Stop Family Court Criminals – Arrest Them

By Frank Bowman

When it comes to the MFC’s (Mafia Family Courts, such as AZ, CT, MO, MN, MT, TX, NC, FL, Canada and many more), there is no law.

The MFC’s are run by ex parte communications with the sitting judge, and all actions are done by whatever rules need to be applied by said MFC and the actors involved.

All this unequivocally is done without any regard for the well-being of the children and the target parent (usually a caring mother).

It is all done for the pure purpose of pumping as much dollars as possible into each actor’s pockets.

It would be interesting to put together a Federal Task Force, which includes U.S. Marshals and FBI Agents, to swoop down on all the actors involved in the CT case.

Instant and immediate confiscation of all computers, office files and bank information for all actors involved, and even taking into custody the actors and confiscating their cell phones.

Edward Nusbaum – he works for the wealthy parent no matter who he represents. 

Then the task force analyzes all files, bank records, phone calls, etc., and comes up with federal charges for all of them.

I’m sure the IRS would be interested in the data, as well as the DOJ.

All we keep doing with all this MFC mess, in every state, is keep kicking the tires and keep finding that none of the tires are flat, repeatedly and repeatedly.

In the meantime, we have hundreds of children’s lives being totally ruined, in many cases for the rest of their lifetime, even if they come out of the situation alive at the age of 18.

It is all the largest criminal and inhumane group of actors in the U.S., even larger than the real Mafia.  It reminds me of the slave trade.  These custody children are just objects like Bitcoins being used to illegally fill all the actors’ pockets for as long as they can drag it out.

Just horrific!

I would have to say that one of the real secret organizations is the AFCC.

You’ve probably never heard of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, but its 5,000-plus members are lawyers, judges, and family court professionals who have enormous power in family legal disputes.

The group claims to be guided by “the best interest of the child,” but it is beyond dispute that it serves the financial interests of its members, who can require each other’s services and force parents to pay.

Members also use dubious psychological theories that can do injustice to parents and children.

Another organization located in some states is Children’s Rights Council, which has strong affiliations with the AFCC members.


Dr. Richard Gardner Parental Alienation Syndrome [PAS] was the creation of American psychiatrist and court reporter, Richard Gardner. It has worked well to help child molesters portray their accuser as a hostile, vengeful, pathological liar.
Gardner later stabbed himself to death with a large knife.
Gardner’s disciples realized his creation presented a lucrative opportunity and an industry developed. The business model is codified by  Association of Family and Concililation Courts (AFCC). It is curious that almost all major players connected to CT Family Court – judges, GALs, family law attorneys, custody evaluators, and therapists – are members.

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  • It doesn’t usually happen against the mother and it’s got nothing to do with gender it has to do with how they can swindle the money around to gain access so they can line their pockets they don’t care who the children go to they don’t care how it gets done who is the bad parent who is the good parents got nothing to do with it what it has to do with how do we shift and maneuver the case so we can extract and extort as much money as possible

    • Parental alienation is targeted at women. Gender profiling women as alienators. Produced text message of my former spouses bad mouthing me too the minor. Swept under the rug by the GaL. Cause she only cares if Mom is encouraging relationship. Dad doesn’t have to.. gender bias. GaL doesn’t look into valid complaints with evidence by Mom cause she is a woman. Cause only woman engage in alienation. Gender profiling. Dad is victim cause he is a man. Mom must be doing something wrong cause she is a woman.

      If Dad doesn’t get his demands met mom’s punished. Financially and treated like trash. After all mom the woman who carried them and raised them is now just a birthing person. She is crazy because thinking women have equal rights. She is a birthing person
      not a parent only men get to say that. Doesn’t happen every time just most of the time. I’m sure many men have been labeled and railroaded. Abusive. It’s funny how the majority of cases being reported are women.

      Even a man/father living 3000 miles away and suddenly the women who was doing a wonderful job raising them is a nut job. Dad the man is the better parent. Sorry, but gender appeears to be a major factor in what is happening in family court.

    • It’s the provider they target. These days it’s mostly fathers, so this is deceitful. The system is designed by attorneys, for attorneys, and uses Judges (ex-Attorneys) to extract as much wealth from parents and future genearations as possible. To say pariental alienation is not real is also deceitful. Mother’s will use this tactic and say suddenly the dad is ‘not safe” to justify it. Child support is enforced, but not court order parental visitation time. Also, in your next article please link to data and statistics as to how many fathers have eqwual time with their children. I do agree that family court is a racket, but some of your supportiong arguments are dubious.
      Parent: Support Equal Shared Parenting Legislation in your state and encourage other parents to do the same. Take away the winner take all system and moce to a system modelled off of the Scandinavian countries.

  • Frank
    The answer is YES – the agency attempted to keep the rent money every month- but we sought out a state rep. Who made one phone call, and that account was closed. But this was after my parents and I had made umpteen trips to the Social Security office, to try and close this account. They did 0 work on this account being closed.
    Why did they terminate me? I was diagnosed as being “low MR” and NOT capable of doing anything- and low and behold, I was doing creative things to make money for myself- they found out, and I was kicked out of the agency. I was given less than 10 days to find somewhere else to live. That agency did 0 to help me pack, and they were pains in the butts- now there are still more issues with other people in this same agency.
    Wonder what the attorneys in the state you are writing about- would do with this case – hmmmmm!!!!
    This agency crossed from one county into another and had a Judge who is a friend of our families- to terminate me. He did NOT know it was me he was hurting.
    He just gave me a darn better life – but this agency broke the law as to how they got rid of me.Help —-!!!!!!

  • Please read!

    AFCC net


  • Michael Volpe has done articles on the corruption and criminality of the AFCC.

    There is a publication which traces the money through the AFCC. It is a criminal enterprise hidden under the guise of helping families. They have members in every area of society – and use these connections to silence children, defame loving parent, and deliver kids against their will to their abuser.

    It’s all about the money- which is why Ambrose was permitted not to file a financial affidavit for two years and was able to maintain 100 percent control of all marital funds. It was in the courts best interest to steal the wife’s money and Ambrose was happy for the trade off.

  • The CT branch of the AFCC was run like a business through CT family court.

    Members if the AFCC chapter and the judicial branch ran courses through Quinnipac – their own members are the speakers and invites are sent from the judicial family court.

    The branch had to disband because it was racketeering. Adelman, Robert HOrwitz, Linda Smith, Jessica Caverly, Nancy Aldrich, Munrow, Grossman, Sue Coussino- the list goes on.

    And zero accountability. It was discovered, well documented and investigated. They shut down the CT chapter because of wrong doing yet no one was held accountable and no consequences for illegal conduct.

    • Dear Anonymous, I am researching the AFCC and would appreciate it if you would be able to share your information on why the AFCC was shut down in CT.

      The AFCC was instrumental in developing the intake forms and surveys for the Family Services division of Family Court in CT: here is a link to the article published in the Pace Law Review

      You can DM me @Margcs1810 on Twitter.

      I would really appreciate your help! Cheers, Margaret

      • Authors of the article who established and then ran Connecticut family court services agencies wrote:

        “Connecticut’s family court service agencies have long been acknowledged as innovators and leaders in dispute resolution processes and in addressing the complex challenges of families involved in parenting disputes.”

        Did no one writing or reading that title see how self-serving it is?

        Did no one notice how inappropriate and laughable the phrase “Triaging Family Court Services” is within the context of lawyer-provoked disasters-for-profit?

        Miriam-Webster’s definition of triage is: “the sorting of and allocation of treatment to patients and especially battle and disaster victims according to a system of priorities designed to maximize the number of survivors

        the sorting of patients (as in an emergency room) according to the urgency of their need for care

        the assigning of priority order to projects on the basis of where funds and other resources can be best used, are most needed, or are most likely to achieve success”

        Real-life medical providers proven to be as incompetent and criminal as Connecticut family court officers and providers have been lose their medical licenses.

        Where was the accountability for all involved in the case of the little boy thrown off the bridge in Middletown?
        Where was the accountability for the disastrous (very profitable, though) Dulos case?

        There is no “triaging” happening in Connecticut family courts.

        There’s simply a small group of horrible family court judges, lawyers, employees and vendors who have been racketeering across state lines for decades. They’re not “triaging”. They’re racketeering.

        We usually don’t force victims of battles and survivors of disasters into purposely adversarial hospitals.
        We don’t hold survivors in contempt for late appointments.
        Patients in urgent need of care usually receive the care they need from honest well-meaning providers.

        Any assigning of priority order case managers do in family court is usually on the basis of where family funds and other resources can be best exploited.

        Someone does need to arrest those family court criminals.

        Who can?

    • Were there no consequences for AFCC members’ illegal conduct in Connecticut because the original incorporation papers in Colorado (or wherever they incorporated) stated the purpose of the organization was “research”?

      Who is Jessica Pearson and what political role does she play?

      Did Bill Gates and others get away with the harm they did because they claimed they were doing “research”?

      The recent big pharma push to inject children with mRNA appears to provide immunity from prosecution for harm done.

      How do some of the worst people in the world have so much control?

  • Nusbaum is slimey. He does zero work, talks a big game, charges a fortune and then takes his clients to arbitration with his Westport family court buddies.

    He’s one of the worst. Creepy vibes just meeting him. He’s a short guy who has his high school wrestling awards in his office.

  • Connecticut DOJ and FBI have know about it for years- including tax evasion, fudging numbers and funds so these abusive men do not pay a dime

  • Frank
    Why is it okay for an agency to cross from one county into another and terminate a client, with a Judge’ signature – when that client already has a diagnosis of “retardation”- and a month later the agency says”oh their fine- we made a mistake about the diagnosis. ? Why is this okay ?

  • Absolutely accurate.

    The courts capitalize on the public’s faith in the system.

    To believe this truth, citizens have to believe that attorneys and psychologists whom they may know, are criminals.

    To accept this racketeering as truth the public must accept that lawyers, psychologists and judges, sacrifice the lives and well-being of innocent children solely for profit.

    The concept of a mother having a “no contact” order implemented with her children – after raising them without incident- is so extreme that it makes the public think there must be something terrible going on. Surely she must have done something.

    In reality, it’s a way to silence the children and vilify a good parent.

    If they traumatize the children by eliminating their mother- and isolating them, they lose all security and are immersed into an alternate reality where court actors, paid by the father, work together to promote a slanderous narrative of mental illness and danger regarding a healthy mother.

    If you speak out, you face retaliation. You will have no children and no money to fight the courts much less survive the legal abuse.

    • This is the playbook that is used against protective parents (usually moms). The abuser (usually men) engage in a relentless campaign of slander and libel. It is truly baffling that judges have separated hundreds of thousands of children around the world, usually because the mother was accused of being “crazy” and she cried in court as she was forced to enter into an agreement (based on her lawyer’s recommendation) she did not believe was in the best interests of her children. The removal of custody is a traumatic act that is abusive to the children and the protective parent.

      Family court judges need extensive training in recognizing trauma and its coinciding behaviors in the courtroom. While experts are often used to help judges make decisions, this can no longer be allowed in Family Courts. If a judge is going to remove a child from a parent, they need first hand knowledge, they should conduct their own observations of the parents and the children.

      Finally, the only reason to remove a child from a parent is if there is a true danger AND the order should include a recommendation for arrest or commitment. Parents have a right to raise their children and an accusation of what a parent MIGHT do is not enough.

      Twitter: @Margcs1810

      • It is not usially moms. This is inaccurate. Look at the data. It’s mostly fathers who suffer exactly what you claim. I know what you’re about to say. “the abusers”. Suddenlly all of thesse married men become abusers when there’s a custody case. All parents are being played by this corrupt system. We allneed to be together to end it! I realize it does happen to mothers as well, but we cannot be adversarial. It’s exaxtly that division the bad actors couint on to keep the status quo.
        I would urge you to support Equal Shared Parenting legislation in your state. The NPO is a good place to start supporting. End the winner take all system so ALL parents will realize it’s not worth it to claim te false allegations. Look into the Scandanavian model for divorc e and child custody, There is little to none of these type of conversations there.

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