EXCLUSIVE: Frank Report Obtains 18 Video Clips That Comprised the ‘Human Fright Experiment’ – See It Here and Judge!

Through painstaking research and interviews of numerous individuals who were subjects of the NXIVM “Human Fright Experiment,” Frank Report has been able to identify, obtain clips, and determine the precise order they were played to 40 unsuspecting women [and a few men].

NXIVM leaders called it an “Emotion” study, and hooked subjects up to an EEG to record brain activity and galvanic skin resistance (GSR) to measure their physiological response, and used a camcorder to record facial and auditory reactions as subjects of this “experiment” watched 18 different clips of lengths between approximately one minute and 15 minutes.

The men behind the experiment – Dr. Brandon Porter, and Keith Raniere – were assisted by facilitators, and the equipment, and possibly other funding, that was provided by Clare Bronfman.

For the first time ever, Frank Report is revealing the complete list of the 18 clips that comprised the “Human Fright Experiment.”

The 18 clips consist of, in addition to the notorious snuff film where four women are actually killed on camera, scenes from seven theatrical release films, six TV commercials, a scene from a TV show, a sports competition, a short film, and a popular YouTube video.

Almost all the clips shown consist of actors. Here they are in the order that they were shown to subjects:

1) Guinness Commercial – Wheelchair Basketball

The first clip shown to subjects hooked up to the equipment is a beer commercial. The reveal at the end is, I imagine, meant to make you want to associate a rather emotional act of kindness with drinking Guinness Beer. It is not scary at all, unless perhaps you are, or know someone who is, in a wheelchair. It was meant to sell beer, which incidentally has probably been responsible for more people winding up in wheelchairs through drunk driving accidents than any other beverage known to man.

The emotion here is sentimental; maudlin.


2) American History X – Curb Stomp Scene

From maudlin, we move right to disturbing. Keep in mind this scene has been seen by millions It is a memorable scene from a fairly popular movie. It is, however, a violent scene. A white man stomps on a black man in a clearly racially charged bit of  violence. The camera cuts away from the actors before the viewer is led to imagine the black man’s head gets smashed and he is killed.

It is violence with racial tinging.


3) Bridgestone Commercial – Suicide Dog

This next is a commercial for Bridgestone Tire and the punchline for Bridgestone is a driver with their tires is able to precent a dog from dying.

The premise is meant to be comedic. A dog with human emotions sees his bitch getting humped by another dog and runs into the road to try to commit suicide. A very silly commercial that possibly wouldn’t scare anybody.

It has a bit of suspense when the dog almost gets run over. The good tires save the life of the cucked dog.

In most circles, it would probably elicit guffaws not for its cleverness but for its stupidity.


4) Proctor & Gamble Commercial – Thank You Mom

The next one is another commercial, this time for Proctor & Gamble. It is about mothers helping their children. The emotion is that Proctor and Gamble care to show how mothers help teach and inspire their children. It’s meant to be inspirational, “mama loves you.”  A couple of scenes show that children can get hurt or scared while trying to grow, but this is one of mainly maudlin sentimentality.


5) Hannibal – Hannibal Lecter Feeds Krendler His Last Meal

This is a very famous scene that millions of people have watched. Quite possibly half the NXIVM subjects who saw this as part of the Human Fright Experiment had already seen it at the cinema or on TV. In fact, it’s so famous that it has a comical campy effect to some. Still, it’s a bit gross, a man eating a bit of his brain before he is going to die. Grotesque, if you can get past the obvious ham acting. If you took it seriously, and considering the snuff film that will come later, it could have an impact of being upsetting.


6) ReMoved (a short film)

The next one is a complete short film. Its theme is non-sexual child abuse. A child is abused by parents and other adults. The emotion evoked is sympathy, outrage . Not fright. But if someone was abused as a child, it might be quite triggering.


7) Thai Life Insurance – Unsung Hero

The next one is a commercial for life insurance.  It is a maudlin, cheaply sentimental commercial about a man going around overtly doing good deeds. Not scary at all. Meant to get people to associate good deed doing with a life insurance company.


8) Budweiser – Troops Come Home

Next comes a Budweiser commercial – for the purpose of making one associate Bud with brave military men and women. It shows military personnel coming off a plane and people clapping. If patriotism or the goose-bump feelings one gets when one thinks of certain things such as how great one’s country is – is an emotion, then this is what the commercial strove for and failed to achieve. My emotions made me want to drink a Budweiser to forget the stupidity of it.


9) Million Dollar Baby – Fight Scene (0:05:37 to 0:06:52)

Now here we get a bit of violence, or a dose of it but it is weird and disjointed, just like the female boxer’s nose in the clip. The movie starring a dude named old Clint Eastwood manages his daughter or some girl who calls him daddy in the brain pummeling sport of boxing. She is in a female boxing match in this film called Million Dollar Baby. It was Oscar-nominated and other than females punching each other as stupidly as men do in the ring, daddy’s little girl gets her nose broken and she is bleeding so bad the referee is certain to stop the fight.

While in between rounds, a supposedly inspirational scene takes place where the father/manager wants her to stop; she wants to go on and the father breaks and resets his daughter’s nose so she can finish the fight. It’s more about the emotion that’s the foundation for determination and grit and the spirit to fight on, though it is done in a ridiculously ham-handed way. Not really scary. But more female violence, though in this instance it is female hurting female, but the assumption is that the older, supposedly wiser father is putting her up to a sport that causes brain damage to almost everyone who participates in it. Possibly slightly grimace-evoking when he resets her broken nose.


10) Last King of Scotland – Torture Scene (partial clip, full scene is from 1:33:57 – 1:48:30)

Previously, we had a dog that was cucked and a white guy killing a black dude.

This time it is a black dude killing a white guy who cucked him.

A black dictator finds out a white guy fucked one of his wives and he hangs him on a meat hook by his chest while his black friends stand around and laugh. It is a little gross. It is violent. It is stupid. Could be scary to some, although it’s clearly theatrical and I understand the white dude doesn’t die.

Anyone can see it’s not real, these are actors, but it is violent. It’s also reverse racism.

It is ranked on filmsite,org as one of the scariest scenes of all filmdom.

Here is how it is described:

“An awful torture-death scene demonstrated one of the many brutal actions of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker) in the 1970s.

“Idi Amin’s young Scottish physician Dr. Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy) was punished (for an attempted poisoning after realizing the enormous inhumanity of Amin’s regime) by being dangled from the ceiling by ropes and left to die – hanging by two meat hooks pierced through his chest’s nipples – although he was eventually rescued.”

Speaking of polygamous dictators, Keith was very monopolistic with his ladies and, even when he was cucked by a simple case of Daniele kissing another man, he punished her with two years in solitary. When Lauren Salzman engaged in horse play with another dude, actually touching his body, her punishment was to be deprived of motherhood from the master’s sperm.

He didn’t want anyone messing with his bitches, slaves, or ladies of his harem. Maybe there was a hidden message there for the experiment. Don’t fuck with my ladies, [and my ladies don’t cheat on me] or you will be hung up on a meat hook just like my colleague, Idi Amin, would do.  By the way, the dude who played Amin won an Academy Award for his role.

Altogether I wouldn’t call this scene scary, but the cumulative values – from maudlin to violent and back again may be setting the stage for the real explosive video yet to come.


11) Nike – Rise and Shine

This next is a Nike sneaker commercial that lets you know, in no uncertain terms, that you can always do better if you wear Nike sneakers. It is meant I suppose to be a little inspirational and is for the lesser intelligent more emotional types who probably are already wearing Nike sneakers.


12) The Accused – Rape Scene (partial clip, full scene is from 1:23:09 – 1:32:59)


Actress Jodie Foster won an Academy Award for this role, and this scene was probably why. She gets gang raped on a billiard table . The film doesn’t actually explicitly show her being raped. There is no porn or violence porn.

It’s largely suggestive rather than explicit. There are no sex organs shown. Foster shows defiance. She bites the finger of one of her rapists. It’s clearly a movie. Clearly, they’re actors. It is brutal, violent, violative, ignorant and yet Foster remains defiant. An intelligent person would understand it’s obviously not a real gang rape. Yet for those who are triggered by this, perhaps because they have been sexually assaulted, this could be quite horrific. The imagination of it, the suggestion that these kind of things can and do happen in the world, could raise the fear level for many women. And again, it is more violence against women.


13) Dove – Real Beauty Sketches

From violence against women, we go to making women more beautiful with this Dove soap commercial.

Yes, it’s a cheesy, silly and maudlin. The commercial asks the question: Are you more beautiful than you say? And proves it. It is meant to sell soap. You definitely are more beautiful if you use soap and clean your face. It is also the perfect set up for the snuff film which follows.


14) Snuff Film

We’ve written about this extensively. It’s not a theatrical film but the film of an actual execution and beheading of four women by men. It’s the first non-actor, non-cinematic, horrifyingly real terror-inducing video of the collection. Which we described in the last post.

This film may be the real point of the entire experiment and all that came before it and the few that come after it are just window dressing.


15) Cannonball – Catch the Ice Dude

This extraordinarily popular YouTube video – 46 million views – was posted some years ago and is about a guy who tries to jump on a pond or pool that is iced over to break the ice. He fails and hurts his ass. But is not injured. It is apparently comedic in tone.


16) Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Body (beginning to 0:14:20)

This14 minutes of drivel is from a TV show and may have been placed there to induce the emotion of boredom and sleepiness from the earlier horror of the snuff film. Yet the theme is dark and disturbing as Buffy discovers her mother s idead.

The show is fantastic, and no one, except those who believe in vampires and zombies could take it too seriously, and the acting is so bad that one might think they cast real zombies in all the leading roles.

Still, here is how the episode is described in Wikipedia:

The Body” is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of the supernatural drama television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer…. [aired] February 27, 2001. In the series, Buffy Summers is a teenager chosen by mystical forces and endowed with superhuman powers to defeat vampires, demons, and other evils in the fictional town of Sunnydale. She is supported in her struggles by a close circle of friends and family, nicknamed the “Scooby Gang”. In “The Body”, Buffy is powerless as she comes upon her lifeless mother, who has died of a brain aneurysm.

Although Buffy and her friends deal with death every week, often in very gruesome and fantastic ways, in this episode they are bewildered by the natural death of Joyce Summers, the divorced mother of Buffy…. Buffy must begin to face her life and her duties as the Slayer without parental support and comfort. The episode was stripped of all music and disorienting effects were included to convey the sense of displacement and loss associated with the death of a close family member.

“The Body” aired to wide acclaim, and has since been ranked by several critics as one of the greatest television episodes ever broadcast.


17) The Jerk – Phone Book Scene

The next one is from a 1979 movie starring Steve Martin. It is a supposed comedy film called “The Jerk.”

Screwball stupid. Not scary. Almost funny if you’re easily amused. Probably used to reset after the snuff film, to take one out of the darkness of the horror showed.

Here is how the film, from which probably the most famous scene from it is show, is described: “Carl Reiner (Where’s Poppa?) brought comic Steve Martin to the screen in this mostly funny 1979 movie about a relentlessly stupid but innocent man, whom we get to know from childhood (where it never occurred to him that he was white as he was raised by a family of black sharecroppers) to romance (where he doesn’t quite know what to do with Bernadette Peters). Martin is game as the moron, and this is the kind of film with funny moments people still talk about. –Tom Keogh”

In it the moron says, “The new phone book’s here. The new phone book’s here. This is the kind of spontaneous publicity I need. My name in print. That really makes somebody. Things are going to start happening to me now.”


18) Phelps wins 100m Butterfly

A swimmer named Michael Phelps wins a swimming contest by a very narrow distance, a photo finish. It was in the 2016 Olympics and was for the US. Olympic Team Trials and his third first-place finish.

It’s less than two minutes and ends our fright experiment on a high note.

Perhaps it gives the subject a feeling of triumph and success to end a very dismal selection of odd and bizarre clips, with some acted out violence – forced cannibalism, gang rape, a father breaking and resetting his daughter’s nose, a daughter chancing upon her mother’s dead body, a guy getting hung by his chest, a dude busting his ass on ice, and a shitload of other stupid, all sandwiched around #14 – the snuff film.


All in all, very interesting and worthy of more investigation. What was the point and what did the experimenters learn?


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  • Here’s why I think Raniere did this: A. To desensitize. B. Phishing to see who was already desensitized

    Getting to cause pain to the subjects and ultimately Porter, was a nice bonus for vanguard.

  • Someone asked if KR based these experiments on the Harvard/Unabomber ones. It was widely reported during the Iraq war that Saddam Hussein used the same techniques on his young sons, making them view endless snuff movies to desensitize them. Maybe KR had the same ultimate goal in mind? A group of people ‘desensitized’ to all forms of violence ready to do his bidding? Speculation, of course, but these experiments, conducted by unqualified operators, with no protocol or supervision cannot be considered ‘ethical’ by any mental contortion.

  • The mild benign scenes are put in as control elements, so that the impact of the snuff film could be measured against a universal base line: i.e., to induce a similar measure of calm to the brain-states of the subjects, hit them with the ultra-violence, and then be able to measure recovery against the reintroduction of the benign universal baseline, in this case the beer ads, etc. This IS a fright experiment. Or an act of violent abuse, given that no paper was ever produced or submitted for peer review.

  • I think it’s far worse to be lulled by obvious fiction and saccharin commercials than hit with brutal, traumatizing, non-fiction, criminal content. And that was intentional.

    But the “fright experiment” is just one awful, orchestrated event.

    It’s the TOTALITY of ESP/DOS/Nxivm that makes them monstrous organizations.

    The loyalists love to minimize and separate each diabolical thread.

    It was a cult leader enlisting his branded slave/girlfriends to deceptively procure more unsuspecting humans to brand on the groin with his initials & blackmail into serving the cult leader as “fuck toy slaves”. For life. And this same skeevy cult leader simultaneously fucking three sisters (one of whom was just 15 years old) whilst demanding all these females commit only to him sexually and find him a young girl to be a “virgin successor”.

    And that’s just a sordid smidge of the enormity of evil that was going on.

    The “fright experiment” in context of the whole Nxivm/DOS/ESP enterprise is yet another disturbing, damning and damaging piece of the Nxivm cult and experience for some very unfortunate “community members”.

    • Showing the films on this order is clearly meant to traumatize and desensitize. I feel bad for anyone who underwent it

  • The snuff film is going to be horrifying to the more influenceable and those inexperienced to the real horrors of conflict and war. Interestingly never remember any veterans in NXIVM. Or law enforcement types. Seems to me the brain wave scans may have been an attempt to quantify psych eval’s in a matrix metrics on whom could be manipulated into complete submission to allow them the confidence that as a group they could conquer war with NXIVM tech.

    Fools but true believers. I wonder if the four snuff film victim were graded for their purity by their body image in discussion.

    Frank ???

    Did or have the remaining NXIVM faithful a part of the experimental study by Porter ?

    Also the Jody Foster clip seemed to mirror how the DOS slaves described the seduction assignment. Although they endured the unknown sexual assaulter whom was a same sex assault.

    Horrifying and Sad.

  • My take on the videos:

    A. Numbers 6, 12, and 14 are the most disturbing.

    B. Anything Alonzo says I disagree with.

    C. Number 5 is like an ordinary day in Shadow’s basement.

    If whacky Doc Porter didn’t use the moniker Human Fright Experiment, he’d probably still have his license.

    And then there is the YMCA food poisoning….Sorry whacky Doc Porter you still would’ve lost your license. So sad.

  • Frank! Thank you so much for this! I’ve always wondered about this element of the story. I’m little reluctant to watch the programming but it’s certainly fulsome. I was very surprised by the amount of beer commercials! Never ever expected that!

  • Obviously showing these clips to people and measuring their response is not what it has been portrayed to be in the media.

    Something else was going on here with these experiments.

    I’ll bet the much maligned and much denigrated Dr. Brandon Porter could tell the truth here.

    If the truth is really what the readers of the Frank Report want.

    Which is assuming a lot.


  • You think it’s very interesting and worthy of more investigation? It is not.

    You ask yourself what the point was? There is no point….

    You ask what the experimenters learned? They learned nothing, except that it was a bad idea: Porter lost his medical license and Raniere his freedom.

    Do not show snuff movies. If it isn’t illegal, it’s immoral.

    • StevenJ-

      Excluding a snuff film a man lost his medical for showing some rated R movies.
      The public should be able to see the reasons why. The snuff film showing is gratuitous, but, how else can you judge whether or not Porter deserved to lose his license?

      I believe the medical board made the right call.

      • Re #14:

        I believe Frank is correct and that everything is window dressing for number 14; It being the only and very obvious nonfiction video.

      • Niceguy: I too believe the board made the right call. I just think showing this snuff movie is disrespectful to those poor women and it serves no purpose. If you tell what happened in the movie, everybody gets the message (Note: Not a word for word description, like Alonzo did, which is equally distasteful)

        • “Not a word for word description, like Alonzo did, which is equally distasteful.”

          I’m sorry. What did I do?

          I never watched the video. I agreed with you that Frank should not have posted it. I’m not going to watch that kind of horrific exploitation of someone’s murder.

          So I’m confused, StevenJ.

          Please explain.


          • Alanzo. I apologize. I made a mistake: it was dancing clown Suneel that I wanted to refer to in my post…….

          • Alanzo,
            —Frank should not have posted it.

            But it’s okay for Brandon Porter to show it to unsuspecting people?

            Frank posted with a clear explanation as to what people would be seeing. Don’t you understand the difference, Alanzo? Or is it above your level of comprehension?

        • StevenJ-

          I agree with you. The video is grotesque. I posted a comment warning people of how disturbing the video is.

          But, I’m conflicted about whether or not to allow people to see it. This video was used in the Fright Experiment – and, as such, it shows what a monster Raniere and Porter are…

          And it was filmed by the Mexican Narcos as a propaganda tool to intimidate the Mexican people. US drug users basically fund the Narcos. Americans should see what their habit is paying for.

          The American public should see what the drug users in our country are funding.


      • Apology to Alanzo. I made a mistake mentioning him in my previous post. It was dancing clown Suneel who thought it was a good idea to graphically report what happened in the snuff movie that unfortunately is shown on FR.

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