A Checkered Career and Odious Reputation, Emiliano Salinas Is Hiding, Now I Call Him Out for the Sake of the Students He Recruited

Emiliano Salinas

Si huyes una vez, siempre estars huyendo.

Carlos Emiliano Salinas de Gortari y Occelli, 45, the former leader of NXIVM in Mexico, has gone dark, avoiding the public spotlight in his native land.

Salinas has been silent for several years. He gives no interviews. He has not been seen in public. Yet he continues to get a mountain of bad press in his native land — all of it connected to his past association with NXIVM and its leader, Keith Raniere.

Emiliano Salinas was once a popular Mexican personality, now he is absent from the public scene.

He was almost indicted in the USA and hauled before the Brooklyn federal court for his role in NXIVM by the US Department of Justice for the Eastern District of New York.

He was, according to sources, the subject of debate at the DOJ in Washington DC and in Brooklyn as to whether or not to charge him, the son of the former president of Mexico, for racketeering.

Political considerations may have carried the day, as it oftentimes does, at the Department of Justice.

His crime, it seems, was a willingness to spy on Raniere’s enemies. The alleged crimes as set forth in court by the prosecution included his role with Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and Kristin Keeffe, in the surveillance of “enemies” of NXIVM through, among others, the Canadian detective agency, Cannaprobe.

Elaine White and Cullen Johns were hired by Clare Bronfman to spy on Nxivm enemies.

Keeffe left NXIVM in 2014 and worked to expose Raniere, making efforts, prior to going to law enforcement, to warn  Bronfman, Salzman and Salinas that they were legally in jeopardy and should distance themselves from their leader.

They ignored Keeffe. Four years later, Bronfman and Salzman were arrested, along with Raniere. Salinas was spared.

Nancy Salzman’s home at 3 Oregon Trail was raided on March 27, 2018. [Photo courtesy Albany Times Union.]
Folders discovered during a raid at Nancy Salzman’s house, according to the testimony of FBI Special Agent Michael Weniger, at the trial of Raniere, contained reports on Raniere’s enemies’ bank records.

The record of spying was documented on printed copies of emails.  Agents identified the email accounts of Bronfman, Keeffe, Canaprobe detectives, and even the secretive Raniere.

There was a mystery email address among the files, the sender sent or received about 100 emails with the address, thebeacon2009@gmail.com.

The FBI served a search warrant on Google for thebeacon2009@gmail.com account and found, again according to FBI SA Weniger, “that the subscriber that was actually listed was an individual by the name of Emiliano Salinas, who was part of [Raniere’s] inner circle.”

The “Inner Circle” of NXIVM/ESP

Spying Is Not All

Keeffe spent 22 years with Raniere, was one of his “inner-inner” circle, and had his first born son. She fled Albany NY with the seven-year-old boy in February 2014.

She once described Emiliano’s role in helping Keith try to do something worse than spying.

Kristin Keeffe was a staunch ally of Keith Raniere until the day she wasn’t. When she wasn’t, she was a deadly force against him.

The story Keeffe told Barbara Bouchey, in a recorded interview in 2015, was that: “Keith, Nancy, Emiliano, and Clare are the heart of the foundation, the money, and the operations [of NXIVM]. All three of them have done criminal acts, but none of them knew what the others had done. Clare did the [illegal] stuff getting the financial records, Nancy hid the money and did the tax fraud, and Emiliano set up the scheme to get you [Bouchey] and Toni [Natalie] thrown in a Mexican prison. But, none of them knew what the other two did, you follow me?…

“Here is what Keith and Emiliano did: they bribed a Judge in Mexico to issue an indictment against you, and Toni, and Susan [Dones] and Kim [Woolhouse]…  You were going to be lured into Mexico, and when you got to Mexico, they were going to put you in fucking prison…   I saw the [Mexican] Judge’s decision. Keith helped write it, and there were issues about Emiliano translating it…  This was like a three-plus-year plot in the making…  And, the only reason they didn’t go forward with it was because … Toni was the only one that responded…  [and] simultaneous to the lack of strong response – the police opened the probe into the computer trespass. So, Keith downgraded the plot to have you guys thrown in prison where he expected you to be raped and rot…  And, they were going to put you in a miserable, horrible, violent, vile place…”

As for Emiliano’s role in this criminal plot, it was never alleged in court and remains unproven.

Keith Raniere and his student and friend Emiliano Salinas.


Emiliano Salinas embraces Keith Raniere. Later, Salinas distanced himself from NXIVM and his former idol.

While the specter of Salinas’ willingness to use his influence in Mexico to get Raniere’s enemies, lured there by a bogus request to speak at a conference on cults, put in prison and tortured is the action of a craven beast, many former NXIVM members and current supporters of Raniere describe Emiliano as gentle, friendly, loving, and, despite his wealth and status, egalitarian.

See: Eduardo Asunsolo: Emiliano Salinas in Nxivm – He Had a Heart of Gold

Or  Eduardo Asunsolo Takes to Big Mexican Media, ‘Quien’ to Defend Emiliano Salinas

Nicole, the woman, who testified at the Raniere trial, and who the jury found to be a victim of sex trafficking, found Emiliano to be a comfort to her in the aftermath of what she described as a very dark hour.

Nicole said that, after she was taken to an apartment blindfolded and tied up nude on a table, while Raniere spoke to her, and an unknown person [later identified as Cami, then age 25] surprised her by performing cunnilingus on her, Nicole returned to Raniere’s place. Her blindfold taken off, she left to go out in the bright morning sun and looked up and saw Emiliano Salinas, then in Albany, jogging with Clare Bronfman.

Nicole ran to him and hugged him. She testified that she “always felt safe” with Emiliano.

Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman y Emiliano Salinas, todos con las bandas de colores de Nxivm.

Tough Because of His Father

Between the stress of almost getting indicted, and the pounding of an unfriendly media in Mexico, who have a less than flattering view of his father, former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, 73, life has been hellish for Emiliano.

One can do an online search and find volumes of stories about Salinas. In almost every story, NXIVM is referred to as a sex cult and Emiliano named as a leader of it.

As Asunsolo said, “There was an avalanche of stories focused on Emiliano…  in large part because he is the son of the former president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gortari…  Every politically-motivated enemy of Carlos was gleeful that his son was embroiled in a giant, salacious, scandalous story. The fact is that Emiliano is not the man he was portrayed to be in Mexican media.”

Carlos Salinas with his son Emiliano Salinas.

About two months after the Frank Report revealed the existence of DOS – in August 2017, Toni Zarattini, a Mexican NXIVM member, who left the group because he disapproved of the branding and collateral involved in DOS, secretly recorded a conversation with Emiliano where he admits he knew about the collateral and defended it as a way for women to keep to their plans, a form of discipline that made sense to him.

When Toni Zarattini learned about DOS, he warned women in Monterrey. 

According to Zarattini, Emiliano went after him, using his connections to try to have him arrested on false accusations. Zarattini had to hire lawyers, pay a small fortune, and seek the protection of powerful people to avoid going to prison without a trial.

Emiliano and his partner, Alejandro Betancourt, were gunning for him, he said. Betancourt swore out a warrant, falsely charging Zarattinii as being part of a long-running criminal conspiracy aligned with a number of NXIVM enemies. It was palpably false and connected him with people he had never met.

After The New York Times came out with their story and Raniere was arrested, the media called on Emiliano to explain what he knew about DOS.  It seems he knew more about DOS and knew it earlier than he admitted, as evidenced by Frank Report publishing the transcripts and the actual recorded tape of his conversation with Zarattini in May 2018.

Asunsolo admits that Raniere did not tell the whole truth to Emiliano which led to his being further criticized by the Mexican media.

“It’s possible that Keith’s fault against Emiliano was to not provide him with all the information he needed to defend the allegations,” Asunsolo said. “Emiliano and others whose reputations were important, were misinformed about details of the sorority [by Raniere], and so in going public to defend Keith, Emiliano made statements that to his knowledge were true, which ended up not being true.”

Actress Ludwika Paleta and her husband Emiliano Salinas

The Mexican media, by the way, do not just have the apparently false statements of Emiliano to them and the natural revulsion to branding of women in a sex slaver cult, as cause for disliking Emiliano. They disliked his father, who was president from 1988 to 1994.

Stealing an Election is Hard to Forget

Carlos Salinas in 1988

Election day was July 6, 1988. His party, Partido Revolucionario Institucional [PRI], had control of the election process by virtue of having the outgoing president as their leader, as well as having control of both houses of Congress.

According to news reports, witnesses, and Carlos Salinas’ opponents, who complained on election day, polling stations opened late, there were stolen and stuffed ballot boxes, and destroyed ballots, marked for Salinas’ opponent, election officials were absent, voter rolls were inflated, and voters cast multiple ballots.

On election night, with only 2% of the vote counted, the preliminary results showed the PRI’s imminent defeat in Mexico City metropolitan area and a very narrow vote margin between Salinas and his chief opponent, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas.

President Miguel de la Madrid instructed election officials to interrupt the vote counting. A few minutes later, the computer screens at the Ministry of Interior suddenly went blank.

The Comisión Federal Electoral (CFE) claimed there was a “crash in the system,” a technical problem caused by an overload on telephone lines. They were trying to “correct the issue.”

The suspension of the vote count lasted days, while no one knew the results of the election.

The electoral authorities resumed the count on July 10. That same day they announced that Carlos Salinas won with 50.4% of the vote, followed by Cárdenas with 31.1% and Manual Clouthier with 17.1%.  In 1,762 polling stations, the PRI got 100% of the vote, a seeming impossibility.

After Salinas was installed as president, there were those who still wanted to recount the ballots.  President Salinas was able to quell it. Congress, controlled by his party, approved the burning of the ballots, removing any evidence of whether fraud occurred or not.

A 2019 study in the American Political Science Review said there was evidence that about one-third of the ballots were altered or counted improperly.

Carlos Salinas denies there was fraud and blames the persistent rumor that he stole the election on “a misinformation campaign.” He had nothing to do with the crash in the system.

A 2005 national survey conducted by Parametría, found 73% of the respondents had a negative image of Salinas,  9% had a positive opinion, and 18% had no opinion about him.  In another national survey conducted in 2012 by BGC-Excelsior about former presidents, Salinas received the worst rating: 20% of respondents considered  his administration was “very good” or “good”, 13% considered it “average” and 66% considered it “bad” or “very bad.”

He has been described as the most hated [and most feared] man in Mexico.

With a long-held grudge by the media for his suspected role in suspending the vote, altering the results, forging records, then burning the ballots to destroy evidence, Carlos Salinas, in their eyes, is the man who won the presidency in a rigged election.

Then, 30 years later, his son, Emiliano gets tagged with being in a sex cult.

Keith Raniere and Emiliano Salinas

Will Emiliano Come Out of Hiding?

Today, Carlos Emiliano Salinas de Gortari y Occelli is trying to be invisible.

This strategy has been employed by some who seek to escape the “guilt by association” with NXIVM, that can destroy careers and ruin reputations.

While some have successfully become invisible with not a trace of their role in NXIVM known to the public, others have successfully confronted and explained their role.

It might be likened to fish caught in a net. Either you must be small enough to escape through the mesh or too big for the net to hold you. Otherwise, you are caught in the NXIVM-association net and destroyed.

India Oxenberg chose to reveal her role herself in NXIVM publicly, rather than let others solely define her. It worked.

India Oxenberg decided to become bigger than the net and is enjoying fame and success. She has made a docuseries, wrote a book, and has a growing following on social media.

Nicole, the victim in the sex trafficking conviction, avoided the media and hopes to live her life without being known as a sex-trafficked victim. She can likely succeed since she is not famous and the courts and the media obliged her by not revealing her last name.

Emiliano cannot escape like his friend Nicole. He is too well known.

He might like to consider what the Dalai Lama told Raniere in 2009 in Albany New York in front of an audience of 2700. Emiliano is believed to have been in attendance then.


The Dalia Lama said, “If you have done something wrong, you must accept, you must admit, and change, make correction. If you not done, make clear all these allegations, truthfully, honestly, openly, transparently.”

Time to Speak up

Emiliano could admit, if he did wrong, or if he not, he could try to clear his reputation. If he was deceived, he could explain that too.

If his intentions were to help people improve their lives through NXIVM, something he claimed during the 15 years he was one of its leaders, then he should explain the good in NXIVM, as he saw it, if there was any good in it.

His name recognition is high and hugely negative. His father lived that way for more than 30 years. Perhaps Emiliano is destined to live the same. As it stands now, he will be remembered as no more than a crooked president’s son involved in a dirty sex cult scandal.

However, it is disgraceful to allow the media to characterize oneself as evil if one meant to do good and not say a word in rebuttal. He should defend even if not for himself, for the many thousands of people he recruited into his courses in Mexico City.

They stand disgraced by his disgraceful silence.

He could make a statement, write a book, make a film, do a podcast, interview, show one and all that he is not a scoundrel, filthy and perverted, in a sex cult that branded and blackmailed women, while using his wealth and influence to recruit people, while telling the public he was trying to help them better their lives – as he is now portrayed.

If he is not a foul, perverted little man, he could stop running for a moment and say it. For once, he could live by the sword.

For you only run once, then it is settled, you are not a man, you are as the hare, always running or hiding. He owes it to the students he recruited to speak up and say the truth.

Better to die at once in the crucible than allow lies to be the perception forever, and die slowly all the days of your life.

Let’s hear your story, Emiliano Salinas. Are you the wretch that they say you are?



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  • For me it’s very interesting that Keith was caught in Mexico. Anyone who lived in Mexico knows how ineficiente justice (in general) is in Mexico. Maybe there was a deal between Salinas and DOJ? I give you Keith you don’t go after my son and his partner?

  • Oh, c’mon Emiliano, be a sport and play Hide and Freak with Frankie and the rascals. One, Two, Three, ready or not…Allie, Allie um frum freeee!

  • Re Emiliano Joining NXIVM:

    Emiliano is the most enigmatic member of NXIVM by far. He’s rich, charismatic,
    good looking, and has a supermodel wife.

    So why, in God’s name, would he choose to follow a nerdy-charlatan with a bunch of losers living in bum-fuck Saratoga Springs?

    BTW: Señor Carlos Salinas and all of Mexico are asking the same question.

  • Don’t blame him for his father. Or for Keith. Alex got him in there. .Eni is a hood guy

  • This character was in deep. Would love to see those e-mails. Might they be introduced in the civil suit? To show the Nxivm corporation and certain individuals certainly conspired against and meant premeditated harm to individuals?

    Civil suit. Brings to mind one Nicki Clyne. She has positioned herself as a woman standing up against other women’s false allegations against men.

    In the civil suit, Nicki is directly accused of ordering her DOS slave to… Make a false and very serious allegation against a man.

    Nicki knew the man being accused. Nicki knew this allegation was false. Nicki knew the accusation would destroy this man.

    Allison Mack, Nicki’s wife, made very false and very serious allegations against her very own father. Mr. Mack would have been devastated in every way by this made-up claim.

    DOS was rife with extremely vile, fake accusations against men. This was ordered from the top down. Nicki was a first-line master. Is Nicki really the right person to head up a movement against women who make fraudulent allegations against men?

    Much like the question is Emiliano really the correct person to be one of the leaders in an “ethical movement”? A proven liar. Is he really anyone who should be coaching or teaching anyone else in self-improvement? Or running a center claiming to better humanity?

    A person who sought to critically injure, falsely imprison and destroy “enemies” of Keith Raniere by bringing them to Mexico and having them unjustly jailed?

    Imagine you are born into wealth and power. You can have, buy or do anything. Every and any dream is within your grasp to achieve. You are young. Healthy. So very rich. What would you choose? How would you spend your precious time?

    If you are Emiliano, you would prance in hokey dance recitals before a tubby child molester. You would don lame color-coordinated shirts and salute a smelly pedophile in coordinated skits on a stage in Albany. A large group of you and your “community” would PAY for the privilege to perform at the annual birthday party of your “friend”.

    Have any of you paid annually to attend a friend’s birthday party? And been required to sing and dance and clown for this paid honor yearly?

    What a life Emiliano chose and created for himself.

  • Sometimes going behind a wall of invisibility is the best course. In this case, for Emiliano Salinas, it is being managed by people with experience, people who still hope to be able to use him, later and elsewhere.

    There are still some flies in the rehabilitative ointment, though. Salinas has plenty to risk, not knowing exactly what certain witnesses have told about him, either to the prosecution team(s) or to investigators, especially federal ones. Plus only certain evidence itself has been put out on table.

    Potentially there is even more evidence waiting in store for Salinas by now. He can evade the situation without that much effort, from the way things look.

    This Salinas angle might be one thing that the Northern District of New York would prefer to be left as forgettable, like so many other prosecutable matters referred to that district by Judge Garaufis.

    • Admittedly being clueless, I’d guess Emi was more Keith’s stooge and less evil. That’s been the pattern with every poor sap who found themselves buddies with Vanguard.

  • Emiliano is a hypocritical sack of shit.

    He wanted to join NXIVM to do good in the world. OK – well if that is true, he wants to do good in the world.

    Well how about righting the wrongs he has done. Start with repaying all the DOS slaves for the medical procedures to get the brands removed. Payback the legal fees for all of those who had to fight to get the truth out. How about be a cooperating witness and remove himself as a plaintiff in the Civil suit (does he really need to take a share of the money from the other plaintiffs??). If Emiliano really wants to be a good person, he could start by doing those things and it wouldn’t cost him more than a week in interest earned.

    • Maybe Eduardo can write a couple glowing articles about Betancourt? That will remind everyone to pay him some attention, and I’m sure Frank will oblige by calling Alex out in some new articles.

    • That’s a great question!

      I hadn’t thought about it at all. Frank should write an article on Betancourt, at the very least, a small footnote for Emiliano’s old flame.

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