Anonymous Source: Nxivm Leader Keith Raniere Made Secret [Illegal] Naked Videos of Kristin Kreuk and They are Set to Be Released

Kristin Kreuk

I received this email today from an anonymous [unknown to me] source using Guerrilla mail, an anonymous email service.

It refers to Nxivm sex cult leader Keith Raniere and one of his former members, the Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk.

The email was short:

“Keith wanted to bed Kristin Kreuk so badly, but never got the chance.  He did however, get the next best thing to feed his sick fantasies.  He has hidden camera video of Kristin getting changed and using the bathroom.  Videos and stills are set to be released in the new year.”

I wrote back to the source for more info and am awaiting a reply.

I do not know if this is true or a hoax. It may be a hoax, a deliberate misdirection.   I do know that Keith did a lot of spying on women and liked to take candid nude photos and films.

I strongly urge whoever has possession of this video and photos not to release them. It may be a crime to release them in whatever country they are released or the country of their citizenship.

It is definitely immoral to do so and, if you believe in karma – it will bite you one day in the ass.

It seems to me that Raniere, being in federal custody, would not likely be ordering the release of these videos and stills – if they do exist.

At least not prior to sentencing – which is presently scheduled for January 17, 2020. He faces a sentence of from a minimum of 15 years to life in prison – and the release of illegally obtained videos of a prominent member will not help him at sentencing.

For about eight years, Kreuk was an active member of Nxivm. She was not accused of participating in any of the illegal schemes that others – including her costar on Smallville, Allison Mack – later pleaded guilty to.

Kreuk was not part of the secret master-slave subgroup of Nxivm, called DOS, where women were branded and blackmailed.

For many years, Kreuk, who rose to become a coach in Nxivm, was used by recruiters at Nxivm to recruit other women.

They pitched the value of the Nxivm courses based on the rich and famous people who were members, often leading off with Kreuk, followed by Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Seagram’s heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman, and the son of a former Mexican president [Carlos Salinas] Emiliano Salinas.

No one has established that Kreuk was part of the sex cult practices of Nxivm or that she ever had sex with Raniere, like so many of the other women of Nxivm.

Is the email true? Why did the person write it?

Raniere is such a scoundrel that he could have filmed the actress secretly [illegally] – especially if she refused to have sex with him.

I urge whoever has possession of these videos and stills – if they exist – not to release them but to turn them over to authorities.  The FBI in NYC is the proper place to give this illegal film to.

Don’t risk going to prison yourself. Call them at (212) 384-1000. Ask for the case agents that handled the Nxivm case – FBI SA Michael Lever or FBI SA Michael Weniger.










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  • Anyone who reads this site knows that there are at least a couple of loony toons who spend an inordinate amount of their time fixated on this particular actress. So, here’s my theory. One of these loons has finally finished their deep fake videos and photos and knows Frank will post anything he receives, especially if it is about this individual. So they are using Frank to try to set the stage for people believing that their creations are real by sending this email.

    If there actually was video, shit like this would have come out back when Edmondson’s video was leaked.

  • Simple. There are plenty of sleazy media companies this person could give the information to, and the media company would protect their source. Why let only the FBI get their rocks off, when Sultan could enjoy it, too!

  • Here’s a new girl friend for Allison Mack!
    She seems like the perfect recruit for NXIVM!

    Hey, Nicki Clyne, you’ve got competition!

    ‘Actress with role in ‘Captain America’ film charged with stabbing her mother in Olathe
    Olathe Police on Tuesday arrested 38-year-old Mollie Fitzgerald on charges of second-degree murder for allegedly stabbing her mother inside a Johnson County home earlier this month.”

    Olathe, Kansas is a suburb of Kansas City.

  • Oh, another “source”…you have so many trustworthy sources…why even publish this kind of BS story?

    You really believe that so close to his sentence, he would like to “take revenge” on Kristin who wasn’t an important player
    (except in her role in destroying Allison’s life…there, she had a major role as it’s her trust in Kristin that made Allison continue with something she found creepy at first)
    If Raniere wants to “punish” anyone (ignoring the impact on his future), I feel like he would aim at those who brought this story to the court rather than KK.

    BTW, I doubt it would impact her much as it’s stolen material…nobody would be shocked and only the pervert around here would be interested by it…probably commenting like “it’s so shocking” while they touch themselves (probably including you Frank as I’ve never seen more misogynistic and pervert than you ).

    When you have a real source, you’ll get back your Glory days…meanwhile, accept you are just another “conspiracy BS” blog with no credibility…
    You did all the damage and nobody blame anyone for starting to ignore your role as if you were (at first) a big helper, you spend too much time publishing idiotic stories and opinions from useless people who know Nothing.

    I advise you to concentrate on facts and maybe aim at other scam cults (Scott Johnson’s favorite cult or Something else)…

    • Not only was she the poster girl for Nxivm for a long period Of time, but she created Girls By Design which was made to appropriate young teen girls for pedophile Keith Raniere to prey on.

    • Here’s a fact, Anonymous, and to answer your question: Yes, Raniere would love to destroy KK. You obviously don’t know your angel supported a child rapist and is a fake D list actress from lame-ass Canada.

      • –Raniere would love to destroy KK

        And he failed. Yet, some people here are still trying to do his job for him. I wonder what that’s all about.

    • Sultan,

      Boohoo!!! Boohoo!!!


      Kristen is never going to be with you, currently she is rumored to planning her wedding. I am sure Kristen Kreuk knows of you; And she is scared sh*t-less of you… 20 years as a super-fan….20 years of no girlfriends, just Kristen’s poster. Are you still dumpster diving in Kreuks garbage, you looney toon?

  • There are many sick people out there who just want to hurt Ms. Kreuk. She has trashed NXIVM, so any blackmail photo scheme failed
    to intimidate her. She has been supported by ex NXIVM women who backup Kristin’s good character and innocence. Kristin was never part of the NXIVM case or charged with anything. Yet, these mean-girl types continue to bash her for their own sick and twisted agenda.

    Well, they failed to destroy her and will continue to fail. Kristin has so many friends, supporters and fans on the international scale, she will
    always have support. Either way, Kristin will never act like a victim and will be an even bigger hero to her supporters. Happy New year Kristin!!! Looking forward to seeing the 3rd season of your successful show, Burden of Truth.

    • “she will always have support.”

      And if all else fails, Kristin Kreuk can sponge off of the Canadian taxpayers.
      Don’t expect Kreuk to publicly support her friends the pimps Allison and Lauren.
      It’s every NXian for herself.

      • Tax payer funded television show? What are you going on about inbred republican redneck.


        • It means her virtue signalling television show is funded by Canadian tax payers, i.e. people who have to work jobs for a living.

          • work jobs? 🤔

            So Laura does not work then. That is a job she is doing, correct, anon? Which means she pays taxes and makes all of what you say pointless.

            Including the cling on pig shit eaters. 🐖

        • No sultan, acting is not work. Nor is pornography, prostitution, or selling autographs at nerd conventions. And it is un-quranic to use a pig emoji you sad old lonely poofta. You really did draw the shortest straw in life. Sad.

          • You poor individual, you little unintelligent cretinous orange imp troll. Sorry to disappoint but I am not Sultan of Six. Now hurry back under your bridge, you troll.

            Yes, what Laura is doing is providing service and entertainment to people and it is a job. She pays taxes just like anyone else please you jealousy is toxic and serves no purpose:

            Either way, she works so your point on taxpayer money is irrelevant. Same with the thing shadow says because corporations get tax breaks and gasp studios too what does this have to do with the show being taxpayer-funded? I see really no mention of this only studios and stations which probably have nothing to do with the show. If Laura’s show is taxpayer-funded, so are all the shows in America and around the world. Oh, wait…

            Pig shit is always pig shit but I should not be comparing an adorable animal to you guys. 🐷

        • When porn “actors” are doing the “dance with no pants”, penis in vagina/anus/mouth with the camera rolling, they are not working. Receiving money to have sexual intercourse on camera is not work. Playing pretend on camera is not work. Armed robbery is not work. You believe in allah-spank and muhhamad-spank, so your opinions are mute. Receiving tax payer money to play pretend on camera is not work. Have you been diagnosed with autism?

          • Sorry, but making fun of autistic people is not cool. But to tell you the truth, my dad was a supervisor at a mentally disabled home where people with nowhere to go or people and family could not take care of or handle them. I know a lot about that place as I used to go there on his days off. You should show respect for people different than you.

            People seem to think people with autism have issues but there are a lot who lead normal lives or it is so small in them you can’t tell. You are putting autism in with people who have disabilities.

            I assume you are the same spankyspermtalker guy too. I have seen you spew autistic and the word retard like it is a joke. Karma will come to you in real life especially if you have a kid in the future with severe needs just like them. Oh wait… that is if you can ejaculate your inferior genetics into a woman in the first place. I wonder who would even let you.

            Not sultan again.

        • Hi, sultan. You better hope you are autistic because if you’re not, then a demon has you. Autism would explain so much. Have you gone for a consultation with a licensed professional? There is help out there, sultan.

          • See everyone? a passive-aggressive troll. Someone who calls anyone that types sultan. Same person telling him to masterbate over religious robes and headwear or that he should be ashamed of his family or same person who says they are obsessive yet bullies and nitpicks at everything they say or thinks he is saying even when he is not there. sad life you are living there buddy. You need help with you obsession with him.

          • Well this sure is funny can’t come up with anything original can you? Just the same stuff and typical lines. You are like a mechanical robot so I assume you are worse than the insults you are using towards sultan right? 😐

          • You sure are determined to figure out where on the spectrum people are, or if someone is on it at all? Why are you interested in such a thing. 🤔

        • It would explain so much about your illness.

          You haven’t answered the question yet. Have you actually gone for a consultation (with a second opinion)? What were the results? If you don’t have it, then your illness needs further looking in to. The first step is to admit and acknowledge you are very unwell, sultan. If you cannot find the courage to do this simple thing, you will not be able to move forward. Whatever your illness, Kristin Kreuk is not the cure. She is just the fixation and bi-product of your illness.

          Make yourself a cup of joe, roll out the halal cookies, and check out this website:

          • /sigh I am certain it can be determined that I am not sultan (which is what I have been explaining) 😱. But it seems you are hard of hearing 🧏‍♂️. But to explain this I will say if I am not sultan this is why I am not responding to that. Either way to determine if someone is autistic or better yet on the spectrum it can be hard in certain cases especially with certain people. You can spend a long time not knowing you are on it. But what does this have to do with SOS? Even if he had something he can be obsessive for different reasons does not mean he is autistic.

            Leave autistic people alone the way you talk about them is like they have a problem and should be pitied. You are starting to get on my nerves.

            Now stop being a bugaboo and drink some soup or something. 🤤

        • Autism seems like a real contender for you sultan. You talk like a robot and have an obsessive fixation. If it’s not autism, it could be something even worse. You are not a happy person, clearly. If you go visit your doctor, you can arrange to speak to a specialist. Don’t you want to know what is clearly so very wrong with you? Maybe with a diagnosis, you can move forward without resorting to worshiping the useless actress Kristin Kreuk who actually spent ten years in a cult. Your illness will not go away. It will not get better on its own. Perhaps all you can do is learn to manage it, but isn’t that better then your awful toxic behaviour? Would your mother not want you to be tested to see how her son ended up this way, such a bitter disappointment? If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for her. If not, you truly are selfish, as well as a crazy delusional stalker. At least seek a therapist.

          • …with sultan…and you are boring and clueless. See a doctor or a mirror

          • Sociopathy seems like a real contender for you. You talk like a asshole and have obvious massive anger management issues an obsessive fixation on “libtards”, Kreuk and myself. If it’s not sociopathy, it could be something even worse, although that’s hard to believe. What’s worse that sociopathy? Raniere is a sociopath. Consider him your brother from another mother. You are not happy person, clearly. If you go visit your doctor, he can arrange to speak to a specialist. Don’t you want to know what is clearly so very wrong with you? Maybe with a diagnosis, you can move forward without resorting to constantly demeaning the actress Kristin Kreuk who obviously doesn’t care that you even exist. Being a coward and demeaning people behind anonymity will not change a thing. Unfortunately, sociopathy is incurable, so your illness will not go away. It will not get better on its own. Perhaps all you can do is learn to manage it, but isn’t that better than your awful toxic behavior? Would your mother not want you to be tested to see how her son ended up as an obvious sociopath, such a bitter disappointment? If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for her. If not, you truly are selfish, as well as crazy delusional stalker. At least seek a therapist.

        • Hahaha!!! 😂🤣😂. It’s really easy to get inside that little turban wrapped head, isn’t it Spanky!!!

          Yay or nay, have you been diagnosed with aspergers? Do it! Let us know the results!

    • You are a loser. You are unhinged. You have no insider knowledge yet throw your BS around like the snooty know-it-all cunt that you are. You are infatuated with Kreuk like she was for Nxivm. You are nuts. You are as predictable as a bad smell after a fart.

    • Wow! Truly astounding, We found one of the roughly 12 people in the world who have watched or even heard of Kruek’s taxpayer funded (don’t even get me started on the absurdity of that) television show!

  • I’m curious about the level of involvement people like Kruek, Grace Park, Mark Hildreth and even the Smallville nobodies (Kendra Voth, etc.) had in this group. If it’s true Kruek was still involved in 2016, that is after the branding started. How much did she know? If nothing, she must feel awful for recruiting her friends (especially Allison) into this nonsense. Ditto Hildreth who brought on DOS victim Nicole, and Park who seems to have been involved to some degree until 2017 and was once close with Nicki Clyne. It does make me wonder why they’ve all been so silent about the matter. If I was moderately famous and involved in this but knew nothing of the evils, I would make it a point to let the world know and, most importantly, to apologize to those I brought in who became victims.

  • Why would this person send an email, let alone thru an anonymous email service, when they could just anonymously post in the comments section of the Frank Report?

    • I doubt if this person was telling the truth because how did they gain access to such videos? The police probably confiscated everything they could find on any of the NXIVM properties.
      Even if it’s TRUE, there are so many celebrities’ sex tapes and revenge porn tapes out there that a few blurry videos of Kruek changing her clothes will not be that exciting for most.

  • Just when you think things cannot get more bizarre in NXIVMland…I personally don’t believe this email is true but if it is, I would be scared if I was Kristin or any other B – List television celebrity who was involved in this mess (looking at you Grace Park)

  • The second two sentences switch to present tense. The content then presumes to know. “He has hidden camera video….”

    Considering where and for how long Keith Raniere has been indisposed and in captivity, how does someone know what Raniere has or doesn’t have? Present tense.

    “Videos and stills are set to be released….”

    Could it be a case for Freddie Mercury?

    Is this the real life?
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landslide
    No escape from reality

    Also, peeping tom video of someone getting dressed or undressed or using a bathroom, so what. Really, who gives a damn when everybody has access to porn if that’s the choice. Push a button.

    All this shows is the invasion of someone’s privacy, if any video or stills exist and are “released.” This is an actionable offense. In this case, it is irrelevant what or who anyone thinks that Kristin Kreuk has done or not done.

    Thanks to Freddie Mercury or whoever “owns” his showmanship now. The fireworks are already everywhere this evening and tons of thrilled children are going off in their outdoor voices. Music! It’s not even seven o’clock, but this is Florida. This ends about three in the morning. Down here if someone’s grandma has a birthday, it’s time for fireworks.

    • BS, Anonymous. They can’t prevent it. They won’t do anything until after they’re posted — and even then it’s a maybe.

  • Hmmm…What a bomb thrown into all this. It just keeps getting worse. Her birthday was yesterday. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Whoever has this material waited, like most do. I hope this isn’t released. This is so much torment on everyone involved. May The Lord help everyone involved and justice be rightfully served.

  • I have a question for you, Frank. Why post an email like this before you have even tried to verify its validity? You are so eager to post, you haven’t even waited to see if the source of this email bothers to respond to whatever questions you asked.

    If the person had said Keith had naked pictures of you changing and crapping on the pot while you were living in NXIVM properties and the videos were set to be released, would you have rushed to post the email as you have in this case?

    It seems to me you do far too much repeating of whatever someone tells you or sends to you and not enough investigating to determine the accuracy or truthfulness of said stories before posting things. You claim this site is “one of the internet’s best destinations for TRUE unfiltered, hard-hitting journalism” but this is hardly the case when you continually just regurgitate what you are told or what is rumored. That’s not “hard-hitting journalism”, that’s laziness and rumormongering.

    Here’s another question. If your documentary had to blur the faces of people like Mark Vicente in the photos or videos that were shown on the broadcast, how is it that you are posting all of these Necker Island pictures with none of the faces obscured, especially when you seem to have no idea who many of these people are?

    • Something like this is hard to verify. I merely published what I know. Someone sent me an email saying this was the case. It might be a troll or it might be true. I think it was reported that way. I hope it is a troll. If it is not a troll, I hope by publishing this it might possibly serve as a deterrent.

      If someone said the same thing about me, I would publish the email. The reason for blurring the pictures of certain people in the Lost Women of Nxivm was not my decision.

  • Frank Parlato has given you very good advice.
    I urge you to follow it.

    That said, my concern has been with all of the blackmail material collected by Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman.
    Material on over one hundred women.
    Literally, a thousand pieces of blackmail or more.
    Many women have asked for that blackmail to be returned to them.
    I urge you to follow Frank’s advice and hand it over to the FBI.

    Think if it were your daughter being blackmailed.

  • I do believe Keith would take such videos (and so might Hildreth, in secret or with her consent) and they could have been hacked and released by others. But this email seems as legit as some posts here with naughty musings about Kristin’s sex acts with Keith, other men, women and whatever.
    Hey, isn’t the thousands of photoshopped fake porn of sweet Kristin enough to bring joy to the world?

    • If Keith’s video of naked Kristin exists, isn’t it already (safely?) in the hands of the Feds amongst the terabytes of data they confiscated?

      • “If Keith’s video of naked Kristin exists, isn’t it already (safely?) in the hands of the Feds ” LaLaLad

        With today’s technology, it is very easy to duplicate digital files and store them on servers around the world.

          • 1.) Did the Feds get all of the digital files?

            2.) Raniere left Clifton Park for Mexico in November 2017.
            The Feds did not raid Clifton Park until late March, 2018.
            Four or five months is plenty of time to duplicate and upload digital files.

        • This is why whenever John Dougan talks, I listen. He has Epstein sex tapes, surveillance materials in his possession right now, with him in Russia, where he was granted asylum. He is a former Palm Beach county deputy sheriff.

          He was given the evidence by Joseph Recarey, the late lead detective assigned to investigate Jeffrey Epstein for the local Palm Beach Police Department, and Recarey wanted the evidence, obtained primarily from Epstein’s Palm Beach residence, in safe keeping. He saw that his investigation was being thwarted from higher up. Joseph Recarey retired to go into the private sector and died at age fifty after a brief and sudden illness, May 25, 2015.

          The FBI has the same Epstein materials, which John Dougan has also sent off as digital files, in case something happens to him. The FBI got the material from Joseph Recarey, after Recarey made digital duplicates and gave them to John Dougan, who has been in repeated danger.

          I saw him at Shaun Attwood’s You Tube spot, twice after he had been targeted physically and once after he was targeted diplomatically. Ironically, John Dougan never asked for any of this and now has to skype to be able to see his own two children, back home in the USA.

  • “For about eight years, Kreuk was an active member of Nxivm.”

    Kristin Kreuk joined the NXIVM cult in 2006 and was still a member up until at least 2016, with the branding story coming out May/June 2017. That would be at least ten years of being in the NXIVM cult.

    Did Keith Raniere try and have sex with Kreuk and did she do anything weird with him? If he tried it on with her, why did she stay in his cult? Someone posted anonymously a while back that Kreuk had some “weird experiences” with Raniere.

    If there is a video(s), who would have access to it? How would this anonymous person know about it or that it is planned on being released?

    • Doesn’t Clare own a lot of nxivm documentation, like from Joe O’Hara and others.? Is she still hell-bent on doing in Raniere’s enemies? Is Kristen considered an enemy? What would be the motivation to do this? Jealousy? Revenge? Is this being ordered by the smelly one? Curious minds want to know.

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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