Sultan Lashes Out at Those Who Seek to Humiliate Kristin Kreuk!

Kristin Kreuk

Sultan of Six is the longtime online defender of TV actress and former Nxivm coach Kristin Kreuk. Lately, two posts about Kreuk have drawn the ire of the Sultan. 

The two posts are 

Is Kristin Kreuk Really a Boy? – YouTube Video Offers Evidence 

Anonymous Source: Nxivm Leader Keith Raniere Made Secret [Illegal] Naked Videos of Kristin Kreuk and They are Set to Be Released

Many commenters, who seem to have disdain for the beautiful Miss Kreuk, have posted comments not only denigrating her but also attacking her noble defender, Sultan.

Below is his worthy reply. In it, he seems to excoriate all of those who attack him and Kristin and, in particular, one of our most beloved commenters, Nice Guy.

Believed to be a recent, candid photograph of Nice Guy.

By Sultan of Six

I have participated in online forums on religion, spirituality, philosophy, and sports, more so than I’ve participated in any Kristin Kreuk forum.

But when someone says you do something all the time everywhere, throwing out universals loosely, without providing even a single example, especially when it comes to human behavior, they typically have no case. They are just throwing out an indirect insult.

She ain’t no boy, Sultan knows.

Besides, you’re the one who started to respond to me in your not nice-guy ways whenever I post, mocking my fan-ship of Kristin as if it necessarily entails that I just want to sleep with her. If you just stopped yourself instead saying asshole things about me that you do, then you wouldn’t have received even a single response.

But you can’t because you’re an asshole and not really a nice guy.

I have no need to hide behind anonymity or be someone else. I’ve repeatedly said it’s irrelevant and to focus on the content of what is posted. It’s you people who keep claiming I’m everyone and their mother as if it adds some value to what is said. I’ve said this a zillion times here. I’m not like other posters here who need to make it seem like there is strength in numbers (fallacy ad populum).

By the way, nice stalk job on the Kristin Kreuk forums.

I thought posting under my most used alias, which I created a long time ago, would give me some credibility to discuss Kristin Kreuk since I had followed her for a while.

But I see that was a mistake in a sea of assholes whose only purpose is to demean and denigrate.


You wrote, “When you first showed on this site, you mercilessly attacked any and every poster that did not agree with your blindly defending Kruek because you think so much of her.”

Bullshit, gaslighter.

You’re just like these cult people that are being exposed, who use such techniques to lie through their smiling teeth and diminish others to keep them on leashes in a mind control program. You’re probably one of them.

Sultan has defended Kristin Kruek from the time of John Tighe’s blog, Saratoga in Decline in 2010.

No morally healthy person continuously attacks and bullies another like you do in a manner that is expressive of sociopathic tendencies and then tries to project it onto another. You only expose yourself more and more but you don’t give a shit. You just keep repeating the lies because that is what gaslighters do.

I initially started posting as “Scarrom” when discussing Kristin for the first time and didn’t attack anyone. I admitted to it a long time ago.

I repeatedly asked for evidence and either exposed the premises as faulty misinformation due to my knowledge because I was a fan, or described the logical fallacies and was repeatedly attacked with vitriolic ad hominems.

Kreuk is an athlete as well as an actress.

It’s been going on for more than two years and you’re still lying to keep the myth going. These types of attack on me and Kristin has been going on since I began posting here.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have heard of this site and seen the first set of Google search results from articles with her name in them. Frank Parlato’s blog was hardly even known at that time.

Fact is: I and a number of her most supportive fans were instrumental in keeping her away from getting too involved in Nxivm because we all felt it was bad news. That’s why you people attack my fanship. That’s why you people keep mocking me for it, with pathetic bullying attempts of mental illness or by way of the kind of bigotry you find on a racist playground.

Attempting to humiliate me for caring about someone who ‘wouldn’t even piss on me if there was a fire’, calling me stalker for being a fan and sending one email to her father via his public work email a long while ago.

This is also why you focus on a woman’s body image when demeaning Kristin, who like almost all women, has suffered from misgivings about their bodies at one point in time. I know because she once publicly discussed it.

NO ONE DOES ANYTHING WITHOUT MOTIVES, and I see right through yours. And that’s why you have your panties in a bunch.

You’re constantly engaging in calumny and spreading misinformation. Your casting of slurs is nothing but the act of a juvenile coward.

The only reason I’ve ever lashed out at Frank is due to content like this he posts here for obvious clickbait that gives your irrelevance a soapbox. I thought it would be over and done with as soon as Raniere was convicted but it’s still pointlessly going on.


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  • Re Sultan of Six Lies:

    Sultan is lying about never physically seeing Kreuk in 20 years. Sultan positively has physically seen Kreuk in the past. Why does he lie now? It’s an interesting story; Sultan called Kristen Kreuk’s father sometime ago. Why? Just the usual reasons psychos give. Sultan is smart enough to realize after calling Kreuk’s father that he had crossed a boundary, only mentally ill people cross. If Sultan now physically shows up say a convention or attempts to steal Kreuk’s garbage again, he will most likely be slapped with a restraining order; which will show up on a criminal Cori check and hamper his future employment. Sultan could be disguising himself, but I doubt it because he is not so reckless.

    Interestingly, Sultan of Six tracks Kristen Kreuk’s whereabouts and movements constantly. He has for over a decade at least. He even estimates her travel time between different locals. Why? Why do you think? Sultan will never admit to being near Kreuk physically, otherwise he could get arrested. I believe when he does travel to areas Kreuk will be in; he uses cash and a burner/disposable phone, so his past movements can’t ever be tracked by law enforcement.

    Sultan is a psychopathic liar, who masks his obsession with dubious and incredulous explanations of his behavior. To the uninitiated individual, Sultan’s explanations appear reasonable. Trust me, there is nothing normal about Sultan except for the fact he is gainfully employed.

      • Lolwut ,

        Sultan I have more than enough screen captures of your insanity and the responses people had to your insane posts you deleted.

        Do you remember when you pretended to be a “little girl” in a feeble attempt to trick Kristen Kreuk into responding to you? You are scary and pathetic at the same time.

        • You’re not only an old crank, you’re a loon. What in that conspiracy sounding babble that came from your whack mind did you believe 1) remotely made any sense 2) had any truth in it 3) you could even remotely evidence? It is indubitably at the same level of conspiracy lame as Raniere’s excuse for losing millions of dollars of the Bronfman sisters in the commodities market by blaming it on their father Edgar Bronfman who he claimed was controlling it.

          I didn’t even have to come up with anything on my own to prove my point about you. You just went ahead and did it for me all by your crazy, not-a-nice guy self.

          • Sultan,

            Thank you for your critique of my comment. I cannot refute anything you have so eloquently stated at this time. I was hoping for a longer more detailed rebuke, but you have actually helped me; kind of like a quasi-editor. In my future article on the stalking of Kristen Kreuk by you, I will use a more objective tone and have plenty of evidence to bolster my article.

            BTW: You committed a malapropism in your use of indubitably. Usually your diction is flawless. Your welcome for the correction!

  • Frank,

    I would greatly appreciate it if you allowed me to post my re-edit; 85% of it I can prove. The other 15% is formed from a summation circumstantial evidence. My deductions are not fanciful; they’re inline with the standard textbook case of a celebrity stalker.

    • An old, white guy who is talking gently with a child, hugs, and barely kisses her while she is in the arms of her who I presume is her father, who doesn’t seem to mind at all and shakes the man’s hands afterwards?

  • So these are the photos that give Sultanboy so much masturbatory pleasure. Waiting patiently for shadowboy to try and top it with his collection of Mack-Cline photos or worse yet the culkholded anonyfaker to bring out his collection of Oprah Winfrey photos that have given him so much “handy” carnal ecstasy.

    • Sultan has too much estrogen in him like all soy boys to produce any semen. He probably dry humps his Kreuk doll like most of his fellow democrat soy boys do with their Hillary and Moochelle dolls.

  • Maybe Sultan could explain why pretty Kristin let herself be “cummed on” with alien slime in Space Milkshake, a movie she produced and co-financed. Was the green “money shot” a sarcastic fuckyou gift to the fans of all those fake facials of her—or was she so mind fucked by Nxivm that she didn’t realize the symbolism of getting dosed with alien jizzum?

    • Are you seriously suggesting being slimed in entertainment, in children’s shows like the old “Double Dare”, or in movies like Ghostbusters, where the actor Bill Murray and others were slimed by a ghost, is suggestive of a facial? Do you know how ridiculous this makes you look?

      • NXIVM wasn’t a kids’ show. It was a cult where women were taught that being “slimed” on by your man,or better by KAR, was your duty and honor. That photo would make KAR green with envy. Would exNx women think of Ghostbusters.? What was Kristin thinking?

  • …Is that an actual, naked nipple in that last sexy, shower-selfie shot?!

    Sultan, you do have exquisite, fanboy taste but you may need to reshape your fantasy image of Kristin as a chaste, pure Muslim girl (who reads voraciously) to something a bit closer to reality.

    That sepia, sunburst shot of her on toe point rocks but that nip pic close in is perfection. …Damn! Lol.

    Did you see the shot of her Frank ran a couple weeks back humping the dreidel?

  • If Sultan didn’t post here, his obsessed stalkers would have to masturbate their comments on imaginary sultan commenters.
    Wait, they already do. They think of themselves as white knights saving the internet from the brown menace.
    In reality, they are, BY FAR, the worst and most crude and annoying children on this site.

    • Please don’t insult children who are innocent—even those who throw tantrums—and group them together with these gaslighting loons. Have you ever dealt with toxic people in real life who start to “scream you down” when they aren’t able to engage with you in an adult and mature way—women suffer this type of behavior from men more so than vice versa, particularly in abusive relationships? These people are the Internet versions of them.

    • Not Sultan,

      Oh no!!! I am crying……….with laughter.

      If Sultan did not post, no one would flog him. On some level, Sultan loves the attention. God knows Kristen Kreuk is not giving Sultan attention.

      BTW: The real reason Sultan of Six kept the same name is so that Kristen Kreuk would one day take notice. Sultan was lying the other day about keeping his namesake the same.
      Sorry, Sultan you know it’s true. Sultan, did you happen to contact a celebrity’s parents today?

  • Hi All!!!!

    RE Sultan Lashes Out at Those Who Seek to Humiliate Kristin:

    Sultan has

    I know a number of readers will attribute Sultan’s critiquing of various comments from other commentators to me. Not all of the comments that Sultan critiques came from me, in this latest Sultan rant.

    Here is a short list of corrections:

    —“why you focus on woman’s body image when demeaning Kristin, who like almost all women, have suffered from misgivings”.

    I have never said anything disparaging about Kristen’s body. I did say she looks like a 1/2 Asian tree-elf. I have never said anything misogynist regarding women in general. I have slammed the Salzmans, Pamela Cafritz and a few other of Vanguard’ top women and lastly Flowers, when she acts like a total asshole.

    —You wrote, “When you first showed on this site you mercilessly attacked any and every poster that did not agree with your blindly defending Kruek because you think so much of her.”

    I do not believe I said that.

    —It’s been going on for more than two years and you’re still lying to keep the myth going. These types of attack on me and Kristin has been going on since I began posting here.

    I have only been been posting on this site for 11 months. Before that I was only a reader. I started posting initially because Johnson and Bangkok were attacking an innocent women who had been through hell and she was using her real name. Two men attacking a innocent women verbally and bullying her, even on online, is morally apprehensible behavior.

    When I stop crying from Sultan’s verbal evisceration, admonishment, and chastisement; I may post a longer response to my dear friend Sultan [If you the reader actually cares you have more problems then Sultan or me]. Sultan did make some solid points and pithy observations. I had no idea Sultan was almost a Valedictorian. Who has not called a celebrity’s parents by accident. Scott Johnson called Boy George’s mom once.

    BTW: The photo is me. Some how Frank tracked me down. If anyone would like a layered circular cone hat I am selling them on EBay and Amazon for $19.99, plus shipping. All the hats come with an elastic string chin strap, so that during intercourse your hat won’t fall off. 😉

  • This all comes as a complete surprise. Once again the Kristin Kruek saga has taken over Frank Report. It’s deja vu or an online time machine. Post and comments identical to those a year ago, two years ago, etc.

  • Welcome to the club, Sultan. Blog attract mainly non-serious people. It’s just the way it is.

    By the way, did the nipple come out on the picture above, which appears to be the naked video Frank referred to a couple of days ago?

    • Scott,

      Now you are consoling Sultan?

      “There, there Sultan no one understands you like me.” -Scott Johnson.

      That’s because you are both f*cking nuts!!!

      • Now you’re role-playing a shrink? LOL

        I wasn’t consoling at all, I was merely stating it’s people like YOU, an anonymous, role-playing scaredy-cat who won’t even pick up a phone, who posts comments on most websites. LOL

  • Who would entertain us the most in a fistfight with niceguy?

    1. Sultan (that pent up rage could be the equalizer)
    2. Scott Johnson (they both will be carrying some extra holiday weight)
    3. Flowers (niceguy should fear batshit crazy)
    4. Bangcock (has he learned how to fight in juvie?)
    5. Mitch Garrity (isn’t this a rematch?)
    6. KC (who?)
    7. Anyone who pokes shadow.
    8. Wifey’s wealthy client (I’ve got niceguy in this revenge match)
    9. A shirtless Keith (he took out poor Actaeon and is now coming for niceguy)
    10. ?

      • Scott….

        You want to be violent?


        I wrestled in college. I will headlock throw you on to your head.

        Once you admitted to me you use machine weights and not free weights……
        …There was no question in my mind that you are a total pussy.

        The only person on the Frank Report that would give me a run for my money is O’Hara. End of story.

        • O’Hara is from Worcester Mass and all Micks from Worcester know how to fight. It’s a beer drinking and fist fighting big town.

          I am 1/2 Mick myself.

  • Spanky, it’s YOU who goes all halal jihadi ape-shit when ever Kristin Kreuk and NXIVM are brought up in the same sentence. Most people have probably never heard of this woman, she’s just another NXIVM idiot. But because of your low testosterone ramblings, you just fan the flames. All these NXIVM morons have legitimate reasons to be disliked, but your cucky sad beta male bullshit around this woman just puts more attention on her. Kreuk refusing to say a single word about branded sex slaves, Keith Raniere and Allison Mack who she recruited, while pretending to fight for teen girls against the evil “straight white male” on tax payer funded television, making comments about Harvey Weinstein and other virtue signalling shit, plus her vanilla PR statement that we all know is a lie, just made her look more dirty and hypocritical, that’s why people have criticised her. You jumping to the rescue as an online e-stalker white knight beta just made things worse. You have jerked yourself off into a dark place. You have the beetle blues. Sad.

    • No doubt. By his constantly having to have the last word with every poster that references him, he is or was a little spoiled brat that needed the shit slapped out of him when he was young, but never got it. Too bad because he seems somewhat intelligent. What a waste.

  • “Fact is: I and a number of her most supportive fans were instrumental in keeping her away from getting too involved in Nxivm because we all felt it was bad news” – Jesse aka ‘Sultan of Sickos’

    No Jesse, you were not instrumental in anything.

    Fact is:
    1) You called Peter Kreuk at work to discuss issues about his daughter
    2) You posed as a child and talked to an 8yo girl on a Kristin Kreuk GBD forum to get more info on KK
    3) You are a sick stalker

    Get some help, get a life sicko!

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