Clara Luz Flores, Defending NXIVM Ties on Facebook, Accused of Buying ‘Likes’

Clara Luz Flores admits she met Keith Raniere.

Last week, she enjoyed hundreds of thousands of people giving her the horse laugh, after getting caught lying about Nxivm and Keith Raniere. She claimed she knew neither of them.

Yesterday, Clara Luz Flores Carrales, 47, the woman who is vying not only to become governor of Nuevo Leon but potentially for the title of “ass clown of Mexico,” enjoyed provoking additional guffaws when she was accused of purchasing “likes” on Facebook for a video she made defending her earlier lies about not knowing Nxivm and Raniere.

Clara Luz Flores took enough Nxivm courses to be promoted to coach and earn the coveted yellow sash, courses devised by the self-proclaimed smartest man in the world.


Keith Raniere has been laughed at for whoppers he told about himself, such as, for instance, that he tied the New York State record for the 100-yard dash.

Buying Facebook “likes” is not expensive, fools buy them all the time for less than a peso per “like.”

For those who don’t know, “buying likes” on Facebook means paying some online company to use fake accounts or hoax accounts to push likes to the purchaser’s Facebook account. Sellers of likes use bots – a web of automated accounts appearing legitimate and sometimes they sell likes from real people, usually generated by click farms.

Click farms are schemes where a click farmer contracts and pays small sums to large groups of low-income people in poor countries to go to Facebook add click like as directed. Hence, they are likes from people who have no interest in the Facebook post or the person whose Facebook it is.

In short, poor people who don’t live in Mexico, and, unlike Luz Flores, never heard of Nxivm or Raniere, who probably cannot read Spanish and wouldn’t have a clue about the controversy, may have been paid to click “like” on her post.

If true, it is deceptive to people considering voting for her, but looked at another way, Clara Luz Flores may be helping to support indigent people overseas.

The controversy initially started when Frank Report, in 2017, exposed that Clara was once a coach for Nxivm, a fact she evidently wished to keep hidden. The story was published before Raniere was arrested, and Clara was then mayor of Escobedo, a municipality near Monterrey, and a coach for Nxivm in Monterrey. Being an elected official made her a VIP in Nxivm.

Frank Report first published this picture of Clara Luz Flores in her yellow Nxivm coach sash in 2017.

Now that she’s running for governor, Mexican media, led by journalist Julio Astillero, picked up on the news revealed in the three-year-old Frank Report story and questioned her about her ties to Nxivm. She chose to answer the controversy in a way not unlike politicians do in America:

She lied.

US Senator Kirstin Gillibrand told the New York Post she never heard of NXIVM, despite the fact that her father worked as a consultant for the cult and was later sued by Nxivm for sexual harassment – and that her step-mother [who is also her cousin] was a member of Nxivm who had to be rescued from the cult by her father, which is how the cousins turned to romance and wound up married. Got all that? Maybe that’s Kirstin looks so confused.
Clara Luz said the only NXIVM she ever heard about were these little purple pills which she said she takes for heartburn.

The only Nxivm she knows is purple heartburn pills, said Clara Luz Flores.

As for meeting the founder of Nxivm, Keith Raniere, she said she never heard of him.

When asked, Clare Luz Flores denied meeting Keith Raniere. “Wreath a Canary? Who he?”

Her opponent, Adrián de la Garza, apparently got his hands on and released a video where Clara is sitting at Nancy Salzman’s house, [the president of Nxivm] in Albany, NY, speaking with Raniere for more than an hour.

In it, she speaks Spanish.

Raniere pontificates in English, as she makes sheep’s-eyes at him and alternately laughs, smiles, giggles, looks admiringly, and appears wonderstruck at his profound statements, which she can’t understand, not only because she can’t speak English, but, possibly, as it has been said by some of his followers, because no one can fully understand the deeper utterances of the self-proclaimed “man with the highest IQ in history,” for they are either too deep for comprehension or they are, as has been described by critics, who call his “highest IQ” story deceptive, as “word salad with bullshit dressing.”


Clara Luz Flores laughs at everything Keith says. Why? Because she has fine teeth.

After being outed as an oafish liar, Luz Flores published on her Facebook account [see video here] her explanation of her innocent mistake.

[Excellent coverage of this can be found on Clara Luz responds to NXIVM video; admits knowing Keith Raniere’

In the video, she admits knowing about NXIVM and that she did meet Raniere after all.


“I am shocked, shocked about Keith Raniere’s past.”

Reading from sheets of paper, Luz Flores said, “It was only a meeting that I had before I found out about him. Just like thousands of other citizens and different religious leaders, business leaders, opinion leaders…we were surprised by the lies and deceptions by which NXIVM operated and for which its leader was rightly sentenced to 120 years in prison.

“My only mistake was to participate in a self-improvement course,” she said with a look of wounded innocence. “With deep regret, I accept my terrible fault.”

On a scale of one to 10, the video in and of itself might have been a “5”.  But it might turn out a zero, despite getting more than 55,000 likes on Facebook.

As reported in Did she buy Likes? Clara Luz’s video again sparks controversy, people with Arab and Asian names seem to be among those liking her video, which raised the allegation that she might have purchased some of the likes.

To give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe Luz Flores has enough international appeal to attract the interest and approval of, for instance, people such as Ghulam M. Qureshi, Jeffrey Xu, Phan Vihn Khang, Aboo Nguyen, Khashayar Moradpour and even Phuc Vu, a man who would have a hard time in America when a policeman asked his name.

Did Phuc Vu and others care enough about why she did no wrong when she once met Raniere to like her video? It may be difficult to find out since some of them do not have a profile picture, never made a single post or have any Facebook friends.

As for Clara Luz Flores, an argument might be made that “Phuc Vu” epitomizes her entire attitude towards voters, the truth, and her campaign.




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  • Anyone can buy likes on Facebook for public content. Maybe one of her enemies bought the likes to make her look bad.

  • More proof of that Keith Raniere reverse Midas touch!

    Vanguard infects everyone & taints everything in which he comes (pun intended) in contact.

  • This is an OUTSTANDING outing! So….”met him once”, “…mistake was to participate in a self-improvement course” and yet there she stands in her coach’s sash! Like you said, Frank….just another politician lying!
    (and Phuc Vu– LMFAO!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣)

  • Frank, Phuc Vu is a Vietnamese name, just so you know and just in case anyone is offended. Surname: Vu (very common) first name: Phuc. Unlike the famous Pea Onyu and her siblings, this seems to be a bona fide name. Must admit I had a guffaw at your ‘bon mot’ about having a hard time in America with the pronunciation of his name. Although the appearance of a few more Vietnamese monikers in your piece seems to back up your theory that ‘bot farms’ in poor countries are used to ‘like’ a point of view.

  • This is my prophecy: Keith Raniere will escape from prison with the help of the Mexican mafia. That is why he was transferred to Tucson.

  • I hate to admit this but there’s something about Keith’s voice that makes me drowsy. I think he probably studied hypnosis

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