Bangkok Thinks It’s Bullshit That Masons Control CT Courts

Bangkok has a comment on Julia Donovan’s story CT Court’s Dirtiest Secret: Abuse of Children May Be Masonic.

Donovan’s story was about the possibility that the Masons may be the commonality of the actors in CT Family Court who seem to find parental alienation at the drop of an accusation.

But are the Masons behind this? Here is Bangkok’s view.

By Bangkok

OMG. Awesome article!

It opened my eyes to the truth.

I apologize for doubting anybody.

Julia is correct.

These family court judges may be under pressure by a secret organization — which I shall call “The Secret Order”.

Their goal is to take over all governments of the world.

It’s all being controlled from New Haven and surrounding areas of Connecticut.


They have a secret meeting chamber on the grounds of UCONN (university) —— which has a moat surrounding it (for security), along with a highly-placed weather vane sitting atop a long steeple, which contains their secret logo.

Each member also has a ‘skull’ branded onto their left wrist area, which they hide by wearing identical Breitling watches.

Frank, this is a HUGE story.

I’d like to make myself available to you for any work you need done on this story.

Together, we can EXPOSE this secret organization that’s trying to take over the world and carry out the political agenda of New Haven insiders.

New Haven must NOT be allowed to prevail.

This dastardly organization must be STOPPED at all costs.

Please keep on this story, Frank.

I see a PULITZER in your near future.

Please thank Julia for me. She has done her country a tremendous service by outing this secret order.

I apologize for doubting before.

I feel so proud to be part of this investigation.

Frank, please ensure Julia has extra security assigned to her night and day, because the powers-that-be will likely try to silence her from making further reports.

Julia MUST be protected from these nefarious scoundrels at all costs.

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  • Hi Frank-

    I get what you’ve been saying subliminally/tacitly/hinting. I will comply.

    I will limit my Alonzo insults to 1 or 2 a day….

    And I’ll keep it clean with the exception of my last one.

    3 years ago before started posting, if you someone said, I’d be having this conversation, I would’ve laughed and said “I’m nuts or a crank.”

  • If the Masons are such a powerful cult, how come they are so hard up for new members? BTW, I have several great-grandpas who were top grand-poobahs in the Masons. And yet today I have to earn my own damn living. Why wouldn’t great grandpa make sure his descendants benefited from this powerful cabal? All evidence shows he just used the organization for business networking because he was a business owner. I see no signs that it was some grand conspiracy secret club, unfortunately for me.

  • Bangkok-

    Sublime satire, a masterful work, *James Thurber be damned! Bangkok is a true pupil of the humorist, F. Parlato. Upon
    reading this piece of wordsmithery, Parlato deemed it better than a
    dry aged steak, paired with a port, and a brandy Alexander desert.
    Oh the wit of Bangkok!

    Seriously-excellent writing Bangkok. See you in October – little dipshit. 😉

    *Reference James Thurber,
    “The Cat Bird”, it’s a great short read.

  • New Dossier Project Project Video released August 15, 2022.
    Masters and slaves and cults, oh my! The Dossier women discuss cults!
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    • Say the women who sold all their deepest secrets, nude photos and their property to a man who supposedly did not lead an all-women’s sorority …

      • As some “Freemasons” do, some college fraternities and sororities prime candidates for nefarious and influential political circles.

        If …

        1. NXIVM members were prone to blackmail; and,
        2. NXIVM was extending its reach internationally

        … is it possible that some at NXIVM were being set up to get beaten down low enough to serve nefarious national or international political purposes?

        If that’s the case and if FBI heroes thwarted an awful unknown plot, that means there are still plenty of good and effective FBI agents in this country, right?

        Women who think they should sell compromising photos of themselves to be powerful need heroes to save them from themselves. Men who compromise themselves in all kinds of ways need heroes, too. Just like we all do.

        As hidden truths about secrets that should never have never been kept hidden surface, we need to “hold space for each other” as one beautiful young trafficking survivor in Connecticut says.

        We must all heal as quickly, effectively and completely as possible after so much harm has been done to us all.

  • It’s not just Connecticut when it’s a net around the entire world.

  • I believe that the real name of this Secret organization that controls the World is “The Stonecutters.”
    Simpsons Stonecutters Initiation and Song

  • I would have to say that one of the real secret organizations is the AFCC.
    You’ve probably never heard of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, but its 5,000-plus members are lawyers, judges, and family court professionals who have enormous power in family legal disputes. The group claims to be guided by “the best interest of the child,” but it is beyond dispute that it serves well the financial interests of its members, who are able to require the use of each other’s services and force parents to pay. Members also make use
    of dubious psychological theories that can do injustice to parents as well as children. Another organization that is located in some states is Children’s Rights Council that has a strong affiliation with the AFCC members.

  • Bangkok is not going to get away. He mocked the Illuminati. Bad strategy unless you want to besuited.

    Bangkok please take care of yourself. Don’t eat without a food tester eating the food first in case it is poison
    We can’t afford to lose you.

  • Bangkok is a member of the Illuminati. They did fast and furious oh orders frok the imperial wizard. Dennis. Idle was a shill.
    Q is the only valid source

  • Hey Mr. Bangkok, do you have proof the Masons are not involved? No one thought the Catholic Church was full of pedophiles back in the day either. Have a good day. Ken

    • Ken,

      Had the Catholic Church acted without compromise since its beginning, we would have a great world today.

      The horrible corruption in Connecticut family courts that directly and indirectly destroyed millions of men, women and children for profit since the 1980s might be explained in part with Pope Leo XIII’s 1884 encyclical, Humanum Genus (The Race of Man). He wrote, “… the ultimate and principal aim” of Freemasonry “was to destroy to its very foundations any civil or religious order established throughout Christendom, and bring about in its place a new order founded on laws drawn out of the entrails of naturalism … We wish it to be your rule first of all to tear away the mask from Freemasonry, and to let it be seen as it really is; and by sermons and pastoral letters to instruct the people as to the artifices used by societies of this kind in seducing men and enticing them into their ranks, and as to the depravity of their opinions and the wickedness of their acts. …” (Bangkok probably thinks Pope Leo XIII was a conspiracy theorist.)

      In 1983, the Vatican’s Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (also not conspiracy theorists), issued a “Declaration on Masonic Associations” stating, “the Church’s negative judgement in regard to Masonic associations remains unchanged, since their principles have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Church, and therefore membership in them remains forbidden. The faithful who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin, and may not receive Communion.”

      Today, the pope is a Jesuit and we’re now discouraged from talking about Freemasonry’s influence in local, state, national and international politics and business. The mocking and passively aggressive threats in some of these comments in response to the mention of Freemasons is a tiny example of how trickledown repression from secular and religious authorities enables groups and individuals who wield such unfair, unearned and unacceptable authority over us.

      Another example: How is it that all of a sudden, anyone who insists, “all mothers are women” can be fined and jailed? That crazy trend — and crazy trends like it — are now set to make lots more money for family court attorneys and their associates prone to exploit already suffering mothers fathers and and children.

      Why aren’t we allowed to know how many Freemasons are in Connecticut family courts and FBI offices?

      Why can’t we see lists of the names of Freemasons and their associates in public service who take oaths to authorities over and above the people of Connecticut?

      Would Judge Moukawsher disbar an attorney on the spot who raises the possibility of Masonic influence in Connecticut family courts? Is that actually what happened?

      If Freemasons at the New Haven FBI office would have been brave enough to be honest with family court victims after that office investigated public corruption in Connecticut in 2015, perhaps one agent would have told us something like:

      “It is a duty incumbent on every Mason to support a brother’s character in his absence equally as though he were present ; not to revile him behind his back, nor suffer it to be done by others, without using every necessary attempt to prevent it … disclosure of any of the secrets which a Mason has promised to conceal; disobedience and want of respect to Masonic superiors; the bringing of “private piques or quarrels” into the Lodge; want of courtesy and kindness to the brethren; speaking calumniously of a Mason behind his back, or in any other way attempting to injure him … or violating his domestic honor, is each a crime in Masonry.”

      Another agent might have said something like:

      “Hi everyone. Our office allowed Gerard Adelman, Director of CT AFCC, Inc., Bruce Freedman, Treasurer of AFCC, Inc. and their associates to destroy children and families on purpose. The family court industry in Connecticut is for profit and purposely adversarial in obviously dangerous cases. It’s also mandatory. Law enforcement officers will arrest you if you don’t show up to court when a family court judge orders you to be there. If the profane still don’t understand, perhaps this will help: You see, our limited FBI oversight and the court administrators’ lack of accountability encourages and allows attorneys and various vendors to weaken families as much as possible for as long as possible. It’s that weakening of families and communities across the state — along with imported drugs, gangster rap and the shipping of manufacturing jobs overseas that’s helped the globalists weaken nations. Communists helped in a big way in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. See how weak America is right now? That was the goal. Weak nations are easy targets for upper level people — also known as “the ruling elite”, “the cultural elite”, “The World Economic Form”, “The World Health Organization” and “The United Nations” etc. — to now control your world at your expense. Have a nice day.”

      The Catholic Church needs a pope like Pastor Gino Jennings and the FBI needs a director like him, too.

  • This is a blatant mistake on the part of Frank Report and Bangkok.

    The illuminati is real. Too real.

    But it is not the cause of child trafficking. That is just plain money.

    Not Jews or Masons. Just money. Simple greed.

  • Its just good old fashioned corruption. Judges that can easily be bought in a small state where those in power know everyone else in power so oversight is non-existent. What little oversight that may exists is like police oversight, bar associations everywhere, require exceptional circumstances (aka a ton of bad press) before they will step in and take action. Frank is trying to get attention on CT courts but he isn’t enough. Until it reaches national news level, they can operate with impunity.

    In other words the motivation is pure old fashioned greed like most things that is wrong in the world. People love to add layers of conspiracy to things for some inexplicable reason when follow the money remains a tried and true method most of the time.

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