The Lost Necker Island Photos – The Nxivm Swimsuit Edition

Not a Nxivm woman - but it could have been,

Sara Bronfman hosted two Nxivm retreats at Necker Island – at $250,000 per crack. Necker Island is the private island owned by Sir Richard Branson.

At these gatherings, which were ostensibly to conduct 5-day intensives [and lure in Branson], there was a lot of gaiety, merriment, drinking and dancing.

It was also warm and sunny, so there was a lot of swimming on the beaches and in the pool.

Now, if there is one thing Keith Raniere’s Nxivm women are known for – it is for being slender.

So here we have – our exclusive pictures of the women of Nxivm – known for their skinny pulchritude and feminine charms and as an added feature, we have photos of the beta males of Nxivm. The photos were taken at the 2010 retreat at Necker Island. [the previous retreat was in 2007].

Necker Island is in the Caribbean.

Necker Island

Kristin Kreuk with her then-boyfriend and Nxivm member, Mark Hildreth – on Necker Island.




Kristin Kreuk at Necker Island – 2010 – at a Nxivm retreat.


OK, so don’t be mad. These Nxivm photos weren’t exactly like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions as implied in the headline and by using a photo of a Sports Illustrated model as the feature photo instead of a Nxivm lady.  But it got you reading this far.

And we did our level best given the photos available to us.

Besides, the girls on the cover of Sports Illustrated are too fat for Raniere’s taste.

Viva Executive Success!


Image result for sports illustrated swimsuit edition
No these are not Nxivm women. They are way too fat.


Image result for sports illustrated swimsuit edition


Image result for sports illustrated swimsuit edition

Stay tuned for our next in our Necker Island photo series – Nxivm After Dark.

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  • This from John Tighe’s article on the Necker meeting: “After pleasantries, cocktails and sex, attendees got down to the business at hand.”

    Note the word “sex” was thrown in, with no clarification. Keith wasn’t there. So what sex did the others have? Did current couples go off to their rooms? Were new couples paired off? Was there an orgy? Did the Smallville stars demonstrate lesbian tech for the crowd? Did one lonely horny guy jerk off in the corner?

    Or…was “sex” thrown in (by Tighe or his source) just to make the story more interesting and the meeting more nefarious? Considering how tame the photos are, it seems very unlikely that there was any interesting sex going on at Necker. We certainly never had any first-hand reports posted here. And Frank has said there are no salacious photos.

    Makes me think this whole provocative account at Necker—the sex, the money laundering, and the other nefarious “business at hand” was BS. Either a result of Tighe getting info from an unreliable source, or Tighe being an unreliable reporter—-or both.

  • I can’t be the only one speculating on this. Question for anyone who wants to chime in:

    Why wasn’t Keith Raniere there?

    – Herpes Outbreak ?
    – Didn’t get an invite ?
    – Chicken shit to be around anyone — too closely for too long — who might guess his true I.Q. ?
    – Planned to poison all there (his stooge who attended didn’t follow-through) ?
    – Missed his flight being strip searched at a security checkpoint for smuggling over 4 Oz. of viagra ?

  • So was Georgina Bronfman, MIA, Richard Branson, and all those people you don’t recognize members of NXIVM? If this was supposed to be some big planning retreat, where are Karen U, Kristin Keefe, Dawn Morrison and the rest of the inner circle? Were they away working while the rest were there as window dressing?

    In a previous article, Nutjob claimed Franco Harris, Alex Cobb and Bernie Kosar were in photos with Sara B on Necker. If he meant the former football players and the baseball pitcher, I question you blindly posting his comment, unless you know for a fact that those guys were part of the sex cult.

    • What is truly sad is you and your obsession with demeaning others via immature and pathetic attempts at incognito online bullying. Not only is it base and wussy, it is beyond the lowest depths on the sadness scale, as its measure is directly proportional to the lack of moral sensibility within–and sociopathy that is possessed by–a person.

        • It appears that you’re crying right here in the comments section of this forum. Is that all you do? Cry in online forums?

          Because that is all your pathetic attempts at demeaning people behind anonymity are. If you were more than a coward you would say it to their face out from behind its mask. But you can’t because you’re nothing but a little wuss. Not only do sane and emotionally mature people not act nor react like you, you couldn’t take what you dish out and expose yourself to the same vitriolic criticisms at either a physical or emotional level nor the possible ramifications for such corresponding real life behavior that would lead to an ass-whooping, jail time, or termination from employment if you even have a job.

          You’re just ugly on the inside. And that is really sad.

          • “ass-whooping, jail time, or termination from employment”.

            None of those things are within the realm of possibility. Ever. Cucks are too weak.

            Wipe those tears away, Spankster. But preferably not with your Kristin Kreuk-inspired jizzed up spank flannel.

          • –None of those things are within the realm of possibility. Ever.

            Of course. When you obviate the necessary preconditions that lead to such ramifications — i.e., you being too much of a coward to actually “try your luck” in such a case — then the causal effect which is contingent upon them simply won’t follow. Simple logic that you continue to avoid.

            –Cucks are too weak.

            You should know. You’re the biggest cuck of them all.

          • No spanky. Pakis, faggots and other libtard “pets” don’t scare me. There is nothing I wouldn’t say to your face. You are easy to loathe. Can you even fight Hamza?

          • You sound like a teenage emotionally stunted crybaby bully wildly lashing out after he just got embarrassed and taken to school by the class nerd: “Oh yeah! Well…well…well, you’re a big booger.”

          • You lose, Spanky. You sound like the smug class faggot who thinks he knows it all but really is a little autistic paki incel, or PAKCEL.

          • If anyone lost anything, you for sure had zilch to do with it. But keep digging deep with those potent insults, doodie-head.

  • Hi, Do you know when in 2010 this retreat took place? Also, I don’t think I’ve seen pics of Nicki Clyne at Necker. Do you know if she was there and if not why not? Was she left to keep Raniere company? What about Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Anthony Ames? If they weren’t there, do you know why they weren’t or are they not pictured because they are the ones providing you with the photos and aren’t sharing any of the ones with them in it?

  • It’s a good thing that all the women, including the photo shopped models, have money to buy their men blankets. These bodies will not keep you warm at night.

  • There you go, Niceguy. I blame you for the vomit-inducing photo, which nearly shows some man’s bum cleavage! Thumbs down

      • Anonymous,

        Does ripping and tearing your dad’s ballon knot, while he is on all fours howling like a hyena, count towards anything?

        Thank you in advance for your consideratio!

        • Oh God, that is funny! And speaking of funny, fifth picture down from the island shot, who IS that older couple, someone’s parents? The man has on a dark baseball cap and a blue jersey shirt, and the woman looks to be unable to move her face. Stretched and shiny as it is, that face is rather bone chilling, like a mortician’s makeup job upon a cadaver, though one might presume that this is her way of preserving her, um, looks.

          Cindy Crawford is in a mini-scandal because of who is “dating” her teenage daughter. It is Pete Davidson from SNL. He was engaged for awhile to Ariana Grande, who told the world quite rapturously, while she still liked him, about Pete’s huge peter. He seems to fall in mad love at the drop of a hanky and then goes off the deep end with it.

          Apparently Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber, had to intervene at their 18 year-old supermodel’s NYC apartment the other day, when Gerber found Pete Davidson up there “scratching his eyes out.”

          Reading some peoples’ comments about this debacle was sheer human comedy. Some people think that Cindy Crawford looks a lot like Caitlyn Jenner now and kept asking, “is that you, Bruce?” Another asked solicitously about Cindy’s daughter, ” is she missing clumps of her hair?”

          The parents scooped up daughter Kaia, and Cindy brought her back to L.A. No doubt Kaia will find a sane, stable man out there. Kaia looked none too pleased to have her mother as an escort. Kaia also looks as if she lives on an occasional lettuce leaf, resulting in an anorexic figure topped by a large-looking head. Her neck must be exhausted, and she has the magnetism of a wilted petunia. That poor young lady, bless her heart.

          Ah, nepotism. Pete might be down on all fours now, howling like a hyena, but hopefully he went home to his basement first. Infatuation is not a form of human consumption, poor big peter and Pete, no matter what those drugs say. He could try watching the comedic blockbuster, Summer 03, for more grandmotherly advice. I have not recovered from that movie, probably never will.

          Imagine Keith Raniere as Grandma, doling out her final bits of deathbed wisdom and leaving no one untouched.

    • Natashka,

      Excuse me, but Frank made sure there were men too so his female readers had a little “eye candy”.

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