Guest View: Suneel Puts Forth Conjecture and No Evidence

There has been a bit of back and forth between Suneel Chakravorty and Sherizzy over the question of whether the FBI tampered with the evidence of child porn in the case of Keith Alan Raniere.

After Suneel wrote, Suneel Smacks Back at Bangkok, Presses Allegations of FBI Tampering With Cami Child Porn Pics,  Sherizzy wrote a comment which I turned into a post, entitled Suneel Is Wrong, Cami, Raniere, Agnifilo; None Disputed Nudes Were of 15 Year Old 

Suneel then wrote a post: Suneel Stands His Ground; Clarifies Why He Believes FBI Tampered With Cami Nude Pics

Now, Sherizzy is giving his rebuttal to Suneel’s rebuttal.

By Sherizzy

Your rebuttal to my comment is unpersuasive.

Of course, you never explicitly claimed to be an expert. The fact that you believe yourself to be more knowledgeable than the experts who testified at trial comes across through your words and tone.

Keith Raniere used Post-it notes to give messages to his attorneys during his trial.

Post-it notes to defense counsel repeatedly and ferociously during cross-examinations reveal Raniere’s high level of input in his defense. It follows that he was just as passionate about his defense when alone with his attorneys. Further, the fact that Marc Agnifilo would badger Lauren Salzman given his experience also serves as proof (Raniere was handing him notes throughout her cross).

Lauren Salzman broke into tears when she was cross-examined by Keith Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo. The judge stopped the cross-examination.


This is a 2005 photo of the type of Camera Keith Raniere allegedly used to take nude photos of Cami and other females in 2005. The problem with it being 2005 is that unlike the other women photographed, Cami was only 15 in 2005, making photographing her in sexually explicit ways a federal crime.

Also, let’s look at this logically. If Raniere knew the Cami photos were not from 2005, don’t you think he would have brought that up? If you were a defendant and you knew that evidence was not authentic, wouldn’t you bring that up to your lawyers? Would you permit them to make an argument that concedes that they were authentic? This is also the first line of defense. It wasn’t mine, the cops planted it – OJ? Almost every gun and drug case where the evidence was not found on the person. If it was a valid issue, it would have been raised.

I guess you did not read my clarification of my “weight of evidence” point. Any piece of evidence must be authenticated before it can be admitted as an exhibit at trial. Once the prosecutor lays a proper foundation, as they did here, any challenge to that evidence goes to its weight. The jury here weighed the evidence, including the cross of the expert about the break in the chain of custody, and they found that the photo was authentic. Raniere did not put experts on the stand so he cannot challenge the evidence now on appeal. The issue is unpreserved.

A photo of a Lexar camera card similar to the one seized at the Executive Library of Keith Raniere. FBI Forensic Examiner Brian Booth testified at Raniere’s trial that the FBI lost custody of the Lexar camera card after the FBI seized it and someone, unknown to Booth, accessed the card before the FBI regained custody. No evidence of any kind was presented by the defense that any changes were made to the camera card that could have resulted in changing the date of the Cami photos, making it appear that she was younger than she was. Following the trial, Raniere’s followers have claimed they have uncovered new evidence about the card.

Most importantly, despite your claim that you have “evidence” of tampering, all you have put forth is conjecture. Ifs and mays are not evidence. You must prove with factual evidence that the photos were tampered with by law enforcement. Your opinion that it is easy to tamper with the data is your opinion. The expert at trial held a different opinion, which is not perjury. You need to prove that you know for a fact that the photos are not authentic. You have not done that because you lack real evidence.

Also, the evidence at trial belies your claim. Raniere’s anniversary with Cami established her age as 15 when they first had sex. Lauren’s testimony showed that he always set anniversary dates based on the first time he had sex with that person. Many witnesses testified about Raniere’s penchant for naked photos, especially close-ups of vaginas with a bit of face showing. Daniela found a folder of naked pictures around that time when she backed up his hard drive. And, of course, Cami’s victim statement confirmed that Raniere took naked pictures of her and had sex with her when she was 15.

Nxivm Camila
MK10ART’s sketch of Camila. Cami did not testify at trial. Instead, her first appearance was at the sentencing of Keith Raniere. While she was not under oath, Cami stated that Raniere did begin a sexual relationship with her when she was 15 and that he took nude photos of her at the same age.

So, you are saying that each one of these people is lying. That the prosecutors made them lie. Where is your proof? Isn’t it more probable that Raniere, a man with a history of keeping naked photos and having sex with minors, kept a photo of Cami at 15?

Lastly, I don’t know what comments you are reading, but the ones I have read – all of them – display your complete lack of credibility with FR readers.

You are a math guy, Suneel. You should be able to see how your claim is illogical. Your idol worship of Raniere is making you blind to the evidence.



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  • “She was horny like all 15-year-old girls are. Like I was. I would have done Keith in a heartbeat when I was 15.
    She knew what she was doing.” Lucy Brown

    “Birds do it, bees do it, even horny 15 year old girls do it.
    Let’s do it, let’s fall in love.” Cole Porter
    De-Lovely (2004) – Let’s Do It Scene (2/9) | Movieclips

  • If Suneel is a numbers man, then he should understand collatz “conjecture” pretty well right now.

  • Sherrizy: “Also, let’s look at this logically.”
    Suneel: Stops reading and pets his cat.

  • Holy f, I can’t believe people here are defending pedophilia. If it was a 15yo and and 18yo or something, whatever, but 15 and 45??

  • Buenos Dias and TGIF! Jarring dreams whenever I nod off thinking of my sister Gina and KAR per my writing assignment for FR. Our Mom, Rose, was singing “Mares eat oats and Does eat oats and little lambs eat Ivy, a Kid’ll eat Ivy too, wouldn’t you?” Got me thinking about Ivy Neveres and, for some odd reason, Ingrid Santoyo, a caregiver for my son from Guatemala who liked to stash a recorder under her poncho and though she spoke next to zero English, made a big point of telling and showing me how long her hair was and said (in perfect English) that her husband threatened to divorce her if she ever dared cut it. And this was before I read about Keith threatening Ivy in a similar fashion.

    I bid you a good day. Oh, yeah, Frank, btw, blues aficionados know who Lucy Brown is, that she’s another fake and it calls your motives into question even if you just want to “have a discussion.” Last thing, late as usual, recovered some of my notes from the treatment on your story. Intrigued by your statement that, “Pigeon and Stone knew I had a philosophical bent when they lined up the gig.”. Also, many notes about Kristin Keeffe. Shoulda guessed she was still in the picture.

  • Everything is based on the lie that a 15-year-old girl can’t give consent.
    She can. And one day Cami will realize that Keith loved her and tried to help her.

    She was horny like all 15-year-old girls are. Like I was. I would have done Keith in a heartbeat when I was 15.

    She knew what she was doing.

    • Hi Lucy Brown (Bangkok)!!!

      Bangkok translated:

      “I am horny like all 15-year-old boys/girls are. I’d do Keith in a heartbeat! I’d give Kieth a [redacted] with both hands.”
      -Lucy Brown ‘Bangkok’

    • Ahhh. You switched it. Trying to write from the female perspective now. Too bad you showed your true colors already.

      Nothing says “I love you” to a young girl like getting her older sister pregnant. And her middle sister. Multiple times.

      And you. But not going with you to your abortion. Abortions.

      And telling her that she’s fat. All the time.

      Some young girls may or may not be “horny”. But they arent all stupid and desperate. Or all exactly like you.

      Why do you feel entitled to decide how Cami feels? Read her victim impact statement. Cami can speak for herself. And she does. She doesn’t need you.

      You don’t even realize that you are pretend advocating for a girl’s right to tell her own story at the same time that you insist on your narrative for Cami. Don’t be greedy. You have your story. Cami has her own.

      You don’t get to tell your story and then also attempt to steal and subvert Cami’s story.

      If a person is to choose between Cami narrating her own life with Keith in her own words ( as she has done) or listening to you tell Cami’s story from your random perspective – they would be wise to listen to Cami herself.

      Every 15 year old is different. It is odd and self aggrandizing that you think everyone is exactly like you were.

      • But…but…but…Cami is just glorying in her victimhood status!!

        I used to give the NXIVM dead-enders like Nicki the benefit of the doubt, that maybe they were just “brainwashed” and out of their minds, but it appears they have chosen to repeatedly excuse the despicable behavior patterns of their leader and blame it on everyone else but him by constantly special pleading out of their own principle that “there are no ultimate victims” just for him. This implies they agree in principle with his behavior and are, therefore, awful characters like him and should no longer be granted any leeway in being considered so.

    • You have excellent points Lucy Brown and I think you missed an opportunity to help your vanguard. People are not being fair to you.

      I would compel you to submit your argument to the judge on keith’s behalf, should there be a retrial. It’s too bad you didn’t submit this statement during his pre-sentencing, perhaps he would not be serving any time at all.

      If you ever try to persuade the judge about the benefits of vanguard having sex with a 15 year old girl, please also make it clear that vanguard is a short, old, fat, hairy, smelly, herpes infected, philanderer with erectile dysfunction. The glamorous combination of these attributes will result in a cumshot to her face and sometime thereafter a magical blue light will appear.

      For good measure, you might also mention that the sexual bond after this amorous act is so strong that if the young girl ever has sex with another man, it will cause vanguard to die. c’est de l’amour, non?

      Good luck getting vanguard out, really!

      • Ice-nine,
        Ha haha
        I agree! Lucy simply must write a letter in Keith’s defense. Exactly as you detailed.

    • Bangkok-

      Right when Frank, Claviger, and the rest of the gang thought you finally matured….

      “She was horny…”

      Have a great weekend you little [redacted]

    • Eww. Lucy Brown, are you serious?

      I was a 15-year-old girl once upon a time. I remember how people in their 40s looked to me back then. Old. Really, really old. Old enough to be my parents. Yuck!!!

      Boys in my class, totally different story. Might have had a crush on a new one every year. But an old 40+ years old man? Eww!!! Never. So gross!!! People in their 40s even smell like old people when you’re only 15!!!

    • This Frank Report format is one that has worked to have taken Raniere away from our world of young ladies and young men, now and forever, but Raniere wasn’t facing charges for all of his potentially chargeable crimes, when a jury found him guilty. Try to realize that, and the same is true for the women arrested from Nxivm/DOS who took guilty pleas.

      Every single one of these defendants is still (potentially) looking down the barrel of a loaded gun, wherein more criminal charges, and possibly more civil suits, can arise.

      Judge Nicholas Garaufis, it is noted, referred to the Northern District of the State of New York as the more appropriate place to adjudicate, to deal with other criminal activities involving these defendants, with four women still awaiting their sentences for their guilty pleas, i.e., plea deals.

      Your perceptions, out of your miserable and unfeeling and dense corner of our world, stated as you have here, is utterly repugnant to me. Really cold and very pitiable is how your words appear to me. Valueless, except for maybe as a glaring example of you, who you are, one apparently pathetic person, and an individual who has little or no self-respect or genuine compassion for the experiences of others, either.

      Reading this, I feel the tigress instincts rise inside of me. Do not even LOOK at my child or grandchildren. I have their backs as long as possible. You sound like a goddamned human hyena. Your own grotesque shit is what will take you down in the end. This was written in the sand and in the stars, before you were ever born. Go watch some fucking porn.

      Leave the work to those who are willing to have first faced the ups and downs of having some kind of a conscience, some kind of goodwill and a deep commitment to loving and valuing young life, for understanding the duty we have to protect our young ones, to want the very best for any girl or boy, the chance to live, learn and grow.

      How about HAPPILY and SAFELY and SOUNDLY, as this is the atmosphere that we want our kids to be able to have and to hold? That’s number one.

      Sorry to hear that when looking back at yourself at 15 or so, you say,

      “I would have done Keith in a heartbeat when I was fifteen.”

      How you dishonor yourself.

      I wonder whether you really mean this. It sounds so very empty of heart or soul. Most unfortunate it is, to be feeling such a way. Hopefully, you will recover, come to life.

  • Yes, Sherrizy, appreciate your voice of reason and sorry you had to spend another fraction of your life at it.

    Suneel, maybe you can tell us why it appears all reasoning is lost on you? You’re obviously not unintelligent. You must ‘get it’ on some level.

  • Sherizzy,

    Always appreciate your comments & posts. You are an asset to the Frank Report. Keep it up!

  • Sherizzy,
    You are sitting on massive reserves of patience and tolerance. Is there any chance you can ship a dozen pallets my way? I really need them in my every day existence and am running very short!

  • Yes, Suneel would be better off doing something else. This is all pointless. KR stupidly did not take enough advice from lawyers at his trial. You get one bite at the cherry. Bringing stuff up later is extremely hard and rightly so in the legal system and even if the FBI totally invented the victim’s statement, the fact is he had sex with her when she was 15 (and probably others too). Like many cult leaders, sex was his downfall. Had he stuck with other stuff, he would be fine. Maybe that is why some religions do ban sex by their leaders entirely.

    • Mexican Lady, you can be forgiven for making the mistake in English (your second language) calling T-Rump’s Big Lie about a stolen election “election fraud.” Words are tricky–so don’t feel ashamed. Many native English speakers here have made the same mistake. Perhaps if you consume more intelligent media you will gain a better understanding of how to match your language with reality.
      A friend

      • I shared a government account. It is not news media. Didn’t Trump win bigly?

        I personally don’t care if the US audits or not their election. I think it is a right to be able to question if there was election fraud or not. I don’t see anything wrong with questioning it. I think our time would be better served investigating and discussing election fraud than if Keith had or not porno.

    • I wish that we all would have a nice, long party and that we Frank Report lovers could meet, could hug one another and see the lights of our eyes together. What a joy it could be.

      That would be kind of a dream coming true! I have always wanted to meet our wonderful Mexican Lady, Nice Guy, my favorite Anonymous, to be able to HUG Susan Dones, kiss Frank on his cheek, all of that.

      Maybe too sentimental? But it is how I really feel. Mushy about coming together. These are not tears in my eyes, though. Say it isn’t so. If only I could hug Heidi. My God.! These arms ache sometimes with a sense of longing, and it’s just crazy.

        • This is so fabulous! The party started years ago, and now I can just close my eyes and dream of it all.

          I will bring a beverage having no relation to beer. Even water! Beer is so pissy that it turns my delicate stomach inside out. I have some highly unusual chocolate, though and know how to make enough fresh chai for thousands. Really I do. At least enough for a crowd of 15 to 20 thousand who might love chai. Better than beer. Beer is too much like lawn mowers. Mechanical, loud and in need of guidance.

      • First I’d give Frank a high five and take a selfie with him.

        Then I would like to meet Pea and the rest of the Onyu family, including Piss, Blomud, her uncle Apox, and her mother Marie. Thanksgiving at the Onyu house must be something to see.

        Then I’d keep a close eye on Claviger and like the old SNL skits with “Pat”, watch which bathroom he/she/they goes into.

        I would wear a mask around Shadow even though I’m COVID vaccinated, just to piss him off. Scott is not missed LOL.

        I’d like to meet the amazingly talented MK10 and ask for a painting.

        And then sure, I’d have love to have a beer with Capt Moonbeam, Nice Guy, Nutjob, Peaches, Natashka, Snorlax, smtolle, Shivani, Heidi (the first person I’d want to meet!), L, Flowers, erasend, anonymaker, Binder of Vulvas, Sherizzy, Sausage, deepState, and the scores of other awesome commenters I have enjoyed reading over the last four mother fucking years. I would let Bangkok and Bangkok’s friend, Friend of Bangkok, add me on Facebook but I’d delete them the next day, just to make them feel good for the day. This means their facebook friends count would go from 1 to 2 and back to 1 again.

        Sorry if l didn’t name you specifically, Ice-nine does not have a good memory for such things, but he means no disrespect 🙂

        • I am with you Ice-nine!

          I realized last weekend I’ve been following the Frank Report for 3 years.

          I’ll drink a beer to all of you 🍺

          Have a great night!

      • I’d bring a food poison testing kit if any “light vegan fare” OR Italian dish is served.

        I loves you, Shivani, but your taste in politics (and gurus) disagrees with me. 😘

        • How do you find nothingness disagreeable? With me, there are no gurus or politicians. Each is found to be illusionary, upon thorough examination. Those authoritarian figureheads are simply humans, engaged in figuring out what is and what is not.

          In other words, I sanctify no one and find qualities to appreciate in everyone. This is my here and now, as a witness, as a thinker, and as one who feels hungry to keep on learning, exploring.

          If you combined Ava Gardner, an entertainer, with some kind of vision of the old shtetl-world rabbi’s wife, who is driven by inner fire to study and study all of her life, that could be me. Never to deny or to condemn my own unconquerability or sensuality (melting) but one who loves to study. Very much!

          So, someone who is quite serious and also happens to be very fun-loving. Small, ordinary and harmless but a bit tempestuous when challenged, especially when dumbasses are doing the “challenging.”

          But I even like little houseflies and see, feel a certain sweetness pulsing through every bit of life, living. No matter the conditions or “expectations.” Life is beautiful. Full, overwhelmingly fulsome with beauty. So many surprises come every hour.

          It gets to me. This is probably how come Clav gets to me. There is one mind who does not take me the least bit seriously, thank God!

          I am simply a fan of life, a ditzy one.

          If I had not found dancing, I would have died long ago. Too wild! That motion saves my life (not joking) and has never deserted me. That is my only true fountain, foundation. Music. The motion, the soundings, the rhythms.

          You’d probably be okay around me, Heidi. Also, I have been trained to be polite. But this too can pass.

          The revolution is within, and often not even a ripple of that motion can be detected. There is no need. And I’ve a feeling that you are well aware of that, of how the inner workings are reflected outwardly. I have just always liked you a whole lot, Heidi, right from the start.

          Fascism of any sort SUCKS, and that could be how come Frank Parlato means so much to me, because he understands that with such depth. It does not matter how fascism manifests; it is bound to be faulty and harmful.

          Raniere is a failed, sociopathic, hypocritical interpersonal fascist. Stunted growth is all that he could offer. I am just here with the dustpan and broom.

      • Maybe Frank could have a book release party for his commenters? When he publishes his Nxivm tome?

        But I might wear a disguise if Suneel is invited.

        • No worries about Suneel. I can fuck with his head so badly that he will run for the door, quite possibly already vomiting. Oh yes, I can!

          Ready. Partially willing. Totally able.

          Kaboom. Over & out.

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