Suneel Whacks Back at Critics – Blasts FBI and Federal Prosecutors Who ‘Cheated’ to Convict Innocent Raniere

Keith Alan Raniere:
By Suneel Chakravorty

In their recent rebuttals to my articles about FBI agents tampering with evidence in the Keith Raniere case, Bangkok, Sherizzy and Aristotle’s Sausage all missed the point.

In his article, Sherizzy writes, “Your opinion that it is easy to tamper with the data is your opinion. The expert at trial held a different opinion, which is not perjury.”

This is not a matter of opinion. 

FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth testified multiple times that EXIF data was “difficult to modify.” This is simply not true. Modifying EXIF data is a basic thing that anyone can Google and figure out how to do. Every forensic expert I’ve asked has agreed with me on this. Steve Abrams, who is a forensics expert and cyber lawyer, wrote in his expert statement, “Examiner Booth either purposely misled the fact finders or is simply not sufficiently knowledgeable about the facts to which he testified. The former would be perjury. If the latter is true, that may be considered perjury by omission, as he projected more about the subject than he did.”

EXIF data was the crux of the government’s forensic argument for why the Cami pics were taken in 2005. The reliability of EXIF data is not a small fact to have “misled” the fact finders [the jury] about.

FBI examiner Brian Booth testified at the trial of Keith Alan Raniere that EXIF data is reliable because it is very hard to change. The government used the EXIF data to establish that the Cami pics were taken in 2005, when she was 15. Yet it is not true that EXIF data is hard to change.

In his article, Aristotle’s Sausage writes, “First, Google Dr. Munegowda. He lives and works in India. So how does he have access to the relevant memory device that’s currently locked up as evidence in a US federal facility? Neither alleged expert is working for Raniere’s actual defense team, which means they would have no access to the evidence.”

Mr. Sausage ignored the fact that it was revealed in cross-examination that dates on the camera card were altered on 9/19/18, while in FBI custody, by some unknown person. Booth had no notes about who did this. This is not trivial evidence. This is one of the most important exhibits in the entire case. And it went missing and then arrived at the FBI forensics lab in an unsealed cellophane bag? 

Dr. Munegowda found it extremely suspicious that the FBI happened to lose custody of arguably the single most important piece of evidence in the entire trial.

Dr. Munegowda analyzed the file system data – a listing of the file names, dates, sizes and other metadata. When the forgers are sloppy and the analyst is skilled, that is more than enough information from which to detect tampering, if tampering did occur. 

In his article, “Bangkok: Why Doesn’t Suneel Condemn Raniere Over Cami”, Bangkok gleefully writes: “I’d like to point out that Suneel has just contradicted his own previous statements about why he still associates with Keith. Suneel previously said that he would NOT support anybody that, in his own judgment, may have harmed an underage child (which, IMO, would include having underage sex with a child who cannot realistically give consent; regardless of whether or not such sex can be charged as a crime).”

There’s no contradiction. If Keith ever admitted to the allegations or if he was found guilty based on solid evidence, I would denounce him personally but continue to fight for his due process rights, which were violated. As of now, I don’t know the truth of these particular allegations. 

What I do believe, based on analyzing the file system data and the process irregularities, is that FBI agents, perhaps in cahoots with some of the prosecutors, doctored the digital evidence to bring a child pornography charge and win their case against Keith. 

Why would prosecutors and federals engage in corruption like this to win? Because their other charges were baseless, judging by what they presented at trial. For example, what was the actual ‘labor’ in the so-called forced labor charge? It was one white, adult woman, an actress from an affluent family, who transcribed 5 whole hours of video for a memorial and did the grueling work of reading 55 essays.

The planned memorial for the late Pamela Anne Cafritz required Nicole to spend some five hours transcribing videos, which was charged as forced labor. Nicole also had to read some 55 essays written by Keith Raniere. Of all the forced labor charges in the history of the federal government, there is little doubt that Nicole’s forced labor was the least onerous on record and hardly what the lawmakers had in mind for forced labor.

Lastly, let me remark that I am not one of those who believes we should defund the police or end law enforcement. I actually believe most cops are good, brave souls deserving of our respect and gratitude. I think that maybe – although I am not so sure of this – that even the majority of prosecutors are good too. But their immense power and lack of oversight makes it too easy to cheat.

And there is little doubt in my mind that Keith Raniere’s prosecutors and the federal agents involved in his case used their power to cheat to win.

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  • Dr. Munegowda, looks like a guy, pretending to be a doctor, inside a janitorial closet — at a gas station minimart.

  • Suneel, again, Boothe gave his expert opinion at trial. If you disagree with his opinion that does not mean that he perjured himself. You cannot commit perjury by offering an expert opinion. Had Boothe lied about his credentials that would qualify him as an expert,.that would be perjury, but not his expert opinion regarding EXIF metadata.

    Also, Abram’s “expert statement” is nothing of the sort. It is not worth the paper it was written on. Without the actual data that was presented at trial, his opinion means nothing.

    It is ridiculous to assert that he could provide an informed opinion without the evidence from the trial. The more likely alternative is that you illegally obtained the data and gave it to him. This means it was in your possession first, which makes you guilty of possession of child pornography. It makes Abrams guilty, as well. I suggest you be very careful with your claims because they make very well come back to bite you in the ass – meaning put you in prison.

    It also means that you could very well have tampered with the evidence before you gave it to Abrams. I highly doubt that Abrams would have even qualified as an expert at trial with his shoddy credentials.

    If Raniere believes the date was incorrect and used to make him appear like a monster, his lawyers could have called real experts to challenge Boothe’s testimony. They did not. This means they all knew it was from 2005 and/or they could not find an “expert” worth their salt to testify to the baseless claims you now make, including your ludicrous claim that Cami’s scar was photoshopped out of the picture.

    Lastly, you consistently do a run around the fact that Raniere never challenged the date of the photos and that Agnifilo made an argument that conceded that the photos were from 2005. I think this is the third time I’ve raised this point and you still have not directly responded to it.

    How you cannot see that Raniere’s concession, Cami’s victim impact statement, and the other witnesses who testified about Raniere’s obsession with nude photos and close-up photos of vaginas, is frankly, startling. Well, it would be if you were not in a cult that worships the stench surrounding Raniere’s body, literally and figuratively.

    I just re-read the phone conversation between Keeffe and Bouchey. I suggest you read it. You will see that you’re taking a play right out of Raniere’s handbook.

  • Can we just let Suneel only comment in the comment section if he feels the urge to respond? It’s so irritating when I see a new article posted then see it’s authored by him. It’s like thinking you got a nice big fish on the line only to reel in a worthless sea robin.

    • Just sayin’
      I know. Opening up Frank Report and seeing that the new piece is Suneel generated is a total bummer. Worse if it is also his photo.

    • I agree 100%

      Especially considering that he says the same shit over and over again. He was arguing this same Cami photo nonsense back in 2020, and FR readers then provided much of the same factual information that we are now. It’s tiresome and Suneel’s become a bore..

      He should also have to answer for his bullshit claims in real time.

      • Yes! I agree, Sherizzy. The only thing good about a FR Suneel Story, are the hilarious comments that ensue.

        But he should have to respond in comments. No more “articles”.

        But OMG… the comments are too much!! Truly laughing out loud, Just Sayin’ and Anonymous!

  • Suneel-

    If only 10% of what is said,
    about Keith Raniere is true, it would mean Keith is a bad man.

    In your mind, what is the motivation for so many ex NXIVM members and the FBI to completely fabricate so many lies regarding Kieth Raniere?

    How do you explain the original NXIVM-9?

  • I would like clarity on a number of points and to see the specific back up documentation from the trial transcripts. I am solely interested in the evidence the pictures of Cami were planted, or doctored somehow. I’m not interested in any other surrounding issues or testimony, for example the reliability of EXIF data.

    Can you supply Frank Report readers with ALL the testimony regarding the pictures of Camila including a larger sample of the surrounding testimony than has previously appeared on the Frank Report?

    Please provide:

    1. Prosecutions opening statement regarding the pictures

    2. Defense counsel opening statements regarding the pictures

    3. All of Brian Booth’s testimony regarding the pictures. Both on behalf of the prosecution and his cross examination by the defense.

    4. Closing arguments from both as to the picture evidence.

    I have reviewed all the excerpts of the Booth testimony on the Frank Report and I see potential gaps between how you describe what he said versus how I read what he said.

    Most notably, it’s not clear to me Booth testified that the dates of the pictures of Camila were changed on September 19, 2018. It seems to me he states “file system data” was changed while in FBI custody. Not specifically that picture dates were changed, or that they (or anything else for that matter) were changed on the exact September 19, 2018 date.

    If you can provide #1 – #4 – side by side, along with the pictures and descriptions of the exhibits that are referenced within, I will review it with an open mind. In side by side I mean, prosecution statements with most relevant portions highlighted, followed by the described exhibits labeled with photos; Then defense statements with most relevant portions highlighted, followed by the described exhibits labeled with photos. All for opening statements, expert testimony, cross examination, and closing arguments. All in the order that they came during the trial.

    Please make the excerpted testimony more expansive than you previously have on the Frank Report so the context can be better understood, even if the highlighted portions remain the same. Please exclude everything else except the data regarding whether the pictures were tampered with or not. I’m not interested in the testimony regarding the reliability of EXIF data (I think that’s a matter of opinion) or chain of custody (It’s pretty clear chain of custody was broken). Or the existence of Photoshop files (it seems likely Raniere would Photoshop his pornography collection) unless there was testimony or evidence of the Photoshop files introduced at trial. If this evidence of Photoshop files only came from your experts than please leave it out.

    I want to know, was evidence introduced at trial that these pictures were tampered with or not?

    I think you are getting lost in the weeds giving complicated explanations of information that is of only marginal importance, is a matter of opinion, or is, frankly, pretty out there. I don’t believe in large scale conspiracies at all. I don’t think the Judge is corrupt nor the prosecution or their experts. However, do I think it’s possible a rogue FBI agent accessed the hardrive and changed picture dates or inserted a picture of Camila somehow? I think that is highly, highly unlikely. So far based on the evidence from the trial presented on the Frank Report I only see proof that someone at the FBI accessed something – I’m not sure whether it was the hardrive or the media card that were in evidence (or both), that access wasn’t logged, it’s not clear exactly when the access took place, and Booth testified there were some dates on something (I’m not sure if it was the Camila pictures, folders the Camila pictures were in, folders containing other pictures etc.etc.) that were unreliable for some reason.

    If you can provide #1- #4 than we all can evaluate these questions for ourselves.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Are you sure this is actually Suneel, or just Raniere through him? In other words, are you inadvertently (or intentionally) giving a convicted felon a platform to test his ad hoc theories?

    Also, why are you delaying that certain comments get displayed?

  • I have written a lot about Scientology in years past, and have noticed that it, like many other cultic groups, has a defense mechanism designed to keep members from listening to outside sources and thus to begin to doubt the organization’s leadership or doctrine.

    Cultic groups often tell members that if an outside information source lies or is even accidentally inaccurate about even a single detail, no matter how relevant, that the external source can never be trusted for anything. Of course, such groups always apply a different standard for veracity towards group leadership and for the group’s beliefs… people who question the perfection of the leader or the dogma often end up being punished severely or excommunicated from the group.

    Suneel’s continuing focus on relatively small details in the overall scope of the case against Raniere sounds like this kind of cult-think in action. Raniere’s defense team did not make more of an issue of this alleged manipulation of the evidence at trial. That may have been a mistake or it may have been a deliberate strategy to avoid prolonging the trial and confusing the jury.

    And given that the “world’s smartest man” was right there at the defense table slipping Post-It notes to his attorney, surely a computer genius who claims to have invented modern video conferencing would have been able to ensure the effective communication of the message in court. But it didn’t happen.

    If counsel failed to either raise the issue or failed to sway the jury, that doesn’t mean that Keith has grounds for appeal. “Effective assistance of counsel” appeals usually involve an attorney who was snoring at the defense table, shooting up heroin in front of the judge, or otherwise grossly unable to represent the client. It doesn’t cover accidental oversights, lack of knowledge, or anything else.

  • What do Bill Gates and Allison Mack have in common?

    Bill Gates associated with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Allison Mack associated with the pedophile Keith Raniere.

    • What do Bill Gates, Bill Clinton,
      Prince Andrew, and Donald Trump have in common?

      Both Bills, the Prince and Donald partied with a pedophile named Jeffrey Epstein.

      Incase you are keeping score:
      2 United States Presidents
      1 Billionaire (4th richest man)
      1 Royal Prince

  • If I ever want to get mindfucked, it isn’t gonna be by this schmiel. What a frigging, inept BORE.

    Frank, perhaps you can come up with a newer version of a monkey ass for the readers to swat.

  • Suneel is bright and just needs to cast the shackles of KR off himself and get on with life.

    It is quite interesting hearing his views, but I do think he should just find another cause that is more deserving. Also “their other charges were baseless,” That is not how it appears to anyone outside nor the court nor any jury. It is pointless to try to appeal. You put all your evidence into a case at your first chance. The system does not allow new things later on on appeals in most cases and here KR was prosecuted for about 1% of the bad things he did anyway.

    Like Scientology, Nxivm had people working for very little or nothing. Yes, I accept it is hard to prove in cults what is voluntary — e.g., Catholic nuns in some enclosed orders take lifelong vows to own no possessions, work for nothing, etc. — and Scientology says this is what the sea org does or did and the FLDS said children picking pecans were having a fun day out and boys out on construction sites with all their pay going to the Lord from age 12 are fine, but the courts will pick up on cases where there is a breach of the law. I don’t think the KR case was wrong on any level — other than the US has much longer sentences than we do in the UK and that is probably too long in some cases as here. I would have put him away for about 20 years but that is just a European v US viewpoint. Had he wanted European sentences, then he would have come to live in Europe.

  • Suneel,

    Do you know why Keith’s 2 previous children were deemed inadequately suited to be his “successor”? One son wasn’t even seen as deserving of child support.

    Why was a virgin being sought to fill this apparently crucial role in the Nxivm community?


  • Suneel,
    I have to wonder what the point of continuing to argue here is. You don’t need to convince us. You need Keith’s lawyers to submit their filings and convince a judge. I look forward to reading those and those submitted by the government in response. If what you are hoping for is some kind of groundswell of support for Keith, it doesn’t seem like you are going to get it. Keith is very unpopular, not because of his multiple partners or his beliefs, but because he has a long history of taking advantage of people, both financially and sexually. He has been dishonest about his relationships, his qualifications, his involvement in DOS and his knowledge of the brand being his initials, and in legal filings about NXIVM defectors and detractors. His text messages in court show him to be abusive to women as well as controlling. And a jury of his peers found him guilty of all the crimes he was charged with even with his very expensive lawyers. As people here have pointed out, there are far more sympathetic criminal justice cases to involve yourself with. I just am not sure this particular endeavor is the best use of your time but again I look forward to reading the filings in court.

    • Exactly and well put. It does him no good to tell us anything, I’ve made similar points but he doesn’t care. I don’t know why he does it. I suspect prisoner 57005-177 has told Suneel to do this because he knows it’s just a way to publicly humiliate Suneel, and prisoner 57005-177 gets off on that kind of thing.

      Suneel – you’ve lost your way dude. Think about what NXIVM and ESP was supposedly created by 57005-177 to mean, and think about what you are doing for 57005-177 now?

      That being said, if your actual goal is to provide FR with humorous and entertaining content, then you are doing a good job and keep it up.

  • What’s your point with “white” and “actress”? You think these qualifiers diminish a woman’s rights?

    And Suneel you have never adequately explained why you sat through the entire trial of a man you claim to not to know very well.

    And why you were there everyday for six weeks if you really weren’t heavily invested in Nxium or Keith.

    That’s a lot of time away from a job and your own life and family


  • Again, Suneel, et al, focus on less important data than that which is considerably weightier. This is unsurprising because they need to make their case and will only focus on emphasizing that which supports it while omitting the data that counters it. This is ironic since Abrams (who is likely their paid for alleged expert) in his letter asserts that Booth may have committed “perjury by omission”.

    The FBI testified that the images were created in 2005. They only admitted to the dates the files were accessed being changed later on 9/19/2018. The latter means that the files were merely accessed, but doesn’t signify in any way that their contents were altered or tampered with in any way, because there is additional file system metadata that records this information: file creation and modified times. While EXIF data may or may not be easy (which is different than saying it is difficult) to modify, the same qualification does not apply to OS kernel created data which file system metadata is.

    That’s the crux of the matter that shoots down their entire argument and makes it all irrelevant.

    Yes, it is remotely possible (in the range of slim to none) that such OS kernel created data is not actual in the sense that a file could have been created at a date and time that is dependent upon the user of the system setting the OS date and time appropriately. But this is highly unlikely to be set to any other date and time than when the OS was actually installed because an online connection would have been used in 2005 (and even earlier) to retrieve it from some reliable online source, and the only possible discrepancy for this date and time would likely be for the time zone information of the location from which the user installed it. And my educated guess is that if the OS was legal and registered appropriately which it would have been in order to be installed, then the date and time it was done is likely held by Microsoft in a database that has recorded that information and could be verified. This would sink the NXIVM dead-enders’ case even further.

    So I don’t believe Abrams when he says the FBI specifically testified that the creation dates are “not reliable”.

  • What’s your point with “white” and “actress”? Do you think these qualifiers diminish a woman’s rights?

    And, Suneel, you have never adequately explained why you sat through the entire trial of a man you claim to not to know very well.

    And why you were there every day for six weeks if you really weren’t heavily invested in Nxivm or Keith.

    That’s a lot of time away from a job and your own life and family


    • Good questions, but you’re trying to reason with a guy who thought it was a good idea to write the Judge and tell him how he used to help Clare go potty and wipe her poopy bottom.

    • Anonymous 9:08pm -Like all dark skin people, in the United States, they’re obsessed with white people. Meanwhile in their home-country everyone’s 100% racist and homophobic.

      Try being black or transgendered in Palestine or India. 🙂

          • Israel is an apartheid state. Its people believe they are the “chosen race” based on a book written thousands of years ago, a significant minority of them no longer even believing in the theology that underlies it. They are as racist as it comes, and their treatment of the Palestinians over the past seventy years is proof of this. All for a sliver of land they claim their ancestors used to inhabit thousands of years ago, even though around 80%-85% of them are descendants of the Khazars (Ashkenazim) who originated in modern-day Russia and migrated West into Eastern Europe. They are as fair-skinned as Europeans, and Israel is just another racist colonial state in a land that doesn’t belong to them taken over using a policy of might makes right. They don’t even remotely look like they’re from the Middle East.

        • I don’t have a love for Israel but the fact remains that Israel stopped the Iraqi nuclear program and slowed down the Iranian nuclear program for decades.

          BTW, Hamas = Taliban

        • Interesting how criticism of certain countries and religions are fine, but criticism of Israel’s racial policies are off limits. It doesn’t matter, the world is witnessing just how racist the Zionists in Israel are. People are opening their eyes and the hidden oppressors are getting desperate.

    • Nikki probably bartered that little self-deprecating tidbit of wit about the null value of ‘white actresses’— for standing room at the “black lives matter except for Keith Raniere whose life matters very much more’ righteous side of the argument, nxivm used peoples token values like pieces on a chess-board. Or maybe it’s just connect-4. we know Michele is a Belle Hooks fan, and happy to usurp any others’ valid earnest argument clean away from the context in which it is truth, and wrap it all around keith and themselves as if— as if it could mean anything at all. Idiot cargo-cultists. The honking is everything.

  • Suneel, please stop. If you are so focused on due process and fairness, can you please find some other cases where you feel the defendant was wronged instead of almost exclusively focusing on KR.

    He obviously doesn’t care about you even close to the extent you care about him.

    You come off as extremely obsessed with the guy and I don’t think it’s healthy.

    I also don’t understand why you went out of your way to show that the victim of the labor charges was white… What relevance does that have?

  • Suneel,

    Who is Dr. Munegowda? A friend?

    Dr. Munegowda doesn’t even reside in the United States of America and is not under oath.

    I have to wonder if the good Doctor (Ph.D.) is telling you what you want to hear because it’s easy money.

  • Suneel tries to trivialize the forced labor counts against Raniere. He uses a particular sleight of hand in this by only highlighting one act of forced labor (against Nicole). This is omitting that Forced Labor Conspiracy was one of several offenses committed against Daniela.

    It also omits that the overall charge is that a conspiracy, one that is established had its members as Lauren Salzman (pled guilty, testified), Nancy Salzman (pled guilty, cooperated), Clare Bronfman (pled guilty, but shows absolutely no remorse).

    Suneel should stick to what he knows: writing stupid apps, begging for venture capital money, and wiping Clare Bronfman’s filthy bottom.

    Law is not your forte.

    • “wiping Clare Bronfman’s filthy bottom.”

      LMFAO. I still can’t believe Suneel thought it would help Clare to tell the Judge that in his letter.

      • Yes, it’s quite amazing. No discretion, no grace, no class. Also, no proof, unless Chakravorty somehow preserved Clare’s poop trail. Maybe he got a sterling silver picture frame and mounted the shit stain design under glass? God, what a ding-dong.

  • Suneel is trivializing everything.
    It is trivial according to him to hack metadata.
    It is trivial to transcribe audio.
    It is trivial to transcribe 5 hours of audio.
    It is trivial to read and create reports on an essay
    It is trivial to read and create reports on 55 essays

    It is in his trivialization of everything that we win. He is lazy and does not calculate adequately how hard something can be. SO he can’t plan and create a good strategy.

    I think it is a cultural thing. I have had several bosses from India. They always tended to trivialize everything. Something that was actually like a month’s of work, my bosses would say: “This can be done in 5 min”

    No. It can’t.

    You beat those people because they don’t know how to plan.

        • Nope. Racist comment.

          Not even a nice try. More an abhorrent one to excuse yourself.

          I guess that explains your libel of the author. He’s one of “those people” from India.

      • Keith Raniere, the self-appointed white savior, was recorded berating Mexicans on how to be better Mexicans. That was really racist.

        Vanguard felt his lifetime living as an unemployed white pedophile sponging off the wealthy women around him in upstate New York uniquely qualified him to solve all of Mexico’s problems.

        He wanted to colonize the communities in Mexico using Nxivm as a Trojan horse.

        Keith thought he could have access to unlimited children to sexually victimize through the rainbow cultural child experiment and abuse factory and his devoted followers’ young progeny away from USA law.

  • Keith, multiple times, has pursued underage children. The man has ripped off multiple people. He started a harem, a harem where the members didn’t know it was a harem. He designed and pushed to brand his harem as essentially property. He dictated that these members of the harem live in strict control of diet to the point of malnutrition and being underweight, conditions that can be significantly damaging both mentally and physically the longer it is done. Something a so-called genius should know. These are just a few examples of Raniere immoral and reprehensible behavior that no one, but those paid to, should have an interest in defending if they have any moral integrity.

    Behavior that Suneel completely supports and defends. Repeatedly and constantly under the refrain of “but conspiracy!” As if a “conspiracy” to convict negates the immoral behavior. It doesn’t. It happened before his “conspiracy” existed and he just keeps ignoring that rather simple fact. Or more likely just trying to make order of events foggy for those less knowledgeable.

    All this ends up proving Suneel’s own lack of moral integrity. He sees repugnant behavior and like your regular right winger goes “its ok if my team does it.” It’s not. It also means any “evidence” he attempts to bring up is just as questionable as lie, cheat, steal, or just flat out pay for support of his silly arguments is considered fair game as long as his team wins. I would no more trust Suneel’s opinion or “facts” as I would a toddler’s take on events. A toddler has more moral integrity and they don’t even understand the concept yet.

    Suneel is really simple to understand – he wasted a significant portion of the decade on Keith and is desperate to show something, anything, for that devotion. Its time he cuts his losses before he digs a hole he is incapable of crawling out of.

  • Suneel: do you have this court transcript: ” it was revealed in cross-examination that dates on the camera card were altered on 9/19/18, while in FBI custody, by some unknown person.” ?

  • Doing audio transcriptions is very time consuming and tedious. This is a very condescending comment, that shows no empathy: “For example, what was the actual ‘labor’ in the so-called forced labor charge? It was one white, adult woman, an actress from an affluent family, who transcribed 5 whole hours of video for a memorial and did the grueling work of reading 55 essays.

    So why didn’t you do the labor then Suneel if it was so easy?

  • Saying that something is difficult to do does not mean it is impossible to do it. All of those videos on youtube you link are using specialized software (which belongs to experts.) A novice without computer background could not easily do it.

    Following your argument, we could say that hacking into someone’s account is easy to do because there are a lot of youtube videos on it. See:

    Just because there are youtube videos on it does not mean it is easy. To prove whether it is easy you would have to run a study and see if anyone off the street could do it. I doubt it given that you need specialized software. They would first have to know how to search for such software, learn to use it etc.

    I would maintain that it is difficult to do. You are a CS major and have a blind spot right now in not seeing that using and programming computers is not a skill that is simple and that everyone can do.

    So your first argument about the experts lying because they claimed it is difficult is not accurate.

    • Well, first you are wrong. It is very easy to alter EXIF data. The extent of computer knowledge needed is the ability to turn on a computer.

      But even if you are correct, the next question becomes “Are there no computer experts in the FBI?”

      • what does “very easy” mean? In all the examples on youtube it has specialized software you need to download. Suneel’s point was that the FBI agent lied on the stand when he said it was complex to alter EXIF data. Complexity is relative. Suneel is trivializing everything.

  • Hi, Frank: I find these articles very entertaining. I am tired and will read it later. But I do love the dynamics you have in Frank Report to engage the audience. You are very creative.

    • Sicilians are truly remarkable for being uniquely creative. Frank walks tall anywhere he goes and he has earned it! It is amazing what one man or woman can see, build, accomplish. Frank is a mindblower. And I don’t think that he set out to be one. That makes him even more amazing. Life called. Frank got a whole lot of answers. Golden! I think about this often. I love Frank for all of this.

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