CT Court’s Dirtiest Secret: Abuse of Children May Be Masonic

Julia Donovan’s opinions are her own. They do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of Frank Report.

In the first paragraph of this story, Julia paraphrases the “blood oath” of the Masons. She is not threatening Judge Thomas Moukawsher. She is questioning if Judge Moukawsher has made such a blood oath. This might explain the behavior of this judge, who has no regard for the welfare of children.

By Julia Donovan

Maybe CT Family Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher’s ego, political connections and/or fear of “having his throat cut across, his tongue torn out by its roots, and buried in the rough sands of the sea at a low-water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty four hours” should he ever knowingly or willingly violate such a sick oath and obligation, is all too overwhelming and scary for him to simply say:

Judge Thomas G. Moukawsher


Attorney Nickola Cunha, you were brave to tell me about the collusion that enabled the taking of hundreds of thousands of dollars from Karen Riordan and her children.

Your brief comments referencing a common religion among those who mishandled the case actually pointed to a plausible reason lawyers and judges could exclude those outside well-established and exclusive circles.

Most of us are aware of many examples of all kinds of political groups and religions, who, for whatever reason, consider themselves superior to those outside their unmixed groups.

World wars are fought over such strong religious and political convictions, and secret wars are waged all the time with well-hidden long marches through institutions.

I should have given you the opportunity to present your valid concerns about horribly blatant corruption in Connecticut family courts. I actually think sometimes the lawyers waste time. Sometimes the lawyers tie up a case for years with frivolous motions, harassing discovery, and baseless accusations that divert the court in custody cases from where it should focus like a laser: on getting a decision about the best interests of the children.

There are those who say the Family Division of this court currently isn’t serving the public interest well. I am one of them. Indeed, I am not alone in hoping for a better system. The leadership of Connecticut’s Judicial Branch has been giving the Family Division special attention precisely because it has openly declared that our system can better serve the public.

Sometimes the problems in the Family Division appear to be the process that has grown over time. It’s slow. It’s cumbersome. Cases haven’t moved quickly enough, glacially in some instances.

Judge Gerard Adelman should have allowed you to present your client’s case months ago. He should have apologized months ago for not allowing you to present your client’s case. I hope he will apologize soon for mishandling the case, regardless of his motivations for those wrong actions in the case.

I temporarily allowed Mr. Adelman to prevent you from zealously representing your client, and now reverse those decisions I made in this case. I hope you and your client will forgive me. I now more clearly see what happened here.

Judge Gerard Adelman
Nickola Cunha

How simple and beautiful that would be — and how beautiful it would be if Attorney Cunha would forgive him.

If Judge Moukawsher is ever brave enough to say or write anything like that, Connecticut family courts would be the most respectable model for family courts around the world.

Dr. Richard Gardner

Some group somewhere funded Dr. Richard Gardner’s world tours. He spread his poisonous “Parental Alienation Syndrome” family court strategy in America, Great Britain, Israel, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands and many other countries in what was probably one of many campaigns planned as “long marches” through the institutions to weaken families in preparation for the one world government we now see trying to take over all nations today.

If Judge Moukawsher knows more about the corruption in Connecticut family courts than he’s saying, what would happen if he tells us what he knows about Dr. Gardner, Mr. Kinsey, The American Legal Institute and all the non-profits who promoted Gardner’s dirty tricks?

Would someone in the Order tell someone to slit Mr. Moukawsher’s throat or tear out his tongue? Or, would he live a long and happy life, known around the world as the hero who saved billions of children from corrupted family courts?

Alas, maybe Mr. Moukawsher and Mr. Adelman already know exactly who Mr. Gardner was.

Maybe both know exactly what Mr. Gardner did and why. Maybe both already know who financed Mr. Gardner’s world tours. That would be an entirely plausible scenario if Mr. Moukawsher and Mr. Adelman are among Connecticut’s “politically connected”.

Maybe Mr. Moukawsher and Mr. Adelman are members of a “politically connected” private group of mostly white men who consider themselves “the elect” or “the elite” or “masters” of one thing or another.

Who wouldn’t want to feel so special?

But, what if feeling special meant Mr. Moukawsher and Mr. Adelman had to take a few oaths to a well-hidden Order none of us know about? Could they think “the well-being of the Order is the first great law” because they were told they would be killed if they told others the secrets of the Order?

What if the great laws of such an Order were to leave Connecticut and federal laws in their dust?

Has anyone ever heard Mr. Moukawsher or Mr. Adelman privately refer to anyone not in their group as “the profane”?

If so, corruption in Connecticut family courts isn’t about any interpretation or denomination of any Jewish religion. It would mean everyone in Connecticut who isn’t a member of “the Order” don’t have a fair chance — and don’t ever mention that in any Connecticut court.

In the same way, how do Connecticut family court judges and lawyers who prefer sexualization of children get away with it? It’s not the Jews. It looks like a religion most people don’t even know about.

Have you ever heard of Freemasonry and “ancient mystery religions”?

You think maybe it’s possible that those who say they talk to demons run the world? King Solomon thought he did. Just a few years ago, Chuck Schumer talked to what looked like an empty chair. Was he talking to a demon?

Everyone paying attention sees the world going to hell in a hand basket.

As Sharyl Attkisson said, “Rather than demanding accountability, we’ve slipped into a 1984 sort of acceptance. Public shock and outrage over the known government abuses has morphed into a numb acceptance.”


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  • Where are the public lists of Temple and Lodge memberships?

    Can we know yet how “Skull and Bones” alumni and “Templar” connections destroy other nations on our behalf?

    As long as legislators, family court administrators, judges and lawmakers don’t provide full disclosure of all conflicts of interest, how do we know what those controlling our children think about children in the context of family court rules, procedures and Herbert Marcuse’s “Eros and Civilization”?

    After years in government schools, most young family court lawyers and vendors advocating for “best interests of children” can’t see a bigger picture they know nothing about. Those good people weren’t trained to stop and think about how purposely adversarial for-profit courts in abuse cases might not be a good idea.

    Too many good people working in family courts today were “taught to the tests”. They simply listened and repeated and they did as they were told. By the way, where’s the data on the use of Neurolinguistic Programming in public schools and “family court therapy”?

    The past fifty years have been a slippery slope. Public schools and family court administrators must now teach the masses about repressed intersectional people who should be “non-repressed” hyper-sexual non-people. We the Audience are to denounce traditional morals and family structures. Oh, and under penalty of the laws of this new world: we shouldn’t say or define the words: “woman”, “man”, “mother”, “father”, “parent”, “girl” or “boy”. How did that happen?

    Blavatsky’s occult-based “Social Emotional Learning” (SEL) is now in every public school in Connecticut and that’s the way the Great White Brotherhood likes it. Look it up. Small groups of sociopaths are often found at the top of local, state, national and international organizations.

    All the good and smart legislators, judges, attorneys and contractors know which individuals monopolized the worst cases for years. Are Representative Minnie Gonzales and Attorney Nickola Cunha the only two good and smart people in the state who see what’s been happening?

    Where are all the other good smart people in the state with the courage to hit the brakes before small hidden groups in family courts drive the entire state off the cliff?

    The petty corruption Mr. Adelman and Mr. Moukawsher oversee is part of much larger political plan in which family bonds and parental rights are destroyed to make room for “the new world government” to seize total control. Nostalgic childhoods, healthy families are still known by some as “the bourgeoisie” in the way. Mr. Lamont doesn’t seem to want to tell us what’s been happening.

    Maybe Mr. Lamont, Mr. Adelman and Mr. Moukawsher destroy childhoods and families to leave the kind of legacy we regular-type peasants and surfs have no right to know about.

    Maybe small sinister groups calling themselves “the elite” already set the switch to depopulate this small world for the enjoyment of their descendants, only. Given this world’s history of politics and wars, who would be surprised if small sinister groups somewhere actually did plan and organize to carry out such a horrible plan?

    How would that be any different than legislators, family court administrators, judges and lawyers — knowingly or unknowingly — taking every last penny from hundreds of thousands of families in the state for the past forty years?

    When so many in government keep so many secrets, we who don’t know those secrets only have the right to guess.

  • Gardner is criminal-
    Everyone who adhered to his teachings are hideously corrupt. Stand up to this psychotic circus- stand up to the evil to the death

  • Unless you are me. I have done a Civil Pro Se in Washington state twice, and am fixing to file another. Seems this state set me up to be hunted by Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer, my rape report is in Damon Shadid’s hands in Seattle Municipal, same city I made the rape report at Harborview Hospital May of 1982. ON RECORD!!!

    I’ve requested Walla Walla Prison to let me come in and talk to him.

    And I’m about to file Another Civil Lawsuit because as a child, now as a disabled elder, Washington State thinks it’s okay to try and kill me, rape me, and sodomizing me with no consequences or justice in Seattle Washington, Tacoma Washington, and Vancouver Washington.

    Stay Tuned, I’m filing my pro se in Seattle very soon.

    WEEEEEE, gonna get Expensive, For Them!!! Each motion, one piece of paper a day, every day, at 7 paychecks at least to put in the database.
    Yep, gonna get Real Expensive.
    I’ve already done it twice. At least this time will be fun for me.

    Oh, and, I’m a Jobs Daughter. I’m a Free Mason who they are in trouble with.
    They taught me well as a child. And yes, you are right, I had to survive in unspeakable ways.


  • It ‘may’ be the Illuminati (Raniere), Lemurians who live under/in the earth (Ramtha), shape shifting reptilian aliens (Icke), or Bigfoot. It’s possible to create an at least somewhat plausible sounding narrative, around almost any theory, regardless of how baseless or even ludicrous it actually is.

    Of course there’s of the sorts of things that go awry, in almost any human endeavor. You get everything from well intentioned people lead astray by bad ideas, to typical group protectiveness and defensiveness, as we see in cults, to actual malicious corruption, and the few actual bad actors, psychopaths and sociopaths who exploit and abuse others – and often are the leaders of high control groups or cults.

    • Current events happening as a result of recent and not-so-recent history has something to do with it, too.

  • It’s all about how they can swindle the money of assets to benefit them it’s got nothing to do with gender how can they steer the course of the case to extract as much as possible from the families if they’re able to get money by giving custody to the mother they’ll do it if they’re able to get money but given custody to the father they’ll do it it doesn’t matter it’s all about the money.

  • Thank you Frank for allowing this to be published! I think it’s important to let people use your platform to blame people who belong to a religion of group to be held up as scapegoats! Cuban takes about how it was the Jews and and now Julie says it’s the Freemasons. What’s important is that your sharing this and promoting this. Now, I know you will hold up your hands and say “it’s not my views” but we all see the wink. I would love to see an article how it’s the gays and then we can do one on Catholics. Thank god there is no sense of self responsibility anymore or people might think they alone are responsible single for the outcome of their cases!

    • They wear no yellow stars and they shouldn’t. If they worship with upside-down stars, and hate Christians they should should warn Christians about that, but won’t.

      They seem to use no triangles, except as symbols of secrets they keep to themselves to benefit themselves. That’s not okay 6:49.

      Government officials, employees, bureaucrats and anyone in any position of authority over anyone else shouldn’t have such contempt for those they control. They should also not punish those who dare to say government Is for governing, not for keeping secrets.

    • Some in government and big business hate the world’s three major religions. They prefer secrets, various stars, triangles and other symbols. Lady Gaga singing at Biden’s presidential inauguration symbolized something — and Bill Gates will probably throw another clue at us and the world on Good Friday, 2023.


  • I am in the Illuminati. I am authorized to tell you this much.

    We are coming for you. Everyone who reads the Frank Report will be corralled into an undisclosed places cliches of yiur person will be made and then you will be terminated.

    No one will know about this since your clothes will be perfectly closed and the only difference will be the smell

  • The Gals, attorneys, psychologists and judges are protected from powers high up and they protect each other.

    You cannot find an attorney in CT who will sue an attorney for malpractice. You cannot find an attorney in CT who will take a GAL to task and file against them.

    The court allows the psychologists to violate the rights of parents and abuse children.

    Parents are denied records, contracts, and financial information- innocent parents are wholly ignored by all “professionals” who have taken over the lives of their children.

    The pattern of corruption far surpasses Tongs office and that of governor Lamont.

    The Office of civil rights and HHS are complicit in the trafficking of children and protection of abusive parents.

    Forums like the Frank Report are essential if justice is ever to be served.

    • This is true. Every attorney states your case has merit but we don’t handle those kind of cases. Even the Connecticut women’s sufferage league is silent. Gone to Massachusetts and New York bar. All afraid of Connecticut. They sympathetic to the cause. Don’t want to be involved. These type of media coverage are all we have.for now. Thanks for everything you do. We pray for a group of legal experts to help . Our daughters have a very poor future in Connecticut. We are incouraging them to move out of the state. Marriage in the state of Connecticut or becoming a mother is dangerous . Sad reality in Connecticut.

    • People have a natural tendency to be protective of those with whom they share relationships or interests. I’ve noticed, for instance, that Frank seems to be less questioning and almost even defensive with those for whom he has established an affinity. But that doesn’t make a conspiracy…..

  • The opposite happens in NJ. The men get screwed by the system in favor of women. I just wish all courts were just fair and equal. If you don’t like ct…move to nj if you are a woman and you’ll win everytime….

    • Family court corruption definitely targets all parents, guardians and children —- in formerly strong communities, towns, states and nations. Who can calculate all the exponential damage?

      How many trillions of dollars built and sustain that for-profit purposely adversarial cottage industry in which you MUST buy every product they want to sell you under penalty of law?

      One judge in Argentina who saw cases there mirror cases in America calls the international crisis “sinister”.

      It’s definitely sinister.

      So sorry you and your family went through it, too.

  • There are many Facebook groups which show the systematic Abuse of mothers and children.

    Where fathers are given full legal and physical custody and the mothers are left to beg and plead for years with the court- just to get a moment with their children.

    This is happening throughout the US and other countries. Pedo Gardner and fathers rights groups were heavily funded and still are today. They’re connected with state agencies where specific people will support the cause.

    God help our children. It’s the destruction of families by our own government.

  • (I know the scheme) not kidding! All are bound by trade secrets! It’s a m b s scheme bringing in properties via the probate of my mother! 2) Disclosure of the information is against the public interest because there is a necessity for preserving the confidentiality of the information that outweighs the necessity for disclosure in the interest of justice; but no privilege may be claimed under this paragraph if any person authorized to do so has consented that the information be disclosed in the proceeding.  In determining whether disclosure of the information is against the public interest, the interest of the public entity as a party in the outcome of the proceeding may not be considered.

  • OMG. Awesome article!

    It really opened my eyes to the truth.

    I apologize for doubting anybody.

    Julia is correct.

    These family court judges may be under pressure by a secret organization — which I shall call “The Secret Order”.

    Their goal is to take over all governments of the world.

    It’s all being controlled from New Haven and surrounding areas of Connecticut.

    They have a secret meeting chamber on the grounds of UCONN (university) —— which has a mote surrounding it (for security) along with a highly-placed weather vane sitting atop a long steeple, which contains their secret logo.

    Each member also has a ‘skull’ branded onto their left wrist area, which they hide by wearing identical Breitling watches.

    Frank, this is a HUGE story.

    I’d like to make myself available to you for any work you need done on this story.

    Together, we can EXPOSE this secret organization that’s trying to take over the world and carry out the political agenda of New Haven insiders.

    New Haven must NOT be allowed to prevail.

    This dastardly organization must be STOPPED at all costs.

    Please keep on this story, Frank.

    I see a PULITZER in your near future.

    Please thank Julia for me. She has done her country a tremendous service by outing this secret order.

    I apologize for doubting before.

    I just feel so proud to be a part of this investigation.

    Frank, please ensure that Julia has extra security assigned to her, night and day, because the powers-that-be will likely try to silence her from making further reports.

    Julia MUST be protected from these nefarious scoundrels at all costs.

    • Warmongers keeping secrets controlled and ruined this world for profit.
      Julia isn’t the only one who’s noticed.

  • It’s a very small sector which hides within the Freemasons.

    Child trafficking is rampant throughout the US and the world. Yet mainstream media rarely report on any of it.

  • Maybe it’s because so many people feel powerless or their life did not work out the way they wanted but this urge to believe that there is a secret cabal pulling the strings is strong in a branch of humanity.

    It’s possibly disappointing and sad but it’s simply not true. This reminds me of the satanic Panic of the ’80s.

    There are so many things that people believe in that have been debunked.

    But still the urge to believe thatv there is some unseen united powerful force working against the average person is very prevalent.

    Unfortunately, it’s just true. And the truth is not that exciting. Or maybe fortunately?

    It’s just people. Here and there this person and that person might form an alliance temporarily.

    But the chances of any widespread group keeping monumental secrets is non-existent.

    There are no lizard people. There is no Elite cabal. There is no gay agenda.

    Fill in whatever it is that scares you or you want to blame and label it a powerful and organized secret group. But it is all in your head and it doesn’t exist.

    Two people usually can’t even keep a secret.

    Every once in awhile some long buried truth comes out and it’s really big news. You know why? Because it’s very very rare. And it virtually never involves a massive secret Network. It’s usually a very small handful of disparate people

  • “The well-being of the Order is the first great law”

    Uh, whatnow?

    Helpful hint: when crazy people rant about “secret orders” and rave about tongues being “torn out by the root and buried in the rough sands of the sea at the low water mark where the tide ebbs and flows”, maybe it’s best to exercise a little editorial judgement and not feature it in your “news” blog.

    When this nut started raving about some secret Order that was supposedly pulling the strings of world domination I thought she maybe meant this Order:


    Or the Rosicrucians or the Trilateral Commission or the Jooz.

    No it’s not the Jooz. Although she had them in mind!

    The Frank Report has irredeemably lost any credibility. Keep this post in mind when the next installment of the endless FBI Planted Evidence series drops.

    Oh but this crank’s opinions “do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of Frank Report.”


    None of this crazy bullshit conspiracy theory speculation is the least bit credible. Any more than Chakravorty’s irrational speculations about FBI tampering.

    And despite the waffling, if the FR didn’t find this baloney credible, it wouldn’t be published here. That, folks, is the crux of the issue.

      • What do you base your declarations on? This woman prattles on about some “order” without saying what it is. She talks a lot, but says nothing.

        • I think “the well-being of the Order is the first great law” is a from an encyclopedia where that horrible loyalty oath was — or, it might be in records of lodge minutes. We were researching the other day and found it and I can’t find the quote now. Maybe you can find it on Internet Archive or, a former Mason could tell you. Masons are threatened to keep secrets until their death so most would probably be too afraid to tell you if you ask. It’s horrible that some choose to be controlled by those terrible oaths their whole lives. So sad.

          Internet archive is helpful because many of the books are in book form, so it’s easy to find information. I hope this helps.


      • Sorry but it’s impossible to enlighten you. there is an expression that says trying to enlighten a bigot is like shining light into the pupil of an eye… It constricts.

          • Yes, a bigot. You think it’s hunky-dory to accuse CT Court judges of being child-sex traffickers just because they are Jewish.

          • “Anonymous
            August 29, 2022 at 2:00 pm
            Yes, a bigot. You think it’s hunky-dory to accuse CT Court judges of being child-sex traffickers just because they are Jewish.”

            You’re obviously not even reading the articles and comments, Anonymous. : /

            Please stop commenting if you’re just here to make trouble.

  • In the eschatology of both Christianity and Islam, there is the notion of the anti-Christ. In the latter religion they call him The Dajjal, which means deceiver/imposter, and it is interesting to note that this eschatological figure is described as having one eye like a [floating green] grape, the other a “glassy” one and non-functional, i.e., blind, which is symbolic of a way of life that is not transcendental/spiritual but worldly/material. In other words, an ANTI-Christ since Jesus was an embodiment of spirituality. This symbol corresponds with the one at the top of this article which is from the back of the one dollar bill (it is also reminiscent of the “Eye of Sauron” from “The Lord of the Rings” books), the caption for which on that same fiduciary note says “Novus Ordus Seclorum”, Latin for “New World Order”. This one eye symbolism is also all over the place in images of celebrities on magazines, videos, websites, etc. The Occult like to “hide” in the open via their usage of symbols. Take this for what its worth.

    • It’s worth a lot. Knowledge is power. Thousands of parents and guardians unable to protect children and families from blatant corruption in Connecticut is a symptom of too many secrets kept for too long.

      Documented history indicates the Roman province of Syria conquered Phoenicia in 64 BC. Rome conquered Britain beginning in 43 AD. Masonry might have been brought to England as early as 924. Eventually, hundreds of bloody wars and conquests led to a “British Empire on which the sun never sets”.

      This year, is it NATO or The British Empire waging war on Russia through America with The Ukraine as an excuse? The British empire organized American Lodges for the British Empire, not for America. Is America next on the list of nations to be conquered by the new global government?

      Years ago, when times were still tough, well-meaning American men paid monthly fees to serve American lodges in good faith. Most had no idea their American “grandmasters” served Great Britain — just as so many in American law enforcement today have no idea that American “intelligence” serves something other than America.

      What did the British Grand Lodge have to do with Aleister Crowley’s twisted activities in London, Paris, America, Mexico, Italy and China? Was Crowley a Freemason or a spy? Who paid for Crowley’s full front page “Rites of Eleusis” advertisement selling ancient mystery religions in The New York Times, November 13, 1910? Did anyone tell “the profane” back then what that little swastika meant?

      We shouldn’t be surprised at the twisted nature of family courts. We shouldn’t be surprised by the twisted nature of warmongering in the world today. We shouldn’t be surprised when mainstream news doesn’t investigate or report that which is most important for us to know. Atrocities of those cruel enough to conquer others have plagued our planet for thousands of years.

      The influential Mr. Crowley was a politically well-connected practitioner of “ancient mystery religions”. America’s most influential personalities joined him back then in his practices. Those practices might have been acceptable to some family court judges today. We don’t know because so much is kept secret.

      Expert on all things perverted in public schools today and Nazi collaborator Alfred Kinsey, visited Crowley’s lair in Italy with Hollywood director/Luciferian Kenneth Anger. Jack Parsons worked at the the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the 1940s. JPL “traces its beginnings to 1936 in the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory”. Norman Dodd, Chief Investigator of the 1953 Reece Committee spoke about the Guggenheim Foundation’s “stable of historians” who received scholarships to rewrite history and control education systems around the world to influence the common people (aka “the profane” aka “lower level people”) and to keep them in their place. How else could the better people (otherwise known as “upper level people” and “the elite”) control the world? Grandfather of Jeff Bezos (who owns Whole Foods, Amazon, The Washington Post and a $600 million dollar CIA contract) was L. P. Gise worked for the Atomic Energy Commission which was to “foster and control the peacetime development of atomic science and technology”.

      According to the Social Character of Freemasonry: “artificial distinctions of rank and wealth … are necessary in the world to the regular progression of society”. That’s the reason so many formerly-colonized African nations remained so poor and underdeveloped while preferred nations hoarded the world’s wealth to build bombs to blow up the world.

      Without such artificial distinctions of rank and wealth, how could for-profit public private partnerships of the World Economic Forum already control so much of the world today through for-profit companies such as Microsoft, MITRE and Amazon? Without artificial distinctions of rank and wealth, how else could Microsoft and MITRE already have multi-million dollar contracts all set in Connecticut for the new mandatory injection ID to be connected to the new global currency with all of our personal information going to World Economic Forum Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland?

      How else could family court judges and lawyers destroy children and families without remorse?

      Corruption in family courts simply doesn’t matter to “upper-level” Freemasons in America who are globalists. To them, all the destruction we see today is to rebuild “a new world”; a Fourth Industrial Revolution; a Fourth Reich. Rockefellers donated land for the United Nations in New York City and just a few decades later in 2019, the UN light show at the Wuhan Military Games was spectacular!
      In the 1930s and 1940s, the Biggest Boldest British Lodge, “royalty” and America’s wealthiest families funded experiments and Nazis in Europe — just as American legislators fund Metabiota and Nazis in The Ukraine today.

      Actual history and current events aren’t “conspiracy theories” as some writing comments on this website want us to think. Actual world history is as surreal as Connecticut family courts are today. None of it makes sense in a world where most people are good people.

      What good can good people do when so many secrets are kept from us and we have no idea what those secrets are worth?

      • A. Crowley was a British Spy. Every time i see that image in my minds eye of him in the triangular hat with his little fists tucked under his chin, i rofl.

        Conspiracies enthrall intelligence – V.good for keeping anomolous, enquiring minds busy and focussed AWAY from real issues that could be affected by too much intense and rigorous interest…

        • There’s nothing funny about government offices enabling destructive perverts, blackmailers, spies, extortionists, murderers, liars, thieves and deceivers.

          If we should focus instead on other issues in need of “intense an rigorous interest”, what might those issues be?

          After discussing symptoms, finding causes of symptoms helps the most.

    • Listen to her and believe the Ambrose children. Police on speed dial- systematically silenced!

      Don’t let the same abuses continue.

    • You’re a brave young woman. Thank you for speaking out for all children.

      They are indeed systematically silenced by police, dcf, the schools – and the speed dial is all too familiar.

    • I LOVE YOUR STRENGTH COURAGE. Thank you. Please be a spokesperson for AWARE foundation. ( to stop trafficking jus on Facebook ) Please come train with us in self defense and help em POW er others! You are inspiring beyond imagination

      • This girl seems crazy. Sorry. If she was really “silenced” by mandated reporters, why doesn’t she file a lawsuit? If she was really trafficked by a group of deviants, she would not be the only victim…so why not get those victims together for a lawsuit? Because she is delusional.

  • As a woman and a mother who has been dragged through family court. False alligations of parental alienation. It was overwhelming to see the consistent pattern. My case was absolutely rediculous. Did nothing but tell me to go along. The psychologist pressured to find something wrong with me. She couldn’t. GaL disappointed she couldn’t take the child away. Anyone notice everyone who trys to do something about the problem in family court is crazy?
    So many violations to my right. Treated like garbage during the entire process. The emotional beat down in family court is cruel. No one should be treated like that. Children are all labeled as liars. Sign away your rights and open your check books when you enter Connecticut family court.house. The children suffer. A system continues to damage it’s people. Money, the root of all evil.

    • So sorry you went through that nightmare. Your case is so much like all the others. Different details, yet all the same.

  • Julia Donovan knows the game well. Parental alienation is definitely one of the “campaigns planned as “long marches” through the institutions to weaken families in preparation for the one world government we now see trying to take over all nations today.”

    It’s for money making purposes– the top percent getting richer, eliminating any middle class, throwing mothers and families into poverty and dependency on the government — some for the first time in their lives.

    When parents are nearing retirement age they have their life savings–and their children taken with no way to fight back for the rights of their children. Children who are boldly abused and then traumatized by the very court actors that stole their mother, their security, and all they have known– while being paid to protect the children’s best interest. It’s a script by Satan himself.

    Ambrose, Herzog, Tiberi… they’re all sadists. No real men could watch their own children suffer — as they vilify, defame, and “murder” the mother and then cowardly blame it on court orders. The GALs, the psychologists who are part of the cabal Cunha referenced– the known players– are ALL SADISTS.

    And however arrogant they are now– they are fools, for their children will grow up and hate them. They have depleted their wealth and the public– outside of their paid court appointments, know how destructive and perverse their actions are. They are only fooling themselves.

    This is the slow, deliberate, torturing of children and mothers by those who will take over all governments. Our government is no longer our own. Our constitution is violated everyday– and for those who shout and scream to get the attention such heinous violations deserve– they are defamed, raided, jailed, and punished as if they are the savages running family court.

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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