Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Results Announced – Nothing to See Here, Folks – So, Just Move Along, Move Along

Jeffrey Epstein

The official results of Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy were released today by New York City’s Chief Medical Examiner, Barbara Sampson – and, just as expected, they indicate that he committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell in the 10-South Unit at the Manhattan Correctional Center (MCC).

Manhattan Correctional Center

Epstein was supposedly found dead in his cell at MCC last Saturday morning. He was being held there without bail since his July arrest on sex trafficking charges.

So much for all those unanswered questions –and unresolved issues.

Our government has spoken – and told us that the matter has been fully resolved.

Jeffrey Epstein simply committed suicide – and that’s that.

Thank God, we finally know what happened to him

And even better that it all got resolved before the start of the NFL’s regular season.


What About Those Broken Neck Bones?

Just yesterday, The Washington Post reported that Epstein had suffered multiple broken neck bones.

Among the bones that were broken was the hyoid bone – which is located near the Adam’s apple in men.

Hyoid Bone

Such breaks can occur when someone hangs himself – particularly if the hanging is done in a violent way (like the old-fashioned trap-door hangings) or if the victim is older.

But the breaking of the hyoid bone is unusual in suicide case – and is much more common when the deceased died via strangulation.

“If, hypothetically, the hyoid bone is broken, that would generally raise questions about strangulation, but it is not definitive and does not exclude suicidal hanging,” Jonathan L. Arden, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, told the Post.

Studies cited by The Washington Post suggested between 6% and 25% of hanging suicides could involve a break of the hyoid bone.

Another study that was published in the Journal of Acute Medicine indicates that “Hyoid bone fracture is usually the result of direct trauma to the neck because of manual strangulation, hanging, blunt trauma or projectiles”.

Still nothing to see here, folks – So, just move along, move along…


Epstein Told Lawyers His Former Cellmate Roughed Him Up

According to new reports, Epstein told his lawyers that he was roughed up by his former cellmate, Nicholas Tartaglione, back on July 23rd.

Nicholas Tartaglione

When his lawyers relayed that information to prison officials at MCC, they decided to remove Epstein from the Suicide Watch Unit – and return him to his cell in the 10-South Unit at MCC.

Bruce Barket, Tartaglione’s lawyer, disputed the claim that his client harmed Epstein. “I spoke to his lawyers and they never hinted at that to me, but he must have said something to get off suicide watch”, Barket said.

“It’s simply, patently false to say that [Epstein] did anything other than try to kill himself at least twice, and succeeded when he succeeded”, Barket added.

Following the incident, Epstein originally said that he had no recollection of the events that resulted in him being found near unconscious in his cell.

Still nothing to see here, folks – So, just move along, move along…


Epstein’s Body Claimed By Brother

According to a report in The Daily Beast, Jeffrey Epstein’s body was claimed from the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office by his younger brother, Mark.

Mark Epstein

Epstein was never married – and is not believed to have any children.

Mark originally started a silk-screening business – but “semi-retired” at the age of 39.

Thereafter, he dabbled in real estate through his company, Ossa Properties.

When Jeffrey was seeking to be released on bail, Mark offered to put up his Florida home as part of the security.

It is unclear how Mark amassed his own fortune.

But included in his assets are the majority of the units in a 16-story 200 unit condo building just minutes from Jeffrey’s luxurious Manhattan mansion.

The late (?) Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan Mansion

Although Mark has insisted that Jeffrey has no ownership interest in the condo building, it appears that he did house several of his friends, employees, and associates there.

Still nothing to see here, folks – So, just move along, move along…


Epstein Visited With His Attorneys for up to 8 Hours Per Day at MCC

While he was being housed at MCC, Jeffrey Epstein supposedly was able to meet with various members of his legal defense team for up to 8 hours per day.

Such arrangements would be highly unusual – and somewhat reminiscent of Epstein’s previous imprisonment in the Palm Beach County Stockade where he basically had a private room that he was allowed to leave for up to 12-14 hours per day, six days per week.

Palm Beach County Stockade

MCC has 12 visiting rooms for attorneys – but only two of those are available to prisoners, like Epstein, who was being housed in the prison’s Special Housing Unit.

Per MCC’s standard protocol, the handcuffs are removed from a prisoner as soon as h enters the meeting room – and the door is locked. Once the meeting is over, the door is unlocked – and the prisoner is handcuffed and escorted back to his cell.

Other attorneys trying to meet with their clients who were also housed in the SHU filed complaints about the fact that Epstein was tying up one of the two available meeting rooms for the entire day.

Still nothing to see here, folks – So, just move along, move along…


Much as the government would like this story to get out of the news cycle, that seems very unlikely.

To begin with, there are still a significant number of people who do not believe that Epstein is dead.

And the more “facts” that trickle out of MCC, the greater the number of people who are crying “Bullshit” in response to the official story about Epstein’s suicide. Some of those “facts” are as follows:
– Epstein’s was taken off of Suicide Watch less than a week after he was found near unconscious in his cell with bruise marks on his neck.

– Epstein was returned to his cell in the 10-South Unit at MCC with the same cellmate he previously had, Nicholas Tartaglione, even though Epstein’s attorneys had informed MCC officials that it was Tartaglione who had roughed up Epstein.

– Tartaglione was transferred out of Epstein’s cell the day before Epstein’s alleged suicide.

– The guards who were on duty Friday night failed to do their required 30-minute spot checks on Epstein – and then falsified official records to make it appear they had done so.

– Screams were heard from Epstein’s cell shortly before his body was discovered.

And on and on…

Still nothing to see here, folks – So, just move along, move along…

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Out to Lunch
4 years ago

Found this poll conducted by Dr. Ron Faucheux of Certus Insights for Lunchtime Politics interesting.

Dr. Ron Faucheux – Certus Insights
Among adults nationwide

Based on what you’ve heard, seen or read, do you think Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, or do you think he was murdered?

Committed suicide: 37%
Murdered: 35%
Not sure: 29%

RON’S COMMENT: Despite reports that Epstein took his own life, Americans are split on whether Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide or was murdered. More Republicans think Epstein was murdered (40%) than do Democrats (32%) or independents (33%). The survey was conducted by Certus Insights.

IF ANSWERED “COMMITTED SUICIDE,” THEN ASKED: Do you think Epstein was able to kill himself because prison guards intentionally gave him the opportunity to do it––yes or no?

Yes: 53%
No: 24%
Not sure: 23%

RON’S COMMENT: A 53% majority of those who say Epstein killed himself, according to this new Certus poll, thinks he was able to do so because prison guards intentionally gave him the opportunity to do so. More Republicans think prison guards gave him the opportunity than do Democrats (61% vs. 49%).

IF ANSWERED “MURDERED,” THEN ASKED: Do you think that a well-known public figure had Epstein killed to stop him from testifying against them––yes or no?

Yes: 83%
No: 3%
Not sure: 14%

RON’S COMMENT: An overwhelming 83% majority of those who think Epstein was murdered believe that a “well-known public figure had Epstein killed to stop him from testifying” against them. There was no difference between Democrats or Republicans on this question.


4 years ago

accidentally committed suicide, a lot of people died in the same manor, INXS singer, i think George Michael did, autoerotic asphyxiation…….maybe he purchased some more panties from the commissary and got them tangled around his neck while painting his egg dick with dry kool-aid powder(prison lipstick)while fantasizing about a tween easter bunny and he got to excited and the knot tightened and he died.(the easter bunny must age and die like the civilian bunnies and I would assume there would be offspring that would take over for the former easter bunny after leaving the office of easter bunnydom, so there COULD be a young bunny for Epstein to dream of(this is only a theory and NOT of the CONSPIRACY type)) INVESTIGATE THAT.

4 years ago

Affirmative action at its best?

Warden Shirley Skipper-Scott Sued Eric Holder for Racism – Then Got Promoted to NY City’s MCC Where Epstein Died

This would be ‘protected class – affirmative action POC promotion-ism’. A GS-14 ‘social -scientist’ running a Correctional Center? Seriously? Social scientist? Isn’t that the definition of a community organizing, agitating history rewriting leftist trying to promote the notion that whites are responsible for all of societies ills?
Sounds like the same sh it show crap in Baltimore. All incompetent classes of people in positions of power.

And add the incompetent Obama’s to that list. They left our Health care in a shambles, school lunches being thrown in the garbage, tensions between cops and blacks, no jobs and the debt was almost double etc, etc, etc.

4 years ago
Reply to  Shaquitta

Let me correct the record…. Skipper was the incompetent assistant warden. The head warden was Lamine N’Diaye, who was recently assigned there. Hmmm how convenient. Obviously another affirmative action choice.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

The conspiracy theorists need to bring some facts to the table. Otherwise, they keep looking silly.

Johnson's baby daddy
Johnson's baby daddy
4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Get lost, loser. Stick your Amway conspiracies where the sun don’t shine.

More info for a troll like you.

Some jail staffers not cooperating with DOJ investigation into Epstein suicide, source says

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Otherwise, they keep looking silly.

Really??? The only ones looking silly here are the so called authorities and the complicit investigate nothing lame stream media. No wonder many on here consider you a total buffoon. Your fucking government authorities need to bring some facts to the table and fucking prove it.

4 years ago

Krclaviger I am still, somewhat, onboard with the conspiracy angle of Jeffrey Epstein being assassinated….

However, the latest news regarding Miss Maxwell throws a monkey wrench in the conspiracy story….

Miss Gyslaine Maxwell hanging out in the open in LA does not fit the conspiracy narrative.

Ghislaine Maxwell at a Jack in the Box hanging out reading a book eating dinner with her dog outside in public with a smile on her face….

I was out to dinner this evening with a large group of people.
Everyone including my wife believes Epstein was murdered.

Every dinner guest had an explanation for Miss Ghislaine Maxwell’s very public relaxed persona.

I was the only one who believes suicide is now a possibility …

… because of Ghislaine Maxwells appearance…..

Miss Maxwell relaxed appearance throws a monkey wrench in the conspiracy narrative….

When people including myself have to come up with explanations to facts that contradict their theory…. alarm bells go off for me.

How do you explain Ghislaine Maxwell in LA with no worries at a Jack in the Box?

Why is she not dead or missing?

4 years ago
Reply to  Niceguy

Ghislaine Maxwell is a loose inconvenient string.

4 years ago

The government is corrupt on every level but don’t worry.
The government will investigate itself and tell you what really happened.

comment image

You write what you’re told!
Thanks, Corporate News!
We couldn’t control the people without you!
comment image

4 years ago

Which one of the muppets in the balcony seats are you?

Reality Check
Reality Check
4 years ago

What a woefully pathetic lie. Guards off duty, paper sheets replaced with linen sheets, taken off suicide watch, high profile prisoner…. You’d have to be dumber than rocks to believe he suicided.

Everything is just too fucking convenient. Oh, the guards didn’t check on him, no video,oops! And now this bullshit with the hanging from a bunk bed with a sheet that has the strength of a paper towel. Are they fucking kidding?

They would’ve been better off saying he had a capsule with poison in one of his teeth and took it out and poof! That would’ve been more plausible than this kneeling down and leaning forward. The natural tendency to survive would take over if the Brawny held up. His hands weren’t tied up.

Personally, I don’t know if he’s dead or in Israel or if the white hats have him. But, I don’t buy this narrative at all. Another dog & pony show for the masses. Problem. The masses are waking up

This ME is saying what she is being TOLD to say. I bet within 6mo this person has an untimely accidental death. Can’t leave “loose” ends around.

4 years ago
Reply to  Reality Check

WHAT did he hang himself FROM? !

4 years ago

First successful suicide at MDC in 40 years.

Nothing to see here folks…

4 years ago

Tarteglione seems a likely killer. What is he in jail for? Can someone see if he’s received a lump sum of money recently?

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Peaches

Killing 4 people on a drug deal gone bad a few years ago. He hasn’t gone to trial yet.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Thank you Scott. In my opinion it makes the most logical sense that he was murdered by this Tartaglione. Maxwell and Epstein recent photos have been completely photo shopped. I’m curious as to which MCC employee would risk their job to take a picture of one of their deceased inmates.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I don’t think Tartaglione was in the cell at the time.

4 years ago

Paul Serran, here. Great article!

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