Eduardo Asunsolo: Emiliano Salinas in Nxivm – He Had a Heart of Gold

Emiliano Salinas

By Eduardo Asunsolo

One of the biggest, most salacious stories in Mexico in late 2017 and throughout the next two years was the story of Keith Raniere, Nxivm, and allegations of his branding women in a sorority called DOS.

His reported arrest – or as I prefer to call it – kidnapping – in Mexico, added additional importance to the story, always characterized by the media by use of the words, ‘Cult Leader,” “sex cult,” “sex slaves” and etc.

All of which are gross mischaracterizations of the truth, which I will explain in detail later.

Perhaps of all the things that made this story grow wings in Mexico is the fact that one of the most prominent leaders of Nxivm was Emiliano Salinas.

Keith Raniere and Emiliano Salinas

There was an avalanche of stories focused on him, and let’s face it, in large part because he is the son of the former president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Carlos Salinas with his son Emiliano Salinas.

Many stories wanted to visit the sins of the father on the son, and so every politically-motivated enemy of Carlos was gleeful that his son was embroiled in a giant, salacious, scandalous story.

The fact is that Emiliano is not the man he was portrayed to be in Mexican media.

I know because I know him and I know Keith Raniere. I am a supporter of Raniere and though I am saddened by Emiliano’s distancing himself from the group of friends he was joined with for years, I, and most of us who still support Keith and his teachings, still have warm feelings for Emiliano.

From reading news reports, casual readers might think Emiliano is a cold, calculating man who supported branding women like cattle as the Mexican media [and US media] falsely portrayed.

Much of the propaganda began in the USA when an enemy of Keith’s, Frank Parlato, started the Frank Report and spun a narrative about Raniere, DOS, and Emiliano that was biased and untrue.

I haven’t the space to tell how this narrative was adopted and amplified by the New York Times and other media, which in turn attracted the corrupt attention of the FBI and the US Department of [In]Justice.

I can only say this, that when the news of DOS came out in Mexico, Emiliano moved to distance himself from Raniere.

This, in itself, was tragic since the two men had been friends for more than 15 years and Keith, who is 15 years older than him, was Emiliano’s mentor and teacher. His guide, philosopher and friend.

Emiliano Salinas embraces Keith Raniere.

By the way, and perhaps most readers do not know this, it was a family affair. Not only was Emiliano a staunch and excellent student, coach and teacher in ESP, but his sister, Cecilia Salinas, was also a teacher, and their mother, former Mexican First Lady Cecilia Occelli, participated in many of the courses.

Cecilia Salinas is one of the highest-ranking Nxivm members, having earned the green sash.


Cecilia and Emiliano Salinas [in green t-shirts representing the color of their sash/rank], with other Mexican Nxivm coaches and proctors. Note that the orange t-shirts represent the orange sash of the proctor and the yellow t-shirts represent the yellow sash of the coach.
If anyone knows anything about First Lady Cecilia Occelli, they will know she is the soul of dignity and propriety. She would never align herself with any kind of scandal.

Cecilia Occelli González, former First Lady of Mexico, the mother of Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas, was a Nxivm member.

Her son, Emiliano, too is a man of good moral character.

Educated in Mexico, Switzerland, France and the USA, Emiliano is fluent in Spanish, English and French. He studied in the primary school division of the Liceo Mexicano Japonés in Mexico City and received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from ITAM (the Spanish acronym for Autonomous Technology Institute of Mexico) in Mexico.

Later, he received his PhD in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University.

A savvy businessman, Salinas worked as a financial analyst for the Lazard Freres and Co. LLC investment bank in New York City, where he participated in mergers and acquisitions involving Telefónica de España, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Revlon among others. And then he formed his own financial firm, Prosus Capital.

When Emiliano was in his 20s, a good friend of his, Alejandro “Alex” Betancourt, joined ESP and was wildly excited about it.  Emiliano was in Boston, going to school at Harvard, finishing his thesis.

After members of his family took a 5-day course and said they loved it, Emiliano decided to check it out as well.

Emiliano Salinas & Alex Betancourt

Emiliano loved it. The emphasis on critical thinking, on ethics, on thinking outside the box, of wealth-building through independent and honest methods, all attracted this highly intellectual man.

Then he met the founder of Nxivm, Keith Raniere, who immediately took to him.

The two used to discuss ideas, from how to bring peace to Mexico, to how to explore various facts and interpretations, some of which Emiliano would use to make his doctoral thesis in-depth and, as he hoped, riveting.

One of the first things that ESP helped him with, as Emiliano often attested, was to show him the road to create his own wealth, which didn’t come from his family. This was important for him.

So many children of the rich and famous – with more money than they need at their disposal, without having to work for it, opt for a life of pleasure and ease.  Emiliano wanted to work and make his own mark in life.

Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas and Mark Vicente

For him, it was not all about money. A project came up – Inlakech – where people of means challenged themselves to live as people without means in Mexico for a period of time.

Emiliano leapt forward to become one of the leaders of this.

It seemed he always wanted to serve; he had a desire to help his country and his people. I think I saw this at times in him as a burning desire.

He was educated as a politician. But it seems that when he realized what ESP could do, he veered away from politics and desired to dedicate his life to building ESP in the world. He did this, rightly or wrongly, because of his sincere belief that this was something that the world could benefit from.

It was his heart that was leading him, something I and many others saw in him during our days together in ESP.

It’s possible his father didn’t like his commitment, but since his sister, mother and other family members were also involved and loved it, I suppose his father acquiesced and accepted Emiliano’s involvement in ESP.

It led to Emiliano and Alex partnering to open the Mexico City ESP Center.

Alejandro Betancourt, Nancy Salzman and Emiliano Salinas toast to the opening of the Mexico City center of Nxivm.

Contrary to what some believe, Emiliano built this center without using high-end contacts he or his father had. He built a center where thousands of people from all walks of life joined and felt they were welcome.

You did not have to be elite to be part of Emiliano’s ESP center in Mexico City.

If you were a part of the center, you would have access to Emiliano. He was not aloof. He was not above the people who were students. The notion that his involvement in ESP had to do mainly with VIP contacts is more myth than substance. His centers were built up of families and friends.

And it was a family, a big family. It was a community.

Of course, wherever Emiliano went, the shadow of his political family followed. It was at times a blessing, sometimes a curse. On the one hand, it gave him all the access he ever needed; on the other hand, he was used as a punching bag for various political interests.

It made sense that people who wanted to hurt his dad and his political affiliations, used Nxivm’s bad media coverage to hurt Emiliano to hurt his father.

At one point, a Mexican ESP member who had defected recorded a conversation with Emiliano about the sorority without his permission. The audio became public and Emiliano was made to look like a fraud.

When Toni Zarattini [above] learned about DOS, he tried to warn women in Monterrey. He had a long discussion with Emiliano which appears to have been recorded by both parties.
It’s possible that Keith’s fault against Emiliano was to not provide him with all the information he needed to defend the allegations.

Emiliano and others whose reputations were important, were misinformed about details of the sorority, and so in going public to defend Keith, Emiliano made statements that to his knowledge were true, which ended up not being true.

This all came down when Emiliano and his lovely wife, Ludwika Paleta, had just had twins.

Ludwika Paleta and Emiliano Salinas

It was a rough time with all the swirling, relentless, negative publicity.

Emiliano had always wanted to live a normal family life and here he was with two children, twins, and the media was savaging him, claiming he was part of a sex cult that branded women.

None of it was true.

So he broke away from Nxivm and from Keith. I think he loved the man, but the publicity and the scandals were such that he had to distance himself.

When Keith came to Mexico, trying to restore his company and the teachings they represented, Emiliano made a disclosure that he had no plans to meet with Keith.

The two men who had been friends, like an older brother and a younger one, never met again.

Keith Raniere and Emiliano Salinas

As for me, I was a member for a lot less time than Emiliano.  But we were members for more than a decade together

I, an ordinary Mexican man, would have little claim to be close with a famous, wealthy Mexican elite. In the normal course of life, such elites as Emiliano would barely give a nod to me.

But this was Nxivm and Emiliano was not such as other elites in the world. He was always recognizing the humble and helping them too.

Perhaps you may not think much of the curriculum or anything Nxivm stood for, but Emiliano believed in it and part of that belief was that anyone in Nxivm was his brother or sister [the Nxivm way] and he was ready to help.

He helped me as well.

He would talk to me, a young Mexican man with no wealth or importance. I recall a time when he, in very simple and normal language, shared a story; perhaps you will think it is silly, about a beloved pet he once lost years before.

He spoke about it as if it had just happened and I felt the pain he felt. He took me back through the years, of how he considered this event as a sad situation for years. It was only later, he said, that the realization came upon him that, as sad as this loss was, he should also focus on remembering the moments they shared together, and being thankful for all the lessons he learned, yes, lessons, even from a pet; you can learn from almost anything, and, of course, the loved they shared.

He probably never knew how his little story, told with such earnestness and candor, helped me bring closure to a painful and very personal loss I had. It was not so much the words, but his wonderful heart that showed in every word of his touching narrative.

Contemplating it, after years have passed, I believe I should have told him that he helped me, and thanked him. I saw him numerous times after that, before he left ESP, but I never told him how that story altered my own perspective and helped me handle my own grief and regret.

It is perhaps a small thing to tell a story to someone younger and more humble than you; what does it take, a few words, a few gestures, but our words have meaning and our gestures do too.

Emiliano’s words then and always seemed fraught with meaning. He opened up a vein of emotions for me one day and let me enter into his personal life and he entered into my life. I gained from it, I learned and I grew.

So Emiliano, if you’re reading this, thank you.

Cantinflas, was a Mexican film actor, considered to have been the most accomplished Mexican comedian and is celebrated throughout Latin America and in Spain. Lastly, I want to say that what I saw in Emiliano was that he was a Mexican, through and through. He had a favorite Christmas meal; he liked jokes, cumbia and tamales, he loved Cantinflas like I did, and he was worried about the increase in violence in México like I was.

Emiliano offered me a ride once when we both were in Albany, [he would come up to Albany to visit Keith and be part of the community]. It was a Saturday night and he knew where I was going. It was on his way to his own destination so the effort was not great, though he did not have to make it and let me intrude on his own pleasant drive to where he was headed.

I got in his car, and, during the drive I remember being shocked at how normal and down to earth the conversation was, which wasn’t what I expected from a man of his stature. I even felt like I could have told him this which to me showed just how wrong I was about him. He was much more humble than I imagined. .

Emiliano smiled as we drove and talked. He put people at ease. It was his natural talent.

By way of further context, I grew up in a normal, middle-low class México, and in this México, you are taught to believe that royalty is bad and the cause of all of the problems of the poor.

And here was Emiliano Salinas, wealthy, famous, from a powerful family and as I saw him driving, I realized he was not looking for luxury or status, or to oppress the poor. He was looking to try to do good things in the world and participate in good things, just like I was.

And although he seemed to have every option in the world open to him to do as he pleased, he seemed to be looking to form a normal loving family, like I was.

I do not have a standing friendship with Emiliano. I never did. Now that he has left the Nxivm community that he once loved, and I still do love, perhaps I never will.

One could make a case that since we come from opposite sides of town, why should we ever?

Still, I’m speaking in his favor now because I believe someone should. He has been pretty well savaged by the media and by the hate by association because of his father and Keith.

Yet, despite what anyone says in the media or elsewhere, I saw him differently. I believe him to be a well-intended, who, as he walks through life, aims to do far more good than harm.

I know it because I saw it for myself.




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  • Emi is a fucking creep! I’m sure Frank will get around to digging into more stories about Emi but damn he is a piece of shit. Now he is living in Europe and never coming back…good riddance

  • Knowing Emiliano’s family values, it’s easy to understand why he would have said that Keith is the most ethical person he has ever known.

  • U make me sick Asunsolo the level of cynicism that you, Clyne, Suneel and Danielle Roberts have should be illegal.

    I really believe that you are the Satanic misogynist deviant brainwashed basically horrible human being that can support Raniere or Nxivm or that the Bronfmans are paying you something because you are really in deep shit for your bizarre defense in a very serious matter. Emiliano is a criminal, in any way that you can say really. He has twins, just like his boyfriend, Alejandro Betancourt, The one that Frank Report called a pedophile?

    Raniere loved to spread babies, maybe because he was a narcissistic misogynist douche, maybe because he is similar to Epstein and he thought that his semen was special, or maybe because of a Luciferian ritual like Rosemary’s Baby, shout out to Polanski, the free pedophile. Also, Emiliano was more than Sara Bronfman, who was just an organizer and financer of a criminal enterprise, that could be a suspect of trying to torture and kidnap three or four women.

    He was in charge of spying on the enemies of the cult, which Edgar Bronfman already accused of being a cult many years ago. He also confessed that there was a woman that sells kids in DOS, Pamela Cafritz? Allison Mack? Who was this person? The Américan, Mexican or Canadian legal system didn’t do anything about these things no investigation whatsoever. So Justice was really lazy or even helped them.

    The twins of Emiliano were born with science, so were Emiliano’s boyfriend, Alejandro Betancourt His father is the most vile and feared man in México, and Emiliano’s name appeared in the Oderbech scandal, they say that Carlos Salinas put pressure to make Emiliano have a lot of illegal contracts and money from Pemex. So yeah maybe he is a great criminal, but he definitely has some skeletons in the clóset. Maybe he is fun and noble, but if someone that sees a child trafficker and does nothing about it, can have a Heart of gold, then this world is doomed.

  • I personally know Emiliano and I agree with what Eduardo says. Media has been hard and dishonest with Emiliano like most of NXIVM members. Crazy attack from hate seem will never end.

    • It won’t ever end. Which is why you should distance yourself from Emiliano and Eduardo.

      Have you considered cult exit counseling?

      • Sherizzy
        March 11, 2021 at 9:20 am
        Emiliano agrees that he is a humble, benevolent person?

        Like Weird Al Yankovic says in “Amish Paradise” I am a million times humbler than thou art.
        “Weird” Al Yankovic – Amish Paradise (Official Parody of “Gangsta’s Paradise”)

  • I feel bad for these Nxivm people. They seem so overly impressed by common human decency and kind but ordinary behavior.

    It’s just weird to be so impressed that someone “elite” gave you a ride. It sounds like reverse discrimination. Yes, I understand you were told that the elite were the bad guys, but how did you not realize that they are just humans first?

    It’s as if you believe that elite people (whatever that is), should be expected to be less human somehow.

    I mean? I got to enjoy a snack once with a super beloved (and famous) person I deeply admire. And while that was so very awesome and I received great advice and made a memory, I never felt the need to write an essay about his heart of gold!

    I wonder if they are just so used to using and being used that they have forgotten that the world is actually full of kind and beautiful people? With tons of smarts and tons of fun and good values and inner strength with solid purpose and integrity that do almost nothing but nice things for people every day!

  • Has Panda Express become a cult? From Washington Post

    The “Chinese” fast food chain may have gone Executive Success, with mandatory abusive self-improvement classes.


    The cashier’s manager told her that she would be considered for a promotion at the fast-food chain only if she signed up for the self-improvement class. So she did, using her own free time to attend the seminar and borrowing hundreds of dollars from relatives to pay for the training out of her own pocket. At the time, she earned an hourly wage of $11.35.

    But on the first day of this session — which had been exclusively attended by Panda Express employees — she allegedly found herself stripped of her cellphone, trapped in a room with blacked-out windows, and loudly berated by a seminar leader who told her and others that they amount to “nothing.”

    The the cashier was forced to strip to her underwear in front of her fellow staff during a “self-improvement” seminar in 2019, she said, and told to open up to the group about her vulnerabilities.

  • I noticed that India Oxenberg arrived in Philadelphia around February 25 and she remained in Philadelphia until March 8th, two days ago. That is a long time to stay in Philadelphia when all of the tourist attractions are closed because of a so called pandemic. So what was the purpose of India’s visit to the City of Brotherly Love, the city where attorney Neil Glazer has his office?

  • Some of these Nxivm dead-enders post and comment like it’s their job.

    Which leads me to think it is their job.

  • Well, what a surprise, the head witch of Clifton Park shows up at the end to comment. Come to see the latest cup of your potion served around, Toni? Edi and Suni boys shaking their little butts doing the coven’s work in the time with the sweeping of your brooms? And now the truth comes out that Emi has been on Toni’s payroll the whole time the south of the border butt boy bruja. I always knew he was under somebody’s spell and now we know who that is. We watched how much fun Edi and Emi and the other boys had at V Week. More like D Week. A little public cherry popping on top of the sundae of fake Keith love letters to the coven. When is Toni going to get hers?

    The real victim, Keith, is just a soundbite now. No acknowledgment of who created the tech. Just like the witches on Dateline: it’s all about them and their espresso machine brews. I’m not going to even give Clare a sentence everyone who knows anything about the data knows how hollow she is and how she stirs the kettle.

    Not everyone has sold out and pretends their brands don’t mean what they really mean and aren’t embarrassed but proud and don’t have to dance around prison reform or BLM or cartoon drawings of Trump or any of that and just focus on the tech. We are close to the source and will stay that way and when the doors are opened again we talk to Keith ourselves and he’ll know we are true and who is not. Keith is not deceived.

    Keep piling up the gold in the kettle. Just more to go around and fund the real research center when justice gets done we’ll see who is running the show and it won’t be the Biden or Trump lovers but the data lovers.

    • First, it was a conspiracy by the NXIVM defectors and the government to put Keith in prison.

      Now, it’s the public NXIVM dead-enders who have conspired with Toni Natalie to create social media posts and websites that artificially support Keith and exist only to make money and keep Keith in prison.

      Poor, little innocent Keith. Is it always a conspiracy against him? Does he ever accept responsibility or be “at cause” for any of his own behavior that has resulted in him ending up where he is now? Constant suspicion and paranoia is a self-destructive thing. It’s also quite projective because you’re just suspecting everyone else of doing all of the things you likely do yourself. Playing the long game in a manipulation of others for so long has shaped his lens to see only what is the reflection of his own soul.

    • “it won’t be the Biden or Trump lovers but the data lovers.” Pacific Warrior. The data is that Raniere will be in prison for the next 120 years or 102 years if he gets time off for good behavior.

    • There’s at least one Nxian who isn’t following the script. Puts the bitter in bitter-ender. Might should chase that bile with a handful of antipsychotic meds.

    • Peaceful Warrior — we are all witches! So which witch exactly are you referring to?

      Your comments are confusing enough without knowing who it is specifically addressed to… So again, which witch is Toni?

      • And also… What’s this hate media bias against witches? Talk about a centuries old grudge.

        Everyone looooves Harry Potter. But witches are women. So. Hate media bias.

  • Hahaha, Keith got 120 years. Let’s hope the lawsuit headed up by Neil Glazer will clean out all the bank accounts of everyone in the Nxivm group. Wouldn’t that be so great: all of them in jail or broke or both. Now, that would be justice.

  • To Eduardo – I typed this to you before I read any of the 130 comments.
    I can appreciate you standing up for someone that you have known to be different than how they are being portrayed. I have done that many times on Frank Report. I do not doubt anything you typed and will look at Emiliano differently due to this article.

    A couple of things. First, why do you think Keith took such a liking to Emiliano and Clare? With all due respect, if you don’t know the answer to this, you probably lie to yourself about other things, too.

    Secondly, destruction has come to every single person who has been close to Keith. This is not an accident. This is how Keith NEEDS it to be. Consider for a second that Emi already knows this. Is it possible that Emi recognized the pattern Keith was running and ejected? I doubt blaming this entire thing on Frank and the media is accurate. I’d wager that Frank and the media may have saved Emi’s life.

    I know you are all-in on defending Keith. But, you may want to consider taking a step back, analyzing the data (not the trial crap – the undisputed facts about what Keith REALLY did to people), and rethinking this angle you seem committed to. I’d tell Suneel the same thing, but something tells me he’s already there.

      • I wanted to dump my initial thoughts before getting my mind changed or jaded by 130 random thoughts. It was confusing because I ended up getting the Scott Johnson special and my later comments showed up 2 days before this first post.

        As anticipated, I ended up changing my view a little as I read the comments. The comments made me realize that Eduardo probably didn’t do Emiliano any favors by bringing up his name and keeping him front and center. Also, I do smell Keith’s involvement and a subtle reminder to Emi that blackmail exists. Was this article a shot across the bow to tell Emi to do more in support of Keith?

        • NutJob-

          —Also, I do smell Keith’s involvement and a subtle reminder to Emi that blackmail exists

          I bet you are right. I am wondering if Eduardo is gay or bisexual and something happened on their “friendly” car ride.

          It doesn’t add up. Eduardo’s letter is odd, even for him.

  • My Synopsis of the Story:

    Holy-Shit! A good-looking rich guy—who has a primo-hot wife is nice?!?!?!?

    Well, I’ll be a monkey‘s fucking uncle……


    Tell the truth, Eduardo, you’ve been trying to get in contact with Emiliano and you thought this would work!!!!!!

  • The BEST part of these comments was Shadowstate counting out the supporters and adding his little zingers!!! Well played, Shadowstate, well played!

        • Nutjob, All you have to do is tell us what a humanitarian Emiliano Salinas is. How Emiliano is the wisest, most humane man in all of Mexico! Say that and you can be #18 and #19.

          • Here are the Cliff Notes – for your scoring only.

            – I wrote the post before reading any of the then 130 comments.
            – I can appreciate Eduardo standing up for somebody he knew and feels is being misrepresented on FR. I have done this several times myself.
            – I believe Eduardo and what he wrote. His article has helped to change my internal representation of Emiliano.
            – Why does Eduardo think Keith took a liking to Emi and Clare? If Eduardo lies to himself about the answer to this, he probably lies to himself about other things, too.
            – Does Eduardo think it is possible that Emi has already come to realize what a lying psychopath Keith is, and that’s the real reason he doesn’t talk to Keith?

            I’m sure there was much more brilliant commentary, but I can’t remember it. Am I #18?

  • This first half of this article would seem more plausible if it were first-hand, rather than told by someone else.

  • This guy has kids, right? Did the mother give them oral sex to “soothe” the babies?

    How far do these people buy into Raniere’s insanity?

    And btw why the mothers? If you’re crossing the line of incest, why aren’t the Dads on child sex assault/soothing duty? Did Vanguard ever explain that?

    “Oh, Moms giving their children blow jobs makes sense. But not Dads. That’s gay! What do you think we are animals?”

    I would love to hear Keith explain this garbage to non-cult members who would ask follow-up questions.

    Like “In what countries? And what proof do you have? And why are you teaching this?”

  • I don’t see anything wrong with what Eduardo is saying. Even if it was just his impression, it seems like a good thing to write about.. Why so much hate?

  • Buenos dias, Eduardo. Here’s an early example of how Keith and Nancy apply NLP/hypnotherapy in their SOP training:

      • Clifton Park-

        You still listen to Stern?

        I listened to Stern for over 25 years and he made me laugh all the time. So I won’t say anything bad about him….

        …..I just can’t listen to the new format of the Show.

        No one should be forced to do the same thing their entire life, but he is now the male version of Ellen DeGeneres.

        • I do listen — but not much in the past year during COVID — what I have listened to this past year has not been the greatest. But I think he is an incredible interviewer and his merry little of band of misfits crack me up. The format did change, but I think it is still worth the listen (and worth the $ for the SiriusXM subscription). Baba Booey!!!!

          • My wife likes it and the new “ positivity“.

            I miss the negative-celebrity-bashing atmosphere.

            Thanks for responding

  • My take from this: Eduardo admires wealthy people without reasoning if they are ethical or not. He likes that Nxivm brought him close to elites. It does not matter if these elites are bad individuals (there are numerous stories of how Emiliano Salinas used Mexican judges to go after Nxivm’s enemies). Eduardo does not mention this, nor does he care. All that matters to him is that Emiliano was an elite.

    • “there are numerous stories of how Emiliano Salinas used Mexican judges to go after Nxivm’s enemies” Mexican Lady

      There were stories that Catherine Oxenberg was warned by the FBI not to travel to Mexico. The same is true of other NXIVM critics.
      This week Catherine and her daughter, India, visited Philadelphia, the home city of lawyer Neil Glazer who is handling a lawsuit against NXIVM.
      Could Catherine and India be planning to join the lawsuit against NXIVM and its leaders?

      Picture of Catherine and India in Philadelphia earlier in the week.

      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    • Mexican Lady-

      I agree!

      Eduardo clearly doesn’t have a lot friends.

      Someone being nice to you one time on a car ride should not be a life changing event.

      I pity the guy.

      Plus Eduardo talks about another man as man. Maybe Ed is gay.

  • Raniere must be constantly so frustrated he’d now kill people himself.

    No matter what he orders Asunsolo and Chakravorty to say, there is no escaping! No. Escaping. Day in. Day out. Night in. Night out! Ha, ha, ha! That IS funny!!!

  • We’ve been asking these questions for months and no one will answer.

    Do you agree with Keith Raniere about rapable babies?

    Mother’s giving their children blow jobs?

    That, as Nancy Salzman claims, some “little children have no problem” being molested?

    Do you believe, as Keith Raniere stated, that some women experience their first orgasm while being raped?


    • Yes, I too would like to know the answers to these controversial questions. When they don’t answer, it makes me think these leeches like to leech babies.

  • I think it’s obvious this is Keith’s way of reminding Emiliano there’s blackmail material about his gay experiences that can still be released. Makes sure Emiliano helps fund Keith’s defense.

    Why else would Eduardo make a big deal out of “Emiliano offered me a ride once when we both were in Albany”?

    “Offered me a ride.” Not very subtle.

    This happened all the time but it was all kept on the down low.

    And comments about “Mexican men are so effusive and loving” and “Ummm Emiliano and Eduardo are both incredibly gorgeous”. Again, not very subtle to people who know what was really going on.

    Keith is a master manipulator. It feels so much better to be free and out away from the ESP/NXIVM mindf*ck where you were told to be your authentic self and then shamed for it. It was evil to encourage people’s vulnerability and then use it against them.

    • Wow. I’m happy for you that you broke free of Raniere’s clutches. I never would have picked up on that. It makes so much sense. I think Raniere is panicking since his likelihood of prevailing in his appeal and civil case are nil to none. I am sure his appellate lawyers told him as much, hence the 25k contest.

      Amazing how neither Eduardo or Nicki are troubled by Raniere’s unethical tactics to force others to support his hopeless crusade. Such hypocrisy.

    • —I think it’s obvious this is Keith’s way of reminding Emiliano there’s blackmail material about his gay experiences that can still be released. Makes sure Emiliano helps fund Keith’s defense.

      Excellent point!

  • I knew Emiliano personally.

    He is an over-privileged, arrogant playboy who put on a fake humanitarian front just like Keith. His embrace of NXIVM was cynical and calculated. That’s why he publicly washed his hands of it as soon as things blew up and the smoke couldn’t be kept in the house. He’s probably using the manipulation techniques he learned from Keith to run his own organization but keeping it on the down low; he’s got more intelligence than Keith.

    Emiliano used his family’s connections in the government, courts, police and cartels to ensure he didn’t get prosecuted for the many crimes he committed and participated in.

    All the people here who are saying he was such a nice, humble guy and a victim of hate bias are NXIVM zombies who are still drinking the koolaid. They refuse to own up to the reality that Keith is a pathological, sadistic rapist and liar. They make themselves the same by refusing reality. They’re trying to cover up their own crimes.

    Emiliano is too smart and self-interested to get pulled back into the shit show that is NXIVM. All this love bombing isn’t going to get him to take a public stand with Keith.

    • This reminded me of the saying: “There is no honor among thieves.”

      So much for the NXIVM self-interested (more like selfish) “ethic”. You live by your the sword of self-interest, you die by it.

      It’s laughable how the remaining NXIVM deadenders continue to defend the Vanguard charlatan. If any of them were in prison and he was free, he would be spending zero seconds of his time and disturbing thoughts focused on any of them. All of the defectors, people like Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, India Oxenberg, etc., are just living by the NXIVM Randian-motivated, virtue of selfishness ethic. The remaining NXIVM shills can’t blame the defectors for implementing it to the best of their ability. Only people who were never part of your narcissistic clique can have a valid reason to criticize them for it.

  • So really wealthy privileged people had to LARP as poor people in order to have any empathy or understanding for how other people live?

    That is a huge failure of imagination. Had they never read a book? Watched a movie? Seen the news? Been in public anywhere? Used the internet?

    • What a great method for the cruel little tyrant to get his rocks off torturing and depriving people under the guise of self-improvement.

    • Nicki, Eduardo and Suneel.
      I counted 17 people who want to give Emiliano the Nobel Peace Prize.
      I come from Chicago where ballot box stuffing is an art form.
      I’m on to your trickery.

      • Almost all of them gave email addresses. Probably dummy burner accounts. They put time and effort into this. This is very important to Keith.

        • I happen to believe that many of the so-called former members of NXIVM are still covert members of the Racket.

          Maybe Emiliano will not be criminally indicted but he might still be sued under the civil portion of the RICO statute.

  • Thanks for your insight, Eduardo. Emiliano’s father has many enemies and I imagine they were more than happy to take this opportunity to attack his son. To think the Emiliano that’s been presented is an accurate portrayal would be straight up blind and stupid.

  • Can’t argue with that. I know the family well and Emiliano is a very nice guy wanting to do some good in the world from a place of high stature. The media got so many things wrong here. It’s a witch hunt. Sad to watch.

  • Thanks for your insight Eduardo. I always trust someone who is sharing their first hand experience over the media machine that’s out for blood. Here here.

  • Damn, some of the comments are so unnecessarily rude and weird. It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. All Eduardo did was share his personal experience of Emiliano as being different than the way the media portrayed him and anyone following the story could see that the media attacked Emiliano, his wife, and his poor little twins. Damn. Y’all need some antidepressants or something if someone you don’t even know saying nice things about someone else you don’t even know upsets you so much.

    • They are really hot but certain beliefs they have are not. That’s it for me and I don’t feel hate. I would have compassion and think it admirable if people suddenly turned it around. I think it would take a very very strong person to come to certain realisations, own it, make amends to themself and turn their life around when in very deeply with this right now. That should be applauded and supported if it happens. I don’t hate but sometimes I am guilty of mocking which I will strive to eliminate, though I will still have a good giggle at Two Lawyers etc.

  • I can only imagine how much the media and gold digging “victims” attacked Emiliano for their personal gain, a salacious story of Mexican royalty or political agenda. I put my money on Eduardo’s first hand account of him being way closer to the truth than any of these.

    • You just attacked people! Can’t you defend Emiliano without attacking a bunch of other people?

    • So the victims aren’t “real people”?

      Because I believe them.

      Is that how you Nxivm dead-enders justify mocking a child who was molested and explicitly posed for pornography? Cami isn’t “real”?

      “Your honor, I understand the plaintiffs claim sexual abuse, blackmail and burning of the flesh. But you must understand. These are not real people.”

      Good luck with that.

  • I met Emiliano several times and agree with Eduardo that he was humble, down to earth, and seemed very well-intended from what I could gather.

  • Thanks, Eduardo, for sharing your insight. It’s nice to hear from someone with first-hand experience who had a very positive impression vs the media’s insane butchering of people just to fit their clearly twisted narrative.

    • Yeah. Gotta always question the motives of them spending time writing things like this and why Keith gave the green light for this.

      • Yup. Don’t just be a pawn, Eduardo. For example, maybe you should have run this article past Emi before submitting it? Or is this simply all about Keith? Now, if Natashka is wrong and Keith didn’t tell you to do this, rock on.

  • Asunsolo = ass on solo. This is his, or its, pulp fiction.

    Superficial, strangely obsequious, amazingly uninformed and typically slanted with a culty dearth of thoughtfulness or analysis, what you see is what you get. One pathetic dreamworld is what Asunsolo has presented here, like a marionette spouting spruced-up, trivial fictionalizations about a criminal enterprise.

    Emiliano Salinas is simply fortunate that he, too, was not arrested. If you have been paying attention, this is already well-known, including what certain specific charges Salinas would have been facing.

    Asunsolo ignores much, much too much herein, as he has written his fan letter from what appears to be a posture of pandering and perhaps with a huge overlay of oblivious selectivity.

    However, a squirrel is a squirrel, a sometimes chattery rodent, not known for having much, if any, contemplative abilities. Asunsolo might be HAPHAZARDLY furrowing for last year’s disintegrating, cracked acorns, nutritionless ones already filled with a multitude of microscopic scavengers.

    Scavengers like Klein, Roberts, Porter, Chakravorty, etc., etc. Tales told by deliberatively “possessed” idiots, who are still attached like barnacles to their lethal misunderstandings, denials and delusions.

    • Oops, Clyne. The Canadian whack-a-mole. There are a lot of things going on around here with cats and birds being quite vociferous, distracting and too charming to completely ignore. This is spring, experimentally tiptoeing into its fineries, and it’s becoming more and more festive, here in paradise. There’s so much to enjoy.

      • Right? Maybe they should join a self help group/sex trafficking criminal organization and get that help?

      • First of all, I am not hiring help until further notice.

        Secondly, you don’t have the resumé to qualify. So perhaps go to Rent-a-Yenta for assistance with your difficulties.

        Other than these salient considerations, however, cheers. We are sipping a bit of neat Disaronno right now and enjoying the evening starlight. Without you.

  • Is it possible that all these are just so clueless, each one of them who thought they were close to Keith, that they knew exactly what Keith wanted them to know, exactly when he wanted them to know it, no more no less? A lot of them we’re not in the loop as much as they thought they were.

    • Sparkpug.

      It’s arrogance. Among other factors.

      Anyone in law enforcement will tell you that even people living together or family members can not really know each other’s true self. And often have no idea how their husband, daughter, best friend behaves when they are alone with others.

      Some of these Nxivm guys barely have spent time together. Know each other only on the surface. Or take Suneel. After Keith was arrested, Suneel began talking to and visiting him. And yet Suneel feels that he knows everything. Stuff that took place before anyone knew Suneel. Events that took place without him being present. Conversations between sex partners to which Suneel was never privy.

      Women who knew Keith intimately for years are liars. According to Suneel. Many, many women. But Suneel whom Keith asked, “What do you do, again?” knows Keith the best.

      A lot of it is also the sexist beliefs of Nxivvm that all women are liars and all men infallible. Keith especially. He is above reproach. Never errs.

      They also believe that just by being an ESPian they are morally superior, more “integrated” etc. than non-cult member civilians.

      It’s truly laughable.

  • I knew Emiliano and he was a client of my Real estate business in Albany. I found found him to be just as Eduardo described in my limited experience with him.

    • Don’t brag.

      If you are telling the truth and you did real estate deals with Emiliano, you could be prosecuted for money laundering.

      • Ha ha ha! Seriously tho’ the bar is so low.

        Like who’s randomly a dick to a real estate agent?

        Isn’t being civil and polite in business like the bare minimum to expect of a person?

        Now we are celebrating and writing fawning posts about a person for just being a basic, bare minimum human to a person helping them buy property or giving a peer a ride?

  • Gay men have always been and always will be a part of the world.

    However, I can’t think of a single out gay man in NXIVM, though there are several who seem obviously in the closet.

    Is any NXIVM man out of the closet?

    If not, why not?

  • The deep pockets of this cruel, manipulative asshole should be turned inside out.

    • “Why doesn’t someone file a civil suit against Emiliano Salinas?
      March 8, 2021 at 1:46 pm
      The deep pockets of this cruel, manipulative asshole should be turned inside out.

      That might happen yet!
      Don’t expect Emiliguano to attend any future Harvard reunions.

      • There are several other factors underlying the abilities of Emiliano Salinas, regarding what’s misperceived about his deep pockets. Emiliano is a baby, handcuffed to his papa’s apron strings, and he always has been. He has a sizable allowance but must have been a pain in the ass to enrich, especially during his last mess of a decade or so.
        True though, Emiliano’s daddy long ago has “retreated” and has sought refuge elsewhere than in North America, with the disgust of much of Mexico, amongst other matters, hanging in the wind, huffing at his spine. And daddy is what? He’s going to be 73 this April 3rd. Emiliano could be stuck with his allowance gilded to his ass for another couple of decades, one might observe.

        What about Emiliano’s Raniere-produced romantic life? Or as we New Engladers said for about a generation, “how ’bout them Red Sex?”

        Or how about one of my own favorites, as in Salt-N-Pepa? Let’s Talk About Sex, bébé. Hoo yeah, this afternoon, a small plush PINK ELEPHANT toppled into my cuppa Cuban coffee. Really it did. He is all bathed now, rescued, and he feels fine again. Shit happens.

  • I would not be surprised if Emiguano Salinas and his boyfriend Alex Betancourt were still surreptitious members of NXIVM.
    Say, Eduardo, how much money did Emiliguano and his dad spend on shysters to quash any possible indictments from the DOJ?

    Here is some news for all NXians to take note of:
    Where in the world is India Oxenberg?
    It’s the latest game, sort of like Where in the World is Waldo?
    Likewise “Where in the World is Catherine Oxenberg”?

    According to their Instagram both mother and daughter are in Philadelphia!

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    indiaoxenberg There is so much to be said about the strength of women.
    I am lucky enough to come from strong stock as my friend likes to remind my mother and myself when she refers to my grandmother Elizabeth.

    I couldn’t have done any of this without them. That statement is beyond an understatement.

    Gee, who else is in Philadelphia?
    Neil Glazer of the law firm of Kohn, Swift and Graf!
    The same law firm that has filed a RICO civil suit against the leaders of NXIVM, including Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack.

    Weren’t there hints that India O, who was Allison’s slave, was also abused by Allison?
    Wasn’t India staying in Allison’s Brooklyn apartment on the morning that Allison was arrested by the FBI?
    Didn’t Catherine Oxenberg say that powerful NXians in Mexico had arranged for corrupt Mexican courts to indict Catherine Oxenberg?
    Didn’t the FBI warn Catherine Oxenvberg not to travel to Mexico?

    Back to those two love birds Emiliguano and Alex.

    Frank Parlato published his initial stories about the brandings in June 2017.

    About one month later, Nicki Clyne posted this photo on Instagram:

    either my friend @geoffreywithag is hilarious, or i just can’t stop laughing. hint: the two are not mutually exclusive.
    #sofunny #mylifeisastockphoto #shenanigans
    awesome capture 📸 by @allisonmack729

    Notice that Nicki’s dear wife, Allison Mack, actually took the photo.
    Allison Mack was the person in charge of the brandings and the collecting of blackmail.
    She played a prominent role in Frank Parlato’s stories.
    Both Nicki and Allison are defendants in the RICO suit filed by Neil Glazer.

    Who responded to this photo of Nicki taken by Allison, just one month after the branding stories broke?
    None other than Emiliguano’s good friend, Alex Betancourt!
    Alex Betancourt was the President of NXIVM Mexico at the time.

    I think he’s not hilarious, he’s super hilarious! 😂
    192w1 likeReply

    nickiclyne’s profile picture
    @alexbetancourtl bahahah! it’s TRUE! miss you 😂❤️
    192w1 likeReply

    alexbetancourtl’s profile picture
    @nickiclyne miss you too! 😘
    192w1 likeReply

    JULY 2, 2017

    Why would Alex Betancourt, a Mexican financier, be contacting Nicki Clyne, an unemployed actress from Canada, just a month after Frank Parlato published his stories about the branding?

    What did Alex and his dear friend Emiliguano know about the brandings at the time?

    What did Nicki tell her well-placed Mexican friends at the time?

  • Anyone who knows how political interests and the media work would know that what has been presented about Emiliano is at least partially, if not fully, slanted and untrue. Thanks, Eduardo, for sharing your interactions with him. It’s interesting to hear and compare it to what’s been said.

  • Every story has two sides and I for one have seen so many holes in the one, purely negative, difficult to believe one that we’ve heard. Timelines that don’t add up, people saying they were victims yet others who were in the exact same situation as them were perpetrators. Sarah E, Nippy, Mark V, Catherine, India, the “documentaries” and the media didn’t coordinate their lies well and it shows. If someone like Eduardo wants to share their personal experience, I’m here for it. I’m ready to hear the other side of this torrid tale and can tell that all is not as it has been presented here.

    • There’s hilarious and there is absolutely ridiculous.

      You seem to be able to straddle both relatively well!

    • People are allowed to have different opinions and experiences.

      Hard for you to get, isn’t it? Unless it’s your fellow cultie, Eduardo.

    • The NXIVM-deadeners are welcome to make their own documentaries just like the defectors. No one is stopping them. My guess is long-term participation in NXIVM stunts natural creativity and ability. Just look at what happened to Allison Mack. As history has shown in regards to NXIVM projects, they are started but are rarely, if ever, completed at a competent level.

      Instead, they’d rather leech onto a limited set of social media examples of errors or failures that have occurred in the justice system and overgeneralize them into wild claims that they are due to a systemically corrupt justice system with rampant prosecutorial misconduct that reeks of shallow cynicism. They want to “ride the wave” of conspiracy and get people to believe that Raniere is only in jail due to it and not to actual illegal behavior, in a similar way that the defectors supposedly “rode the wave” of the #metoo movement to ultimately get Raniere indicted and finally convicted. This is a very superficial reading of events to analogize the two, and it will get them nowhere.

  • More damning with faint praise. A fellow member of your “community” gave you a ride that was on the way to where he was already going?

    That’s all you got?

  • There is a strange similarity to these stories.

    It’s like:
    “I don’t know why everyone is painting Bernie Madoff as some kind of monster.

    “He was not mean as he is portrayed. He loved people and we loved him.

    “I remember he used to give the needy rides in his Rolls Royce just attempting to do good. And he had a puppy that he loved and played with. A cute little puppy. Out of selfless caring, Bernie had made it a little vest for the cold weather. His little puppy loved him.

    “Now people are trying to portray Bernie as some kind of monster. I was there when his tiny beagle puppy died. Bernie was crying. Tears rolled down his face. They were just streaming down… his eyes filled with tears and heartache, his face in anguish. Bernie turned to me in his tears and said ‘Droopy is gone isn’t he?’ I just gave Bernie a hug and we both shared a moment that I will never be able to convey.

    “Bernie Madoff is different than the media says. They don’t know the kind, non-violent, considerate man, Bernie, who just wants to help the world and take care of his puppy?”

    “We must need court reform or something.”

  • The NXIVM dead-ender bots are here in full-effect like we’ve never seen them before. All within an hour and fifteen minutes.

    Keith is on a mission to suck Emiliano Salinas back in.

    Something is afoot.

    • Holy Coordinated Cult Campaign, Batman!

      March 8, 2021 at 12:56 pm

      The NXIVM dead-ender bots are here in full-effect like we’ve never seen them before. All within an hour and fifteen minutes.
      Keith is on a mission to suck Emiliano Salinas back in.
      Something is afoot.

      Here is truth:
      NXIVM is still alive and its Propaganda Minister Nicki Clyne is in charge of ginning up good press.
      And any story that can help the Cause will be inundated by NXIVM mouthpieces.
      And South of the Border, NXIVM is as strong and bold as it ever was.

  • I wonder why so many people are so sure of Emiliano’s true character when they only know him through their biased news feeds. Hmmm who are the brainwashed ones???

    • Answer to the last question first. You guys are ” brainwashed”. Not a word I would have chosen. But you chose it.

      Frank Report is also a “news feed”.

      So don’t believe news feeds, but believe this news feed? An opinion by a dude about a dude who isn’t even close friends with said dude?

      Or should we never, ever believe Frank Report? That’s what your cult has opined constantly for years? Or just believe Frank Report when you tell us to believe it?

  • Only here can you all make someone simply sharing their positive opinion of another human being (who they’ve met and you likely have not) so bad.

    • But why “here”? Why post this fluffy propaganda on Frank Report? Why do you comment?

      This lame piece should have been sent directly to the person it was intended for instead of putting it on Frank Report.

      And the writer still takes a jab at Frank Report even while being granted the privilege of posting their fanboy, groveling, drivel on Frank Report.

  • Curious why people leave such hateful comments about someone who was sharing his good experience of a good person. People who only focus on negative are sad- what a waste of energy to focus on hate and the negative.

  • I love when a man can express admiration for others honestly even when it goes against the status quo/nasty media narrative. Eduardo seems to be speaking from the heart and I appreciate that. I met Emiliano briefly many years ago (way before all this craziness) and I also was surprised by how normal and humble he was. And most of all it didn’t seem like fake politician humility. He really seemed like a nice guy for whatever it’s worth and from whatever one can assess for one interaction.

  • Ummm Emiliano and Eduardo are both incredibly gorgeous. Seems it’s true what Bonnie said in The Vow that NXIVM liked to have some damn fine looking people around.

  • I appreciate hearing Eduardo’s first-hand experience of Emiliano and trust his experience way more than what’s written in the media about Emiliano and his family. OF COURSE, the media and enemies of his powerful father (the former president of Mexico and one of the most powerful men in the country to this day) had a freaking field day with Emiliano being associated with a scandal of this size. I have no doubt they perpetuated lies and whatever negativity they could to milk this for all it’s worth and discredit the whole family. Thank you, Eduardo, for sharing your opinion of him and thanks, Frank, for posting this. I appreciated getting to hear it.

  • I appreciate Eduardo’s article. As bad as someone can act, I find there are good acts in everyone. It’s nice to balance out all the negativity which breeds mistrust and hate. It’s nice to view Emiliano as a real person and not an object to blame.

  • The timing of this piece is exquisite. Wonder what prompted EA to write this? At this point, when Emiliano has pretty much kept himself under the radar, and is all but forgotten? What’s brewing in the background in Mexico? Why is Eduardo sucking up suddenly? Is ES trying to make a comeback? Are the Nx people trying to drum up support in Mexico and need ES to push it to give it credibility? Is this an underhand way to keep ES affiliated to the cause (praise lavishly, and remind everyone that he DID support NXIVM)? There are so many possible reasons, but simple ‘brotherhood’ seems the unlikeliest somehow.

  • Keith did not trust-test Emiliano enough. This is now on his growing list of to-do’s for his next life. Certainly looks like he’ll be very busy, what with ‘breaking down A. Mack’ more thoroughly, trust-testing a whole bunch of people and ‘paying more attention to them’, planning for 2121 V-week, and looking through his long list of grievances for who to sue first. Oh, and ‘reviving’ P Cafritz from her cryogenic state.

  • Eduardo Asunsolo—

    If you were truly Emiliano Salinas’ friend —

    You’d stop bringing his f***ing name up!

    News flash, a**hole, he no longer wants to
    be associated with you, NXIVM, or Keith.

    You defending him is like Woody Allen defending Roman Polanski…

    You ain’t helping, dummy!

  • People have a relationship with himself, those who speaks with dishonor just are showing his own internal world. Let´s face it. You can know anything about other peoples beliefs and experiences, just your own. Thus once you expreses it is this way, what you are saying is “I will do this in this circumstances”.

    • Joshua,

      Do you agree with Keith Raniere about rapable babies?

      Mother’s giving their children blow jobs?

      That, as Nancy Salzman claims, some “little children have no problem” being molested?

      Do you believe, as Keith Raniere stated, that some women experience their first orgasm while being raped?


    • How much did you pay Keith to teach you this incoherent nonsense? You should demand a refund. Oh wait. All his money is tied up by the courts and is going to be parceled out in restitution. Too bad.

    • Forgot to say, congratulations on learning how to write in something other than run-on sentences, Joshua! You are really making progress.

  • They like to heap their hate on the vocal defectors and the women who testified against Keith, but they don’t mention that the two top green sash honchos in Mexico dropped this chalupa and never looked back.

  • Off topic, if a sexually liberated person was to read the list of Dr. Suess books and replace certain words like , ‘I can lick 30 tigers a day’ to I can lick 30 🤔 a day ….well I’m confused 😕 am I gay or is the cat not who he says he is? Where’s the data shmata dept for this site?

  • I love seeing how those still loyal to Keith use the same techniques they were taught – perhaps unconsciously – in terms of how to make a point when advocating their beliefs. Here’s an example from this article

    “Emiliano had always wanted to live a normal family life and here he was with two children, twins, and the media was savaging him, claiming he was part of a sex cult that branded women

    None of it was true.”

    Really? Exactly what part of that first sentence is not true?

    I guess it must be the part about the “savage media” claiming that Emiliano was part of a sex cult that branded women.

    Except that Emiliano was, in fact, a part of NXIVM – and except that DOS, a sub-section of NXIVM, was, in fact, a sex cult that branded women.

    I wonder if Keith is still trying to employ these tactics in prison. If so, he should definitely brush up on his judo skills because he’s going to need them more than ever.

    • Interesting “judo” here. 1) Claim that something true is false. 2) Try to support the false claim by connecting saying it is a technique used by people who follow Raniere. Afterall, who would believe him? 3) Lie. In this case, make a false equivalence.

      • Let’s break this down one allegation at a time…

        (1) What did I claim to be false that is actually true?

        (2) What “technique” did I falsely claim was used by Keith’s followers?

        (3) What is the lie/false equivalence that I made?

      • Oooooo. A NXIVM cultie who thinks they are clever is going to debate Claviger. We all know how this ends.

        Pardon me while I make some popcorn.

  • Why did Keith send Eduardo out to deliver this nugget of pandering like Keith did for his women co-defendants? Was he afraid he’d be seen as not super hetero if he were the one to deliver this literary blow job?

  • Damn, Keith has his bots on an ass-kissing PR campaign dropping the love bombs. Eduardo sounds like he has a crush on Emiliano.

    The rich guy Emiliano once gave a ride to Eduardo! Proof positive Emiliano was never involved in anything illegal or unethical.

    “At one point, a Mexican ESP member who had defected recorded a conversation with Emiliano about the sorority without his permission. The audio became public and Emiliano was made to look like a fraud.”

    Do you have a transcript of this, Frank?

  • What a pair of losers… Keith deserved exactly what he got: to rot away in prison. Screw that pedophile and all of his equally pathetic pedophile apologist friends. They’re nothing but poison to society

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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