Did Grace Park leave Hawaii Five-O, as sources say, not over money – but to join a crazy Master-slave cult?

Sources offer another side to the unexpected departure of actress Grace Park, 43,  from the CBS hit television show Hawaii Five-O.

According to some sources, she is leaving to get more involved with Executive Success Programs [ESP] a/k/a NXIVM, a self improvement group that critics call a cult.

Other sources say that it is not true, and that Miss Park was unhappy with her work on the show for more than a year.

Miss Park has appeared online with ESP leader, Keith Raniere, where she interviews him on a series of topics. People who watch the videos, which are available on YouTube, say that Miss Park appears mesmerized by the charismatic guru who has many followers in the USA and Mexico.

In addition to Executive Success Programs, Mr. Raniere has founded two women’s groups, Jness, and DOS (Dominant Over Submissive).

Sources say Miss Park is familiar with the secretive DOS practices that include human branding, where the initials of Keith Raniere are scarred on a woman’s pubic region with a hot iron cauterizing knife, and “collateral” is required of female members to be held by the group to ensure a member’s allegiance and vow of secrecy.

The branding process has been dubbed “Bronfman Branding” because Clare Bronfman, the wealthy Seagram’s Liquor heiress, funds Mr. Raniere’s enterprises and is deeply involved in the management of DOS.

Miss Park made her public debut as a staunch supporter of Mr. Raniere on March 7, 2016, when Executive Success Programs launched Keith Raniere Conversations, a “series of one-on-one interviews between ‘NXIVM founder, Keith Raniere,’ and a number of students, including Miss Park.”

According to ESP’s website, in these conversations, Mr. Raniere ‘…tackles some of the hardest ethical and social issues unfolding on the world stage.’

The conversations include more than 150 video clips from conversations with former Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Richard Mays, entrepreneur and social activist Emiliano Salinas, Miss Park and others.

Now that she appears to be leaving her acting career, Miss Park will likely have more time to assist Mr. Raniere.  One of her primary jobs will likely be to recruit more nubile young women for DOS.

DOS members – who refer to themselves privately as either Masters or slaves – are required to perform numerous daily duties and must seek permission to sleep, eat, vacation, take jobs and other life activities in order to learn discipline and build character, according to the teachings of Mr. Raniere.

Miss Park’s career path seemingly imitates former TV actress Allison Mack’s, who now is the Head Slave Master of DOS. Some of the women are branded with Miss Mack’s initials alongside those of Mr. Raniere’s. Miss Mack, 34, quit acting when she was at the top of her acting career as the immensely popular co-star of the TV show, Smallville.

Like Miss Park, Miss Mack became a student of Mr. Raniere shortly before she decided to discontinue her TV acting career.

Miss Park has been visiting Mr. Raniere in Clifton Park near Albany, NY.  And, according to several sources, she has been enrolled in several of Executive Success Programs’ ‘Intensives.”   Intensives are all day and night courses which run for up to 16 consecutive days. Students are taught the highly secret teachings of Mr. Raniere which they pledge to keep secret.

The Intensives are designed to absorb all of a person’s time for their duration, other than a short time allotted for sleep and bathing. This is said to enable a student to more quickly absorb Mr. Raniere’s teachings for over the course of the Intensive, the student, who is placed on a sparse vegetarian diet, and limited sleep, will achieve various states of mental receptivity, including those states of mind where the subconscious is most receptive such as the midway state between dozing and wakefulness.

While in Clifton Park, Miss Park has stayed at the home of Esther Chiappone, a long time student of Mr. Raniere. Miss Park was said to be closely association with Ms. Chiappone’s son Robbie, a protege of Mr. Raniere’s.

Miss Park was/is represented by Levine, Okwu & Erickson Management and was brought to the agency by Francis Okwu. It is expected that Miss Park, following the path of Allison Mack, will, henceforth, be managed by Mr. Raniere.

Miss Park, who portrays the character, Kono Kalakaua, is not the only co-star of Hawaii Five-O to quit. Daniel Dae Kim has also departed.

Sources told Variety that Miss Park and Mr. Kim quit because they wanted “pay equality” with top billed stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan. Variety reported that the two co-stars were making 10-15% less than Mr. O’Loughlin and Mr. Caan.

Some sources say CBS seemed almost pleased to see them go. Using the code-speak of the entertainment industry, they wished an almost too-fond farewell, without a hint that there might be further negotiations to keep them on the show. CBS released a statement that seemed almost giddy with pleasure: “We are so appreciative of Daniel and Grace’s enormous talents, professional excellence and the aloha spirit they brought to each and every one of our 168 episodes. They’ve helped us build an exciting new Hawaii Five-0, and we wish them all the best and much success in their next chapters. Mahalo and a hui hou.

While CBS translated Mahalo and a hui hou as “until we meet again,” sources said a better translation was “Don’t let the door hit you in the a–“.

Sources tell us that Miss Park’s erratic behavior and her age – she is 43 – were factors in CBS not upping the ante by paying her what might amount to $200,000 per year.

Miss Park’s parents are of Korean descent. Miss Park previously appeared in the the TV show Battlestar Galactica.  DOS slave, Nicki Clyne, was also an actress appearing on that TV show. She quit acting to become a full-time student of Mr. Raniere and is a slave of Miss Mack’s.

Miss Park’s net worth has been estimated at $8 million and it is expected that Mr. Raniere will be able to guide her into the ‘ethical use” of that money to solve some of the hardest social issues unfolding on the world stage.

Miss Park grew up in Vancouver. She has a degree in psychology from the the University of British Columbia.

While many Vancouver members of ESP recently quit the organization after reports of the Bronfman Branding came to light, Miss Park stands firmly behind Mr. Raniere, who disciples refer to as Vanguard.

While Miss Park’s acting career may be at an end, she may be able to look forward to greater prestige in the service of Mr. Raniere.

In 2010, Allison Mack, who played Chloe Sullivan on the CW Superman drama, Smallville, announced she was retiring to follow Mr. Raniere.

Miss Mack is the top female in DOS, and reports only to Mr. Raniere [and Miss Bronfman] .making her the third highest ranking member of DOS.

On occasion, Miss Mack has been given permission from Mr. Raniere to accept minor acting roles. She was recently given permission to appear in a stage play.
A fourth actress, Kristin Kruek, also formerly of Smallville, was frequently seen in the orbit of Mr. Raniere and was rumored to be readying to join his harem.
Sources say she is absenting herself from DOS and never accepted Mr. Raniere’s offer to be trained in one-on-one sessions in his “Tantric” teachings, which are done nude, alone with Mr. Raniere and are considered a mark of his special favor.
Because she is in her 40’s, Miss Park is not considered age appropriate for Mr. Raniere’s Tantric teachings. However, she is age-appropriate for the pubic branding that is performed by a licensed physician, Dr. Danielle Roberts, D.O. Because of the pain of the pubic branding, four naked women hold the woman to be branded down, while Dr. Roberts applies the brand to the DOS slave. Her acceptance of the branding signifies she has made a lifetime vow of obedience to Mr. Raniere.
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5 years ago

Crazy women! Did they leave their brains at the door??? Idiots!!!

6 years ago

This is Frank Parlato: The people who are suggesting transparency on my case with Clare Bronfman are 100 percent right.
To date I think I have exhibited more transparency on my case than any criminal defendant that I have ever heard of. But you can never have enough.
I have published extensively about my case in my own media outlets under my own byline [easy to find via Google] and have spoken with every reporter from other media outlets who called me and answered every question on the record.
In a separate post on the Frank Report, I will detail the stories I have published [which anyone can read online] and update the case since my last publication [nothing has happened since my last story I wrote in February.] I invite scrutiny on my case. I maintain the case was manufactured through perjury of Clare Bronfman at the behest of Keith Raniere. I also ask the reader to see if he or she can find any other example of a defendant in a criminal case who has written as extensively about his own case under his own name.
Transparency will be the end of Mr. Raniere’s empire. I wish that more people would be willing to come out into the open and fight him. However, I understand why they do not. His enemies have a funny way of being indicted or losing their jobs or being sued into bankruptcy. When you are dishonest and have untold millions at your disposal there is a lot of “justice” you can purchase. Of course there are naive people who think that is not possible. To them I would say, please watch my case as it progresses.

Please Uphold Transparency
Please Uphold Transparency
6 years ago

Please post an honest status report regarding Clare Bronfman’s case against the host of this site Mr. Frank Parlato. No one still left in NXIVM will read this site and take it seriously if the host himself does not exhibit exemplary levels of transparency to contrast with NXIVM’s typical obfuscation of their operations and legal matters. Please do not delete this post.

6 years ago

A ruling in the courts about a financial dispute between the author of this blog and the cult run by Keith Raniete, and the notion that Keith Raniere has created a misogynistic, manipulative, minimal vegan diet, fuck club, with an acronym that is exactly the same as Microsoft’s first OS, are two completely DIFFERENT things that have absolutely no dependency or relevance upon each other. If the author of this blog loses or wins, it has no bearing on the content of these claims. Critical thinking 101.

6 years ago
Reply to  Irrelevant

If Frank Parlato goes to jail for stealing money from Clare Bronfman, no one will read this blog again. It will be totally discredited. Why not further refute the claims in the Parlato Federal indictment and tell the public why he is innocent? And what the status of the case is? Everyone in NXIVM is talking about this, whether you like it or not.

6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

LOL. Keith Raniere has stole over $100 million dollars of Bronfman money and burned it, and Clare still fucks him. The fact that these clowns are going after the author of this blog tells anyone with a brain all they need to know about the credibility of involved parties.

6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Sorry, but the above person is right. To discredit someone based on irrelevant information to the matter at hand is called “poisoning the well”. While the author of this blog may have motivation to discredit Raniere due to the case at hand, the truth of the content of blog articles posted here has no dependency upon the legal dispute. To say that the information of this blog will be discredited because the author loses a case is a non-sequitur. Also, to say that the truth of the content of this blog is proven if he wins the case is a non-sequitur. The information posted here will help in protecting others and make them stay away from this group’s clutches. The author of this blog should also tag Executive Success Programs (ESP) and any other known shell corporations of NXIVM to tie them together for Google and other search engines so that this content appears no matter the search terms.

Panic in Clifton Park
Panic in Clifton Park
6 years ago

“No one STILL left in NXIVM” ??

That sounds promising!

The Bronfmans engaged Mr. Parlato to salvage their $26 million dollar investment in Los Angeles real estate from an incompetent embezzeler in exchange for 33% of the profits. The investment, and the developer, were specified by Raniere. The Bronfmans voluntarily transferred a sum of money to Parlato to facilitate this. That money would have been easily repayable from his share of the expected profits. There was no written contract covering any of this (Raniere prefers things be unwritten so whoever can afford the most lawyers will win, knowing that will be him).

When Parlato suggested that Raniere was less than omniscient in his investment advice, Raniere ordered the Bronfmans to fire Parlato. That breach of implied contract resulted in Parlato putting the transferred funds imto escrow, where I believe they remain to this day.

This could have been a relatively simple civil matter, but to my knowledge the Bronfmans have neither negotiated nor brought civil suit. Raniere prefers to use Bronfman money to pressure prosecutors to bring criminal charges.

Mr. Parlato succeeded in recovering the embezzled Bronfman funds for them. Raniere ordered them to fire him before he could complete the development profitably.

Mr. Parlato is not responsible for the legal ambiguity of the absence of a written contract; that responsibility belongs to the Bronfmans and Raniere.

Pied Pimper of Vancouver...?
Pied Pimper of Vancouver...?
6 years ago

With all the TV women from Vancouver involved in NXIVM, I wonder who first lured them cross-county to Albany? Maybe Mark Hildreth started it…he recruited Kristin Kreuk, who recruited Allison Mack….and then came Nicki Clyne, Grace Park, Kendra Voth, Sarah Edmondson…….
For getting all they young women into the cult, did Hildreth get some kind of ESP bonus. (other than sleeping with KK, if he’s into that) or maybe his own one-on-one “tantric” sessions with Vanguard….?

Edgemont, Tacoma, and Vancouver
Edgemont, Tacoma, and Vancouver
6 years ago

Kristin Kreuk, Grace Park, and Sarah Edmondson were all in the teen series Edgemont produced in Vancouver.

Sarah Edmondson was the first to enter Raniere-world through the Tacoma Washington ESP center. The Tacoma center exploded due to an earlier round of revelations about Raniere’s sexual practices. Edmondson opened another ESP center in Vancouver.

Kristen Kreuk and Allison Mack were both in Smallville. Grace Park and Nicki Clyne were both in Battlestar Galactica. Both shows were produced in Vancouver.

The most plausible tree is that Edmondson recruited Kreuk and Park, then Kreuk recruited Mack, and Park recruited Clyne.

Kreuk seems to have distanced herself from Raniere-world since her earlier mid-level involvement. Park kept a low profile until her recent appearances in the “Keith Raniere Conversations” videos, and she may be just being exploited for her celebrity.

Sadly, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne seem to have drunk the Flavor-aide….

It is reported that the Vancouver ESP center has closed in the wake of the DOS allegations of blackmail, branding, and slavery, which implies that Sarah Edmondson has renounced Raniere-world.

Solid logic, but not quite right.
Solid logic, but not quite right.
6 years ago

You can find the coach list from 2011 in an old post, and it lists who was recruited by whom. Kristin was recruited by Mark Hildreth (they worked together on Earthsea), and then Kristin recruited Allison.

Nicki was listed as recruited by Sarah Edmondson. Grace wasn’t part of the list at all. She may have just been dabbling at the time, or someone recruited her more recently.

6 years ago

Sorry, it doesn’t seem plausible the pay dispute is a “cover” for Grace to leave the show and join NXIVM since Daniel was also involved and he has nothing to do with NXIVM.

Also, Kristen Kreuk “readying” herself for Raniere’s harem and a one-on-one tantric session is utterly baseless according to my sources. A one-way desire of the pudgy man-child predator wanting to fuck her, and stalking and mocking the actress on line for years with his mind games when she refused to do so hardly classifies as such.

RE: dontbelievethis...?
RE: dontbelievethis...?
6 years ago

What evidence is there of Raniere “stalking and mocking the actress (KK) on line for years” and can it still be accessed?

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