Mayor Clara Luz Flores of Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico is a Coach for Cult that Brands Women

Clara Luz Flores a Nxivm coach is running for governor in

Frank Report has learned that the female Mayor of Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, is a “Coach” for NXIVM/Executive Success Programs (ESP), the cult that brands women like cattle!

Mayor Clara Luz Flores Carrales has achieved the rank of ‘Yellow Sash’ [with no stripes] and is a member of the Monterrey Center of NXIVM.

Mayor Clara Luz Flores inside the secret “secta” (cult) of NXIVM/Executive Success Programs.  Mayor Luz Flores is wearing the Yellow Sash. This is the cult led by Keith Raniere in Albany. In Mexico, Emiliano Salinas is his student. They brand women on their public region to mark them as slaves.


Mayor Clara Luz Flores Carrales is embracing the secta [cult] that practices branding women on their pubic region to mark them as slaves.

Escobedo is a city and municipality in Nuevo León, Mexico, part of the Monterrey Metropolitan area. As of the census of 2010, the population was 352,444.

With her ‘Yellow’ rank, Mayor Clara Luz Flores is qualified to coach ESP students. She is no longer a mere student but stepped into the ranks of those who recruit new students. students.

Mayor Flores and other coaches refer to secta founder, Keith Raniere, as Vanguard, for he is leader of their thoughts.

Last week, Deputies of Nuevo León condemned NXIVM practices calling it sexual slavery, deceptively induced with the false lure of women’s empowerment.

The New York Times reported that manipulation, extortion and abuse against women is allegedly carried out by NXIVM, an organization that recruits victims through deception.

In Mexico, NXIVM is led by Emiliano Salinas Occeli, son of former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Emiliano Salinas’ sister, Cecci, is also a high-ranking member and holds the rank of the Green Sash.

Mr. Salinas denied any connection with NXIVM, but photographs obtained by Frank Report show Mr. Salinas  with the Green Sash in a gathering with his Prefect – Nancy Salzman, who wears the Gold Sash.

In the face of this picture, it will be hard for Emiliano Salinas to deny he is part of NXIVM secta. Standing: Prefect, Nancy Salzman [Gold Sash.] Seated l-r: Mark Vicente [Green Sash]. Alex Betancourt {Green Sash], Karen Unterreiner [Orange Sash], Clare Bronfman [Orange Sash], Lauren Salzman [Green Sash], and Emiliano Salinas [Green Sash].

Mr. Salinas has appeared with his Vanguard, Keith Raniere, in a series of videos showing off his leader’s teachings. Mr. Salinas has denied any knowledge of branding or blackmailing women.

Keith Raniere is Mayor Clara Luz Flores’s Vanguard. She has bowed and shown him reverence hundreds of times.


Mayor Luz Flores was inducted into the secret society of ESP by Jimena Garza, who, along with her husband, Omar Boone, run the Monterrey Center. Mr. Boone and Ms. Garza are partners with Mr. Salinas.

As a female, Jimina Garza was inducted into slavery and branded on her public region with a hot iron with the initials K-R, which stand for Keith Raniere. This means that Mr. Raniere now owns her and his demands of her take precedence over her husband, Omar Boone.

Mayor Luz Flores is being taught by DOS slave Garza who holds the rank of the Green Sash.

Jimena Garza is a branded DOS slave. She wears the Green Sash.


Jimena Garza also is marked with the brand of the slave of Keith Raniere. She must obey him and do whatever he tells her to do for her entire life or naked pictures of her will be released.

Mayor Luz Flores is also being coached by Omar Boone. Since Mayor Luz Flores is a lower rank than Mr. Boone and Ms. Garza, she must obey their commands. It is not known if Mayor Luz Flores has been branded.

Meanwhile, lawmakers questioned the branding and blackmail practices and demand an investigation.

“A call to the authorities to investigate this thoroughly and for the National Human Rights Commission to get involved in this issue and prevent further abuse,” said PAN deputy Laura Paula López.

“In Nuevo León, we are in the second place of this problem of human trafficking. In that sense, I would first call to women to take care of themselves, be very careful and distrust in the first instance everything they see. That the investigation is thorough and punish whoever has to be punished, whatever it may be called,“ Lopez said.

The slaves of Monterrey must be ready for Keith Raniere whenever he calls them and for whatever he asks of them.

Mayor Clara Luz Flores may be top woman in her city, but at the Monterrey Center, she is under branded slave woman Jimena Garza. Jimena recently was promoted from Orange Sash to Green Sash as reward for bringing six new women from the Monterrey Center to Albany. In Albany, the Mexican women were branded on their pubic region with a white hot iron.

Before the women are branded, they are required to give naked pictures of themselves – which are held by Raniere. Mr Raniere holds the branded slaves’ naked pictures in case the women try to tell the secrets of his secta. If they do, he will publish the pictures or send the naked pictures to the husbands, many of whom do not know about their wives being branded as slaves in the secret secta.

Once a woman is branded, she becomes a lifelong slave of Keith Raniere.

Meantime state lawmakers warn they will get to the bottom of this investigation into the slavery of women..

Emiliano Salinas [with green shirt] leads the dance with members of the secret secta NXIVM. The women are groomed to be slaves of Keith Raniere and branded on their pubic region with his initials.

Mayor Clara Luz Flores [without her Yellow Sash] may soon be questioned as to why she has joined a secta that brands women.
Mayor Clara Luz Flores on her campaign web page states.

  • She has a degree in Legal Sciences from the Regiomontana University; and Master in Administrative Law from the University of Zaragoza in Spain.
  • She was Auxiliary in the Navarro & Asociados Law Firm
  • She was Local Deputy in the LXXI Legislature of the Congress of the State of Nuevo León.
  • In the PRI State of Nuevo Leon was adviser of the legal department.
  • In the Municipal Government of General Escobedo has been Secretary of the City Council; Municipal Legal Director; and has been twice elected Municipal President for the 2009-2012 and 2015-2018 periods.
  • In the National Board of Directors of FENAMM, she was elected National Secretary, Treasurer and President of the Commission with the Local Congress.                                                                                                                                                                                      Despite all these detailed accomplishments, there is one major accomplishment Mayor Luz Flores neglects to mention: She is a Yellow Sash coach of a secta that brands women.
    Mayor outside NXIVM, but a slave within its hallowed halls. Keith Raniere teaches that women must be obedient to him.


Keith Raniere is the Vanguard, the most ethical teacher, to his followers. The women of DOS, the sub-secta of NXIVM, must come wherever he calls them. Mayor Clara Luz Flores has learned to bow in tribute to her Vanguard.

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