Clyne Asks Judge to Excuse Her Thursday Court Appearance

Nicki Clyne t.

Nicki Clyne filed a motion today to be excused from her court ordered,  in person appearance on Feb. 17 at the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse, at 225 Cadman Street.

It is the same courthouse where her prince and mentor, Keith Alan Raniere, was convicted on June 19, 2019 following a six-week trial.

The Eastern District of New York Courthouse where the Raniere trial was held is also the venue for the civil lawsuit – Edmondson, et al. v. Raniere, et al.

Clyne claims she is impecunious, that she has insufficient funds to travel to Brooklyn on Thursday, and that she is not living in New York anymore.

It is up to US District Court Judge Eric Komitee to decide whether he will waive her personal appearance. If he chooses not to, and she does not appear he has several options to consider: from sanctions, which would basically be a fine – or, and this would be extreme, issuing a bench warrant for her arrest.

He previously ordered all non-incarcerated defendants to appear in person at Thursday’s hearing. There are 11 individual defendants – Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Sara Bronfman, Karen Unterreiner, Brandon Porter, Danielle Roberts, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Kathy Russell, Clare Bronfman, and Clyne.

Clare Bronfman, Raniere and Mack are incarcerated and will not be appearing. Mack and Raniere do not have lawyers. Clare Bronfman will be represented at Thursday’s hearing by her attorneys.


Here is Clyne’s motion:

Nicole Clyne

1072 Bedford Ave. #87

Brooklyn, NY 11216

February 14, 2022


United States District Court

Eastern District Court

225 Cadman Plaza East

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Re: Edmondson, et al. v. Raniere, et al., 1:20-CV-00485-EK-CLP

Dear Honorable Judge Komitee

I am writing in response to your preliminary order of protection filed on February 11, and your direction to appear in person at a conference on February 17. ECF No. 141.

I, Nicki Clyne, a defendant in this lawsuit, am representing myself pro se because I have no funds to retain an attorney. As I no longer live in New York State, I am requesting to appear by tele-conference or phone so as to preserve what little funds I have and work on defending myself in this case.

Firstly, Your Honor, kindly permit me to advise that I fully intend to abide by your temporary protective order and I will NOT name any plaintiffs who are seeking anonymity. I will neither condone nor recommend that anyone else do so.

I will not, nor have I ever, expressed any intention to, name any of the anonymous plaintiffs.

At this time, I am still in the dark as to who most of them are.

If Your Honor would so desire, I am willing to provide the Court ex-parte with my financial affidavit to establish my financial inability to afford a lawyer or travel to Brooklyn at this time.

Yours sincerely,

/s/ Nicki Clyne

cc: All parties appearing, via ECF


Observant readers might have noticed that Clyne gives a Brooklyn address, 1072 Bedford Ave. #87, Brooklyn, NY 11216, yet states she does not live in New York.

Checking out the address online it appears that it is the address of the Mailroom Store, a place that provides post office boxes and sells supplies. It is not a residential building.


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  • Attention Shadow Fans!!!

    If anyone has an interest in meeting Shadowstate1958, he will be appearing outside of the Mailroom Store on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.
    Shadow will be hosting a meet & greet, as he patiently waits for Nicki to pickup her mail:

    Selfies with Shadow are $10.
    Autographs are $5.
    Packaged deal $14.95
    Cash only!

    • Surprise Announcement:

      NiceGuy will be holding his very own Meet & Greet this Spring in Harvard Square.

      Additionally, Alanzo will be making an appearance too, while attempting to assassinate NiceGuy.
      Selfies with NiceGuy are $50. All proceeds will go towards keeping NiceGuy awash in Beer 🍺.

  • Question: Is Nicky Clyne not a first-line slave? If so, did she establish a second-line pod of slaves of her own (whatever their terminology was)? Can she not order her slaves to stump up the money for her as ‘acts of self-care’? Tut, tut! You really can’t get the right caliber of slaves nowadays.

  • Nicky C. has no money, she claims. What happened to being an independent, strong, bad-ass, powerful woman? Does that mean that being a strong woman is (for her) being dependent on KR (a man) telling her what to do and being a man’s slave? Viva Executive Success: from a feted actress to ….?

  • Nicki Clyne used to live in Vancouver’s Gastown neighborhood.
    Nicki Clyne@nickiclyne·13hWow, this is my old hood

    Yesterday Antifa protestors toppled a statue of Vancouver pioneer “Gassy Jack”.

    Vancouver’s Gassy Jack statue toppled, covered in red paint during Women’s Memorial March
    A well-known Vancouver statue was toppled over and defaced by some participants of the 31st annual Women’s Memorial March on Monday.

    In a video posted to social media, hundreds of people can be seen cheering as the Gassy Jack statue on Water Street was torn down.

    Some were warned to move back as the statue narrowly missed bystanders as it came crashing down to the ground.

    The statue was also covered in red paint.
    Vancouver police said the incident happened shortly after 1 p.m. as participants of the march made their way past the Gastown landmark.

    “Demonstrators tied ropes around the statue, then pulled it to the pavement,” said Sgt. Steve Addison in a news release.

    Police added that nobody was injured, no arrests have been made and an investigation is underway.

    The Gassy Jack statue, which depicts Jack Deighton – who opened a bar in the neighbourhood in the late 1800s – has been a source of controversy in recent years.

    A petition was previously launched in 2020 calling for the statue to be removed as Deighton was “a terrible symbol of Vancouver, upholding and honouring violence towards and oppression of Indigenous people.”

    According to the petition, Deighton “took a 12-year-old Squamish girl to be his wife at the age of 40, impregnating her with his child at her young age.”

    Organizers of the petition said at the time that removing the statue “is not about erasing history, but about reconciliation.”

    Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart took to Twitter to express his thoughts on Monday’s demonstration, calling it “dangerous.”

    “The City of Vancouver has been in consultations with Squamish Nation on the right way to remove the Gassy Jack statue and recognize the truth of John Deighton’s harmful legacy,” it reads.

    The big attraction in Gastown is the steam powered Clock.
    Steam Powered Clock in Gas Town Vancouver, BC

    • kind of sinister with the other pics of Rosemary West and the accompanying song to the AM tiktok being —

      “My love grows where my Rosemary goes” hateful, actually

      • Shadow believes in good production quality! He’s an alt-right Michael Moore.

        What kind of shoddy production wouldn’t it be without a soundtrack?

        • Blimey, that was Shadow?!! Lorks!!

          I thought it was Nicki Clyne’s gift to her wife. Chilling. As it’s the thought that counts.

          • It wasn’t Shadow! Seriously.

            I just like messing with my homeboy, Shadow. He wouldn’t do that. 😉

  • Only nxivm people think they are exempt from everything. Any other normal person when called to court must go, no matter what. How many “poor” people get called to court and still have to show up? Nxivm ppl should be treated no differently. Stop letting them be entitled all the time. They will never learn anything if they can talk their way out of everything.

  • She spent all that time worshiping KR who was making money hand over fist and never shared the wealth with her or the others and now she’s completely broke and she STILL defends him? Wake up idiot!

  • Thanks to the new world order of day-to-day business that is a COVID world, I doubt the judge gives a shit if they show up in person or not. He will probably be just fine with a Zoom meeting as this is just prelim stuff that never really even required an in-person appearance beyond that was tradition and so it must be. For the actual trial, depending on COVID threat level, he will likely not be as accommodating.

    As for her being broke…if I were the plaintiffs, I would start saving screenshots or whatever the legal equivalent is, of her social media on the regular. She may be doing the social influencer thing of faking the rich life but it does appear that if she moved from the incredibly expensive location that is New York to a not as expensive but still very expensive location that might be Miami but whatever it is seems to have proximity to the ocean means it’s not cheap. She clearly has some flow of money that is higher than most people who can’t afford to live in New York and then later Miami. I doubt it’s a coincidence that the non-actors of NXIVM seem to have moved to locations where the cost of living is lower.

    • Yet, Nicki just took a trip to visit the gators via a boat tour for her birthday which cost a pretty penny. She doesn’t seem to work but can pay for living expenses: How is that?

      Has been able to deal with her immigration status while dealing with a fake marriage: Who is paying that bill?

      Got a divorce from Allison Mack: Who paid her legal bills for her divorce?

      Has traveled to Tucson to see her lover until she was banned due to funky emails: Who paid for those airfares and hotel stays?

      Now, Clyne can’t get the funds together to buy a ticket, or bus fare to a court hearing!

      It’s total BS. If it was a chance to see her husband-for-life Raniere, she’d find the money. It’s just not a value for her to go to this.

    • Whelp turns out wrong about the in-person stuff. That sucks for all involved. I think it’s rather silly to require in-person appearances for anything that isn’t the trial itself but the only opinion that matters is the judge’s and he seems to like the traditional dress up and waste your day aspect of court proceedings. Guess the DOS gang has flight plans for Wednesday. After court, they can get together and work on their next batch of plans to magically free Raniere.

  • Is she willing to stop supporting the non-defendants that want to name the names as she has on her Twitter account?

    Her and her NXIVM 5 + buds sure were passing around the right to name the Jane and John Does “I Will Name Them” if they don’t come forward Tweets from Michele Hachette. Rooting her on saying it was her right.

    If Suneel has Brandon Porter and his assistant’s text and What Apps messages from the studies of NXIVM, he knows all the names anyway. I don’t know what they are complaining about. Suneel has pointed out two of the DOEs already and wrote about them on his post on the FR.

    I don’t get what is so hard about the IDs: Brandon seems to know, Suneel seems to know, they all talk to one another

    Nicki is Raniere’s #1 who leads the group.

    Come on, they all know the names.

    If you’re gonna play this kind of hard ball with the people in the lawsuit, save up some bus money for court hearings.

    Stop asking your friends to do your dirty work that gets you into trouble and that pisses the Judge off.

  • Where does she live now if not in New York?

    She posted on Twitter some alligator safari adventure that she went on her birthday. How was she able to afford such travel and event costs if she had such limited funds?

  • Seems reasonable to me. But, maybe the judge wants to play hardball in order to put an end to the circus atmosphere Nicki and the dead-enders are attempting to turn this into.

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