Porter Tells Judge He was Trying to Speak to Edmondson’s Conscience

Brandon Porter

Dr. Brandon Porter, like his co-defendant, Nicki Clyne, has filed a letter with the court of Judge Eric Komitee seeking to be excused from a personal appearance on Thursday.

Porter, like Clyne, claims he is impecunious.  But he had a good deal more to say than did Clyne in her relatively demure request to Judge Komitee to be excused.

In fact, Dr. Porter, who rose to fame through his “human fright experiments,” which Suneel now advises is to be henceforward called [at least by him] “the emotions study” — you know the one, where they showed a snuff film – and 17 other mildly gruesome and gotesquely boring clips to volunteers over at NXIVM. [BTW, I think they missed the boat on those 18 clips. It could have been a breakthrough cure for insomnia – for I, like many others, would have fallen fast asleep if required to view all 18.]

But returning to Dr. Porter, he does not hesitate to blame his impecuniousness on the plaintiffs in the civil lawsuit, Edmondson et al, against Raniere, et al.

But no wordsmith can do justice to Dr. Porter’s own heartfelt prose. So let us hear it in his native tongue:

First his request to appear by teleconference or by videoconference.

February 13, 2022

Brandon B. Porter

500 W. Hickman RD
Waukee, lA 40263

Hon. Eric R. Komitte:

The next Status Conference is scheduled for February 17, 2021. I am asking if I may attend the Status Conference remotely via teleconference or by videoconference. I live in central Iowa and travel to the court will incur substantial expense in time and money for me and my family (over $1000 for travel, expenses, and accommodations).

I can share with you my current finances if necessary. The malicious allegations within this suit significantly contributed to the difficulty I experience finding and keeping gainful employment and financially supporting my family.

Brandon B. Porter


Om top of this Dr. Porter also advised the court in a letter  that the attorney for the plaintiffs Neil Glazer got it all wrong in his filing that led to the Thursday court conference.

He wrote:

Hon. Eric R. Komitte:

I just saw Mr. Glazer’s request for an emergency status conference (Dkt. #140). I have no opinion on whether an emergency status conference is necessary.

I am writing to correct an error Mr. Glazer made while representing a social media post that I made. Mr. Glazer said that I posted on Sarah Edmondson’s public Facebook page. I didn’t post on her page, I posted on a common acquaintance’s page (Exhibit A).

Maybe this distinction doesn’t matter because I linked her name to my comment. I don’t know.

I will describe what I did and my intent.

A common acquaintance of Ms. Sarah Edmondson’s and mine posted links on his Facebook page to a recently released podcast (“A Little Bit Culty”) by Plaintiffs Sarah Edmondson and Anthony (“Nippy”) Ames.

Ms. Edmondson and Mr. Ames are married and have been profiting in the media off of their new expertise on cults. Their guest on the podcast was Plaintiff Mark Vicente. The three Plaintiffs spoke in two episodes for about two hours about their NXIVM stories, some of them fabricated, related to this civil complaint.

Mark Vicente was a board member for NXIVM and co-owner of two Executive Success Programs centers. Sarah Edmondson was a co-owner of an Executive Success Programs center. Nippy Ames was a professional coach in Executive Success Programs and a leader in a men’s organization that was part of NXIVM.

Sarah Edmondson, unknown, Anthony Nippu Ames and Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt.

The Plaintiffs have extensively told their partially fabricated stories in multiple media outlets, including an HBO entertainment series starring them (Dkt. 88-2).


Ms. Edmondson wrote on our common acquaintance’s Facebook page “Thank you.” This was in response to a positive comment from our acquaintance and, I suspect, for sharing her podcast on social media.

I responded to her “Thank you,” with the following: “Sarah Edmondson, why are you suing me for racketeering, forced labor, forced sexual slavery, sex trafficking, human trafficking, and peonage? It looks like a joke, but this is very serious. When I applied for a medical license, they had a state prosecutor in the room because of these very serious charges.”

I wrote this question to Ms. Edmondson for a few reasons. First, I don’t know if she is aware that she is suing me for these charges. I knew Sarah for almost her whole time in Executive Success Programs, close to 12 years. Our children played together. It surprises me that she would make such egregious claims against me.

The First Amended Complaint (“FAG”) is so long, maybe she didn’t read the whole thing. My concern that Ms. Edmondson might not be fully aware of the specifics of her complaints against me also arose because I am aware that Jane Doe 51 asked to be removed from the suit before the FAC was filed on August 13, 2021.

For some reason, she: wasn’t removed from the complaint until November 5, 2021. This misrepresentation may have been a clerical error, but it suggested to me that there may be some confusion between Plaintiffs and Plaintiffs’ counsel elsewhere in this (not so) civil action.

Second, I wanted Sarah Edmondson and our common friends to see that the Plaintiffs are making preposterous claims against me and the other defendants. Maybe I made an error in doing so. I was thinking that this was a public forum and that my question to Ms. Edmondson would be supported by the First Amendment. I made this assumption based upon the three above mentioned Plaintiffs’ decisions to release a podcast talking about the narrative that brought us to this civil action, while their civil action was in process.

I suspected, and support, that they had a First Amendment right to do so,  even if their stories included lies, lies that might, unfortunately, stand to enrich the plaintiffs even more than their multiple media deals have already.

These Plaintiffs made a significant amount of money (likely millions of dollars, together) in the NXIVM companies they are now calling a cult, they are making money taking down their former friends in the media, and now, they are seeking even more money in this court.

I was hoping to speak to Sarah’s conscience and the terrible reality that she is accusing me and her former friends of racketeering, forced labor, forced sexual slavery, sex trafficking, human trafficking, and peonage.

In my opinion, if Ms. Edmondson is actually threatened by the question I posed to her on Facebook, it might be a sign that she is feeling threatened by her conscience. Or, perhaps she is scared that her false narratives will tumble down. I don’t know. She is well-aware that I am non violent, and continue to be so, despite sustaining significant abuse from the entertainment “docuseries” and podcasts she and other Plaintiffs participated in and created.

I state that all of the information described above is true.


Brandon B. Porter





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  • “Your honor,

    I was merely using social media to try and shame and intimidate Sarah Edmondson out of the civil suit. This is why we cult loyalists need all the few remaining anonymous plaintiffs named!

    Don’t you see that, judge? Release the unnamed plaintiffs so that we, the cult dead-enders, can pressure, harangue and embarrass them all publicly.”

    Thank you,
    Brandon Porter

    I am just trying to appeal to your conscience. Because I am the more ethical person.

  • Sure, but Brandon? You did perform psychologial experiments on people and ought to have known this wasn’t okay. Your unprofessional experiments exposed people to scenes of violence that included the actual murder of 4 women!

    I personally believe keith used you and feel really sad about that. I don’t think he cared one bit about putting you in this position.

    Have you ever read his failed patent “determination of whether a luciferian can be rehabilitated”? Maybe it’s not the time or place to mention this and maybe I’m also not supposed to say names, but? Was Jen ever the kind of person who:

    … is a type of sociopath. He has severe behavioral problems that are masked by good psychological adjustment. He appears on the outside to be sane but he is not. A Luciferian is fundamentally unhappy and feels enmity toward others but has learned that, for him, pleasure can be had from achieving his selfish desires such as destroying material objects or relationships, and causing others pain, distress, or unhappiness. A Luciferian realizes his desires by any means—without consideration for others and without remorse. A Luciferian is a person lacking in conscience and loyalty to others. He commonly employs manipulation and deceit to achieve his desired end and is therefore capable of acts that could be highly destructive to those that interact with him. A Luciferian, therefore, typically experiences pleasure or gratification in situations where “normal” people would be repulsed or disturbed …

    Because according to the patent application, this is what these techniques were supposed to detect.

  • So now Porter gets to talk to the Judge face to face, as well as Clyne and Roberts.

    Oh, goodie. Will anyone be outside the courthouse filming as they arrive – and then sitting in the back silently laughing?

    I hope the Judge asks Porter why he gave Suneel Chakravorty his and his assistant’s text and Whats App messages.

    Remember Porter, it’s been said “you didn’t mind” that Suneel Chakravorty or maybe Michelle Hatchette was going to share these names with the public. Was Suneel lying? Is this when the group starts to eat each other?

    I bring up Hatchette because it was her who first made threats to expose the John and Jane Does to the public for her brothers and sisters so they would know who they were fighting in their civil suit.

    This didn’t make sense. If Hatchette knew enough to expose them to the public if they didn’t come forward, why not just tell the defendants? Don’t threaten the Does. What a stupid game you all played.

    We all know why. The NXIVM dead-heads all knew who they were. They had Porter’s lists. They just wanted the Does exposed to the public. For whatever reasons they have.

    Now Porter, Roberts and Clyne (kind of sounds like a bad attorney firm doesn’t it) get to pay the price for this silly scheme they have put into play.

    Off to see the Judge this Thursday.

    Don’t test not showing up. That would be really bad to not show up. Want to make this situation even worse? Don’t go to court this Thursday.

    Stop listening to Raniere, he will get you all in prison. Behave yourselves.

    Brandon, you’re in the doghouse with your wife, again for another stupid stunt.

    • Oh man. I’m so confused. This woman does not even make sense!

      Talking about women who play victim while also whining about the consequences of her actions.

      Talking about overcoming an eating disorder without a single mention of a 500 calorie diet.

      Talking about taking responsibility for oneself but nothing about needing permission for everything from a slave master?

      Plus? Apparently she had to cut the conversation because she had to catch a flight!! Why did she have money for that trip but not enough to show up in court?

      I’m trying to exercise my critical thinking best but none of this makes any sense to me at all.

    • The cat ate my court documents and I don’t know where it’s at either.

      That is what vets are for lady, put your dog up with a vet for two days.

      Effects of your actions.

      What a bunch of losers.

      Courts don’t care about this kind of thing.

      Buy your tickets now folks.

      Not showing up would be extra stupid.

  • These letters are not going to fly. Basically, they are trying to give the Judge a big FU.

    If Clyne has enough money to live in Brooklyn and shake her ASS OFF for her master every night outside the jail, then surely, she has enough money to appear in court.

  • Even though Lauren is a piece of shit criminal abusing manipulator larger than life and used her new job as an excuse to get out of prison, at least she got a job as a dog groomer.

  • Wow. These cult dead-enders work the money angle from both ends.

    “Bronfmans are too rich to be sued”.

    Wah, wah.

    “Nicki, Danielle and Brandon Porter are too poor to be sued”.

    Wah, wah.

    It’s as if they think It’s up to goldilocks to decide if the litigants’ wealth is “just right” to be sued civilly.

    Ha, ha. That’s not how civil suits work.

    The “fright experiment” lawsuit will be based on facts.

    Did Brandon Porter violate the clearly laid out guidelines for psychological studies on humans? Was this bizarre exercise carried out in the correct clinical manner?

    Or was Brandon Porter winging it in an Albany restaurant with no oversight, follow-up or any strict adherence to the accepted medical standards within the proper parameters?

    Look it up. Read the actual issues. It does not bode well for Brandon Porter.

    People can agree or disagree with those medical standards. But they ARE what they ARE. And that is why Brandon Porter lost the legal right to practice medicine for now.

    The civil case will be decided in COURT not on Sarah Edmondson or anyone else’s social media account.

    Time to grow up, cult loyalists.

    TRY to face this challenge with dignity.

  • Hey Porter,

    I sympathize with you. I think you meant well with your experiments, but it is being viewed very badly and with disastrous consequences for you.

    This is like a bad divorce, full of nasty accusations and acrimony; your wife wants revenge and has a top -helf lawyer and you are going pro se. You’re expecting your wife to behave rationally and all she wants is to make you pay in every way she can.

    • Meant well??? Who doesn’t know watching snuff films would make someone upset? A first grader knows that. “Experiment” is coverup for manipulation and torture. Let me throw you off the Empire State Building and see if you survive or not…. purely as a medical experiment. Typical nxivm….redirect the problem and make people feel bad for your bad actions.

      • If you asked Suneel for his opinion about 9/11 towers plane impact footage he’d simply reply it could have easily been included in an “emotions study”, asking what’s the big deal?

        Reminds me of police interrogations of psychopaths only we’re dealing with a cretin in this instance.

    • Can anyone use the excuse of a medical experiment when doing something bad? Let me experiment and see what happens when I kick someone in the face randomly. I wonder if they will get mad or hurt. I wonder. My 8 years in medical school didn’t teach me that. Better yet, my kindergarten teacher didn’t go over that. Let’s get waivers and kick ppl in the face….that’ll make it ok.

  • “She is well-aware that I am non violent, and continue to be so, despite sustaining significant abuse…”
    -Brandon Porter

    So Whacky Porter, is tacitly admitting, he harbors internal rage, but as yet to act on it.
    I wonder what he’ll do if the Judge denies his request…

    …Turn into the Hulk or just shoot up the court house.

      • Dear Mr. RingDings,

        Yes, I’m loopy and you’re batshit crazy.

        I’m conscious of the fact I’m a middle-aged crank; you, on the other hand, are wholly delusional, one step away from hanging out in a mass transit station, like Port Authority, NJ, etc.

        What is it you believe you’re accomplishing? Please share, I believe we’ll all enjoy learning the answer. 😉

  • Why is porter exempt from being accountable for his actions? Show up to court, you lazy bum. Get a job at Walmart like everyone else who isn’t entitled. All nxivm people are pretentious and think they are above everyone around them. It’s like when Hitler made his troops believe they were above the world and invincible.

  • My vocabulary is large enough to understand everything. I do not need a dictionary. I am educated enough and don’t need help understanding the published texts. Lexical definitions of words and sentence examples I find unusual and strange for an online medium. I am no longer in school here.

    • You smart. If I don’t understand something, is it ok to reach out to you for help? Assuming a yes, what is the lexical definition of a jackwagon-knob?

      • You do not want an answer to this question. Your intention and obvious motive is to challenge me. You will not succeed. I only laugh at people like you who try to do that.

        • I do not understand. Which question are you referring to? Or, is it both?

          Are you saying I will not succeed at challenging you? Or, are you saying I won’t succeed at the challenge?

          (please disregard if your answer to my original question #1 was a “no”.)

          • NutJob,

            I’m following this subthread, WTF are you two arguing about, is this a Sultan/Bangkok type of fight?

          • It’s a discussion about Frank’s much-maligned decision to print the lexical definition of impecunious.

      • Nutjob-
        I believe a jackwagon-knob is another name for a ‘Kentucky Tractor Puller’.

        Additionally, [redacted] Mike Rinder ripped [redacted] partially off. That’s why he hates Rinder.

          • Re Defendants Stupid Move:

            The defendants, Roberts, Porter, and Clyne, shouldn’t have attacked Glazer’s clients.

            Now, it’s almost guaranteed that once Glazer wins, he will ask the court to garnish a portion of the defendants’ future wages.

            Previously, some plaintiffs may have sympathized with the defendants and asked Glazer to drop them from the case.

            Good going, Nx’ers!

            FYI NX’ers: The judge could’ve easily allowed you to make your appearances online. Instead, he’s making you come in for attacking the defendants publicly.
            God, you people are such Buffoons!

          • It definitely “stinks” if you get the “Mississippi Tractor” though it’s someone else’s BS.

    • — My vocabulary is large enough to understand everything —

      Like T-Rump, you “have all the best words.” And like him, you praise yourself because you don’t do anything that others can praise you for. Or maybe you would prefer to be compared to Vanguard, who claimed to the the world’s 3rd smartest man.

  • Brandon Porter has no business talking to a plaintiff in a legal case against him, period.

    Had he asked someone with basic legal knowledge like Linda Chung, of Sarasota, FL, a 51-year-old former lawyer actively involved in NXIVM’s DOS and the DOSsier Project.

    She could have told Brandon Porter, Nicki Clyne, and Danielle Roberts – who are all involved in this project – that it isn’t a good idea to speak with those involved on the other side.

    Nor is it the smartest legal strategy to involve friends outside of the lawsuit to attempt to bully John and Jane Does to come forward or you would expose them yourself.

    What these dead-enders did was to take Michele Hatchette’s Twitter feeds and to share them on their feeds making it look as if they had a group bully fest going on. Legally, that could be seen as they were conspiring together to expose the Does.

    Now Suneel has taken it upon himself using Porter’s and his assistant’s text and Whats App messages to expose two Does to the public.

    Brandon Porter says he is the one “Trying to Speak to Edmondson’s Conscience” What!!!! Isn’t he the pot calling the kettle black?

    Porter conducted three NXIVM studies: one on obsessive-compulsive disorder; another on Tourette’s Syndrome; and finally, the Fright Study. Sorry, Suneel, call it what you want, it was the Fright Study.

    I have already posted a comment on the Frank Report that hopefully, Frank Parlato will post to explain why all three were illegal studies that lead to Porter losing his job and his medical license. So, I won’t go into more detail here.

    Now Brandon Porter, acting out with more bad intent, maybe even illegal behavior, wants the Judge to give him a pass so he doesn’t have to spend the money to show up to court and stand before the Judge for Porter’s bad behavior.

    If you are going to act like Porter has acted in giving Suneel – and who knows who else Porter has given the text and Whats App messages to – you not only reach out to a plaintiff but to do so on her social media and regarding her way of making a living, you deserve to face the effects of your causes If that means it takes a toll on your wallet and affects your family, oh well. Maybe your wife will wake up and give you a piece of her mind. Or maybe she will leave your sorry ass.

    You should have been smarter than how you behave and wake up that hanging on the what you believe is true has taken you down a road where you just keep losing.

    I hope the Judge makes you come and stand before him.

    • All these judges bow to Executive Success Programs. Too much collateral on all the judges too…. especially those people who are protected by the blackmail they have on people. That was the only benefit of going to ESP….getting mafia-like criminal protection. Judges are too afraid…

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