Mark Epstein Told Frank Report Brother Jeffrey Was ‘Murdered’ on Day He Was Reported Dead – Now Famed Pathologist Supports His Claim

Jeffrey Epstein

On the day Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell at the Manhattan Correctional Center (MCC), Frank Report reported that he had been murdered – and that a cover-up was expected.

Among other sources, Jeffrey’s brother, Mark Epstein, spoke with our correspondent Ken Gibson on the day Mark’s brother reportedly committed suicide – and again the following day.

Even before he saw the body, Mark knew his brother had been murdered and was worried he might be next.

Mark Epstein declared on the day his brother died, “My brother has just been murdered”.

Mark and Ken discussed who might have ordered the hit on Jeffrey – and the name William Jefferson Clinton came up.  [That is not evidence – it’s just a suspicion discussed by two people who were discussing Jeffrey Epstein’s death]. Ken advised Mark on the types of security precautions he should take – and as of press time Mark is still alive.

Mark also told Frank Report that his brother was not suicidal and was hopeful a suitable plea deal [under 7 years] could be worked out – in return for which he would turn over evidence he had about high profile individuals who were involved in various sexual exploits with underage girls.

There were, it seems, numerous people with a motive to ensure that Jeffrey Epstein never made it to trial, something we predicted before his death.

It is important to point out that Mark claims he has no direct evidence about the people his brother claims he had evidence against – and that consequently, it will not be necessary to kill him. He is not a witness to anything and, hopefully, his life will be spared.

Mark and Jeffrey, although brothers, did not see each other for long periods of time.

Still, Mark has undertaken a dangerous path to the extent that he is trying to establish his brother did not commit suicide.

Metropolitan Correctional Center

Now, more than two months after our first report, The New York Times and other media are reporting that a forensic pathologist hired by Mark is claiming that the evidence suggests Jeffrey Epstein was strangled.

In our initial report, we noted that MCC officials “immediately indicated that he had hung himself in his cell – even though no autopsy had been performed and no evidence had been gathered”.


Evidence Points to Homicide Rather Than Suicide

The forensic pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, who previously served as New York City’s Chief Medical Examiner, was allowed to observe the autopsy of Epstein that was undertaken by Barbara Sampson, who currently holds that position.

Dr. Michael Baden

“I think that the evidence points toward homicide rather than suicide”, Baden declared during an interview on Fox News Wednesday morning.

Baden noted that Epstein’s wounds were “more consistent with ligature homicidal strangulation” rather than a suicidal hanging.

Following the autopsy, Baden noted that Epstein had two fractures on either side of his larynx – and one on his hyoid bone, which is just above the Adam’s apple in men.

MK10ART’s portrait of Jeffrey Epstein.

“Hanging does not cause these broken bones and homicide does,” he insisted in his interview. “A huge amount of pressure was applied.”

Baden, who estimates that he has conducted more than 20,000 autopsies in his career, concluded by noting that “I’ve not seen in 50 years where that occurred in a suicidal hanging case.”

The reports of the broken bones first appeared in an article in The Washington Post that was published before the results of the autopsy were released.


Medical Examiner Insists Autopsy Results Are Accurate

Dr. Baden’s findings were vehemently disputed by Dr. Sampson – who insisted that her original ruling that Epstein had committed suicide was correct.

Dr. Barbara Sampson

“I stand firmly behind our determination of the cause and manner of death in this case,”  Sampson said in an interview on Wednesday. “In general, fractures of the hyoid bone and the cartilage can be seen in suicides and homicides,” she added.

When the information about the broken bones was first revealed, several prominent medical officials pointed out that a broken hyoid bone does not always mean that someone has been strangled.

“It’s not a slam dunk,” Marcella Sorg, a forensic anthropologist, noted. She said a broken hyoid is “a sign of neck trauma” that can occur in both strangulation and hanging cases.

Another medical official, Dr. Burton Bentley II, the head of Elite Medical Experts, noted that a broken hyoid bone is not absolute proof that a person died from strangulation. “It’s not a hundred percent”, he said. “It’s not even going to get us to ninety”.

While those comments were intended to bolster Dr. Sampson’s findings that Epstein has committed suicide by strangulation, they don’t sound very reassuring to me.

Even if the odds are less than 90% that Epstein was strangled, those still seem like very high odds.


Dr. Baden Believes Others May Have Been Involved in Epstein’s Death

Dr. Baden also noted that if Epstein was strangled, there were probably several people involved in his death. “A number of people had to be involved if this was a homicide,” he said.

Jeffrey Epstein is Wheeled Into Downtown Hospital.

But Dr. Sampson was quick to dismiss the notion that other people may have been involved in Epstein’s death. She said her office had done a “complete investigation,” taking into consideration not only the autopsy results but also information that had been gathered by law enforcement officials

It was, of course, law enforcement officials who left Epstein in a cell by himself even though strict orders had been issued that he always have at least one cellmate.

And it was law enforcement officials who put Epstein in a cell that did not include in-cell cameras – and that just happened to be in a location where the external cameras were not working.

It was also law enforcement officials who failed to check on Epstein’s condition for several hours even though they were supposed to do visual checks on him every 15 minutes.


Dr. Baden Calls for Release of DNA Evidence

Baden revealed that federal investigators had also collected – and tested – a large amount of DNA evidence regarding Epstein’s death and called upon federal prosecutors to release the findings of those tests.

“They took fingernail clippings to see if there’s anybody else’s DNA on it and that hasn’t been released”, he noted.

He also said that investigators had collected DNA evidence from the ligature that was made from torn strips of sheets – which is supposedly what Epstein used to hang himself. “Whoever made it has to have left a lot of DNA on it”, he said.

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan had no comment on Dr. Baden’s statements about Epstein’s death and/or his call for the release of the DNA evidence.


So, Where Do We Go From Here?

Dr. Baden is certainly not the only one who has expressed skepticism over the quick pronouncement by New York City officials that Epstein had committed suicide.

In the final hearing regarding the criminal charges that were pending against Epstein at the time of his death, his lawyers indicated that they were not satisfied with Dr. Sampson’s conclusion that he had committed suicide.

One of those lawyers, Reid Weingarten, requested that the court conduct an independent investigation into Epstein’s death. “The court has a role to play,” Weingarten said. “It is the institution that most people have confidence in in these very troubled times.”

Reid Weingarten

Although the court took the matter under advisement, it appears that no such independent investigation was ever undertaken.

But there is certainly still time to do one – and no good reason not to do so.

With all the money that the government spends investigating and prosecuting people, you’d think they could find enough to hire someone to independently determine what really happened to Jeffrey Epstein.

Unless, of course, the government would prefer that such information never be made public.



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  • The NYC Mafia (5 families) are probably the only people with the expertise to murder Jeffrey Epstein in this federal prison. They have extensive experience and knowledge of the prison, as former frequent inmates. The prison is in NYC. It’s their neighborhood. The most significant connection is Donald Trump, who has a deep, longstanding association with the Genovese crime family, along with a history of contact with the other families. Donald Trump, who is also implicated in prior Epstein-related court testimonies for taking underage women’s virginity, was president of the U.S. at the time. As did many other people, Donald Trump had much to lose, but he’s also one of few people in that list with close affiliation to the Mob. As sitting president, Trump also had access to information and the prison, no one else in the U.S. possessed. The proximity of Trump to those who have the expertise to have successfully pulled off this murder should shine a bright light on him. The Swamp cannot get any deeper.

  • The two biggest idiots on the blog, nicegirl and anonyfaker dominating this article with their useless bullshit. Hell anonyfaker now spinning like a top about Epstein with dipshit nicegirls big lips attached to his ass.

  • There’s a new article which provides some important context – including that Baden is a controversial expert-for-hire who among other things worked for the OJ Simpson defense, claiming in testimony that evidence suggested that Simpson was innocent:

    Epstein’s Autopsy ‘Points to Homicide,’ Pathologist Hired by Brother Claims
    “The New York City medical examiner strongly disputed the claim that evidence from the autopsy suggested strangulation.”

    A number of other controversial claims are mentioned in this other recent piece – plus conspiracy theorists may be unhappy that “Baden was made the chairman of the 1970s Congress-led re-investigations of the assassinations of both President John F. Kennedy and civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.” – and supported the official conclusions of lone gunmen.

    Epstein ‘homicide’ claim latest headline for famed pathologist

    • Interesting piece, thanks for the link.

      Maxwell must still have connections. But like Epstein, she was apparently an inveterate – and surprisingly effective – schmoozer. Could the wealthy younger entrepreneur she was apparently dating until recently, have been her entree’?

  • I have said from the beginning that he was murdered. Just hope the ones that did it get caught. This needs to be investigated. Could this be another Clinton suicide?

    • If the filthy Clintons and Deep State had so much power, why are the Clintons not in the White House?

      Seriously, why are they not in the White House? If the all-powerful scumbag Deep State – or as some prefer to call them, the entrenched Washington Culture – hate Trump so much and are trying to destroy him…….
      Why did the Deep State allow Trump to get elected?

      Seriously, please help me understand; because to me you sound like my evangelical Christian cousins who tell me God’s plan does not always appeal logical to mortal men

      Can you explain to me how Trump was able to get around the Clintons and the Deep State to get elected?

      I hate the Clintons. I do not see them as omnipotent beings like you do.

      So can you explain it to me?

      I am being sincere.

      • Good points, Niceguy.

        Also, if the Clintons are such devious conspirators, why didn’t they off Epstein earlier, more strategically and more surreptitiously, such as with a staged accident or botched robbery in Paris, or by having his plane sabotaged so that it fell into the sea before he ever landed in New Jersey to be arrested, avoiding all the messy controversy to begin with? One of the typical flaws of conspiracy theories, is that they posit virtually superhuman conspirators who nonetheless do things so relatively haplessly that people on barstools or in online discussions can fairly easily figure it out (and law enforcement, or even their political enemies, can’t).

        Also, if the Clintons had been having people killed for decades now, then they would have to be running the most seamlessly perfect murder operation in all of history, putting even the Mafia to shame – no one ever talking or bragging, screwing up and getting caught, getting busted for some other crime and cutting a deal with prosecutores, having pangs of conscience or making a deathbed confession, and so on. And who then sould the virtually superhuman operators – better apparently than anyone the CIA or Delta Force has got – who’ve been pulling off murders disguised as suicides for decades, for Bill and Hill? That’s another of the sort of implausibilities and unrealities inherent in most conspiracy theories.

        • AnnoyMaker,

          Assassinations by the Clintons?…..

          …….If true; The Clinton’s make the North Koreans, Israelis, and Russians seem like amateur hour. LOL

          I have very conservative friends and via my some more liberal friends.

          Some attended BC or UPenn all are polarized politically now beyond reason. It’s all a very bad dream. Looking at history I think it’s just a natural course of how things go broadly.

          It’s rare I come across someone like you, who does not buy into the dogma of either side(pole).

          You say anything about someone else’s team and Athey immediately jumped down on your throat with the same defense….

          “Oh yeah? Well so and so did this or so and does that”, very ruff paraphrase, but you get the point.


          Have a good day!

          • AnoyMaker,

            Lastly I do believe the Clintons are as corrupt to the same degree politicians most politicians are. I just do not believe they are omnipotent beings or murderers.

  • My understanding is that it’s to the advantage of Mark Epstein, and the the Jeffrey Epstein estate, to be able to claim that his death wasn’t a suicide, because that would call into question his state of mind and intent when he made his will several days easier, which transferred most of his assets into an opaque trust. And that’s to the disadvantage of people suing over Epstein’s abuses and crimes, who would probably want to challenge that transfer.

    While I agree that the circumstances of Epstein’s death are suspicious and should be thoroughly investigated, I think that what we may be seeing here is the sort of expert hired by lawyers to support a specific conclusion, who we’re more used to seeing testifying for one side or the other in court cases – not an impartial opinion.

    • AnoyMaker,

      Damn you! Damn you! Damn you to hell…….

      …… You always have to throw the metaphorical Monkey Wrench into every conspiracy theory. We can’t just have the smallest amount of fun. Mr.Sanity has to ruin everything!

      Have you no shame man?

      • Nitguy, I’m afraid I’m just that wet blanket on the conspiracy theory party 😉

        And I do get both your humor, and your appreciation, no problem….

        I do think there’s some possibility that the apparently long-broken security camera allowed guards and/or prison “trustees” to have a safe zone for settling scores or whatever – and that Epstein might have fallen victim to the sort of jailhouse justice meted out to pedophiles, that quite a few here seem to gratuitously approve of (including, I suspect, some of those now contradictorily posing themselves as shocked at his death, and jumping to the assumption it could only be part of some outside conspiracy). In a case with similarities, prison authorities have apparently never been able to figure out who did in Whitey Bulger – it’s apparently yet another false assumption, that our prisons are run with a high enough degree of control that such situations aren’t in fact possible:

        Who killed Whitey Bulger? Still no answers 1 year later
        “Even some of the prison staffers remain perplexed by the fact that no charges have been brought in the most high-profile prison slaying in recent memory.”
        “It was a gruesome murder carried out in a highly secure building filled with surveillance cameras.

        But one year after the fatal beating of notorious Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger inside a West Virginia prison, the central questions remain unresolved.

        Who killed the 89-year-old gangster? Why was he placed in a general population unit in one of the nation’s most violent penitentiaries? And who was responsible for authorizing his transfer there from another prison?”

    • AnoyMaker,

      Incase you didn’t get it I was joking around regarding the “damning”.

      I don’t see a conspiracy here….
      …..Unless someone can explain how the murderers can ensure that all of the inmates in Epstein’s unit will stay quiet for the rest of their lives.

      If some of the inmates in the unit die under suspicious circumstances then maybe I’ll buy the conspiracy angle.

  • I’m thinking that a lot of insurance companies do not pay out life insurance if someone committed suicide. Isn’t Mark Epstein sole heir?

  • We’ll never know for sure. If it was a high-level hit (and it was), it would have been carried out with precision leaving little or no conclusive evidence. And certainly no evidence leading to Clinton, Prince Andrew, Dershowitz or any of the other rich and famous pervs playing around with Epstein’s little girls.

    • It could also be a low-level murder, just the sort of dealing with sex offenders within the walls of the prison, that quite a few commenters here and elsewhere seem to think is sort of a good thing, and even almost seem to gleefully welcome.

    • Why are you leaving out Trump’s name? The DOJ was responsible for Epstein’s life & William Barr has already proven he will do & say whatever Trump wants him to.

    • You left out the prime suspect, Donald Trump, who was most frequently mentioned in the case leading up to Epstein’s 2008 conviction.

  • At the risk of sounding like conspiracy theorist, it was not a far leap to think, immediately upon hearing of his death, it was murder.

    Having said that, Baden has lost any credibility years ago, imo. I believe he has sacrificed his credibility for fame/cash. His opinion now muddies the water.

  • Let’s do simple math here:

    Epstein “attempts suicide” once, and is put on suicide watch; he gets taken off of suicide watch, much earlier than protocol dictates he should be.

    Protocol for a prisoner coming off of suicide watch is AGAIN disregarded, by placing Epstein in a cell ALONE.

    “Conveniently”, Epstein is placed alone in a cell, that has broken entryway cameras.

    The day Epstein dies, the guards break protocol by not performing their required check-ups on prisoners at the appropriate intervals.

    The autopsy findings are technically inconclusive…CoD could be suicide or homicide.

    Put it all together, and what have you got?

    A professional hit, committed by an expert, and paid-for by somebody very powerful.

    [2020 is an election year, and Hillary “The Cankled Crimewave” Clinton WILL BE trying for another run at the White House (just watch, I’m predicting it here, 10/30/19).]

    My bet is, Slick Willy sent in a team to keep Epstein from talking. It sure as hell wouldn’t be the first time that someone with dirt on a Clinton has died under odd circumstances.

    • Velvet Jones,

      I actually went to high school and college with future state prison guards.

      I mean it when I state…

      Shadowstate, Sultanofsix, Scott Johnson, Bangkok, and myself are more competent and functional than 90% of state prison guards.

      Do believe the cesspools MCC and MDC attract better candidates?

      Would you work in a prison?

      Would Frank Parlato, Krclaviger, Village Diane, Shadowstate, Actaeon, or Scott Johnson want to work in a prison?

      The qualifications and requirements for working at a federal prison are not the same qualifications for working at the Pentagon or Hangar18……….Are they?

      In other words it’s the blind leading the blind.

  • Sorry Mark, nobody can really know whether someone is suicidal, especially someone who isn’t around the person who died very often. That would be you.

    Your statement that your brother was murdered on the same day he died is an emotional reaction, based on zero evidence.

    Sure, Epstein may have been murdered, but his brother isn’t evidence. Evidence such as DNA under the fingernails and the noose is evidence.

    • “died very often”

      “murdered on the same day he died”

      And really? No one is saying that Epstein’s brother’s statement is evidence that he was murdered.

      What planet are you from? No wonder you fell for Amway.

      • His claim was published. Some people reading the story will assume it is evidence and I wanted to clarify the issue. I’m from earth. Millions of people “fell” and continue to “fall” for Amway and other MLM scams every single year. Only losers don’t help spread the word, count yourself among them. LOL

      • Anonymous,

        “murdered on the same day he died”, awesome quote showing Scott’s intelligence is on par with a simian.

        Let’s ask Scott the following question:
        If a passenger jet crashes between Canada and America where do you bury the survivors?

  • Krclaviger,

    …As always great reporting!!!!

    I do not know what happened, but two things are clear:

    1. Mark Epstein wants the whole world to know that he has absolutely no incriminating evidence on anyone.

    2. Mark Epstein wants everyone to know that his brother’s death is suspicious so if anything happens to Mark it was murder, not suicide!

  • Does anyone else think it was the former cop that got moved? Maybe the people passing out the food that morning?

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