Guest View: No Evidence FBI Tampered With Cami Photos; That the Camera Card Went Missing Under FBI Custody Is ‘Trivial Lapse’

A photo of a Lexar camera card similar to the one seized at the executive library of Keith Raniere.

The debate continues on the issue of Cami’s underage photos.  Were they tampered with by the FBI or are the remaining followers of Keith Alan Raniere grasping at straws?

Despite the improbable moniker, here is one of our more serious commenters’ view of the debate between Suneel and the rest of the world on the subject of the Cami photos — were they tampered with by the FBI or not?

If I understand it correctly, the seized camera card is how the FBI established the dates of the Cami photos. The FBI lost custody of it some months after they seized it and while it was lost, someone purportedly got into the device. Aristotle’s Sausage argues that even though the camera card went missing while in FBI custody, it means nothing since this missing camera card all came out in court and no evidence was shown that tampering occurred.

By Aristotle’s Sausage

Suneel writes in his article Suneel Stands His Ground; Clarifies Why He Believes FBI Tampered With Cami Nude Pics:

“I agree that improper access does not mean they were tampered with. The point I made was that it had been established by forensic experts, Dr. Munegowda and Steve Abrams, that EXIF metadata, including dates, of pictures on the hard drive had been manually altered…”.

This alleged report was produced at the behest of the Nxivm dead-enders. Created (obviously) after the trial ended, Raniere’s defense team had nothing to do with its creation. It has zero credibility in my opinion. Why? First, Google Dr. Munegowda. He lives and works in India. So how does he have access to the relevant memory device that’s currently locked up as evidence in a US federal facility? Neither alleged expert is working for Raniere’s actual defense team, which means they would have no access to the evidence. Therefore, any “conclusions” they might have drawn are nothing more than pure speculation.

Dr. Keshava Munegowda issued a report that strongly suggests that the Cami photos were tampered with. Read his report:  Obviously, both Munegowda and Abrams were paid by someone supportive of Raniere. Keep in mind that the memory drive in question contains child pornography. Merely having possession of it is illegal. So can Suneel explain how his two alleged experts supposedly got their hands on it? When they aren’t even part of Raniere’s official legal team?

‘Cuz if it’s that easy for Joe Blow to come in off the street and check out stuff from the Feds’ evidence room, I’d like to check out some of the cocaine from that big drug bust. Y’know, to run my own “tests” on it.

Yeah. I have my doubts about this October 2020 “report”. Given Nxivm’s history of lies and phony claims, I’ll assume this report is pure fabrication.

So, where does that leave Suneel’s claims? The actual evidence, given in court, is that there was a lapse in custody and somebody evidently accessed the files. No evidence that anything was changed.

One piece of evidence. Not missing, not altered, merely looked at out of how many pieces of evidence at that trial? Hundreds?

Trivial. That’s what this whole furor is over, a trivial lapse. That was fully explored in court, in front of the jury. The point has been considered and dismissed. It’s a nothing-burger.

I expect Suneel will keep hammering at this bit of irrelevance because it’s all he’s got. Like I said before, he’d talk the ear off a dead dog. Because he desperately needs to believe Raniere is a victim of injustice.

Well, the jury didn’t and neither do I.

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  • Get ahold of yourself, Frank. It’s really bumming me out to see you playing Patsy for perverts.

    I believed you were ‘played’ like a lot of smart, strong, courageous, ambitious people who coulda been a contenda.

    I coulda been wrong. You should try it sometime. Being wrong. Not so bad really. Until you lose the person who meant more than the world and heaven to you in their vicious game.

  • Look, for all you prudes and little deniers of normal human impulses. I was horny at age 15. If I didn’t have cock I would masturbate. That’s just the way it is I’ll tell you another thing that will rock your world. I wasn’t the only girl in my school in Chicago who had sex when she was 15.

    Every decent-looking girl did. No, we aren’t victims.

    Maybe Cami is a victim, maybe not. I know I’m not a victim. Luge with it.

    • You sound bold and unabashed for your stupid opinion. You and Ghislaine Maxwell must have a lot in common.

      But, of course, this bravado is all displayed anonymously. How about you post your real name and address so we can verify your story? I’m sure plenty of people would love to know there is a female who supports statutory rape and sexual predation around them.

        • Of course, it is a troll.

          You don’t have to be “decent-looking” to have sex at 15 with your peers. You need only to be willing.

          Actually “decent-looking” often isn’t a prerequisite for adults either.

          How do you think ugly people are made? By this troll’s reasoning, only good-looking and ” decent-looking” people are procreating.

          A trip to ANY Wal-Mart proves that this is empirically false.

          The average & the ugly bone too. They reproduce. They are the majority. They are everywhere.

          • Find a Bridge,

            —You don’t have to be “decent-looking” to have sex at 15 with your peers. You need only to be willing.

            I am afraid my dear friend, you haven’t considered the possibility, that our troll looks like a troll. Walmart empirical evidence be damned! I’ve seen things in Walmart that cannot be explained.

    • Didn’t you say you grew up somewhere else previously?

      No one cares about your teenage sex life. This is the Frank Report. We are discussing Keith Raniere. If you are so desperate to tell everyone about yourself as a kid start the ‘Lucy Brown Report’ Somewhere else.

      Cami has already spoken for herself. Why do you so desperately want her story to mirror yours? Can’t she be her own person?

      Not everything is about you. This would be one of those times.

      • Old man Epstein is dead wrong.

        And his old lady’s hanging by a bare thread in the joint.

        Guess she “wasn’t a fan” of DJT’s either. Too bad Stone couldn’t get HER a pardon when she was good for the going rate.

    • What does this salacious commenter mean by “Luge with it”?

      1. It was a typo and Frank still doesn’t let us edit our tweets.

      2. She meant “glide” with it. As in, I’m correct. You’re not. No big deal – glide on.

      3. She meant “glide” with it. As in, Come see me Big Boy. Glide on in.

      4. Since she’s been popping stuff in there since the day she got out of diapers, a luge would fit.

      5. She meant “skeleton”. As in, my emaciated skeleton of a body gets horny when I rub up against my skeleton on the frozen Lake Placid track.

      6. Sex isn’t like tennis. Sex is like the luge – fast down a slippery track. BTW Lucy – Do you think you own Keith’s penis???

      7. She’s still trying to sound cool after years of masturbating while thinking about all the decent-looking girls in her school having sex.

      8. “Luge with it” is an expression that all gangsters in Chicago use. It’s a hidden low-blow at poor virgin Shadow.

      9. No idea. Also, no idea why she would masturbate if she didn’t have a rooster.

      10. Never mind. I figured it out – thanks to urban dictionary. She is obviously referencing her penchant for a dirty luge.

    • There is no way that you are a woman. Women don’t say things like “ If I didn’t have cock.” Men who wish that women talked this way say these stupid sorts of things. Most women I know don’t even use the word, “cock” – “dick” is more common. But some very feeble-minded men love throwing around the “cock” word and attributing it to women who wouldn’t give them the time of day.

      You and your comments are ridiculous. Grow up.

    • “I wasn’t the only girl in my school in Chicago who had sex when she was 15.” Lucy Brown

      A lot of 15 year old girls get knocked up, then they have to drop out of school and take jobs at McDonald’s.

      • Mr. Shadow, McDonald’s is a great place to meet young, impressionable women, and they’re classier than those old VFW barflies.

  • The dates of the photos on both the hard drive and memory card had the same creation date and it looks like the camera had some form of burst function so the photos originated at the same time on both devices as well.

    Now, as far as I am aware, I do recall hearing or reading somewhere on here that the contents passed for analysis to our “experts” was sent via a medium like dropbox wnich means that content could be whatever the sender wanted it to be and also accessed online from other locations.

    If true, with all that out in the open, it also means that if underage girls were involved in the content then surely that means those involved might actualy be guilty of distributing child pornography. That is illegal here in the UK.

  • Oh, lordy lord. Now it’s the nostrils.

    Thank you, Frank. You might’ve provided a new Su illustration at last. But all ass, dear sirs and ladies. I am just not in the mood to dig into this right now.

    May I have a rain check and come back later, after I locate some aerosol Raid foam spray? BRB? Is that what it’s called?

    Otherwise, what we worryin’ about? Swami Sperminator is not late for any dates. Not in Arizona. He is stuck like a woodchuck without a woodie, and that’s a wrap.

  • I needed this laugh! Great article and good digging! The doctor turning out to be in India was the best yet!! Lmao!

  • What if Keith did have sex with Cami when she was 15? So what? Most 15-year-old girls have sex anyway. I did when I was 14. My boyfriend became my husband.

    He was 22. Cami probably wanted to have sex with Keith because he was the leader of the community. Power prestige ambition.

    It was a big score for her.

    So an ambitious horny fully developed girl wants to have sex with an older man and suddenly it’s bad?

    Cleopatra was 14 when Caesar did her.

    He was 50.

    He also made her queen of Egypt and got rid of her brother.

    Keith wanted to make Cami queen of NXIVM but she cheated on him.

    • It doesn’t matter what people did in the past. It’s the law NOW.

      And if you know anything about history, the past treatment of women throughout the various civilizations spread throughout the world was often HORRIBLE. Women were typically considered property and were often figuratively and non-figuratively “slapped” around and they didn’t have modern day abuse and protection centers to go to, although I’m sure there were good people back then who didn’t do these type of things. That you simply use past examples to justify current behavior when we scientifically know more about the human mind and body than at any other period in history tells me that you couldn’t care less about the question of right or wrong when it comes such a significant discrepancy in the physical, social, emotional, mental, and psychological dynamic that such a relationship brings.

      Also, Raniere wasn’t convicted of statutory rape (though he should’ve been a long time ago) but possession of child pornography, you’re probably just a NXIVM dead-ender, and I don’t believe your story.

    • L. B.

      You are entitled to your own (alleged) unique experience. But then isn’t Camilla too?

      Cami has written a statement. If we are to believe your written statement here – must we not also believe Cami’s victim impact written statement that she read in court? Seems logical. And fair.

      I don’t see Cami here calling you horny and taking ownership of your experience. Why do you feel entitled to demand your point of view be the truth of her experience?

      Seems very greedy. And imbalanced. Let’s let each woman have their own voice and be the narrator of their own life. You tell your story (as you’ve done) and let Cami tell her own story (as she has done).

    • Cleopatra was at least 19 when they first met. Why do people publish bullshit that can be disproved by wikipedia and a 5 buck pocket calculator?

    • Frank, I think it is questionable for you to allow a comment like this to be posted.. Any argument condoning or downplaying any kind of pedophilia is beyond disgusting.

      • I am reluctant to censor people even if they say odious things. I think that is what freedom of speech is about — tolerating speech we dislike or even despise.

        Lucy Brown has opined that in effect the age of consent is too high and that 15 year old girls such as she says she once was [and was sexually active] are fully capable of consenting to sex.

        I do not agree but if Lucy expresses it, perhaps we can debate her and show her that 15 is too young for girls to give consent.

        However, what about 16? In eighteen states 16 is legal. In others it is 17 and still others it is 18. Age of consent can be debated without endorsing pedophilia.

        If I were king and could rule by fiat, I suppose I would make the age of consent 17. But if one third of the nation has age 16, who am I to overrule them. Lucy is arguing that it should be one year lower. While I cannot support it, I do not think I would care to censor her opinion.

        • This makes sense unless you actually know or have a 15-year-old girl and see how young they actually are.

          Frank, I must ask: what would be your cut-off then for an acceptable argument? 14?? 13??

          This topic is a slippery slope and I think we should all be able to agree that a freshman in high school can not give proper consent.

          • Thank you, David! And on top of that not all 15-year-olds mature the same. What if they are on the spectrum? Have previous trauma? Are struggling with their own sexuality? Are just very, very innocent & inexperienced at 15?

            That is why the age of legal consent is set. Otherwise, every case would become about proving that the child “wanted it” whether or not they even understand what “it” might be. Litigating a child’s sexual intent. Not the predators.

            Just a couple of points of intelligence separate a person of “average intelligence” with one of “low intelligence”. In teaching kids, there is a phrase “shady eighty”. It means you’ve just squeaked by. Tell me that kid is the same as every other kid in decision-making?

            Adults. Don’t f×ck with kids. How is this even a question in 2021? It’s really not that complex. Or challenging. And it is the law.

          • Yankees fans are known debauchees;
            “If there’s grass on the infield — play ball!”

          • I support an age of consent between 16 and 18. If I had to pick, it would be 17.

        • Honest question, Frank.

          What about a 15-year-old boy? What if you were the dad of a 15-year-old boy and a man in his fifties started to have sexual penetration with him? Would you be okay with it? What about your 16-year-old son? And then add a position of power. It’s his coach. Teacher. Boy Scout Leader. Priest?

          Still okay? Is it more okay if he may be “horny” as Lucy Brown writes?

          • —15-year-old boy and a man in his fifties started to have sexual penetration with him?

            I believe it all depends on if the “man” in his 50s is cisgendered or transgendered.

            In other words, was he [sic] originally a she?

            I don’t believe you provided Frank with enough information to formulate an opinion on such a volatile subject.

          • —a man in his fifties started to have sexual penetration with him?

            You are such a homophobe!

          • I support the age of consent being at least 16 and no more than 18.

            All violators should be prosecuted with lighter penalties going to slight age difference statutory rapes [e.g. 18-year-old with 16-year-old, etc].

            This is my bias no doubt but I would not be as upset if a 16-year-old boy had sex with a 30-year-old woman as I would be if a 16-year-old girl had sex with a 30-year-old man.

            The fine point is that in 18 states the act is legal and in 32 states it is a crime. So, obviously, we are not all in accord on this topic.

            I would split it down the middle and make the age of consent 17. When I was 17, I for one felt I was damn able to give consent. Looking back on it now, some 49 years later, I still think I was capable of giving consent then.

        • Which country would you be the King of, Frank? Cambodia, perhaps? (Oh, yeah, I forgot you’ve been there, done that in one of those past lives – as divined by Keith & Nancy.)

          “No” means “No” at any age except in uncivilized places ruled by pussy grabbers and dick-tators where no means nothing. (Nor does anyone’s life except for the King’s.)

    • Lucy Brown- way to avoid all the evidence! Yes, Cami loved having sex with Raniere so much that she cut herself, suffered from bulimia, and attempted suicide.

      And Raniere never wanted her to be queen of NXIVM. He hid their relationship from everyone. He didn’t want anyone knowing and figuring out that he molested her when she was 15.

      The only thing Cami got out of her “relationship” with Raniere was emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse.

    • “Did her”.

      That’s an interesting way for L. B. To describe a consensual sex act while claiming a young teenage girl was the instigator.

      Sounds like it’s from.the old dude’s perspective and only for his conquest and gratification.

      Keith? Is that you?

    • Lucy Brown, was your future husband systematically grooming you for sex since you were in middle school. No? Did he sleep with both your sisters? No? Did he maintain a harem of women he slept with simultaneously as you before, during, and after your relationship with him? No? Did he keep you in a single-bedroom apartment disconnected from friends and family such that many people literally did not know where you lived? No? Were you dependent on him for your apartment and did he periodically threaten to throw you out on the street when you didn’t do what he wanted? No? Did you make a victim impact statement in court where you explicitly said you did not want to have sex with him at 15? No? Maybe you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • —made her queen of Egypt

      I’ll make you queen of Harlem!

      Do you like clam chowder and long-walks on the beach?

    • — Most 15-year-old girls have sex anyway. I did when I was 14.

      Well, I guess we now know whether or not Bangkok is a girl…

      …. The only question left, is whether or not Bangkok is cisgendered.

  • Too many coincidences. Camera card lost. Last minute finding of Cami photos just before trial. Cami doesn’t testify. Lots of suspicious things. Shine more light on it and Aristotle’s Sausage will get the ‘wurst’ of it.

    • ‘Aristotle’s Sausage will get the ‘wurst’ of it.

      A Nicky Clyne stand-up comedy death moment?— No ‘boos’ just embarrassment, yawn—someone got their crochet out, most headed for the bar or the door…

    • Brennan, you’re right. So many coincidences. Like how all the witnesses’ stories were so similar and the victim statements alike. And that Raniere had a penchant for nude photos and young girls and a photo of a naked 15-year-old was found on his computer.

      It must be a conspiracy!

      • Shadowstate1958-

        Nicki Clyne’s quotes sound like they came from you! Shadow, you deride the government on a constant basis.

        You, of all people, should understand where Nicki Clyne is coming from.

        “The DeepState FBI are on a witch-hunt for President Trump ”- Shadowstate

        Shadowstate you embody antigovernment.

        If Rand Paul and Ru-Paul had a baby, it’d be you.

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