EXCLUSIVE: Frank Report Obtains Actual Snuff Film Shown in NXIVM ‘Human Fright Experiment’!

Suneel Chakravorty and I are engaged in a war of words. He thinks the Glazer civil lawsuit is full of shit and I disagree.

I oppose his and other Raniere supporters’ efforts to try to blow up the case. I think it should and must be heard in a court of law and damages must be paid to victims.

Suneel Chakravorty


Plaintiffs’ attorney Neil Glazer

While my role is reporting, and the court is the venue for settling matters of controversy, I will defend the rights of plaintiffs to file a civil lawsuit without being harassed. It is up to the judge to decide whether parties in the civil lawsuit may name plaintiffs who wish to remain anonymous in their filings.

There are apparently a dozen women who want to remain anonymous and, as Frank Report readers know, Suneel and his wolf pack are threatening to name every plaintiff on their websites or social media.

To a degree, I am going to allow Suneel to have his say, partly because I want him to listen to the rebuttal – for maybe then he will learn what a rascal/criminal his Vanguard is.

I will begin with the wholly unnecessary and very suspect “Human Fright Experiment” conducted on behalf of NXIVM for reasons that remain unclear.

Here is what Neil Glazer said in his lawsuit:

“At least forty members of the NXIVM community, trusting in Raniere, Nancy Salzman and Defendant Dr. Brandon Porter, M.D. (“Porter”), were subjected to a ‘human fright experiment,’ in which individuals were seated in front of a video display with electroencephalogram (“EEG”) electrodes placed on their skulls to measure brainwaves. These subjects believed they were going to watch a talk by Raniere, but instead were subjected to scenes of escalating violence including actual, extremely graphic footage of the brutal beheading and dismemberment of five women in Mexico.”

By the way, it was in large part the human fright experiments that defendant Porter lost his medical license.

Here is the action taken by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) against Porter, which describes the “Human Fright Experiment” as follows:

“From on or about 2012 through 2017 the Respondent [Porter], either individually or in association with a public or private institution or agency, conducted a human subject research study (hereinafter ‘Fright Study’). Among other things, the Fright Study involved showing human subjects an actual video of the horrific and brutal murders and dismemberment of four women by machetes; and violent film clips, including a male African American being viciously stamped by a Nazi; a conscious male being forced to eat a portion of his own brain matter; and a graphic gang rape. “


First of all, some of this is overblown on the part of the OPMC.

Subjects being forced to watch “a male African American being viciously stamped by a Nazi; a conscious male being forced to eat a portion of his own brain matter; and a graphic gang rape“ are overblown.

The subjects of the fright experiments were not alone. Millions of people saw the same scenes and paid to see them.

Scene from American History X where a Nazi stomps on an African-American.

The male African being stomped on is from the popular hit movie American History X [box office gross $24 million].

Hannibal Lecter offering friend Krendler a piece of his own brain.

The male eating his own brain is from the best-selling box office hit, Hannibal [box office gross $351.6 million].

And the third, the graphic gang rape, is from Jodie Foster’s the Accused [$91 million box office].

So popular was the film that Foster won an Academy Award for her role.

Scene from the Accused starring Jodie Foster.

Of course, it is nonsense to declaim these scenes as too graphic films when millions of Americans enjoyed and loved them.

But one of the clips shown to the subjects of the human fright experiment is nothing anybody could enjoy unless they are deeply perverted and perhaps psychopathic – which was perhaps the secret reason for the experiments – to discover psychos to aid in building NXIVM or DOS.

While Glazer got the number of women wrong – he says five women, it is actually four – the worst one, the snuff film clip, after extensive research by Frank Report has been identified – and Glazer is right: the women endure brutal beheading and dismemberment.

The clip shows four women on their knees in a field with their hands tied behind their backs. Three of them are bare-chested. They are surrounded by 13 masked men, purportedly hitmen from the Los Zetas, a Mexican criminal syndicate, with their rifles pointed at them.

The film actually shows them murdered and more than that, beheaded and chopped to pieces.

This is no hoke. This is not cinema. There is no box office numbers. This is an actual film of murder and you see it complete in less than seven minutes.


What was shown to the subjects of the human fright experiment was real murder of four women.

Do not watch if you are sensitive to such material. This is not a joke. This film depicts actual death scene.

This film – which we will show below is also available online on the website, elblogdelnarco.com. a blog that attempts to document violent incidents and people involved in the Mexican Drug War that never made it to government reports or the mainstream media.

Here is the actual clip shown to some 40 subjects of the human fright experiment. Judge for yourself what need there was to show them to these people with an EEG to record the subjects’ brain activity, galvanic skin resistance (GSR) to measure their physiological response, and a video camcorder or audiotape to record their facial or auditory reactions.

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Frank Parlato


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  • the fact you hve this content up and posted is sick.. u ppl are so wrong .. showing the full photo with their breasts out .. imagine if this was your daughter or mother or sister or wife? my god have some integrity some dignity .. show some respect for these women you utter piece of trash. hopefully you never have to know how awful this must feel for their family.
    eat shit.

  • Leave faces of women – they were loved and valued – it confirms they were here on Earth and the ruthless evil cowards hiding in masks.

    Please consider blurring their breasts. That would be respectful to them, and the readers will still know they were bare even though they’re blurred.

    • right.. its so sick and awful they have the audacity to show such footage/photos.. these women did not deserve this & for them to keep this photo of their breasts up is disgusting.. they are literally using crime photos of nude women and their death for clout this is wrong they should not link the video either just sick they posted this .. imagine if one of these women where someone they loved and cared for i wonder if they would still be posting/sharing the footage?

  • Suneel-

    I am amazed at the outcropping of people who still believe you’re a good person and worth saving. 😂

    I’m especially shocked after you went after Cami and used one Raniere’s pet names
    Camila’s Doe (Camel toe) as a personal attack; it’s kinda like his pet name for Lauren (forlorn).

    You are a sniveling weasel who attacks a woman who was molested by Kieth when she was child.

    Your not at all worth saving.

    • I so agree and I am disgusted enough by Mr. Parlato to not come back. To show those women topless in their last moment is being absolutely complicit in their exploitation. I think Parlato has a pervy side he covers up in moral outrage while simultaneously exploiting this kind of smut, finding excuses to post this. I wonder if one of those naked and doomed women were his mother, sister, daughter he might see things differently — imagine showing a loved one that way. Shame on you for leaving this up, Frank Parlato. Absolute shame. You’ve lost me and I suspect many other women.

  • Wowza! Frank, why would you use that photo as a thumbnail on your website? If you consider yourself a reporter, please stick to reporters’ etiquette. Bad judgement on this one. Consider removing that. It does not have to be in everyone’s face. Folks who wish to see that, can seek it out.

  • I think it’s quite disgusting to use that photo and to allow the video to be played off your site. You’;re not a woman so you probably don’t understand how deeply violating it is to even display these human beings topless, kneeling and knowing they are about to get murdered. You’re really complicit in an act of horror and perversion by posting that image without blurring it. You could describe the situation without showing the image. I’m very disappointed that you would do this.

    • “Analysis”? This wasn’t scientific research. It was done for the hell of it, for Raniere’s amusement.

      • Agreed.

        Story identifies what participants were led to believe to get them to attend, but not what was said subsequent to the videos—

        Was the brainwashing that complete that no one questioned the result of the electrodes on their heads? Want to know what bs was fed to them to justify the abuse and betrayal.

    • I was part of an experiment in NYC at a university over 20 years ago where they did this. It was to better understand people with depersonalization or derealization I was told. They were just flashing pics so fast I could barely see them but some were war pics of deaths I think. I think our subconscious or something could be monitored with the electrode things on our head. They weren’t looking at our physical reactions or taping us.

  • I’ve speculated that keith got the idea for Human Fright Experiments from the life story of none other than Theodore Kaczynski, aka The Unabomber. We know keith is lazier than hell and hasn’t come up with an original thought in his life.

    Kaczynski was a mathematical prodigy, a legitimate genius. He entered Harvard in 1958 at age 16 and within a year was subject to dangerous brain study experiments. He was part of a study group of 22 students and endured torturous human experimentation for three years. These are known as the Murray Experiments and were conducted by his professors at Harvard; the people a 16 year old boy is supposed to trust. No doubt dangerous for a teenager that was far away from parent supervision. Kaczynski would later describe this as “the worst experience” of his life.

    Read this and ask yourself if any of this sounds familiar (from the history.com link below)…

    “…each of the students was seated in front of bright lights, wired to electrodes and subjected to what Murray himself described as “vehement, sweeping, and personally abusive” interrogations, during which members of his research team would attack the student subjects’ ideals and beliefs.

    “Subjects were incompletely informed about the nature of the experiment [and] were tricked, or coerced, into remaining in the experiment. Given that the procedures were designed to ‘break’ enemy agents and render them so damaged that they would be operationally useless, it is reasonable to expect that they would have the same consequences for vulnerable young people who did not have specialized training to resist interrogation.”

    Another subject recalled this (as written in theguardian.com)…

    “We were led into the room with bright lights, very bright,” one of them, code-named Cringle, recalled afterward. “[I] had a sensation somewhat akin to someone being strapped on the electric chair with these electrodes … I really started getting hit real hard … Wham, wham, wham! And me getting hotter and more irritated and my heartbeat going up … and sweating terribly …”

    While it isn’t proven this had anything to do with Kaczynski’s later problems with schizophrenia, I think it is reasonable to conclude that it might have. It certainly didn’t do him any good.

    Considering keith’s proximity to Harvard, his interest in math and science, and the fact keith is a dangerous sociopath like Kaczynski, I’ve always speculated the Human Fright Experiments were a derivation of that.


    • Very interesting and I think highly likely, Ice 9. I had no idea about Kaczinski’s experience at Harvard, nor that he entered there at 16?!!

    • Not to mention that Kaczynski’s brother, David — who turned him in — and momma Kyczynski lived just outside of the Clifton Park area.

      • Oh that’s very interesting, thank you CP. It was just a fun kind of interesting observation I had made, so thank you.

  • “Suneel Chakravorty and I are engaged in a war of words. He thinks the Glazer civil lawsuit is full of shit and I disagree. I oppose his and other Raniere supporters’ efforts to try to blow up the case.”

    Good. I think Frank is taking the principled stand on this. The Nxivm dead-enders are just defending their dear Vanguard, a stance that is as unpredictable as it is ineffective.

    Glazer is going to crucify these fools in court. Imagine the ladies and gentlemen of the jury when they are hit with the realities of this absurd, nasty cult. The branding, the blackmail and now a snuff film. Comic in its absurdity, this cult was horrifying in its cruelty, its insidious manipulation, and its utter lack of ethics.

    Some of the people who managed to avoid criminal prosecution are going to have their futures blighted by the judgement of this civil case. That’s why they’re running scared.

  • Damn I like the tits of this women. Too bad they had to ruin the nice tittie video by killing them. Crass. Keep em alive and let us enjoy some nice tits.

    • BigOne-

      You’re are a sick animal! And I guarantee you’re Scott because only Scott would make such a sick disgusting comment.

      Scott, you are such a sick f*ck!

  • POLL:

    Will the same commenters who are for showing this murder video on the Frank Report also be for showing Sarah Edmonson’s branding video on the Frank Report?

    Why or why not?

    How are these videos different in terms of providing the information necessary to make informed decisions?


    • Alonzo, fair question. However, you seem to be glossing over the fact that Sarah was branded without true informed consent.

      At the time that video was made, Sarah did not know that keith was the grand master of DOS and that the brand was his initials.

      If I were her and had discovered that my so-called friends had tricked me into being branded with the initials of their polyamorous child raping boyfriend there might have been more than just a legal battle about that. There might have been a bloody fist fight.

      Sarah is perfectly entitled to change her mind after learning the full truth of what was really happening.

      Besides? After all? Were you not once a committed scientologist until you learned more about the corruption within that organization?

      Shouldn’t all people be able to freely and fluidly adapt their opinions of a situation as they come to know more of the truth about it or is that privilege reserved only for you?

      (Of course maybe, maybe you just wanna see Sarah naked, lol! Couldn’t blame you if so. She’s hot! 😜)

      • The women in the snuff film didn’t have a choice to be filmed, have their top taken off, be brutally murdered. No consent without the luxury of changing their minds and becoming plaintiffs in a civil suit. No book deals, vegan take-out, lattes, yoga or lamenting on their past and current thoughts in their own podcast. The only commonalities are the brutality of the machete vs. branding/scarification pen, being human life pawns in an organizational game, and slaves to a master. As in their murders, these women still aren’t given dignity. Showing this atrocity is intended to be a catalyst for awareness and positive change. Showing the branding videos only shows how far at that point in time, under lies and coercion, the women went to indoctrinate themselves in this master/slave organization and follow what they were told. Thank God, the Divine or good fortune, these women were able to get out and move forward with their lives. Those Mexican women were likely living in poverty and had no where else to go but survive another day in cartel country. All the women of DOS now have choices. I hope they all get huge pay-outs from Bronfman fortunes; do something beneficial for John Tighe and his wife; take Frank on a vacation or out to a very expensive dinner; do something with their money and time to help victimized women that don’t have any where to go with minimal choices; and go onward discovering more using their hard found wisdom.

    • Alanzo-

      The Sarah Edmondson branding video was edited and released by NXIVM as a propaganda tool to discount Sarah Edmondson‘s testimony at Raniere’s trial.

      This particular analogy you are using is so grossly inaccurate.

      After all this time, supposedly reading up on NXIVM, you still have no idea what you’re talking about. Sad.

      • “The Sarah Edmondson branding video was edited and released by NXIVM as a propaganda tool to discount Sarah Edmondson‘s testimony at Raniere’s trial.”

        Present the evidence which proves this accusation. Or are you just going to keep repeating it, hoping everyone will believe it because it’s been repeated so many times?

        It is my understanding that Sarah Edmonson did not testify at Raniere’s trial. She only made a victim impact statement which is not under oath.

        Could that be because her branding video proves she did not “weep the whole time” as she told the New York Times? Could it be that she was not a credible witness for the prosecution, and that’s why the prosecution didn’t have her testify?

        Just because the branding video benefitted the defense doesn’t mean NXIVM did it.

        So present the evidence for your accusation above, or admit that you don’t have any evidence to support it.


  • When I was in college, many moons ago, I took a course in Psychology, Psych 101.

    As part of my course work at the University of Illinois I had to participate in a Psychological experiment.

    Because of the controversy of Yale’s Milgram experiment the participants had to receive an explanation of the experimental process.
    Milgram experiment
    The Milgram experiment(s) on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram. They measured the willingness of study participants, men in the age range of 20 to 50 from a diverse range of occupations with varying levels of education, to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts conflicting with their personal conscience.

    Nothing in the University of Illinois experiment was as dramatic or graphic as a beheading.

    Dr. Brandon Porter should know better than to subject unwitting people to graphic violence.

    Now you might understand why I object to medical experiments with nonconsensual or coerced test subjects.

    • You make it seem like the Tuskegee syphilis experiments. It’s frigging snuff videos. No biggie. Nothing. Nada. Buy them online. Hahahahaha.

      • Mr. Brinks:

        Even in the seventies, unauthorized psychological experiments designed to shock unwitting test subjects were regarded as unethical.

        Why didn’t Brandon Porter know this fact?

        Or didn’t he care?

        Enjoy your snuff films, Mr. Brinks.

        • Shadow1958-

          I’m in agreement with you. You and I hardly ever agree, so we must be right. 😉

          Brinks is clearly biased. Plus, he was willing to let his wife die of cancer because of “Vanguard’s” ethics.

  • I can’t/won’t watch the video, either, but I’m glad Frank is sharing. Also? I personally don’t mind seeing the cover image.

    One thing I’ve always wondered about is whether this particular video was selected to scare and intimate the so-called participants.

    After all, NXIVM had a lot of connections in Mexico. Was this video used as a show of power to illustrate what keith could make happen? He did claim, after all, to have had people killed for his beliefs.

      • Yes, this was to intimidate some women with violence, but for what reason is unclear.

        If it was to see which women would be open to sexual servitude, then rather than showing gang rape clips, group bj clips would have been shown. Rather than a beheading film, a film of giving head would be shown.

        • They were shown to determine who among the slaves had the mental ability to view other humans as sacrificial objects and who among them had the stomach for extreme criminal violence: i.e., chaotic perverse annihilation of others for filmed gratification or entertainment. Imo.

      • Nutjob, I’d so love to hear from any of the people who were subjected to this.

        My suspicion is that the experiment was an exercise in mind control intended to scare the subjects into blind obedience. You know? “Rehabilitate any Predetermined Luciferians”.

        If you didn’t know, you can find copies of raniere’s methods described in the patent application titled:


        I’m unable to post a link here but it is available at several places on the internet including patents.justia.com and Google patents.

  • I don’t get the point of mixing a horrific execution and three random movie clips:

    1) Four women belonging a gang are executed by the members of another gang – this video should belong TO governmental agencies (Mexican Authorities/DEA) as evidence and not accessible from a random website… I assume Mexican narcs are so used to that kind of shit that they don’t care much about it…-

    2) the execution scene in “American History X”

    3) the most shocking and disgusting scene in “Hannibal”

    4) the rape scene from “The Accused”

    Fright experiment? I really don’t get the point… Porter must be as fucked up as was Harry Harlow…

    • Of the 40 fright experiment individuals, i wonder how many or few also were in DOS?

      Unfortunately the experiment details and video from this Narco Blog will likely NOT affect or change Suneel’s mind. He presents as unfazed and uncaring unless he is representing KR.

  • Since Brandon Porter displayed these films to unaware, unsuspecting and nonconsenting women I feel it incumbent upon myself to report former Doctor Porter to the Waukee, Iowa police.

    The people of Waukee Iowa deserve to know the ghoul living in their midst.
    Feel free to do the same.

    Waukee is in Dallas County Iowa and is a Western suburb of Des Moines Iowa and one of the richest towns in the state.

    Waukee Police Department
    Waukee Police and Fire Department
    Category:Law Enforcement-Legal/Aplicacion de la Ley-Leyes Legales
    Address:1300 L.A Grant Parkway P.O. Box 517
    Waukee, IA 50276
    Phone:(515) 222-3321


  • Gotta agree with others here, Frank: With all due respect, please remove the content. The internet is forever. Porter’s failings can be articulated perfectly well in a Court of proper jurisdiction without delving to this level of graphic obscenity.

  • I think the video should stay right where it is to remind everyone what Raniere wanted everyone to see. And sift the flaccid asshole.

  • I can’t believe a responsible reporter would post either the video or a still from it.

    I’m deeply disappointed in Mr. Parlato and urge him to remove this imagery.

  • I haven’t watched it and I’m not going to. Nobody should watch it out of respect for these poor women and to be able to sleep at night.

    Please remove the video, Frank. It serves no purpose. The mere fact that you report about this video, and its use by dD. “Mengele” Brandon will get the message across.

    • No. I needed to see it to understand. No description of it in words could paint what it is. It leaves me wondering. WHY was this shown ?

      • WHY was this shown ?

        To show us the true nature of evil.

        Report former Dr. Porter to the Waukee Iowa police.
        The people of Waukee Iowa deserve to know the ghoul who haunts their community.

        Waukee Police and Fire Department
        Category:Law Enforcement-Legal/Aplicacion de la Ley-Leyes Legales
        Address:1300 L.A Grant Parkway P.O. Box 517
        Waukee, IA 50276
        Phone:(515) 222-3321

  • Reminder – Keith did these fright experiments because he was infatuated with psychopaths/sociopaths/Luciferians, etc. Keith was trying to build an army and he thought he was figuring out how to find these people.

    To Dr. Porter – I know. I know. That’s not what he told you these fright experiments were for. IMO Your life would start improving if you understood that Keith is a compulsively lying psychopath. If you don’t believe me, ask a Salzman.

    • I disagree with you this time Nutjob. I think he was doing these experiments simply because he’s an asshole. He’s too fucking lazy to actually try and accomplish something with them, whether that be for himself or some useful purpose or whatever, it doesn’t matter. These had no more value than ESP programs. He just likes to torment, humiliate, and destroy. Same shit, different day.

  • Frank, can you please embed the video on a separate page so that it’s not just sitting there going on auto play?

    As someone with trauma and years of living in fight or flight mode, these types of videos alongside movies like Hannibal or damn, even the Scream movie empire. I chose not to watch them because all of a sudden my body goes into hyper drive and I’m stuck again in an endless loop. I chose not to watch that type of movie and if forced to, not only would I sue I would make one of them come and watch what happens when trauma is triggered.

    Thanks, I really appreciate it. I really don’t want to have a few bad days because of these horrible pedophile-loving douche bags.

    I’m sick and tired of all of this smoke and mirrors to distract from the fact that Raniere is a convicted pedophile and it was their supposed “sister” that he BEGAN assaulting when she was 15. BEGAN!!

    That’s all they need to hear and they should shut the fuck up and let the court system work. Do they not realize that everyone’s lawsuits are better off not having their legally uneducated asses insert themselves into it.

    I was talking with my Dad (an environmental lawyer, but a lawyer none the less) and he said something like, “Don’t they realize that if he does get another trial and is convicted still of something less that the judge is going to hold the remaining cult members against him in sentencing?”

    I don’t know the answer and unlike some, I won’t pretend I do. It just caused me to pause. My Dad drilled several things into my siblings and me: (1) Never talk to the police without representation. You may not even know how you could implicate yourself. (2) if you are in any legal proceedings, stay off the internet. Better yet, shut down your social media until the proceedings are over. (3) Keep your mouth shut because anything can be used against you even if you can’t think of how.

    Like I requested. Please add a second level of clicking to the video. Luckily, I heard it before I saw it.


  • I don’t know, Frank. I’m probably in the minority, but would you consider altering that photo up top? So if we DON’T want to see violated women’s bodies and faces right before they are brutally murdered, then we don’t have to?

    Right now, if we visit your blog, it’s kind of an unavoidable image. Seems disrespectful to all. Maybe some bars? Or blurring? And people can choose to click on post and see more?

    Thanks for letting me express myself – whatever you choose!

    • I agree with others…please blur those poor women’s faces and naked bodies and don’t embed the murder and dismemberment video. I’ll go further and say maybe even blur the Hannibal image…I never watched Silence of the Lambs because I can’t tolerate that kind of gruesomeness.

      Respectfully, please rethink this post, Frank. I feel like I was just subjected to a fright experiment here! I can see maybe you are trying to prove a point to Suneel, but it comes with a lot of collateral damage to your readers. things that have been seen can’t be unseen.

    • I say keep it. It’s important because we need graphic reminders. Don’t soften this down. If you’re triggered or if you’re bothered, imagine what the women who were forced to view it felt. Then imagine the Mexican cartels. They do this all the time.

      Do something about it. But don’t take the images down. We need reminders and, like someone said, no words ever written will be as impactful as these images.

    • Absolutely agree with A thought 4 Frank. Please blur the sensitive parts of this cover picture. If a person wants to see the video, they can click further into the article. Then, women call at least hope or at least pretend that the males who want to see the video, are watching for altruistic or empathetic purposes. Years ago, National Geographic removed their myriad of pictures of bare-breasted women on their pages. Out of respect. After it was brought to their attention that while the pictures were supposed to be “Anthropology”, it had more of an effect of exploitation of non-dominant culture. For any males who “didn’t mind” seeing the cover page, “It’s good to be the king.” It is not fun to be the prey animal. As always, glad to have a forum to discuss these matters freely. Maybe someday, things will get better.

  • You’re using your platform to propagate death and dismemberment film footage? Is a written description not enough? What the hell is wrong with you?

    • Frank – I agree. In this instance I think you should acquiesce to your readers, even if the opinion is in the minority. It’s really a pretty awful image and is disrespectful for the victims. You’ve taken the road of not publishing some NXIVM videos and pictures that are out there out of respect for the victims. Simply because you don’t know who these women are doesn’t mean it is ok this time. I’d vote you remove these images and let people find the videos out on the internet on their own if they want to.

  • Those poor women.. People are so sick and disgusting!!! It’s the murderers who should be dead! Not those sad defenseless women! To hell with Raniere and all his supporters! Especially the evil slimy weasel lookalike “lawyer.” Hope he has tons of debt like most all the other lawyers!

  • While Clyne argues women were of legal age and made choices to hand over collateral, the fright experiment was a calculated act of coordinated deception. No doubt those subjected to acts of sadists were manipulated to believe it was a BS highly evolved experiential opportunity. Glazer should destroy Porter on this. Raniere is exactly where he needs to be.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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