The Deviant Elite: Trump, the Clintons, and Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Clinton & Jeffrey Epstein

Editor’s note: Larry Shea has been doing research and writing about a variety of topics not normally investigated by the mainstream media. His excellent piece below on several men who are above the law in the US is especially insightful since the question that looms large in many readers’ minds is whether Clare Bronfman is also in that class – the above the law class of elites whose money buys off justice at the DOJ.

The Deviant Elite: Trump, the Clintons, and Jeffrey Epstein

By Larry Shea 

The “Deviant Elite” are the elite criminals of society who have the means, the freedom and the influence to act as though the laws and rules that govern the rest of us do not apply to them. They can act in such an unlawful manner because their wealth and influence provide them with the political connections and the protection that they need to avoid the just consequences of their criminal behavior. In short, they can buy and/or weasel out of almost any embarrassing predicament. They live inside gilded bubbles with personal assistants, chauffeurs, private jets, bodyguards, large estates and, too often, unbridled criminal sex.

President Donald Trump and former co-presidents, Bill & Hillary Clinton, are notable members of the deviant elite. And, whether they like to admit it, all three of them are directly connected to the convicted pedophile-billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein is an extremely wealthy hedge fund manager. He has served on both the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. However, Mr. Epstein is also a convicted pedophile, who is registered as a level-3 sex offender, the highest level of sex offender in the state of New York. This is because he was convicted, and served time, for paying a 14 year-old girl for sex at his home in Palm Beach, Florida. But this elite deviant is much more than a simple sex offender.

Overwhelming evidence clearly demonstrates that Jeffrey Epstein was trafficking underage girls for sex. He should have received a mandatory twenty-year prison sentence instead of the puny thirteen- month, work-release program that his lawyers plea-bargained for him. But, it’s awesome to have political connections to both Bill & Hillary Clinton. And it’s super-awesome to be able to afford to have the celebrity lawyers such as Kenneth Starr, Alan Dershowitz, and Roy Black, on your legal team.

Epstein’s wealth and political connections meant that he could cut a special deal that allowed him to travel freely on his private jet and to work anywhere that he wanted for 16 hours a day, while only having to spend eight hours per night in a separate housing unit at the county stockade. So what, if Epstein kept underage sex-slaves on his 72 acre private “Orgy Island”, in the U.S. Virgin Islands; and so what, if he raped three, twelve year-old girls, who were flown in from France to his island for his birthday.

That didn’t stop attorney and Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton, formerly of The Children’s Defense Fund, from keeping a $50,000 political donation that she received from Jeffrey Epstein in 2006, while he was under indictment for trafficking children for sex. But Jeffrey can well-afford to splash around millions in cash to places, like Harvard, which refused to return his $30 million donation even though they knew of Epstein’s indictment.

According to the official flight logs, Bill Clinton, who has had his own under-age-girls’ sex allegations, flew 26 times on Mr. Epstein’s private, bed-equipped Boeing 727, cynically named the “Lolita Express.” Mr. Epstein even claimed that “he was part of the group that conceived the Clinton Global Initiative” (CGI), a subsidiary of the pay-to-play Clinton Foundation, which has raised over $2 billion (See, Clinton Cash on you tube).

According to leaked Swiss Bank records, Bill’s friend, Jeff, sent $3.5 million to the Clinton Foundation “after an underage sex-slave probe of him began.” Did that ‘bribe’ have anything to do with the leniency that Epstein received for the most serious charges that he faced? Having influential friends can often mean getting immunity from the serious consequences of your elite criminality.

Then, we have the stalker, Donald Trump, who had this to say about serial child-rapist, Jeff Epstein, back in 2002: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy! He’s a lot of fun to be with. It’s even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Trump and Epstein, along with starstruck tycoon, Tom Barrack, were a tight set of “nightlife musketeers” back in the 1980s and ‘90s. Since the release of Trump’s lewd “locker-room” admissions, we can all imagine what this elite pervert is capable of with women. At least 14 of his adult sexual-assault victims have come forward with their own harrowing stories of unwanted sexual aggression. In 2016, charges were re-filed by a woman, who maintains that in 1994 – when she was 13 years old, the same age that Trump’s daughter Ivanka was in 1994 – she was raped by both the “Don” and Jeffrey Epstein, at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion. She has two corroborating witnesses. She also has alleged that the “Don” threatened to have her and her family killed if she talked.

Multi-millionaire influence peddlers, like the Clintons, who have their very own piggy-bank foundation, and billionaires, like Trump and Epstein, all reside inside the clubby bubble of the elite 1%. There, the “Don” and “Slick Willy” get to play golf in a foursome with former NYC mayors, Giuliani & Bloomberg.

“Dead-broke” Hillary gets to reside in Trump Tower during her carpet-bagging transition from D.C.-Little Rock to New York, so that she can become a senator on her planned journey back to the White House. Then, both Clintons attend the marriage of the “Don” to his latest trophy bride at his posh Mar a Lago resort (I imagine that Jeff Epstein was also an honored guest at this wedding).

Yet, there are still too many self-deluded voters who have an instinctual need to believe that self-serving, narcissistic, sociopaths, like Trump and the Clintons, when they get elected, will serve the people instead of themselves. Kool-Aid, anyone? Tastes great!







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  • I tend to agree with Anonymous that these disillousioned members of the Trump Cult need a little extra help to help them wake up and face the truth. They can’t seeem to realize that Trump, a malignant narcissist, is NOT on a mission to to save the world from pedophiles. Narcissists like Trump don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves, and the only reason they do anything good is to earn some praise to feed their fragile little egos.
    QAnon is a joke and a prank that being being played on you by a group of narcissistic racists, who are currently having a good laugh at your expense, and trying to see how long they can pull this off.

    Don’t believe me? Name one “crumb” that QAnon has revealed that has turned out to be true.

    What IS a PATRIOT? As far as I can tell, PATRIOT is code for being a racist who believes that making America great again means making America WHITE. I have yet to talk to one of you so-called Patriots who can explain what you are actually trying to accomplish, other than your far-fetched and childish ideas that Trump some kind of super hero and that you are are all helping in some way to “save” America. LOL.

  • Larry Shea you could be Tacitus writing in The Annals – chilling.

    7. Meanwhile at Rome people plunged into slavery —consuls, senators, knights.
    The higher a man’s rank, the more eager his hypocrisy, and his looks the more carefully studied,
    so as neither to betray joy at the decease of one emperor nor sorrow at the rise of another,
    while he mingled delight and lamentations with his flattery. Sextus Pompeius and Sextus Apuleius, the consuls,
    were the first to swear allegiance to Tiberius Caesar, and in their presence the oath was taken by Seius Strabo
    and Caius Turranius, respectively the commander of the praetorian cohorts and the superintendent of the corn supplies.

  • Frank, with this one post you’ve undone years and years of hard work and destroyed your credibility. Lizard people, illuminati beta kitten devil worship, pizza parlor pedophile Faerie Tales For Losers belong on InfoWars — not here. You’re doing a great disservice to everyone who has been victimized by this cult by allowing Russian propaganda disguised as partisan drivel to appear alongside actual court documents and first-hand accounts of experience with NXIVM. I will never again be able to recommend that others look at your site as a legitimate, trustworthy source of information because it no longer is one.

    • Go back to the Knife Media. Frank hasn’t said anything about the Lizard people, Illuminati, Kitten Devil worship, and pizza parlor. It’s a known fact that pedophilia exists in Hollywood and has also infiltrated the halls of government the world over. Jimmy Savile got away with his disgusting child abuse for decades because he was in entertainment and was knighted too. He was probably part of some secret society too and that’s why he got away with it for so long. These people are all greasy slime balls just like “The Vanguard”.

    • This cult makes slaves of people, literately and figuratively, of their own selfish desires at the expense of others just like its fraud of a leader is to his own.

  • In America the political elite have defined deviancy downwards.
    Twenty years ago the Democrats defended the abhorrent behavior of Bill Clinton, a man who is arguably a rapist

    Now that Trump has come along with a life style equally abhorrent Democratic complaints about Trump’s immorality ring hollow.
    If one does some research about Trump one finds rumors about a Trump Tower door man paid to keep silent about a secret Trump love child.
    And there are a lot of nasty rumors about Trump’s relationship with is daughter.

    Is it any wonder that Clare Bronfman believes she can get away with anything?

    • “A lot of nasty rumors” yeah, from they lying press who want to take him down, perhaps to prevent all of this rot from being exposed.
      obvious troll is obvious

      • Trump is dirty too.

        “I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there, and she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything.”

        “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful [women]—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

        Once you get to his status you’re much more dirty than you are clean.

        • Being a pig is not the same as being a criminal abuser. He’s not wrong, is he? Certain women go for that sort of thing with rich men. It’s as real as the corruption.
          Secondly – what type of person so you think would have the ability/knowledge/wherewithal to actually take down this cabal? An squeaky clean outsider with no connections or insider knowledge?
          Use logic.
          There is no evidence of him having forced himself on anyone, is there?

          Really think about something: do you want these trafficking cults & serial predators to be broken up, taken down, tried, convicted or not? Because I’m seeing inroads being made to FINALLY getting some justice but I’m also seeing people like you seemingly rejecting those inroads due to your own idea of what a ‘hero’ should be.

          If justice comes via a person who you believe has low moral fiber are you willing to say, “Stop! You aren’t worth the justice that is being delivered! I am waiting for a Mother Theresa type to win the Presidency and clean house.”

          People are so weird and destructive with their purity spirals.
          Keep your eyes on the prize and keep your mind open.
          Just because you hear a rumour or just because someone cheated on their spouse (allegedly) or took advantage of his wealth to get with women (BTW, he said he stopped when he found out that woman was married, right??) doesn’t mean that they can’t do a WORLD of good for real victims.

  • I guess it’s purely a coincidence that the ONLY movement in this case has come after Trump became president, huh?
    By this type of reasoning (guilt by association) can we impugn Frank’s character, too?
    I think so.

  • Frank — since a number of Trump’s followers seem to be flocking to your site and latching on to this story to link to their conspiracy theories, maybe you could not only save the world from Raniere and NXIVM but also show the more brainwashed MAGA crowd the similarities between Raniere and their leader Trump. Seems NXIVM members dismiss bad press and allegations against their Vanguard in the same way Trump’s followers dismiss bad press and allegations against him. It’s all fake news, witch hunts, smear campaigns, false allegations. If people want to understand how NXIVM could survive the Vanity Fair, MacClean’s and Times Union articles and question why members didn’t quit the cult back then, they should ask themselves why the are still supporting Donald “grab em by the pussy” Trump despite all of the numerous negative stories and allegations against him.

    • You moron. I have no delusions about Trump. I dont imagine hes a saint. No one is.

      Doesnt mean I should believe every article and accusation without evidence or merit. Trump is hated by the Elite. He isnt one of them and he never was. If they had so much dirt on him, where is it? Instead we get fake dossiers about Russian piss parties.

      • It’s exactly what one would expect from the elite pack of Luciferians & cultists – they would try and drag down the person trying to expose them.

  • QAnon claims otherwise. His predictions have held. Thia is nothing more than rumor, so until Larry Shea has proof, or something he has said will happen, actually happens, I’m inclined to believe Trump is not aligned with the likes of Epstein, and never was for more than an upperhand in a business deal.

    The allegations against him have all proved fruitless. Even now, all they have is a headline grabbing, middled aged, ex porn-whore and ex Playboy playmate, desperate for the world to know that the most powerful man in the world, at one point had his penis insidd of them. Thats called “5 Minutes of Alpha”, for those of you who understand nothing about women.

    Those of you who cant understand the concept, I’m sure will still be scratching your heads teying to figure out how Raniere got so many women to have sex with him and hand over their money.

    Semi related:Its good Mack wont be forced to attend every court date that isnt directly related to her deeds. Just once was eniugh for her to decide against copping a plea. And Raniere couldnt even make eye contact. Imagine what multiple same-room visits would do to their case.

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