q through Q drops which caused me to sit up and notice NIXVM. They were(are) a nefarious group who purposefully are deepstate each and every day.

    At this point I understand the shills will shill instead of informing themselves. At this point I generally don’t talk about Q to anyone because what I now believe is preponderant and true and most people are where I was. They will not inform themselves about Marina Abramovic’s association with Alison Mack. Q post 1205, 20 April 2018 @ Nor will they inform themselves about her home in Columbia County, New York. Instead they will ‘inform’ me(us) nothing to see here, and adamantly tell me(us) there is no God and there is no devil. I wonder why?

    I encourage truth seekers to do your own research. IPOT, REDPILL78, TRUTHand ART TV on YouTube are a handful of reliable places to begin to see the mess that is being cleaned up. Pedophilia is at the heart of this.

    God bless,

  • Frank,

    I want to thank you for limiting or blocking my posts. After writing 6 lengthy comments and watching them vanish I caught on. 😉

    You have made me realize the absurd amout of time I waste.

    I need a life. Thanks for making me realize it!

    Have a great weekend & take care!



  • Owls DO NOT MEAN “Moloch”!!!!!!! VERY BAD IGNORANT yet COMMON misconception on occult mythology there.
    OWLS actually mean FEMALE deities like PALLAS ATHENA.
    Moloch, EVEN BIBLICALLY, was ALWAYS represented by a BULL. NOT EVER by an OWL.
    Athena was ALWAYS represented by an OWL.

  • I see we have gone from the absurd to the ridiculous here.

    Keeping an open mind is not an invitation to let your brains leak out. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence; so where is the evidence? Pictures of a blue and white rectangular building, with a gold dome in some of them. What is more likely, that this is a temple of Satan where young girls are imprisoned, or a bit of whimsical architecture? There’s plenty of whimsical architecture around, vanity projects of millionaires, castles and replicas of Versailles and shit… are these also temples of Satan?

    There’s a really big sundial. Wow, that’s suspicious. My neighbors have a sundial in their yard, probably should call the FBI on them. Oh wait, the FBI is certainly in on it!

    This idiocy is driven by paranoia. Paranoid fantasies that They are out to get us, That They have us fooled. How do you know the earth is round. How do you know that Apollo 11 landed on the moon. They could be deceiving us! They’re controlling our minds! Wake up, sheeple!

    Well, isn’t it at least possible? Yeah, because anything is POSSIBLE. I remember Philosophy 101 where the professor challenged us to PROVE that the classroom table is real. We know you can’t absolutely trust your senses, your perception can be fooled. Think dreams, think LSD trips. Maybe you’re on LSD right now… how would you know? Maybe you’re really an alien computer program, or a brain kept alive in a jar. We’ve all seen the sci-fi movie. How would you know? How could you be SURE?

    Yes, it’s a fun intellectual game to play and it taught us something about logic and proof. But at the end of that class, as we filed out of the room, nobody tried to walk through that table.

    There was an old saying, “I’m from Missouri, show me.” It referred to good old American pragmatism. Show me the evidence. Sure Mr. Raniere, you’re the smartest man alive. The rain doesn’t get you wet. So show me. Prove it. Otherwise, mister, I’m calling you a liar.

    That’s pragmatism. That’s skepticism. It’s also logic in action. It’s a good way to live your life. Reduces the chances that some asshole’s going to make a fool of you, sign over the family farm in some film-flam scheme. It’s good old fashioned American common sense. Whatever happened to that? It’s certainly missing on this site.

    Satan worshipers, my rosy pink ass.

    Let me ask you, if you were going to build a temple to the Evil One, would you paint it white and baby blue? Wouldn’t, I dunno, black and blood red be more apropos, more fitting the the Dark Lord’s color palate?

    The building could be for anything. What kind of idiot finds building a structure on a hilltop suspicious? Dunno, maybe for the spectacular view of the ocean? Those tropical breezes? What kind of fool immediately jumps to the conclusion that if a structure is built on a hill it must be so as to leave more room for underground tunnels below? That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve heard. Like, what, if you build on level ground you’ll run out of room down there? Use your brain, idiot.

    Believing in this kind of far-fetched speculation is exactly what Rainier’s faithful did. It’s what Ramtha’s followers do. They believe the nonsense their fellow deluded believe, the most ridiculous bullshit, insisting against all common sense, evidence, and logic, that they possess the Truth. Rainier’s inner circle, holed up in that Mexican villa, had convinced themselves that They were out to get them because They feared the Vanguard’s awesome abilities. Most of them likely still believe Raniere was railroaded by an evil government plot. QAnon is the same breed of paranoid fantasy, and it appalls me that it is being presented on this site as worthy of serious consideration. Down the rabbit hole, indeed.

  • Q-Anon is a disinformation campaign engineered and maintained by deep state intelligence agencies to distract from the truth and to justify Trump’s nightmarish, facist policies by convincing gullible people that he’s playing 3D chess. So easily debunkable.

    • That gets at an interesting point. One of the major things that conspiracy theories conveniently overlook, is that the sort of devious conspirators that they posit, would almost certainly know how to use disinformation – as we see the state-affiliated actors on social media now doing.

      It’s a known phenomenon, that about 30% of people will be drawn to an alternative account or conspiracy theory – and again, we can see practiced social media disinformation actors exploiting that in places like Eastern Ukraine and Hong Kong. Any truly resourceful conspirators could be expected to utilize that in disinformation campaigns and thus disseminate both a cover story, and also an alternate false narrative to mislead that 30% as well, distributed through informal news and information sources including conspiracy theorists.

      Conspiracy theories, taken to their logical conclusion based on their own premises, would have to mostly be false disinformation, then.

  • Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un and many other global world leaders and other members of the Carlyle Group, Owls Society and members of the Chabad have financed scientific research into some kind of quasi satanic type weapon.

    I don’t know if this is rumor or disinformation but I have a link to actual digitally recorded video showing the prototype weapon. This video is strictly underground and was smuggled out of I think Norh Korea. We the people are the media now and the only hope for humanity. Stay true to the cause!

    Please save this important video to your hard drives because like the Cloud is not protected from the Global World Order.

  • Neither god nor Satan exists; just a bunch of demented criminals. Like Raniere, who fancies himself as a god.

    • Santa Claus exists to every 4-year-old child in this country, so Santa Claus is real…Satan exists to these fucking evil assholes, so Satan is real. When one believes in a thing, that thing exists on some level.

      • >>When one believes in a thing, that thing exists on some level.

        I believe there is a million dollars sitting on the table next to me.

        This statement was dumb; you should feel dumb.

  • Hi L&G,
    I´am a 99% lurker here on FR.

    For every one of you who do not believe in this stuff …

    Start your own dig on SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) especially in Europe, Franklin Cover-up

    • Excellent point, Marco. It’s hard for most people to digest this much info at once, but if you do the digging yourself, as most of us did 2+ years ago when Pizzagate hit…well, unfortunately, it all becomes too easy to believe.

      • Most people who thought about Pizzagate said this is crazy and no idiot would believe it.
        They were wrong.

      • What sites did I mention? None, I only told you, to do your own research. But you are not willing to research this kind of stuff.

        Where are all the Missing Children?

        In the United States, an estimated 460,000 children are reported missing every year.
        Federal Bureau of Investigation, NCIC.

        Let’s say FEDs find 60,000 every year? Where are the other 400,000? At least someone should find a body or some bones. ´
        Not talking about the births that were not given in Hospitals …

        Greetings from Germany

  • So many theories. What is truth and what is conjecture? Little St James Island is indeed a very strange place, perfectly positioned to reach nearby countries by plane in one run. Imaginations are running wild after the Rusty drone footage. However, it has been on some truthseekers radar for several years. What is down them damn tunnels which incidentally have now been filled in? What nefarious activities have taken place below that temple? I don’t know! Was Chandler on the Lolitta Express with Clinton I thought that had been debunked 2 years ago along with that Pizzagate. I think we do know a few facts about Epstein and yes two of them is he was a rancid pedophile and was a blackmailer. The whole island was covered in video cameras and them god damn vents look suspicious along with the sundial. Epstein is multifaceted and I think there is a grain of truth in the tunnels and rooms were used for experiments. This guy was very interested in science, bad science, genetics, and the human brain, actively involved in evolutionary dynamics pumping megabucks into programmes. So, I would be looking in that direction. But could it be a drug trafficking operation? The ambulance, what’s that all about? How many questions would be asked taking an ambulance over to his newly acquired St. James he bought in 2016 and loading a ton of drugs on a stretcher. Does this sound far fetched? By any stretch of the imagination, there seems to be more evidence of activity under the rocks than above. Incidentally, the large rectangle-shaped structure was seen on google earth a few years back as a tennis court, not a helipad, make of that what you will.

    How did he make money? I’m thinking a big drug operation here. I know its not quite as interesting as Satanic blood-drinking elites. Ghislaine was also known to have a submarine license; what better way to get to the island and stash stuff. They were a right pair together. Bringing in the money. How many people have just been caught going over there to parties and getting compromised with powder around their nose? Shooting up or gathering around a bong. I’m still living in a world that most people are not child rapists, killers, and blood drinkers. Most are stupid by partying, letting their inhibitions down and getting compromised through drugs and sex but not necessarily underage. Professionals lured in top players for networking and striking deals, conversations recorded = compromised. Loose lips sink ships. I do think that the names close to Epstein were part of a child trafficking pedophile ring yes. But that, remember, is one facet to that man and not forgetting Ghislaine who is the one that acquired the place in the first instance. Also, the place in Cuba not far from the island by plane able to get there is one flight. Incidentally, their place there was another operation, they had to apparently flee when Castro died, unstable times. Ghislaine went back to the property to find no guards and the whole Safe taken out. What was in there? That is just gossip on channels so nothing of fact but who has this information some say QANON the plot just get thicker lol. I’m no Agatha Christie. Filling in the tunnels and taking the operation to his Zorro range where he wanted to share his sperm with 20 women at a time and have a baby-making factory. This doesn’t sound so far fetched afterall . So yep! I’m going with drugs and potentially science experiments. Who knows? Oh, and a debauchery playground. As I say, multi multi-faceted and it’s disappointing he was snuffed out.

    • On one of Rusty’s videos’ was a specialist commenting on the vent system on one building, which he does for a living and he said it was for underground. I still can’t believe all the people that don’t believe this is real. I mean they are in total denial. Why would they fill in all the tunnels? E was tipped off the arrest was coming.

  • I realized it’s worth noting that there’s a tradition of Moorish style architecture in Judaism, rooted in the large community that flourished in medieval Southern Spain under tolerant Muslim rulers before being persecuted by the Catholic monarchs and the Inquisition, and scattered across Europe. Central Synagogue in New York City is a classic example and a number of early 20th century century Jewish temples also have internal domes, including at least one in Brooklyn.

    So it’s not as out of place as one might think, for someone from a Jewish background, to have a penchant for architecture that seems rather Islamic. And a Bulgarian Contessa built a Moorish style fantasy castle elsewhere in the Islands, so perhaps it’s something of a fashion there.

    Checking for other examples of architectural styles on Epstein’s island, I noticed that while the main compound is in a Caribbean colonial style, the other scattered features are rather eclectic. I ran across photos of the structure showing it both with and without the dome, so apparently that is a feature that has come and gone – it’s not in the drone footage.

      • It’s a type of Islamic style prevalent in variations over a wide area. It’s best known in the West from Andalucian Southern Spain, particularly the Alhambra in Granada.

        Some Masonic buildings, especially the Shriners’, were built in neo-Moorish styles. There are also few commercial buildings from when the style was in vogue about a century ago, such as cinemas.

        It occurs to me that the Park Avenue Synagogue, with an internal stained glass dome, is another example – not far from Epstein’s NYC townhouse.

  • Honestly, I appreciate the research that went into that article, but to me the “temple” looks more like a fancy wellness area housing a whirpool or whatever in the middle. These huge windows and doors on the sides seem very unusual for a religious structure.

  • Frank-

    I looked at Paul Serran’s twitter feed. 47k followers not bad. I now understand why you have decided to entertain us with Paul’s articles.
    These are strange times. People get to choose their own reality.
    I hope down the road Paul does not decide you have been conspiring with Lucifer.
    Paul Serran is a 21 century high priest voodoo witch doctor preaching conspiracy and superstition as one.

    Satan and the liberals?

    When Alex Jones originally went to the Groves it was our fellow Republican establishment he attacked as Satan worshippers.

    The times they are a changing.

    • I saw the video. The beaming question in my mind is, how did he get in, and how did he get out alive? Why is he not dead for exposing this? Why does he paint us in a bad light going crazy, mad even, when discussing half truths? Why was he outed by Q.

  • Epstein owned 2 islands. He bought Little Saint James (Pedophile Island) in 1998 for almost $8 million. Then he bought the island “next door” in 2016 for $18 million. It is called Great Saint James. I read in Business Insider that whatever work was being done on his new island was halted last December by a stop work order stating that environmental regulations were being disobeyed.

    • When he wanted to buy it, the owner said NO. Hard No. He knew what went on on that island. Locals call it Pedo island and various other names. So E used another mans name, a man from the middle east, who denied that he gave him permission. How could you buy an island using a fake name….this just goes on and on… deep.

  • A little over a month ago three drone videos of Epstein’s Satanic Pedo Island were posted to Youtube.

    In one of the videos of the bizarre Temple, it was noted that there was a bar over the door designed to keep people in, not out.
    In other words, it was a prison.

    Below are links to the three drone videos.

  • Niceguy’s Article Debunking Corner:

    What is the “The Hunting Grounds” really?

    I immediately reconized the berms assembled into a square perimeter for what they are…..

    A military grade protected helicopter landing pad to house a helicopter in case of inclement weather such as sandstorms or hurricanes. The powerful wind shear from a storm can blow a helicopter right over.

    If anyone wants to debate me on this your in my wheelhouse now. At the bottom of this comment is a link directly to a military article on berm building for helicopters.

    When I have more time I will debunk everything else……..

    Goodnight!!!! 😉

    The following caption for the photo,

    “The hunting grounds. Yes. What else do you figure that seemingly “pre-historic plaza de toros” is meant for?”

    ……. is bunk.

    • Another example of Paul Serran, journalist and musician, not doing even basic fact-checking of his own.

      If the FR needs clicks, it should report that Epstein’s temple is really a mosque built by his son, Sultan of Six, to worship Kreuk

    • Doesn’t everyone have a Temple dedicated to Satan in their backyard?

      Doesn’t everyone go out in the woods of Northern California to make sacrifices to the Great God Moloch?

      • Shadowstate,

        You believe this made up bullshit?

        Paul Serran looked at photos and made a bunch of bullshit up.

        Paul and his fellow Qnanies document site each other’s work as proof of their beliefs. The Q movement is the ultimate echo chamber.

        Shadowstate you are a student of history.

        How do you not recognize a 21-century witch hunt?

        I am sure Paul Serran will be blaming his crop harvests failure on the neighbor’s 12-year-old daughter’s practice of witchcraft.

        • “How do you not recognize a 21-century witch hunt?”

          Numerous young women claim that they were sexually molested and trafficked when they were children by Epstein and his Chief Pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell.

          That’s not a witch hunt.

          Nor is NXIVM DOS a witch hunt.

          Nor is R. Kelly a witch hunt.

    • Nice theory – I like its practicality. I hate to question it, but I checked Google satellite, and there’s a marked helipad, and that bermed area doesn’t seem to be in the vicinity though I also can’t make out right off where it is. But that reminds me of the sort of berms that are built around fuel tanks, so perhaps they were getting ready to install something like that; there are plenty of other reasons to have a protective berm on an island subject to tropical storms, as well.

      Also, I noticed that the temple-like structure appears to be on the highest ground – and overlooking a small freshwater reservoir (to the left in the photo), which would be a good location for a water pumping station that would then need to be camouflaged somehow on an elegant private island. And I didn’t notice any satellite dishes on the island, so perhaps that’s what’s in the dome and it serves double-duty.

      It’s also worth keeping in mind, that perhaps Epstein himself just had fringe beliefs in strange things, like UFOs and aliens. He would hardly be the first rich oddball to build structures based on whacky theories.

      • Nice that you were able to take KK’s house off of Google maps long enough to do that research. We are proud of you!

      • AnoyMaker,

        Thanks for saving me the time of pointing that out regarding the water pumping station.

        The other buildings seem to house the power generators and fuel storage.

        No one seems to remember Jeffrey Epstein’s island compound cannot depend on public utilities for water and electricity. 😉

        PS the berms may be for fuel but why have a large opening? I am sticking with a place to park his chopper.

        Great call on the subpump station.

        He probably decided to make the sub pump station decorative instead of just the usual square block house design.

    • You are correct, someone has posted the before photo and that is what it looks like, when you look at that area now via GE they put a tennis court there and they have a circle with H somewhere else as if it represents a helicopter landing area. What do you think the reason would be for that? why would they want to hide that was a landing area for helicopters?

  • I’m not sure what to believe from this article – I do think there is some truth in it muddled with fiction – except for what is in the last image.

    Indeed, God always wins.

    • It’s not a temple… it’s a mimic, faux temple built like hollywood props. The facade is painted to imitate masonry. The gold dome and statues were so flimsy they were blown away by wind. If you, or Epstien and his pedo friends, walked up to it, then you would not have any spiritual or satanic enlightenment. It’s totally cheap and fake in the drone video and probably worse in person. The interior was pretty empty with a moldy bed in it. It also doesn’t have the supporting ventilation for underground spaces, those were seen in other parts of the island and seem to be for electricity generation facilities which were hardened against natural disasters. That makes sense.

      Parlato shouldn’t publish the satanic theory. It’s clearly a hoax.

    • China is investing heavily in Greenland and wants to more so. The worst thing that ever happened to the planet was Nixon opening the door to China. They are now on the very verge of mass slaughter in Hong Kong. They intend to rule the world and are investing heavily all over the world.. a regime that murders its own people every day.. what will they do to you if given the chance.. the war for freedom is on many fronts

      • “They intend to rule the world ”

        China intends to be the dominant naval power in the Pacific Ocean by 2030.
        China is a nation that executes people and then harvests the organs for transplants.

        Greenland has the mineral resources America needs to resist Chinese hegemony.
        Greenland has both Uranium for energy and the rare earth minerals needed for high technology.

        America has purchased land before.
        America purchased Alaska from Russia.
        America purchased Southern Arizona from Mexico in the Gadsden Purchase.
        America purchased the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains from France in the Louisiana Purchase.
        America purchased the Virgin Islands from Denmark in 1917.

        In 1946 Harry Truman tried to purchase Greenland from Denmark.
        “Trump reportedly wants to buy Greenland. So did the Truman administration.”

        And when foreign nations prove obstinate in selling land that America needs, America has seized that land under the theory of Manifest Destiny.

  • The starting point of Q’s “investigation” was that photo and everything followed from that…but the photo doesn’t show what Q said it did.

    She wasn’t 15 and they weren’t on Epstein’s plane. “This photograph shows President Clinton with a 19-year-old woman named Rachel Chandler (if she has been identified correctly) aboard a plane more likely owned by either Burkle or Giustra.” The plane’s interior in the photo is quite different than in The Lolita Express, see pix.

    check out this snoops article–sure, dismiss anything you want in the article but it puts a lie to the photo, thus a lie to Q’s claim.

  • In a private chamber, the Emperor indulged his most obscene desires to the full. He had little boys trained as minnows or ‘tiddlers’ to chase him when he went swimming in the imperial pool, nibbling between his legs. Tiberius the Tyrant lived a life of extraordinary debauchery. For more than a decade in the early part of the first century AD, this picturesque Italian island was the principal home of the Roman emperor. Here, he practiced lechery and bloodlust in equal measure, hosting endless summer orgies and watching his enemies being tortured before being thrown 300ft off the cliffs into the sea below.

    Absolutely a great article Mr. Parlato

    • You should go to Capri and see the cliffs being referenced they are amazing.

      Not much has changed to Capri over the millennias.

      It’s still a playground of understated decadence for the aristocracy of the world. I have never been to a place where so many of the world’s players are in one place at one time.

      I went on my honeymoon. To me it’s like Las Vegas a remembrance of lost souls and greed.

      I am sure Ghislaine Maxwell loves Capri.

    • Loosely taken from “The Twelve Caesars” by Roman author Suetonius? Probably got much of his information from imperial records when he was a secretary for Roman Emperor Hadrian (possibly one reason why he was fired by Hadrian). Somewhat known as a Roman “National Enquirer”.

  • Don’t know really but the Sided Grassy Court reminds me of the MesoAmerica’s Ancient Ball Courts. It is suggested from some of the etchings in the wall that the loser may be sacrificed. But who knows?

  • There are all sorts of theories that we could consider. Here are a few that I would suggest are about as worthy of investigation; we should also consider whether those promoting theories other than mine are actually collaborators or dupes of one of these, deliberately spreading disinformation in order to cover up one of these truths:

    * This is a remote portal for CERN’s Star Gate to awaken the Egyptian God Osiris

    * This is a hidden Caribbean control center for weather weapons

    * This is a hidden Caribbean control center for Israeli remote control killer sharks

    * This is where the 12 leaders of the Illuminati meet, and plot dozens of different, simultaneous and sometimes conflicting schemes, including either killing off a majority of the earth’s population or enslaving it.

    * It’s a portal to the hollow earth, where Ramtha and the Lemurians live inside

    * It’s where the shape-shifting reptilian reptilians sacrifice and eat human children; Epstein, or the being who has taken over his form, is obviously one of them, with his long face and square square jaw, serpentine like Lord Voldemort. Note, importantly, that this also explains Epstein’s ties to the British royal family, who are of course known reptilians, and why there are accounts of lots of young women on the island all the time, island and yet none of them have ever been located alive. QED

    (all the above are based on conspiracy theories out there that many believe, though I’ve added Ramtha to the one that the Lemurians live inside the hollow earth, and Epstein to the reptilians one)

    p.s. There’s a possible precedent for this structure right in New York state: on the shores of Oyster Bay in Long Island, there’s a mysterious Islamic-style minaret to be seen; it’s the old chimney of the vanished powerhouse of Louis C. Tiffany’s former estate. Or at least so they would have you believe….

    • Anony Maker

      Those are all very plausible theories, especially the ones about robotic sharks and Ramtha. Given Ramtha’s current interest in QAnon, I think you just might be on to something…..🤔

  • Now we will face the Deep Fake Video claim. Great. But at least she will hopefully be rendered incapable of anymore of this type of evil.

  • For those who enjoy dabbling in this sort of speculation, I might suggest reading “The Ultimate Evil”, by Maury Terry, which theorizes that there was a link between the Manson murders and the Son of Sam killings in New York City. Terry believed that he uncovered a vast national conspiracy comprised of followers of Satanist Aleister Crowley and a Scientology offshoot known as The Process.

  • Frank,

    There seems to be quite the “dichotomy” between Mr. Paul Serran’s first two articles and the last two articles.

    It’s like comparing the terrestrial earth to outer space……..

    Where would one began?

    In all seriousness are you sure Paul Serran wrote all 4 articles, Frank?

  • I neither believe nor disbelieve this; I’ll keep an open mind.

    I do wish I knew what a lot of the names/abbreviations were all about. Having not followed the Epstein case as closely as NXIVM, I’m not sure what HrC or Huma or all of that refers to, particularly in that George Nasif post pic. Is it as unclear to everyone else, or does someone know what they were saying there?

    • Having become a good friend with George Nasif — I can vouch for his post. Perhaps Frank should call Mr. Nasif. He is not hard to find. Especially since he has to stay public to keep from being taken out by the deep state — Who by the way have already tried that more than once on George M. Nasif (update: George’s Twitter account has been shut down and so has his FaceBook account because he posted about the DNC and about Epstein. Oh and most recently about Anthony Scaramucci LOL (GMN is the REAL DEAL FOLKS – Check him out for yourselves — before you criticize him)

      • “look what she has to say about HRC”

        Unfortunately for Hillary her speech cadence put all of her supporters in a trance and they slept through the election only to find that Trump had won.

  • What a pile of bullshit.
    How about we all start thinking logically and look at some more reasonable theories, instead of this goofy satanic crap that the diehard Trump supporters (aka Evangelical nutburgers) keep hoping to sell to those stupid enough to buy it?

    How about we just look at President pussy-grabber’s own words and actions, which demonstrate that he’s a misogynist rapist who has a thing for teenage girls (and even for his own daughter). That alone is enough to figure out what is really going on here.

    • Yeah, but Trump’s audio recording talking about ‘grabbing pussy’ is not quite the same thing as the 7 women who claim that Bill Clinton ACTUALLY sexually harassed them. LOL.

      Duh, Flowers. 🙂

      Now try to refute that one, dumb Canadian girl.

      What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?

      That’s what I thought. 🙂

      I bid you a nice day.

      • I think the number of women accusing Trump of sexual assault is greater than the number accusing Clinton. However, does it matter which pervert is the perviest? The point I’m making is that there is no evidence that there is any satanic shit going on….its just an island where a bunch of rich old perverts assaulted teenage girls.

      • Jarhead,

        Satan and the 5 Kings of Leopoldo are amongst us…LOL 😉

        When Soccer1245 believes something and even Flowers does not…..

        You know the sh*t is f*cked up!

        You should look up Paul Serran on the we. he makes Shadowstate1958 seem fairly reasonable.

        Shadowstate1958 at least is tethered to the earth believing in governmental conspiracy and does not believe in Satan

    • some people are deaf blind and dumb… too bad your not dumb too… but the without your ignorant voice you would not be much of a shill

    • Put your beer out of your Hands and start to think and dig for yourself.
      I met people who were tortured and abused in their childhood.

        • 60 minutes Australia had a video almost exactly the same with another young girl.. 60 minutes did an interview with her at 15, the interviewer said it was the most disturbing interview he had ever done. It was her grandmother that was the satanist and she was being raised by her. When I posted it T * i t t * r took it down. Why would they take a video from 1989 down. This whole thing is very very deep.

  • NO NEED TO POST:…. but I believe the Island is called “Little St. James” not Jeff’s (as you state in your very first sentence of your editorial note). 🙂

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